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(generated from captions) unfortunately, thank you very much for coming in.Thank you. The 2016 Grammy nominations have just been announced and one of the Aussie acts up for a gong is Melbourne group Hiatus Coyote. It's actually the second time they've beening acknowledged in America's most prestigious music industry event. The band's fronted by free spirit who became an orphan at 13 after the death of her parents and began writing music to process her experience. Monique Schafter reports. SONG: # Hello my darling # I will follow you into the sun # Rise # The desert sky # It was this song, Nakamarra, that made the music world stop and take interest in Melbourne band Hiatus Coyote. It also scored them their first Grammy nomination. SONG: # We too will breathe # It was the first time an Australian band had been recognised in an R'n'B category at the world's biggest music What's life been
industry awards.Heyyy.Hello. What's life been like for you guys over the past few months?.Pretty crazy. Pretty nonstop..We've been touring the world. We've done - been out of the country seven months this year.The whole Grammy experience is really tinsel and, like ....The pitto pit mee of LA pretty much. Yeah.Doesn't get more LA than the Grammies.Getting shoved aside on the red carpet by some massive guy when Madonna turns up and all that sort of thing. What are you doing moving me? Then Madonna walks by. That's what you were doing.Offer releasing their debut album Tawk Tomahawk independently, Hiatus Coyote caught the attention of Saleem Remi the American producer who'd guided the career of Amy Winehouse. They were the first hand signed to his label Flying Buddha, a division of Sony.It's not like you need to make a three-minute pop song about your boyfriend. It's a lot more - he really respects us as musicians, which is very rare. SONG: # The memory ... # The history Singer Nai Palm lives in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote, a parachute lines the ceiling of her attic bedroom. It's an artistic haven filled with mementos from your life. Who is on your shoulder?This is are a Charlie Parker the one and only. Do you do most of your songwriting in here?Yeah. Whenever I get downtime in between touring, this is generally where I do it. I mean, like I collect ideas when I'm on the road, but you know, it's hard to find the time to piece it all together. So this is the place where the magic happens. Life hasn't been easy for Nai. At age 11 she lost her mother to breast cancer. Two years later , her dad died in a house fire. Music became her outlet. .I am an orphan. So you know, when you're young and you have pretty deep themes to process, music is a really amazing tool to understand, you know, your experiences and stuff.It was pretty crazy, you know. I was independent since I was 14 and ward of the state and stuff, but a lot of the early stuff was just kind of make sense of that, I guess. But I try not to be too straightforward with my writing, you know. Like there's often many layers and many influences that come into it. You know, like, it may not have been a regular upbringing but I was very loved and nurtured and ... um ... have always felt free to be myself. SONG: # I give you the answer ... whole ... # darkness and earth ... The song By Fire from the band's latest record Choose Your Weapon was partly inspired by her father's death. .About six months before he died, he burnt all of his artwork in a fire. And then he died in a house fire. So it was this really ... um ... auspicious thing that your art is an ex tense of yourself and he chose to burn that part of himself consciously and then he died that way and so, yeah, I always had this auspicious association with that. And also finding a way to, like, grieve somebody that I didn't really know that well. SONG: # Slowly unwinds # As I leave feathers behind # For your love ... #.I feel like these experiences have prepped me for the life that I have, 'cause you know, I'm constantly on the road and so I know how to find my people wherever I am, you know, like, people that are beautiful and can nurture you even though you've just met them. Two albums in and things aren't slowing down. The band has just been nominated for a second grammy for their track Breathing Underwater. .First time it could've just been one of those crazy things that happens, but second time round, it's like "Maybe we're actually OK at this whole song writing/recording business." Music game, yeah. .I feel like we've done a solid innings of touring our faces offer and now the reward is, you know, getting loose at the Grammies and making some music here. (Laughs) SONG: # In water # In water ... # Monique Schafter with that report. That's all we have time for tonight. Thanks for your