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Captioned Live. Tonight, what price carbon? Crunching a

climate change deal. Our aim

is for a price well south of

$40. Whatever level it starts

at it's going to go up and up and up. The tobacco lobby huffs

and puffs and tries to blow

down plain packaging. Jail not

rape charges. And a community bail for the IMF chief facing

mourns as an abducted girl is

found dead. Gln Stan Stan tyB S hope tyB S it a in

Good evening and welcome to

ABC News. I'm Virginia

Haussegger. The guessing game

over the Gillard Government's

carbon tax will be brought to

an end next month. It's

Greens fast-tracking talks with the

to announce the starting price

and other details by the end of

June. In the meantime, the Prime Minister ruled Prime Minister ruled out a

political figure of $40 a ton. Chief

political correspondent Tania

Simpson reports. The polls

aren't too healthy. Surely you

can fix that. But Julia Gillard

is getting closer to a deal on the carbon tax. The Government

now hopes to have something

stitched up by the end of next

month. Hopefully we haven't

caused a major problem. The

this morning. It's yet to agree climate change

on exactly what the knries will

be. $20 to $30 a ton is the likely starting

likely starting range but these

confidential reports to Government argue that

ultimately a carbon price of

around $40 a ton would be

required. The point of this

tax is that whatever level it

starts at it's going to go up

and up and up. I say to the

Australian people you trust this Prime Minister at your

peril. Does he complain much? He campaign according to the Prime

Minister. That's what Mr

Abbott has been engaged in,

plucking figures out of the air

and trying to terrify Australian households and small businesses. Treasury estimates

a $40 a ton carbon price would

add more than $5 a week to

electricity prices and more

than $2 to food and have an

over all impact of $22 a week. Whatever the starting price

from the Government standpoint

it is going to

$40 a ton and there will be

generous household assistance.

Mr Combet should explain why he

says it will be well below 40.

If there's a rationale behind

it. The Greens believe the

carbon price will eventually

ton to force a shift to need to go higher than $40 a

renewable energy. To bring on

a solar thermal plants you

would need a carbon price in

excess of $120 and that is not

going to happen. That's we I

say it is the combination of

important. There's furious measures that is

debate about two reports that

haven't been release under to a

carbon price that hasn't been

set. Despite today's

differences, Labor and the

Greens are get closer to agreement and real political brawl will agreement and that's when the

begin. One of the world's biggest tobacco companies

stands accuse oy trying to

dictate the nation' health policy. British American

tobacco has told the Federal

Government to abandon plans to

introduce plain packaging

cigarettes. If not, it

threatens to slash prices,

encouraging more people to

smoke, and pursue litigation running

running into the billions.

Despite the health million Australians continue to Despite the health warnings, 3

smoke and 15,000 people die

every year from smoking-related

illnesses. Yet today a tobacco giant

giant was crying foul over the

government's plan to do away with branding on cigarette

packets. In fact in our view

this bill will back-fire on the

Government and led to more people smoking and more smoking. British American

tobacco says plain packaging

like this will lead to more illegal tobacco floodish the

country. Company says that only leaves one way to leaves one way to compete. We will obviously focus on pricing

given it's the only thing

really left to focus and

differentiate brands. They

want to drop the price of

tobacco because the important

markets to them are young

people, that is children, and

poor people. The Federal

Government is accusing the

tobacco industry of undermining its drive to cut the number of its

smokers. The tobacco companies

are trying to protect their profits. That's their business.

We're frying to protect

people's lives. But the Opposition Leader and former

Health Minister isn't

this convinced. My anxiety with

this is that it might end up being counterproductive in being

practice. British American

tobacco is looking for

supporters in its multimillion-dollar advertising

campaign and if all else fails,

it's considering legal action

will be billions. These brands for compensation. We think

are worth billions. They sell

a product widely, despite a product widely, despite the

fact that it kills 50% of the

people who use it, and will try anything to keep their

sales up. British American

its fight to the World Trade tobacco says it's also taking

Organisation in a bid to

protect its trademark but the

WTO doesn't offer protection if

a product is damaging to public

health. Anti-smoking advocates

say the

Australia does. If it gets up it will domino to other countries. The tobacco

industry says 40,000 of the

nation's retailers also support

its campaign. In New York, head of the International its campaign. In New York, the

Monetary Fund has been denied

bail over allegations he tried

to rape a hotel to rape a hotel housekeeper. Amid extraordinary screens, a

Manhattan judge ruled Dominique Strauss-Kahn posed a flight

risk and remanded him in

Riker's Island. North America correspondent Craig McMurtrie.

A political career in ruins.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn. As charges were read, cameras

zoomed in on the face of a

haggard and hue mailiated

International Monetary Fund

when a 32-year-old housekeeper chief. New York City police say

entered his multiroom hotel suite, Dominique Strauss-Kahn

stepped from the bathroom naked

and chased and assaulted her.

He sexually assaulted her and attempted

When he was unsuccessful, he

forced her to perform oral sex

on him. Arguing against bail, prosecutors said the

high-profile French economist and politician had

resources to flee the United

States. Denying all charges, the 62-year-old's high-powered

defence team argued that the

IMF team had cooperate would

demorts had left the hotel in a rush because he was running

late. The reason he was

rushing is because he had a luncheon appointment. Even a

defence offer to post a million

dollars in

travel documents, they with his

New York-based daughter and

where an electronic tag failed

to sway the judge, denying him

bail and remanding him custody. We are disappointed

by the court's decision. I

think it's important you all

understand this battle has just begun. Prosecutors say this isn't the first time

Strauss-Kahn's been involved in

such an incident. French writer Tristane Banon says he

assaulted her nine years ago.

Already replaced at the IMF,

Strauss-Kahn is facing the

fight of his life to clear his name. Prosecutors at International Criminal Court

want the Libyan leader Moammar

Gaddafi to stand trial for

crimes against humanity. Judges

in the Hague want to weigh for evidence before deciding

whether to issue an arrest

warn. The Libyan Government

says it will ignore any court

announcement while rebel

leaders say they want Gaddafi

to face charginisicide Libya

Residents of the besieged city

of Misrata display the remnants

of the weapons used against

them, evidence they say of the

crimes committed by the Gaddafi regime. Now the International

Criminal Court says there's

evidence the Libyan leader is

personally responsible for atrocities against the civilian population. Prosecutors have

asked judges to issue arrest

warrants for Gaddafi, his own

son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, and his brother-in-law, Abdullah Al

Sanousi. His forces attack

civilians in their home and the public space. Prosecuteders

are yet to complete their

investigations into the

bombings and shootings and

other attacks by Libyan forces since the since the conflict began but

they say there's enough

evidence already to send the

three men to trial for

planning, directing and even participating in illegal

attacks and Gaddafi's son and

brother-in-law, they say, bear

the greatest responsibility.

There will be no impunt in Libya. Some Libyans though want on trial. Mother Safia, and Aysha and Khamis et cetera. We

want them to be out want them to be out and taken to justice as soon as possible. The Libyan

government has vowed to ignore

the court's announcement. It's

unlikely the court warrants, if

and when they're issued, would

have any immediate impact on

the ongoing war or result in a

trial any time soon but that

could make it harder for

Gaddafi or his cohorts to escape member-states would be obliqued to arrest them if they entered

the country. A violent domestic incident has claimed four lives

including a 5-year-old girl. It

began on the Gold Coast on

Sunday night when two people

were stabbed to death and ended in northern NSW where two more

bodies were found in a car late

last night. Flowers from

strangers, that's the impact

the four deaths have had on the Gold Coast community. terrible. I just came to pay

respects to the respects to the family.

Forensic police were back at

the Robina unit today trying to

piece together what happened on

Sunday night.. It's obvious

when these tragic events happen we look

we look for answers to try to

explain why it happened and

unfortunately rarely is there a simple explanation. Police haven't confirmed the identity

of the victims but of the victims but it's

believed 31-year-old mother of two Tania Simpson and 33-year-old New Zealand man Antony Way were stabbed to

death inside the unit. 5-year-old Kyla 40-year-old father Paul Rogers

were found overnight in a car

near Casino in northern NSW. Police have defended the time

it took to issue a child

abduction alert, more than

seven hours after the crime scene was found. You can't release the alert unless you

have some information to

release in the alert and we

didn't have it at that stage.

There will be lessons from this

awful case and I'm determined

to make sure we learn

them. It's hoped a post-mortem

will shed light on when the

murders occurred but have reported hearing screams

but police say they weren't

notified. Who knows how things might have unfolded if we'd had we'd had an early phone call. Police say Kyla Rogers'

parents had been in a

relationship for 8 years and

were planning to get married. They'd They'd even sent out wedding

invites but they broke up and

the 31-year-old mother of two

moved to the Gold Coast to

start a new life. Kyla Rogers'

younger brother wasn't home

when the murders occurred. He

was staying with his

grandparents and remains in

their care. The NSW bushfire

chief during the 2003 Canberra

fires says he knew suburbs

would burn if predicted extreme weather prevailed. Phil

Koperberg is giving evidence in

a civil negligence case against

the ACT and NSW Governments. He

says he warned the ACT

Government of the threat to the

city's western suburbs. Gordon

Taylor reports. The McIntyre's

Hut fire deep in the Brindabellas had been burning for a for a week when on Wednesday

15, officials met in Queanbeyan

for a briefing. for a briefing. The Weather Bureau had been suggesting for

some days the possibility of

extreme fire weather in three

days' time. Mr Koperberg says

he told the meeting, "If that scenario occurred it was inevitable the containment

lines would be breached and lines would be breached and the fires would impact Canberra."

Mr Koperberg says ACT representative Peter Lucas

Smith was concerned with areas

around Canberra. Mr Koperberg

was worried that the urban

fringe would burn. The adverse

weather did occur and the fires broke broke free and tore into Canberra, killing four people

and destroying 500 homes. The

householders and land owners

who were the plaintiffs in this who were the plaintiffs in this case case say that if the authorities knew that it was

inevitable that fires would

burn right into Canberra's

suburbs then they should have

been warned long before the

fire storm struck. Mr Koperberg

told the court he did give this

warning on the ABC on the

Wednesday night. This is

probably the worst threat to

this part of the State in many,

many decades,

complex of fires are certainly

a potential threat to some very a potential threat to some very

valuable asset not the least

being some mature pine forests

on the border of Canberra and indeed the ACT itself. The

court must decide whether that

sufficiently conveys sufficiently conveys the threat to Canberra's western suburbs

and whether the ACT and NSW

Governments should also have better warned Canberra

residents. It was down to

business today for the ACT's new leader. Katie Gallagher

unveiled a new trimmed ministry. The Opposition slammed the new-look

Government, saying one Minister

has been re appointed to a portfolio in which he's already

failed. A change in leader, a

shakeup of ministries but the

Opposition is sticking to the

same message. I think this is bad news. With Jon Stanhope's replacement yet to be determined, Cabinet for the

moment will shrink from five to

four. This is a transition

team until we go back to a

that the preference. It makes more manageable workloads. And

with a resphrur of the

Territory's bureaucracy just

over a months away, there are

also a few new portfolios, the biggest change is sustainable development

ministry, bringing together

planning and environmental

issues back in the hands of

Simon Corbell. With a new

focus that brings energy,

climate change, water policy

into the heart of the decisions

we have to make about how the

city is built and how transport

is provided in the city. What

Katy Gallagher has done is to pot

pot the man Jon Stanhope sacked

as planning Minister because he wasn't up to the job, back into the job. Deputy Andrew Bob

Carr picks up the portfolio of

economic development and will

take on Treasury once the

latest Budget is passed. It is one of the senior portfolios in Government so a tremendous

challenge but something I've

been looking forward to in my

career. The new Treasurer will

also take over planning for the

$430 million Government office

block to replace what the

current Treasurer calls substandard accommodation. More

reckless spending according to

the Opposition which unveiled a gaping hole in costings. They didn't take

basic things into account like

deappreciation. We believe in

terms of the hit to the bottom line that will whether we lease, buy or

construct, this is the least

costly measure in terms of our Budget. But Ms Gallagher

admits the decision is costing them in public opinion. Donald

Trump has stopped his bid for

the White House. In a

statement, the high profile

proper Tsar declared ready to leave the private sector as business is his

greatest passion. He was

publicly humiliated recently after his suspicion that

President Obama was born outside the United States outside the United States was

discredited. He can finally

get back to focussing on the

issues that matter, like did we

fake the moon

landing? LAUGHTER The

outspoken developer and

television celebrity remains

convinced he could win the 2012 presidential election but some

analysts have suggested the 64-year-old has just been

trying to drum up publicity for

his reality television show.

Malcolm Fraser was back in the winners' circle last

stealing the show at the NSW

Premier's Literary Awards. The

former Prime Minister's

memoirs, co-written with

Margaret Simmons, won the prize

for nonfiction as well as book

of the year. Mr Fraser used the

occasion to savage today's political leaders over asylum-seeker policies. Australia's top the past year gathered at a

gala dinner at the Sydney Opera

House for the year's oldest Premier's literary awards. Malcolm Fraser and

Simmons won a prize pool of

$50,000 for both the nonfiction

award and book of the year for

'Malcolm Fraser: The Political

Memoirs'. Mr Fraser has often criticised his former Liberal

Party colleagues for being too

Conservative. Now he believes

both mage parties have lost their way over asylum seekers.

In today' world, that's the

leadership of both the Liberal

Party and the Labor Party have,

and are, failing Australia.

Australia deserves something

better. Margaret Simmons helped

Fraser sift through a lifetime

of documents and memories including his role in the

dismissal of the Whitlam

Government in 1975, an event

which divided the nation.

Malcolm didn't want to talk

about 1975 and the dismissal,

he said it's been so gone over,

why would he want to talk about

it. We got over that.. It's much in the past. No, it's not

painful. Gough and I are

friends today. These were the

first awards presented by new

first awards presented by new Premier Barry O'Farrell, he

admitted his own love of books

and writers' festivals. There

is something I find slightly

erotic about sitting in an

audience being read to. I know that a strange confession. Melbourne author

Alex Miller won the major fiction award for his novel,

'Lovesong'. Scientists say a

vaccine to protect horses humans against the deadly

Hendra virus could be available

within two years. Research

behind the ground-breaking

vaccine has been unveil ed

conference in Adelaide. The

Hendra virus is transmitted

from flying foxes to horses to

humans. It's killed four people

and dozens of horses since

first appearing in Brisbane in

1994. CSIRO scientists say

immunised horses responded very

well during the trials. When those animals those animals were exposed to

live Hendra virus they've shown

no signs of illness and no sign

at all that the virus has been

able to reproduce in their bodies. Veterinarians say

breaking the virus's cycle of

transmission to humans is

vital. There's always a

possibility of contact between infected flying fox populations and horses and horses so there's always a

chance of spillover to people

so it's something always in our

minds. The vaccine will be used

in field studies later this year and should year and should be widely

available by 2013. To finance

and the market's bounced back

today as the minutes from this month's Reserve Bank month's Reserve Bank board meeting pointed to another

interest rate rise. Here's Alan

Kohler. The local share market

went up more than half a per

cent and the was some solid

gains by the resources giants

as well as a few industrials

like Woolworths but overall it

was a quiet day. Telstra

finally got back to $3 for the

first time since last August

and Fairfax was styed after

announcing plans to sell its radio stations including 3AW,

2UE, 4BC and 6PR. Not much

happened on global markets. Wall Street was

Wall Street was down about the same as Australia while on

commodity markets spot gold was

up a bit, oil and silver down.

The dollar is back above 106 US

cents, partly because of US dollar weakness and partly

because the minutes of the

Reserve Bank board meeting earlier this month came out

today and pointed to a rate

rise sooner rather than later.

Whenever the RBA has said

higher rates are likely to be

required at some point, rates

have actually gone up next month or the month after. Meanwhile, the new secretary of

the Treasury, Martin Parkinson,

stuck his head up for the first

time today with the annual post-Budget address by the post-Budget address by the head

of Treasury. The past 10 of

these have been delivered by

Ken Henry. Now it's Dr

Parkinson's turn. He explained why Treasury keeps getting

revenue forecasts wrong and

said the dollar would remain

high for a year or two. As you

can see from this graph, the

data have been running on the

spot for three years ever the credit crisis turned the

bank taps off, the taps are

back on now but drinking is out

of vogue and one of the reasons there's a big fall in

renovations to the lowest level

for nine years. That's finance.

Queensland's quest for a record

sixth straight State of Origin

series title has hit an early hurdle. A hip injury forced Greg Inglis to join Justin

Hodges on the line sloo frin

game 1, opening the door for

Melbourne's Nielsen to make a shock Origin debut in

next week. With only 40 NRL

games under his belt, Dane

Nielsen is a genuine Origin

bolter. His selection in the Maroons

Maroons team even surprised his

parents. Actually dad never

swears at me and he sort of

swore, thought I was geeing him

up. He was really excited as

well. Broncos winger Jharal

Yow Yeh played his first Test for Australia this month. Next week he'll make his Origin

debut. To be honest it's come

come a bit fast for me.

Nielsen and Yow Yeh are the debutantes and Broncos veteran

Corey Parker has been recalled after 5 years in Origin wilderness. I received the call yesterday. It was a

special time for myself and

family but it's been a long time. The skipper doesn't want

to make a fuss about to make a fuss about his final

Origin series. I haven't

thought too much about it. To

me it doesn't feel different to

any other series. But his

team-mates are acutely aware.

There's probably something deep

inside that we want to do it

for him We want him going out

as a winning captain. Nate

Myles enters the Maroons camp

with a clear head. He's ended speculation about his NRL future by signing a 4-year deal

with the Titans. I suppose

there's no better way to get

distracted with the Origin

game. If the Blues have

opinions on the Queensland team they're they're keeping their thoughts

to themselves. Doesn't mat who

they pick, we've got to turn up

and worry about ourselves The

next 10 days is about us. With

Mark Gasnier awaiting the birth Mark Gasnier awaiting the birth

of his first child, the Blues

could call on their 18th man.

I'm happy to be in anything. I

can't be upset. In last night's

NRL match, Manly opened the

scoring inside the

on the Gold Coast. The Sea

Eagles survived a late Titans

charge to win 16-12 and climb

into a share of second place the ladder.It's an Irish

obsession fuelled in Canberra

by their homeland recession. The ACT's Irish population has

been increasing recent Lee as

an economic downturn grips Ireland. Irish workers have been attracted to Canberra by

the building boom and they're

bringing with them one of most beloved pastimes, Gaelic football.

football. The Canberra Gaels are

are the first club in the capital. This is the Irish sport a tradition from

they bring everywhere they go.

You're born into it and it's

bred into you and your prr presenting your community so

it's all in the heart. Itch

this is our tradition. This

what we live and aspire to as

young kids and we're all here in Australia and trying to keep

our heritage alive. Gaelic

football is known to football is known to many

Australians as the only sport that resembles Aussie rules. Of quite the same here but the

supporters are certainly just

as passionate.. It's a great

game. It's physical but not

terribly physical. It's the actually resatively strong Australia's major cities. In

NSW there are around 50 clubs.

Until now though it's been

absent in the national

capital. Due to the recession capital. Due to the recession in Ireland we're getting a lot of Irish out here at the

moment. We're falling on hard

times over there. Most of them

are building workers or tradies

so it's the building boom here they've reached a cohesive mass

now so they can afford to have

a team. They're now playing

practice matches against sides

from Sydney to gain

recognition. If the NSW guys.

To play us here in Canberra, it

could help our chances of

getting into the NSW league

hopefully. Ahead of a bid to

join the NSW league next competition. It reflects a new

injection of new blood, new

Irish blood into Canberra and

into Australia generally.

Post-match, the players grab a

pint at the pub, a complete Irish experience now

territory in Australia's

capital.Now with a look at

today's weather here's today's weather here's Mark

Carmody. Thanks. Good Carmody. Thanks. Good evening.

Well t didn't quite drop to

minus 4 this morning. We were

all saved from that by a light

southeasterly that kept the

temperatures up but today was

as forecast, fine and sunny

with a maximum temperature of


Clouding issed with a trough

has moved further into WA and

it's generating some showers.

Showers are also being produced

by low cloud along the Queensland coast. There's that

trough in WA and it will be

joined by a front that's moving

up from the south but a high on

our side of Australia is only slowly move nothing to slowly move nothing to the

Tasman which means more days

like today, fine next week it's another story.

Virginia, despite this run

of frosts, the Old Parliament

House rose garden is still

producing beauties like this 1

called Fred Hollows vision.

It's a sight for sore

eyes. Thanks, Mark. That's the

news for now but stay with us

for 7:30 with Leigh Sales and

Chris Uhlmann and we'll leave

you with the space shuttle

'Endeavour' blasting off on its 25th Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight on '7:30',

Australia's housing crisis, are

we heading towards a property declining. The evidence to date

is absolutely the opposite. And the hidden shame,

teachers using physical force

to manage autistic children.

These practices are placing

our children in danger day in and day out.

Welcome to the program. Is Australia's housing price

bubble about to burst? This

year's seen a fall in

Australian home values and anticipated interest rate rises

are adding to market jitters.