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(generated from captions) So, Caroline is pregnant.

Yes. And she's very happy.

And I know you're not
gonna throw her a party,

but this is exactly what we wanted.

Why didn't you tell me?
I-I am telling you.

Why didn't you tell me
you had the vasectomy reversed?

Because there was a few things
going on,

and I-I'm sorry you weren't
top of that list.

I apologise for that.

Well, it certainly happened fast.

Well, Caroline was anxious
to have a family.


She couldn't be too far along.

Well, no. And that's why
we didn't want to tell anybody.

But Pam, she has a nose for news.

So, there you have it.


There I have it.

Or do I?

Whose baby is it, Ridge?

It certainly can't be yours.

Captions by Ericsson Access Services

This program is live captioned by
Ericsson Access Services. Tonight, a rare tornado cuts
a deep wound into Sydney's south. Ferocious winds hail
and vicious storms unleash mayhem. It has been a brutal summer's day. It's a mess right across the city. Up to 1,000 homes have been hit,
many of them hard. The rain causes part of
the roof to cave in at Westfield, Bondi Junction, sending Christmas
shoppers running for cover. A cruise ship off our coast cops
a double whammy nightmare. A nasty storm and an outbreak
of gastro. And 70,000 graduates get their HSC
results and it's more good news for the girls.

This is Ten Eyewitness News -
First at Five - with Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton. Good evening. Sydney has never seen anything
like it. A series of storms and tornadoes -
starting just before lunch - hit with the most powerful wind
gusts ever recorded in NSW. The equivalent of a category three
cyclone, concentrated on the city's south and east. At their peak, winds of more than
210km/h were destroying home and businesses and just
about anything else in their path. We have reporters across Sydney
tonight in the hardest hit areas. First to Ursula Heger at Kurnell - which took the worst of it -
Ursula. Well, Hugh, yes. Locals here say it hit without warning and when it hit the force was unbelievable. It has torn a path across this area. Just to give you an indication, the roof behind me complete with solar panels was actually torn off a house about 100m up the road.

Scrap metal
and debris fly through the air. Through the chaos you can just
make out someone screaming. This is the tornado that
tore through Kurnell. It brought flashes of lightning,
too. From another shocked local,
his horrifying perspective. He videos flashes of lightning
as projectiles fly across the car park. The marquee he's inside is
at the mercy of the storm. After a few seconds he
takes cover inside. It's just as well.
This was the scene outside. This truck was knocked over
by wind gusts of up to 213km/h. It crushed a car parked next to it. Bits of roof were wrapped
around poles and trees were left lying in the street. The ones that survived
the ferocious storm were decorated with scrap metal from
the nearby industrial complex. As you can see around here,
most of that's our roof. The fence acted like a net,
catching everything that came its way. The doors started flying in,
the roof started caving in. It was leaking. Then I had a look outside and there
were skip bins flying around. Here on Chisholm Road
nothing was spared. Car windows were smashed,
huge pieces of roof lie wedged under cars. For some, it was hard to believe. I rung my parents and they said,
yeah, stop lying. I said, mate, I'm serious,
it's a bloody tornado. As emergency services moved
in they set up roadblocks. My neighbour called me
and just told me fences were down, trees down in my yard.

And as the second front
approached tensions rose.

We've got family up there. Eventually they were let through to
see for themselves just how bad
their suburb had been hit. This road sits
on the water's edge. The tornado would have whipped off the water
and slammed into their homes.

I went down stares to see if my sister was alright. I went upstairs and the roof fell in where I was laying. I was going, oh!It was so, so strong. It kept going in a circle. The tiles have broken but they became like shrapnel. It just hit us so bad. It came across Botany Bay so bad and then all of a sudden it changed and come from the south. So we got hit both ways. The city's dormant desalination
plant copped it, too. The damage is still being assessed, just like the damage
at these kids' schools. They were left in the dark all day, but still managed a wave
as they were bussed out. Now 25 properties here have been deemed unlivable. Those residents have been offered to stay in an evacuation centre. There was some concern about the Caltex refinery. There was oily water leaked from the storage containers. Firefighters say that's been contained within the facility. That's good news. Thank you. The weather bureau knew
these storms were coming. But no-one could have predicted
just how violent they would be. Gillian Bowen joins us now. Gillian, emergency workers
must have been swamped. They had virtually no notice?Yes, the SES is currently dealing with some 500 calls for help for things like ripped-off roofs, brought-down powerlines and water damage. About 200 personnel are there, in the field, supported by the fire brigade and Riot Squad due to the four-wheel drives. It will be a busy night. It only lasted a few minutes
but it was intense. The first front slammed
into the coast and then rolled over the rest of the city. It made driving treacherous. We had a two-inch hail stone hit
the car. Across the south,
hail was piling up and so were trees, left lying on the ground. Trees coming down everywhere. Storm chasers were
in their element... Storms are still hitting very hard. ...finding stories all ovet
the place. Talk about blocking roads. Even on the side
of the road there was no escape, while others were left trapped
on it. The storms we saw today were at
the extreme end of thunderstorms. Here in St Mary's, this home bore
the scars of a lightning strike. Like is many today,
the occupants were left shocked. And suddenly, boom, very big one.

The bolt opened up
their ceiling to the heavens. Some of the damage has been
considerable structural damage to houses. Roofs have been off. In Bronte this palm tree was
also struck and left swaying dangerously close to powerlines. At Cronulla beach goers ran
for cover and storm water drains just couldn't cope. Here at the NSW Golf Club at
La Perouse, the deluge created another hazard, while social media
was calling 'fore' - posting backyard photos of huge hail. Look at the size of that!
Golf-ball size. Across the city there was nowhere
for all that water to go but down, whichever way
possible. This storm was expecteds, but
thankfully for now the worst of the weather is behind us.

There are still 800 people in the Kurnell area without power. Repair crews are working as quickly as they can. Residents are being warned it's likely to stay out until tomorrow. A long night for so many. Thank you. Christmas shoppers at Westfield
in Bondi Junction had to duck for cover,
when part of the ceiling collapsed under the weight of the downpour. Andrew Denney is at Bondi Junction.
Andrew, was anyone hurt there?

Well, one woman suffered head and elbow injuries after being clipped by the debris, but incredibly no-one was badly injured by that falling glass and plasterboard. We can bring you pictures of the moment that ceiling collapsed. At Bondi Junction, panic... The plate glass ceiling above the Westfield Centre collapses under the weight of a super-storm.Heard a big bang and everyone was rushing outside. The roof has dropped in. Everyone evacuated and got marched out.I saw a woman ran out and she missed the roof for a second.The roof gave way near the cinemas and the rain followed. A larms sounded and security guards took over, with the Christmas rush in full swing. Thousands of shoppers were evacuated onto the street, but even those who could get to their cars were faced with this - an underground lake. Stores, too, were flooded. Workers were left to fend off the waters. Outside it wasn't much better. It was chaos on the roads. The main arter -- arterial went under. Drivers were not going anywhere. The water was everywhere. We stopped for one hour, maybe more. With shoppers keen to tick off their Christmas lists, the priority is to get Bondi junction back and running.A bit unfortunate for trading, but hopefully we will be able to get back open soon.Not good, we're trying to wait to see if we can open again, we don't know anything yet. Now, around 90 stores were closed here for much of today. I'm told about half of them are reopening as we speak. Engineers are still here assessing the roof before they can figure out when the rest will reopen. Importantly, I'm told the cinemas here at Bondi Junction will reopen tonight in time for that midnight screening of Star Wars. No doubt that is a relief for many dedicated fans. That is good news. Thank you.

A bout of gastro turned a holiday of a lifetime into hell for passengers aboard a cruise ship in Sydney this morning. It was a dirty double-whammy to say the least. Wild seas and
a couple hundred people sick with gastro and it's a holiday these
passengers will never forget. I had the cruise ship from hell. Got thrown in the cruise ship
and all the things went in the bathroom, smashing onto
the floor and I was terrified. As a freak storm hit
The Explorer of the Seas, many feared it would capsize. There were people on level four in
the schooner bar and they dropped down on knees and started praying. Others were confined to their beds
during the two-week round trip to New Zealand. It was in quarantine in my room for
two days and I was sick for four. It wasn't a good trip at all. When it goes around it goes
like wild fire. It spreads really bad. The cruise ship's
operator says:

Ambulance paramedics were
on standby as the ship docked this morning but no-one wanted
a trip to the hospital, they just wanted to go home. We've had worse. You'll go back? Yeah, not on that cruise ship, but
but we'll go on other ones. Neil Howard and his family are
boarding the cruise this evening. We were looking forward to it, but
as I say, when there's a health scare of this magnitude it does
make you think. The ship's been given a thorough

A year ago it was a very dark place, but last night Martin Place glowed, a moving gesture of solidarity against evil. Sid I anymarked the first an verse oi of the Lindt siege.

Under grey skies a rainbow
of flowers. # Somewhere over the rainbow... They stood many the rain
in their hundreds, weathering the storm with peace and love. I just wanted to come
and support everyone and come together as Australians. I was really glad I came. It was very special. The families of victims
Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson sat alongside survivors. The 45 minute ceremony marking one
year since the Martin Place siege. We were stronger, are stronger,
will always be stronger than those who seek to divide us. A song to honour each victim. # All of my pain... Readings from cards left
by strangers. The whole
of Australia shares your pain. Together we are stronger.

And thon a minute's silence.

Very moving,
but it was beautiful. The music was just divine. Photos of last year's floral
tributes lighting up if gloom. We're here to show our love and
condemn what happened last year. We are the Muslims who stand
for peace and peace only. Throughout the entire service
the man responsible for terrorising Sydney that day
was never referred to by his name.

Instead he was simply
called "the hostage taker". A pointed reminder that
hatred has no place here.

Still to come - Tim Bailey will
have more on those severe storms and what Sydney's in for next. A Sydney family left devastated
by an arson attack. Also tonight, the Sydney suburb
that's about to be transformed, but not everyone's happy. And just one sleep to go until
the best bit of summer begins.

Doctors are warning people will
face higher costs for X-rays and blood tests, as the Federal
Government looks to trim $650 million
from the health budget. Pathologists say it will mean some
patients will face delays

in getting critical information
about their health, but the Treasurer says the doctors are only
trying to protect their profits. The Treasurer yesterday likened
the path back to surplus to a holiday road trip... We're making progress towards
our destination. We're not there yet,
we're not there yet. he unveiled
a grim economic update:

Now he's been likened to
Chevy Chase in the 1983 comedy, National Lampoon's Vacation.

The problem is the driver
doesn't know where he's going. The first speed hump - Scott
Morrison's cuts to health spending. More than $650 will be saved by
scrapping payments that encourage bulk billing for such services
as blood tests and x-rays. Health cannot be the first target
every time they are looking to cut dollars out of expenditure. Doctors say it's a co-payment
by stealth and could increase patient costs
by hundreds of dollars, meaning life saving tests are postponed. We know failure to diagnose is
the root cause of most of the misadventures that occur
in our health care system. I reject that and I think it's
unhelpful to get into these sorts of political debates. The Government says
the payment wasn't doing what it was supposed to. This funding was never directed
towards patients and in fact it was directed to support patients
but not spent in that way. The next hurdle is getting
the savings through Parliament with senators to be lobbied
by the health sector not to pass the cuts, causing an even bigger
headache come budget time.

like this next one are always hard to report, but a Sydney woman has
died, after jumping in front of a train with a baby in her arms. The little girl survived and has
been taken to Westmead hospital. where she's
in a critical condition. It happened just
after 2 this afternoon at Harris Park station in our west. The woman died at the scene. And we say it often,
if anyone finds themselves in need of help, the people
at Lifeline are always there.

Vic Lorusso is braving
the skies tonight in the chopper, to watch Sydney traffic for you. How's it looking up there, Vic? Keeping our eye closely on a band of cloud. It looks stormy out of to the north-west. We settled our attention on Sydney's greater north-west. That is on Epping Road into Epping after an earlier crash. Live pictures here at both traffic lanes at a standstill. We have the commute leaving from Macquarie Park into Epping delayed by 20 minutes.

A family of 11
has had the fright of their lives after two cars and their home
were set ablaze in Sydney's west. The fire broke out
in the garage just after one o'clock this morning. By the time it was put out,
a Commodore was destroyed and a ute was badly damaged. The family's living
room was also charred. Lucky my family is still alive
and my grandkids, that's important for me. Police believe
the fire was deliberately lit. They are appealing for witnesses
and have security vision of a car that was in front of the house,
just before the fire started. There are 2,500 very anxious
residents in Sydney's inner suburbs tonight. The public housing tenants
in Waterloo are suddenly preparing to be thrown out of their homes -
all in the name of progress - but the government says they have
nothing to fear. Adam Walters reports. As the Mike Baird dream machine was
churning out inlatest urban creation, the 2,500 residents
of this Waterloo housing estate were left clueless about plans to
bulldoze their homes. You got 2,500 people to move?
Where are you going to put them? When did you find out about this? Today, this morning. They rang us at 8.0 last night
to be down here by nine o'clock. That's when
the Premier was announcing a new metro station and 10,000 new homes
within a short walk of the existing Redfern and Green Square stations. You can turn an area where there is
potential for actually achieving that potential and I believe that's
what we are doing here at Waterloo. Determined to make this
a good news story, if Social Housing Minister Brad Hazzard was
happening out orders to the media. We're going to make it positive
for them, so they know that it can happen. But there was a major snag
for the minister - residents were thinking for themselves. We're really concerned about what's
going on, about what's happening. Their biggest fear, relocating
without knowing whether they can return to their suburb despite
plans for 2,000 social housing homes in the 45-hectare project. Many of the residents were angered
to learn the media found out their fate before they did. As one put it, it was nothing more
than an exercise in social cleansing and it was going to take
a lot more than a barbecue and balloons to change his mind. I'd say it's absolute
economic gentrification. We're in the way between a pile
of cash and a developer, so we are spare, we're going. We have an opportunity to update
them and deliver them a better quality of life. The first relocations
are scheduled for 2017.

For more on today's
extraordinary super cell, let's get to Tim Bailey. Tim, you were one
of the first to warn us.

Yesterday around about this time we flagged the fact that all of NSW would be on storm watch. We had our eyes on this deepening trough that was moving across the state and is now moving into north-east parts. But nobody could have forecast the tornado, born and bred in 2013km/h winds at Kurnell this morning and they came to 111km/h through Kurnell at 1pm. The rainfall was torrential. 53mm at Rose Bay in half an hour and 140mm at Long Island Point, south of Nowra in one hour. You were caught in it and of course you captured it.

This was the size of the storm front as it brewed to the Central Coast.

This shot captured all of us - look at the size of the hail!

5cm hail. At the moment, the good news is we have a clear sky across Sydney. The thunderstorm warning has been cancelled for the metropolitan area. Still in place nor the Central Tablelands, north-west slopes and plane, central west slopes and plane, the Hunter, the Mid North Coast and upper western. Tomorrow an easing scenario. Looks like the chance of a shower, maybe another thunderstorms, nowhere near as severe. Then we go into a clearing and warm, fine and sunny pattern for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That's it from me. See you at five to six.

Up next - more than 500,000 kids miss school in LA after a terror threat.

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A Sydney man who was arrested
in last year's anti-terror raids, has pleaded guilty to attempting
to send funds to Islamic State.

He hung around with ISIS
sympathisers who were happy whenever the terrorists had
a victory, but he says he never believed in the extremist ideology. Still, the then-18-year-old,
who we can't name, waited six weeks after his home was
raided by counter terrorism police last year to rat on his friend. That friend today, Omarjan Azari,
pleaded guilty to attempting to send funds to
a terrorist organisation. a Travelex and transfer $6,000
Australian -- AUD, saying: AUD, saying:

He claims he was given the money
by Azari and another man called Ali Al-Talebi in the car park of
the Parramatta mosque last year. The witness said he didn't think
transferring money to help send fighters to Syria was breaking
the law. He sure knows now. He was facing up to 50 years
in jail if he was charged and convicted. But he was vague when asked
about the $9,000 US his mother found in his cargo
shorts before the raids, saying it was for brothers overseas.

The witness also claimed he
overheard Azari talking to Mohammad Ali Baryalei, who at
the time was the highest-ranking Australian member of IS, but said
he didn't know what it was about.

Almost 700,000 students
in California have spent the day at home after schools in
Los Angeles and New York received an email threat from Germany. A man claiming to be a jihadi
warned of a gun and bomb attack. But the response from two of
America's biggest school districts could not have been more different.

All schools have been shut down today.

The language in the email would lead us to believe this is not a jihadist initiative. The FBI was called
in to investigate and seven hours later declared the
email was not a credible threat.

Tim pefrjts ake is Britain's first official astronaut. He blasted into space with a NASA astronaut and a cosmonaut. They docked at the intermagsal pace station. They are set to return to earth next June.

The Duchess of Cambridge is joining schoolchildren at an end of year party. She took part in a music therapy session and helped make a Christmas collage. That was amazing. I couldn't hold back
the excitement. I was near on the edge of fainting,
it was that exciting. Camilla,
the Duchess of Cornwall, has also hosted a special party at Clarence
House for terminally ill children. Still to come -
we'll cross back to Kurnell where residents
are picking up the pieces after a day of wild storms. Plus,
the results are in for thousands of
HSC students across the country. And we meet the man whose
selfless act saved seven lives. And in finance news:

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Returning now to our top story - the two wild storms that have
slammed into Sydney. Ursula Heger is in Kurnell
in Sydney's south, the area hardest hit
by the storms. It will be a long night for people there. Yes, it certainly is. You can see a number of residents out this afternoon looking at the damage in this street. What's really incredible is they're looking at all of this damage under blue skies. To take you and show you some of this. You can see a roof behind me ripped from a home about 100m up the road. There are a number of homes up the road that have lost roof tiles. Police and firefighters were forced to rescue people who were trapped when this hit. We saw 11 rescues from people trapped inside their cars on flooded roads. One thing locals are saying is that it really sounded like the freight train. I know it's a cliche, but that's what they're saying. When this hit it was like a freight train. 2 hundred 213km/h gusts. Sglit was frightening but nowhere more so than there. What should people do if they can't return to their home.What's the advice for people?Well, about 25 properties have been deemed unlivable. Certainly many, many more have suffered damage. If people can't stay with friends they they've been asked to go at the evacuation centre. A lot of these residents are without power. It will be an incredibly difficult night. So close to Christmas it's heartbreaking.Our thoughts are with many. Thank you. A Sydney chauffeur has been charged
with running a cocaine delivery service
from the back of his luxury car. Police arrested the 41-year-old
in a Haymarket car park as he was allegedly selling two grams of
cocaine from his black Mercedes. The driver's home was also
searched, where police say they found a stash of steroids. After weather like today, motorists
are urged to take their time. Vic Lorusso has the latest
details on the commute home now. Well, Sandra, we had a three-car accident in Sydney's south-west. This occurred off the M5 at Moorebank. It had an impact for the traffic. Live pictures from the three lanes flowing again. Unfortunately the damage has been done to peakhour traffic. You can see it slow through Moorbank, taking an extra 40 minutes. Earlier problems through Blakehurs t on the Princes Highway. Lights out through sections down into Cronulla.

The wait is finally over
for 70,000 students, finding out their HSC results today. The increasing trend
for girls to do better than boys has continued this year,
as Jessica Turner reports. These students barely slept a wink,
waiting out the night together. It's time! Grade 12 students could finally
check their HSC results online from 6am. Some received text messages. They're surprised
by how well they went. Even some of the girls
in the room were look, wow, that's really good compared to what
I thought even myself. I was like,
are you sure they're my marks? Girls statistically do better than
boys on the HSC and this year they did it again. They all, like,
tried the best they could. They were just more accepting
of their results.

This isn't a new trend. Ten years ago it was the same old
story and our education system still hasn't found a way to help
the boys keep up with the girls. There's a pattern such
as boys achieving less than girls. It's important that we work
on the achievement of the boys. They've been saying that
since the days when students had to phone up and wait to hold to find
out their results but, of course, some boys bucked the trend,
with scores in the top band. I was pretty stoked with
the result that I go got. They're not too worried
about university options, they come out tomorrow.

Seven seriously ill Australians
have been given a second chance at life following Australia's largest
kidney transplant exchange. It included two states, six
hospitals and hundreds of staff. The ground-breaking feat sparked
by a humble fire-fighter who volunteered to give his kidney to
a stranger. Yasmin Paton has the story.

Paul Bannan's generosity has saved
the lives of seven sick Australians. People I haven't met yet. He originally planned to donate
his kidney to a mate in need, quitting smoking and losing weight
to become eligible. Butwhen that friend received
another kidney, Paul stuck to his plan. Paul's been incredibly generous -
I think it's an incredibly generous act. The 54-year-old's kidney was
matched with an anonymous patient as part
of a kidney exchange program. In turn,
a relative or friend of that recipient donated their kidney to
another person in need - cascading into a seven-way exchange. Organs were flown between Melbourne
and Sydney, with surgeons performing 14
operations across 12 hours. Veronica Reid was one
of the lucky recipients. It's given me already a new lease
of life, a second chance at life, and I'll be eternally grateful. As part of the exchange,
Veronica's sister donated her kidney to a compatible stranger. To know that I've helped not
only Veronica but someone else is really rewarding. The time-critical operation almost
came unstuck when one aircraft was turned back to Sydney. It was just a hiccup,
I guess you'd call it, but a moment that we wouldn't want again. About 1,600 people
in Australia are currently waiting for organ transplants. The success of this record-breaking
kidney exchange has prompted calls for more Australians to sign on
as donors. What greater gift is
there to give than life? All the patients
and donors are recovering well.

Stay with us - just ahead in Sport, yet another accolade for Grand
Final hero Johnathan Thurston. Also tonight, Thunder batsman
Andre Russel delivers a warning shot ahead of the Sydney Smash. All your Big Bash news is next. And seeing double as Sally Pearson
eyes back to back Olympic gold, but there's
a big hurdle she must overcome.

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Time for sport now with Matt Burke. And Matt, the Big Bash is nearly
here and the Thunder have sent
the Sixers a warning.

The Thunder believe West Indies
recruit Andre Russell could be the man to end the Sixers winning
run in the local derby. The big-hitting Russell putting
everyone on notice with his efforts in a practice match. The Sixers are confident, but this
could have them a little nervous.

West Indian Andre Russell
hitting teammate Shane Watson out of Spotless Stadium last night. Oh, it must be a lot
of fun being Andre Russell, massive unit, just practices
hitting sixes all day, every day. Russell joins the Thunder
from the Melbourne Renegades. Such a great all-round player to
have, contributes with the ball, obviously very dangerous with
the bat and he's a genius on the field as well. So it's a fantastic get
for us to have him. Looking at the hue Thunder team,
I think it's their best to date. It's a new challenge. A new lot of players,
so we need to be on our game otherwise they'll wipe
the floor with us. So far the battle of Sydney hasn't
been much of a battle at all. It's sure to be used
as a sledge tomorrow night. There's certainly no excuses
coming into this season. I'm really happy with
where we're at. And key Sixers signing
South African star Johan Botha is ready to become an Aussie. Hopefully everything goes to plan
and I can play Big Bash for the Sixers as a local. The former Strikers' skipper spent
the past three years living in Adelaide.

And you can only see the Big Bash
right here on Ten.

She's still months away
from competing but Sally Pearson is confident she can defend her
Olympic title in Rio next year. The sprint queen was immortalised
in wax today, complete with the scar from her badly broken wrist. Despite the injury setback Pearson
only has eyes for gold.

Of course I'm always confident,
you've got to go in with big goals and big dreams and chase them. Meantime, 60 athletes were sized up
for Rio today and they're expected to deliver. A benchmark study has predicted
Australia will win 13 gold medals, almost double the lowly tally
from London of 7.

Those athletes know who they are
who have a chance of winning a medal. They're the ones who need to
deliver on that with the best performance of their lives.

A total of 37 medals has been
predicted with the Aussies shooting for 5th on the medal tally.

Johnathan Thurston has capped
his stunning year by receiving an honorary doctorate
from James Cook University in Townsville for his charity work. That's on top
of winning a premiership, the Clive Churchill medal, the Dally
M, the golden boot, getting married and the birth of his second child. So is there anything else
to squeeze into 2015? (LAUGHS) This probably caps it off.
Very proud. Well, Doctor JT,
we've got one more for you. Our Play of the Day.

An incredible year for him.He always looks so happy. Whatever is going on.A great laugh. Contagious. Great bloke. Up next the, the weather.

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A chaotic, thumping, thun cous Thursday dominates the daily Bailey weather wall as the wild skies continue to move up into northern areas of NSW. Severe storm warnings in place nor the Tablelands, southern, northern and central, as well as the central west slopes and plane, north-west slopes and plane, the Hunter Valley, parts thereof, the Mid North Coast and the upper western. Thunderstorm warning cancels in Sydney. What a wild ride that was. The drama started at 10 point 30. Kurnell recorded the highest wind gusts in NSW history - 213km/h at 10.30am. It got hit again at 1pm, with 110km/h winds. Down came the torrential rain. Rose Bay swamped by flooding waters 53mm in half an hour. An incredible 140km in one hour. The storm cell was spectacular, damaging and it captured your imagination. To the daily Bailey weather wall, we go, for some brilliant images. Scotty Duncan the world's best earth takes this.

A wave of storms rolls into the home of Australian surfing.

Thunder storm storms are forecast in the morning and afternoon, nowhere near as severe as today. Then the good news - the trough that caused it all, that deepened and has move nod the north-east and will weaken will be replaced by a high pressure system promoting fine and sunny weather across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now to the satellite:

A big day in the weather world.

The weather map tomorrow, as we ease the situation. The troughs dom Australia, the bad guys. It will move to the north-east of the state, the high will move. Promote a ridge to SE Queensland and clear our skies by 5pm tomorrow night. Drips and drops across rooftops, electrified skies across Northern Australia and down through NSW, don't we know. Heavy in rainfall, in thunderstorms.

A big day in the weather world, special thanks to our reporters who did it brilliantly. Andrew Booth and our Chief of Conservative staff, Anthony Peter son. Great job. Proud to be part of the team. They did a good job. Sarah Harris welcomed Paul William Ward to the world. Big hugs to Sarah and Tom.A mum and dad are born! That is Ten Eyewitness News, for now it's been a

Survey says it's six o'clock.

Time for Family Feud.

Now, here's your host, Grant Denyer! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

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Welcome to Family Feud,

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So, let's meet them.

Please welcome, from Adelaide,
our champs, the Fanto family.

Who won money last night?

We did!

Twinning! Whoo!
Yeah, yes.

They're twins, everybody.
Didn't know whether you'd noticed.

Who's the rest of the family?

So, yes, I've got my twin sister,
Jessica, my mum, Sue,

and my beautiful grandma, Valda.

And taking them on,
from Somerville in Victoria,

the MacAllister family.

G'day, Tash.
How are you going?

Lovely. I'm ready.
Who have you brought tonight?

OK. My dad, Sean, my brother, Liam,
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Cool. Welcome, everybody.

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