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(generated from captions) interesting
terrorist organisation.It was there
interesting what she was saying certainly
there about the coalition and fact
certainly she was encouraged by the was
fact that US President Barack Obama Vladimir
was talking with Russian President dialogue
Vladimir Putin, and that the they
dialogue had opened up and that forming
they were hopefully going to be have
forming more of a coalition. There attacks
have obviously been separate in
attacks that Russia has conducted them
in the last couple of weeks. For the
them to be working together and for coalition,
the world to be moving towards a from
coalition, certainly encouraging everyone
from her perspective and from Let
everyone else's bers to join forces. Steinfort.
Let toes go to -- let's go to Tom attacks
Steinfort. Not only in terms of the attacks on Syria, that will help in There
the war against ISIL.That's right. international
There certainly does seem to be to
international cooperation. I want communication
to bring you up to speed. One, a countries.
communication breakdown between the from
countries. This has come through office.
from the Turkish Prime Minister's actually
office. They say that Turkey twice
actually warned France not once but bombers
twice about one of the suicide attacks
bombers who was involved in those warned
attacks on Friday night. They this
warned of the terror threat with appears
this particular person and it overlooked
appears that may well have been Secondly
overlooked by the French Government. come
Secondly just another one that's from
come through, a breaking news alert now
from the French Government who are returning
now saying that French nationals likely
returning from Syria are most arrest
likely going to be put under house source
arrest according to a government huge
source here. This follows on from a has
huge series of raids the Government police
has carried out here along with 168
police overnight Australian time. to
168 homes were raided, all believed were
to have terror links. 23 people house
were arrested. 104 placed under properties
house arrest. And also at those Most
properties they found 31 weapons. found
Most disturbing of those, they the
found a rocket launcher at one of suburban
the properties in Lyon, just a launcher
suburban address with a rocket terror
launcher hidden to be used in a have
terror attack. On top of that we overnight
have Islamic State come out said
overnight as well and they have they
said in a new terror threat video, joins
they will attack any nation that may
joins with France. Of course that for
may well have some ramifications join
for Australia of course if we do strong
join that alliance. There is a as
strong push now from France to get them
as many countries on board with was
them as possible. Francois Hollande Paris
was very strong when he spoke in now
Paris here today. He said France is words.
now at war. He didn't mince his Islamic
words. He said he's out to destroy Barack
Islamic State. He'll meet with he's
Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, alliance
he's trying to form a three country quickly
alliance there. And he says as countries
quickly as possible those three coordinate
countries need to get together, destroy
coordinate their bombing raids and all.
destroy Islamic State once and for going
all.It does look as though they're more.
going to be feeling the heat a lot in
more. I think the world is united Those
in all that. Thanks for that update. interesting
Those ongoing raids, very Europe
interesting across France and This
Europe as we go to air this morning. a
This evening Paris time.Back home a man armed with a knife has robbed overnight.
a service station in Sydney's west an
overnight. The offender threatened before
an employee at the Greenacre Caltex before fleeing with cash shortly attendant
before midnight. The petrol station Anyone
attendant was thankfully not hurt. contact
Anyone with more information should tactical
contact Crime Stoppers. A major sners
tactical change for NSW Police with first
sners now being ordered to shoot Previously
first when dealing with terrorists. contain
Previously officers were taught to attackers.
contain and negotiate armed offender
attackers. The new active armed under
offender training which is already with
under way brings the State in line A
with tactics used by America's FBI. behind
A Perth man faces up to six years which
behind bars over a motorcycle crash Bali.
which claimed the life of a man in to
Bali. Joshua Terelinck has returned negligent
to Kuta to stand trial in the allege
negligent driving case. Prosecutors paying
allege the 33 year old wasn't with
paying attention when he collided year
with another bike and killed the 22 paid
year old in July. Mr TTerelinck has victim's
paid $5,000 in compensation to the results
victim's family. Some surprising morning
results from a new survey this of
morning on the GST. More than half up
of Australian voters say they'd put as
up with a rise in the tax so long there
as other taxes were reduced and the
there was adequate compensation for to
the poor. The Ipsos poll is a blow who's
to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten fight
who's been building a campaign to from
fight the suggested rise in the GST different
from 10 to 15%. And a rainbow of a Mexico
different kind in the skies above Mexico with a colourful display of annual
the world's best balloons, the Balloon
annual International Hot Air than
Balloon Festival attracted more day
than 200 aircraft during the four and
day event. They came in all shapes a
and sizes, darth Vader even making 14th
a little appearance. Now in its attended
14th year the spectacular event was people.
attended by more than 2 million festival.
people. That looks like a fabulous the
festival. That's the latest from pictures.
the news room. Very nice, pretty forecast
pictures. Now your best local forecast with Stevie.

Probably not the best weather for a out.
balloon festival. Check this vision in
out. A rare tornado touching down It's
in Denair California on Sunday. had
It's been several years since they tornado
had a tornado hit the area. The big
tornado damaged houses and trees. A sending
big thanks to Ken Gentry for head
sending in these pictures. Let's what's
head back to our place and see what's happening with the weather:

Storms today through inland had
Queensland areas, yesterday they the
had some showers and storms some of happening
the heaviest this year. All of that heatwave
happening in Queensland while this east.
heatwave is starting in the south- tomorrow
east. 38 degrees in Adelaide 39
tomorrow and Sydney pushing up to cool
39 by Friday. We'll start to see it you
cool down by the weekend. Just when starts
you want to head to the beach it Perth
starts raining. A bit cooler in the
Perth for the Test match today, and quite
the odd shower. It's going to be your
quite a day. Make sure you check time
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couple of days.Eh? Yeah, Congratulations
definitely.Keep yourself cool. watching
Congratulations and thanks for appreciate
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Thanks Troy, you have a lovely day. good
I think that's guaranteed actually, if
good way to start it. Don't forget like
if you register you can be just is
like Troy tomorrow. Coming up she granting
is now out of her bottle and Eden
granting your every wish. Barbara how
Eden on being Jeanie.But up next, attacks
how the world reacted to the Paris speak
attacks and what happens now. We'll will
speak to security expert and she will be speaking to Karl Stefanovic.

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Welcome back to the Today Show live have
across Australia. It is good to Paris.
have your company this evening from condemnation
Paris. The world has reacted with attacks
condemnation to events and the But
attacks in Paris on Friday night. another
But are we doing enough to prevent Terrorist
another attack. What can we do? joins
Terrorist expert Dr Sally Leivesley you
joins me live from London. Thank your
you for your time. First of all think
your response to those attacks?I on
think the world needs to catch up because
on the gallop to what has happened change
because there's been such a big and
change from the lone wolf attacks of
and thinking of Sydney, you're one effect
of the very first to experience the a
effect of that type of attack with dispersed
a single person. Once you get these what
dispersed attacks across the city, actually
what we've seen in France today has People
actually been Paris in shock. frightened
People are - seem numb and they are from
frightened and we've got to learn attacks
from that so that any terrorist immobilisation
attacks don't create the same Because
immobilisation of our cities. of
Because Paris by going into a state going
of emergency, parts of France are disadvantaged
going to be very much economically terrorists
disadvantaged with that. So the impact
terrorists can have a big economic My
impact on the city's functioning. to
My view is that cities really have stop
to make a pledge that they will not happens,
stop when a terrorist situation Just
happens, they've got to keep going. you're
Just reading into some of what concentrated
you're saying there, I know the ISIL
concentrated attacks in Syria, on fruit
ISIL headquarters have brought some of
fruit in the way of destroying some have,
of the infrastructure that they I
have, and also in a propaganda way, perspective
I would have thought from a French attacked
perspective for the people who were terms
attacked on Friday night. But in about
terms of trying to do something may
about the tentacles of ISIL, they for
may not necessarily be responsible tentacles
for direct attacks but the harder
tentacles reach out. That's much have
harder to prevent, isn't it?We bombardment
have to do it two ways. The aerial the
bombardment slows them down so that asymmetric,
the ground forces, to are very asymmetric, you've got hes bola, mobile
the Syrians, and they're fighting a slow
mobile war. But the bombing does freedom
slow ISIL down, doesn't give them But
freedom of movement on the ground. there.
But we don't keep looking over as
there. We have to look here, such as we are looking inside the UK at obviously,
the moment and you need to, inside
obviously, and you are looking these
inside Australia. Because the way take
these attacks were formed. If we nationals
take the pattern you've got several with
nationals potentially bolstered fighters.
with potentially more hardened of
fighters. So if we look at a couple potentially
of the foreign nationals that to
potentially were looking at trying think
to attack the stadium, which I there
think was the major target, because France
there you had the President of for
France and you had the potential how
for really mass casualties. So it's French
how we look at our nationals. The surveillance
French say they were doing have
surveillance on about 4,000. So we those
have to start to say, can any of Yeah,
those become active at any time? all
Yeah, and the resources to cover France,
all that is difficult. The Stade de France, you're right, that could miracle
have been a whole lot worse, a Also
miracle it wasn't a whole lot worse. that
Also it was good security outside detonating
that stadium that led to them Australia
detonating their devices. In You're
Australia how exposed are we? David
You're exposed in the same way of
David Cameron, the Prime Minister we've
of this country said to France, has
we've all got the same risk. France remember
has had an early attack but was
remember also Turkey has found it at
was supposed to have had an attack itself.
at the same time or thereabouts really
itself. So it means all of us are of
really liable to get the same type And
of attack that's happened in Paris. situation
And it means that Paris had a a
situation where because Belgium had is
a weak spot and a community which really,
is an old smuggling community also
really, and access to weapons and only
also Belgium is a centre Point, not movement
only for recruitment but for the Syria
movement of weapons because in been
Syria and Libya for example there's that
been huge caches of weapons, and missiles,
that includes surface-to-air weapons
missiles, shoulder launched. Those France.
weapons are moving up towards situation
France. So they've got a different in
situation to that in Australia. But can
in Australia you have to say what industries
can make a weapon? Of course some industries use explosives, some find
industries use poisons. You may internally
find the adaptive terrorists significance
internally have done recan they
significance and they know where right,
they will get the weapons.All and
right, it makes the jobs of ASIO doesn't
and AFP all the more important, your
doesn't it. Doctor, thank you for appreciate
your expertise this evening. We come
appreciate it.Thanks Karl.More to tributes
come from Paris this morning. As We'll
tributes pay tributes to victims. Up
We'll have the latest on the way. a
Up next with a blink of her eye and make
a nod of her head she's going to Eden
make your wishes come true. Barbara celebrate
Eden is joining us next to Jeannie'.
celebrate 50 years of 'I Dream of

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Doesn't that look spectacular. Today
Great to have your company on the America's
Today Show. She was one of enduring
America's most endearing and an
enduring stars, still is, becoming her
an instant hit as she popped out of cannot
her genie bottle. Take a look.I going
cannot believe that we are really dream.
going to be married. It is like a it's
dream.No, it's not a dream Jeannie, something
it's really happening.Would you do Would
something for me?Yes sure, yeah. Mrs
Would you say Mrs Anthony Nelson. beautiful.
Mrs Anthony Nelson.Oh that is so listen,
beautiful. I cannot stand it.Hey don't
listen, you've got to change. We rehearsal.
don't want to be late for the will
rehearsal.Oh!Are you all right?I Eden
will hurry.So cute. And Barbara 50
Eden is still as popular as ever, iconic
50 years after appearing in the television
iconic 'I Dream of Jeannie' fortunate,
television series. We're very loveable
fortunate, the glamourous and Eden
loveable genie herself, Barbara please.
Eden joins us. Round of applause, (APPLAUSE). Barbara,
(APPLAUSE).Good morning to you joining
Barbara, thank you so much for been
joining us. We can't believe it's Still
been 50 years of this iconic series. single
Still plays around the world every role
single day. When you first got the idea
role of Jeannie, did you have any to
idea how long the series was meant was
to last?No, had no idea, no. It it,
was just a job, you know.What was one
it, like a 12 week series or just was
one season?No, the first season that.
was I believe 36 shows. No, we knew by.
that. It changed as the years went 34
by. Sometimes we'd do 36, sometimes network's
34 or 28. It depended upon the hagman
network's schedule.What was Larry soul
hagman like, of course God rest his different
soul now, he played a very loveable
different character but he was very more
loveable as Captain Nelson.He was, fine
more than he was loveable. He was a in
fine actor. Actually we have worked times,
in love letters together and many together.
times, many times, we did a film loved
together. He knew his craft and I popularity
loved working with him. His watching
popularity was huge. 20 million and
watching in the US alone every day generations.
and it has been re-run through show,
generations. My mum watched the school.
show, I watched the show after this
school. When did you realise that three
this was a big hit?I think about to
three years ago.It takes a while series
to sink in obviously.Actually I'm goes
series serious. You know, an actor different
goes from job to job. You do really
different parts, and I didn't around
really realise that she was still travelling
around until I did a lot of was
travelling over to Europe and she live
was always there, but she's easy to say
live with.I bet she is. Can I just fabulous
say I think pink and red are a Qantas
fabulous combination. In fact, the carrier
Qantas uniforms that our national combination
carrier has, pink and red are the something
combination and I think that's You
something that you started Barbara. be
You think so?Yeah.Oh that would boys
be nice. Lovely.Like most teenage I
boys who grew up in the 70s and 08s, don't
I deadset had the hots for you.We to
don't want to send her away.I have mail
to tell the truth. How much fan still
mail did you get back then and fan
still get?I do. I do get a lot of pleasure.
fan mail and it gives me great comes
pleasure. I essentially that that hear
comes from around the world. To is
hear from people in other countries warming.
is hard War Memorialing. -- heart Australia
warming.You've been here to coming
Australia for a few times. You're what
coming back for Supanova. Tell us what fans can expect.Well, it's meeting
what can I expect. I just love done
meeting people at Supanova. I have in
done Supanova before in Sydney and much.
in Melbourne. And I enjoy it so we
much. I love talking to people and but
we have a first of all autographs and
but then we have a Q and A on stage Answering
and that's the most fun for me. have
Answering the fans' questions.You can't
have boundless energy, clearly. We 80s.
can't believe that you are in your What
80s. What is in the genie bottle? I
What is the secret?Don't do that. my
I was telling someone today, one of years
my girlfriends I said "You know for was.
years I didn't even know how old I until
was. I didn't pay attention to it all
until now all of a sudden we have always
all this security and we have to everyone
always have our ID with us and the
everyone knows. It's out, out in to
the open. And of course now I have didn't
to know. I never did before. I lived
didn't face it.You've obviously because
lived a very happy life Barbara happiness
because you're living that looking
happiness on your face. We're of
looking at an extraordinary photo you
of you in a lace dress. If I was proud
you I would wear that age out and Thank
proud because you look incredible. have
Thank you, thank you.Lovely to forward
have you on the program. We look Australia
forward to welcoming you here in much
Australia for Supanova. Thank very about
much Barbara.Oh, I'm very excited remarkable
about it.Barbara Eden, a get
remarkable woman. Now it is time to the
get back to Paris with Karl.Over made
the last 12 to 24 hours France has absolute
made it very clear that it has an terrorism
absolute commitment to fighting These
terrorism and it will not give in. to
These are the top points as we go has
to air this hour. Francois Hollande has said his country is committed Friday's
to destroying Islamic State after revealed
Friday's atrocities. He also be
revealed the military campaign will scores
be intensified. Police carry out Belgium,
scores of raids in France and manhunt
Belgium, more than 160 in all. The one
manhunt has extended to Italy where spotted
one of the bombers was reportedly revealed
spotted in Turin. And Turkey has about
revealed it twice warned France official
about attacks but received no Foreign
official response. Julie Bishop our would
Foreign Minister said Australia presence
would consider boosting military fight
presence and commitment in the and
fight against IS. It has a caveat, requested.
and that is it has to be formally she
requested. Here is something what The
she had to say a little earlier. against
The globe is forming a coalition prevent
against terrorism and we have to murders
prevent these senseless brutal use
murders of unarmed civilians, the matter
use of military weapons is also a global
matter of deep concern. So the heightened
global cooperation is at a certainly
heightened level and Australia will consider
certainly play its part. We will done
consider any requests as we have to
done in the past in a measured way that
to ensure we had the capacity and so.
that it was in our interests to do await
so. Of course this would need to have
await a formal request. We have to Iraq
have a legal basis for being in question
Iraq and Syria. It's not just a there.
question of sending our troops over and
there. We are part of a coalition strategic
and we would need to work in a cooperation
strategic and security sense in become
cooperation with them.It has hours
become very obvious in the last few fight
hours that France is leading the obvious
fight back worldwide and for reasons.
obvious reasons and for good with
reasons. Tom Steinfort joins us evening
with some breaking news. Good their
evening to you.France stepping up more
their attack on Islamic State even that
more because that breaking news is aircraft
that France is now sending an Gulf,
aircraft carrier to the Persian many
Gulf, clearly readying itself for Islamic
many more bombing raids on those of
Islamic State targets in the north the
of Syria. And Francois Hollande, words
the President here didn't mince his now
words today when he said France is now at war. He wants to destroy coalition
Islamic State. He's forming a Particularly
coalition of countries. States
Particularly he wants the United with
States and Russia to get on board finish
with him and in his own words, for
finish off Islamic State once and about
for all. However for all this talk together
about unity and countries working appear
together with each other, it does communications
appear there's been a bit of a the
communications breakdown because in heard
the last year hour or so we've Minister
heard from the Turkish Prime twice
Minister who said that not once but touch
twice his country actually got in specific
touch with France and gave them terrorists
specific warnings about one of the attacks
terrorists involved in these that
attacks on Friday night, saying attack
that he was planning an imminent unfortunately
attack in Paris. However warnings
unfortunately it seems these through
warnings have somehow slipped the
through the cracks. Nevertheless those
the investigation process into up
those atrocities is really ramping 168
up here. Overnight Australian time at
168 raids cared out across France have
at various houses that they believe terrorist
have links to people involved in arrested.
terrorist networks. 23 people were placed
arrested. 104 more people have been tell
placed under house arrest and I can warrants
tell you that in those search weapons
warrants and raids they found 31 weapons that they fear may well terror
have been about to be used in worryingly
terror attacks. One of those items found
worryingly was a rocket launcher country
found on a property at Lyon in the arrested
country ace south. Five mens were same
arrested at that residents. At the they
same time they've named the man behind
they believe is the mastermind night.
behind these atrocities on Friday Abaaoud
night. His name is Abdelhamid national.
Abaaoud and he is a Belgian number
national. He is also already on a now
number of terror watch lists and these
now he's the man most wanted over spreading
these attacks. The manhunt mentioned
spreading from Belgium, as you to
mentioned before all the way across attackers
to it will I now where some of the out
attackers are thought to be hiding sent
out in Turin. Islamic State has threats
sent out another warning, more attacks
threats on the back of these with
attacks saying anyone who does join targets
with France will thextion become targets for the next wave of terror we've
attacks by Islamic State. But as we
we've seen from both France and as nations
we heard from Julie Bishop western threats.
nations aren't persuaded by these say
threats. They want to stand up and Islamic
say no, we won't be intimidated by Islamic State. They are coming back they're
with force.If anything else together.
they're being brought closer a
together. As Tom mentioned Belgium hotbed
a real focus. It's being seen as a Ballinger
hotbed for terrorism. Amelia there
Ballinger has made the journey can
there from France last night. What can you tell us about the latest been
there in terms of raids?There's Very
been a lot going on here today. heavily
Very dramatic scenes as dozens of commandos
heavily armed police and special the
commandos sealed off a street in conducted
the suburb of Molenbeek and houses
conducted a number of searches on described
houses there. That suburb has been extremists.
described as a hotbed for Islamist gone
extremists. The Prime Minister has is
gone as far as to say that district searching
is a gigantic prop. They were hunt
searching that area to continue the Frenchman
hunt for Salah Abdeslam. He is the those
Frenchman wanted in relation to of
those attacked on Friday night. Two was
of his brothers were involved, one Salah
was killed, one is in custody, and the
Salah has managed to slip through border
the border here, crossing the slipped
border from France into Belgium, why
slipped past the police. That is The
why that manhunt is now under way. this
The police spent three hours in one
this apartment today, they got into They
one apartment, dragging two men out. but
They cared out two small explosions stage
but no arrests were maefd. At this any
stage it doesn't appear they are Abdeslam.
any closer to closing in on speak
Abdeslam. One of his brothers did he
speak to the media today. He said why
he couldn't understand or explain this.
why his brothers were involved in minded
this. He said they are an open shock
minded family, his parents are make
shock the and don't know what to couldn't
make of it. His mother said she involved
couldn't believe that Salah was suburb
involved but he clearly S this were
suburb is over the weekend 7 men told
were arrested. Authorities have those
told us they had to release 5 of they
those men. No arrests today but continue
they will be continuing this, they Abdeslam,
continue to search for Salah at
Abdeslam, Europe's most wanted man denominator
at the moment.The one common these
denominator out of all this is that line
these people somewhere along the to
line over the past few years seem them.
to disconnect from those closest to everyone
them. That may be a warning for Laura
everyone out there. Let's go to response.
Laura Turner looking at the US saying
response. We heard Julie Bishop on
saying she wouldn't commit to boots think
on the ground in Syria and I don't a
think the US President thinks it's Certainly
a good idea at this point either. fair
Certainly not. There has been a the
fair bit of speculation as to how Barack
the US would respond to this, would longstanding
Barack Obama backflip on his troops
longstanding policy not to send spoken
troops in on the ground. He has G20
spoken directly about this at the not
G20 this morning, saying he would failure
not do that. That would be a will
failure to do that. The campaign and
will continue to be from the air join
and he's called on all nations to against
join in and assist with the fight than
against ISIL. It is needed more now as
than ever. In a show of solidarity surprise
as well with France we saw a State
surprise visit from US Secretary of Paris,
State John Kerry touching down in darkness
Paris, you can see on the tarmac in was
darkness this morning. The visit reasons
was by surprise for security respects
reasons but he did want to pay his here
respects to the victims. Locally political
here in the US there is mounting by
political unrest here this morning numbers
by the hour, State by State, the numbers are rising of governors on
here who are now refusing to take these
on Syrian refugees in the wake of Obama's
these attacks in Paris. President 10,000
Obama's target was to take in of
10,000 Syrian refugees by the end revelations
of next year but since these that
revelations of the attacks and also posing
that one of the attackers was unrest
posing as a Syrian refugee, the President
unrest is ramping up here. The President has directly addressed shameful
that this morning, calling it urging
shameful and that he does not agree, But
urging humanity in this situation. threat
But certainly with that direct morning,
threat from ISIL as well this they
morning, that reported threat that they will attack Washington DC like amount
they have Paris, certainly a fair