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(generated from captions) might be seeing an escalation in Syria and Iraq. I think it seems like France is determined to do more. It's not entirely clear what more can be done. Because of course, militarily speaking, the Americans could flatten the entire territory of the Islamic State tomorrow. But that wouldn't give you an answer to the question: what is going to happen on the day after? And the question must Islamic State
be: how can we defeat the Islamic State in its core territory in a way that is sustainable and that prevents the return of that group, which in fact , we already believed we had defeated in 2010? That in my mind is the important question, that the French and the Americans currently don't have an answer to. By the way, in its core territory in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State is under a lot of pressure with the current strategy. A lot of territories that were gained by the Islamic State last year, the Islamic State is now losing. Ramadi, for example. That was celebrated earlier this year as a big gain and now it's being This program is not captioned. you live to the sar bon where thousands more
President Francois Hollande and thousands more are gathered to observe a minute's silence as France continues to mourn the victims of Friday's horror attacks - Sorbonne.

(Minute's silence).

(Crowd sings French national anthem).

anthem). That tribute to the 129 victims ends for now. The President Francois Hollande with thousands others coming out strongly on to the streets of Paris. That earlier vowsness in the early days and hours after the attacks on Friday night have certainly abated and people are out in their thousands today with their flora tributes but also in defiance of these terror city.
attacks that have gripped the city. Let's bring you up to date with today's latest developments. Now, a French official says the suspected mastermind of the attacks has Salah Abdeslam.
been identified as Belgian Salah Abdeslam. The break through follows several counter terrorism raids right across the country which are believed to have led to the seizure of an Arsenal of weapons, raids continue as we go to air tonight. A huge manhunt is continuing for another key suspect, Belgian born Salah Manuel Valls
Abdeslam of the French PM Manuel Valls says the attacks were organised from Syria. He warned there is a danger of more attacks in Europe in the coming days. France swiftly ready localated conducting air strikes in Syria with ten fighter jets dropping 20 bombs on the Islamic State held city of Raqqa. Let's go to our Europe correspondent Lisa Millar who joins us live now from Paris. Lisa, good to talk to you tonight. We are seeing reports after really almost scores of raids, 168, we understand so far, that a new mastermind might have been identified. We have got even more breaking news than that, because just in the last minute there is a suggestion that one of those raids in Belgium has got the eighth attacker. Reuters is reporting that Belgium police have arrested suspect Salah Abdeslam. So we don't have confirmation of that, that is coming from Reuters. There have been raids going on across France and Belgium. We have got our reporter Barbara Miller there in Belgium. She might be able to tell us if the particular raid is where she is currently at. They began before dawn. Varying numbers on just how many houses were raided by police. No surprise, two days after the attacks on Friday night that the French are taking such severe action to get to the bottom of what went on. The deaths of all those people, the moment's silence that you just spoke about, the raids have apparently detained 24 people and worryingly, Beverly, they also found lots of weapons, including a rocket launcher, at a home near Lyon, with other weapons as well. We don't know how many of these people might have been connected with what went on Friday night, the state of emergency that had been put in place enabled the Government, gave the Government the powers to carry out these raids, so they were targeting the homes of extreme ists or known people who had become radicalised. Some of them, they suspect, may have been involved with Friday night and certainly if they have managed to find the eighth attacker, this is a very big development. Absolutely, because he'd been really, I guess they'd been searching for him for several days now, several hours. Lisa, we know, too, the Prime Minister said there could be more attacks. I guess what they have discovered so far would suggest that that was a very strong possibility. Yes. It was worrying words from the French Prime Minister this morning, Manuel Valls, when he was announcing that these raids had taken place. He said police had been aware that something was brewing and that they knew that plans were in place for other attacks, not suggesting that they'd been able to stop those other attacks, but that is why, of course, these raids will have taken place. You can here the singing behind me here of this large crowd, Beverly. This is the gathering here, they are laying candles and flowers and they had the moment's silence here and they have just started to sing and clap. It is very moving. There is a sense that the mood is changing as the days go on. The very first day we got here, Beverly, it was a case of people being utterly shocked. Yesterday they were coming out saying they wanted to be back out on the streets, and today, a bit more emotion, probably, from the people, just a sense that they are not going to be beaten by this. Back on those raids, yes, 23 or 24 that have been detained. The Prime Minister this morning announcing that there might have been other planned attacks. He did say, though, in defence of the work that had been done that five attacks had been prevented over the European summer. So he did say that there had been work done, but of course big questions that are being raised about how this one managed to occur, so well organised and executed and what it meant about what the intelligence services were doing since Charlie Hebdo and how this managed to get through. Lisa, you talk about that, I guess, sense of greater defiance. We know, of course, that the President has been very firm in the retaliation that they will bring in terms of those air raids that we have seen. What is the discussion on the streets as to how they go about, how they start countering these kind of

of things beyond a few weeks. Lisa, really good to talk, thanks so much for joining us tonight live from Paris. Let's now go to Barbara Miller who is also our Europe correspond dent. She joins us now live from Brussels. Barbara, you may have more news on these developments Lisa was telling us about, about the potential arrest of this main suspect, Salah Abdeslam. Well, Beverly, I'm just in a street in Molenbeek, the district where there have been a number of raids and action in recent days, it's blocked off here, heavy police presence, and we are seeing those reports that it's possible that Salah Abdeslam has been arrested. There has been no official confirmation of that, but some Belgium media outlets are now reporting that, and of course official confirmation that that's what's happened here, at this apartment where there has been some busy police action over the past while. We know that police were looking for this man, he's thought to be the eighth person directly involved in the Paris attacks, and in fact his brother was arrested here in Brussels just a couple of days ago. The third brother, one of the people who died in those attacks, the suicide attackers. Barbara, tell us a little bit about Molenbeek. It's been the focus for French and Belgian officials - Belgian officials. It is well known as a district in Brussels for its radical elements?That's right. It's the district with fairly high unemployment rate, a fairly high immigrant population, there's a sense that many people here are not assimilated into Belgian society. As one person put it to me, there are always raids in Molenbeek. We saw raids here following the Charlie Hebdo killings, might
suggestions the people there might have been connected in some ways. The person who was thought to have been about to attack a train recently was thwarted by some American servicemen came from here. There have been connections here with radicalisation in of course,
Afghanistan, for example. And, of course, over the past few days since these attacks in Paris, we have seen the police here in this district before. So there is a problem here, Belgian authorities, the Belgian Government acknowledging that now, openly, that there is a problem in Molenbeek, but, of course, as you would expect, many ordinary people live here, too, and many of them have come out now standing at the police blockade where I am, just watching on, really, to see yet another raid, yet another dramatic moment in their Districts unfolding.We have got pictures, live pictures, of exactly the scene where you are at and it certainly looks quite tense. Do you expect that more raids are continuing and will continue during the course of the day in this district in?It depends on whether we get confirmation that Salah Abdeslam has been arrested. If Belgian authorities have got their man, then that would - you would think their operation of course
is more or less over here, but of course once they get their man, they may get information on possible accomplices who we may see further action here - in the next few days. It's not clear, but certainly something very dramatic is going on here, and there were some reports that possibly a bomb disposal unit was down the street. I

Vladimir Putin to concentrate's Russia's bombing in Syria on IS not on western-backed rebel groups. It's become even more clear that our safety and security depends on degrading and ultimately destroying ISIL, whether it's in Iraq or Syria.But all know that the main battle against IS will be waged on the ground. We don't have ground forces there in sufficient numbers to simply march into Raqqa and Syria and clean the whole place out. In Sinjar, the Iraqi town reclaimed from IS on the weekend, more evidence is emerging of the extremists' brutality. Officials say two mass graves have been discovered - one held the bodies of almost 80 elderly women, all members of the Yazidi religious minority. They forced them to convert to the Islam and they refused that, so they shot them. And the young girls, they took for sex slavery.The west's local allies on the ground currently lack the ability or the will to take on IS strongholds like Raqqa. They can't end the tyranny, or the terror sent abroad. Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama have sought common ground on Syria as the attacks in Paris weighed on leaders meeting at the G20. The two held sideline talks at the meeting in Turkey where leaders tried to draw up a unified response to Islamic State. Greg Jennett reports from the G20 Summit at Antalya, in Turkey. Malcolm Turnbull is left of centre, and in between great powers, who are outwardly friendly, and inwardly resolute. They stood encircled and in silence to honour the victims of Paris, to consider in shock Islamic State's destructive awe. The sdies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in Paris just a day and a half ago. Our response needs to be robust, but always within the rule of law. Otherwise we will only fan the fire we are trying to put out. Malcolm Turnbull expects the summit to say something stern about Islamic State
Syria, acts of terror and Islamic State for its bombings in Turkey, in the air over Sinai and on that deadly Friday