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Wallabies beat Argentina 29 to 15, setting up final showdown against All Blacks -

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MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The Wallabies will go into the final of the 2015 Rugby World Cup after this morning's 29-15 win over Argentina.

The victory will see Australia play in its fourth World Cup final and its first since 2003.

They'll have their work cut out for them though with world number one rated New Zealand set to meet them in the final.

The All Blacks will be aiming for their second straight World Cup title.

For more our Europe correspondent Mary Gearin has been at Twickenham following the action.

Mary, the Wallabies got to a strong start right from the outset today and kept it up.

MARY GEARIN: That's right. It was in fact the most stunning start of the tournament, the quickest try of the tournament so far.

Rob Simmons' beautiful intercept just a minute and a bit in and the look on his face as he grabbed that ball and went over for that try was just priceless. I encourage anyone to have a look at the slow-mo of that.

And you would have thought from there it would be pretty easy but in fact the Australian defence was held right on its toes right to the end of the match, even though when you look at that score line it is four tries to nil.

The Argentinean defence - the Argentinean attack should I say and its strength in the line outs and scrums and break downs really had the Wallabies searching.

But it was a good night obviously overall with that win and the trip into the final for the Wallabies.

Let's have a little listen to the highlights of those four tries.

RUGBY COMMENTATOR: What about Rob Simmons! Top it goes and Adam Ashley-Cooper for the line and Adam Ashley-Cooper try! Try!

One over the top running onto it now as Adam Ashley-Cooper and he… Still going! Drew Mitchell, Mitchell, they needed to sit up, it does, it does, and Adam Ashley-Cooper has got a hat trick.

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: That's some highlights there from the game.

And Mary there are a number of injured players from last week who are back on the park today, Israel Folau and David Pocock in particular, although I understand there is some question about whether Folau might have injured his ankle again?

MARY GEARIN: Well that's right as he came off, and I saw him, he was clearly upset it seemed about coming off. He was kicking water bottles around and was shaking his head. Maybe he thought he should have been coming through and playing again.

But no, he was replaced and so there will be questions about whether he will be able to go into the final, whether or not he was playing at full strength.

Likewise David Pocock, the game changer for Wallabies in so many of the matches, he had another blinder as well today with some crucial turnovers. But there will be questions asked about him as well, whether he was playing with any lingering worries, whether he will be totally fit for the final.

Matt Giteau came off, whether his rib injury is still lurking.

There's Scott Fardy as well, the forward who got some tremendous hits.

Michael Cheika will be looking into that and seeing whether or not the Australian squad is going to be at that starting line up that he has always preferred. He's always said though that his second 15 is quite strong.

And when I was talking to Wallabies fans tonight they certainly were very upbeat about their chances next week.

WALLABIES FAN: Sensational all the way. Hey? All the way! Go you good things!

MARY GEARIN: Do you reckon they can beat the All Blacks?

WALLABIES FAN: Too easy. Just bring them on the Blacks, bring them on!

MARY GEARIN: That's big talk but Argentina took it up to the Wallabies tonight, didn't they?

WALLABIES FAN: They did. Extremely well. But, you know, we stuck at our job and we kept our heads cool and we kept it going.

MARY GEARIN: So here we are, we've got an All Blacks fan with some Wallabies fans. Now talk me through what the match will be like next week.

WALLABIES FAN: I think it will be one-sided, I'll be happy, they won't be.

ALL BLACKS FAN: No, I disagree, I think we will win, I'm very positive.

FAN: It will be a very fair contest I think.

ALL BLACKS FAN: Good comment, good comment. Give the Wallabies a win, they get very over-confident.

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Wallabies fans there after the game.

And Mary so of course this means now that the Wallabies will go up against the All Blacks next weekend. That's going to be a big match, isn't it?

MARY GEARIN: It is. The first time New Zealand and Australia have met each other in the final and of course as we know after the Bledisloe Cup with even on us as it were this year, it's already being described as the Bledisloe Cup decider, I think that really tells you obviously these are two of the great rivals of the Rugby world.

Having said that, obviously you'd have to think that Australia goes in as underdogs but this Wallabies team has confounded many of the past few months, let alone past few weeks, and so it's really shaping up to be a huge one.

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Europe correspondent Mary Gearin talking to me there from Twickenham.