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(generated from captions) return to court in November via video link.The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has questioned the Government's preoccupation with industrial relations reform. Speaking at the SA Labor Party convention in Adelaide, Mr Shorten said he's happy to talk IR changes with the Government.Well, I noticed in the 'Australian' today that Malcolm Turnbull's setting an IR test for me and Labor. Today at SA Labor conference I think I answered him about an IR test. I set this IR test for Malcolm Turnbull. Stop obsessing about trade unions and have a look at what's in the best interest of workers and cooperative environments. So my test is what are you going to do to reduce the serious injury and fatality rates in Australia's workplaces, in particular, what are you going to do to address the scourge of asbestosis and mesothelioma which is going to kill more people in Australia than Australians died in World War I. I want to know what Malcolm Turnbull's going to do about equal pay for early childhood educators in early childhood education which is such an important industry, educating our future generation. I want to know where Malcolm Turnbull stands on sham contracting. I want to see where he stands in terms of making sure that the 800,000 plus temporary work right holders in Australia, visa holders from overseas, that they're not getting ripped off. I want to know where he stands on the fact that there's over 800,000 or around 800,000 people unemployed, there's 1.3 million Australians regularly recorded to be UN under employed and another IR test I have for him why do the right-wing of your Liberal Party talk about lowering penalty rates. What will you do to make sure penalty rates can't be ripped off people? I think industrial relations f Mr Turnbull wants to have a debate, we're happy to have a debate about a strong safety net, win, win slaitions, good health safety and promotions of Australian jobs for Australians.At least 43 people have been killed in a head-on collision between a bus and