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(generated from captions) But war had ultimately
united France.

And she had reclaimed her place
as the superpower of Europe.

England had been left
counting the cost.

The Crown was virtually bankrupt.

There was widespread dissent
among the people and the nobility.

But they now shared
the same language

and a culture that was
distinctly English.

The seeds had been sown
for the country we recognise today.

And without French lands,

England was now part
of an island nation,

something that would shape
our outlook for centuries to come.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight -
The strongest hurricane on record

makes landfall in western Mexico. For anyone on the coast, it's
extremely, extremely dangerous. France in mourning after its
worst road disaster in decades. And Australia's newly resettled
migrants show their passion

for business. I don't think it matters where
the refugees are. They've got the passion,
they've got the desire.

Hurricane Patricia,
the strongest ever recorded, has hit Mexico, lashing the West
Coast with winds of over 250kmp/h. The category-five storm made
landfall 85 kilometres

from the port city of Manzanillo.

Thousands were evacuated in
and around the resort town

of Puerto Vallarta. Major damage appears to have been
avoided and the storm has since weakened, but Mexican President,
Pena Nieto, warns the danger

of Hurricane Patricia is not over. Pacific paradise one moment,
and Hurricane Patricia roaring

onshore the next. A category-five storm
packing awesome power. Tracked from space, the eye
of the storm is 10km wide, with

authorities predicting the worst. At the moment,
it has been recognised by various specialists as the most powerful
tropical cyclone ever recorded

in history around the world. The city of Manzanillo rain-swept,
residents rushing to get home,

while others rushed to prepare. Streets were deserted
in anticipation. For anyone on the coast it's
extremely, extremely dangerous. Anyone who can get away
from the shore who, anyone who lives very close to
the beach should get basically

as far away from that as possible. The tourist resort of
Puerto Vallarta transformed.

Tourists and locals bused out. Nearby university classrooms
pressed into service to

accommodate evacuees. We are implementing
our contingency plans.

We are opening various shelters. Some were already open
but we had to close them because there were risks due to their
proximity to rivers and flooding.

and locals sheltered together.

We're set up. We have our water,
we have our food. We're going to be in meditation
and sending prayers for the area. We're going to play some cards
and make some popcorn. Then it struck with
history-making power. At 265kmp/h, the strongest
storm recorded in the Americas.

Driving rain, trees falling, but
within hours the storm downgraded. Some tourists already allowed
to return to their hotels.

I had an incredible week
and I had that experience. Of course, I didn't expect this
on the last day. For Mexicans though,
the storm not over. It is flooding that is now
threatening inland areas. And CNN correspondent
Martin Savidge is in

Puerto Vallarta tonight. He says the area has largely
avoided catastrophic damage, but the storm's full impact is not
yet known.

Rain continues to fall on Puerto Vallarta. It has been doing that for a oing that for a number of hours, but what they didn't get was what they feared - the full impact of the hurricane. We didn't see any kind of storm surge which could have been catastrophic in a city that is home to so many high-rise hotels built along the oceanfront. They said there were about 50,000 tourists evacuated. Many of them were sent to other major cities or they were bussed out to other locations. Those that couldn't wear sheltered in many of these hotels. The accommodation isn't quite so nice Webeck part, but at least they were in ut at least they were in solid structures and protect that. That is the safest way to handle things. Lights on, communication is still open. We have mostly good news. On the flipside, the storm did go somewhere. It has done extensive damage to the south by about 135 miles, or about 250km. There seems to be structures that were knocked over. I'm talking about significant structures made of brick and cement. Daylight will eventually revealed the damage. CNN's Martin Savidge
reporting there. A church service has been held
for the 43 people who died in a

bus crash in southwestern France. It's the country's worst
road accident in decades. French President Francois Hollande
has vowed to find answers. Through the trees off one
of Bordeaux's country roads,

a glimpse of horror. A bus full of pensioners
on an early morning outing reduced to this
after colliding with a wood truck. The petrol tanks of both
vehicles bursting into flames. 60 firefighters were called to what
the government described

as a gigantic blaze. The French President vowed to
find out what went wrong.

Only a handful of people escaped
before fire engulfed the bus. Most of the passengers
were trapped inside. In the immediate aftermath there
was confusion

as relatives waited for news. I think my father-in-law survived,
but I don't know where he is now. Apparently I've lost all
the rest of my family. Most of the victims were from the
tiny village of Le Petit Palais. News of the tragedy shaking
the close knit community.

43 candles representing lives
lost in France's latest tragedy.

Brianna Roberts, SBS WN.

Racism was the motivating factor
in the fatal sword attack on

a teacher and a pupil in Sweden. Police say the perpetrator targeted
victims according to their skin colour, While
a note left in his apartment said he had planned the attack and that
it would likely be his final act. Tributes for the victims
of a hate crime. The suspect, 21-year-old Anton
Lundin Pettersson, had recently signed up to an anti-immigration
campaign, but he had no criminal record or formal affiliation
with right wing groups. We can also say that he
selected his victims.

Those who had darker skin
were subjected to the attack. People with fair skin weren't
attacked. Police would not confirm
if he spoke with them after being shot and before he died
in hospital several hours later. A letter found in his apartment
said he did not expect to

survive his planned massacre. He has planned the act
and he has also planned it out

of a hate perspective. His first victim was 20-year-old
teaching assistant Lavin Eskandar. He then killed 15-year-old
Ahmed Assan. Two witnesses, Mohammed and Laith,
were in their classroom when

Pettersson knocked on the door. Wearing what appeared be a
Star Wars mask, seen here posing with students
before the attack, they let him in,

thinking it was a Halloween prank. Without warning he lashed out
at their friend Ahmed.

We all still thought it was
a joke - Halloween and all - but then he lifted his shirt and half
his intestines were hanging out.

That's when it became serious. We all panicked. We all started screaming,
we lost control. Friday prayers at
Trollhattan Mosque. Worshippers said they feared
something like this would happen,

citing a string of racist attacks. The fact that this is a hate crime
sends very dangerous signals to

the minorities of Sweden. This is part of a larger attack
on minorities. There have been attacks
on asylum centres, Romani camps,

mosques and now this. Pettersson's two other victims, a
15-year-old boy and a 41-year-old maths teacher, remain in hospital
fighting for their lives.

Heavy rain has flooded the Greek
island of Hydra. Torrents of water gushed through
the streets to the waterfront,

damaging houses and shops. A state of emergency has
been declared on the island.

No casualties have been reported. Heavy showers have been affecting
widespread areas of Greece. Voters in Haiti go to the polls
tomorrow, with ballot papers crammed with 54 candidates seeking
to become the next president

of the impoverished nation. The vote is being held in a climate
of insecurity and a shrinking

United Nations peacekeeping force. Kosovo's Parliament has been
suspended for a second time

in a week, as scuffles broke out. Members of the opposition released
tear gas canisters inside the chamber to protest
against the government's agreements

with Serbia and Montenegro. Water bottles were also hurled at
the Speaker and Cabinet ministers. Russia is pushing for Iran's
inclusion in future multilateral

talks to bring peace to Syria. Human rights groups say seven
hospitals have been hit, mostly in northern Syria,
since Russia began its bombing

campaign three weeks ago. Warplanes have struck
in rebel-held Idlib.

Run, the plane is coming back!

This aid worker runs inside
the hospital to find a dozen dead. The Syrian American Medical Society
says Russian jets engaged

in a so-called double tap. One strike, then another to
catch first responders. Backing that claim,
this man says after the first attack, the plane turned around
and shot twice at onlookers.

Russia denies its three-week
campaign has targeted civilians. Russia's
and America's top diplomats met in

Vienna, and this was question one. Foreign Minister Lavrov, is there
any truth to reports that Russia is looking at an 18-month timeline
for Assad to stay in power? We're not taking
questions right now. The talks involving other regional
diplomats failed to bridge differences over whether the Syrian
leader should stay or go. Washington remains publicly furious
over Russia's military stance. Targeting moderate fighters
doesn't hurt Daesh. It makes it easier
for Assad to continue brutalizing

the Syrian people. Mr Kerry has reportedly privately
told aides Russian involvement

could actually force change. Russia has now real interest in
getting this resolved politically or it's going to be sitting there,
it's going to be bombing forever. So, it's also forced the
United States, you've noticed,

to up its game in Syria. More weapons to the rebels. It revived the discussion
internally about whether to

establish a no-fly zone. Perhaps encouragingly, multilateral
efforts could resume next week. But Mr Kerry seemed lukewarm
on Russia's proposal that negotiations include Iran, which is
backing the Syrian army with aid, expertise, and funding for militia
including Hezbollah from Lebanon.

He did succeed in getting more
regional players on side. Russia
and Jordan agreed to coordinate

their air operations over Syria. Stay with us. Coming up after the break -
the property market faces its first test after the major
banks lifted interest rates.

What's in a name? Why some locations in New Zealand
could be wiped off the map. And later, South Africa scraps
university fee hikes,

as student anger boils over.

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Newly resettled migrants say
they're keen to help boost the economy, as Australia prepares
to take in large numbers

of refugees from Syria and Iraq. A new report shows migrants hold
significant potential to boost the small business sector,
if given the right assistance. For Mohamed Khatib,
energy is everything. He needed plenty of it to escape
war-torn Syria with his family and

resettle in Australia last year. An experienced practitioner,
Mohamed's specialty is Pranic Healing, which aims to heal the
body using a person's energy source

through meditation and yoga.

In just six months,
Mohamed's already established himself within the local Syrian
community and hopes to expand

the business further. He says he wants to contribute
to the Australian economy.

But Mohamed didn't do it all alone. A new program by
Settlement Services has connected migrants to volunteers to help them
set up their small business. It's aimed
at people who might lack the capital or knowledge of Australia
to get a business off the ground. We help them obviously
with connecting them with

financial managers. We help them with marketing,
with website, ABN number,

business cards. Professor Jock Collins has released
a report on the program, finding migrants have major
potential to contribute to the economy, particularly through
small business. And with 12,000 Syrians and Iraqis
soon to be resettled in Australia,

it comes at an important time. A lot of refugees
like migrants from previous decades turn to a small business as a place
to make their own with a lot

of hard work and determination. Business groups have welcomed
the findings, saying it's a reminder of the important economic
contributions refugees can make. The report's authors believe
those contributions can be made anywhere: whether it's in the
major cities or in rural areas. I don't think it matters where
the refugees are. They've got the passion,
they've got the desire. For Mohamed, he believes
a prosperous Australia means

a bright future for his children. Omar Dabbagh, SBS World News. The Australian property market has
faced its first test since all four major banks announced a hike
in their variable interest rates. An increasing number of
properties in the boom states are failing to sell, with uncertainty
over repayments expected to

reduce clearance rates further.

Australia's hottest property
market is feeling the chill. Obviously with the interest rates
now going up the interest

of the people have gone down. We have to be sure that
we can afford no matter

what changes they place. You've got to think of that. You can't just jump into it and,
"Yeah, I got

the property over everyone else." Then what happens when there are
changes in the interest rates? Sydney buyers are beginning to
get the upper hand as sellers

are left with sleepless nights. I think you'd expect probably
a few more registrations, but that's just reflective that there's
more on the market and buyers have got those options to not just have
to just buy the one property. Experts say Melbourne is currently
tracking the best

of all housing markets. Cities without the boom mentality
are also expected to feel the

squeeze from the banks' rate rise. Well, absolutely,
and this is the point of a one size fits all monetary policy
and bank interest rates settings.

They affect all housing markets. We've now seen
the big four banks move on their interest rates, and we've got
talk of the RBA moving potentially

downward on rate as well. So there's a bit
of a holding pattern. Buyers and people who are looking
at borrowing money aren't sure if it's going up, if it's staying
put or if it's going down. As the Reserve Bank deliberates
on its next move, China's Central Bank has announced
an unexpected interest rate cut. The decision is expected to further
invigorate Chinese buyer interest

in the property market here. That may be more attractive again
to those looking to send their assets off shore, particularly to
the favoured property markets

that Australian capital cities. Sydney and Melbourne are. The Australian market is
increasingly seen as a safe haven in the face
of stagnating Chinese growth.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has
staged a birthday media blitz, promising action on public
transport and industrial relations. He has given interviews to
eight different newspapers flagging government assistance
to help get the Melbourne metro

rail project off the ground. Mr Turnbull also says he's open to
talks with the ACTU over union reforms, but Opposition Leader Bill
Shorten says Mr Turnbull should be

focusing on the creation of jobs.

The Opposition Leader says he
should focus on creating jobs. Father and son fugitives, Gino and
Mark Stocco, have been disguising their vehicle as they continue to
evade capture in Victoria. Police believe they are swapping
its number-plates and could be making
their way to South Australia. The 58-year-old
and 35-year-old have been

on the run for eight years. The hunt escalated
when they shot at officers in

Wagga Wagga a week ago. A Victorian man has been arrested
in Cambodia seven years after he jumped bail in Queensland
on kidnapping and torture charges. Guido James Eglitis was arrested
following a complaint

of violence by a British man. If found guilty,
he is likely to be deported back to Australia to face kidnapping
and torture charges here. A group of elderly women
protesting against Australia's immigration policies says they're
prepared to take drastic action

to highlight their cause. Around 200 members
of the Grandmothers Against Detention group met for a strategy
meeting in Melbourne before

marching through city streets. The women backing several plans to
step up their protests,

including high-profile nudity. A surprise hit
at the box office that's being described as Australia's version
of Romeo and Juliet. The movie navigates cross cultural
relationship and, in doing so,

breaks down barriers. That story is coming up
a little later on SBS World News. Subtle acts
of racism within Australia's health industry are costing lives
according to some researchers. And there are growing calls to back
a new framework for doctors, nurses and health professionals who
treat Indigenous patients. Third year medical student
Sarah Cormann is looking forward to her future career,
motivated by a strong desire to

help her community. I'd go home, back to country, and
I'd see what was happening and how bad the health outcomes are, and I
thought, "I need to do that." But the young
Indigenous Australian's experiences in the classroom haven't always
been positive, particularly when it comes to peers
questioning her cultural heritage. It keeps chipping away at you
and you keep having to justify who you are, and you have to justify
why you're here. Flinders University researcher
Dennis McDermott says racial discrimination still exists in
many forms in the health system. He says a lack
of clear communication has in some cases lead to patients
checking themselves out of hospital early, and names patient
stereotyping as another example. If you make stereotypical
assumptions about that person and you get it wrong,
the outcomes can be fatal. Calls for greater discussion over
how to tackle racism in the

industry have widespread support. There's no doubt that this is
an incredibly high priority. But Dr Parnis says there's
an important distinction between stereotyping and making
value judgements about patients. If someone, for example,
comes from a prison, they are 40 times more likely to have Hep C
than someone in the community. Now that's not discrimination,
that's just medical fact. An increase in the number
of Indigenous doctors has helped

improve outcomes. With around 200 students expected
to graduate within the next few years, that number is
expected to keep rising. Dennis McDermott would
like to see a cultural safety framework introduced as a way
of creating institutional change. It's not a matter of waving
the big finger at people. It's about saying,
"What are the structural processes

that keep racism going?"

Three racially offensive
place names in New Zealand

could be soon changed. The public has three months to
decide whether to change the North Canterbury locations that have well
passed their use-by date.

This isolated and exposed land
nestled in the foothills of the Southern Alps is set
for a name change. The headland hill
and stream are all named with the n-word - a racial slur that could
see all three wiped off the map. These names would fall
into the category of names that are offensive,
in bad taste, and derogatory because of race, and it's pretty
rare that the board would deal with

a name change such as this. After a complaint was made, the New
Zealand Geographic Board decided to

put the vote to the public. People are either going to object
or support

the proposal to change the names. Either way,
we will consider all of them. But even before submissions open
reaction in Canterbury seems mixed.

I think it is offensive. I don't see it as offensive. It's just one of those words that
has been around a long time. I don't have
a major problem with them. On face value I can see
it's problematic but need

to understand the context. The new proposed names would be
Tawhai, and Kanuka Hills named after native trees, and Steelhead
Stream after a local trout species. South Island iwi, Ngai Tahu, says
it was informed of the proposal and plans to make a submission
of its own, and although it would like to see new names I would also
like to see them all in Maori. It's not the first time
the word's been controversial. US President Barack
Obama used it on radio. And even Sir Peter Jackson's hit
headlines over whether the dog's name in the war film Dam Busters
should be changed in his remake. And in this case, it's not clear
where the names came from. of these names and weren't able to
come up with anything.

Public consultation opens next week
and will run until the end of January before options are put
before government. South Africa's President has ruled
out fee increases for universities after nationwide
protests culminated in police firing stun grenades at students
outside government buildings. The issue of education funding has
ignited widespread frustration.

Police rushing through, trying to stop thousands of students breaking into the union building. The trouble is down to their anger over a proposed increase in university fees by up to 11.5%. Authorities used stun grenades and water cannon. Some tried the power of reason, tried the power of reason, but despite their best effort the protesters had reached the front door of Parliament and it was then that the leaders had to start to take them seriously. Student protests were pivotal in bringing down apartheid, and as a result they are feared by the powerful in by the powerful in South Africa. They are insistent they aren't seeking revolution this time. We not here to fight. We are asking Jacobs to amend policy. He has given sufficient opportunity. We need education. We just want answers. All we want is answers. The dissent has been building for almost two weeks. This week riot police near Parliament in Cape Town used tear gas and stun grenades on protesters. Disruption as well inside the chamber, as MPs claiming to be as MPs claiming to be sympathetic to the student's cause made their voice heard. But it was e heard. But it was the day the movement reached a peak, movement reached a peak, as Chaos reigned outside and inside igned outside and inside the union building. Zuma met with student leaders. He was expected to ders. He was expected to address the students but his the students but his security advisers told him it wasn't safe. Jacob Zuma eventually gave in. On the matter at hand we agree that there will be a 0% increase of university fees in 2016. This is 2016. This is the biggest student movement since the apartheid regime fell in the 1990s. Students, black and white, rich and poor, from all political backgrounds, united for the same cause, at this time helped by social media. With the gulf between the rich and poor all too obvious in South Africa, the latest unrest is aimed at offending at a de facto fending at a de facto apartheid within the education system. thin the education system.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has finished up his 4-day tour of Britain. President Xi and his wife viewed an exhibition of Manchester Airport's development. And the models of a Chinese investment business project. President Xi emphasised that trade cooperation between China and the UK is achieving fruitful results and there's plenty more opportunities for development between the two countries. Campaign staff behind presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton are heralding her n are heralding her make or break testimony on Capitol Hill as a game-changing success. The hour following her marathon grilling was her single most profitable hour for fundraising donations. Hillary Clinton is back on her feet.Hello, everybody!And confident after the strongest 10-day stretch of her campaign.I can't tell ya how great it feels to be here on this beautiful day out in the sunshine. A commanding debate performance, escaping a Joe Biden challenge, and emerging unscathed from a gruelling Benghazi hearing. Today - a victory lap in Virginia. Converting a controversy into a triumph.You want to talk about a fighter - how about those 11 hours of testimony today?Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe leading the cheers.This is why she needs to be our Commander-in-Chief.The Benghazi hearing had hung over Clinton's campaign like a cloud but she stood her ground and kept her cool during a session which would last 11 hours, knowing not everyone was on her side.I really don't care what you all care what you all say about me. It doesn't bother me a bit.Trey Gowdy conceding he learned nothing new.I don't think she's testified anything differently than what she's testified ly than what she's testified in the past. Clinton is trying to build on her momentum.A lot of things have been said about plea but quitter is not one of them -- me but quitter is not one er is not one of them.Tomorrow she goes to a bag annual Democrat event in -- big annual Democrat event in Iowa. That's where she got knocked down and Barack Obama's campaign kicked off. Most people in multicultural Australia have dated someone from a different cultural, religious or ethnic background. It's not an uncommon experience but it can be a minefield. A new Australian film takes a look at navigating cross-cultural relationships. Alex and Eve is multicultural Australia's comedy version of alia's comedy version of Romeo and Juliet.I'm going to get married.A Greek orthodox mum falls -- man falls in love with a Lebanese girl.Muslim and from good Muslim family.Their parents forbid them from marrying. What if she's Lebanese Muslim?Why, what's wrong with a Lebanese Muslim?They're terrorists.Osama Bin Laden.Saddam Hussein.Fidel Castro.He's Cuban.It will try to help eliminate try to help eliminate racial stereotypes. We see our similarities and what are we going to concentrate on? Will we focus on the differences or the similarities? What's more helpful?The movie explores racial misunderstandings.You bloody Lebanese with your Cronulla riots. The movie was filmed in Sydney's Western Suburbs. Australian's urban multiculturalism is not something we regularly see represented on screen.It's starting to happen now and we're starting to see representations of life other than the good old blond blue-eyed Anglo. Australia is bem canning more multicultural and everyone accepts each other more and it's growing and we're all integrating. I think we're seeing it. And so it's up to us to keep pushing to make sure we're represented on the screens. They're reflecting the diversity of Australia and the film's creators are hoping to open not just the minds of the community but to pave the way for more multicultural movies. And stay with us - on SPS World News -- World News -- SBS World News. Coming up after the break - she's back, after the biggest selling album of the 21st century, Adele releases a new single. And here comes the cavalry - great news for the Wallabies as the Rugby World Cup semifinals get under way.

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British singer Adele released her first new single in three years. The song sent fans into raptures on social media. ures on social media. The single, along with the video, soon had the singer's name trending worldwide on Twitter. SONG: # It's no secret that the both of us...The emotional lyrics, new misic but still the familiar sound of Adele. -- music but still the familiar c but still the familiar sound of Adele. Hello, the lead single from her first album in close to five years, a follow-up to 21, one of the biggest-selling albums of all time. The new song was released this morning as she gave a series of surprise radio interviews, along with a rviews, along with a few brief words to me. Adele, a lot of expectation after 21.Yeah. I thought my music will always follow 21. My fifth album will follow 21.Are you nervous about how fans will react to this one?Yes. Very nervous. I just want them to like it.Her album 21 was a phenomenon. The biggest-selling album of the 21st century. At least partly inspired by difficult relationship break-up, the record's success is widely accepted to dance with its emotional residence of millions of fans. Many are asking whether her new music will have the same power now she's happier in her life. She admits to feeling the pressure.I felt like this was never going to happen and I'd never finish the record and it was a long process. I wanted to give up a lot because I couldn't do it. I thought I'd run out of ideas and lost my ability to t my ability to write a song.She's kept a low media profile for the last few years. She will befirmly back in the public eye as the world waits to see if she can deliver another album like 21. The first World Indigenous Games officially opened in mes officially opened in Brazil. President Dilma Rousseff attended the opening ceremony. Some 2,000 athletes from Indigenous groups across the globe are competing in Palmas. A remote agricultural outpost in Central Brazil. Canoeing, archery and spear tossing are among the sports included in the Games. Spear tossing is not included in the next several minutes with Craig Foster, who is here for the sports. And a spot in the Rugby World Cup final is up up final is up for grabs tonight? Certainly is. Good evening to you. The All Blacks are expecting a brutal match against South Africa and a loss would end loss would end the international careers of two ers of two rugby greats. There's been good news on the injury front for the Wallabies and coach Michael Cheika has revealed he's been planning for a semifinal against Argentina all along. Back in the picture, David Pocock and Israel Folau are fit enough to take their place in the Wallabies's line' up. It's a World Cup semifinal. It's not like we're keeping anyone for next week.Michael Cheika is still demanding more consistency, particularly at set pieces. Argentina have only one victory against Australia in the seven matches sinsh they joined the -- since they joined the rugby championship.We're not surprised at their position here. I would say that we would have expected it. So we've been preparing.Physical team. Really good ball in hand and offloads and all those sort of things. Really excited about playing them. It's getting to be an 80-minute full-on match.Dan Carter and Richie McCaw are nearing the end of their incredible international careers. They'll finish with a World Cup final or a semifinal loss to the Springboks tonight.If we never get to do it again, I wouldn't mind making it one to remember.McCaw said it will be a brutal game, one New Zealand is primed for.The guys are in a pretty good space and understand the challenge that's coming.South Africa aren't expected to win but believe they can.The big thing about them is their attack is phenomenal. They back their execution, skill set. They put you under more pressure than any other team in the world. So the times we have beaten them obviously it starts with our defence.The Springboks have had a much tougher road to the semifinal. If nothing else they're battle hardened for the biggest match of the tournament so far. To football. The goalkeepers were left clutching at thin air in this afternoon's A-League match between Brisbane and Wellington. The ball was worked on to the left foot and placed it beautifully to get things under way for the Roar. Moss had no chance. The lead lasted around 10 minutes. A lengthy free kick gave McGlinchy a chance to show off his amazing dead ball skills. The scores were level just five minutes into the second half and Wellington hit the front. Krishna deadly with his opportunity. Brisbane's turn to fightback. Jade North making it 2-2, before Powell put the Phoenix ahead in the 78th minute. 3-2 the final result as the Roar were beaten for the first time this season. David Carney is crediting new coach Scott Miller for his good start to the season. Carney was the winner for n. Carney was the winner for the Jets. The singer with 48 Socceroos caps to his name says belief from his boss has been key.It's just basically having the coach to cally having the coach to believe in me. And me getting the right training to go out there fully prepared. That's what I've got at the minute.Kevin Muscat denies his side have a hoodoo playing e have a hoodoo playing in Newcastle despite last night's defeat being their eighth consecutive loss there. The contest for FIFA's presidency has a new entrant. Jerome champagne has held four different jobs at FIFA and he's thrown his hat in the ring. He said the organisation is on the verge of collapse and the World Cup needs protecting. He's the third person to officially nominate for the job. The deadline is Tuesday. Sergio Aguero, David Cameron and Xi Jinping - this selfie was a by-product of Chinese President Xi and Cameron's tour of Manchester City's 's tour of Manchester City's facilities. Xi is believed to be an avid Manchester United fan and the Red Devils take on Manchester City on Monday morning in what's being built up as a huge Manchester derby at Old Trafford. Adam Voges has slammed the pink ball which will be used in a test d in a test series for the first time this summer. It hasn't diminished the enthusiasm of Steve Smith who is looking forward to putting his stamp on o putting his stamp on the test team. Finally Steve Smith is about to have the opportunity to lead his new-look test side against New Zealand. The postponement of the tour of Bangladesh had put that on hold. Look, they're a very good side and have been playing very good cricket of late in all formats of the game. They'll be me. They'll be a big challenge for us this summer.The third test at the Adelaide Oval will be the first-ever day-night test match using a pink ball which will feature in the first round of the Sheffield Shield next week.I think it's really xt week.I think it's really exciting for cricket going forward. It brings a new audience to the game and really exciting. We'll see how it goes after next week.The pink ball was used in New Zealand's warm-up match against the PM's XI and reviews were far from glowing.It looked as though the lacquer had come off and turning green, basically. There were bits of pink left but there was probably but there was probably more green than pink by the end.Voges didn't struggle, scoring 55. The PM's XI crashed to a defeat. to a defeat. The Chris Waller-trained Winx has won this year's Cox Plate at Moonee Valley in record time. Ridden by Hugh Bowman, Winx sprinted clear in the straight to win the $3 million race from Criterion and Highland Reel.She's a Group 1 mare. She's a serious racehorse. She adapted to the awkward. From the 800 I was very confident.Winx becomes the first horse since Noholme in 1959 to win the double. n the double. A battle of attrition in the V8s as the Supercars hit the Gold Coast. e Gold Coast. In pit lane was where the biggest drama unfolded. Mark Winterbottom bumped into a competitor after being released by his team and nearly ricocheted into the Red Bull crew. Winterbottom paid heavily as his car needed lengthy suspension repairs. Shane van Gisbergen and Webb won the race for Holden and then continued to burn the rubber. In MotoGP, a Honda 1-2 at the front of the grid for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Pedrosa has finished first for the grid. Valentino Rossi is leading the championship and will start from third on the grid. Mick Fanning can watch round 2 of the Portugal stop of the World Surf League. Another world title contender wiped out. The Brazilian faces possible elimination in round 2 which would be a huge boost for Fanning. Josh Kerr showed he doesn't need big waves to entertain. Landing this conmove for a 9.7 from the -- this manoeuvre for a 9.7 from the judges. That's the day in sport. Thank you very much, Craig. The weather is coming up. Plus - bargain hunter's big day out. The annual garage sale trail turns trash

Star Wars villain Darth Vader has replaced a statue of Lenin in Odessa. Rather than tear down the statue of the communist revolutionary, the structure was refitted to resemble the lord. It was a colourful affair. Millions of dollars in assets have changed hands across the country but it's not the usual real estate frenzy we're talking about. It's the annual Garage Sale Trail, a celebration of a quintessential Australian community event that can transform trash into treasure. As the band played, and the sausages and onions sizzled, thousands of Australians answered the siren call of a e siren call of a potential bargain to be had. In homes, sheds and backyards across the country.I'm pretty keen on finding out how much these shorts cost because my boyfriend's been stealing my shorts for quite some time and I think it's about time we resolved the situation. More than 10,000 garage sales have taken place, with an estimated four million items of all shapes and sizes on display for keen buyers. This is our fifth garage sale. We're not looking for anything in particular. We in particular. We just think it's a bit of fun and a great way of looking for something available that's not going to go into landfill.Usually I'm in for plants and outdoor kind of stuff that people don't want anymore which you spend a fortune on brand new.170 councils representing more than half the Australian population have organised the event, which is now in its fifth year. A key theme of the day is fostering more recycling and sustainability in an inceshly disposable society. Items that could easily be destined for the hard rubbish collection - finding new and loving homes.I like the thought of recycling used goods, especially clothes because the clothing industry is an ethical nightmare.One man's trash is another man's treasure. It's a great day for people to come and buy.And a great opportunity for some good old-fashioned haggling. How much for the digeridoo?About $5.I'll take it. To the forecast - and a trough with a bed of thunderstorms is generating cloud over coastal Queensland. A weakening low-pressure system occupies the Bight, while high cloud lies over the west and south-west of Western Australia.

Hurrane Patricia has made landfall -- Hurricane Patricia has made landfall. Around 15,000 tourists were evacuated at one beach town where winds exceeded 260km/h. The system has now been downgraded to a category 2 tropical storm. France is in mourning, following the death of 43 people in the country's worst road accident in decades. President Francois Hollande has promised a thorough investigation. A candle lit vigil has been held to pay tribute to the two people killed in a racially motivated attack at a school in Sweden. Police say the perpetrator targeted victims according to their skin colour. And a new survey has connected migrants with volunteers, to help them realise entrepreneurial dreams. Business groups say it's a reminder of the important economic contributions refugees can make. And that's the world this Saturday. You can get all tonight's stories online and news around the clock at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Ericsson (c) SBS Australia 2015

Tall cliffs, small islands

and the unique mudflats
of the Wadden Sea National Park.

This is Germany's coastline.

Seals and cetaceans...

..seabirds and even stately stags

populate the 2,400 kilometres

of the North and Baltic Sea coasts.

On the North Sea coast,
the sky is big and the land fertile.

Over thousands of years,

the slow current has allowed silt
and sediment to build up,

forming intertidal mudflats.

In 2009, the whole area was declared
a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Harbour seals find the peace and
quiet they need on lonely sandbanks.

They seem to be flourishing -

the population is
growing from year to year.

At low tide, there's not much
to do for these expert swimmers.

The animals are enjoying
a well-earned rest

from the rigours of diving.