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Tonight, shot in the head gun mishap near Mount Druitt.
a young father survives a bizarre

caught in the path
Australian tourists ever recorded.
of the strongest hurricane The PM's birthday blitz - lays out his case for change.
Malcolm Turnbull Tale of two cities - holds steady in the east
the housing market but plummets in the west.

for the Wallabies
And a huge boost their World Cup semifinal.
ahead of

Good evening. with breaking news.
We begin tonight and a man is fighting for life
Two women have been killed on the NSW North Coast.
after a crash were involved in a collision
Two cars and a scooter near Nambucca Heads,
on the Pacific Highway south of Coffs Harbour. in both directions.
The road was closed delays in the area.
There are still major traffic

and is in a stable condition.
A fourth person was also injured

escaped life-threatening injuries
A young father has remarkably

in Sydney's west.
after being shot in the head was wounded at Willmot
The 19-year-old during a mishap with friends, and is now behind bars.
one of whom has been charged

Bloodied and bandaged, on a stretcher
Chris Parfitt lies motionless by a shotgun.
after being blasted in the face of a nine-month-old baby girl
The father

last night
was rushed to Westmead Hospital at Willmot.
after being wounded sitting up kind of thing,
He was lying on the ground,

"Tell my mum I love her,"
but he was saying, and, "Keep me talking,"
and, "I think I'm gonna die," and that kind of stuff.

and that kind of stuff. his mother was by his bedside,
Today, and partner Khatisha,
along with his father with what had happened.
all struggling to come to terms

And online, comforting messages:

now in a stable condition.
The 19-year-old remarkably the scene on Captain Cook Drive,
Chris' friends returned to of the apparent mishap.
still peppered with remnants

Never thought it would happen.
Shock. Great guy.

Moments before the shooting, Chris's family say at this park with his mates.
he was drinking here

down the street.
They then made their way

I think they grabbed a shirt parked on the side of the road
out of one of the cars that was on the side of his head.
and put it him through it.
But yeah, just trying to talk They were all in a panic.

it's a case of misadventure,
Detectives say at the scene shortly after.
arresting a 19-year-old man with reckless wounding
He was charged

at Mount Druitt Police Station tomorrow.
and is expected to face court

with murder
A man has been charged at Punchbowl five months ago.
over the shooting death of a man was today refused bail,
The 22-year-old from Lakemba airport yesterday afternoon.
after he was arrested at Sydney

dead in broad daylight in June.
22-year-old Hedi Ayoub was shot

three times over the legal limit
A young man allegedly more than

crash on the Northern Beaches.
has fled the scene of a fiery residents woke to a large bang
Just before 5:00am, the front of the Palm Beach RSL.
after a car slammed into

was arrested nearby,
An Avalon man accused of blowing 0.17. with high-range drink driving
The 25-year-old has been charged

and driving while suspended.

ever recorded
The strongest storm on Mexico,
is tonight bearing down with catastrophic winds
blasting the country

and torrential downpours. popular beach areas
Hurricane Patricia ripped through as she made landfall including Australians, to flee.
forcing thousands of tourists,

The onslaught of a monster - into Mexico
Hurricane Patricia crashes the Pacific.
after barrelling across

and millions are in hiding -
Beaches and streets are deserted, warned to evacuate or hunker down the south-western coast
as the storm roars along

with tourists.
in an area normally teeming made landfall,
By the time the hurricane it was early evening - fearing the worst,
those holed up inside,

of Patricia's deafening howl.
overwhelmed by the sound

it quickly strengthened -
Beginning as a smaller system, it caught forecasters off-guard.
so quickly, in fact, from a tropical storm
In 24 hours, it intensified to a Category 5 hurricane.

the eye of Patricia,
US engineers flew directly into measuring winds of about 325km/h. of a jumbo jet taking off.
That's the equivalent speed

millions along the coast
The Mexican government warned to be ready, and to evacuate. tourists have checked out,
Shops are boarded up, and moved to shelters.
while others have stayed

are in the hurricane zone,
A small number of Australians of Puerto Vallarta.
staying at the beach resort town

I have about four friends with me water
all huddling inside, plenty of All
water and food and stuff like that. food,
All the shops at the shoulder of people
food, the beaches and places where deserted
people would normally be are deserted as well.

From space, how frightening Patricia is.
you get a real sense of just

Hurricane Katrina -
It dwarfs 2005's devastating in American history.
the costliest natural disaster mudslides, flash floods,
Patricia is expected to bring up to 10m high.
and possibly waves feeling her effects,
In the US, Texas is already

in a wall of water -
cars and homes submerged it's only going to get worse.
and as the storm barrels north,

The streets are still deserted here because
tonight, and for good reason, because even though the monster

because even though the monster still
storm has been downgraded, it is wait
still a true monster, and now we extent
wait for daylight to see the full extent of the damage.

Australians who are in the area,
And if you're concerned about any

emergency line on 1300 555 135.
you can contact the DFAT

has celebrated his 61st birthday
Malcolm Turnbull

By outlining his plans for Minister
improving Australia. The Prime natural
Minister has declared he is a pushed
natural reformer, flagging the surplus
pushed to return the budget to infrastructure
surplus and assist States with infrastructure upgrades.

On the terrace of the

On the terrace of the Turnbulls' Minister
harbourside home, the Prime offering
Minister enjoys a birthday drink Lizzie
offering a quick wave while wife over
Lizzie and daughter Daisy watches over grandson Jack.

a birthday blitz -
In newspapers across the nation, his big picture,
our 29th Prime Minister outlined declaring he is:

playing a greater role
Raising the prospect of Canberra even lending money to the states,
in public transport and roads, Telling Fairfax:

must stack up.
The projects themselves of making investments
I'm not afraid and jobs.
which do promote economic growth On the budget, a timetable for a surplus,
Mr Turnbull isn't setting he wants a sovereign wealth fund
but when there is one,

Future Fund.
broader than Peter Costello's

In the last mining boom, winning the Lotto,
which was a bit like Australia enough money aside.
we didn't put

wealth fund in Australia.
We already have a sovereign It's called the Future Fund. bad opinion poll -
As Bill Shorten faced yet another of Labor voters would support
this one, showing 41%

a change in the Labor leadership. Labor conference
..telling the South Australian on industrial relations.
he is open to a debate It's very important

Tony Abbott in a better suit
that Malcolm Turnbull isn't just workplace relations.
when it comes to about trade unions.
Malcolm, stop obsessing to introduce new laws
Mr Turnbull is promising and power
to curb union corruption in time for the next election.

have been injured
A man and two children at Blacktown.
after their 4-wheel drive rolled a brick wall on Kildare Road
The Jeep slammed into Blacktown Police Station.
just outside for a short time
The three were trapped with minor injuries.
and then taken to hospital

questioned by detectives
A known paedophile has been over the double murder and her daughter Khandalyce.
of Karlie Pearce Stevenson

in the studio now.
Kate Creedon joins me about this man?
Kate, what do we know Georgie, it's understood in New South Wales.
this man is already behind bars for child sex offences,
He was previously jailed for other crimes.
but is currently serving time The man was imprisoned in 2013, leading police to believe

in the murders,
more than one person is involved

the remains of young Khandalyce
as the suitcase containing

the remains of young Khandalyce
as the suitcase containing earlier this year.
was dumped in South Australia after a crucial DNA breakthrough.
All of this came about

The heel prick test, babies born in the past 40 years,
conducted on all Australian helped confirm the bodies found Khandalyce Pearce Stevenson.
were indeed those of Karlie and underwent the standard test,
Both mother and daughter collected for genetic testing,
where several drops of blood are within days of birth.

could only be analysed
But the samples once police knew their names - to Crime Stoppers
a result of a number of calls remains were discovered
in the months after Khandalyce's

in July this year. some medical records,
We were able to locate and have them analysed,
obtain a blood sample

a positive match.
and that provided

was searchable,
But if the database of Karlie Pearce Stevenson
the remains have been identified
could potentially in Belanglo State Forest in 2010.
when they were first found Change is needed.

So that we can more readily

So that we can more readily burden
identify victims, address the not
burden of those people who just do time
not know, who lie awake at night the
time wondering what has happened to the loved ones.

Police from across the country on the theory
are currently working was murdered
Karlie Pearce Stevenson where her body was found. to her daughter -
What then happened at the same time or kept alive,
whether she was killed were discovered 1,200km away
and how her remains and five years later - remains a mystery.

most wanted men
Two of Australia's

could be back in New South Wales. the search area has been widened
Victoria Police has confirmed for Gino and Mark Stocco, the father and son fugitives modern-day bushrangers.
likened to

for two fugitives,
Another day in the hunt every hour.
the search zone widening Stocco to modern day bushrangers.
Police have likened Gino and Mark

still unknown,
With the pair's whereabouts to Wangaratta.
police shifted their command post of their vehicle -
Dozens of reported sightings

a white Toyota Landcruiser -

in Yea, St James, Benalla, and Mulwala.
as far north as Yarrawonga

the state.
Yes, it is possible they've left their knowledge of this area
We do believe, though, that

in this area.
is having them continue to stay

taken in Bairnsdale on Wednesday
These images of the pair were supermarket.
when they visited a local photographed
Their vehicle was also

fitted with Victorian plates. Landcruiser to ram a patrol car
Police say the Stoccos used the afternoon.
at St James on Thursday a raft of modifications -
It's now believed they've made new plates, decals and lights -

of the Landcruiser as they go.
altering the appearance They've used NSW numberplates, numberplates
they've used Victorian South Australian numberplates.
and we know they also have to stay vigilant,
Property owners have been warned the Stoccos on the move, the Warby Ranges.
possibly in dense bush within

sure the house is locked...
Locking our cars up, making

They've got to be caught. Police say it's likely main roads,
Mark and Gino Stocco are avoiding opting instead for back roads. on properties
They're also possibly trespassing

and supplies -
to stock up on fuel or laying low.
no strangers to the bush -

only a matter of time
Police say it's

before the Stoccos make a wrong on a couple of occasions -
Well, they have slipped up by police at St James -
certainly intercepted to tactics
and then they resorted

into the police car.
of reversing very quickly and unpredictable,
Armed, dangerous are no closer to being caught.
but, for now, the Stoccos

from Wangaratta in Victoria.
Andrew Nelson joins me now any confirmed sightings
Andrew, have there been of the Stoccos?

Good evening. Still no confirmed police
sightings as we go to air, and they
police maintained their theory that Victoria,
they remain in the north-east bushland
Victoria, likely camping in dense well
bushland which is to rein they know to
well and they are used to it, used to laying low and they will only go desperately
to country towns if they supplies.
desperately need fuel and other believed
supplies. They are also not associate,
believed to be staying with any that
associate, just the father and son course,
that remain on the run tonight. Of by
course, no resource is being spared headquarters
by police in the search. The at
headquarters will remain out here evening
at Waqa ratter well into the until
evening and certainly tomorrow until the two men are caught.

possible links
Police are investigating found at Punchbowl
between a burnt-out van at Roselands.
and an ATM ram-raid Roselands Shopping Centre
A white van was seen leaving yesterday.
after the brazen theft, was found
The shell of a similar vehicle this morning
on Tusmore Street for forensic examination.
and has been seized Sydney's auction clearance rates the year's pick.
remain well below

Nine News has just received for today,
Domain's preliminary result and it's 66.5%. a slowing of the market,
The figures reflect to raise interest rates
as the big banks' decision takes effect.

real estate agents in Sydney
It's been a long time since have had to work this hard. who will put in the first bid?
So, ladies and gentlemen, Don't be shy. What do we say?
Sir, it's against you now. Nod of the head is all I need. I'll pass the property in.
OK, well, the property in in your favour,
Sir, we're going to pass negotiations.
get you to continue

have plunged,
Sydney's auction clearance rates banks to raise interest rates
and the decision by the big four out of what was a red-hot market.
has taken even more sizzle have dropped,
Well, the properties are worrying, really.
but the interest rates holding us back a little bit.
That's what's really At this auction in Revesby today, was all they could manage
a vendor bid of $950,000

before the property passed in. for this area?
Is that unrealistic

six weeks ago, Jayne.
It wouldn't have been on today's market.
It's probably a little bit high

in Bexley North,
There were more bidders it still didn't reach reserve.
But at over $1 million,

Did you ever think, six weeks ago"?
"I wish I'd put it on the market

Why didn't we?
Yes, I did, definitely.

a tale of two cities.
Sydney really is Eastern and Northern Suburbs
Sellers around the city, in the mid-70s.
are enjoying clearance rates and Canterbury-Bankstown,
In our south-west that drops to the mid-50s, and in the west and north-west, are as low as 45%.
clearance rates

For so long, it's sellers in the Sydney property market,
who've had the upper hand becoming spoiled for choice
but now buyers are the ones in many cases,
and real estate agents say unrealistic expectations.
vendors have

for sellers.
It doesn't get any easier

a super Saturday of auctions.
Next weekend, we have a record number of auctions
Likely to be close to

conducted in Sydney.

turned up
A number of curious onlookers George St in the CBD overnight.
to watch the partial closure of

erected barricades and signage
At 8:00pm, construction crews under police guard, of new traffic diversions
as the first of a number came into effect. Drivers are being reminded construction period
throughout the light rail and allow extra travel time.
to avoid the area

across Sydney. Will it last?
A beautiful sunny day Here's Belinda.

this month -
We had our coolest night so far temperatures below average.
for the first time, overnight

The city dropped down to 13, diving into the single digits -
most of our western suburbs 7 in Camden, below the October average.
which is 3 degrees

blue skies over Sydney
Today, we saw beautiful in a week,
and for the first time recorded in the city.
not a drop of rain a total of 35mm has fallen,
So far this month,

the long-term average.
so still a long way off could come close to reaching it,
But with one week to go, we over the next seven days.
15-30mm forecast

The sun will be back tomorrow See
morning. Full forecast later on. See you then.

In the news ahead -

goes up in smoke
part of Sydney's history a museum warehouse.
as fire tears through out on a day trip
Also, dozens of retirees killed in an appalling bus crash.

Plus - homes in West Pennant Hills
torrents of water pour through after a water main bursts.

but apparently this is for fun,
And it looks like a war zone, in the US.
as gun enthusiasts let loose

This program is not captioned.

(Footsteps) VOICE-OVER:
Don't tiptoe through life, don't live quietly... ..politely... ..invisibly. (Engine revs) Travel against the grain,
take on today, and let tomorrow know you're coming.

The new VFII, the most powerful Commodore
ever is here.

Power ahead. # I'm gonna do my thing! #

This program is not captioned.

Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus
A storage shed at the has been gutted by fire. just after 11:00,
The blaze broke out destroying old trams that was to be restored.
and a bus what caused the fire
Police are trying to figure out as suspicious.
and are treating it

after a bus and a truck collided
43 people have been killed that destroyed both vehicles.
in France, sparking a fire is France's worst road accident
The accident

in more than 30 years.

of the French countryside
In a quiet, picturesque pocket lies a horrific mess - and timber truck,
the burnt-out shell of a bus both incinerated in a fireball. are helped into ambulances...
Weak and in shock, survivors

(SPEAKS FRENCH) relatives, like this woman, if their loved ones made it.
wait to hear when a bus came around a corner
The crash happened

near the town of Bordeaux.
on a notorious stretch of road that had broken down.
It ran straight into a truck

(SPEAKS FRENCH) of difficult turns,"
"That route has a series the local mayor said. of this scale."
"But there have been no accidents

pried open the emergency doors,
The bus driver letting a few passengers escape. smashed open windows
Another driver went up in flames.
and helped before everything were French retirees
Most of those on the bus out on a day trip.

The truck driver also died, three-year-old son was killed.
and in a devastating twist, his in the cabin when the bus hit.
He'd been sound asleep

who is in Greece,
President Francois Hollande, investigation into the tragedy,
said there'll be a full alongside those who lost so much.
promising to support and stand

in South Africa,
Protests have turned ugly went head to head
where students and police in university fees.
over an increase and fires set alight
Fences were ripped down

main offices in Pretoria.
outside President Jacob Zuma's

of their kind in almost 40 years,
The protests, the largest appeared to work -

for the next year.
Mr Zuma ordered a freeze on fees

for residents
It was a rude awakening

this morning.
in West Pennant Hills flooded houses,
A burst water main

the torrent of water of the suburban road.
also destroying the surface

sleep-in they were after -
It wasn't the Saturday morning on Glenhope Road
water gushing into three homes at about 5:00 this morning.

heavy rain,
And it just sounded like on the street
and then there were voices were trying to tell us
and the emergency people to get out of the house.

The Cantoris say of their three-level house
they almost had to swim out without warning.
after a water main burst

past couches, fridges and toys.
The stream of water made its way and filled the backyard pool.
It swamped outdoor furniture

and it was dry up there,
We sleep on the top level, the stairs
but as soon as we came down we were in ankle-deep water, was over the knee.
and then the lower level again the main was switched off,
Eventually, the water subsided to return and begin the clean-up.
and residents were allowed

the mains pipe burst.
This is where that was because of old age,
Sydney Water doesn't know whether land movement or something else. also destroyed the road below
The torrent of water on its way through.

to repair the damage.
It will take days

We've had to isolate will have to be reoccupied
The residents while repairs are carried out.
for a short amount of time

families didn't expect or want.
A spring clean these

at a night-shooting show
Bizarre pictures at a gun range in Kentucky.

in 15 minutes,
50,000 rounds were fired of streaking light
the spectacular display filmed from above by a drone.

old cars and fuel drums
The targets include when the bullets strike.
that explode

this Saturday evening,
Still ahead

special campaign
William and Kate's struggling with growing pains.
to help teenagers

tens of thousands of Sydneysiders
And bargain hunt - and bins
rummage through the clothes racks of the year.
in the biggest garage sales

That's after sport. Cameron Williams is next.

are all smiles,
Georgie, the Wallabies thanks to two key additions. We're live to London next.

How's this for a job hazard? for Red Bull Racing.
A frightening incident

And I'm live from Allianz Stadium A-League Sydney derby.
for tonight's

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This program is not captioned.

A huge boost for the Wallabies semifinal against Argentina -
ahead of their World Cup trained strongly overnight
David Pocock and Israel Folau in the starting side
and have been named for Monday morning's match. A semifinal snapshot of the team lead Australia
that will hopefully

World Cup decider since 2003,
into their first

of stress and uncertainty,
and at the end of a week came from the players
the biggest grins of all has been sweating on.
the rest of the team of touch-and-go fitness tests,
After days both took part in training
David Pocock and Israel Folau and have been given the all-clear

against Argentina.
to go into battle

It's a World Cup semifinal. anyone for next week, you know?
So it's not like we're keeping

recovery hasn't been as smooth.
Unfortunately, Scott Sio's

still wrapped in bandages,
With his elbow of the match
he has been ruled out will take his place.
and James Slipper

of the tournament,
When you get to this point these kind of scenarios -
every team probably has in the week
guys that aren't training fully and carrying little niggles - the best we can.
but we've got through that

a huge boost for the whole team
David Pocock's return is

playing partner, Michael Hooper.
but particularly for his can get back to their best
He'll be hoping the pair for the Wallabies.
as he celebrates his 50th game

in a World Cup semifinal,
I'm just stoked to be playing to be honest. for my family and friends.
It's nice to have, certainly and for the whole team,
But for me,

who got their 100 last week,
and like the guys it's all about team success.

will have to seriously lift.
To achieve that, the Wallabies play without fear this weekend,
The Pumas have said they will

last week
and a big win over Ireland some serious confidence.
has given them

Probably in the past, with a forward-dominant game,
you'd associate it an all-round game
but now they've really developed

some great tries,
and they're scoring very dangerous
so they're going to be and we've prepared accordingly.
and we know that,

do need to focus on
The one thing the Wallabies a very determined opposition.
is staying cool against

in four years
This is the second time to a World Cup semi,
Argentina has made it through to the final,
but they've never progressed and they're going to be fearless to challenging Australia
when it comes for one of the last two spots.

It's a World Cup semi - like we are,
they'll be hugely excited, for a great 80-minute match.
and it's going to make

80 minutes that matter.
And for Australia, it's the only

this Sunday
We know this is an opportunity another opportunity, really.
to give yourself We're not looking too far ahead.
That's all it is.

Live to London - are such valuable inclusions
Amelia, Folau and Pocock for the semifinal.

That's right.

That's right. Both men are instil
matchwinners and are going to confidence
instil a huge sense of talent and Pocock
confidence into the team. David this
Pocock has been in sublime form the
this tournament, in fact leading one,
the entire tournament in turnovers captain
one, and many including former Australian's
captain Stirling Mortlock believe World
Australian's ability to win the World Cup police on

World Cup police on his -- hinges overcame
on his availability, so that he deal.
overcame the calf injury is a big deal. Doosra flowers and more of a

deal. Doosra flowers and more of a but
passenger so far and that honoured coach
but his class can change again, and get
coach Michael Cheika will try and possible,
get him involved as early as his
possible, because Australia is at ball
his most dangerous when he has the ball in hand. With their inclusion,

ball in hand. With their inclusion,
his most dangerous when he has the return
Kurtley Beale and Ben McCalman starting
return to the bench but a great and
starting lineup. It certainly is huge
and starts to feel pretty good. A are
huge not for Australian rugby, here are the details.

are the details.
huge not for Australian rugby, here

gets underway
The first of three Sydney derbies

Steve Smith
Australian cricket captain has allayed fears could threaten his summer ahead.
his injured knee one-day final
Speaking ahead of the Blues' at Drummoyne Oval tomorrow,
against South Australia the rest has done him good.
Smith says

No concerns. I have carried it for manageable
six weeks and it has been into
manageable and now getting back has
into game mode and playing and it to
has been a good week off and able says
to rested and ready to go.Smith lineup
says astray has resettled on the first
lineup they will take into the November
first test against New Zealand on November 5.

gets underway
The first of three Sydney derbies at Allianz Stadium.
in around an hour's time Erin Molan is there. a sell-out?
Erin, they're expecting

They are. More than 45,000 people create
will pack into Allianz Stadium to create what you can only imagine He
will be an incredible atmosphere. has
He is only a bus, or someone who has experienced it first hand.

has experienced it first hand. it
Injured Sydney FC player. Describe imagine
it for us.Very crazy. You cannot and
imagine how good the atmosphere is playing
and I think every player enjoys looking
playing those kinds of games, so today.
looking forward to watching again three
today.Two red cards in the last war
three times the teams have met, a Everyone
war of words from the coaches. go
Everyone is having a dig. It does all
go up a level, doesn't it?It is fans
all was going to be intense between Everyone
fans and coaches and start. these
Everyone wants to come and when everyone
these kind of games. I think points
everyone wants to get the three teams
points today.Good luck to both and
teams of course. They differ time, police
and as you can imagine, it huge security,
police presence here, lots of Don't
security, and the message is simple. Don't muck up.

for the Chris Waller trained Winx
An effortless victory this afternoon.
in the $3 million Cox Plate Hugh Bowman
Australia's in-form jockey before the turn
let the race favourite loose

She shifted gears and the result was never in doubt.

Daryl Braithwaite set the mood
Back by popular demand, for Moonee Valley's big day. on the horses, yeah yeah #
# We'll go riding this favourite was a winner,
And while there was no doubting another -
attention quickly turned to the gates.
Highland Reel sweating up behind The United States
Earlier, the Williams-owned

The Tasmanian battle looks just as cleanup
nervous as his charge of the Hideaways
cleanup jump straight to the front. there
Hideaways brilliantly.He stayed and
there as they went past the school Shot
and then Hugh Bowman made his move. In
Shot to the lead from The Cleaner. What
In the second it was contest over. What a win!

What a win! Has won it by four emotional
lengths.Train and Kelly both They
emotional after claiming his first. They have all been

They have all been emotional, but her?
yes...What is so special about this
her?She is fast.To be here on this stage is one thing but to win

this stage is one thing but to win
her?She is fast.To be here on a much
a race like this, I can't be how much it means.

Earlier, the Williams owned United out
States set a track record in taking taking
out the many Gaelic up.Gets up and taking the lead in the early stages.

firming from $101 to $31
The 6-year-old immediately for the Melbourne Cup.

He would need to win Lexus and it wait
would be a huge ask. We'll have to wait and see.

The United States paying $3.20 and Bohemian Lily
from Prince of Penzance Nash Rawiller
while Big Memory jockey fall after the finishing post.
was lucky to escape unhurt from a Mile
And a boilover in the Crystal

failing to fire.
with hot favourite Lucky Hussler and wins it.
Bow Creek starts to fly home Turn Me Loose paying $3.60,
The Murray Baker-trained

with Lucky Hussler back in third.

at the Gold Coast 600 today
Pit Lane became a crash scene Racing mechanics sent running
with the Red Bull

from an accident. And it set back Championship campaign -
Mark Winterbottom's only to finish third last.
he was penalised for the incident

That is where the beach meets the is
Bittman, but the Gold Coast circuit five
is a paradise for everyone. That Jamie
five labs in, Paul Donahoo and Not
Jamie win couple out of the running. Not our day, but all is tomorrow. even
Not just drama on the track, not leader
even safe in the pit. Championship with
leader Mark Winterbottom collided with an with an
leader Mark Winterbottom collided

with an
leader Mark Winterbottom collided up
with an opponent and nearly clean almost
up the Red Bull crew.They were awkward
almost cleaned up in this. An Winterbottom
awkward moment for everybody. nasty
Winterbottom was penalise and had a driver
nasty repair job, not the only problem
driver headed back to the garage.A could
problem here for the news.No one little
could avoid the mayhem.He got a were
little bump and grind.Some cars together,
were literally just holding it the
together, but during peak hour on around
the 88, Tim Slade lost it.And car.
around goes Slade, contact with the to
car.Shane bank is Bergen held on David
to take up the first race ahead of To
David Reynolds and Craig Lowndes. after
To be able to do those times lap just
after lap easily in the car was our
just fantastic. Next to the guys on closing
our team. Amazing.Mick Fanning is surfing
closing in on his fourth world to
surfing title after moving through to the third round in Portugal.

went to fellow Aussie Josh Kerr,
But the ride of the day for this attacking aerial move.
who scored a near perfect 9.7 of the competition so far.
It's the highest score

We are all looking forward to the tomorrow
Wallabies on Monday morning, but the
tomorrow morning at 1:45 AM, live, All
the first semi-final between the will
All Blacks and the Springboks. That will be a good clash.

In the news ahead - at the Australian island
Nine News gets an exclusive look that's now home golf courses in the world.
to two of the most spectacular back to where it all began -

play a special visit
William and Kate to the place they first met. for these wannabe bike thieves,
And a nasty surprise in store crime-fighting pranksters.
thanks to some

This program is not captioned.

Yay for summer,
for long days and short sleeves,

for cool hats and daydreams.

Yay for prints that clash
and mix and match.

For kings of the castle,

little princesses

and queens of style.

Yay for thongs, denim that rocks

and colours that pop.

Yay for higher quality
at lower prices

every day at Target.

This program is not captioned. (1812 Overture plays) Get more bang for your buck with
the new $1 Large Frozen Fanta or everyone's favourite,
a $1 Large Frozen Coke. (McDonald's jingle plays)

This program is not captioned.

of untamed farmland
Hundreds of acres is about to become
in the Bass Straight most spectacular golf courses.
one of the world's

for King Island,
Two new layouts are planned to transform
a project that's expected the region's tourist potential.

Graeme Grant
When golf course designer to inspect a rugged patch of land
accepted an invitation on remote King Island, what to expect.
he wasn't quite sure

64km of golf land,
I came down and saw

coastal dunes made for golf.

a life-changing passion
What's followed has become former cattle farm a new life.
as Grant set out to give this

is nothing short of stunning.
The result is nothing short of stunning.

the layout hugs the coastline,
Aptly named Ocean Dunes,

of the Southern Ocean.
offering picture-perfect views

that are really dirty,
There are some days the ocean does on those days,
but you look at what it's magnificent.
and it's just...

the potential of this land -
Grant was not alone in seeing sits another brand-new course,
on the northern tip of the island

sits another brand-new course,
on the northern tip of the island

Cape Wickham. Together, they're set of this small community -
to change the face

for its beef, dairy products
until now, renowned mostly and seafood.

are seriously going to have us
These two courses on the world map. Initially, it's expected

tourists will arrive.
around 10-15,000 'play and stay' is presenting some issues.
That in itself

are going to be accommodation.
Our challenges, initially, have enough beds at the moment.
We don't physically

to sense the potential,
But the locals have been quick the tip of the iceberg.
and it's only

Golf tourism is so important,

for Australia.
and it's a major opportunity an untapped opportunity.
It's, I think,

in the world's top 100,
With seven courses Barnbougle Dunes
including the highly successful in nearby northern Tasmania,
and Lost Farm a golfing mecca.
Australia is already suggests
And the buzz around King Island there'll soon be two more.

It's holes like this one to bring the golfers flocking.
that are sure right alongside the ocean
Not only playing

but, at times, directly over it - as they are spectacular.
these courses are as treacherous

and Montreal recently saying,
I've had calls from Washington "We're coming to Barnbougle.

you're just over the way.
"We see "When are you going to be open?"

The wait will end on Friday, opens its front nine,
when Ocean Dunes opening of Cape Wickham,
coinciding with the 18-hole set to be completed
the full Ocean Dunes layout by late February.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge down memory lane,
have taken a trip spending a night in St Andrews, where they first met.
the Scottish town their son and daughter at home,
While the young royals left

They were there to raise awareness people.
about mental health issues in young

William and Catherine, feeling anything but blue.
both in navy, to Scotland
Wide smiles as they're welcomed of young minds.
to highlight the health old uni town of St Andrews,
After a romantic night in their the Cambridge's headed north to the city of Dundee...
for their first official visit

to talk with locals
..taking the time at a family fun day discrimination,
aimed at ending mental health on a first-name basis.
Kate instantly

Mia.Hello, Mia.
What are your names? Molly! Such a pretty name.

of performing arts,
Through the power young actors and acrobats
the couple heard from

by today's teens,
about some of the struggles faced before offering their own advice on combating bullies.
in a youth workshop

emotional side or the outside.
They don't think about the more little bit of a conundrum there.
I think that's where there's a

there was only positive energy.
Out on the streets,


on an adventure with sea cadets
William and Kate later embarking aboard a royal research ship, waiting in chilly conditions.
even apologising for keeping them

for hours as well?
Have you guys been standing here I'm sorry. It's pretty freezing. Windiest place in Dundee. clearly relishing their role,
The pair steer a course through life.
helping young people

A group of thieves and humiliating lesson.
has learnt a painful an unlocked bike in Brazil,
They attempted to steal

had been tied to a tree.
not realising the back wheel face first as the rope ran out
They were thrown off the bike by the pranksters,
before being chased who'd set them up.

In the news ahead, or just a good old sticky beak -
hunting for a bargain, Sydney's garage sale bonanza.
tens of thousands join in

the Prime Minister
Also, the President, and the soccer star - this power selfie.
the story behind And swapping snow for sand -

He borrowed, something blue, origin
wedding bells ring Fraser was origin star.

This program is not captioned.

It was a thrifty shopper's dream was turned into treasure.
as trash across Sydney the North Shore and Inner West,
From the city's south to for the annual Garage Sale Trail.
bargains were aplenty

is a first-time garage saler.
Theo van Waart

it's a very feminine motif
It feels like in your garage today, Theo.

my wife's goods and chattel. No!
Yes, I'm just selling all off

Yes, she does.
Does the wife know? had inspired Theo
A change in decor Garage Sale Trail.
to join the nationwide

around the country,
In 10,000 similar situations

was another's treasure,
one man's trash Garage Sale Trail
this fifth annual together.
bringing recycling and neighbours

putting yourself out there.
You're sort of the barriers of who you are.
You're really breaking down here's my taste in clothes,
Here's my taste in music, been my taste in music,
or what might have formally

in clothes.
and formally been my taste

for younger garage salers
It can also be a lesson in life like Gabi Fernandez, sold to be re-loved.
who watched her early affections

Not too sad? They're too small now.
Well, I'm sad about my scooters.

What about the pogo stick? Doesn't work for me. Working for me. pooled their resources,
Some homes and her neighbours.
like Simone Rapley

We've got a fairly busy street, stopping.
so we get lots of people better for people, I suppose.
The more things to see, the Mate, jump all over that!

I know, I know. I notice a propensity here, Wendy.
of feline-orientated ephemera

a nursing home three weeks ago.
My mum just moved into a new home for Gerry the giraffe.
Simone was keen to find

What are you wanting for Jerry? Willing to bargain. from the suburbs to the city,
The trail reached in Redfern.
such as the 107 Project the local community here
Because most of

doesn't have garages or porches. make a space available for them.
We've opened up our doors to for bangles.
You've got an affectation

about 15 years' worth of stuff.
It's a culmination of I discovered my buy of the day.
It was there

of Street Fighter 2?
An original standing console How much you want for this one?

work something out?
Do you want to

latte and discuss this?
Shall we go and have a refreshing Let's do it. of us did today.
And that's what around 400,000

and pleasure,
After a trip that mixed business has taken time out for a selfie.
Chinese president Xi Jinping

Prime Minister David Cameron
He posed with British

Sergio Aguero
and Manchester City player to the UK.
on the last day of his visit

a meeting with the British royals
The leader's trip has included at the local pub.
as well as dinner and a beer

Michael Jennings
State Of Origin and Roosters star tied the knot in Sydney today.

Kirra at St Mary's Cathedral,
The 27-year-old married partner teammates.
joined by past and present

They kissed for the cameras. Among Josh
his teammates were Tim Grant and brothers
Josh Mansour, along with his brothers Robert and George.

Coming up, for the rest of the weekend.
Belinda with the weather

over the next few days,
Temperatures will heat up again in our west by Monday.
soaring into the 30s and 20 in the city.
Right now, it's 23 degrees there of the weekend is next.
A full forecast for the rest

This program is not captioned. (Footsteps) VOICE-OVER:
Don't tiptoe through life, don't live quietly... ..politely... ..invisibly. (Engine revs) Travel against the grain,
take on today, and let tomorrow know you're coming.

The new VFII, the most powerful Commodore
ever is here.

Power ahead. # I'm gonna do my thing! #

This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: Have you tried
the Special K Nourish range? A blend of nutrient-rich
multigrain flakes, fruit, seeds and crunchy clusters... This is good.
It's really tasty. WOMAN: Healthy. (All exclaim, laugh) Special K! you quality calories
that truly nourish.

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the new $1 Large Frozen Fanta or everyone's favourite,
a $1 Large Frozen Coke. (McDonald's jingle plays)

This program is not captioned. The sun returned to Sydney today, just in time for the weekend.
the grey clouds clearing The city hit a top of 22, for this time of year
which is right on average in a month, dropping to 14.
after our coolest night got down to single digits -
Most of our Western Suburbs a low of 8 in Campbelltown, but lots of sunshine today, hitting 26.
Richmond and Penrith the hottest,

Over the next few days, temperatures are going to heat up moves east
as this low-pressure trough

from central Australia
drawing warmth and Victoria,
into New South Wales showers and thunderstorms,
followed by some developing

will trigger some showers
While some onshore winds over Queensland.

Brisbane should stay dry, though. with a top of 27.
Fine in Canberra as well, in Melbourne.
And the chance of a late shower

Across our state, around the Central Tablelands,
we could see a few showers to the north-west slopes.
stretching right up A top of 30 for Narrabri. than today,
Most places a few degrees hotter

along the coast.
ranging from 24-28

In Sydney, tomorrow morning
the sun will be back and a little warmer than today, the city heading for a top of 25

of a shower in the afternoon.
with just a slight chance to around 16 degrees
Tonight, we'll get down with mostly clear skies, so plenty of twinkling stars, even more spectacular.
which makes this view

last night,
This was the Opera House tonight.
and it will be lit up again It's all part of a global event, around the world turning blue
one of 200 iconic landmarks

the 70th anniversary
to commemorate of the United Nations. In our west tomorrow, a possible afternoon shower
after a hot and sunny morning, in the outer west,
and the chance of a thunderstorm

the high 20s -
temperatures hitting a top of 30 for Penrith. Looking at the week ahead, heading our way.
and we've got some rain from Monday to Thursday,
A high chance of showers

on Monday
the heaviest falls expected around 27 in the city
after a warm day reaching before temperatures take a dive. for the rest of the week.
Back down to the low 20s In our west, on Monday, soaring to 33.
showers and a possible storm

down to 20 on Tuesday,
A big drop - and at this stage to hang around until Friday,
those showers expected clearing by the weekend creep back up again.
as temperatures

Another wet week ahead, Georgie.

It looks that way.

for this Saturday.
That's Nine News Thanks for being with us.
I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

This program is not captioned. Sue, don't misunderstand me, please.

Sue, I'm not complaining
about your work.

I have your latest piece
right here in front of me

and it's terrific. It's great.

It's just that
you were due back here yesterday.

Yeah, but Richard, there's
one more story I just have to do.

There's always one more story.
No, but would you listen to this?

Last month this guy
in the Northern Territory

was attacked by a crocodile.

The thing bit his leg right off,
left him there to die

100 miles from no where.

A week later he
crawls out of the bush,

gets patched up and disappears -
no interviews, no pictures, nothing.

I tracked him down.

He runs a safari business out of
somewhere called Walkabout Creek.

And his name - get this -
is Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee.

Sue, even if this thing for real,

It could take you weeks
to nail him down.

Will you trust me?

I've already made arrangements
to meet him.

I got a chopper meeting the
plane at Darwin.

I'll be there tonight.

OK. I really miss you, darling.
I miss you too, honey.