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(generated from captions) formidable line-up. I can't believe what I saw, and I'm looking forward to watching this again - they are the best weight for age horses in the Southern Hemisphere. That mare has gone cuboom and blew them away. I'm stunned a horse can be that good.Yeah. Hugh Bowman there with all the emotion and for Chris Waller, who is such an emotional man. He held it together so far today.I wonder where he was watching it from? As we were coming back from outside there he was coming through the tunnel. Maybe he's a nervous watcher. He was straight out there after the loin. His 4-year-olds were - we'll watch the replay later on. Preferment had won the Group One Turnbull. Placement of his horses and he has taketen to another level. If you want to continue watching our Cox Plate day This program is captioned live. On Seven News tonight - Australians caught
in the eye of the storm as Mexico is hit by
the biggest hurricane ever recorded. A teenage father shot in the head
while playing with a shotgun in western Sydney. The city's transport history
destroyed in a suspected arson attack. as buyers steer clear. And all of the glitz and glamour from one of spring racing's
biggest days.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Melissa Doyle. Good evening. We being tonight in Mexico
where a major emergency is unfolding after the country was hit by
the most powerful hurricane in recorded history. Category 5 packed winds
up to 325km/h Category 5 Patricia packed winds
up to 325km/h as it approached shore. In its path, tiny fishing villages
and luxury resorts. Officials fear
the damage will be catastrophic. Mexico's president says his country
has never seen anything like it. Many Australians are among
the thousands of tourists who are riding out the storm. It came ashore
as a record-breaking monster. The strongest hurricane
ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere. (WIND HOWLS) From space,
Patricia looked like Armageddon. On the radar, an angry mass of red smashed into
Mexico's Pacific coastline. When it did,
it was packing winds of 265km/h. (WIND HOWLS) It had lost some steam
but remained a ferocious Category 5 and it took aim
at the small villages and popular resorts,
full of tourists, including Australian Sam West. We've got, you know,
a big king-size mattress blocking one window, which you may be able
to see over my shoulder. Sam was separated from his family who bunkered down 15 minutes away
in Puerto Vallarta. All they could do was wait. It's starting to get dark now so we're not really going to be able
to make out what's coming at us until it's on top of us, I guess. Patricia took everyone by surprise, strengthening so quickly, there was little time
to secure the city before thousands were evacuated. (SIRENS WAIL) But by then,
the airports had shut down, pushing locals to tears as they joined tourists
trying to flee on buses. The rest huddled together
in shelters. I think a bit of panic set in
for a lot of people and people were kind of rushing
to get a space inside the building. as her wedding destination
was smashed. She's supposed to fly
to Puerto Vallarta. When it comes down to it, we could get married anywhere
at any time. What's more important is that we have a lot of compassion
and care for the people in Mexico whose lives might be in danger. Some guests are trapped
in Mexico City. Her in-laws are stuck in LA. I'm sure our daughter-in-law -
future daughter-in-law - is not going to be impressed but there you go. You know, you've got to
just keep everything crossed and hope. But the danger isn't over. It will weaken as it interacts
with the mountains of Mexico but the leftover circulation
will move into south Texas. And the damage
from this unprecedented storm won't be clear until sunrise.

Seven US bureau chief Mike Amor
is in Mexico, making his way
to the storm-damaged area now. He filed this report
a short time ago. It's still early hours
of the morning here so we're probably going to have
to wait until first light to see whether there has been
that catastrophic damage that everyone feared. The good news is
the tourist area of Puerto Vallarta looks like it has escaped the worst further to the south. And once these devastating winds
begin to ease, the danger is not over yet. We are already hearing reports
of flash flooding. Up to 50cm of rain has fallen
in some areas and mudslides in the mountains
to the east of the coast. And the effects
of this monster storm will continue to be felt
for days ahead, right up into America with Texas expecting
severe flooding.

A teenage father
is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the head
at Willmot in Western Sydney. Police say his friend
was playing with a sawn-off shotgun when it accidently went off, leaving the 19-year-old father
with devastating facial injuries. Shot in the face at close range, Chris Parfitt struggles
to stay conscious, even he thought
he was taking his final breaths. He was saying,
"Tell my mum I love her. "I think I'm going to die. "Keep me talking,"
and that kind of stuff. The 19-year-old had been drinking
with friends at a park just 50m from his home when one of them is alleged to have
brought out a sawn-off shotgun. And it accidentally went off. I seen a guy on the ground, The impact was catastrophic with the slug
shattering his cheekbone. What do you think when you see your mate
with a gunshot wound to the head? The police hunt
for the alleged shooter was quick. Officers arrested
his 19-year-old friend and charged him
with reckless wounding. At Westmead Hospital today, Chris's family
stayed close to his bedside. Relatives of the young father say
he is doing well, that he's conscious
and that he's talking, but his recovery will be long with doctors saying
he needs reconstructive surgery. A harsh lesson but one that was just inches
from tragedy. Police in Victoria admit the armed and dangerous
father and son fugitives may have slipped through their net
and escaped to South Australia. But they're not taking any chances, sending more resources
to the search zone that covers hundred of kilometres
around Wangaratta. As the search base for the elusive fugitives,
Mark and Gino Stocco, moved to Wangaratta, residents were on edge.

The police rang the school,
mentioning to the girls that they should get a ride home
with their parents or just to be careful or just to be careful. Police have received dozens
of possible sightings just today. I actually overheard some ladies
talking in Big W saying that they thought
they might have seen them. But most haven't checked out.

The man-hunt started last Friday after a shoot-out
with police officers in Wagga Wagga. A couple of days later, they stole a Toyota LandCruiser
from Holbrook. On Monday,
they were spotted in Euroa. The pair then stole
three registration plates from Tumbarumba. On Wednesday morning,
another confirmed sighting, this time in Bairnsdale. Then they've travelled
all the way to St James where they rammed a police car
on Thursday. That was
their last confirmed sighting. The Bairnsdale confirmation
was a breakthrough - CCTV placed the pair
in the supermarket four hours away from Yea where police thought
they'd been hiding. A quick-thinking witness took
this photo of the LandCruiser ute and police were able
to match the rego to the St James police ramming.

After eight years on the run, they know
exactly what they're doing. They are very desperate
to avoid capture They are very desperate
to avoid capture and, as we know
from New South Wales, they shot
at the New South Wales police, at two police cars so their full-time job at
the moment is avoiding capture. A second man has been charged
over the murder of a body builder in a suspected gangland shooting
in Sydney's south-west. Hedi Ayoub's body was discovered
at a Punchbowl park in June. A 22-year-old Lakemba man
was arrested at Sydney Airport yesterday afternoon. He appeared in Parramatta Court
today where he was refused bail. Another man was arrested
a few months ago. The man charged
with supplying the gun that killed police accountant
Curtis Cheng is taking the New South Wales
Crime Commission to court. 22-year-old Talal Alameddine
has launched legal action in the Supreme Court to try to stop the commission from
forcing him to answer questions. Alameddine was charged
with sourcing the gun teenage terrorist Farhad Jabar used
to kill Mr Cheng. He's been refused bail
and will return to court next month. Residents in West Pennant Hills woke to the sound of water surging
into their homes this morning. It was from a burst water main and before it could be shut off
families were forced to evacuate. and before it could be shut off,
families were forced to evacuate. Many of their homes
are now inundated with muddy water. If the torrent was strong enough to rip up the bitumen
of Glenhope Road, the Cantoris' home below
would never withstand its force. It poured out of doorways,
through the brickwork, through kitchen cupboards, through almost everything and all Aldo Contori could do
was watch. You want to feel the carpet? This was actually white carpet. The house's electrical system
is destroyed. The structural integrity
of their home is in question too. While firefighters helped clean up, below the Cantoris, the Henry family was also up early
cleaning. It was just like a... It was like a rapid. And I'm running around in my undies
not knowing which way to go. Can you do a re-enactment for us? No, it wasn't pretty.
(LAUGHS) The burst water main
was 0.5m in diameter. It was a big one. Sydney Water technicians tell us there's no way of really knowing
exactly why this has happened. It could be ageing infrastructure, it could be shifts in the ground
because of rain. Either way, they say, if they could anticipate
why these things happen, Whatever the insurance companies
don't cover, Sydney Water will look
after the customers. At least not all the
important things were destroyed. At least not all
the important things were destroyed. Wedding photos. Luckily, we've saved them. Irreplaceable pieces
of Sydney's transport heritage have been destroyed in
a suspected arson attack overnight. Volunteers at The Tramway Museum
have been left heartbroken after carriages,
up to 100 years old, were lost forever. In the darkness at Loftus, firefighters work
to douse a burning shed. The fire broke out just after 11pm. It was fuelled
by highly flammable metals. Yeah, it's magnesium. You won't get it out. Inside were the molten remains
of some of Sydney's oldest trams. They're just ashes now,
unfortunately. A storage shed and
several carriages were destroyed. Police are treating the fire
as suspicious. This morning, volunteers at The Tramway Museum
assessed the damage. One of the trams that was burned
was over 100 years old, a couple more were
over 70 years old so you just can't go and find them
and replace them. Sydney used to have one of the
biggest tram networks in the world with 1,600 cars and 290km of track. 50 years ago, carriages were burned on purpose
when the network was ripped up. Those that survived
found a home at the Tramway Museum. The ones destroyed last night
were awaiting restoration. It's very disappointing because basically, you know, we sort of try
and preserving things for the future of Sydney -
the history of Sydney. Fortunately, the main museum
and workshop were not damaged. They'll reopen tomorrow.

It was a much quieter day
for Sydney's property market with agents waiting to see if this week's home loan rises
by the big four banks scare off buyers. Clearance rates
are tipped to be down with more properties
failing to sell. Your opportunity, buyers. Call it out. Somewhere fair and reasonable -
start me away. They had to work harder today. Only weeks ago,
it was virtually all sold. Now... Sir, gonna pass the property
in your favour. Get you to continue negotiations. A 2-bedroom house in North Bexley
passed in at $1.1 million. I was expecting more but I was surprised
with the turnout today. I thought it was very good. But buyers were worried about
further rises in interest rates. You can't just jump into it and say "Yeah, I got that property
over everybody else" but then what happens when
there's changes in interest rates? We're just gonna sit back, yeah. We're not in any hurry. At Cherrybrook, a 5-bedroom home
shown on Seven News last night also passed in. Agents say
with the market turning cautious, buyers are holding back bids. We know that they've got the money, we know that
they've got the deposit ready but some of them are turning up
just to watch and see what happens and what transpires. But it hasn't stopped a rush
to sell, trying to grab
the last of the frenzy. Next weekend,
we might break the all-time record for the number of auctions
conducted in Sydney on a day ever. More than 1,100 Sydney auctions
are planned. Regardless of interest rates,
it's a market tapering off but history shows Sydney property
eventually has a way coming back, and then some. A new real estate graphic
on Sydney property values using the dark brown shade
as higher prices shows how it's spread in time
to the western suburbs. The housing market
is going to go through downswings and that's demonstrated here but I think the main takeaway
is that over 35 years, look how much it's gone up. Small consolation
for many of today's sellers. Sunshine beamed down
on Melbourne today, providing perfect conditions
for one of the biggest days on the spring racing calendar -
the Cox Plate. Racing purists were lapping up
the action on the track but in the stands, the antics
were just as entertaining. A spectacular, sunny day
was a win for punters even before
the first bet of the day. Come and have a bet
before you have a beer! Enjoying the sun is thirsty work
and the bars were busy early. ALL: Cheers! Fascinators didn't provide
much protection. Perhaps the most relaxed day
of the racing carnival, colour and lace
was popular for the ladies, while the men suited up - sort of. Just zip it up and it's ready to go,
party time. With a smaller crowd
than Flemington and fewer A-list stars on hand, today is chance to rub shoulders
with racing purists We still managed to spot a few. I'm off to America
for the Cricket All Stars, I'm off to America
for the Cricket All Stars, to play cricket in baseball stadiums
for a couple of weeks so I'm going to miss
lot the Spring Racing Carnival - it's my only one so I'd better make it a good one
today. This is my downtime. This is where I can
just sit back, kick This is where I can
just sit back, kick back, have a few beers with the boys
and have a bet. When I bet,
it's more like a donation. It's serious business for many. I came last night
and I won every single race, picking only the names that I liked and today, we've been up
on every race we've bet on. Yep, we've placed. Others couldn't wait
to get the party started. Yeah, I want to see some people
jumping in their suits. Are you ready?!

Let's check the weather now. Angie, big blue skies
for Sydney today? Mel,
what a stellar start to the weekend after a very dull couple of days. Those rain clouds
earlier in the week were a little dreary, the falls were desperately needed. Thursday and Friday's showers have pushed the city's rainfall
to 35mm for the month so far. We are still well behind
the October average of 77mm. No chance of adding to that
tomorrow. Your very sunny Sunday forecast
is coming up. Mel. Excited by

Excited by that. Thank you! Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - what caused this bus and truck
to collide in France, killing 43 people. Sydney changed forever with George Street
now closed to cars. How drivers coped on the first day. And William and Kate's
new health campaign.

Greg isn't easily impressed. Except by his own jokes. So was it the new succulent
chicken breast fillet fresh off the grill in burgers made
with gourmet ingredients he and Sally chose themselves, or was it the friendly table service? Whatever it was, something made him
forget where he was tonight. Create Your Taste, now with Grilled Chicken. How very un-McDonald's.

(Slurps) Nice! ALL: Nice. Nice. # Express yourself #
MEN: Nice! Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice.
Nice! # Express yourself. # WOMAN: Nice.

Nice. VOICE-OVER: Don't settle
for the wrong kind of 'nice'. With Telstra, get fewer dropouts
and less pausing in more places. The network without equal is how.

A convicted paedophile
has reportedly been identified as a suspect in the murders of Alice Springs mother
Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her daughter Khandalyce. News Corp reports the man is serving
a 4-year sentence at Cessnock prison. He is believed
to have been interviewed at a local police station last week and has since returned
to the jail's maximum security wing. It comes after
police searched several homes in the ACT and South Australia. The city has changed forever with George Street
now closed to cars. Roadblocks went up last night as construction on the next section
of the light rail began. And while it's sure to cause
plenty of headaches for drivers, shoppers are already
taking advantage of some extra walking room. This taxi made history as the last car
to travel down George Street, the driver thinking it was just like
any other Friday night commute. (HORN BEEPS)

But at 8pm, it was lights, cameras,
and roadblocks. There was confusion and curiosity as crews blocked the road
at both ends between King and Market streets. Workers quickly moved
to install fencing ahead of
the light rail construction. The CBD has changed permanently. George Street, which is probably
our most famous road, doesn't look the same. Pedestrians will now rule
this busy stretch of George Street - home to the Dymocks Building, Myer,
and The Strand Arcade. Oh, I love it! I was so
"Look at this lovely, quiet street. because I want to put it on Facebook
and to keep it. It's the first
of many CBD road closures ahead. To help with congestion, the NRMA is calling for lower tolls
and cheaper train trips. It means they need to be innovative. It means they need to be
a little bit courageous. The government has warned
this is far more complex than the bus changes that came
into place a couple of weeks ago. Until today, George Street carried
700 cars every hour during peak periods. The real test
will be Monday morning.

More than 40 elderly pensioners
have been killed in the worst road crash in France
in more than 30 years. More than 40 elderly pensioners
have been killed in the worst road crash in France
in more than 30 years. They died when their bus
slammed into a log truck and burst into flames. It happened on a notoriously
dangerous stretch of road. Investigators are still trying
to figure out what caused the crash. People in Greece are cleaning up after flash floods
hit parts of Athens yesterday. An empty building collapsed
and water carried away motorbikes and left cars stacked up. No deaths have been reported.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
have spent the day in Scotland. William and Kate spoke to
a group of youths who have battled mental illness. The Prince told them he thought
society doesn't listen enough. The trip is the first time the royal couple has been to Dundee
on official business. It is the town where they first met. You're watching Seven News. When we come back - a driver charged over a fiery crash
at Palm Beach. The vets helping care for the pets
of Sydney's homeless. And how one bereaved family is helping fund
children's cancer research. That's next.

A man has been charged
with drink driving after he crashed his car and it burst into flames
at Palm Beach. Police allege
the 25-year-old hit a pole on Barrenjoey Road around 5am before he tried to run away. He was arrested and allegedly returned
a positive breath test. He'll appear in Manly Court
next month. Police say far too many people
are dying on New South Wales roads and almost a quarter of deaths
this year have been motorcyclists. As Motorcycle Awareness Week begins, the government has crash-tested
a number of helmets in a bid to save lives. A motorcyclist is around 20 times
more likely to be killed in a road crash compared with a car passenger. A helmet can be the difference
between life and death. This year,
we are highlighting 30 new helmets that we've tested
at the Centre for Road Safety that are compliant. This week is
Motorcycle Awareness Week. Minister for Roads Duncan Gay has released a list
of the 30 safest helmets. He wants helmets from Europe
and other parts of the world available to New South Wales riders. but I want an ability to be able
to sell them in New South Wales so our retailers
get some of the money, our local people can buy them here, and, importantly, try them on. There's over 226,000
motorcycles and scooters registered in New South Wales. Since January,
there's been 52 fatalities - that's four more
than this time last year. There's no reason why we should have the number
of fatalities and injuries we have on the road with motorcycling. We want to make it
a safe form of transport. Riders can go to to get a list of the safest helmets
available in New South Wales. You can also take
the virtual hazard test to brush up on your road awareness
and reactions. to brush up on your road awareness
and reactions. For more, visit our website.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has questioned calls
from the Prime Minister to negotiate on workplace relations. Malcolm Turnbull
marked his 61st birthday with a morning newspaper blitz, urging the opposition
to "come to its senses" and support laws
targeting union corruption. I'm not going to play
some dog whistle game where Malcolm Turnbull
backs the big end of town and says the source of all evil
is trade unions. Mr Turnbull wants to end a stalemate on re-establishing the Building
and Construction Commission. When we see homeless people
with pets, we often wonder who is looking out
for the animal's medical needs. A group of young Sydney vets is now giving up their time
and resources and providing free help
to treat animals living with some of our city's
most vulnerable people. This is a veterinary visit but you could hardly call it
a house call. As we approach
this inner city squat, a dog appears in the window,
followed by its owner, Jaike. JAIKE: I've just got to get
the other lead. Yeah. Get the lead. Jaike is 19. He's lived on the streets
for five years. Marley is his best mate. If you're asleep at night, you don't know
what's going to happen at night in a place like this and the slightest noise,
she'll hear it, wake me up. She, like, keeps me safe. She looks after me. She keeps me warm at night, so, from the top to the bottom,
she's like - like my best friend. But Jaike struggles
to pay for her care. The young vets from Pets in The Park
come to the rescue. And by providing
the service that we do, then we can help to keep people
and their pets together. The vets give their time
and use donations to provide medication, food,
and a little more. emotional support. They're so integral to helping
these people get back on their feet. Jaike's been through a lot
with Marley by his side. It's a good thing
to have with you on the street, especially when everyone else
turns against you, it's the last thing you've got. Every year, the program treats
around 400 animals and has now extended operations
to Melbourne and Brisbane. In the past, the homeless had
to bring their pets into the vets'. Now the program is going out
to places like this. And there's no judgement
with their animals so it's an unconditional love,
I think. If you want to help,
visit our website.

Still ahead in Seven News at 6:00 - the colourfully branded
toxic chemicals putting children at risk. All the festival fun
from Western Sydney's Parramasala. And why Darth Vadar
is running for mayor. That's next.

Saturday from Mother Nature, it'll remain fine tonight and again tomorrow for Bega and Batemans Bay, Cooma 26. For Canberra and the ACT, a partly cloudy Sunday and up to 27, warm for Yass and Goulburn, a few clouds about Bowral and for the Illawarra, maximums into the 20s for the

A community has come together
to remember the two victims of this week's shocking sword attack
in Sweden. A candlelight vigil
was held at the school where a student and teacher
lost their lives. Two other people
are recovering in hospital after the masked man's rampage. He was shot dead by police. The attack has been labelled
a hate crime after detectives discovered
how the man selected his victims.

Republican presidential candidate
Donald Trump has been targeted by protesters
at a campaign speech in Florida, interrupted multiple times
by hecklers. See, the first group, I was nice -
"Oh, take your time." The second group, I was pretty nice. The third group,
I'll be a little more violent and the fourth group, I'll say
"Get the hell out of here!"

You'd have to be pretty brave
to heckle this next guy. Darth Vader has hit
the campaign trail in Ukraine. Last month, he was barred
from running for president but now wants to be mayor of Kiev. Perhaps fearful of his dark side, Ukraine has already honoured
the Sith Overlord with his own statute,
built over the top of one of Lenin.

Parramatta is this weekend
embracing multiculturalism with thousands enjoying
the annual Parramasala festival. Dancers, musicians and cuisine
from all over the world the perfect tonic for a suburb Sydney City has Mardi Gras,

just as gay -
that means "bright and happy" - and just as diverse. They sashayed, sambaed,
and somersaulted their way down Church Street, an explosion of colour and culture, the many cultures that make
Australia and Sydney's west what they are.

There was a bit of monkey business
too. (ALL SCREECH) It was fully Sikh. Parramasala, yo! Parramasala is in its sixth year, originally a celebration
of the Subcontinent but the overwhelmingly
Indian flavour of this festival is spiced with
36 cultures and cuisines - a celebration of food, dance,
and song. It's also a celebration of fashion. And basically,
it's a tribute to my father, so this took me four months to make. Multiculturalism
has taken a battering lately, especially in Parramatta, after the attack
on Police Headquarters. One person doesn't speak
for this beautiful nation, you know? Like, there's a lot of great people
here. And great food -
lots and lots of food. They'll be there tonight too
and tomorrow.

Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - one family's generous gift to fund children's cancer research
in Sydney. A disturbing study reveals why children would choose to play
with toxic products over toys. If you enjoyed today's weather,
tomorrow is looking even better. Your Sunday forecast is coming up.

Mate, it's got a bi-turbo
diesel engine, 5-star ANCAP safety rating and intelligent off-road mode, all for $38,990. Volkswagen Amarok Core 4x4 manual... Good chat!
..from $38,990. You'll want to
tell everyone.

Scientists at
the Children's Cancer Institute in Sydney

have received
a surprise funding boost - not from the government,
but from charity groups and parents who have lost children
to a devastating form of cancer. We'd like to present you with
a cheque for just under $190,000. Thank you so much. A surprise gift for
the Children's Cancer Institute trying to find a cure
for a deadly illness. Paediatric brain tumours
remove more kids from the Australian population than any other illness. When Ren Pedersen's
9-year-old daughter Amy died from a brain stem tumour, he started an Australian branch
of the fundraising charity The Cure Starts Now. I lost a daughter in 2009 after being told that she would
only survive a matter of weeks. Again, this is unacceptable. With little government funding for
research into this childhood cancer, Ren, along with
the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, set to work
raising desperately needed money. From grassroots pub chook raffles right through to corporate events
and golf days. For the scientists
at the Children's Cancer Institute, it will allow them to test new drugs
to stop brain stem tumours. We have identified a number of drugs and we really hope to be able
to take them to the clinic as soon as possible. And for parents who have been given
the unimaginable diagnosis about their child, Ren Pedersen has this message. Understand that there people are
working behind the scenes tirelessly to make a difference for their kids. For the first time ever,
there's hope. If you'd like to help,
go to our website.

Just ahead in Seven News - the colourfully branded
toxic chemicals putting children at risk.

But first, Jim's here with sport and some big names return
for the Wallabies?

Good evening, everyone. First tonight,
it was Sydney's Cox Plate with trainer Chris Waller
and jockey Hugh Bowman teaming up The mighty mare was awesome
and Bowman's ride superb. Criterion was second
and Highland Reel third. Tasmanian iron horse The Cleaner
and Moe-trained Mourinho jostled for sentimental favouritism as the battlers took on
the blue bloods in Australasia's
weight-for-age classic. RACE CALLER: They're off! The Cleaner and English horse Arod
set a cracking pace but both tired 600m from home as Hugh Bowman
weaved his way through on Winx. Winx got the dream run and shot to the lead
from The Cleaner. And the Sydney mare
didn't look back, smashing
Might And Power's race record. What a win! Winx has bolted in the Cox Plate
by four lengths to Criterion! Highland Reel ran third! All I wanted to be
when I was a little boy was to be a jockey... (SNIFFLES) To win a race like this, um,
I can't tell you how much it means. She just put the foot down
turning for home and shades of Sunline, wasn't it? Her Majesty the Queen had a runner
in the Moonee Valley Cup. The English horse Bold Sniper
was no match for The United States. RACE CALLER:
Grabs the lead in the final stages and The United States gets up to win
three-quarters, Prince Of Penzance. The Lloyd Williams-owned stayer
smashed the race record and it wasn't the only thing broken as Nash Rawiller
fell off Big Memory just after the winning post. COMMENTATOR: The iron has broken. COMMENTATOR 2: How lucky's that it
didn't happen earlier in the race? Jameka took on the boys in the vase and Damien Oliver got just enough
out of the star filly, who's bound for The Oaks. RACE CALLER: Took the lead late
and Jameka too strong, too powerful. More than 40,000 fans
are heading to Allianz Stadium for tonight's sold-out Sydney derby between Sydney FC and the Wanderers. The Sky Blues will be out
to claim a fourth win in their past five games
against Western Sydney. Last night, the Newcastle Jets
defeated Melbourne Victory 1-0, thanks to a David Carney stunner. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a goal! How well they did they work that,
David Carney?! The win is the Jets' second
of the season. It was the news
every Wallabies fan wanted to hear with star duo Israel Folau
and David Pocock passed fit to play in Monday morning's World Cup
semifinal against Argentina at Twickenham. But prop Scott Sio is out with James Slipper taking his place
in the line-up. It had been a race against time
for David Pocock but one which involved
little running. He only completed
his first full training session a few hours before
being declared fit to play. Like the number eight, Israel Folau had spent more time
in the ice bath than on the paddock in recent days. His ankle injury proved slow to heal but he too made it through training
when it mattered. At this stage of the tournament, every team is probably
going through this - guys carrying niggles, and maybe not training fully
during the week to get up for the weekend and we're no different. Scott Sio was put through
running drills but his bruised elbow
caused too much discomfort. He'll be replaced by James Slipper. Coach Michael Cheika
has singled out set pieces as a key area
the team needs to work on after sluggish efforts
against Scotland.

We're just right in the middle of
where we need to improve massively, I feel. Helping them to do that has been
former Argentine international, now Wallabies scrum coach,
'Super' Mario Ledesma. It's an interesting match
obviously, because we're against his country,
his nation of birth, and you know, obviously,
where he's played passionately for but I see that as a great challenge. Australia has only lost to the Pumas
twice since 1997 but the side they'll face
in the semifinal is very different to the Argentina
of old. They lead the tournament in offloads and are second to the All Blacks
in points scored. And they've shown an all-round game
in this tournament so, you know,
we've prepared accordingly for that. You know what, you need to hold on
to your own ball, you need to build pressure
upon their team. And with Pocock back,
that might be a little easier. Australian captain Steve Smith
is adamant a knee complaint won't rule him out
of the upcoming test series against New Zealand. Smith has brushed off concerns over
Australia's inexperienced line-up and he's not locked in
to batting three against the Kiwis. Call it the captain's curse, Michael Clarke
spent his entire career managing a back injury. Now the current skipper
could be headed down a similar path with an ongoing knee complaint. It will be fine. I just need to manage it
and ice it every now and then. I can still play with it
so it's no drama at all. What IS a drama
is Australia's top order. After a string of
post-Ashes test retirements, Australia will head to the Gabba
in just 13 days with one of their most
inexperienced line-ups. I think a lot of the young batters
coming through at the moment are top order players so if I see them fit
to fit in the top three, then I'll bat four, but I won't bat any lower than that,
I can tell you that. Selectors are keeping
a close eye on auditions. Joe Burns and Usman Khawaja
pressed their claims with centuries in today's tour match
against the Kiwis. The man tipped to become
David Warner's new opening partner, Cameron Bancroft, struggled last night,
making just one. New Zealand's 102-run victory
over the Prime Minister's XI has cricket greats believing they'll claim their first
test series win in Australia in 30 years. They easily handled the pink ball while Australian veteran Adam Voges
wasn't happy. Was sorta 28 overs old and it looked like
it was 68 overs old, to be fair, so to be honest, it didn't hold up very well
at all tonight. And after being hit in the mouth, Redbacks captain Travis Head
is fine to lead his team in tomorrow's Matador Cup final against a star-studded
New South Wales side. It was a day to forget
for V8 Supercars championship leader
Mark Winterbottom in the opening race
of the Gold Coast 600. Winterbottom finished second last after he collided with Garth Tander
in the pit lane. Shane Van Gisbergen
teamed up with Jonathan Webb to claim a pole to flag victory. COMMENTATOR: He loves his drifting. He is revelling on the streets
of Surfers Paradise. You are the man.

The second race is tomorrow on the Gold Coast. Craig Lowndes finished third and shaved more than 93 points off
Winterbottom's championship lead. The second practice session for
the F1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas was called off as thunderstorms and torrential rain
brought on by Hurricane Patricia lashed the circuit.

Mick Fanning is edging closer to claiming
a fourth world surfing title after progressing to Round 3
of the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. Fanning will clinch the championship
if he wins the event and title rival Adriano de Souza
finishes outside the top 10. The Brazilian was beaten
by a local wildcard and will need to survive
a sudden-death elimination heat. Star Sydney Kings import
Josh Childress is facing another stint
on the sidelines. After missing the opening four games
of the season, Childress has
a suspected broken hand

following last night's 11-point
loss to the Adelaide 36ers. It was the Kings'
fourth straight defeat.

It pumped about the game tonight at Aliir Stadium. It has got the houseful. It is great for the game. How did you go today? I backed Winx but I was really be happy to see how it panned out on Winx. A frightening Dutch study has shown just how tempting
household chemicals can be to children. Given the option of a toy or
brightly coloured cleaning products the majority take the toxic option and thousands are seriously injured
as a result. As a busy of mum of two, Blaire Coupland does her level best
to shut out danger from her home. You can't look away
for more than two seconds. Each year, around 3,500 children
end up in hospital after accidents involving
household cleaning products. Cleaning the house
is very difficult. We have to do it
when they're asleep, otherwise
we just don't get anything done because you never know
what they're gonna pick up. A fascinating world-first study
from the Netherlands has shown given the choice between picking up
a toy or a bottle of bleach, kids will more often
opt for the poison. It's uncovered that children,
just like adults, are enticed by pretty packaging
and lovely smells so they're looking at these products
and thinking, "That's much more interesting
than that toy over there." The Dutch government filmed children
aged between one and four on a hidden camera. Half chose the stain remover
over a toy. 64% opted for paint and 82% bleach.

Parents can use an online test
to see how their own child reacts. And this one is orange juice? It's not orange juice, bubba. They're pretty nasty products. They're designed to kill germs
and, you know, weeds so of course they're going to have
a major effect on little tummies and hands and eyes. They're pink, purple, yellow - the same colours
as all different colour toys so it's just
they need to be plain, clear - no colours, whatsoever. The advice is simple - keep all household cleaning products
out of reach and out of sight and if possible,
in a secure cupboard.

Up next in Seven News - final preparations underway
for tomorrow's 7 Bridges Walk. Warm and sunny conditions
for Sydney tomorrow ahead of a change on Monday. The details are next.

Trade has always been
our shopfront to the world. Now that we've signed
free trade export agreements with China, South Korea and Japan... We can grow our business
into these markets. we're more competitive. It also means more Aussie jobs
safeguarded to protect local workers. So we can hire more locals. When we open up markets,
it opens up new opportunities and that's everyone's business.

MAN: Met a pretty wonderful girl. VOICEOVER: What if the love
of your life just disappeared? Gone. Less than a minute. And 46 years later...

This is where the trail
of Lucille's known movements ends. She didn't run away.

There's no way.

Was she taken by a killer? This fellow,
he'd already admitted to it. The dramatic new evidence. Do you think
this is Lucille's grave? In a Sunday Night
original investigation, the beauty queen murder. Do you believe your brother Geoffrey
killed Lucille Butterworth? Better stop it now.

The trail
to the prime suspect...

..ends here.

Only on 7's Sunday Night.

Tonight's Seven News headlines - a major emergency is unfolding
in Mexico after the country was hit
by the most powerful hurricane in recorded history. A teenager father
is lucky to be alive after he was accidently
shot in the head in Western Sydney. And irreplaceable pieces
of the city's transport heritage have been destroyed
in a suspected arson attack. Thousands of people
will lace up their runners tomorrow for the annual
Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk. The Seven News-sponsored event
is now in its 10th year and will see participants
lap the Harbour in a 27km closed circuit. Walkers can start wherever they want and follow the bridges through Milsons Point, Rozelle, Drummoyne, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and North Sydney. Past events have raised
over $2 million for charity. Angie has the forecast for us now. Angie, we've got a change
on the way.

Mel, good evening. Yes,
the showers will be back this week. They won't arrive in time
to spoil your Sunday, though. Very good news for the first weekend
of Sculptures By The Sea. The Bondi to Bronte Walk
was pretty slow going today as crowds made their way around
the exhibition and what a day for it. The hardest part
was finding a car park. We ended up with a top of 22 degrees
in the city - that's right on average. Big blue skies across the board.

From the satellite, a surface trough across Queensland is pushing some cloud
over the top end of New South Wales. We've got also got warm northerlies
feeding down into our state. That will fuel falls of just a couple of millimetres
there tomorrow. Apart from that, a high is keeping
conditions here fine. Around the country:

Fine conditions will stay with us
right through until tomorrow. Warm, a top of 25 degrees in Sydney.

Looking ahead, a trough will bring showers
from Monday. Cooler on Tuesday with 20 degrees. The rest of the week,
we're aiming for 22 or 23. In our west, a possible storm
and 33 degrees on Monday.

Tomorrow is definitely looking like the pitch. That is the one. Thank you. Tomorrow on Sunday Night - police close in on a killer in one of our country's
most baffling murder mysteries.

On Sunday Night -
the search for the killer. It should never have happened. She was young, beautiful
and about to be married. Then, she was gone. This is a story of murder
and an original police investigation that was a total disaster. It was just a bumbling mess. They had him. He had given the confession. Startling new clues. I wanted to see
if his eyes were shaking, like they were
when he was attacking me. Compelling new evidence. Do you believe your brother Geoffrey
killed Lucille Butterworth? Now, better stop it, then. Also, inside
the world's strangest prison. We're planning for you
to step back inside those walls. It's like a being in
an apartment complex. There are no guards here. This place is run by the inmates. Things can turn violent
very quickly. Do we need to go? We need to get through the main
courtyard, yeah.

I hope you can join me
tomorrow night at 6:00. That's Seven News for this Saturday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening and on Sunrise tomorrow. I'm Melissa Doyle. I hope you have a great night. Supertext captions by Ericsson.