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This program is captioned live. Tonight, Sydney police raid
homes and question suspects. They are close to an arrest
in the mother-daughter murders, and there is an unexpected twist. A Sydney killer who butchered
an innocent husband found not guilty of murder
because he's insane. The greedy banks
play follow the leader. All four have now jacked up their
mortgage interest rates. It's just hours now before
city traffic turns feral. But there could be a cut in tolls
to help compensate drivers.

And the painful results when a
Sydney driver took a wrong turn
in his own garage.

This is Ten Eyewitness News -
First at Five - with Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton.

Good evening. We now have
a much clearer picture of how - and possibly why - a mother and
daughter were murdered and dumped in different states as police here in Sydney
and in Adelaide get close to who killed them. It turns out it was probably
a brutal crime gang - and suspects are now being questioned, and homes
here in Sydney are being raided. Some of the suspected killers are
already in prison for unrelated crimes, but others
are still on the streets. The remains of
Karlie Pearce-Stevenson were found in the Belanglo State
Forest in Sydney's south, while her little girl Kandalyce was
stuffed in a suitcase and dumped on a South Australian
highway - probably because Karlie saw -
or knew - too much. Daniel Sutton joins us
from police headquarters. Dan, it looks like this
investigation is now moving incredibly quickly. Remarkable considering a couple of days ago we didn't know who either of the Vic tills were, nor that their cases were even connected. Now police are talking about closing in on the people responsible. Now, I say "people", because police have revealed their suspicion that more than one person was involved in the two brutal crimes. At least one, they sus speblth, is already behind bars on unrelated charges but others are not and now homes are raided as they search for evidence. A young mother, her daughter,
two terrible crimes and now a breakthrough. Over the past two days police have
searched a number of homes in the ACT and South Australia that
are occupied by people connected with Karlie and Khandalyce. Those searches have
been very productive. Also productive,
visits by detectives to NSW jails, where several inmates with
convictions for violent crimes have been interviewed as suspects. One key -
the car Karlie Pearce-Stevenson was driving as she and little
Khandalyce travelled south from Alice Springs back in 2006. It was a VL Commodore wagon,
red or maroon, like this one, with top end plates. Police know who was driving it
after the mother and daughter disappeared. Karlie, they believe,
was violently killed in the same area where her body was found in
2010, the Belanglo State Forest, south-west of Sydney, known as
the hunting ground of Ivan Milat. A clumsy attempt, perhaps,
to blame the murder on him. It is reasonable to assume that one
theory is it was to throw us off track but that's not certain. We are currently pursuing
a very strong line of inquiry but we are keeping an open mind. We are also speaking with people
who we suspect have knowledge of what happened to this young mum
and little girl. This investigation has now begun to
move very quickly and today police chose their words very carefully. It's now clear they believe more
than one person was involved in this crime, either multiple killers
or a single murderer who had help.

Samantha played netball with Karlie in High School. I think that's another reason why so many families can relate. It could have been their daughter, it could have been their sister. It could have been, you know, it's that easy, it hits close to home, this violence against women, crimes against women. It really needs to stop. In Alice Springs
the victims' family has been appeals for donations to bring
their bodies home, a bill now being picked up by the South Australian
Government and victims' groups. The family were overwhelmed. It was something
which they had not considered. They thought that it was generous. They'll be laid to rest here at
the Alice Springs Garden Cemetery, next to Karlie's mother and her
loving grandmother, who died in 2011 without knowing her fate. Our focus is on gathering evidence
and building a solid case. Even, so, they remain hopeful, even
confident, of an early arrest.

They are asking the public not to engage in speculation. They have asked for time to be able to gather the evidence. That they need so that when arrests are made and charges laid, they can secure convictions when this matter goes to court. That's what everyone hopes for. Thank you. A Sydney man who stabbed a real
estate agent to death in cold blood -
and for no reason - has been found not guilty of
murder because he is deeply disturbed. Adam Brewer had only just been let
out of a mental hospital and was high on drugs at the time. Letisha Willocks was in court.

This is the man who stabbed
father-to-be Vissa Esan. I lost him, my son list him. It's broke,
the father and son relationship. Today his family shed tears
as a judge found Adam Brewer not guilty of murder on the grounds
of mental illness. I got a beautiful boy from him,
to remember his face, so I see him through my son. Mr Esan had just arrived
at work in Pendle Hill on March 13, 2014 when he was approached by
Mr Brewer. The deceased backed out of the office holding a broom. They then began to fight.

The pair fought again and the
47-year-old was fatally stabbed. At this stage you are under arrest. In his police interview
Mr Brewer said:

He also admitted to taking
ice just hours before. Adam Brewer looked dazed
as the judge detailed his long history of mental illness
and substance abuse, including his last psychological assessment.

He admitted to hearing voices in his head. The same day he was released from the pyschiatric hospital. Mr Esan's wife wants change. That's what I expect,
so they should be closely monitored and it won't harm another person. Well, exactly as predicted,
all four of the big banks have now pushed up
their home loan interest rates. The NAB and the ANZ joined the
feeding frenzy today, kicking families while they
continue to post record multibillion dollar profits. Paul Bongiorno joins us now. Clearly, for the banks, being rich
is better than being popular. Hugh, it looks that way. The Reserve Bank has not raised the cost of money to the retail banks for five years. It's not only the Federal Opposition demanding a "please explain" why these latest rises are not the banks gouging customers. Treasurer Scott Morrison was
visiting a milk export operation as news broke all four big banks
were now milking their customers for more cash. At the end of the day customers can
choose where they want to bank and shop and buy their milk. He applauds a strong banking
system and says it's up to them to explain themselves. I am making no judgement
about the banks. The official rates are
at historic lows. Money's never been cheaper
for the banks but they're making it dearer for their customers.

Money experts say it's time to
switch lenders or go for a fixed loan. It's a great time for
considering fixing. We're seeing fixed rates below 4%. There's plenty of incentive.

The Opposition says
Malcolm Turnbull and his Treasurer should be demanding
the banks behave better. The banks are doing very well
at the moment. How much profit do some
of these large multibillion dollar operations have to make
before they say enough is enough? He says the Government is soft
on the banks and hard on families. Bank bashing is
of course is national past-time. The big four just keep providing
ammunition, but one borrower who has seen his income almost halved
in the past month is about to get a consoling revenue boost. New backbencher Tony Abbott has
been signed up by the Washington Speakers' Bureau. Its website says you can book him
for around $40,000. Nice work if you can get it. The world around the Liberal Party is that Tony Abbott spends to remain in Parliament and that could restrict his ability to hit that lucrative international speakers' circuit next year. On the other side of politics, Bill Shorten got another shock in the polls today?The Morgan Poll found that Malcolm Turnbull is preferred Prime Minister.

Gary Morgan reminds us it was his poll in 1998 that had Hawke 69% to John Howard 18%, which led to the famous bulletin cover - "Why does this man bother?" It took John Howard eight years to bother and recover. The State Government is now
seriously toying with the idea of slashing the toll on the Cross City
Tum to compensate drivers while the city is turned on its head during
construction of the new tram line. In just under three hours from now,
George Street will become an official nightmare. Adam Walters has more. George Street will be blocked
from 8 o'clock tonight but that will hardly be the moment of truth
for our most severe traffic disruption since the Olympics. Our biggest fear is Monday
when we see the first peak-hour after the closure. The Government is relying heavily
on motorists to educate themselves on the MySydney website
on how to beat the upheaval from the light rail's construction. It shows the best alternative
routes through and around the CBD.

Try public transport. Please re-time your journey to
earlier or later, or travel those routes around the edges. If that message isn't heard
by general traffic we will gridlock the city.

For those wanting to literally
drive under the chaos the Roads Minister hasn't ruled out
a discount on the toll for the Cross City Tunnel. Any suggestion that's sensible
is worth looking at. It's currently being evaluated. Cabbies among those facing
the stiffest challenge. What we do ask, though,
is just that passengers be a little bit patient as we work with
everyone just to settle this down. The last time north-south traffic
in the city was disrupted in such a serious way was way back in 1987
when this section of Pitt Street was converted forever into a
pedestrian mall, but if Transport Minister says there's no danger
of history repeating itself. He says the closure of
George Street is going to be much, much worse. This is unchartered territory
for us. By September next year all
of George Street will be a construction zone and
by then driver also be told to pretend it doesn't even exist.

If you're an air traveller,
here comes another tax - the government is toying with the
idea of a brand new slug everytime you leave Sydney airport. The idea is to raise hundreds of
millions of dollars to put towards
the new airport at Badgerys Creek. Here's Ursula Heger. The need for a second Sydney
airport is clear. But should long-suffering airline
passenger be the ones to pay? There's too much of this passing
the buck back to the consumer. We pay enough tax as it is. The Federal Government is
reportedly considering a $5 levy on all domestic flights
and $10 on international flights, to secure funding for
the first stages of the Badgerys
Creek airport and train line. That's a bit steep actually -
especially if you are just passing through,
and for international travellers. $10 on a plane fare is nothing
really, if it means we are going to
get easier access to an airport. The plan was revealed in the former
Treasurer's farewell speech, leaving the current one
wishing he'd gone quietly. That was a proposal
of the previous Treasurer, and he's got every right to go and
note that in his farewell speech. But the government is very much
focussed on these discussions. If the tax is applied to
Kingsford Smith's nearly 39 million passengers,
the government will land around $262 million every year.

Long-suffering airline passengers
are no strangers to being hit with extra charges -
in just the past 25 years, there's been levies for the
Sydney Olympics, extra quarantine measures for foot
and mouth disease, and extras for national security
upgrades and fuel increases. Most of those levies in fact
stayed on - they all constitute
the passenger movement charge. Those charges across
the country will rake in around $957 million
this financial year. And if you look at where the money
is spent, there's a huge margin. Something that could see this
plan grounded, at least for now. Ursula Heger, 10 Eyewitness News.

A simple mistake
from an elderly driver cost him dearly this morning, after he tore down
his own garage with his car. Luckily, the great-grandfather
escaped the wreck with just minor injuries,
but as Elleesa Throwden reports, it means he probably
won't drive again.

It's hard to imagine the elderly man escaped with only a hand injury. And 87-year-old Agostino Caccioti
couldn't have imagined that this was how he'd be leaving
his house this morning. Ready, everyone, got a side. 1, 2, 3 - lift! Did you want to go with him
in the ambulance? I think I'd better. The great grandfather was trying to
reverse out of the garage but went the wrong way,
taking out the centre wall. I raced out. His car was going
and I could hear him yelling out and he was stuck under the garage. He was trapped
for more than an hour until firefighters cut him free. Paramedics were
so concerned the roof would cave in, only one was allowed to be
by Agostino's side at a time. I was concerned until the Fire
Brigade assured me it was stablised as much as they possibly could. Mr Caccioti's undergone surgery and
is recovering in Sydney Hospital But when he returns he'll have to
take a rest from his busy lifestyle of lawn bowls and visiting friends. The 87-year-old has lived here
alone since his wife died ten years ago. Sadly his independence is
about to be reined in. Police say it's unlikely he'll
be allowed to drive again. More time at home to rebuild and
spend time with the neighbours. He's a great old man. I got two boys and they treat him
like a grandfather. They're always over there helping
him out, playing, whatever. A bulldozer will demolish what's
left of the garage tomorrow.

Still to come, we solve
a million-dollar Sydney mystery. Four men on the run after a
daring cash-grab in our south-west. Plus, scammers target hundreds of
Australians through Medicare. And has the Hayne plane crashed
before it even took off?

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Having friends over for a bite.

Brekkie on the deck.

Sun-dried sheets.

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Four men remain on the run,
after an elaborate ram-raid in Sydney's south-west
early this morning. The group, seen here on security
cameras wearing balaclavas, used a stolen ute to smash their
way into Roselands shopping centre and knock an ATM off its footings. They loaded the machine,
which was filled with cash, into a van and fled. Our eye in the sky is hovering above. AlfPar a -- Alf Paranihi, it's slow going on Centenary Drive. Yes, it's slow going down from Arthur Street to lid come. You see delays from the Iron Cove Bridge and the Lane Cove Tunnel and through to the M4.

Hundreds of Australians may have
had their identities stolen just for using Medicare.

Hundreds of Australians may have
been targeted in the scam, but they're none the wiser. They have not even advised
citizens that their identity could have been compromised. It was revealed last night that
a NSW strike force is investigating 369 cases of potentially identity
theft over the past two years. Has there been
a potential estimate made of the potential loss to these citizens? Until we've finished
the investigations into each of those matters,
we can't determine a final figure. The minister refused to comment
on the potential victims because of the ongoing police
operation but promised punishment. For those who would seek to take
money from their neighbour, as in taxpayers' money that's not
theirs, we will hunt you down and we will catch you. Labor says it's not good enough,
questioning the safety of the system and calling
for a wider investigation, but the Government says the cases
only involved petty crime. These cases are criminals who
have taken files from a doctor's surgery and are impersonating
fellow Australians and trying to claim Medicare benefits. I'm very confident
in the department systems. So far 38 confirmed cases
of fraud has recovered $30,000. While the Government is downplaying
the significance of the scam, experts are warning it's
a growing problem. Worldwide it's extremely prevalent. It's something that we're only just
coming to grips with in Australia. Those worried about potential
fraud should call the hotline.

We've got some news now
on the mystery owner of a derelict Surry Hills terrace we
told you about on Wednesday night. You'll remember the local council
was owed $20,000 in rates for this junk-filled property, listed as a deceased estate
and vacant for nearly a decade. Well, thanks to our story,
the owners have been tracked down. They are two sisters who were left
the home by their father and grandmother. One had been living in the home,
but moved out in 2007. The other only realised the house
was empty when she saw our story. It's likely the property will
be sold to pay the debts.

To the weather. Tim, it hasn't been the best week. How is the weekend? Are you over the hours of storms and showers? I'm sure you are. If there is a good time to move on the galloping grey and concentrate on the wide blue beyonder folks, Friday night would be it - would it not? Timing is everything in this game and we get it right tonight. Big high pressure system over Bass Strait slips to the taz main Sea and dominates the next 48 hours. That means Saturday and Sunday in Sydney - 22-25, hardly a cloud. Penrith 25-29, sunshine and it's rites at you. And an eye on a trough across WA that will bring widespread rainfall through the west of NSW come around late Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekend fine, but irrigation on the way from the precipitation, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. That's about perfect. See you again five to six. Up next, a hostage rescue
mission goes very wrong in Iraq.

Also tonight, a terrifying
attack on a Swedish high school. And will they play, or won't they? A tense wait
for three Wallaby stars.

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A 20-year-old masked man has
shocked the world posing with
Swedish school students for photos before going on stabbing rampage. He killed two people
and injured several others before police shot him dead.
Reed Robinson has more. Armed with a sword and dressed
like Darth Vader, this is the man who carried out a sickening attack
at a school in Sweden, stabbing two teachers and two students. This Year 8 boy says
at first everybody thought it was some sort of Hallowe'en joke,
then the masked man went berserk. He then went from classroom to
classroom knocking on the door and stabbing whoever opened it. Three people are dead - a teacher,
a student and the killer himself. He was shot by police
and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The motive
for his attack is unclear, but the killer is thought to be a
white extremist who posted online about Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Sweden's Prime Minister has
expressed his sympathies to families of the victims declaring
the attack a black day for Sweden.

The first American soldier has been
killed in Iraq since the US re-entered the War
there to fight the so-called Islamic State. The Pentagon has confirmed a
Special Operations soldier was fatally wounded during an
operation with Kurdish fighters to rescue 70 hostages being held
by ISIS. This operation was deliberately
planned and launched after receiving information that
the hostages faced imminent mass execution. Despite the death of their soldier
the US says the one-off mission was a success with all
the hostages freed.

Mexican police have dealt
a major blow to the country's
infamous drug cartels, uncovering
a major smuggling tunnel. The 800-metre long passage
begins in a warehouse in the Mexican city of Tijuana and
runs under the border with the US to another warehouse in San Diego. 16 suspected drug traffickers
and around 9 tonnes of marijuana, worth tens of millions of dollars,
were seized during the raid. It's not know how long
the tunnel has been in use.

The Plough at Cadsden sounds
like a nice place for a pint - so nice in fact that British Prime
Minister David Cameron took Chinese President Xi Jinping
there for dinner. The pair enjoyed a beer or two and even a very English serve
of fish and chips. The locals were impressed too,
posing for photos with two of the world's
most powerful men. The very informal pub dinner comes as President Xi wraps up
his 4-day trip to the UK.

It was poorly repaired in 2014, now King Tutankhamen's burial mask will be restored. A team of international experts has flown to Cairo to fix King Tut's broken beerdz and try to carry out restoration on the only mask of its kind. It's not known how long it will take, but a comprehensive study will be undertaken in the restoration process to work out how the Egyptians made such a beautiful mask. Still to come, why peer pressure
isn't just a problem for kids. Also tonight,
the terrifying new drug that's just landed on
Australian streets. And has this dangerous
father and son duo given the police the slip again?

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A woman who helped her boyfriend
escape from Goulburn Prison has been thrown in jail herself. Beau Wiles escaped
from the correctional centre last month by scaling a fence. While inside he'd used
a mobile phone to communicate with his girlfriend Rebecca Watts,
and together the couple, who called themselves Bonnie
and Clyde, planned his getaway. Watts, who pleaded guilty to
a string of charges, will spend at least 18 months behind bars. Two small northern Victorian towns are under heavy police guard as the hunt for a fugitive father and son continue oi o continues. The search area for Gino and Mark Stocco has been exspandzed after a police car was rammed by a four-wheel drive with stolen number plates late yesterday. It's 40 hours since they were last seen by police. Considering the extent of the area, it's not possible to cover every aspect and every dirt track.A community meeting was also held today to address any local concerns. Now traffic with Alf Paranihi. The usual Friday night jam towards the M1? Yes, we're looking at heavy traffic. This is from the M2 through to Thompson's Corner and up to the F3. Business quick patches westbound as you journey from the M2, Lane Cove Road through to Pennant Hills Road.

Police are alarmed
about the re-emergence of a dangerous drug on Australian
streets, in a new and deadly form. Known as N-bomb, or liquid acid, a bottle of the synthetic
hallucinogen has been seized for the first time in Australia. Previously available in tablets
or on blotting paper, the drug causes
bizarre and dangerous behaviour. Three years ago, a man died after repeatedly running
himself into a tree. We're really alarmed that
in a liquid form the chances of an overdose are
exponentially increased. Police still have no idea where
the batch was made or how much
of it is still out there.

Giving up the grog is being made harder than it should be by the hard-drinking culture here. A new study discovered people are made outcasts if they quit.

She may be surrounded by some
of the best drops in the world, but Jaklin Elliot's choice
of drink is now water. It was a bit awkward to start with,
because it's like you know so normal, "Can I get you a drink?" Drinking alcohol is part
of the Aussie culture. Alcohol is often something we drink
with friends, with family or with partners. It's something we often use to
celebrate, to acknowledge people's achievements with toasts. Studies show cutting out or
reducing consumption can reduce the risk of cancer,
disease and other health problems. But Bartram's study on people 25
years and over shows reduced intake for three months or more isn't
a straightforward change. They're either going to be judged
themselves or they're actually going to come across
as judging their friends. I really noticed it as the evening
wore on and people got merry and you sort of feel left out. And it can be more socially
acceptable having a reason to stop. There's Feb Fast
and then there's Dry for July and then there's Oct-sober. If you don't want to go,
"I'm doing it for this, this, and this reason", it gets
a bit tedious after a while. But there are plenty
of positives in cutting back. You tend to drink a bit more
on a Friday and I noticed that on a Saturday I was really ready
to get up and go. You know, it was like, "Hello day. "I'm good, I'm good to go", whereas
before I was like, "Oh no". The research has found strategies
for people who wish to follow suit. They're normally
the people who go to the bar and buy the drinks, so that way
they can buy the drink they want. If you can do it with a friend, you
have that sort of social support.

We've got more on tonight's big
stories just ahead. Then in Sport, why Jarryd Hayne
was dumped for the first time in
his NFL career. Also tonight, the secret
training sessions that have David Warner ready to
explode this summer. Our exclusive interview next. And slip-ups at Surfers Paradise
ahead of the Gold Coast 600. The latest from pit lane coming up.

Tonight's top stories: Police have
revealed they now believe more than one person is responsible for the murders of Karlie
Pearce-Stevenson and her daughter Khandalyce. Investigators have spoken to
several suspects and have raided several homes. All four big banks have now
jacked-up their home-loan interest rates,
despite the Reserve bank leaving the official cash-rate at
a record low. And in just over two hours part of George Street will close
to all cars. And the Government is now seriously
considering lowering the toll on the Cross City Tunnel to compensate
drivers for the years of chaos ahead while the new tram line
is built.

Time for Sport with Matt Burke. Matt, when will Wallabies coach
Michael Cheika make the call on his
injured trio of stars?

We'll find out
after a training run later tonight if David Pocock, Israel Folau
and Scott Sio will line up against Argentina on Monday morning. The injured trio haven't trained
much at all since the Wallabies' last-minute win against Scotland, a great escape
which has drawn comparisons to the 91 World Cup-winning Wallabies,
who were saved in their quarterfinal by Michael Lynagh.

Back in 91 we had to score
a try which we managed to do. That was the making of the team
in 91. Hopefully the same thing
will happen for this team. James Slipper will likely replace
Sio at problem as he looks to atone for that
intercept pass against the Scots.

Jarryd Hayne has paid the price
for a string of fumbles with the 49er dumped for the first time
in his brief NFL career. The former Eels superstar was made
"inactive" as struggling San Francisco
suffered another loss, this time to Seattle. Coach Jim Tomsula had little
to say about axing Hayne. Is he OK with it, or is he upset?
He was fine. I mean, he didn't like it,
but he's fine. Post-game, Hayne said being dropped
was "part of the journey".

The Wanderers refuse to bite back
at trash talk from Graham Arnold ahead of tomorrow night's
showdown against Sydney FC. Many of the new look side have
never played in a Sydney derby, but they're ready
for a hostile reception from the sell-out crowd at Allianz
Stadium. They're all good players that played this big matches. This club is accustomed to playing big games and winning big trophies. The Wanderers have failed to beat
the Sky Blues in their last four encounters. In a boost for Australia ahead
of the first Test against New Zealand, David
Warner's set to return from a broken thumb in the opening round of
the Sheffield Shield next week. And a rigorous training regime has the explosive opener
in career-best shape. Adam Hawse has the story. Here's proof David Warner's
committed to taking Australian
cricket back to the top. Sidelined with a broken thumb, he's
turned to sprint training to help launch him into the new
season. I've lost a fewkg and I think I've
lost some muscle, not being able to hold any weights,
but that's why I've done this. With wife Candice and daughter Ivy
urging him on, Warner is revving up with regular sessions under sprint
guru Roger Fabri. The aim: to keep his body and mind
sharp, helping him maintain focus. We've got to try and stand out
in the field all day in test cricket and bat long
periods of time, so for us it's about the mental side of
things and trying to practice
under fatigue. I think he's in great shape.
Yeah, he's in great shape. You're going to see a very powerful
athlete come this cricket season. That's bad news for rivals and - despite his thumb not being
completely healed - Warner confirmed he's a certain
starter for the Blues' opening
Shield game next Wednesday. Then he wants a crack at
New Zealand. My fingers are crossed
for that first test. I am going to participate
in the Shield game. Hopefully I get through that,
which I should. With the test series against
the Kiwis just around the corner, Warner sent out a little warning,
saying he has an old score to settle with our trans-Tasman
rivals. We saw last time they came out here
when I debuted with Mitchell Starc and James Pattison, and they beat
us in the second game. And we saw how hard they
celebrated, and that hurt us because we never
want to lose on home soil. The first test starts at the Gabba
on November 5. Adam Hawse, 10 Eyewitness News.

Nissan has out shone
the usual suspects in practice for this weekend's Gold Coast 600. Driver James Moffat setting
the pace on the Glitter strip. Matt White with
the latest from Pit lane. Day one of the on-track action at the Gold Coast 600 under pretty warm temperatures. Four practices for the V8s. Co-drivers are still in play with this being the final leg of the cup. This is always brutal and it proved that again, especially for car 222, Oliver Gabin pairing up with Purcat, ruined the front left-and side. He wasn't alone and won't be alone through the weekend. Jamie Whincup, the defending series cham qlon, had a close shave and got away with it but struggled for pace and ended 24th out of 25 on the sheets. A welcome return for the Holden Racing Team's Courtney. After the freak accident in Sydney where he suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung he was behind the wheel # and finished in 8th. The man they're trying to catch is car 99 of James Moffat with Chaz Douglas. He topped the time sheets. James confirmed he's leaving Nissan Motor sport next year. He's trying to make a big charge towards the back end of the season. Tomorrow - qualifying followed by the top ten shootout and the first 300km of the Gold Coast 600. You will see it all here on Ten. Check your local guides.

He's an outside shot for victory,
but Tasmanian horse "the Cleaner" is the cult favourite
for tomorrow's Cox Plate. Trainer Mick Burles
returns for his second tilt at the title, and he believes,
this time around, his 8-year-old
is better prepared to clean up. Oh, it'd mean the world to anybody,
coming from where we've come. I've been a battler all my life,
and to win something like that would be just
a retirement ticket, I reckon. Bought for just $10,000, 'The
Cleaner' has won 19 races and more
than $1.2 million in prize money.

Don't you hate when farewells get awkward.Bring it in.There was a clumsy kiss with The Bachelorette. Remember these doozies from around the sporting world. Bubba Watson, and John Key played handsies with the All Blacks Captain and the great Darren Lockyer was left hanging this season. At least our Dom got a kiss from Sam Frost, so he scores our Play of the Day. He's embarrassed but loving it. I think this is an international signal of distress. Soon will be.Shaking hands. Up next - your weekend weather.

Welcome back to Ten Eyewitness News. Welcome back to the Daily Bailey Weather Wall. More importantly, welcome to the weekend T weather Gods are smiling. All the shower and storm activity is dissipating. A high in Bass Strait is moving to the Tasman. That means big blues across most districts of NSW Saturday and Sunday. Sydney - yeah, you are going to giggle. It's going to be 25 degrees on Sunday. What about 22/23 tomorrow? The greater west - Penrith will go from 25 to 29. The good news is while the weekend will be big, blue and sunny, we have got much-needed rainfall moving across Western Australia in a trough line that will get to NSW and we will see falls of 30-50mm from about late Monday through until Wednesday. So big blue skies for the weekend and then some much-needed rainfall. It doesn't get better. A bit of flux in the newsroom, people carrying on. Dom, did you see our producer? He kissed Sam Frost? It was wonderful. A little too late, but lovely to see Dom, who I think is about 32, get his very first kiss. Now to the Weather Wall.

# thank you Katy, that is a terrific image of the instability that rocked NSW over the last 4 hours.


Send them to me. We put them on TV.

Dee, regular contributory, gets the lightning strike.

Let's get to the satellite tonight now.

Low pressure trough, this is the system, this cloud band is the system that will bring some much-needed rainfall to NSW.

That will come Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Most of it out over the taz main Sea, clear NSW, which is the first time can I say that for two or three days. Why is that? Let's look at the weather map. Its plane it perfectly. The big high pushes out the trough and brings fine, sunny conditions for two days. Here is the trough. This will slowly move to the east coast. It won't affect us until late Monday. The good news with some rains coming after a fine and sunny Saturday and Sunday. Timing is everything. Business of the brolly. Up it goes. A fair bit of it on the Queensland coast, you can see that. And a little bit in NSW. Not much for your weekend. This is the rainfall we keep our eye on.

It's weekend-aclock. He's been saying that since 3.He goes like a rocket. That's the

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Survey says it's six o'clock - time for Family Feud.

Now, here's your host, Grant Denyer!


Welcome to another huge Friday night
on the Feud, everybody,

where one of these two families
could take home

$10,000 to spend this weekend.

So, let's meet them right now.

First up, our champs from
Quakers Hill in New South Wales,

the Batchelor family.


Welcome back, Craig.
Alright, Grant?

Great to have you back.

Last time on the Feud,
you guys took $10,000

and it was a bit of a special moment
for me as well, personally. I'd just like to let everybody know

it's the first time
in the history of the Feud

that I got pash rash.

Thank you, Craig, for the beautiful
kiss that I got when you won.

It was amazing, wasn't it?
It was amazing.

I love breaking records, Grant,

and if I can help the Feud
break one by giving you pash rash,

I succeeded. Better than 10 grand.

(LAUGHS) Who's beside you?

Alright, I've got my cousin, Renee,

the old ball and chain,
my partner, Rodney

and my other cousin, Nicole.

Rodney?! Rodney?!

No comment.

Taking them on tonight,
from Melbourne,

it's the Miles family. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Hey, Jodie. Welcome.
Hi. Thank you.

Righto. Who's on this
winning team of yours this evening?

OK, I have my lovely brother, Wade,

my cousin, Megan,
and my cousin, Jacqui.