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(generated from captions) Stay here. Here he is! What about that?! You know what, Magda? a bottle of champagne, I would've given you

knocked it off and gone, OK? except Rowan's already in the Millionaire Hot Seat! What a night it's been Magda survived Nazi Germany, said, "This is the lucky country," came out to Australia, with 50,000 cash. and tonight she walks away the Millionaire Hot Seat. Well done! See you next time in Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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She's back - Pauline Hanson tells

State election. us live why she's running in our

Gangland widow Judy Moran found

guilty of murder.

Prince William heading our way to

visit the victims of natural disasters.

Three shot in a violent home

invasion in the inner west. And

meet the supersized baby who tipped

the scales at more than 5.7kg.

She was Australia's most

controversial politician but

Pauline Hanson is not done yet. The

for government in NSW. former One Nation leader is running

She'll talk to us live in a moment.

First, though, to a day where one

woman stirred up a heated debate.

Pauline Hanson is once again giving

the political system a shake. Hello.

Agree or disagree with her, the

former federal MP's dramatic

entrance adds spark to a dull

campaign. Ask for accountability

and let's get some things moving in

the State. Her brand of divisive

and racist policies have no place

in NSW. I don't think she's going

to be elected and certainly the

Liberal Party and the National

Party won't be extending

preferences to her. The recent

arrival to the beachside community

of Corlette north of Newcastle is

standing as an Independent for the

Upper House. It's the

Queenslander's second attempt to be

in the NSW Parliament. Eight years

Party. ago she was beaten by the Shooters'

REPORTER: Is she a citizen or

serial pest? That's for people to

make up their own minds. It's

interesting how scared all the

political parties seem to be that

she's trying to get back into

public office. 2.5 weeks doesn't

leave much time for campaigning. I

think it's a bad thing. I'm not a

fan. It's a democracy, thank

goodness. Good on her. David Jold

field won a seat for One Nation in

the Upper House in 1999 and says

the appeal of his former boss can't

be underestimated. Given the way

the system works in the Upper House,

elected. there's a good chance she could be

Pauline Hanson's chances of winning

one of 21 seats on offer in the

Upper House depend in part on

tomorrow afternoon's ballot draw.

If she's lucky enough to get into a

prominent position on the far left-

hand side of the paper, the odds of

her getting a seat will shorten.

Pauline Hanson joins he now. You're

a well known Queenslander. What do

you know about NSW? I've been

coming to NSW for some time and

I've actually chosen to make it my

home. I live at Port Stephens and

it's my home now. What are you

going to do, hypothetically, if you

are elected, for families who are

really struggling with increased

power prices? They're not coping at

all. Can you make a difference?

Look, I think I can make a

difference in the up irhouse. It's

the house of review where you can

speak on floor of Parliament about

issues. People need someone who is

prepared to speak up on issues. You

know, accountability and call to

ask questions on the floor of

Parliament and honesty and

integrity - Can you help those

families? You know what? They need

the Government to do it. I'm not

going to be the government. I'm one

voice in the Upper House. They need

to have someone who will call the

government to accountability and

that's going to be my job as well,

that I need to do that on behalf of

the people of NSW. You've been

elected once from numerous attempts.

How do your kids feel about you

going back into the fire? It draws

heat to the family and draws a lot

of attention to the family. It does

and I've tried to keep my children

out of the political side of it and

I've just got off the phone from my

son who rang and said, "Mum, all

the best. We're proud of you."

That's what they have said to me

and I have another son who going

through some issues himself which

upsets me greatly but he said, "Mum,

this is important to you and to the

Australian people." He said, "We

need you in there." And he said,

"I'll be fine." So you have their

support? Most definitely. The

Premier says you're running a One

Nation racist agenda. What do you

say to that? Because it's in her

interest to raise this. There's no

agenda whatsoever. They don't want

to see me in Parliament. They don't

want to see me on the floor of

Parliament raising these questions.

You know, she's sold this State out by privatising the electricity.

She's come out and said that she is

going to stop the privatisation of

water. What do the people know

about this? They've never heard

about it before. I've been speaking

about this privatisation of water

since 1996/'97 and now she's

raising it. I don't trust her. I

don't trust any of them and neither

do a lot of the public and that's

why they're fed up with them.

Pauline Hanson, thank you. Thank


A dramatic new chapter has been

written in Melbourne's 'Underbelly'

wars. Gangland widow Judy Moran has

been found guilty of murdering her

brother-in-law and is likely spo to

spend the rest of her life in jail.

She came to prominence as a

grieving wife and mother, a crime

matriarch, who lost two husbands

underworld war. and then two sons in a vicious

Just remember my son is a beautiful

boy. But today, Judy Moran became a

fully fledged member of Melbourne's

underbelly, convicted of murder.

She heads off to jail with a wave

and the sympathy of a gangland

survivor. I feel terribly sad for

Judy. I don't believe any woman or

mother should go through what she's

been through in her life. Moran

didn't fire the gun that killed her

brother-in-law, Des 'Tuppence'

Moran, but she did everything else,

including driving the shooter's

getaway car. The grandmother's

defence was at the time of the

shooting she was at her son's grave

site. But CCTV put her in a cafe

and then walking past the crime

scene. Even more damning - police

located the gunman's clothing in a

safe at Moran's house as well as a

loaded shotgun.

A live shotgun shell has been

ejected from the chamber.

A former dancer, Judy Moran once

acknowledged that living in

Melbourne's underbelly was a

double-edged sword. There's an evil

side of the underworld and

there's... A nicer side, I feel.

But there's nothing nice about the

prospect of spending the rest of her life in jail.

date. Moran will be sentenced at a later

Damien Ryan, Nine News.

Just weeks before his wedding,

Prince William is heading down

under to visit disaster zones in

Australia and New Zealand. The

prince's royal tour will begin next

Thursday in Christchurch. The next

day he'll visit Greymouth and meet

the families of the men killed at

the Pike River mine. On Saturday,

the prince will fly to queed and,

over two days, visit areas --

Queensland, and, over two days,

visit areas affected by the floods

and Cyclone Yasi. On the final day

he'll travel to flood-struck areas in Victoria.

There was no reaction from Prince

William to the New Zealand and

Australian tour as he visited

Northern Ireland with bride-to-be

Kate Middleton. It was only their third official appearance together.

Tight security, but the mood was

relaxed. Terrified. Absolutely terrified! Outside Belfast City

Hall, the couple tried to outdo one

another, tossing pancakes. It was

part of the city's Shrove Tuesday

celebrations. Oh, yes! William will

be leaving Kate behind for his 5-

day trip. In Queensland, he'll meet

survivors of the floods and Cyclone

Yasi. Premier Bligh is hoping the

prince will become a tourism ambassador. The United Kingdom is

one of our great tourism markets

and if he goes home and says he had

-- say he had a great -- says he

had a great time, it will do us the

world of good. In Grantham, people

are excited. He's following in his

mother's footsteps. He has a heart

of gold. We need a lot of work. We

need it now. He'll skip NSW and

visit the north-west of Victoria,

also hit by floods. He will also

represent the Queen in the broken

city of Christchurch. It's great to

see the Queen's still looking after

us here. Death toll stands at 166

but is expected to rise to 200. At

least 10,000 homes will have to be

demolished.. To have the prince

come to join us in our city sends a

message to the world that, um, it

can be a safe place.

Three people have been shot by a

gang of Balaklava-clad men who

broke into their home at Petersham.

Police say the victims were known

to them and they're investigating a

link with the drug -- a drug

smuggling ring at Sydney Airport.

The gunman burst into the home at

about 11:30 last night.

Wearing balaclavas and armed with a

.22 calibre handgun and a shotgun,

they hunted down the three people

inside, shooting them all. A 61-

year-old man was hit in the leg

while a 49-year-old woman was wound

in the buttocks. A man in his 30s

suffered a bullet wound to his side

and was taken to hospital in a

critical condition.

A couple of loud bangs and just a

bit of kind of muffled noises. One

of the victims has been identified

as Norman Neas, who was charged six

years ago over a multi-million-

dollar cocaine smuggling racket involving baggage handlers at

Sydney Airport. I can't confirm

that or deny that. I can say that

the victims are known to police.

Police cracked the ring in an

operation code named 'mocha'.

Underworld boss Michael Hurley and

former rugby league star Les Mara

were key figures in the scheme.

Hurley died before being tried and

Mara fled overseas. Neas was later

cleared of the charges. An avenue

that we're looking at as to who

they are connected with and, um,

who, you know, what their history

has been. Police are trying to

establish a motive for the attack.

The Charles Street house has a

sophisticated security system. From

my own personal experiences, things

like this aren't aimed at people

who are innocent community members.

This morning, neighbours said

they'd seen strange goings-on. A

couple of days before I moved in,

there was a car go past with a, um,

a couple of people hanging out the

window waving guns.

To Simon Bouda now and, Simon, we

hear there's been another violent

incident in Sydney this afternoon.

Pete, this is news just breaking.

There's been a violent brawl

involving a number of bikies at a

toon Gabi smash repairs shop. We --

Toongabbie smash repairs shop. One

man has a deep cut from a msh Yeti

to his leg and his thigh. --

machete to his leg and his thigh.

The brawl had about 15 people

taking part. Hospitals in the area

say about 12 people are being

assessed for juries but the most

serious is the 42-year-old man who

suffered the machete wound. Thank you for that.

A Melbourne court has heard the

first harrowing calls to emergency

services after Arthur Freeman threw

his 4-year-old daughter Darcey off

Melbourne's West Gate Bridge. I've

just witnessed a man throw a child

over the West Gate Bridge. Thrown a

child did you say? Yes. Yes. With

blond hair and a ponytail. Oh, my

God. I just can't believe that.

Darceyy's 6-year-old brother gave

evidence in court today, claiming

he repeatedly urged his father to

go back and get Darcey.

There's nothing small about one

Melbourne mother's bundle of joy.

Jasper Booker tips the scales at

more than 5.7kg, the newest members

of Australia's growing club of supersized babies.

He looks like your average 3-month-

old. The big difference is Jasper

was born only five days ago. Even

his parents were a little surprised

by their supersized son. We

expected him to be on the larger

side, yes, but certainly not as big

as what he ended up being. The

average baby weighs 3.3kg. Jasper

was delivered by Caesarean,

weighing in at a whopping 5.7kg. On

average, yes, babies are getting

big another Australia and most

Western civilisations because

mothers are more educated, they're

better nourished during their

pregnancy. But only 1.8% of babies,

or about 5,000 each year, are born

at more than 4.5kg. Jasper joins a

growing list of Australian jumbo

babies, who have made headlines in

the last decade. They include Lucy,

Harlem, Xavier, Max and Maria.

Thank heavens for ultrasound

because it does enable us to get a

much clearer idea as to which

babies are likely to be large when

they're born.

So where are some of the supersized

stars now? We managed to track down

Lucy, who was born 12 years ago.

How much did you weigh then? 6.2kg.

She arrived at Sydney's former King

George V Hospital in camperdown

weighing twice the size of an

average newborn. She'll always be special to us.

In the news ahead - we're on patrol

with the team that keeps Sydney moving.

I'm only going to move everybody

off the road to a safer location if

that's alright.

And the sugar rush ahead of the

Royal Easter Show.

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A shopping trip came to a crashing

halt at Parramatta this morning. A driver accidentally accelerated

through a metal barrier in the

Westfield carpark. The 65-year-old

man was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

For a city already choking with

traffic, the smallest prang during

rush hour could bring our road

network to its knees. Nine News was

given exclusive access to the

emergency team that has the

difficult and dangerous job of

getting drivers moving again.

Busy delays around the Windsor Road

merge. They're on the way...

They're Sydney's highway hit squad.

This police vehicle is about to

move out of the way. You crash it.

They clear it. I'm going to tow you

around the corner. It's morning

rush hour and we're riding along

with this traffic commander who is

part of a stealth team that keeps

Sydney's major arterial roads

moving. They're like veins in our

bodies, you know? Once you start

clogging them up, they really choke.

With a million drivers on the road

every morning, a breakdown, a

fender bender, is all it takes to

bring the city to a screaming halt.

You alright? Just after 7:00,

traffic HQ calls through an oil

spill on the M7. It's so slippery,

so dangerous to drive on, Warren is

forced to shut the lane down. If

you don't get it up or absorb it up

fairly quickly, it actually eats

the road surface away. Then we're on the move again.

There's an 8-car pile-up on the M5.

Traffic is starting to snarl. We've

got massive delays... It's bumper-

to-bumper bedlam, car after car

after car crumpled badly. Good.

Everybody OK? No injuries? No-one's

hurt but everyone's pretty shaken

up. Only after the adrenaline

starts do you start to shake. I'm

only going to move everybody off

the road to a safer location. Just

15 minutes later, the crash site is

cleared. One big look-fest.

Something as small as a breakdown

could have a huge impact on traffic

flows, to so the aim of -- so the

aim of the game is to get these

cars off the road and to do it

quickly. It's heavy, dirty and

sometimes dangerous work but

someone has to do it. Try not to

muck around. The longer that an

incident's on the road, the more

people are looking at it, the more

chances are you're getting another incident.

They're one of the biggest draw

cards at the Royal Easter Show.

This year, there are more than 300

showbags on offer and a special

group of children was given the

dream job today of testing them out.

3, 2, 1, go! They're off. In the

front pack, 7-year-old Michaela,

whose showbag pick today was AC/DC.

There are 331 all up. The best

under $10 - the Giant Freddo.

'Scooby Doo' - that's the showbag.

Alock with the ninja bag, it was a

favourite with the boys. Plastic

swords and? A bow and arrow. Are

you going to drive mum nuts with

that? Probably. Girls love the

Wiggles, Doria the Explorer and...?

Kitchen. I'm going to play with

this with my little sister. Daniel

survived a car accident in October

but lost his 6-year-old brother.

How happy has today made you? Very

happy. I can't describe how happy.

I can't describe it. This year, you

can go online and choose what type

of showbag you are by answering a

series of questions. Michaela and I

have gone through the quiz. Our

last question - what's more fun?

Toys? Games? Or magazines? Let's

see what showbag it shows.

Thomas the Tank Engine.

Parents go online - a 15% discount

on a family ticket for two adults

and kids - $96. And that includes

the public transport. Today, the

fun was free for these little

battlers. Too much fun! Just enough

energy left to get these showbags home safely.

Ken's next with sport and a rugby

league superstar excited about the

season? Peter, it is good to be

talking about football and the

Eels' Jarryd Hayne talks about his new role.

Also - the Kiwi batsmen put the

Pakistan bowlers into orbit.

And the king salutes at Snapper Rocks.

Eye After more bad news than the

NRL would want in a season, one of

the game's superstars says it's

time to talk football. The Eels'

Jarryd Hayne believes fans are in

for a thrilling year and he's

looking forward to the challenges ahead.

For true league fans, there are few

better sights in the game than this.

Oh! Jarryd Hayne has scored! Jarryd

Hayne has been a great

advertisement for footy ad-lib, but

this season his Parramatta team-

mates should have a better idea of

what's coming next. Jarryd Hayne!

Running away from Matty Bowen! I've

got to be a good judge on when I

pop up and when I don't, not causing distraction with the

structure that we have and not

causing people to, um, to sort of

get off their game. But don't fret.

Hayne says there will still be

moments in a match that will leave

us in disbelief. I'm still going to

attack, no doubt about that. us in disbelief. I'm still going to attack, no doubt about that.

There'll be times when have you to

rely on that sort of stuff. The

Eels are still hurting after

missing the finals last year. New

coach Steve Kearney has introduced

a tonne of self-belief and Parra

fans should like the sound of that.

I home our actions on the field can

give them the impression that we're

a new-look team. Hayne is in a good

space. He's single but in love with

his Church. He's learned to stay

out of trouble and, sorry girls -

you're off his list. I'm still sort

of young and growing up and

maturing. If I can put all my

energy and focus into footy and

into Church and what not and just become a better person. into Church and what not and just become a better person.

What about this from the cricket

World Cup? New Zealand batsman Ross

Taylor smashed 92 runs off 25 balls

with his partner in a 110-run

victory over Pakistan. The pair

scored 10 sixes and 9 fours between

them. Taylor finished the match

unbeaten on 131. That's way out

there in the jungle that one.

10-time world surfing champion

Kelly Slater has taken out the

opening event of the season on the

Gold Coast. Slater made the best of

the poor conditions to beat Aussie

Taj Burrow in the final. It's the

perfect start to his title defence

and Slater is the first man to win

three times at Snapper Rocks. Pete,

he's something special and we've

got a lovely profile on him on

'Wide World of Sports' on Sunday

morning. Reported by one of the

best, Tim Sheridan. Indeed he is.

Ken, thank you.

Jaynie is next with the weather and

rain is headed our way? Yes, Peter.

It should arrive tomorrow. We'll

have a full report after the

Coming up on WIN News... The ACT' Coming up on WIN News... The ACT'

Ministerial travel expenses The

candidates for Monaro put under the

spotlight And the Raiders' latest

weapon for the premiership battle.

Join me for all the details next.

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After our warm night and no sea

breeze, we jumped to 31 degrees in

the city today.

We have a trough in the south-east

which has brought moderate to heavy

rain. Broken Hill in western NSW

has had its wettest start to the

year on record with a total so far

of 345mm. That trough is slow

moving and weakening. It's going

move to Sydney tomorrow. Also

across the south-east of the

country, including Canberra, a top of 22 degrees.

Don't cancel outdoor plans for the weekend just yet.

Thanks, Jaynie. I'm Peter Overton.

I hope have you a good evening.

From us all, good night. Melbourne. And: the four wheeled

Green Machine rolls into town. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post, The

Canberra Liberals are accusing the

Government of wasteful spending.

Last year its travel bill was more

than sixty thousand dollars. The

Opposition says Ministers should be travelling in economy for short travelling in economy for short hau

flights. But the Chief Minister

argues the bill has almost halved,

and won' t be downgrading from