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Today - the Foreign Minister says Australia is considering softening its opposition to the Assad regime in Syria.We must find a creative way of trying to bring some kind of peace and security and unity to Syria. Live by CSI Australia
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Julie Bishop says she is confident Australian journalist Peter Greste will soon be pardoned by Egypt.It seems quite clear that the Egyptian President, the Egyptian Government, is trying to resolve our situation, which is very encouraging to me.Shocking vision emerges of a woman being struck by a man during last night's AFL preliminary final. Women need to feel safe at the football and that behaviour is - cannot be tolerated in any form.And the Melbourne Storm and North Queensland Cowboys finalise preparations for tonight's NRL preliminary final. Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson. weather
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Australia is considering Syrian
changing its position that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad must step aside in order to ensure a resolution to the war in Syria. Until now, Australia has insisted that any peaceful solution to the crisis would involve Bashar Al-Assad stepping down, but the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says all options are on the table. The United States has recently said that Mr Assad may need to be a player in any resolution to the civil war. Russia has also increased its military support for the Syrian dictator.The reality is President Assad is still in Syria. The reality is Russia is backing President Assad. We must find a creative way of trying to bring some kind of peace and security and unity to Syria. So Australia's view is that all options should Opposition
be considered.The Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has restated Labor's condemnation of the Assad regime. Mr Shorten said that the Government would need to produce strong evidence that any policy change was in Australia's best interests. Labor has no time for the administration or the government of Assad. It has been a terrible government and it's done terrible things to its population. So that's one thing we really do believe, that Assad and his Government have been dreadful. We also understand that we're combatting ISIL and the terrorist organisations which are occupying parts of Iraq and Syria. We have supported the principle of collective self-defence in Iraq to see the Australian Air Force as part of the
a Coalition effort to go after the ISIL terrorists across the border, such as it is, into north Syria. I think this argument I have seen advanced for the first time, not from the government to myself but through the newspapers, saying there might be some greater to be
support for Assad, we are going to be very careful before we go down that path. We want to hear what the security experts' logic is in this. I do not believe Australia should be picking sides in Syria. As far as I can tell, between ISIL and Assad, there is not a great deal to separate them. What I also get is the refugee crisis that has been caused in Syria is a combination of a whole lot of ah, bad operators and factions in that country. So we are pretty cautious about this latest development in the doctrine which we are seeing and we will expect the government to explain to us how this helps Australia's long-term security.The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the Egyptian Government is considering a pardon for Australian journalist Peter Greste. On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Mr Greste is seeking international support for his effort to clear his name. The assembly convened to hear an address by Pope Francis who is continuing to United
enjoy a warm reception in the United States. North America correspondent Stephanie March reports from New York City. Pope Francis has been drawing huge crowds during his United States tour and today in New York was no different. He warned political leaders against inaction on climate change and on the need for economic policies to help the developing world. But the sidelines of the UN, another story was developing. This morning Australia's Foreign Minister met with Egyptian leaders.Egypt is favourably considering a pardon for Peter Greste, which will be a relief for Peter and his family.Last week, Peter Greste learned that two of his colleagues were pardoned.Mohammed Fahmy has been pardoned. In Egypt.(Applause)But Peter Greste's name was not on the list and now he, too, has come to New York to lobby the world's leaders to urge Egypt to clear his name.I guess the upshot was it seems quite clear that the Egyptian President, the Egyptian Government, is which
trying to resolve our situation which is very encouraging to me.Julie Bishop says Egypt's Foreign Minister told her Mr because
Greste hasn't been pardoned because of a technical or legal hurdle.He made it clear they would either change the law or the President would consider being able to use his power as President to achieve the same result.It is welcome news for Peter Greste who was jailed in absentia on false terror charges this year but his it is
ordeal is not over yet.For us, it is not over until it really is over. It is not over until we get the formal pardons all of us deserve.Peter Greste will spend the coming days here at the United Nations trying to convince leaders to raise his case with Egypt. For him it's about more than just clearing his name, it's about standing up for press freedom. A 24-year-old man has been charged after allegedly assaulting a woman during the Fremantle-Hawthorn AFL preliminary final last night in Perth. Video has been uploaded to social media that shows the man hitting a woman in the face. Police say she had asked the man to tone down his language. The 38-year-old victim was treated for minor injuries. The man is facing court charged with common assault, two counts of and
obstructing a public officer and one count of disorderly behaviour. It wasn't the only incident of crowd violence during the match. It is understood at least one fan was thrown out of the stadium. The AFL's Chief Executive Gillon McLachlan says he was incredibly angered by the spectacle.There were a number of incidents we saw that were unacceptable. There was one in particular that was just unacceptable in every way. I know the police are taking talking
action, our guys have been talking to them this morning, but it was something that cannot be condoned in any way at the football. Our supporters need to feel safe. Children need to feel safe, women need to feel safe at the football and that behaviour cannot be tolerated in any form. But I have to say personally when I makes
see a man striking a woman, it makes me incredibly angry. This morning when I was speaking to my wife and my daughters were on speaker phone, I had to talk in code as I sit here as chief executive representing a league and I've got to have that discussion, I can't tell you how angry it makes me feel and I'm disappointed for our industry that I'm talking on an issue as outrageous as what happened last night.A man accused of running over a Melbourne woman on a mini motorbike has appeared in court. The 18-year-old is charged with causing the death of Andrea Lehane who was struck by the mini bike in a shopping centre car park on Wednesday. The day after his wife died in hospital, James Lehane arrived at the Melbourne Magistrates Court to see the man charged with causing her death. Andrea Lehane was hit by a mini Carrum
motorbike in the car park of Carrum Downs shopping centre on Wednesday afternoon. 18-year-old Caleb Jakobsson is one of three teenagers charged over the incident. He faces eight charges including culpable driving and failing to stop afterwards. Jakobsson's father was there to support his son during this morning's brief hearing.I'm lost for words at the moment, sorry.Jakobsson's lawyer told the court his client is vulnerable because of his age. That he's had thoughts of self-harm and hasn't eaten for
in two days. He didn't apply for bail and is due to appear in court again on Tuesday. Floral tributes continue to pile up at the scene of the accident.Being a mum myself, I really feel for Andrea and what her family is going through and her kids.It is touching us all, it takes something like this for everyone to wake up. Life's very short and special so, yeah.Andrea Lehane's family remains wrapped in support. There'll be a candlelight vigil for the mother of two at the shopping centre car park tomorrow night. Police have charged three men with the murder of missing mother of two Simone Quinlan. Two of the men aged in their 20s appeared briefly in the this
Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning. Ms Quinlan was last seen buying drinks and other goods at a service station more than a month ago. The 33-year-old was officially reported missing on September social
13th, having not used her social media accounts or contacted any relatives or friends. The three men were remanded in custody for another court appearance next week. Police have seized a car as part of the investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrell from the NSW Mid North Coast. The white station wagon was taken from a property in Wauchope and is being forensically examined. 3-year-old William disappeared from his grandmother's house in Kendall more than a year ago. Earlier this month, police appealed for information about two cars, including a white opposite
station wagon, that were parked opposite the house at the time. Two students from Melbourne's Monash University have died after a kayak accident in New Zealand. 21-year-old US national Daniel Hollnsteiner and 20-year-old James Murphy from London were among 11 people who fell into icy Lake Tekapo on New Zealand's South Island in rough conditions. A spokesman says a senior Monash New Zealand
University manager is flying to New Zealand to support the surviving students. New Zealand Police Commander Dave Gaskin says the nine who were rescued from the Lake were lucky to survive.Lake Tekapo is a really dangerous lake. It is very, very cold. The winds get up very quickly. From what I understand a strong north-easterly wind came up the lake, it was totally unexpected, it was blowing approximately 20 knots, which is reasonably strong, and they all the boats got swamped and they got tipped out. Appears they were in the water for about an hour. prisoners
One of the longest-serving prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Shaker
will be released next month. Shaker Aamer was never charged and now the last British will
detainee to be set free, he will be returning home to family he hasn't seen for 14 years. Europe correspondent Lisa Millar reports from London. Shaker Aamer had become one of the most high-profile detainees at Guantanamo Bay. His anguish at his imprisonment captured by US TV crew.Please, we are tired. Either you leave us to die in peace or either tell the world the truth. Open up the place. Inside these Shaker
walls for almost 14 years, Shaker Aamer was accused of having close ties to Osama Bin Laden but he was never charged and didn't face trial.Shaker Aamer's family have been on a hell of an emotional roller-coaster over the past 14 years. We need a clear date. Shaker Aamer's children are now almost adults. His youngest is 14, born after he was captured.I think a lot of people will want to know when he has come back, exactly why it did take so long, why more wasn't done to get a cleared man home to his wife and kids sooner. There are around 100 detainees still in Guantanamo Bay. Barack Obama has vowed to close the detention facility by the time he leaves office, a deadline fast approaching. Westminster lobbied hard for this. David Cameron raised the case personally with the US President. Shaker Aamer could be back on British soil within a month. Re adjusting to freedom his next challenge. Saudi Arabia is under growing pressure to take responsibility for the crush of people at the Hajj pilgrimage that has left over 700 people dead. The country's King has promised that an investigation into the tragedy will be swift and transparent. But authorities have blamed some of the pilgrims involved for ignoring official instructions. The United States and China have agreed to curb cyber espionage for commercial purposes. The deal was reached as the two countries - two leaders held talks in the US capital. Michael Vincent reports from Washington. Pageantry for an American foe turned partner. A State visit the highest honour a US President can bestow on a foreign leader. Not just for show, a deal was struck to end Chinese hacking of America's industrial secrets.We have agreed that neither the US nor the Chinese Government will conduct or knowingly support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property including trade secrets or other confidential business information for commercial advantage.TRANSLATION: Our two sides should cooperate because cooperation will benefit both but confrontation will lead to losses on both sides.There are clearly sources of tension, not the least of which is Beijing's development of islands into potential military bases in the South and East China Seas.I conveyed to President Xi our significant concerns over land reclamation, construction and mill tryisation of disputed areas which makes it harder for countries in the region to solve disagreements peacefully.TRANSLATION: On the issue of the South China Sea, we both support peace and stability. The countries directly involved should address their disputes through negotiation, consultation and by peaceful means.But the overall tone President Obama was trying to achieve was acceptance of China's rise as a world political and economic power. The US Secretary of State hosted President Xi at the State Department for lunch. Later the Chinese First family were feted at a State dinner at the White House. President Xi and President Obama say their ongoing close working relationship will prove beneficial on areas of the environment, the economy and Security. They now head to the UN General Assembly where the future of Syria takes centre stage. The corruption scandal at soccer's world governing body has reached the organisation's President Sepp Blatter. Swiss prosecutors have raided Mr Blatter's offices in Zurich and opened a criminal investigation against the 79-year-old. Correspondent Barbara Miller reports. As the day wore on at FIFA headquarters, it was clear something was seriously wrong. A press conference scheduled to take place after a routine executive meeting was delayed. Then cancelled. Sepp Blatter was otherwise engaged.Today the office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland searched FIFA's headquarters including the office of Mr he was
Blatter and Mr Blatter himself, interrogated,
he was question ed, interrogated, as a defendant.Swiss prosecutors are questioning Mr Blatter over a television deal signed in 2005 with the then President of the Caribbean Football Union Jack Warner. Mr Warner is facing extradition to the US, one of 14 people charged with operation
corruption in May as part of an operation which saw FIFA officials arrested in dawn raids in Zurich. Just days later, a defiant Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA President for a fifth term.Let's go Thank
FIFA. Let's go FIFA. Thank you. Thank you so much.Swiss prosecutors have also questioned Sepp Blatter about a $2.9 million payment to this man, plate plate plate - Michel Platini. The President of UEFA. Mr Platini was also spoken to by Swiss officers saying he was glad to clarify questions. Earlier FIFA's executive agreed to move its next scheduled meeting from Japan to Switzerland. Little did they know prosecutors there were about to make their move.Came out of nowhere, really, last night a lot of the FIFA executive committee members were at the Baur au Lac Hotel where they normally reside. They were happily having a late-night drink. I don't think anybody expected it and that it would happen so dramatically.Preparations for Qatar 2022 continue. FIFA has confirmed the tournament will run from November 21 to engulfing the
December 18 but the crisis engulfing the game deepens by the day. Finals fever continues to grip the country as the last preliminary finals in both the We
AFL and NRL kick off tonight. We saw the Hawks and Broncos grand finals
progress to their respective grand finals last night but for all the latest on who their opponents will be, our roving reporters in Perth and Melbourne join me now. Let's head first to Damian McIver who is in Melbourne for the Storm's huge clash with the Cowboys. Firstly, good evening. The NRL has a rare opportunity to take centre stage in Melbourne tonight. You're outside the Storm's home ground. What's the atmosphere like? Certainly that tension and optimism that accompanies any preliminary final. We are expecting about 30,000 people here this evening. The majority of the fans will be supporting the Storm but there has been plenty that have made the trip down from Townsville as well. You are right, it is an unusual situation here in Melbourne with no AFL matches being played. This match is the biggest show in town and a chance for the NRL to strut its stuff in Melbourne.The Storm beat the Cowboys in their last encounter three weeks ago, what are their chances of repeating that couldn't? It will come down to defensive pressure. They held the Cowboys to just six points in the last encounter. A phenomenal effort when you think about the attacking power the Cowboys Johnathan
possess with the likes of Johnathan Thurston. They didn't Jeremy
have Michael Morgan last time. Jeremy Corbyn has been the leading try scorer this time so his selection could be crucial - Marika Corabita.All will be revealed. Let's cross to Blake Kagi who is in Perth. Fremantle weren't able to make it through against the Hawks last night tonight?
but what's the mood like there tonight? Excitement here tonight, even confidence amongst Eagles fans. You can understand why, they have been so accused to seeing their yrb so used to seeing their team win. The atmosphere a contrast to last night. Amongst the Dockers fans, you got a sense of nervous anticipation, a bit of defeatism. A very different feeling amongst the Eagles fans. You get the sense they are very confident.You mentioned the fans are confident, how many are expected to fill the stadium tonight? Expecting 43,000 fans, mostly in blue and gold cheering on the West Coast Eagles but we have seen a few Kangaroos fans based in Perth and also some who have made the North Melbourne will
trip across from Melbourne so North Melbourne will be Eagles are
represented here tonight.The Eagles are big favourites to win this encounter but we have seen that the Kangaroos have proved history wrong time and time again this finals series. Where can North Melbourne defeat the Eagles? I think they really need a big game from the All-Australian ruck man Todd Goldstein coming up against Nic Naitanui who has season
been a standout ruck man this West Coast
season and a strength for the West Coast Eagles. One area perhaps the Kangaroos can exploit the Eagles is in the forward line where they have a Drew
height advantage. The likes of Drew Petrie and Gerard Whateley, they - Jared Waite, they need big games from those.I want to grab a couple of tips, Blake. Firstly, who do you think will take it out tonight? I think West Coast will take it out. They are odds on favourite and very strong favourite and good reason for at
that. They have been very good at home, that's my pick.If they are the progress, do you think they will have the match power to take it to the Hawks and bring home a premiership for WA? It's a very tough question. I think Hawthorn would start favourite, they've many
been there and done that so many times but we saw what West Coast is capable of doing against Hawthorn here a couple of weeks ago. Hawthorn are the favourite but you wouldn't thank
count out West Coast.Blake, thank you. Back to Melbourne now, I'd like to get your thoughts on this evening's game. You are in Melbourne so you are welcome to be biased but who will take it out between the Storm and the detected a
Cowboys? You might have detected a tinge of purple in the shirt I'm wearing so I'm backing the Storm here this evening and it will be a fascinating contest next week if they can take on the Broncos.Two massive games, spots in the grand final are at stake, it's the best time of the sporting year. A very big thank you to our roving reporters Damian McIver in Melbourne and Blake Kagi in Perth. The NSW town of Goulburn is holding a festival of all James
things spy with Goulburn-born James Bond actor George Lazenby their major drawcard. Adrian Spyfest
Raschella is at Goulburn for Spyfest and found out if Mr Lazenby has any regrets from his time playing the world's most famous secret agent.If you are a James Bond fan and happen to love the cars he drives in the movies, then Goulburn in NSW is the place to be today. Not only is the very aston Martin from the 1969 film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" here along with the collection but the man who played Bond in that film, Australian actor George Lazenby is in town for Spyfest. It is a home coming for him, he was head of the special parade put on for the first day of Spyfest. George Lazenby said he had a lot to learn from his experiences playing James Bond but the main thing he learnt from it was the mistake in not agreeing to play James Bond again. Let's listen to what he had to say.People say "Why didn't you?". It was hippy time. I go in a restaurant "Waiter", I was dressed in a suit, short hair, everyone had long hair, bell bottoms and I couldn't get laid.(Laughter).So I went out - I said "I'm not doing another one of these". It was very important in those days. I later on wished I had done another one because they stopped me working, they kept telling other producers I was uncontrollable and I wasn't right for the job no matter what. Even a television series which was my idea "The equaliser" I got up to doing wardrobe and waiting for the car to pick me up, it didn't come. I think it is called blacklisting.George Lazenby also said that he learnt a lot by growing up in Goulburn because he said, back in the day, it was quite tough to be a kid here and he was bullied quite a lot and he had to be tough and it gave him the bravado which he had to use to then win the role of James Bond He
when he had never acted before. He has never had as big a role since but he does continue to appear at spy festivals around the world. Today even though it was raining, a couple of thousand people turned out to cheer him on. It put a smile on his face, he obviously enjoyed being welcomed back to his home town.Adrian Raschella reporting from Goulburn at Spyfest. We know spring has sprung but the weather has been deliver ed all types around the country so let's take a look at what it's delivered in your part of the town. A high and complex low over the Tasman are directing strong winds and showers along the NSW coasts. A set of troughs over the west and north-east is triggering the odd thundery shower. A ridge is bringing clear conditions across the south. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

A very lucky paddle boarder has had an extraordinary encounter with two whales off the WA coast . A local man caught the moment when his drone and what he described as perfect timing. The two curious Southern right whales can be seen taking a fairly close look at the paddle boarder who manages to keep his cool and stay upright, despite the whales coming very close. It might be the last whale encounter for a little while with WA's whale-watching season nearly over for the year. Kathryn
That's the news for now. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Do stay with us, 'Foreign Correspondent' is next.

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