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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaToday - the Foreign Minister says Australia's considering softening its opposition to the Assad regime in Syria. Julie Bishop says she's confident Australian journalist Peter Greste will soon be pardoned by Egypt.It seems quite clear that the Egyptian Government
President, the Egyptian Government is trying to resolve our situation, which is very encouraging to me.Shocking vision emerging of a woman being struck by a man during last night's AFL preliminary final.Women need to feel safe at the football and that behaviour is - cannot be tolerated in any form.And Hawthorn secures a spot in their 4th straight AFL grand final with a win over Fremantle in Perth. Hello, I'm Jamelle Wells. A quick look at tomorrow's weather: Australia is considering changing its position that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step aside in order to ensure a resolution to the war in Syria. Until now, Australia has insisted any peaceful solution to the crisis would involve him stepping down but the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, says all options are on the table. The US has recently player in
said Mr Assad may need to be a player in any resolution to the civil war. Russia has also increased its military support for the Syrian dictator.The reality is President Assad is still in Syria. The reality is Russia is backing President Assad. We must find a creative way of trying to bring some kind of peace and security and unity to Syria. So Australia's view is that all options should be considered.Egypt's Foreign Minister has told Julie Bishop that he is favourably considering a pardon for Peter Greste. Ms Bishop met her Egyptian counterpart and the President Abdul Fatah el-Sisi and the side lines of the UN General Assembly in New York.Peter Greste was sentenced in absentia on terror charges after he was deported Two
from Cairo earlier this year. Two of his colleagues were pardoned last week.And Peter Greste spoke to our North America correspondent Stephanie March following Ms Bishop's meeting with her Egyptian counterpart. He says it's very encouraging news.It seems quite clear that the Egyptian President, the Egyptian Government is trying to resolve our situation, which is very fighting to
encouraging to me. We've been fighting to have our names cleared for the past two years almost now and it is great to know or to get that kind of reassurance. But I guess from us it's not over until it really is over. It's not over until we get the formal pardons that all of us deserve. I want to do everything I can to make that happen, help to assist the what
Egyptian Government if that's what it means to stand up and apply a little more pressure if that's also helpful. But at the end of the day we need to resolve this for everybody.The Federal Opposition Leader Bill shorteden has restated Labor's condemnation of the asaid regime in Syria. Mr Shorten said that the Government would need to produce strong evidence that any policy change was in Australia's best interests.Labor has no time for the administration or the government of Assad. It has been a terrible Government and it's done terrible things to its population. So that's one thing we really do believe that the Assad and his Government have been dreadful. We also understand that we're combating organisations
ISIL and the terrorist organisations which are occupying parts of Iraq and Syria. We've supported the principle of collective self-defence in Iraq to see the Australian Air Force as part of a coalition effort to go after the ISIL terrorists across the border such as it is into north Syria. I think this argument I've seen advanced for the first time, not from the Government to myself , but through the newspapers saying that there might be some greater support for Assad, we're going to be very careful before we go down that path. We want to hear what the security experts' logic is in this. I do not believe Australia should be picking sides in Syria. As far as I can tell, between ISIL and Assad there's not a great deal to separate them. What I also get is that the refugee crisis that's been caused in Syria is a combination of a whole lot of bad operators and factions in that country. So we're pretty cautious about this latest development in the doctrine which we're seeing and we will expect the Government to explain to us how this helps Australia's long-term security.A 24-year-old man's been charged with assaulting a woman during the Fremantle/Hawthorn AFL preliminary final lation night in Perth. Video has been uploaded to social media that shows the man hitting the woman in the face. Police say she had asked the man to tone down his language. The 38-year-old victim was treated for minor injuries. The man is facing court charged with common assault, two counts of obstructing a public officer and one of disorderly behaviour. And it wasn't the only incident of crowd violence during the match. It's understood at least one fan was thrown out of the stadium.The AFL's chief executive Gillon McLachlan said he was incredibly angered by the spectacle.There were a number of incidents that we saw that was unacceptable. There was one in particular that was just unacceptable in every way. I know that police are taking action and our guys have been talking to them this morning. But it was something that cannot be condoned in any way at the football. Our supporters need to feel safe, children need to feel safe and women need to feel safe at the football and that behaviour is - cannot be tolerated in any form.But I have to say personally when I see a man triecking a woman it makes me incredibly angry. In fact this morning when I was speaking to my wife and my daughters were in
on speakerphone, I had to talk in code as I sit here as a chief executive as a league and I have to have that discussion. I can't tell you how angry it makes me feel and I'm disappointed for our industry that I'm talking on issue as outrageous as what happened last night.A white station wagon has been seized by police as part of the investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrrell from the NSW north coast.The 3-year-old went missing from his grandmother's home in Kendall more than 12 months ago. Earlier this month police appealed for information about 2 cars including an old white station wagon that was parked outside the house the day William disappeared.Police seized the station wagon on 16 September from a property in Wauchope and they say it's now being forensicle aly examined. Two students from Melbourne's Monash University have died after a kayak incident in New Zealand.21-year-old US national Daniel Hollnsteiner and 20-year-old James Murphy from London, were among 11 people who fell into icy Lake tock - Tekapo on New Zealand's south island. The university manager is flying to New Zealand to support the surviving students. The police commander says the 9 who were rescued from the lake were lucky to survive.Lake Tekapo is a really dangerous lake. It's very, very cold. The winds get up very quickly and from what I understand a strong northeasterly wind came up, came up the lake. It was totally unexpected. It was blowing approximately 20 knots, which is reasonably strong, and all the boats got swamped. They were in the water for about an hour.3 people are in hospital after a car flipped in Sydney's east last night crashing head on into a parked car. The 50-year-old driver was trapped in the car for an hour and then taken to St Vincent's Hospital with numerous injuries to her face and body. Her passenger was also taken to hospital for treatment. Both are in a stable condition. The driver of the parked car suffered a broken ankle and was also taken to hospital.Businesses across Australia will show the world just how seriously they're taking climate change at the Australian Climate Leadership summit. It's Australia's only official meeting on climate change ahead of the UN conference on climate change in Paris later this year. It comes as Australia's largest emitter, AGL Energy, announces new commitments to climate policy and carbon pricing. James Day, the director of Australia and New Zealand's carbon disclosure project, says the decision will help shape future corporate focus to renewable energy.AGL has announced that it's committing to 3 climate leadership commitments which have been developed by CDP and a group called the We Mean Business Coalition which is a coalition of the world's organisations
leading sustainable business organisations that work closely with companies and investors all over the world. AGL has signed up to 3 of those 7 climate commitments and it's committed to responsible corporate engagement on climate policy and here in Australia we've seen what irresponsible corporate engagement in climate policy by other companies has resulted in over the past few years. They've also decided to commit to the UN global compacts business leadership criteria on carbon pricing and that means they will both support carbon pricing and also set an internal carbon price, even with the absence of a mandatory carbon price here in Australia in their investment decisions at a level that's high enough to influence their investment decision. So that's really exciting and also to report progress on those things. They're also going to be reporting climate change information in their mainstream corporate report. So that is an important signal for investors that AGL is taking these issues really seriously as a fiduciary duty that they are responsible for these things and reporting that through that flagship financial publication.But we've already had over 30 companies that are active here in Australia commit to one or more of these climate leadership commitments. Really significant companies like Westpac, N - Infigen Energy and They're
household names liex IKEA. They're very much not alone. What it means is around climate policy debates that they will behave like a responsible corporate citizen without a mandatory carbon price set by Government, setting an internal price on carbon means that a company will be taking that into account in their investment decision. Because for many companies, particularly like a large investments
utility company, those sorts of investments can last for 10, 20, 30 or more years. So when you're say making a trade-off between should we invest in say a gas-powered plant or say renewable energy, without a mandatory carbon price set by Government, the investment decision might be more tilted towards a fossil fuel emitting asset. So taking - having an internal carbon price will help to influence what sorts of decisions they might take and hopefully help to shift it towards cleaner solutions.A very lucky paddleboarder has with
had an extraordinary encounter with 2 whales off the WA coast. A local man caught the moment describes
with his drone and what he describes as perfect timing. The two Keiruous southern right whales can be seen taking a fairly close look at the paddleboarder who manages to keep his cool and stay upright despite those whales coming very close. It might be the last whale encounter for a little why with WA's whale watching season nearly over for the year . The US President, Barack Obama, and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met in Washington during the Chinese leader's first State visit to the covered a
country. The two leaders covered a range of issues in their meetings including climate change and trade. China's pledging to introduce a cap and trade scheme to limit greenhouse gas emissions. But allegations of Chinese cyber spying remain a point of tension between the two super powers.We've agreed that neither of the US or the Chinese Government will conduct or knowingly support cyber enabled theft of intellectual property including trade business information
secrets or other confidential business information for commercial advantage. In addition, we'll work together and with other nations to promote international rules of the road for appropriate conduct in cyberspace.Saud - Saud Arabia's under pressure to take responsible for the crush pilgrimage
of people at the Hajj pilgrimage that has left over 700 dead ft the country's king has promised an investigation into the tragedy will be swift have
and transparent but authorities have blamed some of the pilgrims involved for ignoring official instructions.In New York, leaders from around 200 nations gathered to approve a new set of ambitious goals aimed at tackling poverty, hunger, climate change and other global problems. The UN's sustainable development goals replace the millennium development goals which expired this year.The UN is 70 years old but these aren't birth day illuminations they're graphics depict ing the global goals for sustainable development that have been adopted today. There's 17 ambitious goals. Stardust from Shakira at a ceremony signing up to the goals. A message from Malala flanked by children from all over the world.I'm hopeful that we all, and the UN will be unite ed in the goal of education and peace.From Pope Francis, a warning solemn TRANSLATION:
commitments are not enough. TRANSLATION: Our world demands of all governments, leaders a will which is effective, practical, constant, with concrete steps and immediate measures.The UN has set these kind of targets before, they supersede the millennium development goals less of half of which have been achieved. The new goals could also fall well short.If they're going to be met we are going to have to see huge amounts of money. We're going to have to see governments behaving in a completely different way. We're going to have to see companies totally changing their business practices.Extreme poverty has been halved over the past 15 years and eliminating it completely by 2030 is achievable. But will governments stump up enough cash to deliver on so many goals?This cinema ad is part of a global PR campaign to get 7 billion people to learn about the goals in 7 days.We have a plan.But it's getting world powers to take them seriously that's a far tougher challenge.Following the car emissions scandal engulfing German car manufacturer Volkswagen, the former head of Porsche has promised he's going to win back the trust of consumers and investors but the scandal may go beyond Volkswagen with a new report showing that fuel efficiency claims made by many European car companies may also be inflated.Hard on the heels of the Volkswagen emissions testing scandal comes a new report showing that the fuel efficiency of European-made cars is far lower than what their manufacturers claim. TRANSLATION: Consumers are being lied to. For many years already and within the last few years the discrepancy is getting larger.The international council on clean transportation report says the difference between the sales brochure figures and the real world has reached an all-time high with normal road and highway driving consuming 40% more fuel than under car makers laboratory conditions. The gap between laboratory test results and real world driving is explained by vehicle manufacturers exploiting loopholes in the current regulation, the report says. Lab test efficiency figures can be manipulated by using special overinflated tyres, sealing windows and doors with tape to reduce air resistance and other measures.The problem that we've seen with the European testing regime for some time now is that the results achieved in the the
laboratory aren't matched by the results that are achieved when the vehicles are at their own use. What we need is a test cycle that more accurately reflects the use of the vehicle and therefore the performance that you and I can expect when around.Lower
we're actually driving around.Lower fuel efficiency means individual consumers' cars produce more greenhouse gases linked to global warming and pollution affecting human health than they realise. Environmentalists say.Air pollution in Europe causes about 400 to 500,000 premature deaths every year. The cost for society are immense and obviously no-one thought about taking action until right now.The fuel efficiency gap has an impact not only on global climate and people's longs. It also affects their wallets.The report says the discrepancy means that car owners will spend an extra 450 euros, or about $500, on fuel every year.The corruption scandal at soccer's world governing body has reached the organisation's President Sepp Blatter. Swiss prosecutors have raided his offices in Zurich and opened criminal proceedings against the 79-year-old. Our Europe correspondent Barbra Miller reports.As the day wore on at FIFA headquarters it was clear something was seriously wrong. A press conference scheduled to take place after a routine executive meeting was delayed, then cancelled. Sepp Blatter was otherwise engaged.Today the office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland searched FIFA's headquarters including the office of Mr Blatter and Mr Blatter himself. He was questioned integrated as a defendant.Swiss prosecutors are questioning Mr Blatter over a television deal signed in 2005 with the then president of the Caribbean football Union, Jack Warner.Mr Warner is facing extradition to the US, one of 14 people charged with corruption in May as part of an operation which saw FIFA officials arrested in dawn raids in Zurich. Just days later, a defiant Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA president for a 5th term.Let's go FIFA. Let's go FIFA. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you.Swiss prosecutors have also questioned Sepp Blatter about a $2.9 million payment to this man. Michelle Platini, the president of UEFA. Mr Platini was also spoken to by Swiss prot cute - prosecutors saying later he was glad to have clarified matters with them. Sepp Blatter has been reluctant to travel to countries with an extradition treaty with the US and earlier the FIFA executive agreed to move its next scheduled meeting from Japan to Switzerland. Little did they know prosecutors there were about to make their move.Came out of nowhere really, last night. A lot of the FIFA executive committee members were at the hotel where they normally reside. They were happily having a late night drink and I don't think anybody expected it and it happened so dramatically.Preparations for Qatar 2022 continue. FIFA has now confirmed the tournament will run from November 21 to engulfing
December 18. But the crisis engulfing the game deepen s by the day.Now with all the on field sports news here Nick Lockyer. Hawthorn has the chance to cement its place as one of the greatest teams in the AFL record books next week.The Hawks qualified for their 4th their
straight grand final and kept their quest for a trifecta of premierships alive with last night's 27-point victory over Fremantle. If they win next Saturday's decider, they will become just the 5th team in the game's 118-year history to achieve the 3 peat.To say that it won't be mentionside point
probably false because at some point in time it will be but how significant is it for the playing group or our club? It's probably just going to come down to individuals and how much they actually want to win because it's just another opportunity to win a grand final. The legacy and all that sort of stuff that it leaves behind, grand finals are really, really tough to win and we're better off just focussing on the grand final in isolation rather than legacies or anything to do with 3-peats and that sort of stuff.Hawthorn will take on the winner between night's clash between West Coast and North Melbourne. Veteran Dockers duo Matthew Pavlich and Luke McPharlin after the game. Both are yet to publicly announce a decision on their future. The Broncos have qualified for their first NRL grand final in 9 years but their captain is in serious his
doubt for the final match of his career. The retiring Justin Hodges was placed on report for a lifting tackle on Roosters forward Aiden Guerra but his concerned about
coach doesn't appear to be too concerned about whether he will be cleared to play.I'm not overly worried about it. I don't think there's a lot in it. It's whatever it is, we have capable replacements.It was a dominant performance from Brisbane. The hosts capitalised on an error-filled display from the Roosters to end the minor premiers' season with the 31-12 win. They will face either the Storm or the Cowboys in next Sunday's grand final.It's fair to say veteran Wallaby Dean Mumm has one of the best days of his life yesterday. Not only was he named Wallaby's wife also
captain against Uruguay but his wife also gave birth to the couple's first child. Mum, who became a dad, was replaced by the Wallabies mascot. His inclusion was one of the 14 changes to the starting line up that beat Fiji on doing
Thursday.He's up in London doing his best and we're waiting to hear some good news hopefully, but like that everything's cool. He'd be very happy man right now somewhere, I'd imagine. That's very good news for him.There was just one World Cup match this morning with Argentina notching up its first win of the tournament. The pumas beat George a 54-9.A huge payday for golf's new world number 1, Jason Day, appears to be Midway
slipping from his grasp. At the Midway Point of the PGA tour championship, the Australian is 9 shots off the lead. He shot a 1-over 71 this morning which was just his second over par round in 3 months. Swede Henrik sten Sen has a 3-shot ga p on the field. He's 9-under par.Let's take a look at the satellite. A high and a complex low over the Tasman are directing strong winds and showers along the NSW coast.A set of troughs over the west and north-east is triggering the odd thundery shower. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

The NSW town of Goulburn is holding a festival of all things spy with Goulburn-born James Bond actor George lazenby their major draw card. Adria Raschella is in go burn for spy fest and finds out if he regrets anything from playing James Bond. If you're a James Bond fan and you happen to love the cars he drives in the movie then Goulburn in NSW is the place to be today. Not only is the very Astin Martin from the 1969 film Her Majesty's secret service here along with a collection of Aston Martins but the man who played James Bond in that film, actor George Lazenby, is here for the spy fest. He was the head of a special parade. And George Lazenby said he had a lot to learn from his experiences playing James Bond but the main thing that he learnt from it was the mistake in not agreeing to play James Bond again. Let's take a listen to what he had to didn't
say about that.People say "Why didn't you?" You've got to understand the time was hippy time. I go in a restaurant and they'd say "Waiter" because I was dressed in a suit and short hair and everyone had long hell and bell-bottoms and I couldn't my
get laid. So I went out and got my - I said I'm not doing another one of these. It was very important in those days. Bond, I later on wished I had done another one because they stopped me working, they kept telling other producers that I was uncontrollable and I wasn't right for the job no matter what. Even a television series which is my idea, The Equaliser. I got right up to doing wardrobe and the car to pick-me-up and it didn't come. They called them up. I think it's called black listing.George Lazenby also said that he learnt a lot by he
growing up in Goulburn because quite
he said back in the day it was quite tough to be a kid here and that he was bullied quite a lot and he had to be tough and that it gave him the bro Vlad o, he learnt the bravado he had to use to win the role of James Bond when he had never acted before. He's never had as big a role since but he does continue to appear at these spy festivals around the world. Today even though it was raining in Goulburn today, a couple of thousand people turned out to cheer him on and put a smile on his face and he obviously enjoyed being welcomed back home to his home town.That's the news for now. I'm Jamelle Wells. You can keep up to date on the stories we're following by visiting our website, with us, 'The World This Week' is next.

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