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Good morning and welcome to Weekend Breakfast. I'm Miriam Corowa.And I'm Matt Wordsworth. Making newses this morning - US President Barack Obama and his Chinese count part Xi Jinping hole talks in Washington discussing cyber security and their commitment to slash carbon emissions. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she's confident Australian journalist Peter Greste will soon be pardoned by Egypt.FIFA boss Sepp Blatter interrogated by Swiss authorities on suspicion of criminal mismanagement.And Hawthorn secures a spot in the AFL Grand Final with a win over Fremantle and in the NRL the Broncos triumph over the Roosters. Hello. Thanks for joining us, it's Saturday, 26 September and, Matt, welcome to Weekend Breakfast and the early starts.Great night - great down to be here after the Bronco's win.Comes from happy
Brisbane you will be feeling happy about that.It was a great win.We are getting closer now. Not long to go.And also coming up on the program, imagine a world sound
without advertising. It does sound fantastic and it's increasingly possible at least in the digital world.Ad blocking technology has been around desk top force a while now but mobile phone makers are offer ing people the chance to chances
opt out which has ruffled the chances of - ruffled the feather s of advertisers. We will talk about this later.It is a bit of a war going on there.It is. For typical users of technology you would rather to see not so much of the advertising but websites rely on advertising.Without advertising how do you have Internet jobs, but obviously it is annoying if you're always facing the ads popping ul all over your screen.Somehow I expect we won't see the last of advertising.Let's check the weather in the capital s. Our top stories today - the US President Barack Obama and Chinaese President Xi Jinping have met in Washington during the China's leader's first visit to the country. The two leaders spoke about climate change and trade, Chinese pledging to introduce a cap and trade scheme to limit greenhouse gas emissions. But allegations of Chinese cyber spying remain a point of tension between the two super powers.Egypt's President has told the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop that he is favourably considering a pardon for Australian journalist Peter Greste. S in Bishop met her Egyptian counterpart and the President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi on the sidelines of the United Nations general assembly in New York. Peter Greste was sentenced in absentia on terror charges after he was deported from Cairo earlier this year. Two of Mr Greste's colleagues were pardoned last week.And I have also met with President el-Sisi and the Foreign Minister of Egypt and spoke specifically about Peter Greste's situation. I have just met with Greste and passed on the news that Egypt is favourably considering a pardon for Peter Greste, which will be a relief for Peter and his family.Swiss authorities have announced they have opened criminal proceedings sense FIFA President sblat Sepp Blatter who is accused of making a disloyal payment to Michel Platini, the President of UEFA in 2011. The Swiss Attorney-General's office say they've interrogated Sepp Blatter following a meeting of FIFA's executive committee.German car maker Volkswagen has named the head of its Porsche division Matthias Muller as its new chief executive. He replaces Martin Winterkorn who resigned earlier this week over a diesel emissions scam. The new CEO has promised to do everything to win back the trust of the public, saying the company would introduce even tougher compliance rules. Volkswagen is yet to reveal details about which makes and models of the car were fitted with soft ware capable of deceiving emissions tests.Pope Francis has addressed world leaders at the world leaders in New York. He condemned the economic and social exclusion of developing nations. He said oppressive lending practices were causing more poverty in these countries rather than helping them. He also condemned the selfish misuse of the earth's natural resources. Earl earlier in the day he visited the memorial of September 11 in New York.US House Speaker John Boehner has announced he will quit Congress at the end of next month. His departure is likely to spark an intense battle for control of gears
the House as the United States gears up for a presidential election in November 2016.Mr Boehner will leave Congress after 24 years of service.It's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution.Saudi Arabia is under growing pressure to take responsibility for the crush of people at the hajj pilgrimage that has left over 700 people dead. The country's king has promised that an investigation into the tragedy will be swift and transparent but authorities have blamed some of the pilgrims involved for ignoring official instructions.An 18-year-old has been charged with dangerous driving causing death after a woman was killed in an alleged hit and run in a shopping centre car park in Melbourne. The man handed himself into police last night when she was charged with cullable driving and fail ing to render assistance.Andrea Lehane died in hospital from brain injuries. Two other teenage boys have also been remains
charge.A 34-year-old man remains in custody over the disappearance of missing woman Simone Quinlan. He is known to the woman who is the mother of two children. Simone Quinlan was last seen a month ago. Her phone and bank account s haven't been used since. Her father says she was having some relationship problems in the week before she went missing.A body thought to be that of missing South Australian woman Jody Meyers has been recovered from underneath a tool shed in Mannum, east of Adelaide. The body was found shortly after her partner was charged with her murder. Neil Archer was appeared
arrested by detectives and has appeared in court for the first time. He did not apply for bail.A woman has also been charged with use ing Ms Meyers credit card.Police are yet to lay charges after the death of a man during a citizen's arrest in piefrmts allege ed the 36-year-old was breaking into cars when he was chase and caught by a group of men at the back of a hotel north of pert Perth. During the struggle the man went into convulsions and later died in hospital.Spo sport now with Nick Lockyer.Hawthorn is just one win away from a rare slice of AFL history, after ending Fremantle's season last night. The Hawks advanced to a fourth straight Grand Final with their 2746 point win over the mine other Premier years, they now have the chance to become just the fifth club to claim three consecutive premierships. They will face the winner of tonight's second preliminary final between West Coast and North Melbourne.The Broncos have booked their spot in the NRL Grand Final but their serious
captain Justin Hodges is in serious doubt for the decider. He was placed on report for a lifting tackle in the 31-12 victory over the Roosters. The results secured Wayne Bennett's side its first appearance in the Grand Final since 2006.Veteran Wallaby Dean Mumle has been given double reason to celebrate this morning. Not only was he name as captain for tomorrow night's rugby World Cup match he also became a father. His inclusion in the Australian starting line-up is one of 14 changes from the side that beatify ji on Thursday. This morning Argentina defeated Georgia 54-9.And Jason Day's quest for a $14 million payday at the PGA tour championship is slipping away from him having completed his second round the new world one is nine shots adrift of leader Henrik Stenson.It was a huge night of football last night. I know Matt was very excited because the Broncos got up.I think the with disappointment because Hodges looks like he will miss a Grand Final. That would be terrible for his last game.It would be terrible and the match review committee traditionally has no sense of occasion.Or clemency or what the fans want.Justin Hodge's last game is due to be his last game next week.It's a little ominous this morning.Fingers crossed he will be let off for Broncos fans.And thank you for your company here on Weekend Breakfast. Still to come we will cross live to Washington where China's President Xi Jinping has been meeting with cyber
his US counterpart to discuss cyber security and announce a cap and trade program to reduce carbon emissions.Also ahead - how does China's plans affect Australia's climate commitments? We will speak with James Day, director of climate group CDP for his reaction.And later we look at new ad blocking technology for mobile phones which is causing plenty headaches
of he cakes for advertisers.- headaches for advertisers.The US President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have met in Washington where they've health held wide ranging talks. They have agreed to increase dialogue on economic cooperation and to continue activities
negotiations over China's activities in the South China Sea. For more we're joined by Michael Vincent from Washington. The red carpet was rolled out for President Xi Jinping as you'd expect such a significant guest. But there were some very serious and contentious issues on the table for discussion, one of them being cyber security.Absolutely. What a show the Americans put on in terms of a drum and fife band, the full military honour guard and 21-gun salute timed to the marching band. Not a bad roll out for the Chinese President. They then got down to business. They had a meeting in the Oval office. They had a meeting in the Cabinet room. Very high level discussions and they came to at least one agreement on how to proceed on cyber security. The Chinese are regularly accused of hacking not just obviously American Government sites but also of hacking into American companies and stealing industrial secrets. The Republicans went so far as to say that the Chinese leader didn't deserve that he was an enemy of the state, that he didn't deserve a state visit of this magnitude.But the President pushed on and they did come to an agreement on how to stop cyber security - stop secrets being stolen in the future. Let's hear from President Obama.We've agreed that neither the US or the Chinese Government will conduct or knowingly support cyber enabled theft of intellectual property including trade secrets or other confidential business information for commercial work
advantage. In addition, we will work together and with other nations to promote international rules of the road for appropriate conduct in cyber space. So this is progress. But I have to insist that our work is not yet done. I believe we can expand our cooperation in this area, even as the United States will continue to use all of the tool at our disposal to protect American zones, - American company, citizens and interests.The two Presidents also discussed the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea. Did they come to any agreement on this particular issue?No. This is still going to be a source of ongoing conflict. The two militaries are at least talking - have established communications with each other so there aren't any unforeseen incidents in the region. But the US President said he would insist that the Chinese don't go ahead with militarisation of any of those islands they've been developing with the concern that they are doing it for military-base purposes. The Chinese say they're not doing it for militarisation, that the US President said they would insist on using the air and sea lanes in the area with a full right of international law. The Chinese said they didn't seem to have a problem with that and yet it is still an ongoing source of tension because of those many overlapping claims in the region. The US is not a claimant but the President says he wants to make sure the claims are resolved peacefully and so does the Chinese President.They also discussed a whole host of issues not the least of which is human right, the economy, how to move forward with development and other areas and international security not the least Iran.And obviously Syria as well. But another key area of agreement was climate. The US is relying on China as the - China is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases to basically help the US and other nations come to an agreement in December in Paris. Last year they came to that historic agreement to limit carbon dioxide, and China were limiting carbon dioxide emissions, and today the President of China, threw his full weight behind a plan to introduce a cap and trading system amongst most, not all, but most of China's industries for greenhouse gas emissions by 2017.Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Egyptian authorities have told her they are favourably considering a pardon for Australian journalist Peter Greste.Ms I Bishop made the comments in New York where she is attending the general assembly.Peter Greste is also in New York. And he says it's very encouraging news.It seems quite clear that the Egyptian President, the ejipt jiption Government is trying to resolve our situation. Which is very encouraging to me. We've been fighting to have our names cleared for the past two years almost now and it is great to know, to get that kind of re assurance. But I guess from us it's not over until it really is over. It's not over until we get the formal pardons that all of us deserve.I want to do everything I can to make that happen, help to assist the Egyptian Government if that's what it means to stand up and apply a bit more pressure if that is also helpful but at the end of the day we need to resolve this for everybody.Why is it so important to you to have this resolved?It matters to me because the last thing anybody wants is a criminal record hanging over their heads much less than unjust record on terrorism charges. That is difficult for me because what it means in my personal life and all sorts of routine things like getting bank loans are made that much more difficult but also there's the question of travel. It makes it incredibly difficult for us to travel freely around the world if you have that kind of criminal record. We were unjustly convicted on crimes that were bogus. It's clear that the Egyptian authorities know that but if this is allowed to stand it still sends a very dangerous message not just to a journalist who are working in Egypt but to anyone else around the world who is in this kind of situation and Governments who are considering draconian crackdowns on the press. So that is why we really do need to get this finished not just for our personal sake but for the sake of the institution of press freed on om.You have come all this way, next
what are your plans for the next week while you are here.We are keen to talk to anybody who can then talk to the e authorities.- Egyptian authorities. We want to make sure that the authorities understand this needs to be resolved, that it's wonderful news that my colleagues have been not just pardoned but also freed from prison. But we have to resolve this for everyone who was involved, not just those two, not just myself but the six others who were convicted in absentia. Once that is is done that our job is done and we can go home.Are you trying to meet directly with the Egyptian s here?We're having some conversations. We're prepared to meet with anybody who can help our situation.The corruption scandal at soccer's world governing body has reached the the organisation's leader sbla.Sepp Blatter's office has been raided in Zurich.As the day wore on at feeta headquarters it was clear something was seriously wrong.A press conference scheduled to take place after a routine executive meeting was delayed. Then cancelled. Sepp Blatter was otherwise engaged.Today, the office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland searched FIFA's headquarters, including the office of Mr Blatter, and Mr Blatter himself he was questioned, interrogated as a defendant.Swiss prosecutors are questioning Mr Blatter over a television deal signed in 2005, with the then President of the Caribbean football Union Jack Warner. Mr Warner is facing extradition to the US, one of 14 people charged with corruption in May. As part of an operation which saw FIFA officials arrested in dawn raids in Zurich. Just days latary defiant Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA President for a fifth term.Let's go, FIFA. Let's go, FIFA! Thank you.Thank you so much.Swiss prosecutors have also questioned Sepp Blatter about a 2.9 million dollar payment to this man, Michel Platini, the President of UEFA. Mr Platini was also spoken to by Swiss prosecutors saying later he was glad to have clarified matters with them.Sepp Blatter has been reluctant to travel to countries with an extradition treaty with the US. And earlier FIFA's executive agreed to move its next scheduled meeting from Japan to Switzerland. Little did they know prosecutors there were about to make their move.Came out of nowhere FIFA executive
really last night. A lot of the FIFA executive committee members were at the hotel where they normally reside, they were happily having a late night drink and I don't think anybody expected it and it happen sod dramatically.Preparations for Qatar 2022 continue, FIFA has now confirmed the tournament will run from November 21 to December 18. But the crisis engulfing the game deepens by the day.Officials in Saudi Arabia have defended the way the hajj pilgrimage is managed after more than 700 Muslim worshippers were crushed to death in a stampede to
yesterday.Iran, which appears to have suffered the greatest number of loss says the Saudi Government should accept responsibility for what happened and not blame pilgrims for failing to follow instructions. Ice the worst disas tore hit the hajj at Mecca for 25 years.The call of their faith brought pilgrims back today to the scene of yesterday's horror.There's shock here at the scale of the disaster and apprehension. TRANSLATION: I am very scared. But this is a very important rite that I have to do. God bless the souls of those who were killed.The injured and the dead are from many nationalities and witnesses say they include young children.Among the survivors TRANSLATION:
is this man from Egypt. TRANSLATION: People were falling and then being trampled. Women were screaming. One threw her little child on top of a tent. It was indescribable.The stampede happened around three miles from Mecca in the tented city of mean yai. Appeared to have happened when tightly packed crowd converged at this intersection. Over the past decade the Saudis have invested large sums of money in improving safety after a string of disasters. They're blaming pilgrims for not following official instructions.But the King has ordered a review of how the hajj is organised, an investigation has also been ordered as Iran which lost over 130 people accuses the authorities of incompetence and inexcusable negligence.A protest was staged in Tehran today demonstrators shouting death to the Saudi dynasty. Iran is vaib's - Saudi Arabia's main rival in the Middle East, its supreme leader has called on the Saudis to take responsibility for the tragedy and Iran wants a role in the inquiry.Saudi Arabia's guardianship of Islam's holiest sites is a source of great prestige for the kingdom but it's now facing growing criticism and pressure to explain exactly what happened.Businesses across Australia will show the world just how seriously they're taking climate change at the Australian climate leadership summit. It's Australia's only official meeting on climate change ahead of the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris later this year.It comes as China's President Xi Jinping announced in Washington that his nation would introduce a national cap and trade scheme beginning in 2017. Discuss what all this means for us we're joined in the studio by James Day, director for Australia and New Zealand's carbon disclosure project.Good morning.Great to have you join us.Thank you.We are interested also in having a development
look at an important development that we heard about yesterday involving AGL, a company considered Australia's largest carbon emitter. Agreeing to three key climate commitments to tackle basically what is the problem of carbon emissions, pollution. Are you able to talk us through the significance of this particular decision by a company like AGL for Australia in general?Yeah, sure.So AGL has announced that it's committing to three climate leadership commitments which have been developed by CDP and a group called the We Mean Business Coalition which is a Coalition of the world's leading sustainable business organisations that work closely with companies and investors all over the world.AGL has signed up to three of those seven climate commitments and it's committed to responsible corporate engagement on climate policy, and here in Australia we've seen what irresponsible corporate engagement in climate policy by other companies has resulted in. Over the past few years:They have also decided to commit to the UN global compact, business leadership criteria on carbon pricing. That means they will both support bon pricing and set an internal carbon price even with the absence of a man Dadery carbon price here in Australia in their investment decisions at a level that is high enough to influence their investment decisions. So that is really exciting and also to report progress on those things.And they're also going to be reporting climate change information in their mainstream corporate report. So that is an important signal for investors that AGL is taking these issues really seriously as a fiduciary duty that they are responsible for these things and reporting through that flagship financial publication.So, James, when we are talking about a company like AGL, what does this mean in terms of where other companies are at? Are we likely to see a ripple effect, in other words with other companies coming on board given they are such a significant company when it comes to carbon emissions?AGL is Australia's think
largest carbon emitter. So I think it will help to give other companies confidence that this is the direction that the biggest emitter is moving in, that they should s will be moving. But we have already had over 30 companies that are active here in Australia commit to one or more of these climate leadership commitments. Really significant companies like Westpac, Infojen Energy which is a renewable energy company and household names like Ikea and they're very much not alone.What impact does it have, this responsible corporate engagement ? Does that mean that AGL will now Federal
progress or try to influence Federal Government policy?I think what it means is in the - around climate policy debates that they will behave like a responsible corporate citizen and I'd expect that to include taking into account what the science is telling us, our own climate change, that we need to be acting within the sort of carbon budget that scientists have set in terms of keeping our planet safe within a sort of safe operating limit. And many other things that are responsible large company like AGL should be doing.What is the practical effect of setting the price on carbon internally for them?Without a mandatery carbon price set by government, setting an internal price on carbon means that a company will be take ing that into account in their investment decisions because for many companies, particularly like a large utility company, those sorts of investments can last for 10, 20, 30 or more years. So when you are, say, making a trade-off between should we invest in, say, a gas powered plant or renewable energy, without a man datery carbon price set by Government the investment decision might be more to a fossil fuel decision. Hopefully it will help to shift the decisions to cleaner solutions.There will be plenty more to talk about this with the Sydney sum it coming up and the Paris conference later year. But thank you very much.Thank you very having me.Drive erless car, drones purchase
liver delivering online purchase s what seemed like science fiction not long ago could soon be reality if Australia can keep up.When it comes to innovation Australia is not the leader it could be. They're calling on Malcolm Turnbull's so-called 21st century to change.At a glance you might think this looks like something you would find down store
the kids aisle of a department store but the truth is this technology is serious business, Daniel Griffiths is part of a team that designed this machine, the winning design at a national autonomous robot tournament:That is the winning robot.Studying a PD in machine vision, that is giving computers the ability to see, an
Mr Griffiths says right now is an exciting time to be involved in advanced robotics.There's so much development going on, like the autonomous cars and owl thaf that is coming with machine vision and it's allowing us to do so much more.Handing your crees Keys over to your computer may seem far fetch add few years ago but be
next month that technology will be put to the test on Australian roads. And it's just one of many practical applications on the innovation horizon.If Australia can keep up with the relentless pace of innovation it will mean jobs and big dollars too. The industry surrounding the driverless car alone is expected to be worth more than $90 billion within the next 15 years.But the numbers show Australia simply is not the innovation leader it could be. One leading innovation index has Australia trailing nations such as Ireland, South Korea and New Zealand. A position labelled by the institution for engineers Australia as mediocre. That same institute sees a stronger national innovation culture is needed one that begin s in the class room and has suggested the creation of an innovation board to target and direct funding and research efforts long-term. The PM has made it clear rising through the global innovation ranks remains a top priority priority:We must be more productive. Above all, we must be more innovative.How the Government plans on doing that has yet to be revealed - - revealed. Let's take a look at the satellite. In the east a high and complex low over the Tasman is produce egging showers an low cloud from even Victoria through to South-East Queensland. Further north, patchy mild and low level cloud is lingering around the Top End of the NT and the Cape York peninsula. In WA, a trough is bringing cloud and an approaching cold front.Looking around the country.

The top stories - Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged to introduce a cap and trade scheme to limit his country's greenhouse gas emission s the announcement came following talks with US President Barack Obama at the White House. Both leaders also reached an agreement designed to combat the contentious issue Foreign
of cyber theft.Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Egyptian authorities have told her they are favourably considering a pardon for Australian journalist Peter Greste. Two of Mr Greste's colleagues were pardoned last week but Ms Bishop says she believes Mr Greste has not been pardoned because of a technical or legal hurdle. Swiss authorities have announced they have opened criminal proceedings against FIFA's President Sepp Blatter. The Attorney-General's office said Mr Blatter was being investigated on suspicion of criminal mismanagement.His office has been searched in connection with the probe. In the AFL Hawthorn has kept its hopes of a third straight frirp alive beating Fremantle by 27 points in their preliminary final. While the Brisbane Broncos have booked their place in the NRL Grand Final runs in victory over
six tries to two in a 31-12 victory over the Sydney Roosters in Brisbane.Time to look at the front pages of today's major newspapers.The has
Daily Telegraph reports a car has been seized from a person of interest as part of the investigation into missing 'Sydney Morning
toddler William Tyrrell.The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reveals the PM's shift on climate change plus a story on Sydney's faltering house prices.The 'Courier Mail' features a story about parents at a Brisbane private school who have been warned to prepare for shocking stories of abuse by a former counsellor.The 'Age' over the
celebrates Hawthorn's victory over the Dockers an a warning to the PM on climate change.The 'Herald Sun' front page focuses on the tragic Andrea Lehane
death of Melbourne mother Andrea Lehane who died after a hit and run in a shopping centre car park earlier this week.The NT News reports on a girl escaping serious injury after a crash at Pyne Creek.The weekend awn reports Australia is set for a major policy shift in relation to the war in Syria. Plus an exclusive interview with new First Lady Lucy Turnbull.The Hobart 'Mercury' reveals the Tasmanian Government is set to toughen its stance on domestic violence following the murder of Bridgewater mother Jody Eaton.The 'Canberra Times' has a story on homeless children across the ACT and concerns by Canberra on ians about development s around Lake Burley Griffin.The weekend about
'West Australian' has a story about two brother who have been extradited from Queensland over a multimillion-dollar drug syndicate.The 'Advertiser' reports the partner of missing charged with
woman Jody Meyers has been charged with her murder after her body was found buried in a backyard west of Adelaide.And 'The Guardian' online's main stories today surround the Reza Berati murder trial and the Swiss Government opening criminal proceedings against FIFA boss Sepp Blatter.Which is not a great surprise that Sepp Blatter is finally in the sites of those prosecutors after all we have interesting
learnt. What I found interesting was when Barbara Miller was say ing he's avoiding flying to anywhere the US has an extradition treaty with.That is an interesting point that's been made there.I don't think we heard the last of this.No.And ABC Weekend Breakfast can be watched live on the web.That is right. Just visit the main ABC News website, and there you will find a link to News 24 which is streamed live every day.Following the car emissions scandal engulfing German car manufacturer Volkswagen vol, Matthias Muller has been promoted to CEO. The former head of Porsche has promised he will win back the trust of consumers and investors.But the scandal may go beyond Volkswagen. A new report slows that fuel efficiency claims are made by many European car companies may s will be inflated.Hard on the heels of the Volkswagen emissions testing scandal comes a new report showing that the fuel efficiency of European-made cars is far lower than their manufacturers claim. TRANSLATION: Consumers are being lied to for many years already and within the last few years the discrepancy is getting larger.The international Council on Klien transportation report says the difference between the sales brochure figures and the real world has reached an all-time high with normal road and highway driving consumer 40% more fuel than under car maker's laboratory conditions.The gap between laboratory test results and real world driving is explained by vehicle manufacturers exploiting loop holes in the current regulation, the report says.Lab test efficiency figures can be manipulated by using special overinflated tyres, seal ing windows and door with tape to reduce air resistance.The problem we are seeing with the European testing regime for some time now is the results achieved in the laboratory aren't matched by the results that are achieved when the vehicles are out there in use. What we need is a test cycle that more accurately reflects the use of the vehicle and therefore the performance that you and I could expect when we are driving around.Lower fuel efficiency means individual consume's cars produce more greenhouse gases linked to global warming and pollution affecting human health than they realise. Environmentalists say.Air pollution in Europe causes about 400 to 500 premature deaths every year. The cost for society are immense.And obviously no-one thought about taking action until right now.The fuel efficiency gap has an impact not only on global climate and people's lungs. It also affecting their wallets.The report says the discrepancy means that car owners will spend an extra 450 euros or about 500 dollars on fuel every year. Check ing international markets now - the markets in Europe have closed for week.

For more on the markets we are joined now by St George bank's chief economist Hans. Thank you for coming in.Good morning.Let's start off with looking at things here at home. going on in
We tend to focus on what's going on in the rest of the world but let's look at what's going on at home and in particular where we are placed with our cash rate. We have been looking intensely at the US and nothing has happened there where are we looking at here in Australia?The majority view and we're part of that is nothing is going to happen for a while. There have been noises recently that further cuts Reserve
should come but even the Reserve Bank has said we have cut the cash rate to the lowest it's been in history. And further rate cuts aren't actually going to cut it with business, it is not interest rates that are the problem, it's the broader demand. And that really does depend on the global demand for our products. So lower interest rates could send a signal to people that things are getting worse and you need to panic and stop buying and that is not a signal you want to send. We are saying keep rates low and stable until the end of 2016 because reducing them could send the wrong signal.What does it mean if we keep our rates at this level for the foreseeable future. We have had all sort of issues. I am speaking from a Sydney-centric perspective here. What happens to us if we keep them as they are?It continues to encourage people to say I can't live on these low interest rates I need to take higher risk which does put people into the share market and into property in particular and they can take on 50 too much risk. We've got to keep rates
inflation lowish and interest rates low, that is the best solution for the country then we have to get on with I think what Mr Turnbull is talking about is rearranging the way we do taxation and give inventives so all the bits are in place so we can continue to grow.And the housing market has been a real big topic of discussion with Scott Morrison diving in saying something needs to be done . Not only on the interest rate side of things.No. And the Reserve Bank and APRA between them have been putting the screws on investor lending and that I think is probably start ing to work.Particularly with investment.Indeed it's all to do with investment making it more expensive for the investor class to get in.Basically we have to build more houses. To meet the demand particularly in Sydney there is an undersupply of housing, that means making sure we get the releases right, the infrastructure right. That takes time. There is no magic bullet to fix the issue.If supply is not there, then the prices get pushed up. It's en encouraging supply over time. But it's a Sydney-centric problem. The other cities demand and supply are broadly in balance.We will take a quick look at what's been happening in the US. We have heard from the Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen again. We are anticipating this feigned mythical rate rise .It's been about a year esince it's been coming. We saw stats out from the United States last night. The economy is growing at almost 4%, that is not bad for an economy the size of the interest rate
United States. You have zero interest rate s when you are in an emergency. If you are close to full employment and your is
economy is growing at 3.5% that is not an emergency. Sooner or later inflation will pick up. And that is when you start jacking those rates up off the bottom. So we believe they will raise rates marginally. We are not talking going to 10% overnight. A quarter of a per cent, max.Janet Yellen a couple of days ago said probably by the end of this year they will raise rates but the markets don't seem to believe her. They're saying it's only a 50/50 chance of happening.They do but at the same time the domestic markets are saying it's more than a 50% chance they will cut rates. Federal
Markets can be wrong.The Federal Reserve needs to maintain its credibility. You can't say we are going to raise rates by the end the end of the year and not do it because some people will say why are you telling this stuff? Are you lying? Their credible is low and the economy is in a position to take a small hikeAnd if they do raise rate s does that pull money back to the States an a way from Australia?It changes the way we price assets. The share market probably in the first week will say that is horrible.It will then say, hang on, they've raised rates because the economy is strong. If the economy is strong, company s will be strong and the share market will respond the other way as the rate rise sinks. In but there will be volatility whatever they do, if they don't hike in October or if they do.It raises the question as well as what's happening in China because rates
there has been some sense that rates in the US have been kept as they are because of uncertainty around China.Yes.The Fed is aware of the impact of their decisions on the rest of the world and if it unsettles the rest of the world it will have a snoeon effect in the United States, they are mindful of that but they can't hold off forever.The big question is what do you believe about China? Is it slowing Catsically or just slowing because - cat strofically or not?There are particularly
always ups an downs particularly in China as they are trying to move towards a more liberal economy. These things happen. I don't think raises interest rate s would be the end of the China keez growth story.-Chinese growth story.And the Aussie dollar has picked up a bit?It's picked up from the 68 cent level. I think that was overdone. I still think it is. We could be at the bottom of the commodity price cycle.It's potentially up from here. That is an optimistic view I have to say that.Our forecast s was for 73 cents by Christmas, that could be looking tenuous but if people are expecting Australian rates to cut and they have pushed the dollar down because of that, and we don't cut that could put some upside pressure on the Aussie back to the 71-cent level. But it's all about commodity prices and all about global growth and our interest rates.It's like juggling.Thank you very much for Janeling us this morning.My pleasure.Imagine a world without advertising! We're big fans of that here at the ABC. But in the digital world where it sometimes seems like everyone is selling something an advertising free zone can be attractive.We have some takes on ad blook blocking soft ware.As Apple have unveiled their new phones
operating system for mobile phones one of the interesting new tidbits is they're allowing you to install ad blocking technology which has caused a huge ruckus in the world of advertisers. But to debate that we have our panel this week. Claire Connelly and famous Byrne.When this was announced what happened next?So with the new update we have seen a huge number of ad blocking apps basically hit the app store and some have hit number one on the paid app charts which is interesting that you have to pay for the service that lets you block the things that stop other people getting paid for serving you content. But it's been a huge hit on the app store so far, people seeing that there are these benefits of various kinds in Injinoo stalling one of these blockers so your browse er get s of the ads.Is it en that ad s slow down your mobile experience?It is not the ads themselves, it's the wealth of tags that live around the advertising systems because on any major website the ad is not being served by the website that is loading the content. Instead it's run through these kind of specialist ad networks. These are aren't the sort of generic pull an ad from anywhere but major publishers use services that run the ads efficiently that then also has to track the ads that advertisers know if somebody saw it or not. There's all these tracking systems attached to it and included with that are certain kinds of tag s that track your movement across different sites so advertiseries can start to build different profiles an that is the thing that also people are more worried about, it's the privacy and the tracking that people are really upset about rather than necessarily the ad itself.As a consumer is this something you would use?Yes, absolutely.It's paid by a publisher because you write for countless Fairfax and a thousand and one other fs Services. How do you feel about this?I think there's ban lot of outrage in the media sphere about ad blockers and it's worth adding banner adds only have a click through rate of

0.04%.This is about blocks ads so that presumably Apple with launch its own service. As a consumer I think it's great. As a journalist I think it's even better and here is why, it's actually forcing the advertising market and the media market to come up with a different form of advertising. need
Now the thing that consumers need to decide is how u bik which - ubiquitous do you want your advertising to be. Do you want it to look like an ad or in your content? I don't think this should be put at Apple's door step. Advertising on web needs a major overhaul. It doesn't work particularly well outside of video.This ad blocking idea does only hurt the publisher because the ad buyer never pays for the ad so money
the ad companies will keep the money to spend wherever it's not being blocked.It is worth adding not all the ad blockers block everything whole sale. Some block the most visually intrusive. So it will main that advertisers will the have to be creative.Apple has joined this kind of space and instant ly it goes a lot more mainstream and that's where people become aware that it exists, these are in the top 10 charts on the app store, and that essentially means people are what is that thing? I can do this? And then in every other aspect it might be more android users know notice they exist,000 and there could be a big snow ball for ads disappearance.It is a big deal but I don't think it's as devastating to either the media industry or to advertising as people are making out. Advertisers and big media do not like change. And they've been departmentent on this model for 10, 15 years now.And it hasn't been working that well anyway.They've all been trying to make pay walls work and no-one is willing to pay. This is a very blunt instrument idea that there are plenty of really nice very simple advertising flerk s that do try to stay out of people's way and they're caught up in this as well. So this is the all or nothing approach. I wish some of these services would start with a black list system instead of a white list system.You can't monetise a black list system but you can gives a
monetise a white list.If it gives a tool to a use tore say that page took forever, I want that website to serve me no longer all those tags so there's that individual user making the choice along the way.Facebook is starting to make inroads in advertising and it's effective, it's curated, it's customise and appeals to haven't
your individual needs. I haven't seen a media website, a big or small one do that, if it's going to encourage people to go down the Facebook route and get more selective with how they deliver ads I am all for it.There is lots more of this in the audio edition of Download this show and we are talking with someone who is tealing with the area of artificial intelligence. You can find that on the RN website.The businessman driving the new look national basketball league is slowly winning over fans who become cynical about the league's future.The NBL was on the brink of collapse between Larry Kestelman took control and began an ambitious re branding of basketball's key product in Australia.He's turned a family passion into his latest project. Larry Kestelman's business empire is taking a backseat to the NBL jooz a) vent ure u believe it will pay off for myself, I do love the space of taking on advertises that need fixing.When he took control in June, the league had no deal and two clubs were on the verge of folding.Now Townsville and Wollongong are out of administration and taking part in the preseason blitz tournamentIt's the little things that he's done that just makes a massive difference and gives the whole league and players confidence that the league will be solid and won't have to worry about this stuff anymore.The League has signed a five-year deal with Foxtel and it will be reviewed after the first season.Unless we do something very, very wrong, I don't believe there will be even much of a discussion at the end of the first year.The product is looking good with better players arriving from the United States and big name Australians returning home.They've really loaded up on the top which is fantastic for us because that is the backbone of your national team, the local competition.Kestelman has achieved lot in a short space of time but Australian basketball fans have been promised plenty since the 1990s heyday.I think Larry sees this as a legacy piece. I know he is passionate about the business more than the sport. I think that is what will translate to his longevity in the competition.The countdown is on to the most important NBL season in 20 years:It seems like a great time to Sport talk sport with Nick Lockyer. A big concern for a Broncos legend:He has been elevated to legend status!>>R you have a fan here clearly.Fair enough as well.We should be celebrating a great Bron crows victory but it has been tainted. The Broncos have qualified for their first NRL Grand Final in nine years but their captain is in serious doubt for the final match of his career. The retiring Justin Hodges was placed on report for a lifting tackle on Roosters forward Aiden gera but his about
coach is not too concerned about whether he will be cleared to play.I don't think there is a lot in it.Whatever it is.It over shadow add dominant performance from Brisbane. The hosts capitalise add on an error-filled performance to win.They will face either the Storm or the Cowboys in next Sunday's Grand Final.Hawthorn has the chance to cement its place as one of the greatest teams in the AFL record books next week. The Hawks qualified for their fourth straight Grand Final and kept their quest for a trifecta of premierships alive last night with a 27-point victory over Fremantle. If they win next Saturday's decider they will become just the fifth team in the game's 118-year history to achieve the repeat.To say that it won't be mentioned is probably false because at some how
point in time it will be. But how significant is it for the playing group or our club it's probably going to come down to individuals and how much they actually want to win because it's just another opportunity legacy
to win a Grand Final. The legacy and all that sort of stuff that it leaves behind, to
Grand Finals are really tough to win and we are better offer focusing on the Grand Final in isolation rather than legacies peats
or anything to do with three peats and that sort of stuff.Hawthorn will take on the winner of tonight's clash between West Coast and North Melbourne. Matthew Pavlich and emotional
Luke McPharlin were physically emotional after the game. They are yet to publicly announce a decision on their future.It's fair to say veteran Wallaby Dean Mum had one of the best days of his life yesterday. Not only because he named Wallabies's captain for tomorrow night's match but he also became a dad. As promised Michael Cheika has made 14 changes to the starting line-up that beatify ji on Thursday night.- beatify ji on Thursday night.It -.I think it makes sense they always talk about developing a squad, everyone has to contribute, why not do it with a short turnaround and everyone with focus on the games an pick the best teams from the third and the 10th and everyone feels as though they are contributing to the cause.There was just the one World Cup match this morning with Argentina notching up its first win of the tournament. Too the Pumas beat Georgia. A huge payday for golf's new number one Jason Day appears to be slipping from his grasp. At the mythsway point of the PGA tour championship the Australian is nine shots off the lead. He shot a one over 71 this morning which was just his second over par round in three months.Look out! Oops.Straight in the drink there. Swede Henrik Stenson has chasing
a three-shot gap from the chasing group. He is nine under par and we're all talking footy of course this morning. Hawthorn was fantastic last night, really overcame a pretty gallant Fremantle outfit, have to note that Nat Fyfe, there - he was suss pucted to have been playing with a stress fracture in his leg. So he was essentially playing with a broken leg possibly. This is yet to be confirmed. But it was a great effort from him but Hawthorn too good, in the Grand Final again.A threepeat.It's on the cards.You don't have to bang on about the Queensland thing.We will forgetant the Lions.Coming up next - on Weekend Breakfast.We will cross thrive New York where historic talks have been held between US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, plus all the day's news, sport and weather. This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: From 4 October,
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This Program is Captioned Also ahead - US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping hold talks in Washington discussing cyber security and their commitment to slash carbon emissions.FIFA boss Sepp Blatter interrogated by Swiss authorities on suspicion of criminal mismanagement.And the Broncos secure a pot Spot in the NRL Grand Final with a win over the Roosters. And in the AFL, Hawthorn triumphs over Fremantle.