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(generated from captions) Hmm, your instincts were right.

Scarf was the top answer.
Nice one, Amelia.

Jumper was
the second-highest answer.

71 points now needed.

What's something you associate
with the flu? You said...

The survey says...


Amelia, you had the top answer.
Nice work.

You had the second highest there,

56 points now from three answers.

We are within striking distance.


Name something
that can be turned inside out.

You said...


Survey says...


Socks was the top answer.
Socks can be.

You had the second-highest answer. So, 40 points from two answers.

Name an occupation
that requires working late. You said...

Survey says...


The top answer was nurses.

Doctor was the second highest.

28 points we now need
to get you guys $10,000

and start this holiday dream...

..of the Wescombes.

Final question.
Name a famous bear. You said...

At first,
I thought you said teddy bear,

like any teddy bear that we have.

And then you, of course,
have gone Ted E. Bare.


David Strassman's
little ventriloquist bear, yeah?

Yeah, I thought he was famous,

but you know,
teddy bear is normal as well.

That's pretty famous, isn't it?
But I'm going to go with this one.

You've got to stick
with what you've...said.

They are the rules, yes.
That's right!

Otherwise, everyone would win.

Alright, fingers crossed
for the Wescombes right now.

Here we go. The survey says...


Just two.

Yogi Bear was the top answer
or Humphrey B. Bear, Leah.

Thank you.

The good news is you do get $10
for every Fast Money point.

They'll be back for another shot
at the $10,000 on Sunday night.

The Project is up next,

then stick around
for The Living Room.

A lot of fun at 7:30.

Have a great night, everybody.

I'm Grant Denyer.
Goodnight, Australia.

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Tonight: More than 700 pilgrims dead after a stampede. So, how did it happen? Why some experts think High Schools should start at 11am. Lehmo gets dating advice from love experts.Can friends with over, like not on the date, just watching telly?No.No.No friends? Stick with the program.From accusations of telling porkies to storm-outs, The Bachelorette has it all. Your news delivered differently. This is The Project. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (CHEERINGAND APPLAUSE)
AND APPLAUSE) Good evening. Welcome to The Bachelorette News Network. Welcome back Meshel Laurie and Darren Lehmann. And Gorgi. A young Melbourne mum critically injured has died in hospital after her life support was switched off. Her husband James confirmed the 34-year-old suffered unsurvival brain damage. Her heartbroken family has decided to donate her organs. Ten Eyewitness News Reporter sprel vel vel is where the incident occurred. -- Sharnelle Vella is where the incy department occurred. How have the family been coping? The family are devastated. A short time ago they released a statement through Victoria Police saying Andrea sadly passed away. Earlier today her husband James described the 34-year-old mother of two as an extraordinary wife, mo ner and daughter who always put her friends and family first. You can imagine the last 48 hours have been absolutely gut-wrenching for the family.Have the police made arrests?Yes, at five o'clock three boys were brought into custody. We learned a 17 yeefr old has been charged with reckless conduct endangering life as well as riding an unregistered vehicle without a licence. A 16-year-old boy is expected to be charged and a 15-year-old boy is in custody. Thank you.

Thank you. Souths' duoGray and Walker have been discharged. They thanked medical staff at St Vincents and apologised to family and friends declaring they have learned their lesson.We hope that everyone can learn from our lessons. Not only rugby league players but people in general. Just take prescription medication as it is on the box.A meaty mess in NSW where 17 dodgy butchers have been fine after being busted using a chemical to keep products looking fresher. Fur dioxide is used as a -- sulphur dioxide is used, but can cause at ma attacks.It goes ba k to a safety issue. As they are using in meat and mince where it wasn't purr mited. -- permitted. Kirribilli House is being advertised as the perfect getaway. Stayz made up a mock ad calling on the PM to list his unwarted residence, with an $1800 a night pricetag, it has ten bedrooms, a 14-burner barbie and a panic room. A 12-seater jacuzzi... I would love the G8 Smith to be inside that. Maybe that's where they hold Cabinet meetings, maybe that's why there were not that with imin Cabinet.
(LAUGHTER) You reckon Tony Abbott is still in the panic room? What an awesome schoolies location. Yes. If you got a heap of you. Where is mum in the panic room? The neighbours would be annoyed. That many people moving in and out of that house. Mona Lisa news, you've been begging - I have some news. Archaeologists in Italy believe they have found the remains of the woman herself.Researchers think they are closer to being able to nail down her identity. The slam-dunk thing would be matching family DNA with the presumed Mona Lisa DNA and if technology would allow for it, and this is the dream of the research ever -- researchers - generating an image of what she would have looked like.Wow, yeah. If I was a betting man, I would say she looks roughly like this. (LAUGHTER) You have a picture from the greatest artist of all time. I dovent think there will be a lot of variation. Now, teenagers - they are irritable oversleepers who complain too much when they wash my car on the weekend. It turns out there might be a valid reason why these grumpy car-washers are so tired. It's the sound that all teenagers dread. (BEEPING) Here is why - teens need heaps of sleep - around 9-10 hours. Changes in their bodies, triggered by adolescence, make it harder to get to sleep. Add the schedules and time spent running off Justin Bieber and it's easy to see why teens are Tired. Sleep deprivation impairs your memory, affects concentration and many people with teenagers co-can be familiar with a jumpy teenager. many people with teenagers co-can
be familiar with a jumpy teenager. But a parenting group in SA has asked - what if ab noxious alarm went off two hours' later? The idea is to trial Year 10 students starting at 10am and Year 12 starting at 11am. That makes school more accommodating to teenagers' sleep requirements.They might have some early starts, some late starts, and it gives them that sense of the variable rhythm, so they learn flexibility, which is really important.Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can trigger rebellious behaviour and anxiety in teens, making learning hard. Being tired while taking an IQ test can cause the result to drop by seven points. Regular school exams can be similarly impacted. So are staggered times the best way to improve results? Would that leaf us with all-day school speed zones?

An excellent point. Peter Hutton is a principal and rolled out staggered start times for students at Templestowe Colleg in Melbourne. He joins us. Take us through how you approach this?Well, basically we were trying to assist students to learn at the time that suited their best. We offered them the choice of either starting earlier or later. Some stupts will start at 7.15 in the morning and finish just before lunch at 1.15. The majority of the school start at 8.40 and finish at 3.30 and then some of the students start at 10.30 and finish at 5.15. Sounds like heaven to me. How have the students responded?I think they have appreciated having a choice. So when we put it to the students we probably anticipated a lot of them would choose the later start, to match the research that we'd seen around biorythms, but when we put it to them, we ended up with three early classes and three wanting the late start.Do you have confused students that arrive at ten and leave at one?I think most schools have some of those students.
(LAUGHTER) Peter are concerned starting students at 7.15am may compound the sleep issues we're talking about here?I think some of the concerns with the other ways schools are rolling this out is they're making a school-wide approach, a decision for the students. I think even in spite of the research, you know, some students do like to get up and start early and some perform better later in the day. I think if you adopt a one-size fits all approach and don't allow the students any choice, I think there are serious problems.There must be other problems. For example, let's say an early-start kid like me wants to pick a fight with a late-start kid like Lehmo after school, how does that, doesn't that mean he has to stay back at the bike sheds for three or four hours? Just waiting for me to come and bash him up.I think you have to move with the time. All that stuff is online. (LAUGHTER) (We have a good handle on that, too, With the school. Fascinating. Lehmo and I have an appointment. Thanks for joining us.Thanks for your time. Let's get going. So we have to go to a break. Be back in a sec.

Coming up: The dos and don'ts of Facebook in the workplace - is there an etiquette some people don't get? What's Oprah's next TV gig all about? Spoiler alert - there are are no free cars or trips to Australia, but we have a free car to give away. Could you be the lucky winner?

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back. Security cameras have caught the moment a thief, disguised as Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, broke into a Melbourne car dealership. Police say he's definitely no hero in a half-shell, he's likely to face serious charges after Nicking a brand new motorbike.Such a Mikelangelo thing to do.

The Broncos will have to beat Hawthorn and mole bourn. The NRL grand final could be an all-Queensland affair they down the Roosters and the Storm. HG Nelson has been gorjing himself on the September action. Bumper weekend. Best weekend of the year. I imagine you have tealeaves talking to you. What are they saying?Tealeaves, I slaughtered a parrot and had a look at the way the pancreas was distended over the liver n the Roman tradition. I've had this dream and I related this to you, of the West Coast final, you know, ie, the West Coast and Fremantle not going to happen. The pancreas was too far gone over the liver for me to go on television and say it is going to happen. It won't happen. I see it now, a battle of the birds. I see Hawthorn v West Coast Eagles. On the other side, the rugby league, I decided to go with home crowd bias. I'm thinking the Broncos will play the Storm on that one night in October. Obviously the Broncos with the svengali coach Bennett and he learned everything, and he may have to drag the Storm over the ty-line for a win against the epic Cowboys. Did the pancreas have anything to say about the golf world? Shall we bask in his reflected gorry, Jason Day?Yes, last weekend when he got that in, the BMW championship, the plus-fours were around the ankles, the tears of joy streaming down, I was, the putter was pointing north, you thought, isn't this the most exciting time in the history of the world to be an Australian? But now the sun seems to have set of the day for Day day. He's in the FedEx Cup championship and has come out with a terrible opening round. Incredible how short this window at the top is for golfers. A meagre 331 weeks for Greg Norman. But who alive can remember the Shark? (LAUGHTER) Who watching this show could ever remember the Shark? Well done, HG. Well done. Have a great weekend.

Sticking with sport, did you guys know the world record for the 100m sprint was broken overnight?No. I'm surprised you haven't heard. Here it is. It was in the over-100 years of age category. He was the only entrant. The others were... He finishes in the - he does the Bolt.How gorgeous.He finished in the sprightly time of 44 seb onneds, which for a bloke north of 100 is not bad. On the down side, though, he did test positive to metamusel. (LAUGHTER) They're considering the record. Spiked. Now let's look at what is happening in entertainment. She's the world's highest-paid model, so it's only natural Giselle Bunchen would mark her 20th year with a coffee table book about herself. The 536-page hardback will feature 300 of her favourite shots including some nudes, but it won't be cheap, retailing for $700 US. Oprah's got a new gig. She scored a recurring role in her own TV drama which premiers next year. She is the executive producer on the show, written by Craig Wright, the brains behind the award-winning show's Six Feet Under and Lost. And Hugh Jackman says he doesn't want it too easy for the studio to replace him as Wolverine. But he reckons Tom Hardy would be a top choice for the iconic role.I'm sure they're talking about it. There's an actor that said - keep it qee yet. He is really desperate to get that James Bond role. Yes.He's taking all of his rivals and giving them his cegs. (LAUGHTER)
Yes. Do you reckon, this is very controversial, because I love Hugh, but is he a bit told for Bond?No. Is he too Jazz hr handsy!Too musical theatre? I would love to see James Bond do that. Let's do it. Maybe he could go undercover in musical theatre.As he did that there would be a bullet out of his cufflink. The evil villain is a theatre fan.Imagine the eyelashes that would bat weapons out of them. I feel like we've strayed somehow. We will take a break. We will be back in a moment. Coming up: We challenge -- we chat with Stars of The Intern. Are you brave enough to post a shelfie of the contents of your fridge?

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(APPLAUSE) Weak back.

Weak back.
Thousands have lined New York's Fifth Avenue to catch a glimpse of the Pope in his tour of the United States. Earlier he was the first on tiff in history to address a joint meeting of US Congress urging law-makers to use their power for good. The contemporary world with its open wounds which affect so many of our brothers and sisters demands that we confront every form polarisation.Good bloke. Can you call him sna?Yes.Now, John Boehner, the Speaker of the House in the US, met with the Pope. You would have seen him in the background. He had a touch of the sniffles. Here he is. Right hand wiping. A bit snotty. Not a hanky. Yes. There it is. There we go. Just under the right hand. Err... Covered my whole mit. (LAUGHTER) Shake the Pope's hand.You can't give it to the Pope.Thank God the hand-shaking is over and done with. Now the cardinals. Everyone will be sick now. Oh no. You can't give it to them as well. Anyway, he wasn't the only one being hands-on. Check out this FBI guy as he briefs a reporter on the Pope's security. Watch the hand.

You can't do that! (LAUGHTER)

He can't believe he got away with that. Then they - the bum plates, we will test those now. (LAUGHTER) The self-proclaimed world's grumpiest woman has staged a bizarre protest in the UK. Kay Bishop glued her bum to the window of a department store because she was fed up with everything. It's safe to say she won't become part of the permanent window display. Is she wearing a merkin?I believe She is indeed. She's glued her bum to a department store. Apparently a shop assistant said the store looks great on you. is she happier? Well t woman has to clean up the mess, she's probably the most grumpy woman in the world. Interesting. I know what you're saying. Oh, no. When it comes to acting, they don't become more experienced than Rober De Niro. In his latest film Bobby is playing the new kid on the block. It saint easy starting a new job. You can be shy, intimidated and in some cases 70. Where do you see yourself in ten years?When I'm 80? Using a community outrage program to get back into work, Ben takes a gig as an intern for an online fashion brand by an actress play -- a character played by Anne Hathaway. Wait to hearLy from you. Terribly sorry. Ben settles in and becomes a hit, even getting used to the peshgs of a Modbury earn office.I'm fiona, the house masseuse. How is that?Oh boy.There you go. You're not as old as I thought you were. The Intern proves that experience never gets old. Before we get to the movie - Robert or Bob?Bob.Really? Yes, I think Bob is good.Okay Bob. Now we can move on. Do you guys remember the last time you had to apply for a job that had nothing to do with entertainment? A long time ago.Yes. I was filling out, like the hiring forl to be a waitress in a cafe when I got the call I was cast in an MTV show. You've never had to...I didn't have to submit it. And then the TV show got picked up. It was OK. No everyone hates me. How nice for you! Oh, there is no hate. There's jealousy.Okay. Difference. So you're on Facebook?I've been trying to figure it out.You have photo?I need one? Say cheese. Cheese. That's cute. Let's look at a Bob Instagram? Then it would be old let photos of you and Scorcese.Interesting.For example, your friend posted this picture which I would like some explanation here. Someone who is so fashion forward.So what you were looking at Rober De Niro, is a photo of me from the premiere of your favourite film, El la Enchanted and I decided to wear a dress with jeans and white pointed perforated heels. In 2003, this was on point. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) The Intern is in cinemas from Thursday. Here is what is making news this Friday 25th September - the young Melbourne mum who suffered terrible injuries in the monkey bike hit and run has died in hospital. 34-year-old Andrianna passed away after the family made the heartbreaking decision to switch off life support. Reckless conduct charges have been laid against a 17-year-old. The body, believed to be that of SA woman, has been found buried under concrete in the backyard of her parents -- her partner's parent's house. 20-year-old Jody Meyers went missing a month ago. Her 29-year-old partner has been charged. He's been remanded to face court in December. One can't have any comprehension the degree of pain and suffering that Jody's family are going through.Three days after their near-fatal overdose, South'' Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray have been discharged lt. They were dangerously ill from taking prescription painkillers. They were well enough to apologise.It's a mistake we have made. A lesson we have learned. We hope everyone can take a lesson out of this. Thank you. The Rabbitohs say they're prepared to pilot hair follicle testing, and it's an offer welcomed by the NRL. The latest selfie craze involves your left-overs. A new anti-obesity campaign urges us to take shelfies of our fridges. It's hoped pics uploaded to hashtag "show us your fridge" will make us see what we're eating.I'm sure there is a photoshop app! (LAUGHTER) You need to put your crap in tupperware. Solved. It sl will show us what we're not eating T stuff at the back of the fridge, mouldy, to two years.You swore you would eat it. You didn't. I couldn't tell you what's in my verej, but I stare into it.A bloke thing.You look past the things that needs work.I cleaned ours out and got that brown food juice out of the bottom. Is zhoo!That's fancy.That stuff is delicious. No. Every year more than 2 million Muslims make the Hajj pilgrimage in and around Mecca. Overnight hundreds were killed and hundreds more injured when the crowds of pilgrims panicked. A warning - some images may be distressing. It's one of the world's largest spiritual gatherings, marred by earthly tragedy. We were coming back from the place and they began pushing each other, they pushed people to the ground. I was about to die.These roads should be filmed with muz -- filled with Muslims. They're lined with the bodies of more than 700 people killed in an horrific stampede overnight. This is a tragic incident. We constructed the concerned bodies to investigate and provide us with the result asap. Five times a day in all corners, more than one-and-a-half billion Muslims pray to Allah facing this holy site in Mecca.

Making the pilgrimage is compulsory for every Mews limb once in their lifetime f they are financially and physically able.I performed the Hajj last year. It was the journey of a lifetime. Peaceful, trang qil and something that I sincerely wish for every Muslim.It's not the first time tragedy visited this holy site N 1990 more than 1400 were killed in a similar stampede. In 2006 some 360 people were crushed to death. In and around membering kashgs muz v Muslims travel four sites honouring the story of Abraham and his wife Haja. Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his only son. When the devil tem tempted him not to, Abraham rejected him seven times. It was at this site where pilgrims throw seven stones to symbolically banish the devil that the deadly stampede occurred.The Hajj has been going on for 1,400 years. It's one of the five pillars of Islam, a major ritual all Muslims would want to complete. People will go if it's safe or not.Waleed, you did it 2006?Yes, the last time there was a stampede.There's a lot of people, but they're moving slowly, it seems in one direction, I don't understand how a stampede happens. I think it's when people are running away.No, it happens when people are moching in opposite directions, and they kind of run into each other. Because there's so many people, people don't stop immediately. It's funny, when it's that crowded you don't walk, you kind of just get carried along. You bustle along. So when that happens and people are carrying luggage sometimes, that they've been carrying with them, there's so much weight and you can't stop the people moving so there can be this really slow crush. When I was there, there was that stampede that happened. I was npt the stampede, but I was in a moment that felt like it would become that, where the two directions ran into each other and everything was still. As far as you can see it's people, comb pleetly still, knowing that if there is any momentum that goes either way and then people get impatient. You might be stuck there for an hour and the army come in to try to form a human chain to be like a dividing line between the people moving in the opposite directions. You sit there and wait for this to happen and hope that people don't lose patience. It's when they lose patience. It takes a couple of people to start pushing a bit, and then you...The momentum of the group then takes over?Yes. What about when you hear about it from wherever you are in the area there, I guess gossip would filter pretty quickly there's been a stampede?You immediately hear about it but you never know the numbers. Everyone from 100 people died to 3,000 died. You have no idea. It's amazing. Everything just becomes quiet. Everyone really turns into themselves and then it was, I remember this moment distinctly. Everyone just reached very quietly for their mobile phone to call home. Just to say they were alright. They know that the news is hitting home. And unfortunately, you've seen that story before, so as soon as you hear it your family go e o owe oh, I wonder if they were. You're aware it's a possibility.This is something that, as you say, every Muslims wants to do once in their lifetime. How would these poor people that have died, around 700 - how would they feel about losing their life at this particular spiritual place? Well, I mean, you don't go there to die, but if you were told before you went there you would die there, they'd probably actually be happy with that. You know, because it's an amazing place to be. If you told my mum should would die at the Vatican, I understand the feel.But they're not hoping to die. The other thing, is you are talking about 2.5 million people in a space the size of probably a small suburb. The logistics of that is mind-blowing. That many people staying there. For how long? How long are two million people there for?Four to five days. They're on the move. Remember, because you have to go once in your life, and there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. So 2.5 million people, 1.5 billion Muslims, you don't get to go easy. You need a special visa. A lot of people end up being able to go, they're old. They're not that strong necessarily. And you know, they've been waiting to do it, so they're eager. People from every country, the most tech-savvy people to people who have not seen an escalator? How do you martial that? The Saudis have tried, built construction to make all the traffic go one way, but if you get a moment where they come together, which is what happened here, that's an unfortunate consequence. We have to take a break. Lots more after this. M kog up: Are you friends on Facebook with any of your co-workers? It could be an online recipe for disaster. Plus:The height of my career was playing for Australia and the Socceroos and in the Sydney Olympics. Michael flew out of the gates on the first episode of The Bachelorette.Refreshing to have someone so honest.Was

VOICE-OVER: Double demerits
come into force this long weekend. Sir, you're going too fast.
Sir, you're going too fast. BOTH: Licence, please. If you're speeding, or not wearing
a seatbelt or helmet, you're in for
double the consequences. So, this long weekend, think twice.

(APPLAUSE) In is The Project. A huge relief for Russell Gilbert's family after the comedian was found safe and sound. He had gone missing and celebrity mates took to social media to tra track him down. He's been doing it tough since the death of his partner this month. I know people have been really worried about Russ. He went missing yesterday. About five of us started looking for him and it was with the help of police. We put the call out on social media. The response was remarkable. The support for Russell was incredible across the country. It went to show how loved he is. Within 30 minutes we found him. He's getting the care he needs. He had an operation today for an aneurism and the report is that he's stable. So the family want everyone to know that they appreciate the love and support he's been getting. He's where he needs to b getting the care he needs to get. The family have also asked that now everyone respect their privacy in what's no doubt going to be a long recovery. All the best, brother. (APPLAUSE) A robot has been one of the first to pick up the latest iPhone. Lucy Kelly was the woman behind the iPad on a segue-type set-up that held her place in line. While others braved the queue in cold conditions, Lucy did it from the comfort of her own home. It's very warm inside. (I love new gadgets. I can't wait in line for two days for a new mobile phone.I smell a viral rat. Absolutely.I don't care if it's true.She's so beautiful. Ah, why, I just love gadgets. (LAUGHTER) (I don't care. Some marketing thing.I don't care. She's revealed the secret to camping. From now on... Kids - we we can go camping whenever you want now. Great. I on the downside you should see how long she had to queue for the robot. They were queuing up in Melbourne today. There is the queue of people. Now, let's see how many Apple staff they will need to sur I haves this. -- sur I haves this. Here come. 20 I reckon. We speed this up, it could take a while. 40... 50. One store? 90... Ah, there are roughly 4,500 Apple staff in the store in Melbourne. What is going on? You're only allowed to sell one iPhone each. Even then.Ten people per iPhone.When people get into the lines they are so pumped to be there.Since 4am yesterday.Is it really worth it?Honestly... Straight out, no, it's not. (LAUGHTER) It's never worth it. I'm wet, cold, could have got the phone online. That's always the response. No-one is happy. Why do they do it?Why do they do anything? Why do we do anything?
Good yes.Let's discuss this. This is something we do a lot. Why? A workplace ruling has found that unfriending a colleague on Facebook could be considered bullying. It's got us asking - what the risks of mixing facie with work placy? (LAUGHTER) Facebook is awesome, a place to share your jokes and that blurry karaoke selfie from last night. Should we keep our work and Facebook lives separate?Mixing your work life and Facebook posts is not a good idea, especially if you like to post 3am cun kel selfies or videos of yourself singing Justin Bieber. The new Justin Bieber song is awesome. No, Meshel, it's not a good idea. You have to think about your current employer, what they may think about that and every future employer you may have.25% of Aussies check Facebook as many as five times a day in work hours.

We have to be mindful of the amount of Facebook negatively impacting negativity.Facebook is working on a new app, called Facebook at Work a way for employees to connect and collaborate, bringing the way you use Facebook to the office. That is the least fun app I have ever heard of.It becomes awkward if your boss sent you a friend request. I would suggest not to mix the two. If they say, you haven't responded to my friend request, just laugh it off and make yourself scarce. Meshel, you haven't accepted my friend request. Why?Is that you? You have to change your profile pic, because that is hideous. That's a photo of my baby Oh...I will show myself out. (LAUGHTER) (Good day sir.

Good day sir. Good day to you. Meshel, are you Facebook friends with anyone from work?No. I'm going to see you tomorrow, don't be an idiot.Do they ask you though? Do you reject them?No, if they can find me, darl. I have a fake Facebook name. Yeah, yeah. I figure if you find me, you've earned it. (LAUGHTER) There tle v three of us don't do Facebook. What if your boss, what do you do, "friend" you?I don't even know how this works.I have no idea about Facebook. Is that that what you do?I would not "friend" them, when you bring it up, I tried to "friend" you, what happens, sad, don't do that. If you do that, I say - I never check Facebook. (LAUGHTER) You know people are watching. So the question is, have you ever unfriended anyone? The question today, is unfriending bullying in the workplace?I have unfriended someone. I didn't want to be her friend any more. Is it bullying in the workplace?I don't think in and of itself it's bullying but women, we bully in a subversive psychological way. So I think along with other symptoms, if I kind of went to you - ah, of course we're still friends - then I unfriended you I bullied you.Good response, like... We will be back in a tick. How long after a first date should you leave it to call again?Three or four minutes.What about the next day, too soon?Way too soon. Some tips on love coming your way.

MAN: There's the odd time,
of course, that people misunderstand
what we're doing. But they're usually fine
with a... with a bit of diplomacy and a bit of...
just a bit of clear talking. That, um... that gets sorted.

G'day, neighbour.
What do you think you're doing? Well, we're just sort of
borrowing your sun, since you weren't using it, so... Would you get that bloody thing
off my roof, please? It's frightening my kids. It's not actually on your roof. It's just hovering.
It's... Hovering slightly above it, that's...
It's not on my roof? (Both grunt)

Get... get off me.

# Say that you love me Welcome back. It is the question that stumps even the smartest philosophers - what does love actually mean? Move over braniacs, the kids are having their time. Do you know what love is?You mean what it's made out of? Yeah. I think love is made out of heart and compassion.What do you think love is?Yeah...I would say love is something romantic. Romantical. How do you show love?Hugs.Ah yes. That's nice. Do you love Lara?In a friendship way not a... (LAUGHTER) Do you love him?I'm annoying sometimes. My little brother would never let me read in the morning. He tricks me into playing with him. I still love him. You got to love them.Hi's ae dorable. (LAUGHTER) So what would you say you love? Cricket and basketball.I love footy. I love sports.Ice-cream, chocolate. Cake. What's your dog's name?Sneakers. If I could say two things I would say the Hawthorn football club in my family. Hawthorn a little bit more?A bit less, because my family raised me with them my whole life. How do you feel about girls?Yes. We spy on them. We spy on them. And they like it. My brother has a girlfriend already. No?He's in prep. Do you think they'll get married? It's a high chance because he keeps talking about it.If I'm asking a girl out of a date, is it best to call her or ask face to face?Face to face.Can friends be over, like not on the date, just watching telly in the background?No.No friends?Always stick with the program. Tick with the program?Yes.You should kiss her. Before you ask her on a date? Walk up to someone and kiss them. (LAUGHTER)

Do that again it was great. How long after the first date should I ring them? About, four minutes? So she may not be at her car yet. What about the next day? Too soon? It's way too soon. (LAUGHTER) When we're on our date, who should pay for dinner?Probably the person that asked the date. They pay for their thing and the other person pays for their food. To saviour money you can get her to come to your house and you're dressed up and everything just looks amazing.You should probably, if she wants to get drinks... She can do that if she wants to. It's up to her. Her decisions. Exactly. # Smooth operator... (APPLAUSE) So beautiful. "Her life, her decision".I like the swipe of the nose. (LAUGHTER) Massive thanks to the kids and staff at Montmerensie South Primary School. Great. Back in a sec.

Whoo! Just like Daddy! VOICEOVER: At Budget Direct, we don't insure Captain Risky to keep prices low. Get great discounts online. Plus, buy home or car insurance
by 30th of September and we'll send you
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(APPLAUSE) This is The Project. Welcome back. Now, over the past couple of weeks we have been giving you at home the chance to win yourself an all-new Suzuki car. If you look out your window and Jules Schiller is standing there in your driveway, he's meant to be there. Where are you?I like to combine my stalking with car-giving activities. I'm here in Kings Grove Sydney. I have been watching new Price is Right videos. It's a new car! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Yes, it is very Price is Right. Congratulations you won a new car. Are you excited?So excited. Thank you to Suzuki, Channel Ten, The Project. I will be using it for wo work. I'm a carer, it will be put to good use. All my clients will be happy and everyone.And Annie's family have come here. We've had Chianti and Scotch. A new Suzuki Vitara. I have foe r forgotten the keys. I do have that. Jump in, come on. It is such a good car. It has steering wheels a gear stick. Stop many if I'm getting too technical. Let's cruise. Let's eat some of this, let's go. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Well done. Congratulations to Annie. A huge thanks to Suzuki for making that happen. Thank you Jules Schiller. The Bachelorette may have only just started, but no-one thought it would get this good this fast. Possible suitors on The Bachelorette are falling away like sands through the hour glass.If you imagine you're in there drowning.Really? From leaping off cliffs to ripping off clothes, The Bachelorette Sam was putting the boys through their paces. Plumber Dave scored both a quick kiss and an all-important rose on his single date.Do you think there was action on the date?No way. Also not scoring any action was male model David.Am I interrupting anything?No, you're welcome to join us.He not only broke the code, but tried to break down the mood in the mansion.Mike is an amazing guy but I feel that most of the guys here are quite intimidated by his position, occupation.Which one is Miky?I'm Michael, I'm 34 and a professional football player. Is he? More on that in a minute. That doesn't make me rip off my T-shirt and go, wow, if that's the person you think I am, you can leave.
That was intense.It was no surprise who was going home empty-handed.I'm reasonably happy not to receive a rose tonight. Thank you, it's been a pleasure. Awkward. Also awkward, are reports Sam's football star Michael may not be telling us the whole truth.The highlight of my career was playing for Australia and the Socceroos and in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Will Sam ever get a break? It was such a delicious result. I'm calling it The Bachelorette - bigger and better than The Bachelor. Delicious. Why?It's more realistic that a lot of guys are vying for one girl. Don't you think that happens more often socially.Yes. Yes. (LAUGHTER) Depends on your social circles.I think it is more likely a girl would walk into a bar and a whole bunch of guys would notice her as opposed to the other way around.I don't know. We will scrap over one fellow. That's how we were raised. As young women there is one guy at the school and everyone is like, after him.I have to meet your parents. Here is my issue - she hands out roses. No. She should hand out stubbies. The Bachelorette returns to our screens deliciously right here on Ten on Wednesday. That's the Supertext Captions by Ericsson

# Don't need no invitation

# You know where I am. #

AMANDA: Tonight on
The Living Room...

Oh, Amanda, you here?

Hugh Jackman wants
my full attention.

Amanda? Hello?


Miguel's Hot or Not performance
amazes cricket legend Dennis Lillee,

and a Bollywood movie star
is dazzled by his cooking.

Kids are the stars
when Chris tackles Fiji.


It's the happiest place on earth!

Barry and James face-off
in a bedroom design challenge

for a lucky teenager.

And the $150,000 Shop A Docket
cash jackpot

could make you
thank your lucky stars.


Good evening! Hello,
and welcome to The Living Room.

Hello, gentlemen.

This is the most competitive show
we've ever done.

You know how much I love sport.

You heard me, Chris.
How much I love sport.

No... Do not... You do not.

This week's...
Ah! You do...

You don't like sport.

Stop. I do.
Don't like sport.

I do. Do, do, do, do.

And this week's show
is all about competition.

That's why I've got
a design challenge.


And I get taken down
by some kids playing rugby.



And I test my dancing skills with
a superstar from "Bollybood"!


Well, "Bollybood"
does sound pretty good.

But I have a rematch
against my nemesis,

the incredible,
uber-talented Hugh Jackman.

Yes. Anyway, that's...

Oh, that old thing. That's all later in the show.

But first, Barry, you've got
a design challenge this week

and it's one that's
pretty close to my heart.

It is, because you've got a couple
of young teenage boys, haven't you?

I can smell them from here, Barry.

It is an interesting time because
they're only just teenagers,

so they're no longer little children
but they're not men yet.

Exactly right. I got a call from a mum

who's going through
just that scenario right now.

I saw it as a perfect time
for a design challenge.

BARRY: The bedroom
is one of the few places kids have

to really leave their mark.

But for teenager Nick...

..that room has remained

..for almost his entire life.

The room's a little bit dark

and probably a little bit childish
for a 15-year-old.

Nick is rapidly growing
into a young man

and at over 6 foot tall,

his old furniture
hasn't exactly kept up the pace.

NICK: I literally can't fit,
like, sitting at my desk.

I'm usually to sitting on my bed
doing my homework now.

Oh, that's what
you're doing on your bed.


Oh, that's good. (LAUGHS)
Yeah. All the time.

Ah, James Treble.
Barry Du Bois.

How are you?
Good, mate.

Teenage boy's room, mate.

I reckon I've got
one up on you on this one

because it's not
that long ago for me.

Oh, is that how you see it, is it?
Alright. Youth versus brains.

Let's go. (LAUGHS)

So, let's see
what we're dealing with.

Wow. This is a huge room.

Already got a queen-sized bed here
and there's still plenty of space.

I think we're both gonna have
a bit of fun with this one.

Nice light. Big cupboards.

I don't know
if he knew we were coming

'cause he is cleaner
than I ever was.

Clearly a bit of a sportsman.

Looking at the desk,
little trinkets from yesteryear.

It's definitely time to turn
this teenager into a young man.

Actually, I've got a lot of
good ideas for this space.