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Unbelievable. Class. Well read by Fekitoa because you have got

Codie Taylor is in for a we
on the track so we will take what Congratulations
we can from this game and move on. out
Congratulations on your first run

The total runs . Frankfurt.
Once again, the All Blacks on the

his younger years when his father was played in Ireland.

record. Another record past by the
the try?Any reason you can't award come
the try? Double movement. I will come back to you.

right and a nice cruise in full Codie Taylor -- got the Codie Taylor second half from Namibia.

Joseph... Over to Jonny May.Gee, Farrell!
they sharp.Ball on the inside to World Cup favour couple of nice touches as well.


This program will be captioned live by Ai-Media

This program will be captioned live by Ai-Media

Delivering unrivalled live coverage, the
this is Sky News Live, channel of the year.

Hello, I'm Janine Perrett. Welcome call
to The Friday Show, I'm going to Show
call it the friendly The Friday coming
Show because winds of change are has
coming through politics. Everybody more
has calmed down. It seems a happier, those
more collegiate place. I think from
those winds might even be coming farms
from a wind farm. Apparently wind Bill
farms aren't the great evil anymore. with
Bill Shorten saying he might work White,
with Malcolm Turnbull. We have on
White, Roy, people working together about
on innovation, everybody talking fabulous
about working together. It's just a be
fabulous Friday, a fabulous time to