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This program is captioned live. This morning - the partner of a missing
South Australian mother charged with her murder. More than 700 pilgrims killed
during a stampede near Mecca. And the Pope arrives in New York after bringing the US Congress
to its feet. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Robert Ovadia.

Good morning. The partner
of a South Australian mother who's been missing
for almost a month has been charged with her murder. 29-year-old Neil Archer
was arrested last night. The body of his girlfriend,
Jody Meyers, has not been found. Andrea Nicolas is in Mannum. Andrea, police have carried out
several searches there this morning?

That's right, they have. Last night they made a major breakthrough, almost a month since Jody Meyers disappeared, and they swooped here at this property on Murray Park in Mannum at about eight o'clock last night. There were six cars, they went in and made the arrest. 26-year-old Neill Archer was arrested over her murder. Today they have returned to the property and cordoned off the back yard where they say they are searching for Jody Meyers's body. Throughout the investigation Neill Archer has been the only person of interest. Two weeks ago he strongly denied having anything to do with Jody Meyers's disappearance. Here is what he had to say. Did you kill Jody Meyers?No. I would never harm her. She was the love of my life. Yesterday police arrested Neill Archer's mother, Margaret, and charged her with theft for using Jody Meyers's bankcard the day after her disappearance. Jody Meyers's distressed family say they just want answers. Neill Archer has been refused bail and will appear in the late Magistrates Court via video link later today. Thank you.

Detectives are questioning a man missing for more than a month. Mother of two Simone Quinlan was last seen
at a Melton service station on August 24. Michael Scanlan reports.

Good morning. Heavily armed police moved in just after 2:30pm yesterday, arresting a man in relation to the disappearance of mother of two Simone Quinlan. Residents here say the street was swarming with police.I saw people in black suits with massive guns and they jumped over the fence and they arrested two or three people. It's understood Simone had been in and on and off again relationship with the arrested man and had been known to stay at his place here in Milton's West. Her father, Wayne, is comforted by the arrest, but says it's been an incredibly difficult time for him and his family.Just want to find some closure, so, if anyone has any information, if they can pass that on, it would be great.Simone was last seen at a service station on August 24 in Milton. She was reported missing by a friend on September 13, long after she has made any contact with family or friends, and in that time she has not accessed her bank account or use her phone.If Simone is watching, if someone out there has more information which could help finding Simone returned to her family, I'd be very appreciative of that. That would make life so much better.Police have confirmed Simone had been having relationship troubles and was reaching out to friends in the hope of finding a new place to stay. Her father is deeply worried for her safety and is hoping police can locate her soon.

The family of a Melbourne woman who was run down by a mini-motorbike
on a pedestrian crossing yesterday says she will not survive. Mother of two Andrea Lehane
suffered irreversible brain damage when the motorcyclist knocked her
to the ground, then fled. Paul Dowsley has more.

Heartbreaking news this morning from Andrea's husband, James, who has confirmed she suffered what will be fatal head injuries on Wednesday afternoon in the car park of this shopping centre in Melbourne's south-east. It's believed the mother of two was grabbing some nappies when two young men on a small motorbike collided with her at a pedestrian crossing. James confirmed she is an organ donor and he released a statement saying:

James described Andrea is an extraordinary wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, Nice and friend, who was very content in life. Yesterday police appealed to the five people who were riding those mini bikes to hand themselves in, but they are yet to charge anyone over this accident. However the mother of one of the suspects has confirmed that he has been to the local police station here, and we believe others are also being questioned.

More than 700 people
have been crushed to death, with hundreds more injured
in a stampede near Mecca. The victims
were on the holiest of journeys, among 2 million people making
the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.

One of the holiest days of Islam
transformed into a scene of death, panic and shock. Throughout the day, the full scale
of the tragedy become evident as the numbers of dead and wounded
grew by the hundreds as emergency services tried to cope. (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) This woman from Egypt,
still reeling from the crush says she fears that her husband has died. (CHANTING) For decades, the expense
of getting to Mecca meant that only people comfortably off
could afford but the era of mass air travel
has meant that worshippers from
the poorest Muslim countries, like Afghanistan and Somalia
could come and that has brought
huge challenges. There are an estimated 25,000
Britons on the Hajj. Mohamed Adres from Birmingham
was there, at the site of the ceremonial
Stoning of the Devil when the disaster unfolded. We are just wandering
around in shock thinking for the grace of God,
it would have been us. Tonight, those in Mecca
have continued with their pilgrimage with thoughts and prayers
for those who died. With yet another major religious
festival in Mecca ending in horror, there will be consternation this
evening within the Saudi authorities that despite all the precautions
for what is the largest annual pilgrimage
in the world, it appears such major loss of life
can't be prevented.

A man is in hospital following a bizarre 9-hour
stand-off with police in Brisbane. The 43-year-old phoned 000
late last night, claiming he was armed
and had a hostage. Michelle Tapper has the details.

Police stormed into the barricaded

just before 6.30 this morning. and told them he was armed
and dangerous and had two guns
and a hostage inside. Police managed to track
the mobile phone signal to Jeays Street in Bowen Hills
on the outskirts of the CBD and shortly after
the special emergency response team had surround the apartment block. The fire brigade and ambulance
officers were also here on standby and streets in the area
were cordoned off. Any time that threats are made
involving firearms and particularly with the suggestion
there was a hostage involved, we have to implement very strict
measures about how we are going to respond. Just before 6am, the second man
who police thought was a hostage, left the building and informed them the man
making the threats was unarmed. There were no firearms
in the residence and the male person that was in the
residence with this male person, he was his friend and he essentially left the house
of his own accord, unharmed. He essentially
hadn't been held hostage. The man at the centre of the siege is now being treated
for mental health issues at the Royal Brisbane and Women's
Hospital. Rob.

Pope Francis has arrived in New York after a successful visit
to Washington. He had politicians up on their feet,
cheering, as he became the first Pope
to address Congress, telling them they should reject
hostility to immigrants and treat them humanely. Mike Amor has more.

The streets of Manhattan were
closed down as Pope Francis arrived in the Big Apple
for his second leg of this US tour. People were 15 deep on famous fifth
Avenue as they tried to catch a glimpse of the Pope as he jumped
into the pope revealed.

He then led a prayer service at Saint Patrick 's Cathedral filled with more than 1000 priests. Earlier in the day, the holy Father became the first leader of the Catholic Church to address a joint meeting of the American con. Pope Francis just about hit every hot button issue of this election. He was very clever to do it in a subtle way, not confrontational, but his message was clear. He again spoke out about the need to embrace immigrants.We must not be taken aback by the numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces.He then went on to urge action on climate change.I am convinced that we can make a difference. I'm sure. (APPLAUSE) He went on to repeat his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage. Tens of thousands of people were watching his address on giant screens outside the capital, and they were thrilled when he came out onto a balcony to bless them. He was invited to a fancy lunch with America's politicians. Instead he decided to help feed the poor and the homeless. The Pope will only be in New York City brother 39 hours. He will address the UN General Assembly tomorrow before heading to Philadelphia, his last leg of this US tour, where they will hold an outdoor mass expected to be attended by 1.5 million people.

Tens of thousands of AFL fans
from around the country are converging on Perth for
a huge weekend of finals action. Subiaco Oval will light up for
two straight nights of home games. Matt Tinney has more.

Good morning, Rob. This is one of the biggest weekends
in WA sporting history. We are more than 3000km from the spiritual home of AFL
in Melbourne and for the first time, the right to play in a grand final
will be decided here in Perth at Domain Stadium over 24 hours. Tonight, the Dockers face the Hawks and tomorrow night,
the Eagles play North Melbourne. All fighting for a spot
in the grand final at the MCG next week. History is against
the Victorian teams. No Victorian side has won a
preliminary final outside Melbourne. Those teams are going to face
a hostile crowd here in Perth. WA footy fans have already sent
groups to Melbourne for the Grand Final. Qantas and Virgin Australia
have put on extra flights but a seat on one of those flights
comes at a cost. Almost $1,500 one-way. It's actually cheaper
to go from Perth to London than it is to go from Perth
to Melbourne for the Grand Final. And if money is no object, a regional charter company has
put on a flight from Kalgoorlie to Melbourne
for the Grand Final. $7,000 a head but you do get
lunch in Port Lincoln, Rob.

I think I'll give that one skip...

Next in Seven News -
the latest finance. Hundreds of Apple fans
brave the rain for a new handset. Also, tragedy in Seattle as a bus full of college students
collides with a tour vehicle.


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There's a new product - Vanish Gold. You'll find that within 30 seconds, as if by magic,
the beetroot stain is gone.

Japan has reportedly flagged
its intention to build our navy's next fleet
of submarines in Australia instead of offshore. It's among
three international bidders for the multibillion-dollar contract including Germany and France. All three of them are now saying
they'd prefer a domestic build. As a South Australian,
that's music to my ears. South Australia
was originally promised a job-boosting submarine deal to offset the loss
of thousands of jobs in local car manufacturing.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
will meet her Egyptian counterpart to discuss clemency for Australian
journalist Peter Greste. Ms Bishop is in New York for
a series of United Nations meetings. Greste's Al Jazeera colleagues,
Bahar Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy, were pardoned
by the Egyptian President on Wednesday night. The Australian reporter's charges
were not cleared. Greste says he will also lobby
the President when the United Nations
General Assembly begins tomorrow.

At least four people
have been killed and dozens more taken to hospital after a terrible crash
on a Seattle bridge. An amphibious duck tour bus
collided with a coach carrying international college
students on the Aurora Bridge. Witnesses say
the boat started swerving, hitting two other vehicles
before ramming into the bus. The debris was so widespread,
it hampered rescuers. 12 people
are in a critical condition.

Some very passionate tech fans have
braved 17 days camping in the cold just to be the first
to use Apple's newest product, the iPhone 6S.

when the doors opened
at Sydney's flagship Apple store.

If you thought there was a lack of enthusiasm for the iPhone, think again. They have been lined up for weeks here. One guy for 18 days. The check out the new iPhone 6 S and S plus.Extremely happy.We've had people lining up to get their hands on the phone. Lucy, the phone looks great on you. You must be excited.I'm very excited.How is it going to get home from here?I have a feeling we are going to wield it.Game changer is the camera.Same as the resolution video on a phone.It's amazing. The 3-D touch allows you to push into the phone to reveal features. This is something new for Apple. Top of the range phone goes for around $1500 so the telcos, as you can see, are saying, get a plan.Our plans have a massive amount of data. The $80 red plan has 80 gig of data.You get seven gigs with Telstra with some bonus date of the.We are offering eight gigs for 80 bucks.The weather has been atrocious. Probably best to go online and order through website.

Time to check the financial markets:

Next in Seven News - a setback in Jason Day's quest
for a $14 million pay day. Teammates rally around
returning Rooster Mitchell Pearce. And all the latest AFL news as footy fans gear up for a
huge weekend of preliminary finals.

The first spot
in the AFL Grand Final is up for grabs in Perth tonight, with Fremantle and Hawthorn
doing battle. Back in Melbourne, thousands of Kangaroos fans
have turned out to wish the players luck ahead of tomorrow night's clash
with the Eagles. Sean Sowerby has more.

Good morning. North Melbourne's famous shinbone spirit is alive and well for the final training session before they jump on a plane and head for Perth. The crowd here is absolutely sensational. They are so excited. North Melbourne has made one change with Luke McDonald making way from Robbie Tarrant, who has a groin injury, while the Eagles have been boosted by the return of Matt Priddis and Chris Masten. Wayne Carey says, with the age of the kangaroos' list, it's now or never to win the premiership.I do believe there's only one more year left in this group, so that window for this group as a whole is right now, so I think it's a big opportunity for them.Meanwhile tonight it is reigning premiers Hawthorn against Fremantle Dockers, also in Perth. The Dockers have been relaxing ahead of their big clash, and it seems they're kicking is right on target. You can catch tonight's preliminary final live and free on the Seven network.

Mitchell Pearce's Origin teammates
are backing the Roosters skipper to star in tonight's NRL preliminary final
against the Broncos. Josh Morris, Michael Ennis
and Josh Reynolds say Pearce will thrive
in the Suncorp Stadium cauldron, despite his recent hamstring injury. Reynolds supported the Roosters
when he was young but that was a long time ago. I wouldn't say I'm cheering them. If I go back to Belmore today,
I'll be shot. (LAUGHS) Literally. Broncos coach Wayne Bennett says the Roosters have the strongest
roster in the competition. He identified fullback
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as the player
Brisbane must shut down. If Sam Burgess is nervous about his looming run-on debut
for England at the Rugby World Cup he is not showing it. The former NRL star will start
at inside centre in Sunday's big clash
with Wales at Twickenham. He gave a cheeky response to
criticism from his opposite number, Scott Williams.

Who's that? REPORTER: Scott Williams, the man you'll come up against
on Saturday evening. Oh, yeah, yeah, OK. I'll just let my performance
do the taking on Saturday. Sonny Bill Williams starred
as the All Blacks coasted to victory against minnows Namibia
this morning. The final score was 58-14.

Jason Day's first round
as the world's number one golfer was a rollercoaster ride. With the FedEx Cup's $14-million
win bonus firmly in his sights, Day birdied his first three holes at
the Tour Championship in Atlanta. There's your trifecta to start. The best player on the planet. A disastrous triple-bogey at the
fifth unravelled all that good work. Day finished one under, six shots behind one of his main
FedEx Cup rivals, Henrik Stenson.

Next in Seven's Morning news - the national weather forecast
with Tony Auden.

Being there for others isn't just
a profession - it's a choice. And I choose HESTA
to be there for me.

VOICEOVER: More people
in health and community services choose HESTA for their super.

Let's get a check
of the weather forecast now with Tony Auden. Tony, how's it looking?

Good morning, Rob.

There hasn't been too much change
in the past day. Checking the satellite - there's a high-pressure system
hovering near Tasmania. It's still driving those strong winds,
large surf and showers onto the New South Wales coast. The heaviest falls have been over
50mm between Sydney and Newcastle. In the west, a pre-frontal trough has brought
cooler conditions to southern WA and fire dangers have eased slightly
in the north though a fire weather warning
is still current for parts of the Northern Territory. So checking the current conditions
around the nation - cloud has thickened rapidly
in Brisbane this morning. At the moment,
it's a warm 22 degrees. In Sydney, southerly winds are still pushing
a few showers in over the coast with falls of around 30mm in
coastal suburbs over the past day. Moving south to Melbourne
another cold night, dropping to six degrees
as that high perches overhead. This morning, it's been sunny -
currently 16 degrees. And in Perth - also known as the centre
of the AFL universe this weekend - some early fog has now cleared
to a sunny morning. It's 19 degrees but feels like 17. So looking at the forecast
for the rest of the day. Remaining dry in Perth
for the prelim final between the Dockers
and Hawks tonight. Dry for
south-eastern capitals - a shower or two
in Sydney and a slim chance
of a late shower in Brisbane with the Broncos-Roosters final
on tonight. And moving onto
Saturday's forecast, sunny and hot
in Darwin. Cloudy in Canberra and very nice
in Adelaide. That's the latest weather. More details on the weekend forecast
at 4pm and 6 o'clock, Rob.

Great news, thank you.

And that is Seven's Morning News
this Friday September 25. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day. I'm Robert Ovadia. Enjoy your afternoon. Supertext captions by Ericsson.

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