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(generated from captions) Queensland, but for Brisbane, mostly forecast for a mostly dry day, the chance of showers in Brisbane itself is pretty low, but quoo it a good possibility about the Gold Coast and one or two creeping far north as the Sunshine Coast.Sydney will be the wettest of the capitalsWells where -Elsewhere generally dry and sunny conditions, a few showers up around the tropicsOn Saturday, mostly the coast of NSW, South-East Queensland and then up around the north-east that we should see showers, mostly dry conditions in WA, perhaps a little bit of clearing drizzle about the south coast. Our top stories this hour - Saudi authorities say the death toll from a stampede just outside the holy Muslim city of Mecca has risen to as many as 310. Another 400 people have been injured in the crush which took place during the annual Hajj pilgrimage. A rescue operation is currently under way.The PM Malcolm Turnbull has declared the level of violence against women in Australia a national disgrace. Malcolm Turnbull today unveiled a $100 million funding package to improve frontline services.It will also aim to change the attitudes of men who believe violence is acceptable. A string of horrific domestic violence cases over the past few weeks have led to growing calls for the crisis to be dealt with.Australian journalist Peter Greste says he will continue fighting to clear his name following the release of two of his Al Jazeera colleagues.Egypt's President pardoned Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed ahead of his trip to the United Nations in New York.They were jailed, along with Mr Greste for allegedly Muslim Brotherhood
supporting the black-listed Muslim Brotherhood movement. The consumer watchdog is investigating whether Volkswagen misled Australian consumers, as the emissions teting scandal deepens. The company admits 1 # 1 million diesel cars worldwide were fitted with desepive software to cheat environmental testing. The ACCC is making inquiries to determine whether un consumers might have been exposed to misleading claims.Time for 'The Business' now with Ticky Fullerton. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Hello there. Coming up on 'The Business', a win for Aussie wheat farmers, harvesting the benefits of the big slide in the dollar.And building up, but profits down for Brickworks. We talk to chairman Robert Millner.The combine harvesters are rolling out across Central Queensland, racing the strongest El Nino in 17 years.This year's wheat crop had the makings of a bitter harvest for Aussie farmers with global prices at a five-year low, and while the weather is hard to control, a 15% slide in the Australian dollar since last year is welcomed news for the country's biggest export crop. Emily Stewart reports. Biloela grain grower Darren Jenson is preparing his machinery for tomorrow's harvest.We've got slightly above-average crop on top of a crop that we've already harvested back in February, which normally could be a 12-month fall low to grow a crop like this one.His farm near Rockhampton in Central Queensland is amongst the first to be harvested around the country. The Jensons have seen good rain this year but most of the State is still in drought. August rainfall was below-average for most of According to
Victoria and parts of SA, too. According to the weather bureau, the 2015 El Nino is now the strongest since 1998.During this year, we've been looking down the gun barrel of this El Nino and there was a feeling that we could have potentially a crop disaster. WA has perhaps surprised more than expected with some improvements on reasonable rainfall. I would say that the trend has been mostly rainfall holding us through the growing period without providing a significant buffer, and that's where we start to build in some concern around what the impact might be with later dry weather.At the same time, the price of wheat has dropped from 2014 highs, down to $267 a tonne. OfIt doesn't sound like that much, I know, but when you are talking about the gross growing
margin on top of the cost of differences
growing the crop, these differences make quite a lot of difference to the net
profitability of the farmer. While I would say that prices have come off and I think that particularly if you look at looking at
international markets, we are looking at very low prices, we have been saved a lot by the falling Australian dollar and I think that's the key take-away.The Australian dollar has fallen 15% since last year and is hovering around U S7 0 cents.But it's not all good news for exporters:Wheat prices are falling which is frustrating for us the way the Australian dollar is, if anything they should be going up, but they tell us there is a surplus.There just seems to be a surplus every time the dollar is in our favour.Global wheat production reached an all-time record this month up to 730 million tonnes on the back of high yields from Russia and Turkey. Australia is the fourth largest exporter, forecast to harvest around 25 million tonnes.The global stock position of grains is pretty heavy.There is a lot of grain supply around the world at the moment, and so the grain pricing scenario that we're looking at doesn't look that positive for the medium term. Darren Jen son's wheat crop is worth around $600,000 and has even secured a buyer down the road, the local piggery.Luckily for us because they are so much earlier than the rest of the country, most of our wheat will go domestically.But an uncertain road ahead for the 20,000 farmer whose grow Australia's biggest agricultural export. Emily Stewart with that report.Investors are on alert tonight with US Fed chair Janet Yellen making an appearance in just a few hours. So will she be able to clear up any confusion over her decision on rates last week? Well, I'm joined now from London by David Buik from Panmure Gordon & Co. there.Greetings,
David, welcome there.Greetings, Ticky.Do you think that Janet Yellen owes us a bit of an explanation? What do you think she is going to do?Well, I think the problem is that there has been outcry from all over the world about the procrastination about will the Fed put it up, and will they won't?The situation was exacerbated early whier in the week by Mr James bull lard saying, "We fully expect a rate rise, I want a rate rise by the end of the year." And that is a little beyond their call particularly as Mr Bullard is not a voting memberI don't think she will shift at all, Ticky.I think she will say, "We are looking at everything. The data in the US suggests we should put interest rates up by 25 basis points symbolically to wean the commercial world back into reality, and I think that should happen.The problem is when you start teasing people, they get irritated.Well, it is the timing of this rise?Well, thereThis is the problem with China and all the rest of the world, look like they're coming off the boil a little bit. She is caught between a rock and a want
hard place.The other point I want to make on this is does it matter?Years ago if you thought interest rates should go up, you put them oupThree months later, if it changes, bring them down again. What's the problem?This is where they have gone wrongThey are not and
like door numbers, they move and if they move you react accordingly.The obsession with the cycleAbsolutely.Let me can ask you about the big corporate story around the world at the moment. Volkswagen, what is your take on it?Well, it's obviously a very, very disappointing situation, and it's unfortunate for Volkswagen that the US of America would show the greatest litigators of all time and as we all know, the legal profession in the US is the greatest industry of all time, so there is going to be a very heavy penalty to pay.That doesn't mean I can term pretty awful behaviour, because let's face it we've all paid a premium for German motor cars for 25 years because they are the bestAnd nobody likes the idea that they have been conned flWe don't want to get hysterical about this because it is one engine.Is this a rort? I'm wondering whether this is a rort, given it was in this particular green space. Is this a rort on GE back in 1992?Could well be.Before we start getting hysterical, VW has paid a massive price for this, the vaal lieu of their shares has gone down 18 billion euros, 6% correction yesterday, a 6% correction today because the CEO has been hosed out, but we need more than that.We need to know who is responsible for this, why did it get through the network, they must be brought to book, because otherwise nobody will believe them, and if you've got that fabulous brand that you've had for a period of 50 years, you want it back and you want it back quickly, and what you don't want...Sorry to interrupt, the other question is is it only Volkswagen? Because a couple of other auto companies, their share price has been impacted?Well, it would do, Renault and Peugeot and Mercedes has come down, and this sort of thing is not really that uncommon.Toyota had a terrible problem a few years ago which you probably felt more affected about I in Australia than perhaps VW, but the thing that is extremely important with this is that if you want that brand to be improved and to get your credibility back quickly, you have to act quickly.What we don't want is a repetition of BF and also Philip Morris because those two companies still haven't recovered.Yes.And if you don't get hold of the bit as they say in horse racing parlance, yo you're asking for it.Briefly, what is needed it a quick change at the top . I'm assume ing that has been thought about, now, the next CE ?Well, the German governance is incestuous because German governments have involvement in companies
big companies.No German companies have ever been taken over since Magnussen by Vodafone in 2000 for 220 billion euros.Vodafone has never got over that.Hence corporate governance is not obvious, so to appoint Mathias Mueller, the Porsche CEO, the major shareholder who is outside the workers Council and the governmentYes, he has a lot of proving to do. We will see if that actually happens, DavidYes.Thank you very much and I hope to see you in London when I'm over there.Looking forward to it.Take care.Brickworks and Washington announced
H Soul Pattinsons both announced their annual results today which they do traditionally because of their major cross-shareholdings in each other. Profit for Brickworks fell 24% to $78 million and Soul Patts also fell 37% to $83 million. Both were dragged down by impairment charges but the long-time chairman of both, Robert Millner is very positive about the businesses. Their investments range right across the economy from coal to bricks and a major stake in int net provider TPG.I caught up with Robert Millner just after the great to talk
presser.Robert Millner, it's great to talk with you again.Afternoon. Where do you see the real particularly under
opportunities for growth now, particularly under this new government?I think that's a very challenging question and we quite often sit around the Soul Pattinsons board table and ask, what is a business we can buy in 20 years, and TPG, change in telecommunications business, manufacturing, we've priced ourselves out of existence in manufacturing, I read in an article just last week where $42 an hour manufacturing costs here in Australia, 28 in New Zealand and 24, 25 in America.So it is a difficult environment to be looking at new businesses, but we are cashed up at Soul Pattinsons, New Hope has got money so we're on the acquisition trial at the right time.Slightly off today after your results and I thought the in
market had pretty much priced in the writedown?We've had a very good result on a regular basis.There were some impairments in that result, but the share price of Brickworks has had a reasonable run-up in the last three or four months obviously due to the hype that there is in the building industry at the moment.And what about because there were, of course, other investors circling to try and unlock the Soul Pattinsons Brickworks cross-shareholdings, Perpetual and indeed Mark Carnegie. Has that had an impact?Well, Mr Carnegie has gone, and Perpetual is pursuing litigation in the courts so it limits me on that aspect, but there has been some overhang particularly with Soul Pattinsons stock because I know there are some that would like to hold the stock, but Perpetual have sold some and if they do sell more, what price would they be when they put them on the market?So your defence of the current model is very much it deals with peaks and troughs because you have Soul
very different businesses with Soul Patts and with Brickworks?This year, if you look at our results, New Hope was our biggest investment two or three years ago, now TPG is by far our biggest investment and Brickworks has come up the ladder quite a bit as whelmWhen you have 7 or 8 different investments, two or three at the top, a couple in the middle and some not so well, two or three are doing very well at the moment.It seems residential building is pretty much the highest on commentators
record even though various commentators are now calling the peak to the housing market?I think there probably are more of the Saturday morning auctions and mid-week auctions of houses already built, but the new detached housing out in the western suburbs and southern suburbs suburbs
and northern and western suburbs of Sydney an nudz, there is a huge demand for pent-up of landI know one of the large builders in NSW is waiting for 1400 lots to be approved so he can get going again.Lindsay Partridge was saying in the conference he almost breaks o out in a sweat thinking about the bricks he has to deliver ?Not a housing short allege, but more of a land shortage. On the investment side, a lot of focus on TPG. When I was speaking this week to commentate tore Marcus Padley, he sees TPG as very fully priced?I don't know whether he is taking into consideration the new acquisition we've just put together with iiNet.Yes, I think he isMr Te'o and his teamI sit on the board of TPG, so I'm pretly close to this investmentSince we sarted with Soul Pattinsons and telecommunications it has grown to a $8.5 billion market capitalise yationz, and put together the Pipe acquisition, the AAPT ak qi significance, so he has a good track record and if this iiNet business is put together successfully, it will go higher.David Te'o is still pursuing the rival network to the NBN for the fibre to the basement for apartments. Do you see that continuing to able
provide?Why shouldn't TPG be able to do what we're doing?Well, of course legislation now preventing..We're supposed to live in a free enterprise society,We've paid for that infrastructure, we can do it cheaper than what the NBN can do it, so why can't we be given that advantage.Will you use your structure?We will work within the law and we will look at ways to get fibre into the buildings.You mentioned coal, 60% holding. The value has been smashed along with many other coal company this year. What are the prospects do you this I?Most commodities have been drastically hitFortunately the US dollar has come down in value, not to the same extent as the share price, but still making good profits and that profit we produced on Tuesday is an outstanding performance and we are still able to pay fully franked difficult vend dends to our shareholders.Thank you.Thank you.That's all from 'The Business'. I'm Ticky Fullerton, thank you for watching.Our top stories now - Saudi authorities say the death toll from a stampede just outside the Saudi to
Muslim city of Mecca has risen to as many as 310.The PM has declared violence against women in Australia a national disgrace while announcing a $100 million package to help tackle the problem.And Australian journalist Peter Greste says he is delighted by the Egyptian President's Al
decision to pardon two of his Al Jazeera colleagues, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed. Indigenous doctors and medical students say huge barriers are preventing Aboriginal people from entering the profession. Experts say the which
issue is entrenched in racism which is now having an impact on many patients.The number of Aboriginal doctors is on the rise. Nationally there is about 100 in the hospital system and around 250 Aboriginal medical students.But Darwin GPAlitaFijo says often insurmountable obstacles remain, including access to resources and racismThe goal of Aboriginal doctors is generally to be able to help our people.If you've got people with racist attitudes or other people putting blockages there, how do we get ahead?Third-year medical student Sarah boar man has experienced discrimination first-hand and says there is a lack of understanding and a reluctance to learn among many in the industry.They see more Aboriginal people as their patients, they don't see them as their equals oer as their peers. We are not trying to point the finger at individual people. We say there is systemic racism going on here. The way business as usual goes on is actually discriminating against Aboriginal people.The consensus is that more education on cultural awareness is needed from the bottom right through to the top.We also need to change services, organisations, educational institutions, hospitals, to be more culturally safe environments. I want to be able to have other Aboriginal students that come through the program when I am a doctor who can actually see that change has happened.The issue also extends to patients where a lack of trust in the health system can lead to Aboriginal people not seeking treatment, or checking out of hospital too early.These people have got serious illnesses, they need to actually stay in hopt for some weeks, three or four days, often they are out of there. I would have patients drive from their home way out of town because they - it's all about trust.Dr Fejo says the issue stretches beyond the health system with people across all industries needing awareness.Surfing Australia has responded to changes in the sport by opening a purpose-built aerial training centre on the Tweed Coast. Cutbacks and turns are no longer nufr to woo the judges who are now looking for gravity-defying aerial manoeuvres.It is an indoor skate ramp with an air curb shun landing. Housed at the Surfing High Performance Centre in Casuarina, the facility is unique.The end you see here in terms of the wave shape, there is nothing like that in the world, that has been designed to represent the shape of a wave.Costing $300,000, surfers can now safely practice their aerial moves while building skills through repetition.Many in the air, how to control yourself and then have a look on the TV and see what your body is dog.Surfing is often referred to as the grandfather of action sports but it is continually evolving. Aerial acrobatics are becoming increasingly important on the World surfing tour mentsNo-one would have thought 4 or 5 years ago that surfers would be doing the aerials this he are doing now.Many are worried about injury, but Surfing Australia says this facility is as close as they can get to catching a wave without getting wet.Retired surfer Layne Beachley won efn world titles and says today's surfers need cutting-edge training to compete.We want to enshoe Uhr that Australian are on the podium year after year after year, we want to maintain our dominance on the world stage.So surfers are now skating their way towards a world title.Time for sport now have recorded
with Niav Owens.The Wallabies have recorded a gritty and at times unconvincing victory to open their Rugby World Cup campaign against Fiji. Japan couldn't repeat their surprise first-up win and France thrashed Romania. Fiji dominated parts of the game against Australia, but two Wallabies
tries to David Pocock saw the Wallabies home.Wallabies' spirits were high.Wallabies!Cardiff embraced the entry finally of Australia into the World Cup fray and it soon emerged it would be a tough contest.An explosive one.Australia took big hits from a fired-up Fiji, but hard toil from the Wallabies' forwards yielded one triumph.Over the line and it is a try!Then another.Here they go again!Two tries in 5 minutes from Franker David Pocock.In the second half, Sekope Kepu made it look like a Wallaby whitewash was on the way.Sekope Kepu!What a start to the second half.But then a crucial lapse of concentration. Ben Volavola's try energised Fiji and triggered mistakes from the Australians. James Slipper's hard knock summed up the Australian second half and a measure of the Wallabies' approach was the option to take a goal instead of an attempt for a try that would have given them what could prove to be a vital bonus point.In the end, Australia held out Fiji, but there are lessons to be learnt.Gooed to get the win and I'm sure we will watch it a few times and there will be plenty of stuff to improve on.Wallabies' fans still had a bounce in their step. They were just concentrating on the positive.They are building to a very strong World Cup in 2015, that's all I can say.So now Australia must regroup and just
set its sights on Uruguay in just 4 days' time, hoping that will put them in a stronger position in this World Cup campaign.The Broncos and the Cowboys are hoping to set up the first all-Queensland Grand Final in the NRL this weekend. North Queensland travel to Melbourne today for their clash with the Storm, while Brisbane wrapped up preparations for tomorrow night's final against the Roosters.Stakes are high but there were still plenty of laughs at Broncos training today. Even the coach managed to crack a smile.A rare smile from Wayne, yeah, it is good, isn't it?He has every reason to be happy with his player whose have exceeded all expectationsI wanted to be here but I didn't think it would happen so quickly. I've never played in a prelim final at home and I guess that is a reward for the consistent efforts that the team has put in.And Wayne Bennett is confident the Broncos have the right stuff to earn a trip to the Grand Final.Things are heating up in Cowboys country. As fans showed up at Townsville Airport to farewell the North Queenslanders.Go Cowboys! To see the crowd here that is sending us off gives the boys goose buffers and it is great that we are in the final 4, but there is a job ahead of us.But Johnathan Thurston knows the Storm are no easy road to the Grand Final.This is all about Melbourne this week and gettings trying to get the job done there.We are under no illusions about how difficult this task is going to be.He has one of the game's greats in his corner.I would love to see the Cowboys win it for the mere fact they haven't won one beforeRealistically like a Raiders man, so I would like to see the Raiders win a premiership, but I like the underdogs.One thing is certain, it will be an intriguing weekend of rugby league.The Adelaide Crows have left the door open to trading out-of-contract star Patrick Dangerfield to Geelong rather than allowing him to leave through free agency. Dangerfield has signaled his intent to play for the Cats in 2016 as a restricted free agent, Dangerfield can be offered a contract by Geelong, but Adelaide has the option of matching that deal, forcing the Cats to secure him in a trade.It could be the first time a restricted free agent has had a contract matched since the rules were put in place in 2012.Obviously the issue becomes one of compensation and we've got to take the decisions and take the actions necessary to ensure that the interests of the football club are looked after.Meanwhile, GWS Giants forward Jonathan Patten has been involved in an incident in the US. In a statement the Giants say Patten was the victim of an unprovoked attack and suffered concussion after being hit in the head.But he has been cleared of serious injury.Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins is facing another long stint on the sidelines with stress fractures in his back.Cummins has been ruled out of Australia's upcoming two Test series in Bangladesh. The 22-year-old has struggled with injuries during his brief international career and previously suffered from a similar back problem in 2012. He has been replaced in the Australian squad by Tasmanian all-rounder James Fawkner.Time now for the weather and here is Graham Creed.Still plenty of shower as long the coast of NSW, and some of these will creep around into the south-eastern corner of Queensland, but it's really about the mid north coast and the Hunter region of NSW that we are likely to see the better of the fallsThey will remain quite isolated through the cloud
south-east. A little bit of cloud and isolated shower through the far east of Gippsland and through WA, a weak front and trough moving through, bringing fairly stage
widespread cloud but at this stage looking at only drizzle about the far south and south-west of WA. Also a few showers about the far north eastern tropics of Queensland. Brisbane mostly dry, showers likely near the coast. Similar scenario for Sydney, j enly the showers east of the city.And that is the latest from ABC News for now.I'm Kathryn Robinson, thanks for watching tonight.Johanna Nicholson will be back at the top of the hour with more coverage of the day's top stories.Do stay with us.

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Tonight - more than 300 people killed in a stampede near the Islamic holy city of Mecca. Also ahead - the Prime Minister's first order of business, $100 million pledged to help keep women and families safe. A Brisbane father signs up for a world-first treatment trial for incurable brain cancer.On 'Lateline' - is as the Presidents of the world's biggest economies prepare to meet, China/US cyber wars are threatening the relationship. Welcome to ABC News. We begin with breaking news just outside the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. These are live pictures from Mina, where at least 31 30 pilgrims have been killed in a crush at the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Civil defence officials in Saudi Arabia say another 400 people have been is
injured in the incident. Mina is a city about 5 kilometres out of Mecca and it's understood rescue operations are taking place. The stampede occurred on the first day of Eid or the feast of the sacrifice. Around 2 million Muslims are estimated to have made the pilgrimage to Mecca to celebrate eat - celebrate Eid. reporters
A reporter coordinating reporters on the ground in Mina joins us on the line. What are your reporters telling you on the ground there?Now, the injured have been shifted to hospitals, some less injured have been shipped to hospitals in Mina, some seriously injured pilgrims have been taken to a specialist hospitals. The dead bodies are being taken to mortuary, and you know, the situation there is under control, and pilgrims are being allowed to proceed to carry on to reach from another route. That's the situation on the ground at present. How are the hospitals able to cope with why
this amount of people?That's why there are so many hospitals. There are six at least in Mina itself, and well equipped, there are doctors there and paramedic staff there. So the people, first aid was given on the site itself, and people with minor injuries were taken to the six hospitals