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medium chance elsewhere. Tomorrow, two
it will be cloudy with a shower or but
two and winds will still be strong continue
but easing gradually. We will surf
continue to see large and powerful surf conditions.

along the coast
We are expecting up to 6mm

if anything, in our west.
and only a sprinkling of 18 degrees across the city
We are expecting a top and our west. the wind chill will make it feel
Once again, though, several degrees colder. Looking ahead - than tomorrow,
Saturday is looking even wetter a top of 19 degrees. improvement in these conditions
Finally, we'll see some mostly dry and 20 degrees.
on Sunday, which should be Mostly fine on Monday, 21,

move in mid-week.
before a few more showers a shower or two on Saturday, 19.
In our west, Fine and 20 on Sunday. Warming up to 23 by Monday.

finally some clear, sunny skies
And bring on next Thursday - and 26 degrees, Pete.

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next for this Thursday.
That's Nine News I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight.
I hope you have a good evening.
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for watching, good night. Tonight -
... The Brumbies call in the police of
- as questions arise over the sale
of their former HQ Canberrans prais dome
a suite of new measures to curb push
domestic violence And: The final t
push - to bring a Davis Cup tie, to John
the ACT Good evening I' m Kerryn investi
Johnston. A behind-the-scenes investigation has uncovered a serie of anomalies - relating the sale o the Brumbies former Headquarters i i
Griffith. The club today announced Poli
it' s referred the matter to ACT
Policing - after the internal revie and
queried a number of transactions thous
and agreements made between two twenty-thirteen
thousand and nine and controversial
twenty-thirteen. It was th
controversial at the time, and now headq
the Brumbies sale of its former t
headquarters in Griffith is back in the headlines. Yesterday we referre a matter to the ACT Policing Branc whi
of the Australian Federal Police in
which relates to the outcome of an inter
investigation that we conducted investigatio
internally. The Brumbies accidental
investigation began almost J
accidentally - when new CEO Michael documents
Jones began to sort through i
documents after the club moved from t
its temporary residence at the AIS, th
to its new home at UC. In starting that process there were a number of ad
things that I thought just didn' t arri
add up and were wondering why we
arrived at certain agreements and s laye
once I started peeling back the availabl
layers more questions became t
available. The board then informing a
the ARU of its concerns, leading to An
an investigation by KPMG Forensic. of
And one of the recommendations out sh
of that report was that perhaps we should refer this to the police for powers
them using their investigative whether
powers to have a look and see for
whether there is a case to answer thousand
for any of the issues. Fifty of
thousand emails, and 45, 000 pages Bru
of documents were examined by the re
Brumbies and KPMG - and Jones says Poli
regardless of the outcome of ACT
Policing' s assessment - the ongoin aff
operations of the club won' t be with
affected. This has nothing to do h
with the current Brumbies operation s
has nothing to do with the existing past
staff or board that it' s in the tha
past but there are some anomalies just
that we were unhappy with and we i
just thought that they needed to be
investigated further. In a statemen Can
this afternoon the University of hear
Canberra said, " Whilst sorry to Profes
hear about these developments, Professor Parker does not believe
that they will affect the strong an relati
growing academic and research relationship with the Brumbies". Th cultur
Prime Minister has demanded a Aust
cultural shift and called on all come
Australians to respect women. It a
comes as Malcolm Turnbull announced a one hundred MILLION dollar packag violence
to curb family and domestic gam
violence, that' s been labelled a game changer by many in the Canberr co
community. A bold plan to re-wire violence..
community attitudes toward
violence... After the murder of mor YEAR.
than 350 Australian women THIS it
YEAR. We have to make it as though wo
it was un-Australian to disrespect which
women. We must become a country which is known for its respect for Turnbul
women. Prime Minister Malcolm packa
Turnbull using his first policy HU
package in the top job to commit a domes
HUNDRED MILLION dollars to curb fun
domestic and family violence. The
funds will be used to provide safet panic
devices like mobile phones and se
panic buttons, and improve support on
services. It' s an investment many on the front line say is critical t stan
helping victims. because of the sect
standing of nurses in the public quite
sector, nurses and midwives are quite often approached by victims o recog
violence and its up to them to d
recognise the signs and symptoms of Mich
domestic violence For campaigner for
Michael Costigan, it' s the money M
for better education that' s key. 5 expansi
MILLION dollars will cover an websit
expansion of the Safer Schools respectful
website, with resources on
respectful relationships for parent with
and teachers. if we don' t deal crea
with the sausage factory that is by
creating all of these perpetrators youn
by mindsets, by attitudes from a up
young age we' re just going to end wi
up with a greater need for dealing assi
with the crisis The Commonwealth Governmen
assistance comes as the ACT conside
Government passed legislation offen
considering strangulation as an V
offence.The ACT Domestic and Family
Violence Ammendment Bill also offer interim
victims the chance to extend the
interim violence orders and avoid WI
their attacker in court. Jodi Lee, Goul
WIN News A jockey is due to face accus
Goulburn Local Court tomorrow - as
accused of kidnapping and sexually SOU
assaulting a woman on the ACT NEW Tay
SOUTH WALES border. It' s alleged pr
Taylor Lovelock-Wiggins attended a W
property in Wallaroo near Hall last vi
Wednesday afternoon and forced the sexu
victim into a white ute - before he
sexually and physically assaulting fo
her. A short time later the twenty Canberr
four year old was arrested in
Canberra, before being extradited t a
New South Wales. He' s expected to Police
apply for bail in the morning. w
Police want to speak to two drivers the
who travelled past the ute during M
the attack. Nine Australian Defence i
Medals have been stolen from a home despe
in Palmerston - with police now where
desperately searching for their theft
whereabouts. It' s believed the betwee
theft occurred last Thursday - thirty-t
between eight thirty A-M and m
thirty-thirty in the afternoon. The s
medals are engraved with the owner' Anyon
s name on the rim of the medal. c
Anyone with information is asked to
contact CrimeStoppers. A man charge re
with assault who was accidentally remanded
released from court has been Attorney-Genera
remanded in custody.. t
Attorney-General Simon Corbell says rev
training and procedures are being offenders
reviewed to prevent violent safet
offenders threatening community
safety. Scott Insull appeared in th ACT Magistrates Court today for th re-ar
first time following his being 4
re-arrested. Earlier this month the release
41- year-old was accidentally office
released from the court by the Pros
office of the Director of Public hi
Prosecutions before conditions for arres
his bail had been confirmed. An Ins
arrest warrant was issued, but Mr in
Insull turned himself in to police
in Sydney and he was extradited bac C
to the ACT. Attorney-General Simon the
Corbell says an error occurred in .
the court' s administrative process understanding
. The break down was in understanding what the precondition bai
were - set by the magistrate for o
bail and a breakdown in a number of other administrative proceedings. M concern
Corbell says the incident is a
concerning and the DPP' s processes
and procedures are under review. Th risks were that if someone had bee re-offende
released and subsequently th
re-offended - fortunately that was step
the case and I' m pleased that a steps are being taken. But today th court heard that after his release h
Mr Insull had called the woman who has accused him of assault and aske her to drop the charges. Magistrat Maria Doogan told the court: "If h hour
breaches bail conditions within the
hours, what bail conditions could appropria
the court set that would be Insull
appropriate?" It' s alleged Mr coul
Insull choked his partner so she wit
couldn' t breath, stabbed her car a
with scissors so she couldn' t flee Magistr
and then assaulted her again. telli
Magistrate Doogan refused bail, no
telling the court: "This court has cond
no faith he will comply with any w
conditions that are set." Mr Insull Ha
will reappear in court next month.
Harry Frost, WIN News. Traffic alon bu
the Gungahlin Drive Extension all morning
but came to a standstill this through
morning - after a car crashed through the median strip - spreadin we
debris across the road. Motorists h
were forced to wait for close to an v
hour while firefighters removed the Cal
vehicle - The driver was taken to conditio
Calvary Hospital in a stable C
condition. Next on WIN News ... The farewell
Canberra region turns out to Smar
farewell ' the pie man' And, ... th
Smart or silly? The new technology
that helps you find a parking spot tro
but will it actually land you in trouble? This program is not captioned. do
with all the weather details Today fare
dozens of mourners turned out to re
farewell the man behind one of the L
region' s icons. The procession for St
Leicester ' The Pieman' Donghue at wa
St Raphael' s church in Queanbeyan Lei
was led by the Canberra Pie Cart. reme
Leicester and his van now fondly serv
remembered by many - from public Bu
servants to the men who built Lake grea
Burley Griffin. He made a lot of toda
great friends and as you can see thei
today there' s a lot here to pay popula
their respects - he was a very Greg
popular person. Leicester' s son ringin
Greg started the procession by announ
ringing a cowbell once used to work
announce the truck' s arrival at Leicest
work sites. The Donoghues say wit
Leicester would have been pleased w
with the turnout. Drivers in Manuka
will soon be able to use their smar phone to find a parking spot, unde Mi
a new ACT Government trial. Chief technol
Minister Andrew Barr says the congesti
technology will ease traffic bu
congestion and driver frustration, but the Opposition argues it' s jus sm
a revenue raiser. A swipe of your parki
smart phone to find the nearest parking space. The ACT Government t Manuk
install underground sensors at new
Manuka - to feed information to a drivers
new mobile phone app alerting thos
drivers of available spaces. for
those who do want to use it they' l find their parks quicker and there an
ll be fewer people driving around c
and around The year-long trial will Canberr
coincide with the roll-out of Canberra' s free wifi network in th t
suburb. The ACT Government insists shopping
the real time data will make trade
shopping easier and boost local app
trade. But there are concerns the the
app will encourage drivers to use r
their phones behind the wheel - and anytime
result in more parking fines. par
anytime a vehicle overstays their
parking metre a message will be sen to a parking inspector who can the Procu
efficiently administer a fine. th
Procurement for a company to build w
the app has already begun, with the winner to be announced in the comin Governme
months. Also today, the ACT Government deferred a motion from interpre
the Liberals to allow AUSLAN chambe
interpreters into the Assembly permission.It
chamber without special th
permission.It was designed to help proceedin
the hearing impaired follow somethi
proceedings. it shouldn' t be Assem
something that' s a gift of the peo
Assembly, its something that deaf moti
people are entitled to have. The Jod
motion was deferred to committee. Of
Jodi Lee, WIN News. A Former CFMEU appea
Official charged with blackmail
appeared in court today to request Ha-la-fee
change in bail conditions. arrested
Ha-la-fee-he Key-Var-Loo was alleg
arrested in July in relation to t
allegations made during the ongoing Appeari
trade union royal commission. Appearing before the ACT Magistrate o
court today, he sought the removal reporti
of restrictions to travel and gra
reporting requirements. The court condit
granted the change to his bail trav
conditions to allow Mr Kivalu to Quea
travel outside the ACT for work. ah
Queanbeyan city council is pushing r
ahead with the multi million dollar rive
redevelopment of the the city' s vo
riverfront. Councillors last night at
voted to put the project to tender T
at its monthly meeting - with Mayor c
Tim Overrall insisting it' s in the bee
community' s best interest. It' s months
been a controversial issue for movin
months ---- that' s now finally enormo
moving ahead. I think there is going
enormous relief this project is counc
going ahead Majority of the ten
councillors last night agreed to pu Que
stage two of the CBD upgrades in e
Queen Elizabeth Park to tender. All except Councillor Brian Brown. Mayo disappo
Tim Overrall admitting it' s disappointing Councillor Brown trie elect
to halt the project. it was en ne
election commitment in 2012 and we
need to deliver it and the communit Coun
have the expectation Last month st
Councillor Jamie Cregan decided to vo
stand against Mayor Overrall - and mo
vote down plans for the project to move ahead - insisting the communit desires a new cinema complex - mor par
so than the redevelopment of the park. Last night he changed his tun projec
- and put his hand up for the project to go ahead. To go to tende cost
enables us to find out the true ma
cost and then it will enable us to w
make a decision on prioritising the als
works and how they' re to proceed counci
also at last night' s meeting, Councill
councillors voted to appoint Queanbeyan
Councillor Jamie Cregan as ne
Queanbeyan' s Deputy Mayor for the Overral
next twelve months. Mayor Tim wo
Overrall hopes the two of them can
work together on issues important t the community The Councillor admit opin
he and the Mayor have different assur
opinions at times, but wants to the
assure the community it can trust them - to get the best result for a
the city. We are a cohesive council
and a lot of the time we agree and disagreemen
lot of the time there' s vo
disagreements and different people democ
vote different ways and that' s wit
democracy Mia Glover WIN News Amy Poco
with sport is next ... And David K
Pocock stars for the Wallabies? Yes awa
Kerryn.., Fiji couldn' t keep him Cup
away from the ball in their World h
Cup clash, plus Tennis ACT puts its t
hand up to play host to a Davis Cup tie. This program is not captioned. (Suspenseful music plays)

(Sneaky music plays)

(Dramatic music plays) (Dog barks) Mayday! Mayday!

Pilot didn't make it.

Allen's makes families smile.

This program is not captioned.
good night. Tennis ACT has confirme nex
it will bid to host Australia' s next
next Davis Cup tie. The draw for next season was held overnight, wit I
Australia to play host to the USA. to
It' s made no secret of its desire Tenn
to host a Davis Cup tie. And now Austr
Tennis ACT has its chance. With th
Australia drawn to host the USA in marc
the World Group first round next constructing
march. Since we' ve been t
constructing the facilities here at had
the Canberra Tennis Centre we' ve of
had Davis Cup in mind. Expressions event
of Interest to play host to the
event open tomorrow, with Tennis AC ha
to be one of the first to put its admits
hand up. But CEO Ross Triffitt admits it' s no certainty to win th suppor
bid, despite having plenty of support from Tennis Australia. It' w
kind of a case of careful what you wish for the fact that we' ve drawn c
the USA means that it may be a very b
competitive process and some of the I'
bigger cities will be competing so and
I' d imagine that Brisbane Sydney T
and Melbourne will also be looking. redevelope
The main show court at the has
redeveloped Lyneham tennis centre thousan
has a capacity of around four to
thousand people. But Triffitt says A
to be successful in its bid, tennis a
ACT may also need to consider using h
a surface other than its plexi-pave a
hard court. We' re also considering l
a drop in grass court cause we feel th
like we' d be at a disadvantage in hav
the bidding process if we didn' t organi
have a grass court option. The optio
organisation already looking at p
options to construct suitable grass Dav
practice courts. Brumbies flanker Wall
David Pocock has starred for the
Wallabies at number eight, named ma e
of the match in the side' s twenty Fij
eight thirteen World Cup win over positio
Fiji. Moved to the unfamiliar
position - to play alongside Michae ma
Hooper - Pocock showed it didn' t c
matter what number was on his back, a
causing plenty of problems for Fiji crossin
at the breakdown - while also o
crossing for two tries off the back Viking
of rolling mauls. Meantime the the
Vikings have made four changes to N
their starting side for Saturday' s R
NRC clash against the North Harbour wi
Rays. Wallabies prop Ben Alexander start
will be rested with Albert Anae S
starting in his place. The Canberra forward
Strikers say they' re looking t
forward to the challenge of meeting Wal
tournament heavyweights New South Aus
Wales in the opening match of the tournam
Australian Hockey League. The wit
tournament gets underway tomorrow
with the Arrows again expected to b in
one of the teams to beat. Calling Aust
in the big guns ahead of another Ho
Australian Hockey League Campaign. B
Hockeyroos Anna Flanagan and Edwina ple
Bone back on deck - and providing Stri
plenty of encouragement to their so
Strikers' team mates. It' s always so nice coming back home and playin with the girls that I actually gre tim
up with. This week was the first togeth
time the entire squad had been tomorr
together ahead of the start of Staff
tomorrow' s AHL. New coach Mark des
Stafford happy with the progress, Very
despite the limited preparation. intere
Very good actually it was just
interesting to get them all here an we
see what they add to the side. As a
well as having the help of Flanagan New
and Bone, the Strikers have added New Zealand' s Jenny Storey and Eri expected
Goad to the squad. All four Can
expected to play a big role, when heavyweigh
Canberra meets competition tomorrow
heavyweights New South Wales g
tomorrow. I think it' s going to be gi
good playing them first up it will
give us a chance to see where we ar t
at within our group and within the hasn'
tournament itself. The build up hasn' t been as smooth for Canberra K
s men' s squad, with captain - and fo
Kookaburras striker Glenn Turner - forced to withdraw after suffering G
groin injury in the Capital League o
Grand Final. Seyi Onitiri will take ca
over the role as Captain for their
campaign in Darwin. Which will star with a match against hosts Norther Hitchkiss
Territory tomorrow. Daniel Hitchkiss was also a late scratchin through injury. The ACT Comets hav openin
selected a young side for the opening match of the Sydney T twent und
competition this Sunday. Two ACT wi
under seventeen' s representatives fr
will line up,alongside six players
from the under nineteen' s. A numbe of our squad players are already i Sydney playing grade cricket so we i
ve left them to their own clubs so opportun
it just provides a number of you
opportunities for a couple of our be
younger squad members to put their Dea
best foot forward. Jono and Blake Bliz
Dean will open the batting, with a
Blizzard also set to make his first Cre
appearance for the Comets. Weston about
Creek' s Blake McDonald excited
about the chance to line up with an players.
against so many experienced players. Obviously a lot of us unde oppor
nineteen' s are getting a good at
opportunity to go and have a crack s
at the best in Sydney Grade Cricket so really looking forward to it. Th Comets take on Northern District o w
Sunday afternoon. Thanks Amy. Stay wi
with us - Hannah McEwan is up next with all the weather details This program is not captioned.
1-9 Good evening, Another cool da warmi
for the region, but it will be tha
warming up! Tonight' s picture is thanks to Michele

thanks to Michele Withers - ducks Canber
landing on Lake Ginninderra in follow
Canberra Don' t forget you can or
follow me on Facebook and Twitter,
or email me at weather@wintv. temperatures Taking a look at Sy
temperatures for the region today, 8-1
Sydney 8-13 Wollongong 9-14 Nowra 10-1
8-13 Ulladulla 8-13 Batemans Bay Merimbula
10-15 Moruya 9-16 Bega 8-15 1-9
Merimbula 7-16 Cooma -1-8 Bombala Thr
1-9 Jindabyne -4 -7 Perisher -6-0 0-
Thredbo -8- -2 Goulburn -2-12 Yass C
0-15 Gungahlin 1-13 Bungendore 1-13 Braidwo
Canberra 1-13 Queanbeyan 1-13 syste
Braidwood 3-11 - A low pressure is
system over the central Tasman Sea s
is slowly moving east and a strong, m
slow-moving high pressure system is
moving towards Tasmania. Between th air
two systems a vigorous southerly airstream is bringing showers to th on
coast and adjacent ranges, mostly i
on the coastal fringe. This pattern days
is expected to persist for a few
days, although winds should moderat t
over the weekend as the high moves Showers
to the southern Tasman Sea. - Showers along the coast and adjacen ranges mostly from the Illawarra t the Mid North Coast, more likely o high
the coastal fringe. - Medium to coas
high chance of showers along the fros
coast and adjacent ranges. Early an
frost on the southern ranges. Fine Checkin
and mostly sunny in the west. dis
Checking the forecast for the ACT
district, Partly cloudy. Winds sout becom
to southeasterly 20 to 30 km h D
becoming light in the evening. Fire Territory
Danger - Australian Capital 1-1
Territory: Low- Moderate Canberra p
1-15 partly cloudy Tuggeranong 2-15 partly cloudy Queanbeyan 1-15 partl Goulb
cloudy Yass 3-15 partly cloudy Goulburn 3-12 possible shower M
Checking the forecast for the Snowy Sl
Mountains district, Partly cloudy. morn
Slight chance of a shower in the met
morning. Snow possible above 1200
metres. Winds south to southwesterl south
25 to 35 km h tending south to southeasterly 20 to 30 km h early i t
the morning then becoming light in possi
the late evening. Perisher -3-4 1-
possible morning snow shower Cooma 1-13 possible morning shower Thredb Ji
-4-2 possible morning snow shower showe
Jindabyne 1-10 possible morning Che
shower Bombala 3-12 shower or two C
Checking the forecast for the South chance
Coast district, Cloudy. Medium southwesterl
chance of showers. Winds s
southwesterly 15 to 25 km h turning mornin
southerly 20 to 30 km h in the cond
morning. Large and powerful surf expecte
conditions in the morning are
expected to be hazardous for coasta swi
activities such as rock fishing, Fa
swimming and surfing. Fire Danger: Ulladul
Far South Coast: Low-Moderate e
Ulladulla 11-16 shower or two, wind tw
easing Batemans Bay 8-17 shower or 7
two Narooma 9-16 shower or two Bega sho
7-18 shower or two Merimbula 8-17 is
shower or two Sunrise for tomorrow at
is expected at 5:50 A-M and sunset for
at 6:02 P-M. Taking a look at the Frid
forecast for the next seven day, 4-
Friday 1-15 partly cloudy Saturday cloudy
4-16 cloudy Sunday 2-19 partly show
cloudy Monday 3-19 possible late Wed
shower Tuesday 4-18 shower or two
Wednesday 3-18 mostly sunny Thursda 1-22 mostly sunny Now it' s back t Kerryn, have a great night.

trouble? s Lauren Tomasi with Th
tonight' s snow report. Hello from feeling
Thredbo where it is certainly A
feeling very wintery at the moment. and
Another dusting of snow overnight now.
and the flakes are still falling
now. Snow quality is excellent righ helping
now, with cold nights really th
helping out. Fresh flakes have got ama
the cover looking magic and it' s thi
amazing riding conditions up here lo
this September, with top to bottom
looking good. Groomers have been ou t
each night to smooth out the major spinn
trails, and ten lifts are still arou
spinning to get you onto 37 runs yo
around the mountain. Some tips for look
your Thursday: the Supertrail is b
looking excellent with 3,7km of leg the
burning goodness. Central Spur is turns
the spot to head for some fresh turns off Antons and Sponars T-bars few
Intermediates, be sure to have a begi
few runs through the Cruiser and
beginners, Friday Flat is fresh, fu turns
and fabulous for your Thursday par
turns. For the freeriders, antons park is loaded with features for th Cruiser
more advanced riders and the le
Cruiser Terrain Park is perfect to a
learn those new tricks. Now looking forecas
ahead, it' s more snow on the sun
forecast for tomorrow, ahead of a g
sunny weekend - the perfect time to boardin
get in some Spring skiing and T
boarding.In Thredbo, This is Lauren
Tomasi, Win News. Recapping tonight s top stories - A behind-the-scene series
investigation has uncovered a sa
series of anomalies - relating the Headquart
sale of the Brumbies former Tur
Headquarters in Griffith. Malcolm Turnbull has announced a one hundre famil
MILLION dollar package to curb s
family and domestic violence, that' man
s been labelled a game changer by T
many in the Canberra community. and
Tennis ACT has confirmed it will bi to host Australia' s next Davis Cu WI
tie, against the USA. And that' s twent
WIN News for Thursday September repo
twenty four. To view some of our reports, visit the WIN News Canberr A
Facebook page. Join us for the All again
Australian News at midnight and again tomorrow at 6 for the nationa 7
news followed by WIN Local News at f
7. I' m Kerryn Johnston..... Thanks for your company - good night. This program is not captioned. (SIREN BLARES)

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