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Whoa! That just came to you
right at the end, didn't it?

Yeah, it was tough. That was tough.

Name something that kids might
play with at a children's farm.

You said... in the sand.
Yeah. Not sure about that one.

Survey says...

Ooh! Animals was the top answer.
Erin had that answer.

Horse was the second-highest answer
we had surveyed.

Name something that pops.
You said...

You came back to it
and gave me popcorn.

I like it. Survey says...


Balloon was the top answer.
You had the second-highest answer.

So, we're looking for
129 points here.

Name something you shouldn't eat
all in one go.

You said fast food.

Survey says...

..just four points.

Block of chocolate
was the top answer.

Cake was the second-highest answer,

Name something advertised on TV
when the footy is on.

You said betting. There's lots
of betting ads around these days. Mm.

Are you betting on this
being a high score?

I think so, yeah.
Let's find out.

The survey says...


Beer ads was the top answer.

Or a pie ad.

So, our final question.
107 points short yet of $10,000.

Name something you might get
for free at a restaurant.

You obviously go to the most
generous restaurant in the world

because you said, "Oh! dessert.
I'll have my dessert for free.

"Thank you, waiter.
Hmm. How much is it?

"No, thank you.
I want mine for free."

Do you reckon there's many points?
I reckon there's zip. None.

The cool part about it is
regardless, you're our champs.

That's right.
You're back to play again.

That's something.

Let's see how this goes.

The survey says...


There's two people
who get free desserts!

Water was the top answer, Laine.

They do get $10
for every Fast Money point.

They'll be back for another shot
at the 10 grand tomorrow night.

The Project's up next,
then The Bachelorette at 7:30.

I'm Grant Denyer.
Goodnight, Australia.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight...We must become a country which is known for its respect for women...could this be the turning point for our domestic violence national crisis? Drive a Volkswagen? Could your car be caught up in one of the biggest scandals in automotive history? Activewear - is it OK to keep it casj and comfy without having anything sporty in your daily schedule? And we make time for a bit of Fry, as legendary actor, comedian and writer Stephen Fry joins us for a good old natter. Your news, delivered differently - this is The Project.(CHEERING) Good evening and welcome do The Project. Huge welcome to our guest host tonight, the legendary Adam Gilchrist.Thank you, guys. (CHEERING) We're very excited. I've got to say, Waleed, this is the closest formation we'll get to being in the Australian slip cordon.Carrie's even standing a little bit behind. It was getting a bit stalkerish before, so it's probably best that I'm sitting next to him and not you two.I've been marvelling all day - your hands. They're not damaged. Well, I've got a bandaid on one - that was my handyman work building a cricket bat for my son, funnily enough.But Ian Healy's hands are a disgrace.When I missed a catch, it hit me up here. Heals missed it by millimetres. I made sure.OK. Thank you for the explanation! Let's see what's making news
this Thursday, September 24. Malcolm Turnbull has ramped up
the fight against domestic and family violence
in a bid to make it "un-Australian" to disrespect women. In his first major announcement
since taking over from Tony Abbott, the PM's unveiled a $100 million
package to combat what he calls "a national disgrace".

Women must be respected. Disrespecting women is unacceptable. It is unacceptable at every level. At home, at the workplace - wherever. It's hoped CCTV footage will help
identify five monkey-bike riders involved in a hit-and-run
in Melbourne that's left a young mum fighting for life. 34-year-old Andrea Lehane was
critically injured when she was struck down yesterday outside
a suburban shopping centre. I think it would reflect, ah, rather better on them if they showed some remorse and gave themselves up to the local police station. The footy friend who helped save
the lives of Souths duo Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray appears
to be a reluctant hero. Jake O'Sullivan was hesitant to
talk about his frantic call to 000 after the pair overdosed
on painkillers. But Broncos coach Wayne Bennett's
had plenty to say, and he's sick of the game
wearing the blame. and he's sick of the game
wearing the blame. Somewhere along the line, someone's got to take some responsibility for their actions and their behaviours. It can't be the game every moment of the day. It can't be the game every moment
of the day. And a dog might be man's best
friend, but never get in the way of a woman and her diamond! Grizzly the Labrador came close to
being disowned, after he swallowed his Melbourne owner's $2.5 carat
diamond engagement ring. X-rays proved he was the cuplrit. Susan Brewer got her dazzler back -
after nature ran its course. (CROWD GROANS) We are hearing reports, Gilly, that Grizzly was hoping to propose to the kelpie next door.How do we know that wasn't a really elaborate proposal from the guy?That would be a disgusting proposal!Oh, come on...Grizzly is the worst ring-bearer...It would prove that you really wanted to get married, if you were prepared...It's just disgusting, Waleed. Not even worth...How well-dressed were they, the couple, when they went back to get the ring?A knife and fork, she used - all (CROWD A plastic, disable one!One of the dog's owners spoke to the media, a young bloke, about the incident. He was very careful not to gross people out too much.She was very careful not to gross
people out too much.She couldn't find it then, and she wanted to go to the vet, and they told her it was in Grizzly, and she was really surprised. A few days later, she found it, yep. And... ..'cause it was in his poo.That is a well-raised kids. If it was my kids, they would have been well-raised kids. If it was my
kids, they would have been going "Poo, poo, poo...!"

"Poo, poo, poo...!"
Today it looks like the scandal threatening Today it looks like the scandal
threatening Volkswagen has hit our

Overnight, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned, saying he was shocked and installed at its disgrace. It installed software which senses when its emission levels are being tested, them cheats. During the test, the car appears less polluting. Once test is over, emission levels rise to their normal, illegally high level - up to 40 times higher.The tests in the US are the toughest emissions tests in the world. Because in Australia we don't have such harsh emissions laws, it's unlikely the same situation will happen here.Ironically, the VW Golf was sold as an alternative. Aren't diesels dirty?It used to be dirty. This is 2015.Diesel in Latin means "dirty"...That's also a lie.Our company was dishonest in -- to all of you.11 million cars were implicated, and experts say the number affected in Australia could be more than 50,000.I think Australian consumers should definitely question whether they're going to purchase VW cars in the future. Volkswagen, I'm pissed off. So are investors - since the news broke, 30% on nearly $40 billion has been wiped off the company's value. Is it auf wiedersehen for value. Is it auf wiedersehen for
the world's biggest car company?

the world's biggest car company?
James Ward is a journo and motoring expert from James, how did they get busted? Well, the irony of all this is it was actually an independent study that was seeking to show that small-engined diesel cars were cleaner and efficient. Basically, they took their findings to the EPA in the US, and an investigation ensued. Last week, Volkswagen admitted to having this code in their cars.How long Emwazi that? They've actually been, well - actually, the initial test happened back in 2012.Well, you can ask yourself the next question, surely. Yes, this is the thing - like any government investigation, nobody wants to, ah, jump up and scream that they've got all the facts on day one. Basically, it took to the point where the US EPA threatened to remove Volkswagen vehicles from sale in the US until they showed how they were achieving these results when Volkswagen came up and basically put all their cards on the table and explained what they'd actually been up to.So the question is, what happens now? Can VW survive this? What sort of penalties are we talking about?The rumoured penalties - for each car, the maximum imposed penalty is around $40,000, Australian money, per vehicle. That's a worst-case scenario, and Volkswagen have set aside around $10 billion, Australian, to deal with this. There are estimates that 50,000 Aussie cars on our roads could be affected. How accurate do you think this is?We don't know, in Australia, if there's anything that affects any of our local cars. It's still very early days. Volkswagen are investigating here, and will obviously be forthcoming with any information as they have it, but at this point, they still don't have enoughings in.James, I'm getting a '76 kombi refurbished. Should I be nervous?(LAUGHTER) If it's a petrol kombi, I think you'll be fine.Have we heard from Herbie the love bug? Didly go bananas? There are believe rumours he was found in Monte Carlo.We have heard reports of leaving an oil stain in various garages... Wow, that is just undignified.The most Herbie the Love Bug jokes in 3-4 seconds, I think.They should have blamed it on that dog from earlier. We have to take a break. How does Uber stack up to your regular taxi service? We put both methods to the test. Plus, get a little competitive at your kids' sports day? The controversial technology being introduced to calm those trackside tempers. This is The Project.

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Welcome back to The Project. Peter Greste has vowed to clear
his name, after his two Al Jazeera colleagues were pardoned
and released from jail in Egypt. Peter wasn't pardoned,
so his criminal conviction stands - but he was overcome with emotion
when he learned Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed had been freed. We've been fight ing...fighting for the past eight months for this.The families have suffered so much. This whole nightmare is over. The whole nightmare is over. And Tony Abbott appears to have
bent the truth just a little, according to the ABC's Fact Check. It examined 34 statements
our former P-M made on a range of topics - the economy,
immigration, the environment and employment - since August 2013.

(LAUGHTER) He also lied about being prime minister at the next election. Do you know why? They haven't fact-checked that. Maybe he will be.There you go - little twist.In his defence, this is not as bad as it looks.Really?I love how everyone just went, "What?!"You're lying.They're only going to examine the ones that are a bit contentious, right? It's not like 56% of everything he said was a lie.OK. (SILENCE) I think we're more comfortable with "It's as bad as it looks."On TV, I'm now officially the man with the biggest ears, so I'm devastated that he's gone.(LAUGHTER) It's my debut on this show, but he's provided a lot of material. You must be shattered.Pete hasn't been himself this week.There were some tears when he left. Malcolm's not been as funny.You had to rely on Shorten.And Scott Morrison, who is getting on with the job of being the new Treasurer - which includes attacking Bill Shorten.Bill Shorten wants to hide people, put them in the bed, pull the doona over their head. That's not an economic plan. Bill Shorten's plan is for them to jump in the bed and pull the doona over their head, and find someone to blame.You're right - it's not a an economic plan - it's a Dutch oven.(LAUGHTER) Sounds fun! Let's take a look
at what's happening in the world of entertainment. The laughs are over
for comedian Amy Poehler and her funnyman boyfriend Nick Kroll. After two years together,
the pair have reportedly split. Apparently they've broken up
because their busy schedules were keeping them apart -
even at this week's Emmy Awards. We loved the app, but how did
Angry Birds get to be so angry? The Angry Birds Movie will reveal
all when it hits Aussie cinemas in June next year,
explaining how the conflict between birds and pigs came to be. Starring Jason Sudeikis,
Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad, we can expect feathers to fly... And Harry Styles might be a
heart-throb to millions, but he's also an annoying little brother,
embarrassing his big sister Gemma, at a One Direction gig in London. I apologise
if I seem a little distracted. My sister is on a date.

(CHEERING) I'm trying to keep an eye on her... They're up there somewhere. So... Oh, she's here on a date?Just behave yourself.(LAUGHTER) He said "They're up there somewhere." Surely he could have got them front-row seats! Nosebleed section.Do you reckon she was on a date with Zayn?That would be weird. (CROWD GROANS) Maybe that's why they're so far up the back! We've got to take a break. Back in a moment. Coming up - why would someone want to cure a child's left-handedness? Our mate Arj Barker joins us with his special investigation. Do you trust your left hand?Yep. Does your right hand know what the left hand's doing?At all times, I'm pretty sure, yeah!And remember this...Minister, before we go, we'll do you a deal - we've got the megaphone, you've got the money... Well, today, he's shown us that money. How will Malcolm Turnbull's $100 million package for domestic violence be spent? You're watching The Project.

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There's a new product - Vanish Gold. You'll find that within 30 seconds, as if by magic,
the beetroot stain is gone.

MAN: One of the big things we
decided before we hit the road was our lifestyle wasn't going to change. WOMAN: Yeah.

Whoa! So, as I was saying -
all the luxuries of life. Just 'cause we're on the road,
we don't miss out. Hot shower. Solar power. (Dogs snarl, bark) Honey! Hey!
(Continues banging on door) (Dogs continue barking)

If you take out a new Allianz
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Emergency Home Assistance to connect you with tradies for help with ten
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Are you a boxing fan, Gilly?I love the boxing. Love the build-up to a boxing bout.You'll love this, then. Reigning world heavyweight champ
Vladimir Klitschko has a title fight coming up against UK
boxer Tyson Fury. They held a pre-fight press
conference, and Klitschko took the opportunity to offer
his diagnosis of his opponent. That's my diagnosis. There is a psychological issue because this behaviour cannot control himself. It's bipolarity changing the mind. It's a serious issue that a lot of people, unfortunately, have in our society.(LAUGHTER) I'm glad he's taking it seriously on a global level there. Bold claims. Let's on a global level there. Bold
claims. Let's hear Tyson Fury's rebuttal.I think he's dead right - ahhhh! He's dead right.(LAUGHTER) Now, I'm still not sure what to think. Is there any more evidence to back this up?'Cause he's the most boring man to I've had to listen to for 10 years. We can't understand you, man. You're very boring. Just do what you do. Bore everybody to sleep. OK. Oi, stop. Don't everybody to sleep. OK. Oi, stop.
Don't go to sleep, everybody. Call me a clown again! Come on!What?! What happened? He's been accused of being a clown. Now there was a costume change...(LAUGHTER) It went all Gotham City. He got changed into a Batman outfit all of a sudden.That was SO weird.Now he's got to fight in the Batman outfit. That's the challenge.Wow. Tens of thousands of people have flocked to see the Pope in Washington DC as he visited the White House Washington DC as he visited the
White House and canonised the first saint on US soil.

White House and canonised the first
saint on US soil. He also blessed 5-year-old sofa Cruz, who says she wrote the Pontiff a letter in a bid to save her Mexican parents from deportation.I would like to ask you to speak to the President and the Congress and legalise my parents, because every day, I am scared that one day they will take them away from me. Here's two people you probably thought you would never see on a building site - princes Harry and William donned the hard hats and high-viz to lend a hand on the set of reality show DIY SOS. The royals are helping transform a derelict street into a veterans' village in Manchester. Do you want your royals building things?I think it will be great if they come to install the throne. "Anyone doesn't everyone have one of these?"(LAUGHTER) A teacher in Oklahoma, America,
has angered parents of 4-year-old student Zayne, who was forced to
switch from writing with his left hand to his right, as the
teacher believes being left-handed is evil, sinister and unlucky. And to discuss this, please welcome
famed right-hander Arj Barker! Arj, how lucky do you feel
to not be born left-handed?

(APPLAUSE) Great to have you here.Thanks.How lucky do you feel, not being born left-handed?I don't feel lucky at all. I think the world is geared towards right-handed. I think they've got it easy. They've got "right on", "Right angle", "Right away", "Right away, "Right of way, "Right wing"... Well, 5 out of 6 isn't bad. Lefties have "leftovers" and "left out" and "left for dead". The only thing they have is being able to drive on the left side of the road, and that's just so the control-freak driver can steer from the right. I think lefties are the underdogs - and I don't think, for a second, that it is evil. Do you know any left-handed people?I try to keep them know any left-handed people?I try
to keep them out of my friends' circle, actually.

to keep them out of my friends'
circle, actually.Are you right- or left-handed.Left-handed.Wow. Uh...My sister's actually left-handed.Is your sister, ah - how should I put this - evil? Incredibly, yep.Do you think that left-handed people are inherently evil?Yes, of course.And where did you discover this information?On the internet.OK, then it must be true. You're wearing a cross.Yes. Is that to protect yourself against left-handed people?My partner got it for me, actually.Is your partner left-handed?No, he's not. He's ambidextrous, actually.Is he?!Yes. I think he writes with his left, and then he does everything else with both hands. Everything?Yeah. I notice you're carrying your bags with your left hand.My left hand? My right hand.Hold on... Do you want to play non-dominant catch with me?Sure!Alright...!

In America, she'd be out already. (APPLAUSE) In America, she'd be out already.
(APPLAUSE) Non-dominant catch.Two of us are left-handed - me and Gilly.I'm left-handed at cricket batting, but that's it.What?!Right-handed at everything else.You're not left-handed at anything else?Not anything else. I should take up left-handed golf. You're right about those lines and cliches. I used to fancy myself as a footballer - and as a youngster, my position was always "left right out" - I was always confused. (LAUGHTER) How do you think you'd go with non-dominant catch?We used to practise that a little bit. But steady with the right hand.I don't think you could have practised it, seeing as how I invented it today. Did you discover anyone who actually was evil in the process of filming?No, I don't think everybody was evil, although I didn't really have time to do the proper tests that were necessary - the kitten test.What's the kitten test?!Oh, you don't want to know. (LAUGHTER) You're touring again. Get In My Head?It is my new show. I debuted it in Melbourne at the Comedy Festival and that's the whole reason I'm here - I'm taking it around the country. I don't care about left-handed or right-handed...(LAUGHTER) No, be what you are, right?You want to let people inside your head?I'm tripping out. I just came back to the country. I was home for a while, I come back, and there's a new prime minister. From an American point of view, that's confusing, you know? We just don't have the same system. If we woke up one day back home and said, "What the - where'd Obama go? Oh, don't worry, he just switched with a mate."(LAUGHTER) "They have similar views."I don't think they were mates! Are left-handers allowed in?They will. I'll try to come to whatever city people are watching from. I hope I get there - come on!You're very open-minded to let us in, Argentina. Details on where you can catch
Arj's show - Get In My Head - are on the Sites We Like page
on The Project website. Please thank Arj Barker! If you've just joined us,
here's what's making news this Thursday, the 24th of September. The NSW man charged with killing
his 12-year-old stepdaughter at their Hunter Valley home has
been remanded in custody. The 31-year-old, who can't be
named, is accused of murder and he didn't apply for bail. He'll reappear in court next month. Police
in Queensland are searching for a man who racially abused a Muslim
woman outside a Logan shopping centre before exposing him
self to her and her two children. She managed to film his
anti-Islamic tirade, but she's been left traumatised by the incident.

What's concerning is that my understanding is that there were bystanders and witnesses. Unfortunately, it appears that no-one actually assisted her during, ah, the racist tirade. The days of the dreaded credit and debit card surcharge could be over - it's believed Canberra will give the competition watchdog more power to pre vent companies charging extra for purchases.We need to end this rort. It's high time the government banned this extortion practise.Electronic timing gates at sports carnivals could stop parents arguing over results at sports carnivals. parents arguing over results at
sports carnivals. Ugly parents'

sports carnivals. Ugly parents'
syndrome is hoped to be -- hoped to lessen... Why don't the parents just race?Funnily enough, the parents raced at the end of my children's sports carnivals. I didn't participate - I was scared of the dreaded hammy tear.It would have been funny for everyone else! Yeah. It's a serious issue, though. Last year in junior cricket, it went all the way up to the tribunal and parents have been banned. Seriously?It is a serious issue, which is sad.Are you like a "every kid gets a ribbon" kind of guy?At a point, you've got to let them learn the realities, I think - not everyone wins at everything in life. But the intro level, give 'em all a go.When I was coming last in Grade 6 in the races, in the slower seat, I didn't want to know my time, to be honest. There should be a mercy rule where they just stop the time.(LAUGHTER) Adults do take sport seriously, no doubt about that. It makes me wonder how fans reacted to this little incident in a wonder how fans reacted to this
little incident in a Mexican soccer game between Zakatepec and

little incident in a Mexican soccer
game between Zakatepec and Necaza. The goalkeeper throwing the ball back into play - goal! That is a goal. Gilly, knowing how South Americans...He's jumped up and intentionally done that, that bloke!You're calling it!Yeah. That's like one of those catches you take at short leg where you kick it and catch it in your nuts. I know how passionate South American fans are about their soccer - I'm sure he's fine now. (LAUGHTER) The Prime Minister today unveiled a multimillion-dollar package to counter what he described the national disgrace of domestic and family violence. It couldn't have come at a better time. A trigger warning - some viewers may find visions depicted in this story disturbing. A mother of four stabbed to death in her home...Her fiance is under arrest... On Tuesday, Kirralee Paepaerei became the 63rd woman to be killed in Australia this year, allege lad e -- allegedly the 33rd to be killed by a partner. Malcolm Turnbull's had a gutful.Violence against women is one of the great shames of Australia. It is a national disgrace. The challenge that we face is making women safer on the streets, safer at home, and safer online. And the initiatives which collectively totalled more than $100 million seek to do that. The package includes more training for front-line staff to better support women, against technology to monitor abusers, free phones for women to help them escape ongoing abuse, and increased funding for crisis hotline 1800-RESPECT. There's also $5 million for the upcoming safer schools website, aimed at improving bad attitudes towards violence, which are disturbingly deep-rooted, as a new survey of 16-24-year-olds highlights.There's a concerning level of support for what we call "rape culture" - attitudes that minimise or excuse sexual violence against women.A quarter of young people believe violence against women can be excused if the perpetrator regrets it afterwards. 2 in 5 think that rape results from men not being able to control their sexual urges. 20% believe women often say no when they mean yes. What's especially concerning is that these attitudes have gotten worse compared to previous generations. The PM's calling for a massive shift in the way we think about violence against women. Disrespecting women does not always result in violence against women. But all violence against women begins with disrespecting women. So, today's announcement is welcome - countless women are in desperate situations fearing for their lives right now, and they need all the support they can get. But nothing's going to change until our attitudes change - and that means zero tolerance for disrespecting women. Let's make it our resolution that Australia will be known as a nation, as a people, as Australia will be known as a
nation, as a people, as a society, that respects women.

that respects women.
A domestic violence survivor and campaigner joins us now. Rachel, are you pleased with this new funding?Look, I think it's a step in the right direction, certainly. But when we look at the fact that it's costing the Australian economy over $13.6 billion a year, I think $100 million is a very small fish in a very big pond. We need to continue to work with the sector and look at funding at the grassroots, where it's needed the most. We need more funding for refuges and more funding for education.I agree totally with the education side of it. 2 out of 5, in the stats we've just heard, people think that rape occurs because men can't contain their sexual urge. 20% believe women when they say no but actually mean yes. How could a young generation possibly feel this way?There are two schools of thought. Firstly, magistrates are not holding perpetrators accountable. It's sending a strong message that violence is OK. On the other hand, children are being very desensitised, and they're not educated around boundaries, morals, self-respect and healthy relationships. Kids are being exposed to all this without any adult interaction.No matter how much money the government throws at this problem, the conversations still have to be happening in our homes, don't they?Look, it does, it does. Not every parent may feel, um, that they've got the skills to do that. Not every teacher may feel they've got the skills to do that. So it's about, you know, giving parents the tools and the skills to be able to have those conversations in the home with their children. Rachel, as a domestic violence survivor yourself, how do you feel? Every day, we keep hearing story after story of women who are the victims of domestic violence, who have had their lives cut short because of some, you know, angry man? How does that make you feel? I'm furious. I'm angry myself. I feel that, you know, I know the pathways these women have been on. There have been some similarities in their experiences with what I went through. When you can relate to them, and when you find they weren't able to get out but did seek help from the police or from friends and family, or from a service, and they'd been helped to a point... But the end result was that they were killed despite a domestic violence order - we're continuing to see that, until we change our laws and legislation, the application of that legislation, we're going to continues losing women and children to domestic and family violence. Rachel, I think everyone agrees this is a start, but no more than that. I'm sure the Prime Minister would agree with that. We'll see what's to come in the future. Thank you for your perspective.Thank you very much for having me. (APPLAUSE) If you or someone you know needs help, call the national sexual assault counselling line: About time. This is certainly a step in the right direction. Completely agree with you.As you said, it's not the end result but it's a start.We shouldn't think it's the end. The attitude is so concerning, as you said, Gilly. One of the things real that really shocked me - 46% of young people, this is, say that tracking partners using technology is acceptable to some degree. Think about that.But the fact that...That just blew me away.The fact that the perspective has changed over the years from our parents' generation to the younger generation - I'm confused by that. Is that the online world? What is changing that? IsI think technology, obviously - it's such a different world, a different landscape from now from even 10 years ago. It's got to have played a part.Mm. It is time now for some ads. Don't go anywhere. Lots of great stuff coming up.(APPLAUSE) Coming up...What in the name of Boner Pads' Ball...? !We chat to the rather accomplished and often outspoken entertainer Stephen Fry. Plus - could this be the most stubborn stand-off in the history of road rage?What is wrong with you?!You're watching The Project.

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controversy. So, should feel guilty about using them?

about using them?
2015 is the year Uber turned the taxi industry on its head.They do not have any accountability.If you catch a legal taxi -- illegal taxi transport, it is no safer than hitchhiking.What the hell is this government doing to protect its citizens?So, do consumers really have anything to fear? Consumer group Choice wanted to find out. What we wanted to do was inject some facts into the debate.They launched an investigation, conducting 28 point-to-point tests at different times of the day, using the different services. Alright. When we get in, we'll make sure that we note how long it takes to turn up, and when we get in, we'll note how long the trip takes so we know which one gets there first. You take the taxi and I'll take the Uber. And - start!This is test 29.I'm ready now. One passenger.Mine says it's coming soon. Alright, that's it there. 9 minutes and 4 seconds. Hey.Hey, how you doing?The taxi came a few minutes later. On the road, Gemma and Natasha were judging vehicle cleanliness, driver friend leiness, and how good the trip was.Both taxi trips and ride-sharing trips are traceable and recorded, so there are records of those trips taking place.The Uber was a good ride. It was pretty efficient. He pretty much stuck straight to the against.Using a different route, the cab actually leapfrogged the Uber.Taxi's just in front of us. Thank you.I think my taxi guy obviously knew the back routes, he avoided traffic...So, both services were pretty quick. Price was a different matter.My Uber was $25.28 mine was $36.80. Bit of a price difference there.The wider investigation found taxis were 40% more expensive and took longer to arrive when booked, though they were quicker when hailed on the roadside. Both services were deemed to be safe.For the average consumer, there is nothing to fear from using a ride-sharing service or a taxi.But the taxi industry remains unconvinced, arguing just because consumers enjoy less-regulated services like Uber doesn't mean they're right.Any idiot can run a business more competitively if they're not meeting all the necessary obligations. That makes it inequitable for the people who are trying to do the right thing. Obviously there should be a level playing field. What we should be doing is standing back and asking ourselves, what regulation we do actually need to enable competition in this sector while having consumer interests fairly and squarely at the heart of the problem?(APPLAUSE) squarely at the heart of the
problem?(APPLAUSE) The one I often debate with my friends about is safety. It appears they're both as safe as each other. Did that surprise you?It did, a little bit. They're not saying how safe - just that they're as safe as each other.The taxidrivers were protesting earlier in that package. Don't protest - you are the poster boys for Uber when you do that - don't protest!I won't get one unless it's a Volkswagen. (LAUGHTER) Growing up - we look at the disturbing, growing phenomenon of activewear. This is The Project.

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This is The Project. Welcome back. A 40-minute stand-off
between two motorists in the UK has caused traffic chaos, after each
refused to give way to the other.

One driver stood her ground,
refusing to make room for an elderly man who was trying to
get through a single-lane tunnel.

There are mums around here trying to get their kids to school. Back up, love! Just back up, will ya! What is wrong with you?!This went on for 40 minutes.(LAUGHTER) 40?! 40.It's like watching my parents fight over the remote control. (LAUGHTER) That bloke was obviously in an Uber!

Now to the hard-hitting story that
no person can afford to miss - a growing fashion faux pas
of which you could be guilty. These days, a full rig
of high-tech exercise gear - including trainers, compression
tights and thermal top - can set you back hundreds of dollars. But hands up if you're guilty
of wearing your activewear everywhere but the gym. But now, the girls of Aussie comedy
troupe Skit Box have drawn

# Activewear # Having coffee with my friends in my activewearWe are having a little bit of a my activewearWe are having a
little bit of a dig at people who wear acciver with

little bit of a dig at people who
wear acciver with but don't do anything active, but we are also having a dig at ourselves, because we also wear activewear and do pretty much nothing.We can't just be making fun of bogans and hipsters all the time. It's fair that yummy mummies get their share as well. I love the clip. Now, it is true - there are
a couple of things to watch out for when wearing Lycra in public. First up, try to avoid VPL -
or visible panty line. And for the men - remember,
tights are NOT pants. So remember to cover up your
junk with some modesty shorts. But as long as you've taken care
of those simple things,

# Hanging out with Gilly in my activewear # Activewear # Finishing my story in my activewear (CHEERING) The saddest part about that whole story was when they rang me this morning to say "Can you bring some gym gear into work with you today for a story we're doing?" And I was wearing activewear without doing anything.(LAUGHTER) Well done to the girls from Skit Box. We watched it all together. It's definitely worth watching. After the break - Stephen Fry will be here!

Welcome back. You're watching The Project. Our next guest is a big personality with an even bigger brain. Stephen Fry is one of the busiest, most loved men in entertainment. While there's a lot more to him than the jobs he's had, he's certainly had a few.Welcome to Fry and Laurie, the show that tries to put a bit of jolliness into the corners of modern Britain, but doesn't.Starting out as a comedy star alongside Hugh Laurie, Stephen's gone on to act in a long list of TV shows and films, like The Hobbit and Sherlock Holmes. Good morning, Mrs Watson. Have you had breakfast?As host of comedy quiz show QI, he's entertained millions with his bizarre facts and quick wit, which he's also lent to his books - both fiction and non-fiction. He's a big thinker and big talker, winning an Emmy for his documentary on mental health, as well as being a...Why should I respect a cu-Britishs god who creates a world so full of injustice and pain?Back with his tour Telling Tales, this is a man who's much more than the sum of his parts.Please welcome Stephen Fry! (CHEERING) (APPLAUSE) parts.Please welcome Stephen Fry!
Hi.Hi - welcome to the show! Great to have you on. You are coming out here soon for Telling Tales. Are you going to be using all your own stories, or are you borrowing sum from -- some from other people? It's a mixture. I've come to the conclusion over the years that fiction - stories - are infinitely more truthful than fact. I'm not the first person to have come to that conclusion - there are dozens of phrases in hundreds of languages that relay that stunning insight. Yeah, there are stories of mine - it has been a turbial. One crammed with incident - but it's also a comedy show, I think. I hope! What's thrilling about it for me is I have no idea what's going on. I don't know what I'm going to say until I stand on the stage. This is something I learned from Billy Connolly, who is the absolute master, of course. The thrill of it - this is a bit odd from an atheist - is you're like a preacher. You have to lean up and hope that something comes over you and drives you through the evening. Anyway, the point is I'm looking forward to it. Because, well - it's like the cricket - let me say it's like the cricket. I don't wish to rub salt into a wound or drop lemon juice onto the paper cut, but - yeah, I do... The Ashes were pretty wonderful for us, because... They're only wonderful because we expected you to beat us, because you've dup that historically. There are still a huge number of Australian Ashes wins against a miniscule number of England wins. Stephen - you're a newlywed - congratulations. -Oh, bless you. We haven't gone along with gay marriage yet, you will have noticed. Will you find time to have a word with our new prime minister, maybe try and convince him?I will indeed. Congratulations on the epic theatre of your prime ministerial change of guard, by the way. (LAUGHTER) It was bliss. If there's one thing a country wants, let's face it - it's that the whole world know whose their leader is. In Australia, since Julia Gillard and Abbott and now Turnbull, everybody knows who all your leaders are. And we watch with wide, goggled eyes. I know Turnbull is a poor, ordinary bloke from the bush who's just wandered in and has no money or privilege at all, and can speak for the hud led masses...(LAUGHTER) But put it this way - if you follow America's path, then your next election cycle, you're going to see Gina Rinehart standing for prime minister.(LAUGHTER) She's your Trump, isn't she? In terms of the gay thing, to be serious for a second, of course it hasn't gone all the way in Australia yet, but I can guarantee you it will. There is no question. The force for it is so strong, and the examples now around the world - whether I count myself as one, whether I count my self as one with my gold ring here - it hasn't threat ened marriage in the least. It steams strengthen the idea of marriage, if anything - people love it.You're huge on Twitter - but you often get off Twitter. What keeps you coming back?I'll be brutally honest - I get awfully upset. Despite all appearances, I am a bit of a sensitive soul, and I don't like being insulted. I really don't. On the other hand, I come back for a number of reasons. One is there are really fascinating people out there who are funny, charming and extraordinary, and have things to share. The other one is, with the exception of doing shows like this which is an enormous pleasure, ah, Twitter allows me to say no to the PR offices of a book or a film or a TV show that I'm doing: Is it gets me off the hook of being interviewed by snide journalists working for Australian-owned newspapers. (LAUGHTER) Luckily, we have a viewership of 11.5 million people, Stephen.We wish!Of course you do.(LAUGHTER) Stephen, I want to ask - you invited Oscar Wilde to your wedding, amazingly. How do you think Oscar Wilde would go on Twitter? 140 characters is enough to fit his quips in, you'd think. It's extraordinary - some of his wit is very, very pithy, and I was reminded yesterday when somebody asked if I'd do an interview just on the street, "Are you interested in London Fashion Week?" The only thing I had to say was what Oscar Wilde had to say it - "Fashion is so intolerable, it has to change every six months." I think that summed it up.(LAUGHTER) You did a documentary on mental health and bipolar, this thing you had to live with. Were you at all worried by putting that out there and inviting reaction, you might be having an adverse reaction on your own -- adverse effect on your own mental health?Yes, that's beautifully phrased, actually, and very few people have seen that point. I have certainly also, subsequently, felt, "Oh, heck." I get so many requests, so many pleas to help with this charity or to make a speech or to write something about it. I think, "Actually, it's not very good for me to constantly think of myself as a professional bipolar sufferer." So, sometimes I do have to say to people who want me to appear at something and talk about mental health for two hours - I would say, "Do you mind if I don't? I have got my own mental health to think about, and I don't want it to click off the rails, if you know what I mean."Absolutely. We love QI. Before you go, what would be the most bizarre fact you've picked up over the years? They're all so extraordinary. The scientific ones are interesting. A potato has, I think, three times more chromosomes than a human being, which gives you pause - maybe they are running - they're sitting there, you know, in the vegetable basket or wherever you keep your potatoes, and they are thinking very dark thoughts about us.(LAUGHTER) Maybe they're thinking something very stupid. "All you have to do in life is sit quietly in the dark and you won't want to do anything else. All this running about seems so extraordinarily unnecessary."It has been an absolute pleasure. It feels like we've had our own mini night of hearing you tell tales. If you want to see Stephen go tell tales, find out at the Sites We Like website. Thank you so much for your time, and welcome to Australia when you come.Thank you, all, and thank you for having Adam here. (LAUGHTER) Pleasure, mate. Always good to talk to you.(APPLAUSE) Absolutely.What a champion. I'm glad he didn't mention the Ashes. A bit of feedback before we go - remember Carrie was trolling Lisa Wilkinson in her activewear before?

She was thrilled with it.That's it for the show. Please thank Gilly! The Bachelorette is up next. See you tomorrow.

Supertext Captions by Ericsson

on The Bachelorette,

from broken-hearted...

SAM: It was so devastating that I
didn't even want to leave the house.

I don't ever want to go through
anything like that ever again. open-hearted.

I hope that I meet an incredible man

and have the love story
that I've always wanted.

Australia's favourite bachelorette
put it all on the line...

..and found herself swept away...

I was not expecting that at all!

Where did it come from? Hogwarts? 14 amazing men.

Hello there!
Pleasure to meet you.

They're all here
for the same reason.

MAN: Wow. What a vision.

MAN: She looked
absolutely beautiful.

But one man...

My name's Sasha.
Oh. Mwah. Yeah. I'm a bit nervous.

(LAUGHS) You're making me nervous.

..left the bachelorette
almost lost for words.

Will you accept this rose?

Very nervous doing it.
I know. (LAUGHS)

Tonight...'s time to take the plunge...


I love you, Sam! one lucky man is singled out
for that crucial first date.

The winner is...

Who will face up...

SAM: Australia's
fast bowler Doug Bollinger.

..for the opportunity of a lifetime?

Righto. Show me what you've got.

There it is! Before...

Hey, guys.
Oh, hi.

..a blatant breach
of the bro code...

I'm not sure what just happened,
actually. I'm quite confused.

..gets Sam fired up.

And if that's what kind of person
that you think I am,

then you can leave.

Wow. That was intense.

SAM: It was a difficult decision
to do The Bachelorette.

It was really challenging,
going through the breakup.

I've worked so hard to move forward.

Doing this, it's bringing it
all up again. I guess I'm just terrified

and I don't ever want to go through
anything like that ever again.

But over time, I've realised that...

..I am brave enough
to put myself out there again.

I am not going to meet someone

sitting at home,
feeling sorry for myself.

I need to put myself
out there again

or else I might never
fall in love again.

And it all starts now.

So, guys, Sash got the first rose.

Do you think that he's gonna
maybe get the first date

with Sam as well?


SASHA: Hang on.
Let's not turn this on me.


RICHIE: The first morning
in the house.

All the boys are having
a great time, having a good laugh.

They're all such good blokes
with great personalities.

You know, it feels like school camp.

What do you think's
happening today?

Group date.
Group date.

Group date.
They won't start with a single.

I'm dressed for single, by the way.
But, uh...

The guys were talking about
what we're going to do for the day.

Everyone was pretty pumped.

Obviously everyone wants
that first single date.

I'd want the first single one.
Yeah. Absolutely.

'Cause I want to get to know her
a bit better,

do you know what I mean?

As opposed to sit around...

Look, you guys are great,
but there's only so much I can take. (LAUGHTER)

I actually don't think
I want the first date.

Why is that, man?

I'd rather her get to know
a few other guys first.

I want her to sift through
all the unnecessary...things.