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This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Combatting domestic violence becomes a top priority for the Government.We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women. Volkswagen's chief executive falls on his sword over the continuing emissions rigging scandal. Spoiled for choice - a campaign by Kiwis sees a new
fifth option for a potential new flag. And, the Wallabies win a hard-fought match against Fiji in their World Cup opener. Hello, James McHale with ABC News early edition. The disrespect of women should be made un-Australian. That's the message from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who's announced more than $100 million to curb domestic violence. Dan Conifer has the details.I'm really very emotional. I've worked really hard this year. Rosie Batty knows the terror family can inflict far too well. Her 11-year-old son Luke died at the hands of his father last to
year. She's urged governments to do more ever since.We from
finally are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue. The family violence package is the first decision of Malcolm Turnbull's Cabinet. $17 million will try to keep women safe in their homes, with measures including security cameras or new locks and millions will be spent on technology, with funding for up to 20,000 new mobile phones to prevent women being tracked and trials of GPS technology to continuously track perpetrators.Those people who are going to basically end up if we're not careful, killing a woman. There'll also be millions of dollars worth of training for front-line workers including police and hospital staff to better support victims, and money to establish one-stop DV support hubs. Over the longer term, the Prime Minister says the culture of Australians needs to change.We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women. We must become a country which is known for its pleased for Rosie
respect for women. I'm pleased for Rosie Batty and Ken Lay and all of the survivors if there is interest in what they've been through, but it needs to go further. This week is a tragically timely one for the Government's announcement. A 12-year-old girl and heavily pregnant mother of four allegedly
Kirralee Paepaerei were both allegedly killed by people close to them.Whilst today is a great step forward, there is be
still so, so much more work to be done. The job starts with respect and (10) 000-0000, but will take at least half the population to complete it. A report released by VicHealth shows many young people blame the victims in the incidence of domestic violence and believe it's OK to track your partner electronically. Nearly 2,000 people aged between 16 and 24 were surveyed about their attitudes towards domestic violence. The study also found that many believed a woman meant yes even when she said no, and young people were less likely to support gender equality in relationships.We are surprised that young people hold such I guess strong views against violence against women and understanding the - they have a lack of understanding of the causes of violence against women and so what this report shows us is that we need to really focus in on the culture. But the study also found that many young people recognise that domestic violence was a crime and there was different types of abuse beyond just physical. And US rapper Chris Brown is likely to be denied entry to Australia over his history of domestic entertainer
violence. The award-winning entertainer has planned concerts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in December, his
but a conviction for assaulting his then girlfriend pop sing errie Anna in 2009 could see him denied a visa to Australia on character grounds.People need to understand, if you are violence
going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you, you can't come in because you are not of the character that we expect in Australia and certainly as I said, without pre-empting the decision of the minister, I can assure you it is something that the minister is looking at. The Federal Government blocked boxer Floyd Mayweather from visiting Australia earlier this year because of assault convictions. A NSW man charged with the murder of his step daughter remains in custody after his case was heard in a Hunter Valley court today. Arriving in the back of a Local Court this
police van to the Maitland Local Court this morning, he chose to remain in the cells and not appear before the magistrate. REPORTER: Why did he request not to appear in the courtroom today? That's a matter for my client. I didn't take any instructions on that, thank you. He didn't enter a plea or apply for bail. The 12-year-old's body was discovered in her Maitland home yesterday morning and police continue their investigations. Residents of the Maitland community continued to lay flowers outside the home today. A man accused of setting fire to his Rozelle convenience shop in Sydney's inner west has been committed to stand trial for multiple charges including three counts of murder. Chris Noble and Bianca O'Brien and her baby Jude were killed last year. Business owner Adeel Khan is accused of lighting the fire to claim insurance money and get himself out of a difficult financial situation. Australian reporter Peter Greste has welcomed the release and pardon of his Al-Jazeera colleagues. Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were freed by the Egyptian president ahead of his trip to the UN in New York. Mr Greste still has a criminal conviction and says the fight to clear his name and the other Mohamed
journalists isn't over. Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were suddenly freed by prison officials, just hours after they learnt their names were on the pardon list.Where are we going to start? What are we going to do? Travel the world, celebrate, we're going to party and we just really hope that this is - our families have suffered so much since the beginning of this trial and we're very happy that President Sisi took this action and released us. Mohamed Fahmy says he will continue to keep fighting for press freedom in Egypt.I will be speaking more about the case and the trial. I know there are other defendants who are still in prison related to this case. Baher Mohamed and his wife went straight home to their three small children, one of whom was born while he was in prison.We can live like normal people. Go back home, enjoy my life and that's it. That's it. Their Australian colleague Peter Greste, who was freed in February, was recording a program on ABC television in Sydney the moment he found out.We've just had some late breaking news here. Oh my God.That's Mohamed Fahmy has been pardoned. While obviously overjoyed at his colleague's freedom, Peter Greste's name was not on the list of pardons, which means he is still a convicted criminal.If justice is to be served everybody caught up in this case, including all of us convicted inabsentia must have our names cleared. The pardons come at the beginning of the Muslim festival of Eid Al-Adha and a day before the Egyptian president is due in New York to attend the annual United Nations' summit of world leaders. Asylum seekers on board a boat that attempted to reach Australia yesterday paid failed
as little as $650 for the failed voyage from Indonesia. The boat carrying 18 people and three crew was found by Java.
fishermen off Cidaun in West Java. Those on board had been trying to reach Christmas Island, but ran into rough weather. Washed up a long way from its destination, the small wooden boat was supposed to get the asylum seekers to Australia, but it didn't get far, running into big waves off the South Coast of West Java, those on board sought help from local fishermen to bring them ashore.TRANSLATION: From Bangladesh we used a small boat to Thailand, stayed in Thailand for three days and took another boat to Malaysia, spent three days there and crossed to From
Medan, ending in Indonesia. From there it was meant to be a cheap trip.TRANSLATION: From Jakarta to Australia, it 6.5 million rupiah. That's less than $650 Australian, significantly less than the thousands of dollars people-smugglers used to charge. Still, money wasted for the passengers from baa la desh, India and Pakistan. Police who processed them told ABC News there was no mention of political change in Australia being behind their reasons for attempting the trip.TRANSLATION: Why did you leave from Bangladesh? TRANSLATION: Because of poverty and unrest. Now they're being held by Indonesian immigration officials. European leaders have agreed to a $1.5 billion aid package for Syrian asylum seekers. At an emergency meeting in Brussels, EU delegates announced funding for the UN refugee agency and the World Food Program in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. They also agreed to set up profg centres in Balkan countries which have been recognised as a key route through to the EU. The measures we have agreed today will not end the crisis, but they are all necessary steps in the right direction. The council president warned the number of asylum seekers heading to Europe would run into the millions. Pope Francis has plunged into some of the most politically charged debates in the United States during his first visit to Washington. He's urged action on climate change and has drawn fire from survivors' groups for praising bishops for their handling of the child sex abuse coming
scandal.I've got the Pope coming out of the sky right here. It was a very American welcome, fitting for the world's first Latin American Pope on his first trip to the US.Superexciting, overwhelming. After hours of anticipation, he arrived. This is the moment that these people have been waiting hours for, to Constitution
see the Pope pass by here on Constitution Avenue. Captured by a sea of iPhones, a little girl went off script and so did the Pope. Earlier, the Pope met with Barack Obama at the media
White House with the world's media watching on he took the opportunity to address one of the issues closest to his heart.Mr President, climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. (APPLAUSE)Speaking to bishops during a prayer at the city's cathedral, the pontiff controversially congratulated clergymen for the way they've handled and church sex abuse scandal .TRANSLATION: I realise how much the pain of recent years has weighed upon you and I have supported your generous commitment to bring healing to victims. Powerful and provocative words from a Pope who knows how to equally court controversy and charm.God bless America. (APPLAUSE)As Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal widens, the consumer watchdog here is investigating whether Australian owners were misled. Volkswagen Australia still doesn't know if diesel vehicles sold locally are among the millions of vehicles rigged to cheat emissions testing. The company's chief executive has now resigned. Volkswagen is looking for a new beginning, leaving its chief executive with just one option.TRANSLATION: This new beginning includes news that Martin Wintercorn offered to step down from his Volkswagen CEO position. The board accepted this decision. Despite the scandal, the company maintains its chief knew nothing about the emissions cheating and the German Government is trying to limit the fallout.TRANSLATION: We must not permit the impression as if there is a problem with the entire auto industry. While the company's share price rose sharply after the announcement, the car giant's brand is getting hammered.VW were hiding the levels of a proven carcinogen which is incredibly serious. Despite the detailed information emerging from Europe, Volkswagen Australia has refused to speak publicly since the scandal broke. It says it's still waiting on answers from head office as to whether Australian vehicles are affected, leaving thousands of owners here in the dark. It's not the first time VW Australia has been slow to respond to problems with its cars. In 2011, Melbourne woman Melissa Ryan died after her VW Golf appeared to suddenly lose power on a freeway. It was only after widespread media coverage and hundreds of complaints 30,000 cars were recalled. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has intervened in the current fiasco. The ACCC is making inquiries... In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency says it will force the company to recall models from 2009 to 2015, flagging the company may be liable for billions in fines. The ramifications for Australia are yet to come. New Zealand will add a fifth option to its line-up of potential new flags ahead of the country's referendum. The red peak design will join the short list along with four others which all include ferns. The government had decided to add the red peak flag after a strong public campaign with more than 50,000 people adding their name to a public petition. Kiwis will vote for their preferred flag in November. The Federal Opposition has unveiled a policy to give thousands of local and international university students loans and visas to foster new technology ventures. Labor's promising to lend money to 2,000 honour students to help them get businesses up and running. The focus would be on encouraging technology and engineering startups.I believe that Australia is capable of being in the top 10% of global nations when it comes to startups provided we have the right policies. A Labor Government would also grand 2,000 visas to overseas graduates to build start-up companies in Australia. The West Australian Parliament has passed a motion urging the Federal Government to abandon its planned plebiscite on same-sex marriage and instead allow politicians a conscience vote. The Premier Colin Barnett expressed deep concern over the divisive impact a popular vote would have on the issue saying it would expose some of the worst aspects of Australian society. The original motion put forward by Labor MP Lisa Baker called for the WA Parliament to support marriage equality, but it was amended and passed and instead calls for a free vote by Federal MPs. Muslims worldwide are celebrating the sacrificial Eid Al-Adha Festival. Around 20,000 people attended early morning prayer at the Lakemba Mosque in western Sydney. Reporter Bonny Symons-Brown was there. Thousands of people have come here to Lakemba Mosque in western Sydney to mark one of the most important dates on the Islamic calendar. Eid Al-Adha celebrates the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia or the Hajj. Family and friends are here to pray. They spend a couple of hours doing that this morning and now they'll gather at each other's houses, pay each other visits and exchange gifts. Of course, lots of politicians like to come to these events, too and we heard from one local MP, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition Linda Burney just earlier. Let's have a listen.This is just an important celebration to show respect, to demonstrate tolerance and the embrace and the generosity of the Muslim community and this festival is open for everyone. It's just an extraordinary statement of faith and belief. Of course, Lakemba Mosque is one of the largest of its kind in Australia and yet they still couldn't fit everyone in here today. Normally about 5,000 people can make it inside the mosque, but some 20,000 were expected for such a big event like Eid Al-Adha, so they had outside
to close the street down outside and people were laying their prayer mats down in the brisk morning air. Festivities continue in this community and Muslim communities around the world today and through to the weekend. On the local market, a slow climb to regain yesterday's losses and we're not there yet.

Sport, and the Wallabies have recorded a gritty and at times unconvincing win to open their Rugby World Cup campaign against Fiji. Japan couldn't repeat their surprise win over South Africa, while France thrashed Romania. Fiji dominated parts of the game against Australia, but two Wallabies
tries to David Pocock saw the Wallabies home. Wallabies' embraced
spirits were high. Cardiff embraced the entry finally of Australia into the World Cup fray, and it soon emerged it would be a tough contest. An explosive one. Australia took big hits from a fired-up Fiji, but hard toil from the Wallabies' forwards yielded one triumph... COMMENTATOR: Over the line and it's a try. Then, another. Two tries in 5 minutes from flanker David Pocock. In the second half, it looked like a Wallaby whitewash was on the way. But then a crucial lapse of concentration. Ben Volavola's try energised Fidge Ji and triggered mistakes from the Australians. James Slipper's hard knock summed up a measure of
the Australian second half and a measure of the Wallabies' approach was the option to take a goal instead of an attempt for a try that would have given them what could prove to be a vital bonus point. In the end, there
Australia held out Fiji, but there are lessons to be learnt.Good to get the win and I'm sure we'll watch it a few times and there'll be plenty of stuff to improve on. Wallabies' fans still had a bounce in their step. They were just concentrating on the positive.They're building to a very strong World Cup in 2015, that's all I can say. So now Australia must regroup and set its sights on Uruguay in four days' time hoping that result can put it in a stronger position in this World Cup campaign. No-one would have missed those clashing cousins from a family of Pacific rugby blood renewing rivalry in last night's games. For relatives of Fijian star Nemani Nadolo and his cousin, the Wallabies' Tevita Kuridrani there was a night of split loyalties as their boys locked horns on opposing national sides. With the country's two flags proudly on the wall they sang both national anthems. Allegiances divided. It was a nervous wait to kick off.Proud of the two of them in one family. At first, everyone's a bit torn, but um, I guess at the end of the day everyone's proud, no matter what the result is. The Super
cousins have crossed paths in Super Rugby before, but never at international level. With some kava to ease the nerves, they cheered for both sides as cousin set upon cousin. They may be enemies on the field... That's tough, they grew up playing footy against each other, used to start as touch, finished as tackle. Cousins on the beach in Fiji. But they're best mates off it. I've knukled you, you're my older cousin, I've knukled you and I'm going to take the ball off you, but you've got to release the player. Australia ended up with an unconvincing win.They played well, both teams they played well. I thank the boys for their hard work. But this was a victory for both sides of a family bound by their Pacific Broncos and the
ties. In Rugby League, the Broncos and the Cowboys will aim to set up the first ever all-Queensland Grand Final in the NRL this weekend. North Queensland travelled to Melbourne today for their clash against the Storm while Brisbane wrapped up preparations for tomorrow night's final against the Roosters. Stakes are high, but there were still plenty of laughs at Broncos' training today. Even the coach managed to crack a smile.A rare smile from Wayne, yeah, it's good, isn't it?He has every reason who
to be happy with his players who have exceeded all expectations.I wanted to be here, but I didn't probably think it was going to happen so quickly. I've never played in I guess that's
a Preliminary Final at home and I guess that's a little bit of a reward for a consistent efforts that the team's put in. And Wayne Bennett's confident the Broncos have the right stuff to earn the trip to the grand final. Things are heating up in Cowboys' country. As fans showed up at Townsville Airport to farewell the North Queenslanders.Go, Cowboys . To see the crowd here that's goosebumps
sending us off gives the boys goosebumps and it's great we're in the final four, but there's a job ahead of us. But Johnathan Thurston knows the grand
Storm are no easy road to the grand final.This is all about Melbourne this week and trying to get the job done there. We're under no illusions about how difficult this task is going to be. He has one of the game's greats in his corner.I'd love to see the Cowboys win it for the mere fact they haven't won one before. Realistically I'm a Raiders' man, I'd love to see the Raiders win a premiership, but I like the underdogs. One thing is certain, it'll be an intriguing weekend of Rugby League. The Adelaide Crows have left the door open to Patrick Dangerfield
trading out of contract star Patrick Dangerfield to Geelong rather than allowing him to leave through free agency. Dangerfield has signalled his intent to play for Geelong in 2016. As a restricted free agent he can be offered a contract by Geelong, but Adelaide has the option of matching that deal forcing the Cats to secure him in a trade. It could be the first time a restricted free agent has had a contract matched since the rules were put in place back in 2012.Obviously the issue becomes one of compensation and we've got to take the decisions and take the actions necessary to ensure that the interests of the Football Club are looked Jonathan
after. Meanwhile, GWS forward Jonathan Patton has been involved in an incident in the United States. In a statement, the Giants say Patton was the victim of an unprovoked attack has
and was hit in the head, but has been cleared of serious injury. In cricket, Australian pace bowler Pat Cummins has suffered an injury setback. He's been ruled out due to a stress fracture in his back. The 22-year-old impressed in the 1-day international against England, but experienced lower back pain. Cummins was hoping to add to his only Test match, but instead faces a long rehabilitation process. Tasmanian all-rounder James Faulkner has been named as his replacement. Time now to check in with 'The Drum' where Eleanor Hall returns to the chair. You'll be taking a closer look at the Prime Minister's domestic violence package?Yes, indeed. It's a $100 million package, but Prime
possibly more interesting the Prime Minister's also announced that he wants to see a culture change in Australia, where we have respect for women and it's un-Australian not to respect women. So it'll be interesting to hear from the panel on that as well as our guest the CEO of Domestic Violence Australia. The Federal Government has reasserted its boat turnback policy?Yes, so that's an interesting one, because the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was expressing his concern about the conditions for asylum seekers on the offshore processing places in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. He's now stated categorically that none of those asylum seekers will ever be resettled in Australia. That's on 'The Drum'. Thanks Eleanor Hall. For a look at the national weather with Graham Creed. Mostly dry weather once again across the continent, all thanks to this high pressure system. Slowly starting to weaken and move in a south-easterly direction, but its influence is dominant across the majority of the continent. Drizzle through the south-west with a weak front. Still showers along the NSW and parts of the Queensland coast in association with a moist onshore wind flow. For Queensland, any showers about the south-east corner will be light and isolated, more likely about the coast. Similar scenario up around the north-eastern tropics, generally dry and sunny elsewhere. For NSW, it's a similar scenario. The potential of showers along the coastal fringe, possible thunderstorm about the northern won't
half of the coast, but they won't push far inland. Much of the inland looking at a frosty morning, but a mostly sunny day. Mostly sunny across Victoria. A few showers about eastern parts of Gippsland. We will see cloud building through the afternoon, but that rainfall even in eastern Gippsland is expected to be light. Mostly dry across Tasmania. The potential of a brief shower in the morning in the upper eastern parts of the coast. For South Australia, also clear dry sunny day. through the
Widespread frost possible through the eastern parts in the morning and along the ranges. We're looking at a generally dry day through Western Australia. An increase in cloud through the south-west, but anything we see will be morning drizzle. For the Northern Territory, mostly sunny, just a few showers in the north-west and north-east. That is all for this bulletin. Your next edition of ABC News will be up at 7 o'clock. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

Hello, welcome to The Drum. Prime Minister Malcolm
I'm Eleanor Hall. Coming up, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces a plan to deal with the national shame of domestic violence. Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia The Federal Labor leader pitches a policy to encourage more start-up companies in Australia. And the Federal Government warns asylum seekers that they will never reach Australian shores using people smugglers.

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