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(generated from captions) In what Russian city was dancer
Anna Pavlova born?

St Petersburg.

How do Americans pronounce
the letter Z?


What type of oil is used
to make ciabatta bread?

Olive oil.

What nationality was swimmer
Shane Gould?Australian.Correct.

Timothy Mosley is the name
of which rap producer?Jay-Z.

Stop the clock. That is wrong.

Need an answer.
Tiny Tempah.

Tiny Tempah is wrong.
Correct answer is Timbaland.

All right.
Chaser, two required to catch.

Your time starts

The Loire Valley is in what country?

Vaca is Spanish for what farm animal?

Ooh! With 34 seconds remaining
as well.Yeah.

Team, how do you feel?
A bit gutted, but not too bad.

At least we got here.
Yes, indeed.

Yeah, he was too good for us
on the day.

Yeah, he was very good.
Take our hat off to him.

I have to take away the £17,000
and let you know that

Brian, Jane and Kevin,
you have been caught,

and for you The Chase is over.
Thank you.


Well, when The Chasers get on
a little run like I did there,

with about eight or ten questions
on the spin,

that normally spells curtains
for the teams.

Curtains, he says.
Can anyone open them curtains

and take away the money from
The Chaser?

Why don't you find out next time
on The Chase? Goodbye.

This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's
Afternoon News with Sally Bowrey. Good afternoon. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
has announced a $100 million fix to what he calls
a national disgrace. 63 women and girls have died
from family violence this year. And as the government gets tough, it's threatening to stop
a chart topping star from touring Australia. Police have released
security camera pictures of a mother being run down
and left for dead at a suburban shopping centre as they hunt for five men involved. As two footballers recover
from painkiller overdoses, three leading coaches
have spoken out about prescription drugs in sport. Plus, the beautiful moment
the Pope stopped traffic to bless a little girl.

It's game eve
for the Grand Final qualifiers. Very soon, we are live to Perth
ahead of Fremantle and Hawthorn. Also live to Brisbane
ahead of the Broncos and Roosters. Another cruel injury blow
for Aussie fast bowler Pat Cummins. And David Pocock stars for the
Wallabies in their World Cup opener.

On the weather front, whereas spring gone? It feels like summer and winter the east. Details in 10 minutes. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says
he's determined to ensure Australia is known
as a nation that respects women. He's called domestic violence
a national disgrace following the deaths
of 63 women and girls this year. So today, the government has announced
a $100 million response to protect women and threatened to ban
a chart topping American performer from touring the country
in December. Malcolm Turnbull has made
talking up our positives a mark of his early days
as Prime Minister. Today, he tackled the ugliest
of our negatives. Violence against women is one of
the great shames of Australia. It is a national disgrace. With him, Rosie Batty... I'm really very emotional. I've worked really hard this year. ..inspiration
to the anti-domestic violence cause. She lost son Luke, 11,
killed by his father last year. We have two women a week
being murdered. One in three women
affected by violence. And one in four children. In a package planned
by former prime minister Abbott but signed off by
the Turnbull cabinet this week, the government
will spend $100 million fighting domestic violence, trialling GPS trackers
for offenders, security cameras and safe phones to tighten
home security for threatened women. Whilst there are any women
and children in Australia who are not safe, we have not achieved our objective. Let's make it our resolution
that Australia will be known as a nation, as a people,
as a society that respects women. The PM's opponents
gave the plan qualified backing. Good on the Prime Minister
for signalling his intent. Both argue previous government cuts
have set back the fight against domestic violence. We haven't even got to where we were
before the 2013 election. The government may even wield
the Migration Act to make its point. It allows foreigners
who've committed substantial crimes to be barred
from entering Australia. There is one widely publicised case
is now on the horizon. American singer Chris Brown
is due in Australia in December. Six years ago, he was convicted of the bashing
of then girlfriend Rihanna. Minister Cash now says
the government will examine whether Brown
should be denied a visa. I can assure you what my
strong recommendations would be. But the decision rests
with the Immigration Minister. A man has refused
to face a Magistrate in the New South Wales Hunter Valley
today over the murder of his stepdaughter. The 12-year-old was found dead at
a home in the town of Aberglassyn, near Newcastle, early yesterday. Ashlea Brown has the details
from nearby Maitland Court.

The 31-year-old stepfather who cannot be identified for legal reasons arrived in court in a police truck. He was wearing handcuffs and a blue forensic suit as he was taken into the local Court. He didn't come up from the cells then there was no application for Bail. In court, an apprehended violence order was granted to protect the girls mother and her three young children. The 31-year-old is accused of ashing his 12-year-old stepdaughter to death. Her mother discovered her body early yesterday morning in a bedroom. Neighbours who know the family say this came as a huge shock.He seemed really good with the kids. Never had any problems. It is a horrific event.Tributes are growing for the schoolgirl. Flowers, letters and even teddy bears have been left at the corner of the street where she used to play. Police haven't ruled out the charges. A man has died
in one of three property fires in Adelaide. A body was found outside
a burnt-out house at Salisbury in the city's north
just after 8pm. Less than two hours later, a family of six fled their
burning home in Christie Downs. a family of six fled their
burning home in Christie Downs. The blaze spread to the roof, causing structural damage
and destroying two bedrooms. We heard something, then smoke
instantly came down the hallway, my son came running out because
he was asleep in the bedroom, it was just too quick. Seen the smoke,
couldn't get the fire out, grabbed the kids, the snakes
and got out of the house. Two men have been arrested
and charged with arson.

A man charged over
a deadly shop explosion in Sydney has today been committed
to stand trial. A magistrate found there
was enough evidence to convict Adeel Khan of murdering
Chris Noble, Bianka O'Brien and her baby boy, Jude, in September last year. On behalf of Bianka, Jude and Chris,
this is a good result today. We know that it's going to be
a long process but we're very pleased
with the outcome of today. The court heard
Khan was heavily in debt and lit the fire
in a botched insurance job.

A mother is fighting for life after being run down
by motorbike riders at a shopping centre in Melbourne. As Christie Cooper reports, she was admitted to hospital
in a critical condition.

Here at the Carrum Downs
regional shopping centre, a floral tribute is growing
for a young mother of two toddlers critically injured here last night. Police have released
security footage showing a teenager
on a small motorbike racing along the road as a woman tries to cross just
as three other small bikes approach. The point of impact is cut out but a 34-year-old woman
was hit by one of the bikes The group then fled,
leaving the woman for dead. This happened at around 5:15pm so the shopping centre car park
was swarming with people, many who witnessed what happened. Four small scooter bikes came across and they were heading
in that direction. One guy was doing a mono. They would have only been 15, 16,
I would think. Two guys weren't wearing a helmet,
one was. They came along here it
and there was a car was stopped They came along here
and there was a car was stopped and they went on the inside of the
car and hit the lady from there. The woman was airlifted to hospital. It's unknown if she will survive. Two children are aged
just two and three years old. It was just callous.

Even the motorcycles
following the offending, the one that struck the women, they saw what happened, they saw the whole thing unfold
in front of them. Social media
has been in meltdown today with Carrum Downs and Frankston
residents speculating as to who was involved. A group of young motorcycle riders
is very well known for causing trouble around the area. NRL coaches and players
have spoken out about prescription drug abuse as two South Sydney Rabbitohs
players recover from overdoses in hospital. Alex Hart has the latest. The condition of Aaron Gray and
Dylan Walker continues to improve. They're both listed as being
in a satisfactory condition at the moment and it's likely
they'll be released from here in the next day or two. When they do get out, the man they'll be very keen
to thank is long-time friend Jake O'Sullivan He was with them in the early hours
of Tuesday morning and woke up to find them
both overdosing on painkillers. He called 000 and helped keep them
alive until paramedics arrived but he wasn't all that keen
to talk about his heroics today. What's good for my friends
is just to be quiet. You may have saved their lives
by calling that ambulance. May have. The NRL, coaches and players
have again spoken out today about claims the code has a problem with the abuse
of prescription medication. Most agree it's the players
who need to do more to look after themselves. We have so much governance
in our game right now. As I said, it's always the game. Well, I don't believe
the game is at fault. The individual is responsible
for themselves. When they don't
look after themselves, the game's got to take
responsibility. It's up to obviously the individual, they've got to be accountable
at some point. Only once the players have recovered
and interviewed at length will the investigation into
exactly what happened a few days ago be able to be carried out.

Fremantle and Hawthorn
are preparing for battle in the first AFL preliminary final
tomorrow night in Perth. Live to Mark Stevens,
who's at Subiaco. Stevo, are the Hawks worried about
Freo's home-ground advantage?

They definitely are. It can be a

hostile place to play in Perth. Only a couple of weeks ago, the Hawks got a lesson on a rampant West Coast, nation. Things are building hugely in WA. There are about 500 fancier afternoon as the club rounds of reparations with a fairly light session. The squad of 23 has flown over. There is one spare player. Some has definitely come early, can be given the high 30s and that will roll through the weekend. The coach of the Hawks is more worried about heat of a different kind.It is not just playing against Fremantle, it is also playing against the grounds. What helps is if you are playing good, strong football and kicking goals and silencing the crowd, then that is going to help you get over the line.I mention the big weekend of football. Nor the -- North Melbourne flies in tomorrow for its final against West Coast. A huge weekend out west. Mark Stevens in Perth,
thank you. Perth has again been
one of Australia's hot spots today. Sarah Cumming joins us. Sarah, it's in stark contrast to
a chilly day in the south and east. Sal, it was another chilly morning
through parts of South Australia thanks to the clear skies. We have a high keeping
large parts of the country dry. But, yes,
it feels like summer in the west. By midday, the temperature in Perth
had soared to 30 degrees thanks to warm north-west winds sweeping through the south-west
parts of the nation. On the other side of the country,
it's a very different story. 14 degrees colder in Sydney. It only reached 16 degrees
in the city this afternoon. And thanks to the
southerly wind chill, it feels more like 8 degrees, so, a blast of winter. A low is generating dangerous surf, strong winds and showers
on the New South Wales coast, mainly north of about Sydney with 5-10mm of rain along
suburban beaches overnight. I'll have your Friday forecast
coming up a little later.

Next in Seven News at 4:00 - video of an emergency aircraft
landing on a busy road. Also, stopping traffic - the Pope's blessing
for a little girl. Plus, royal renovation rescue as Princes William and Harry
become tradesmen for a day.

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Volkswagen chief executive
Martin Winterkorn has quit over the emissions cheating
scandal. The company says
he had no knowledge of the scam, which enabled cars
to give false readings during official testing. Secret software can detect
when air emissions are being tested, allowing diesel fuelled cars to
reduce the amount of dirty exhaust. We recognise
not only the damage caused, but the loss of trust
of our customers around the world. 11 million cars are affected
worldwide, although Volkswagen Australia says it's still awaiting details
on the impact here. The company has set aside
$10 billion for rectification
and compensation payments.

Pope Francis has angered some
conservative politicians in America by calling for urgent action
on climate change ahead of his address
to the US Congress this weekend. But there was plenty of love
from everyday people who turned out in the thousands
in Washington to see him. Seven's Mike Amor was there. Just incredible scenes here
in Washington D.C. and the Pope's first full day
in America - it was a papal love-fest. We were among tens of thousands
of people who lined the streets
around the White House for their first glimpse
of the Holy Father who took to his Popemobile. He stopped several times as Secret Service agents lifted
a 5-year-old girl out of the crowd and carried her to be blessed. That was what we saw all day - a pope that is not afraid
to connect with the people, kiss and hug disabled children,
even take some selfies. His day started
with a formal welcome at the White House with Barack Obama
and 11,000 invited guests. It was there, the Pope ruffled
a few feathers in America when he spoke about the need
for compassion for immigrants, saying he was the son of immigrants. His family moved from Italy
to Argentina. He caused more upset when he praised President Obama's
stand on global warming.

Some Republican politicians have promised to boycott his address
of Congress here tomorrow. Later on in the day, the Pope met
with 300 American bishops, telling them the crime
of sexual abuse in the church should never happen again. And late this afternoon
here in Washington D.C., 25,000 people attended a mass
at America's biggest church where the Pope made
an 18th-century priest a saint, their first canonisation
on American soil. before the Pope heads off
to New York City.

It's not often drivers
are grateful for a red light but these motorists in California will be glad they had to stop
at an intersection south of Los Angeles. The timing was perfect as a student pilot made
an emergency landing on road near John Wayne Airport
in Orange County. The aircraft
didn't sustain any damage and no-one was hurt in the incident. An instructor was with the student.

Princes William and Harry have brought new meaning to the term
"working royals." They've turned tradesmen for a day, helping to renovate homes in England
for war veterans. They arrived
looking like part of the crew but these were no ordinary tradies. Princes William and Harry
were royal renovators for a day, keen to show off their DIY skills. Morning, Ian.
Morning. They joined hundreds of tradespeople
and volunteers turning a derelict street
in Manchester into new homes
for ex-military personnel. 8 buildings
and the facades of 62 houses are being transformed
in a television makeover series. A lot of guys are coming back
from the war zones and we're getting too many
on the streets. And this is a way of getting people
back into proper homes and to try and get their lives
kick-started and something William and Harry
are very keen to support. William and Harry both have
strong ties to the armed forces. I left the army and went to the RAF
afterwards so I started doing
search and rescue flying and that so I've been flying helicopters
for a while. The brothers drew quite a crowd with everyone keen
to watch them at work. Now I know why you're three days
behind, as well! There was some down-time
for William and Harry, as well - they meet ex-servicemen and women
already living in the street. They spoke with some
who'll soon be moving into the homes once they're finished. Harry gave them a warning. Enjoy your new place
when you eventually get into it. If there's anything wrong
with the patio, don't blame me.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News,
we'll check the finance markets. Also, a change in strategy
in the supermarket wars. How they're now trying
to get you back through the doors. Plus, the crackdown
on infuriating credit card charges.

Checking finance now and joining us today
is Savanth Sebastian. Savanth, there was healthy rebound
for the Australian share market. It sure is volatile at the moment.

Yes, once again, we did see that the market clawed back most of the losses in the prior session. The ASX 200 closed up just shy of 1.5%. losses in the prior session. The
ASX 200 closed up just shy of 1.5%. The gains were quite broad waste. We did see that the big banks were certainly at the top end of the range. Similarly the property cross sector was the best performing sector. Despite the $4 -- 4% slide, the energy sector gained. We certainly clawed back some losses. And according to the latest
financial wealth data, Aussies have never been wealthier,

The date of that came out

that financial wealth looted by $225 billion. It was suggested that it is something we have been saying for a number of quarters, that the wealth levels of Australians continue to lift for record highs. Particularly the lift in home prices. The average Australian is now worth $335,000 and it does highlight that with the lift in household wealth, it resonates with the consumer confidence survey that says household finances are the best levels in a number of years. Hopefully it will pick up in spending as we lead to Christmas. Savanth Sebastian from CommSec,
thank you. In breaking news, the Chief Executive
of the Adelaide Crows Football Club has just spoken about losing their
biggest player, Patrick Dangerfield. Andrew Fagan says the Crows will now
go through compensation procedures with a "club first" attitude.

He had to make a decision as to where he wanted to play his football. We did everything to keep him. In his own words," if it was just on football club and the help of the football program, on the chances of future success, the enjoyment of the city of Adelaide and the people I spend time with every day and every week," he had no reason to leave except a compulsion to go home and live in Geelong his family. That is the basis of his decision to leave. Now there are some processes in place that lead to compensation. We have just got to work our way through those but we will be doing that absolutely with a club first attitude. It is about looking after the interests of the football club. The supermarket wars have shifted
from the aisles to the checkouts. Coles has announced it's putting on
extra staff across the country, in response to customer complaints. Nearly a third of stores
will be revamped with more staffed checkouts
installed and extra express lanes. Employees who were moved
to other duties when self-service was introduced will now be brought back
to the cash registers to reduce waiting times. The changes will happen
over the coming months.

And there could soon be action
on credit card surcharges. Under a plan being considered
by the government, the ACCC will have the power
to crack down on companies charging huge fees
for processing a transaction. The main targets would be airlines,
telcos and energy retailers, which are accused of excessive fees. The new powers, which need to be
approved by federal cabinet, would prevent credit card companies
from charging more than the transaction cost.

Next, the government inquiry
into halal food labelling - where is your money going? Also, the investigation
into the safety of Uber - are passengers in more danger
than taking a taxi? and where it was eventually found.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's
Afternoon News with Sally Bowrey. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon. It's great to have your company. These are our top stories
on Seven - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is
cracking down on domestic violence which he's labelled
a national disgrace. He's unveiled a $100 million plan
to protect women. A mother is fighting for life
after a shopping centre hit and run in Melbourne.

NRL coaches and players
have spoken out about prescription drug abuse as two South Sydney Rabbitohs
players recover from overdoses in hospital. Pope Francis has stopped traffic
in Washington to give a little girl his blessing. And in sport with Jim Wilson, the Hawks fly into enemy territory
for the Grand Final qualifier.

An inquiry launched
by Senator Cory Bernardi has found it has no link
to terrorism or organised crime. The government's anti-money
laundering watchdog, Austrac, says there is no evidence to suggest
it's funding foreign fighters.

There has been heated debate about whether the industry is being funding extremism and terrorism are here and overseas. It is rather reasons that the Senate decided to launch this inquiry. Today we heard evidence from the ACC and the financial intelligence agency Austrac saying they found no link whatsoever between the two. As you know, millions of dollars is raised each year at. Fruit producers around the country pay a fee to have their ruck certified as halal also for Muslims to eat. $13 billion a year in the economy. People are asking whether that money go? Here are the two senators leading the inquiry today. The evidence is quite clear. They don't track funds
once they've travelled overseas,

But I believe there is a link in food certification.They heard from campaigners pushing for the mandatory and universal labelling of all food that is teaming through the process, currently standing at around 50% of rocks on supermarket shoot correction at Shell. They say consumers should have the right to know if there are rude products were halal so they can boycott the product if they wanted to for whatever reason and the inquiry chairman said he thought that idea was fair and reasonable and he could be recommending that at the end of the enquiries but first they would have to look at the cost and administration involved in that before they proceeded down at path. A man's been charged
over a bizarre incident at a couple's home in Brisbane. Police say Dae Kim entered the house
while the occupants were out and put poison into
their orange juice and shampoo. When the couple returned home
and noticed something strange, they looked at their security
camera recordings and saw a man in their house. He was granted bail in court today on the condition
he stays away from the couple. They all know each other. A man's been killed after his truck
collided with a freight train at Narromine near Dubbo in the central west
of New South Wales. The truck was carrying grain and caught alight during the impact,
sparking several grassfires. No-one on the train
was injured in the crash and the train driver
returned a negative breath test.

Australian journalist Peter Greste still doesn't know if he's been
pardoned by Egypt's President after two of his TV colleagues
were set free from prison. The Al Jazeera network employees had their convictions
for spreading false news quashed, along with a third,
but un-named person from the same broadcaster. Breaking news on a comedy show,
but this wasn't a joke. Oh, my God -
Mohammed Fahmy has been pardoned! We've been fighting - fighting for the past eight months
for this and... I mean, I... Christ, I'm sorry. Let's hope it is for both of them. Peter Greste's Al Jazeera colleagues
Baher Mohamed and Mohammed Fahmy freed by presidential pardon. Unshackled from uncertainty,
allowed to leave this Egyptian jail. We're going to travel the world,
we're going to celebrate, we're going to party. These are issues which should not
be handled in a criminal court. The statement by Egyptian President
el-Sisi ordered a pardon for 100 prisoners, including the two journalists on the eve Eid, an Islamic holiday. Their chase for a story
took them to this Cairo courthouse where they say injustice was served. Baher and Mohamed found guilty
of supporting terrorism. Oh, crap! Greste was deported in February. Yesterday, he was walking
with the Prime Minister at a ceremony
honouring war correspondents. Guys like this are just as important
in preserving our freedom as any politician. For this news crew, their fight
is for freedom of speech.

One they won't be stopping soon.

An investigation
by consumer group Choice has found passengers' lives are not
at any great risk by using Uber compared to taxis. It follows claims
by the taxi industry that the ride sharing company
is no safer than hitch-hiking. The story from Seven's Consumer
Affairs Editor Helen Wellings.

This was a head to head contest,
which rates better - taxis, or UberX, driven by private
individuals in their own cars. Price, service and safety
were compared by Choice. Choice took 56 city trips -
28 in UberXes, and 28 in taxis. In pairs and seperately,
peak hour and offpeak, In pairs and seperately,
peak hour and off peak, weekdays and weekends. The taxi industry is running
one almighty scare campaign. But we can assure you,
based on this trial, there is nothing to fear
from ride-sharing. Safety features were compared,
like checks on drivers, record of the trip,
GPS tracking and insurance. One of the big differences
with Uber, is that customers can see
where we are at any time. they can track us on their phone, and they know how long it will take
for us to get to them. The results of the trials? Choice found that 9 out of 10 times
ride sharing was cheaper, and significantly cheaper,
in fact, saving up to 40%. We're expecting they're gonna
come out on top in a few areas, but it's good to see that taxis
came out on top in hailing of a cab. 2 out of 28 times
the taxi didn't arrive. 16 out of 28 times
the UberX took longer to arrive because of the convenience
of hailing a cab.

A chocolate labrador, named Grizzly,
is in the doghouse after swallowing
an expensive piece of jewellery. The Brewer family in Melbourne
were baffled when a diamond engagement ring
went missing from a bedside table. It showed up
where they least expected - in Grizzly's stomach.

It's always, sort of,
one of those wow moments and then you've got to kick back
into vet gear pretty quickly. It's since been thoroughly cleaned
and apparently is as good as new. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - a shark catcher's warning after his incredible haul
off Australian beaches. And in sport with Jim Wilson,
live to Brisbane for the latest ahead of the Broncos
and the Roosters.

A Gold Coast shark catcher
is warning beachgoers of a potentially dangerous summer. Max Muggeridge has reeled in
several large sharks off New South Wales this month. And he's told Eammon Atkinson
he expects to see many more. The summer shark season
is still two months away, but already, there's plenty
of activity off the coast. Take a look at this incredible
vision taken in the past fortnight just south of the Queensland border. Max Muggeridge has hooked
the 300kg hammerhead shark. He reels it in,
standing only a few metres away after they get her secured,
the shark is measured at 3.78m, tagged for research
and then released. The 19-year-old has caught
six large predators this month, all of them within
a few hundred metres of the beach including another 3.8m tiger shark,
weighing 400kg. You're on your toes, you have to be
very, ah, quick thinking, and, ah, know where to stand
and where not to stand. Max brings his somewhat reluctant
girlfriend along for the adventure, as kind of an extreme date. It has grown on me. (LAUGHS) I did not like it at first,
but we have a lot of fun now, doing it together. With this much activity before the shark season
has officially started, Max is expecting a very busy summer. He says some of the species
will be migrating north through New South Wales
to Queensland. As for the great whites responsible
for several attacks this year, including one fatality - well, they are heading south.

Time for sport with Jim Wilson and, Jim, game eve
for the Grand Final qualifiers.

Looking forward to the finals. In breaking news - Greater Western Sydney Giants
forward Jon Patton has been cleared of serious injury after he was assaulted
outside a Los Angeles bar overnight. He was with team-mate Tomas Bugg
at the time and Patton has since been released
from hospital. Scott Camporeale will not seek
to become Adelaide's new head coach and instead will remain
with the Crows as an assistant.

Meantime, the remainder
of Hawthorn's squad have headed west for tomorrow night's preliminary
final against Fremantle. The Hawks are ready
for a hostile crowd in Perth.

We need to overcome that particular element of the game to give ourselves a good chance. You'll see the match live and free
on the Seven Network. The Roosters are currently
having their last hitout in Brisbane ahead of tomorrow night's
preliminary final against the Broncos. Live to chief league reporter
Josh Massoud. And, Josh, how are
the Roosters looking?

They looked primed

They looked primed and up beat as they came out for the final session here. It is 10 minutes outside of reason. It is actually just wrapped up a short captains run, around half-an-hour. All eyes Mitchell Pearce. His hamstring is heavily strapped. Also a lot of interesting record at Suncorp Stadium in big matches. He is yet to win in 6 appearances for NSW. The man responsible, Mal Meninga, says it is not a problem.He is part of a winning team. He has done it before so he is not overawed by it. I don't think it will affect him. Earlier today, Brisbane trained on Suncorp Stadium with their coach. He has been taking teams deep into September to 25 years and he believes the week for the Broncos is a huge advantage.The way they train, I see the attitude, no-one visit the physio in the last 48 hours. That is unheard of. The final preparations now complete, the winner of tomorrow night 's game to go straight to the grand final that they will face either North Queensland or Mel B -- Melbourne. Wallabies coach Michael Cheika says he doesn't care about missing out
on a bonus point in this morning's
Rugby World Cup win over Fiji. Australia ran out 28-13 winners with David Pocock magnificent
in a man of the match performance. Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld
is in Cardiff.

A winning start for Australia, but maybe not the big win
that they were hoping for. They needed 4 tries
to secure a bonus point in the pool stage
of this competition. They ended up with 3 tries to 1
against Fiji. That means England and Wales
sit ahead of them in pool A. Two of Australia's tries today
were scored by the number 8, David Pocock. That shift of position
has really worked for him. His two tries thanks to
the Australian rolling maul. That was pleasing

It is the pinnacle of the game. I am incredibly proud to be part of this team. Prop Sekope Kepu
got over in the second half. He was out in the backs and managed to cross over
relatively untouched by the Fijian defence. Australia's defence
was really tested in this match. Fiji putting piles of pressure
on the Wallabies. In the end,
just the one try to Ben Volavola who, in fact, has played
for the NSW Waratahs for the last couple of years. Australian coach Michael Cheika
concedes his side lacks match fitness. It's really positive for us in the fact that we haven't
probably played a lot of rugby over the last period so that was always something that
we needed to come to terms with relatively quickly
in the competition. You can expect names
like Nick Phipps and Quade Cooper to return to the starting line-up
for the next match, which is against Uruguay
in Birmingham in just four days time. In terms of the other major result
from overnight, well, everyone was hoping Japan
might be able to get a second win. They didn't, in the end losing to Scotland 45-10.

Young Australian paceman
Pat Cummins has been ruled out of next month's
tour of Bangladesh with a stress fracture in his back. It's a huge setback
for the 22-year-old, who faces another spell
on the sidelines. Cummins has been hampered
by injuries, having just returned
to the test squad after his one and only test in 2011. Cricket Australia says he faces
a lengthy rehabilitation process.

Jason Day admits he'll be a marked
man at the Tour Championship, his first event as World Number 1. The in-form Aussie
is part of golf's new big 3 with Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. It's like Jordan Spieth
and Rory McIlroy had a baby and I was it, you know? (LAUGHS) 'Cause I've got Rory's length and I'm hoping that
I've got Jordan's touch. Day has the chance to clinch
the FedEx Cup and a $14 million bonus in Atlanta.

He is one of the great stories of 2015. A rags to riches tale, so much to like about Jason Day. $14 million is not bad. Up next, how Australians
are being monitored to come up with the next
global sensation. See how Big Brother is watching! That's right after a look ahead
to Seven News at 6:00.

E-commerce giant eBay has chosen
Sydney to run a 2-day experiment to determine the next big thing
in technology. A sophisticated
electronic tracking system will analyse how Australians
react to products in a specially constructed dome. Seven's technology editor Djuro Sen
was given exclusive access. I'm at Darling Harbour and behind me is the Innovations Lab
set up by eBay and over the next couple of days, a few thousand people
will walk through here and they will be wearing
these funny headsets. Chris Riddell, who's a futurist,
is here to explain what is going on behind me. It's all around showcasing
the latest technology and what Australian consumers
really love. We are looking at what future
tech trends are going to be here and how they are going to impact
our lives. OK so you walk in,
you get your head scanned and your eye movements,
when you look at certain products, what's that going to tell you? It's going to tell us how people
react to products, what excites them
and what really makes them spin and we are going to take all
that data over the next few days, analyse it and then put out
some predictions for the future. So it's about the next hot thing? I guess that's worth millions.
It is. It's what's going to be hot, what's going to be
in Christmas stockings this year, what's going to be the big trend
next year for things you want to tap into. What do you think will be
the hottest thing? Who knows? We are going to find that out
over the next few days and you'll be the first to find out. Alright, so if you want to pop down the next couple of days
here in Sydney, you can be part of the future.

The world's biggest
and most extravagant opal exhibition will open in Adelaide tomorrow. It will feature historic gems
on loan from the the Queen. Among them, Queen Victoria's
jewellery from the Royal Collection. The exhibition will also showcase the finest opal
to ever be unhearthed, The Virgin Rainbow. It's worth a million dollars. You can see it all
at the South Australian Museum. Next in Seven's Afternoon News - Friday's weather forecast
with Sarah Cumming.

(FUNKY ELECTROPOP MUSIC) SONG: # Conversation... # Soy sauce stains are
a lot easier than you think. With Vanish Gold,
I've got the confidence it works. One capful in the tub.
30 seconds is all you need. One more capful in the wash. Here you go. Job done. Stains gone!

There's a new product - Vanish Gold. You'll find that within 30 seconds, as if by magic,
the beetroot stain is gone.

Sarah Cumming joins us
with the forecast. And, Sarah,
how is our Friday looking? Good afternoon, Sal. It's a bit of a mixed bag,
a bit like today, with fine and mild weather
through South Australia today and cool and showery conditions
along coastal NSW. There have been persistent showers and strong southerly winds
along the coast. Nelson Bay, north of Newcastle
has had 62mm of rain with a dangeorus 4-5m swell
pounding the coast too. Let's get a check
of your weathercams - so a day for staying indoors
in Sydney.

A lovely rainbow has just appeared. Cold, wet and windy, 13 degrees right now.
But feels more like 6. Melbourne, a few sunny breaks
with mostly clear conditions. 13 degrees in the city
this afternoon. This is the live picture
from Hobart, also sitting on 13 degrees
in the city. Adelaide is slightly warmer,
15 degrees at the moment. Dry today and sunny weather
on the way tomorrow. From the satellite, the cloud along coastal NSW
is thanks to a Tasman low and it's bringing a burst of winter. A high is keeping
South Australia dry. Tomorrow, the cold winds and showers will ease along the NSW coast with a front bringing
a cooler change to south-west WA. So a little cooler
in Perth tomorrow. Not too much to
complain about in Adelaide, sunny with
light winds. Hobart,
partly cloudy. It's staying dry
in Melbourne too. It's staying cool
in Sydney with a morning
shower or two. For Brisbane,

just the low risk
of a light shower. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sal.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Thursday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. And on Sunrise in the morning, the remarkable couple celebrating
their 75th wedding anniversary. Plus, first pictures of the Pope's
historic speech to the US Congress. That's with Kochie and Sam from 6am. I'm Sally Bowrey. Thanks for joining us
this afternoon. Stay with Seven now
for The Chase Australia.

Supertext captions by Ericsson.

You've been waiting for it.

The top 12 will be decided.

If you're great,
you make the live shows. You win that, you become superstars. We can only keep the best 12. Who will go through
to the live show? You are in my top 3. You are in my top 3. You made my top 3.
You're in my top 3. And who does not will shock you. I don't want to cut any of them. It kills me to tell you that
because you're so goddamn good. That is a can of tomato soup. I love tomato soup. There's not even any croutons!

The final decision for the top 12.

Who will enter
the X Factor Stadium... (CHEERING) perform live? The X Factor, on Seven.

ANDREW O'KEEFE: These four strangers
must work as a team to win thousands of dollars, but standing in their way is one
of the sharpest minds in Australia - the Chaser. The Chase is on.

Welcome to The Chase Australia. Great to have your company, and great to be joined by these
four pretty fabulous contestants. Will they be able to bring down
the Chaser today? Let's hope so. Let's meet the team. Hi, I'm Maryanne. I'm a business analyst and
I enjoy cooking and travelling. Hi, I'm Jo,
I'm a secondary teacher. I was born in England, but I've
been in Australia for six years now. I'm Peter. I'm a traffic engineering technician and I enjoy theatre
and restoring old cars. G'day, I'm Aaron, I'm a student,
an engineer, and I'm mad keen on soccer. That's my team. A nice mixed bag,
I'm sure you'll agree. Now, their challenge is to
bring as much money down the board and into the bank as
they possibly can. But pursuing them
at every step is the Chaser. If they get caught,
they lose the money and, sadly, they go home. But make it through to the bank and they could share in
a great team cash prize. Each of them will face the Chaser,
but today, Maryanne is first.

Welcome to the show, Maryanne.
Welcome. So, you're a business analyst?
Yes. And you love your travel, I hear? I travel a lot. You've been to many different
places on this fine globe. I noticed Luxembourg
was one of those places. What does one do in Luxembourg? Absolutely nothing. You get a train out every night
after work and go to France,
Germany or Belgium. OK, right. You're planning on a bit more
travel if you win some cash? Always travel.
Where to next? It'll be Italy again
or, you know, Europe. Yeah. So, this is how
the Cash Builder works. You have 60 seconds on the clock to
answer as many questions as you can. $2,000 for each correct answer. I wish you the very best of luck. Time How many railway stations
are featured on a standard British
Monopoly board? Four.
Correct. Pierce Brosnan first played
James Bond in which film? Uh... ..Never Say Never?
GoldenEye. In the '20s, Australian Reverend John Flynn
started which medical service? The Flying... The Royal Flying Air Service...
Air Doctors. The Royal Flying Doctors. Which German city hosted
the 1972 Summer Olympics. Munich.
Correct. Since 1990, Eddie Vedder has been
lead singer of which US band?

Pearl Jam. In cricket, how many legitimate
deliveries make up an over? Eight.
Six. Beginning with M,
what is another name for a snow pea?

Mangetout. In which decade were television
infra-red remote controls commercially introduced? '80s.
Correct. Lake Titicaca lies on the border
of Bolivia and which other country? Colombia.
Peru. Sir Douglas Mawson was renowned for his extensive exploration
of what continent? Antarctica.
Correct. France's high speed...
(ALARM SOUNDS) Do you know what?
You toughed that one out. I mean,
it did get difficult at times, but you managed to get away with
$8,000 for your Cash Pot, Maryanne. Good start. And that would be a lovely way
to open the team account, if we can get it to the account
after we have faced the Chaser. Will it be "Goliath" Matt Parkinson, a man who says
he's got a crush on you? Sorry, I read that wrong. A man
who says he's going to crush you. Could it be "Supernerd"
Issa Schultz? He thinks so quick he's in danger
of pulling a brain hammy. Or could it be "The Governess"
Anne Hegerty? She spends all her time
learning facts, and none of it styling her hair. Or will you face "The Shark"
Brydon Coverdale? He has the confidence of a man who
totally dominated another game show, and that's because he did. Now, anyone you'd
particularly like to face? I'd love to face Anne.
Anne. Why Anne? I admire Anne,
I think she's intelligent. I don't think she'll know much
about Australia. (LAUGHS) Mixed motivations.
Yes. I like it. I don't know who
it's going to be today, though. Time to meet them.
Bring out the Chaser.

Ah! It's the Sausage and Egg McBoffin. "Supernerd" Issa Schultz.

Hello, Maryanne. Hello, Chaser. You know, I think the Flying Doctors
should have been called the Royal Flying Air Service Doctors
Service Doctors.