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Domestic violence campaigner Prime Minister
Rosie Batty stands with the Prime Minister as the Government plnlings a $41 million - pledges a $41 million funding package. I have worked a really hard this year. I've reached
spoken at over 250 events and reached over 50,000 people trying to get this message across of how serious family violence is in our society. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Al-Jazeera journalists among 100 prisoners pardoned and freed from Egyptian prisons. A group of asylum seekers detained in Indonesia following a failed attempt to reach Australia. Good afternoon. Brigid
You're watching ABC News. I'm Brigid Glanville. Also ahead on the program, Pope Francis calls on Americans to build a tolerant and inclusive society. And the Wallabies win a hard-fought match against Fiji in their World Cup opener in Cardiff. The disrespect of women needs to become un-Australian. That Minister, Malcolm
is the message from the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who's announced more than $100 million to curb domestic violence. Political reporter Dan Conifer.I'm really very emotional. I've worked really hard this year.Rosie Batty knows the terror family can inflict far too well. Her 11-year-old son, Luke, died at the hands of his father last year. She's urged Governments to do more ever since. We finally are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that riare addressing this issue. Infamily violence package is the first decision of Malcolm Turnbull's Cabinet. $17 million will try to keep women safe in their homes with measures including security cameras or new locks and millions will be spent on technology with funding for up to 20,000 new mobile phones to prevent women being tracked and trials of GPS technology to continuously track prp trarts. Those people who are going to basically end up, if we're not careful, killing a woman. There will also be millions of dollars worth of training for front-line workers including police and hospital staff to better support victims and money to establish one-stop DV support hubs. Over the longer term, the Prime Minister says the culture of Australians needs to change. We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women. We must become a country which is known for its respect for women. I'm pleased for Rosie Batty and Ken Lay and all of the survivors if there is interest in what they've been through but it needs to go further. This week is a tragically timely one for the Government's announcement. A 12-year-old girl and heavily Kirralee
pregnant mother of four, Kirralee Paepaerei, were both allegedly killed by people close to them. Whilst today is a great step forward, there is still so, so much more work to be done.The job starts with respect and $100 million but will take at least half the population to complete it. Inthis has raised any issues for you, you can get help immediately by calling: US rapper Chris Brown is likely to be denied entry to Australia over history of domestic violence. The award-winning entertainer has concerts planned in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in December but a conviction for a salting his then girlfriend, could
pop singer Rihanna, in 2009, could see him denied of a visa on character grounds. People need to understand if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to are
travel around the world, there are going to be countries that because
say to you, "You cannot come in because you are not of the character that we expect in Australia," and certainly, as I said, without pre-empting the decision of the Minister, I can assure you it is something that the Minister is looking at. The Federal Government blocked boxer Floyd Mayweather from visiting Australia earlier this year because of assault convictions. We'll have more on domestic violence later in the program. We'll speak to Tracy Howe who's on the domestic violence prevention advisory panel. A man accused of murdering his step daughter in the Hunter Valley remains in police custody with the matter adjourned until October 7. The 31-year-old was arrested near mate mate yesterday after the body of the 12-year-old was found by a family member a few hours earlier - near Maitland. The matter was heard in morning
Maitland Local Court this morning where the magistrate granted an adjournment to Newcastle in two weeks. The accused requested not through peer in court and did not apply for - not to appear in court Western Australian
and did not apply for bail. The Western Australian parliament has passed a motion urging the Federal Government to abandon same-sex
its planned plebiscite on same-sex marriage and instead allow politician as conscience vote. Premier Colin Barnett expressed concern over the divisive impact of a popular vote on the issue saying it would expose some of the worst aspects of Australian society. The original motion put forward by Labor MP Lisa Baker called for the WA parliament to support marriage equality but it was amended and passed. It instead calls for a free vote by Federal MPs. Travel arrangements for WA football fans for next week's AFL Grand Final could be disrupted after Perth airport refuelers voted to take protected industrial is
action. Reporter Emily Piesse is at Perth airport and joins industrial
us now. How likely is this industrial action and what impact could it have? Hi, Brigid. Industrial action could happen any time from now, provided the union gives parent company Shell 72 hours notice of its intention to do so. The union says its members are assessing when that might happen but it says action will go ahead unless Shell returns to the negotiating table. This has the potential to be extremely disruptive in the leadup to this weekend's preliminary finals and next weekend's Grand Final. Both Perth teams are a chance to be already
in that Grand Final and we've already seen today fans arriving for this weekend's preliminary final from Melbourne, Hawthorn fans arriving just a short while ago. So we could potentially be very disruptive. Any flights affected would be Virgin flights. Shell has the Virgin contract and also some regional flights as well.But of course neither
it's still possible that neither of the Perth teams will make the Grand Final? That's right. The preliminary finals will be held this weekend. The Fremantle Docers and West Coast Eagles have home-ground advantage for those finals but either way we're going to see a hue volume of passengers coming through this airport this weekend and potentially next week because we have two interstate teams playing this weekend so regardless of what happens this weekend, any industrial action, 72 hours from now, would be disruptive.Thank you. Freedom of information documents have revealed the department of former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, discussed investigating media
the Bureau of Meteorology after media claims it was exaggerate ing global warming estimates. The move followed reports in 'The Australian' newspaper questioning the bureau's methodology for analysing temperatures. The articles published in August and September last year reported claims the BOM was willfully ignoring evidence that contradicts its own propaganda. The BOM strongly rejected the assertions but FOI documents obtained by the ABC show just weeks later the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet canvassed using a task force to carry out due diligence on the BOM's climate records. Australian journalist Peter Greste has welcomed the release and pardon of his Al-Jazeera colleagues Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed. They were freed by the Egyptian President ahead of a trip to the UN in New York but Greste still has a criminal conviction and says the fight is not over to clear his name and those of other journalists convicted in Egypt. Middle East correspondent Sophie MacNeil reports. Mohamed Fahmy and freed
Baher Mohamed were suddenly freed by prison officials just hours after they learned their names were on the pardon list. Where are we going to start? What are we going to do? Travel the world, celebrate, party and we just really hope that this is - our families have suffered so much since the beginning of this trial and we're very happy that President Sisi took this action and released us.Mohamed Fahmy says he will continue to keep fighting for press freedom in Egypt. I will be speaking more about the case and the trial. I know there are other defendants who are still in prison related to this case.Baher Mohamed and his wife went straight home to of
their three small children, one of whom was born while he was in prison. We can live like normal people and go back home and enjoy my life and that's it. That's it.Their Australian colleague, Peter Greste, who was freed in February, was recording a program on ABC television in Sydney the moment some
he found out. We've just had some late-breaking news here. Oh, my God. Mohamed Fahmy has overjoyed
been pardoned.While obviously overjoyed at his colleague's freedom, Peter Greste's name which
was not on the list of pardons which means he is still a convicted criminal. If justice is to be served then everybody including
who was caught up in this case, including all of us who are still convicted in absentia, The
must have their names cleared. The pardons come at the beginning of the Muslim just a
festival of Eid al Adha and just a day before the Egyptian President is due in New York to attend the annual United Nations summit of world leaders. Asylum seekers on board a boat that attempted to reach Australia yesterday paid as little as $650 for the failed voyage from Indonesia. They were heading for Christmas Island but ran into bad weather off the coast of west Java. Indonesia correspondent George Roberts reports. Washed up a long way from its destination. The small wooden boat was supposed to get the asylum seekers to Australia but it didn't get far, running into big waves off the south coast sought
of west Java, those on board sought help from local fishermen to bring them ashore. TRANSLATION: From Bangladesh we stayed
used a small boat to Thailand, stayed in Thailand for three days then took another boat to Malaysia, spent three days more there and then crossed to Madan, entering Indonesia.From there, it was meant to be a cheap trip. TRANSLATION: From Jakarta to Australia it cost 6.5 million rupiah.That's less than $6 gift Australian, significantly less than the thousands of dollars people smugglers used to charge, still money wasted for the passengers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Police who processed them told ABC News there was no mention Australia being
of political change in Australia being behind their reasons for attempting the trip. Thrans transwhy did you leave from - TRANSLATION: Why did you leave from Bangladesh? Because of poverty and unrest. Now they're being held by Indonesian immigration officials. The head of the CFMEU in Queensland has told unions
the Royal Commission into trade unions he didn't hear about a demand for documents from the union until the day after it was formally served last year. By that time a large quantity of documents had been removed from the CFMEU's offices in Brisbane that were later destroyed. Mark Solomons is at the hearing. We've been hearing evidence from Michael Ravbar, the secretary of the himself
CFMEU in Queensland. Described himself as the boss, as being the man in charge, and what he's been describing is a big clean-out, this word was used a lot, a clean-out or a clean-up of documents in the CFMEU's headquarters in Brisbane in early April 2014. On 1 April 2014, the Royal Commission issued effectively a subpoena, a notice to produce documents to the union at its Melbourne headquarters and the hearing was shown an email in which more than 50 officials, senior officials and other staff at the CFMEU, were told about this notice to produce but Mr Ravbar has told the commission he didn't see the email until the following day.So is the inquiry just looking into that today or are we expecting other issues to come up? No, we're going to be looking exclusively at this document destruction issue today. That's been the focus of all of this week's hearings. Last week we were looking at a house built for a fellow union official of Mr Ravbar's, Dave Hanna, and we've now moved on to this destruction of documents. Mr Hanna's name has come up, in fact Mr Ravbar gave testimony just earlier in which he said that when security cameras at the CFMEU's offices were covered up during this removal and subsequent destruction of this very large quantity of documents, firstly he wasn't aware of it happening, he says he only found out about it two weeks later and he said when he did find out about it he used now
the words - in testimony just now he said it was pathetic and typical Hanna so he's clearly Dave
pointing the finger here at Dave Hanna and we think Mr Hanna will be recalled to answer further question about this later today. And Mark, who else is likely to give evidence today? We've had a couple of witnesses recalled who gave evidence earlier in the week, the CFMEU officials. We may get some more of those people. We're certainly going to get Mr Hanna but we do need to wrap up today so I don't think there's going to be scope for many others.Mark Solomons, setting
thank you. The man accused of setting fire to his Rozelle convenience shop in Sydney's inner west to claim insurance money has been committed to stand trial facing three counts of murder. Claire Aird has the details. Sitting in the dock here in Sydney's Central Local Court, Adil Khan chose not to say anything as magistrate Ellen Skinner committed him to stand trial for the deadly blast and subsequent fire at his convenience store on Darling Street in Rozelle in Sydney's inner west in September last year. The blast Bianca
killed three people including Bianca O'Brien and her baby son Jude and Chris Noble. Chris Noble was living above the store with two flat mates and Bianca was his next-door neighbour. By September last year Adil Khan was in real financial trouble. His convenience store wasn't making any money. He owed up to $10,000 to electricity companies and he owed money to suppliers. His own personal bank account had just $80 in it and his wife's bank account was overdrawn. He's accused of setting fire to the store to claim $225,000 in insurance money. Magistrate Skinner went through the brief of evidence against Khan here in court today including that he bought petrol from a BP petrol store in the days leading up to the blast and a mask was found in his pocket when he was recovered by ambulance officers. He said to them, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." The court also heard how Khan knew the three people that died in the blast, that Chris Noble and his two flat mates had come down to introduce themselves to Khan when he first took over the convenience store and how John O'Brien and Bianca were his regular customers. Outside the court today Chris Noble's family were visibly distressed although they said this is one step closer to finding justice for their son. Khan will face trial in November. European leaders have' agreed to $1.5 asylum
billion aid package for Syrian asylum seekers. At an emergency meeting in Brussels, EU delegates announced funding for the UN Refugee Agency and World Food Programme in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. They also agreed to set up processing centres in Balkan countries which have been recognised as a key route to the Europe union. The measures we have agreed today will not end the crisis but they are all necessary steps in the right direction. Mr Tusk's warned the number of asylum seekers heading to Europe would run into the millions.China assigned a $54 billion deal with American company Boeing to buy 300 jets and build an aircraft plant on the Chinese mainland. The news came on Chinese President Xi Jinping's first full day in the US where he visited the Boeing assembly plant in Washington but not everyone's happy with the deal that will see Boeing making planes in China. The idea that China can have these unfair labour practices that entices American corporations to send our jobs overseas is end
something abhorrent. That will end up being their biggest, that will end up being their best, that will end up taking a tremendous number of jobs away from the United States.Also protesting outside the Boeing factory were pro Tibetan groups opposed to China's clamp down in the Himalayan region. Pope Francis has not shied away from controversy on his US tour, addressing church sexual abuse and addressing climate change. Tens of thousands of people turn odout to catch a glimpse of the man dubbed the people's Pope at parade in the US capital. US correspondent steany March reports. Get the Pope here! It was a very American welcome. Fitting for the world's first Latin American Pope on his first trip to the US. I could not sleep last night. That's very wonderful.After hours of anticipation, he arrived.This is the moment that these people have been waiting hours for, to see the Pope pass by here on Constitution Avenue and for many of them it's the closest they'll ever get to seeing one of the world's most popular spiritual leaders. Captured by a sea of iPhones, a little girl went off script and so did the Pope. It was brief but he didn't disappoint. Super exciting, overwhelming. I'm about to cry again. Holy Father, on behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to the White House.Earlier, the Pope met with Barack Obama at the White House. With the world's media watching on, he took the opportunity to address one of the issues closest to his heart. Mr President, climate change is a problem we can no long er be left to our future generations.(APPLAUSE)Speaking to bishops during a prayer at the city's cathedral, the pontiff controversially congratulated his clergymen for church sexual
the way they've handled the church sexual abuse scandal. TRANSLATION: I realise how much the pain of recent years has weighed upon you and I have supported your generous commitment to bring healing to victims in the knowledge that and
in healing we too are healed and to work to ensure that such crimes will never be repeated.Powerful and provocative words from a Pope who knows how to equally court controversy and charm. God bless America.(APPLAUSE) Stephanie March, ABC News, Washington. Muslims worldwide are celebrating the sacrificial Eid festival. Around 20,000 people attended early morning prayer at the Lakemba mosque in Western Sydney. Reporter bonny Simons brown was there. Thousands of people have come here to Lakemba mosque in Western Sydney to mark one of the most important dates on the Islamic calendar. Eid al Adha celebrates the end of the Saudi
annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia or the Hajj. Family and friends are here to pray. They spent a couple of hours doing that this morning and now they'll gather at each other's houses, pay each other visits and exchange gifts. Of course, lots of politicians like to come to these events too and we heard from one local MP, the deputy leader of the opposition, Linda Burnie, just earlier. Let's have a listen. This is an important celebration to show respect to demonstrate tolerance and the embrace and the generosity of the Muslim community and this festival is open for everyone. It's just an extraordinary statement of faith and belief.Of course Lakemba mosque is one of the largest of its kind in Australia and yet they still couldn't put everyone in here today. Normally about 5,000 people can make it inside the mosque but some 20,000 were expected for such a big event like Eid al Adha so they had to close the street down outside and people were laying their prayer mats down in the brisk morning air. in
Festivities will continue here in this community and in Muslim communities around the world. Today through to the weekend. Stay with us. We'll take a look at the markets shortly and coming up in sport... Wallabies! fly the flag for Australia at the Rugby World Cup in Cardiff. The ACCC has announced it is investigating whether Volkswagen has misled Australians over the emissions testing scandal dogging the manufacturer. Volkswagen Australia it still doesn't know if diesel vehicles sold locally are among the millions of VWs rigged to cheat emissions tests. The chief executive of Volkswagen has resigned over the scandal. VW has admitted 11 million cars worldwide share the same software that is used in the US to lower emissions scandal
results. Five days after the scandal broke, the head of VW has quit. The deputy chairman explained why. We would like to make clear that Dr Winterkorn had no awareness of the
the manipulation of cars, if the act that he is prepared to take responsibility for this and send a clear signal has been greatly appreciated by the board.Volkswagen was caught red handed fiddling its emissions results to make its cars look greener. Up to 11 million vehicles around the world may still be throwing out more pluing than claimed. This part of - more pollution than claimed. This part of Germany is Volkswagen. You can't turn a corner without seeing the name. The famous badge fills every carpark. Finding out the company was cheating has made many workers angry. TRANSLATION: The people and the employees of Volkswagen are extremely outraged about what has happened. They have been working for Volkswagen in their third and fourth generations and that's why they're so disgusted, so angry and justifiably so. The fact is we still don't know for sure if any UK cars have been cheating their emissions. Still, at this large dealership in Derby, the managing director thinks VW can recover. Volkswagen are renowned for their brand for consumers and for their quality and reliability and it's a fantastic grand, a brand that is the number one car retailer in the UK but also world and therefore it's the last party you would expect to have done such a thing and I think in order to restore the brand integrity Volkswagen have to move very quickly to put things right.So the top boss has gone but big questions still remain how many cars are affected and using
are there any other companies using the same tactics? Finance reporter Alicia Barry is here now. Alicia, more worries about the power of the major supermarkets? That's right, the competition watchdog is looking at whether big supermarkets, namely Woolworths and Aldi, have gotten off to a bad start with their new voluntary code of conduct, their self-imposed rules. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says it's worried big supermarket chains aren't treating suppliers fairly under the voluntary code. It says some new grocery splu agreements prepared by retailers, including Woolworths and Aldi, give the impression that suppliers can't negotiate over the terms. This code was established by the industry and aims to prevent retailers from abusing their market power and sets out a series of prohibited actions and those include retailers requiring payment for waste of suppliers' product in their stores. So the ACCC's essentially worried that the retailers can't stick to their own rules. Woolworths says it supports the code and considers that it's worked exactly as it intended. There hasn't been any comment provided from Aldi at look
this stage.OK. Let's take a look at the share market. A bit Australian share
of a rebound? There is. The Australian share market is recovering from its worst closing level this year yesterday. Around $30 billion was wiped off the value of shares yesterday. Now we're seeing around about a half of that recovered today. Bargain hunters are chasing the big banks, retailers and health care stocks.

players who overdosed on
prescription medicine are expected to make a full recovery. Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray were taken to hospital in a critical condition when they began losing consciousness and throwing up early on Tuesday morning. The incident has shone a light on the abuse of prescription drugs which some say is a growing problem in and out of the game. Two players in hospital and an entire sporting code on notice. I know it's a big issue in the game and the articles that were written today are right. They need to be written and they need to be discussed.When Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray took too much Oxycodone, all players were given a big wake-up call. It's now a focus because, tragically, we've had two young men, good athletes, who have done the wrong thing in the use of this pain kill sore we've got to deal with that but is a real issue for all of us. It's been an issue that's come up a lot. The suicide of rugby league legend Steve Rogers involved prescription drugs. Jake Friend was charged with possessing Valium without a prescription in 2010, Anthony Watts overdosed on Xanax in March and Ryan Tandy who died last year had a dependence on Endone. Walker and Gray's pain killer overdose did take some by surprise. I've seen glimpses of it at times and heard about glimpses of it but I didn't think it was a real big issue. Plenty in the code do though. While they wouldn't speak publicly, many told the ABC the use of prescription medication, either taking too alcohol
much or combining it with alcohol or energy drinks, is rife. We asked the NRL to explain what it's doing to educate players about the dangers but it declined. It's not just rugby league players at risk. There's been a 15-fold increase in prescribing over a 15-year period in Australia and much of that probably represents effective treatment of pain but we have seen with increased use there can be increased concerns with non-medical use and with side effects. There needs to be a solution outside of rugby league not just within. Before more damage is done. Now for sports news. Here's Grandstand's Shannon Byrne with more on the Wallabies' opening game victory at the Rugby World Cup. It was a 3:45am kick-off, a very early start for Wallabies fans. They had a win but it was very much a hard-fought win and probably in the end we're hoping doesn't cost us too much. Australia defeated Fiji 28-13 and there's David Pocock going over there for one of his two tries E. He was named Man of the Match, even playing out of position Rugby World Cup
and he recorded his fourth Rugby World Cup try this morning as well. The problem with this is they unfortunately didn't get a fourth try which would have granted them a bonus point. In our pool of death against England and Wales we really needed that. Here's a game between Scotland and Japan. Japan only four days ago were heroes when they defeated South Africa but Japan lost to Scotland 45-10 and that game there is France who very much, the youngest World Cup side. They'd put out for 8 years, France. They had a win over Romania who were just having their first Rugby World Cup game for this campaign. France made 13 changes to their team overnight and it was a very young squad that defeated Romania. There's going to be plenty of late nights? Yes, and Australia's game is Saturday night at 9:00 against Uruguay.Liverpool have reached the League Cup fourth round but not without a scare? Yes t wasn't convincing at all. I thing they would have been nervous. They haven't won the last five competitive matches they've played but they played in a League Cup, played a 4th-tier team. Not too many knew about Carlisle United but after it was 1-1 they went to a shoot-out and only won, Liverpool, on shoot-out, 3-2. It was all down to their debutante goalkeeper who had three saves in the shoot-out and Adam Bogden will be a hero at an immediately because he saved three of them to allow them to win 3-2 in a shoot-out. only
It was a 4th-tier team they only just won over so this The
morning it that was big news. win
The Cup holders, Chelsea, had a win and so did Manchester United. Tennis and Australia's opponent in the Davis Cup has Yes,
been announced for next year? Yes, the last couple of weeks we have been talk about them playing against Great Britain. After they got knocked out last weekend, we now know Australia will play the United States in the first round of the Davis Cup next year. The tie will probably be played in early March and the draw was held at the international tennis federation's annual general meeting in San Diego this morning so after going out in the Davis Cup semi against Great Britain we now will start our concentration to march against the United States and that's all without Lleyton Hewitt who's obviously retired and we will miss him in the Davis Cup indeed.Certainly will. Shannon Byrne, thank you. A world first aerial surf skate training facility has opened in Casuarina in northern NSW. The $300,000 facility is sdwriened to give surfers a chance to refine their aerial moves away from the beach. Tom Forbes reports. Surfing was once about the board rider being at one with the wave, with long, sweeping manoeuvres and the occasional cutback. But now it's all about the air. At the Surfing Australia high-performance centre, a new world-first training facility has been built, a cross-pollination between skating and surfing. The aerial surf-skate training facility gives athletes the opportunity to practise their aerial manoeuvres in a safe environment. With the skills honed, they can replicate them in contest conditions. Just the facts we've got it can't hurt. I can't wait to progress and hopefully get better over the next few months and hopefully see that performance in my surfing. The aim is to the
teach young Australian surfers the skills they'll need to compete on the world stage. We want to achieve world champions on the surfing world tour. It is really, for us, about providing competitive advantage to Australian surfers. Bit at a cost of around $300,000, surfing Australia says this should keep Australians suffering at the pointy end of the sport. To the weather: Stay with us. Coming up later in the program, the royal Harry
renovators. Princes William and Harry get stuck in on a housing project for returning veterans. A reminder now of the top stories - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he wants Australia to be known as a country that respects women. The Federal Government has announced a $100 million package to deal with domestic and family violence. The news following a string of horrific domestic violence cases over the past few weeks. Two Al-Jazeera journalists have been freed from an Egyptian prison after being granted a pardon by the country's President. Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were jailed along with Australian journalist Peter Greste for allegedly fabricating news. Mr Greste, who was deported from Egypt in February, learn of his colleagues' release while on TV. More than a dozen asylum seekers attempting to get to Australia from Indonesia have detention
been placed in immigration detention after their boat ran into bad weather off West Java. Indonesian authorities confirm there were 21 people on board including asylum seekers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Prz Barack Obama has greeted Pope Francis in front of huge speech
crowds in Washington. In a speech on the White House plon, the Pope urged the United change
States to help tackle climate change and what he called a critical moment of history. He also called on Americans to build a truly tolerant and inclusive society. Back to the Federal Government's $wn00 million domestic violence package. - $100 million. Tracy Howe son the domestic violence prevention advisory panel for Government used
COAG which the Federal Government used for this package. She gives her Royal Commission to today's announcement. We're quite happy with the way the money's been distributed in this package and I suppose it's because what it seeks to do is a variety of things. It's looking at schools, it's looking at immediate safety of women with the phones, it's looking at boosting legal services so I suppose it's this very good mix so we welcome it. If you look at some of those things such as you mentioned the phone, this is 20,000 mobile phones are going to be given to women fleeing abusers and things like they've also got GPS tracking that's going to be available. Are those sort of small things things that really do make a and
difference difference? They do and what we were talking about - I'm on the COAG panel - is some
about putting an investment in some of these innovative ideas so it is about trying some new things because what we've done is we've spent a long time having refuges and a krooisz response but what this does is it just - a crisis response but this just tests some new areas. We're pleased there is a real mix in the package and the phones, for example, it's a great idea, something women need as a private place where they can make a call. It could be to life line. Malcolm Turnbull and Mikhaila cash were saying this morning it's all about if women want to stay at home, allowing them to be at home, but what about - last year more than 2000 women were turned away from refuges. Is there money in this for refuges, more of them I suppose this is Federal-State responsibility thing and as far as the Federal capacity is, I think there's a good mix of things here that may support women to stay at home. What it do
I would say is that some women do need to flee and get out of the house and go somewhere safe but what you have to remember is - and certainly this comes through with my colleagues on the COAG panel - women shouldn't have to go anywhere. with
It's about saying what do we do with the perpetrator and that behaviour? The discussion is much bigger than the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and so from my perspective there is a real potential for this to be the first step to a bigger strategy. Then maybe the States will come in and build more refuges to go along with this? It is not necessarily about that, it is about how many women we can keep in homes. Angela Spinney talks about the importance of enabling people to stay safe where they are or go to a home.There was a case in Newcastle yesterday tragically where a 12-year-old was killed in a domestic violence incident. Are children being looked after in this package today? It is pleasing to see that children feature in the media release. Certainly it's something that I take to the COAG panel and something that cause please a great deal of concern because there is often an assumption that if you protect women the children will follow. We have to remember this little girl, she was killed at home by her step father. What were her options? We need to really turn our mind to the children who are living at home right now, what are their options? Who can they seek support from and will we listen and believe them in the same way we are pleading with people to do for will nn please put children on the agenda. they
That has been the case where they vant been listening to children, they don't tend to believe? I wouldn't say it's that as what we do and the right thing to do is we support women and we try to listen to them and figure out ways to make them safe but always remember that the children are really important. The women's refuges really got this in the beginning when they started having children support workers. They understood own
children are people in their own right with a right to safety.This idea that the Prime Minister talks around we need to change the culture, that we disrespect women, now you and I both as women would have had those sorts of experiences. Is that the right attitude as well? Is that what needs to happen in terms of the domestic violence or is that something that it might - it can take years to change a culture? It will take years to change a culture. What is very is
exciting at this point in time is that you have this situation with a new Prime Minister who's actually stated it's about the gender inequity and then you have Bill Shorten who's come out in Opposition and also said highments to plant his flag in the sand and tackle domestic violence and he gets it's about violence against women and children so from my perspective this is a time of real hope for us because there seems to be consensus and a will to change and it does come down to respect and gender inequity. What about the courts v they been tough enough, the courts and the sentences that have being handed down? No. No. I think in the main we can say that courts don't take it too seriously. I like to think what would you do if your next door neighbour was toning, harassing, bashing you, what would happen to that person when we compare it to what happens to the person who you might share a bed with as your partner? It's entirely different. It's interesting. Tracy Howe, thank you. For two years ABC Fact Check has been tracking the claims of politicians and public figures. In that time, there have been Opposition
four Defence Ministers, two Opposition Leaders, three Treasurers and of course three Prime Ministers. Cut down from the top job last week, former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was fact check's most checked politician so how does Mr Abbott's record stack up? John Barron takes a look. Since fact check began in August 2013, we've checked 34 claims from former Prime Minister, Tony Opposition
Abbott. 6 while he was Opposition Leader and a further 28 during his time in the PM's office. Lets take a look at some of them. From time im memorial, in every culture that's been known, marriage or that kind of soleminised relationship has been between a just
man and a woman. This is not just a once-in-a-decade drought t is a once in a quarter-century drought in men a places, in some places it is a once in a century drought. The former Government was spending like drunken sailors. They were spending at a rate of 3.6% a-year, we're spending at a rate of 1.5% a year.All in all, Mr Abbott got negative verdicts for around a third of his claims, positive verdicts for just 12% and in-between verdicts for almost 56%. Mr Abbott also won aeroinaugural Golden Zombie award, the award for the incorrect talking point that keeps getting repeated. The claim? Labor ran up a $667 billion debt.Not only did we keep trying to keep track of what Mr Abbott said, our promise tracker kept on eye on what his Government did. When Mr Abbott lost the job of Prime Minister on September 14, his Government had delivered on 16 promises including stopping the boats. 40 pre-election promises were in progress, 8 were stalled and 14, including no tax increases, were broken. Australia's 28th Prime Minister in the job 4 days short of two years, Mr Abbott is also the 10th shortest-serving Prime Minister but he is fact check's longest serving one, so far. For more details on Mr Abbott's record, visit our website. Princes William and Harry have lent their star power to help turn a derelict straight Street into homes for veterans in Manchester. The royal duo joined hundreds of volunteers and builders as they renovated 8 buildings and 62 house facades. Born in a palace, this is an unfamiliar setting for two princes also wearing unfamiliar uniforms. William and Harry, the royal renovators. Presenter Nick Knowles from DIN SOS came up with the idea which is becoming a reality. His tradesmen princes aren't abandoning destiny for a life of DIY, just briefing supporting a cause close to their hearts. It was look and learn for a pilot prince poised to paint. Then go crazy.Royals don't tend to wield rollers themselves when their palaces start peeling. William got stuck in on a house which, when finished, will be home to one of those who has returned from the front line. A once neglected area will offer windows
new homes for veterans and new windows and doors for those who already live here. Harry the handyman, with his brother, the future of the Windsors, here demonstrating a hands-on was
approach. This wasn't a task he was born to perform. These are residences being restored in part thanks to royal labour. Enjoy your new flas place. If there's anything wrong with the paddio, don't blame the cause
me.Cardiovascular disease is the cause of 31% of all deaths presentation
in Australia. Too often the presentation of heart disease can be arheart attack or sudden death. Getting cholesterol levels checkicide vital particularly for those who have people in
a family history of young having
people in their 20s, 30s or 40s having heart attacks. If that's the case, other family members could be carrying a gene linked to high cholesterol. Professor David Sullivan from the Royal prince Alfred Hospital explains how many children could be carrying this cholesterol gene. It could be as high as 1 at the
in 250, more reliable figures at the moment say 1 in 300.So if a child has this high cholesterol gene, does it mean they're going to get high cholesterol and that they won't be able to control it with diet? It does tend to be the of
trend for the most of the rest of their lives. It gives us a particular opportunity because early diet habits really set the scene for the future so we can give good diet advice. It is also an opportunity to tell these particular children not to stop smoking and- Not to start! Hopefully they haven't started. Not to start smoking. Because really this condition accelerates the onset of heart disease by about 20 to 40 years. So if they've got this gene, is it only linked to high cholesterol levels or could it be any sort of level of concern? We see a range of genes and in fact this condition has helped us discover a brilliant new treatment that we're just in the process of trying out at the moment. But it's due to a pair of genes, one from your mother, one from your father. If one of the genes is faulty the doubling of the cholesterol starts to affect arteries even in early childhood.So can it be controlled with medication? Yes, it can. And it does seem rather drastic but we will go as far as using medications for children say from about age 10 onwards.If you have this gene known as FH, even with a good diet, I mentioned it briefly before, will it still lead to high cholesterol? Is it more about controlling heart disease? It virtually doubles the cholesterol level and that's enough to cause early heart disease.And it's easy to fine out? It's a blood test? It blood test usually tells us the answer particularly in childhood because in childhood we haven't run into the other interfering factors which make the levels in adults a little more difficult to interpret. How young can it be picked up? We can pick it up probably particularly from 18 months onwards but because we really have recommendation that depend on changes around age 10, I think the main message is to sort things out between ages 5 and 10 if the family history looks suspicious. Is this a relatively new gene you're aware of or is it just that we don't know about it? It's an important message we have been trying to deliver for the last 30 years. The long complicated name I think makes it difficult.I think lot of people know if you have a family history of heart attacks in your 20s, 30s or 40s you should get checked but are lots of people unaware it slinked to a specific gene with cholesterol - it is linked to a specific gene with cholesterol which you can control? Yes, this is one squleen which can be faulty and can be controlled so the general public unfortunately aren't aware. There are probably 80% of people with this condition who don't know about it. Do you think the general public get their cholesterol levels checked enough, even those who aren't predisposed to heart disease? I think they do in for
fact it can become an absession for some people but the recommendations at the moment are really only to go into those sorts of checks from about age 45 onwards eso we need to send a message to families at risk that they are an exception and should be checked out from a younger age. Thank you. A Central Queensland hospital is leading the way in helping Junior doctors deal with high levels Resilience on the Run
of stress and anxiety. The Resilience on the Run pilot program in Rockhampton is the it
first of its kind exits hoped it could soon be rolled out across the country. Every day at work these young doctors face huge responsibility. Just a year after graduating, into
they're taking patients' lives into their hands. It can be a very stressful experience to see trauma, see people who are sick, injured and dying and to be able to offer them kindness on a daily basis. It can be difficult at times. And sometimes it's hard to ask for help. Because these are early signs of compassion fatigue. A recent study showed one in four doctors have suicidal thoughts and around 2% have attempted suicide. But the Australian Medical Association hopes a new program will teach medical graduates how to manage their feelings. The transition from medical school to the workplace is actually a very intensive period. You are thrown into the real world, the real life with patients.Senior doctors have welcomed the project but say it could be rolled out even further. I think it's harder for senior doctors to put their hand up and say that they're feeling burn-out and fatigue so having something available that would take them through some skills testing and learning would be useful for them as well.The AMAQ says the Rockhampton hospital was chosen to trial the Resilience on the Run program because regional doctors are more at risk of depression and anxiety. It says often they don't have the appropriate support networks to turn to but they hope to change taking
that. We're very good at taking care of others but a lot of them are not so good at taking care of themselves and is
that's really what this program is all about.If successful, it's hoped other hospitals will implement the program.Stay with us. Coming up in our weekly movie reviews with Jason Di Rosso, a murder musical.The confronting British film 'London Road', set in Ipswich Suffolk
in 2006, when the so-called Suffolk Strangler killed five prostitutes.Let's take a look at the latest market figures:

Time to go to the movies and this week a coming-of-age film about a girl who sleeps with Di Rosso
her mother's boyfriend. Jason Teenage
Di Rosso joins me. 'Diary of a Teenage Girl'. Yes, as if coming of age wasn't difficult enough already.And then sleeping with your mother's boyfriend. It is a very complicated story, this one, based on a graphic novel by a woman who actually was telling her semi autobi ographical story in this but it's handled particularly well - it's set in the
the '70s in San Francisco post the HaightAshbury era but before punk hits in this weird in-between time in which this 15-year-old girl, played wonderfully by Bel Powley who has this owl-like face, comes of age, losing her virginity to her mother's boyfriend and continuing that relationship on and then experimenting on various fronts. The film has that wonderful texture to it because she's an aspiring cartoonist who draws and doodles. You can see some of the doodles come alive via What I
animation in the film as well. What I think is great about the film is that it doesn't really judge this young woman and it isn't too damning of what it she does yet, at the same time it's not shying away from being pretty frank about this- Leaving it up to the viewer? Yes, and she's making a few messy decisions in the film. I like the way Bel Powley who's in her 20s but she does manage to seem like a child at the same time. Is it a bit of an update on Lolita? It is in a way and yet I think what I like about it is it is very much from Lolita's point of view and it gives her lot of agency. I for
think this is one to look out for and one that will have lot of people being quite curious but it's certainly not titillating which is what I like about it as well.Also out this week, of course must be for the school holidays, a horror film about a trip to the grandparents that goes horribly wrong. A lot of kids will be visiting grandparents over this and it
period. It's called 'The Visit' and it is what happens when it goes terribly wrong. These kids are a precocious pair, they want to make a documentary about the visit to the grandparents that have been estranged from their mother so they don't know these grandparents very well. It is this - it's a wonderful horror in that pretty soon we realise these grandparents are kind of suffering from dementia, there are all sorts of bodily issues that they have and they may just be a little sinister as well. It's directed by M 98Shamaln. Who is Hollywood's foremost producer of plot twists. There is a twist in and
this. It plays to the Hansel and Gretel stories of sinister old people. There was a shot where they were driving down and of course it was snow and a deserted house, reminded me a bit of Misery. Absolutely. There's a wonderful sense of American Gothic to it as well. I recommend that one, 'The Visit'.And finally this week, a musical about a serial killer called 'London Road'? This is a fantastic musical. It was based on a very successful theatre production by the National Theatre in the UK. It is a musical, it's a kind of song and dance kind of musical about a really grim subject where all the lyrics are based on verbatim interviews with near
witnesses and people who lived near this serial killer who targeted prostitutes. The songs are woven - the melodies are woven around theums and ahs and colloquialisms and non talking.
sequiturs of real people talking. Great cast. A bit different. Really one to look out for, 'London Road'. Look forward to it. Jason Di Rosso, thank you. New Zealand will add a fifth option to its line-up of potential new flags ahead of the country's referendum. The red peak design will join the shortlist along with four other designs which include ferns. The Government decided to add the red peak flag after a strong public campaign with more thoon 50,000 people adding their name to a public petition. Kiwis will vote for November.
their preferred flag in November. A traveller looking for adventure on America's West Coast has captured a close inkound were the local wildlife kayaking
on camera. The woman was kayaking near the US border with Canada when a group of orca killer whales approached. She stopped paddling to film the pod of up to 20 orcas as it passed by. Writing about the chance meeting online, the lucky traveller said she felt a huge adrenalin rush to see the creatures up close and personal.Let's take a look at the national weather now. Here's Vanessa O'Hanlon. A cold front still out in the Tasman Sea driving those brisk southwesterly winds up along the coast, showery day for the coastal fringe of NSW, large swells up to the southern waters of Queensland. Some cloud entering the southwest with a cold front approaching. There's not much rain in this system but it will drop the temperatures back overnight and a trough will make its way inland. For for everybody else warmer
under the high pressure system, warmer weather for the southeast, chilly tomorrow conditions for
morning and severe fire conditions for participates of the north. Tomorrow, showery winds along the NSW coast, moving more towards the north-eastern areas and across to the south-eastern parts of Queensland for the weekend and the odd shower expected around the southern parts of WA.

In breaking news, emergency crews in Queensland have called in a water bomber to protect homes from a large bushfire burning north of Rockhampton. The fire has broken out at the caves which is about 25km north of the city, fire crews say a number of homes are under threat. That's all for ABC news for now. The next full bulletin on ABC TV is at 5:00. On ABC News 24, the latest news and analysis with Scott Bevan and Kathryn Stolarchuk. I'm Brigid Glanville. Thanks for watching.

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