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This program is captioned live. This morning - a man charged with killing
a 12-year-old girl in court. Prime Minister Turnbull announces
a $100 million program to tackle domestic violence. And Pope Francis gets political
at the White House. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders. Good morning. A man has appeared in
a New South Wales court, accused of murdering
a 12-year-old girl. Ashlea Brown
is at Maitland Local Court. Hello, Ashlea.
What happened in court? The 31-year-old charged
over the child's murder arrived at Maitland local court
shortly before 9am. He was transported here
in a police van. The accused was handcuffed
and dressed in a forensic suit. His lawyer told the magistrate he wouldn't need to be brought
up from the cells and didn't appear as the case was mentioned in court
for the first time. For legal reasons we can't identify
the man who's been charged or the victim. The 31-year-old is accused
of bashing a 12-year-old to death at Aberglassyn. The girl's beaten body
was discovered in a bedroom yesterday morning. The lawyer for the accused
didn't make an application for bail and he was remanded in custody. REPORTER: Why did he request not to
appear in the courtroom today? That's a matter for my client. I didn't take any instructions
on that, thank you. The tragedy has sent shock waves
through the community. The victim's school friends
and neighbours have been leaving tributes
for the 12-year-old girl. Flowers, teddy bears and notes now
sit at the end of her street where she used to play
with her three younger siblings. Police are looking into the
background of the accused to see if there was any history of
domestic violence or abuse. Ann. Thank you, Ashlea.

Malcolm Turnbull says the frequency of domestic violence
cases across the country has prompted his government
into action. In his first major announcement
since becoming Prime Minister, he's pledged $100 million to curb
what he says is a national disgrace. Rosie Batty's well known as the face of the campaign
against domestic violence. Her 11-year-old son, Luke, was
killed by his father last year. Since then, she's devoted her time to trying to save other families
from similar tragedy. I'm really very emotional. I've worked really hard this year. 63 Australian women have been killed
by their partners or a family member this year alone. The Prime Minister has
slammed the statistics as one of the great shames
of the country. Disrespecting women
is unacceptable. We have two women a week
being murdered. One in three women
affected by violence. And one in four children. The federal government is put aside
$100 million to help keep women and children
at risk of domestic violence safe. GPS tracking already used
for high-risk sex offenders and other technology,
like panic buttons, will be a key focus.

The Salvation Army will work to change locks and install CCTV
cameras at the homes of those in need. We can certainly assist you with the
additional measures that you need to make your home
the haven it should be. like police, social workers and those in hospital emergency
departments. Education programs will be rolled
out at schools across the country. One of the most important things
we must do is ensure that our sons respect
their mothers and their sisters. The Prime Minister says
curbing domestic violence is about leadership,
not just from him, but parents, teachers and
employers in the workplace. Police are urging a group of
motorcyclists to hand themselves in after a woman was critically hurt
in a hit-and-run in Melbourne. The victim was walking through
a shopping centre car park when she was hit. Christie Cooper reports. Good morning.

A 35-year-old mother of two toddlers
was simply crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing
here in Carrum Downs when she was run down by a group of kids
on unregistered small motorbikes, often referred to as monkey bikes. The woman was thrown several metres
and hit her head on the road, receiving life-threatening injuries. This happened at about 5:15pm so the shopping centre car park
was swarming with people. Many saw it happen. Dozens of others rushed over
to her aid. Four small scooter bikes came across and they were heading
in that direction. One guy was doing a mono. They would only have been 15 or 16,
I would think. Two guys weren't wearing a helmet.
One guy was. Came along here. Car stopped. They obviously went on the inside
of a car and hit the lady from there. The woman went into cardiac arrest
and was revived on the road before she was airlifted
to the Alfred Hospital where she remains critical. The offenders are believed to be
young, aged between 13 and 15, travelling on four small PeeWee 50s. Witnesses say they're often seen speeding
around streets without helmets and it was only a matter of time
before something like this happened. The woman's children weren't with
her at the time of the accident. Australian journalist Peter Greste
says he'll keep fighting
to have his name cleared after Egypt's President pardoned
his Al Jazeera colleagues. Greste's name was not on the list
of 100 prisoners, which included Mohamed Fahmy
and Baher Mohamed. Breaking news on a comedy show
but this wasn't a joke. Oh, my God. Mohammed Fahmy has been pardoned. We've been fighting for
the past eight months for this Christ, I'm sorry. Let's hope it is for both of them. Peter Greste's Al Jazeera colleagues
Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy freed by presidential pardon.

Unshackled from uncertainty,
allowed to leave this Egyptian gaol. We're going to travel the world.
We're going to celebrate. We're going to party. These are issues which should not
be handled in a criminal court. 2 of 100 prisoners set free
by Egyptian President El-Sisi on the eve of Eid,
an Islamic holiday. Their chase for a story
took them to this Cairo courthouse where they say injustice was served. Baher and Mohammed found guilty
of supporting terrorism. Oh, crap.


Greste was deported in February. Yesterday, he was walking
with the Prime Minister at a ceremony
honouring war correspondents. Just as important in preserving
our freedom as any politician. For this news crew, their fight
is for freedom of speech.

One they won't be stopping soon.

A Sydney youth worker
has been killed in Syria while volunteering for a German
charity. 27-year-old Shareef Alnimer died
after a bomb went off while he was handing out water
in the city of Idlib. It happened 10 days ago but his family
has only recently been told, because of poor communications
in the region. Friends expressed their grief
on Facebook - remembering him as a kind young man
with the 'heart of a lion'. The Pope has made a political plea
at the White House, for urgent action on climate change. The issue has divided Congress but the pontiff endorsed
President Obama's efforts as thousands of followers
watched on. Mike Amor has the details
from Washington.

Just incredible scenes here in Washington DC. And the Pope's first full day in America, it was a papal-love fest. We were thousands of people who lined the streets around the White House for their first glimpse of the holy father who took to his Pope mobile. Secret service agents lifted a 5-year-old girl out of the crowd, carried her to be blessed. That's what we saw all day - a Pope that's not afraid to connect with the people, kiss and hug disabled children, take some selfies. His day started with a formal welcome at the White House with Barack Obama and 11,000 invited guests. It was there that the Pope ruffled a few feathers in America when he spoke of the need for compassion for immigrants, saying he was the son of immigrants. His family moved from Italy to Argentina. He caused more upset when he praised Barack Obama's stand on global warming.

Some Republican politicians promised to boycott his address of Congress here tomorrow. Later inin the day, the Pope met with 300 American bishops, telling them that the crime of sexual abuse in the church should never happen again. And late this afternoon here in Washington DC, 25,000 people attended a mass at America's biggest church where the Pope made an 18th century priest a saint. Their first Canonisation on American soil. More big crowds are expected here in Washington DC tomorrow before the Pope heads off to New York City. Next in Seven News -
business and finance. The Volkswagen boss quits
over the emissions scandal. Also William and Harry show
their handy side, building homes for veterans.

Rabbitohs players Dylan Walker
and Aaron Gray could be out of hospital
as early as today after overdosing
on prescription medication. Broncos coach Wayne Bennett says drug misuse has nothing
to do with the NRL. Well, I'm a bit over
all this blaming the game. Somebody has got to take
responsibility for their actions. Both players are out of
intensive care. Melbourne's train network
will grind to a halt next week with more industrial action planned. The union will hold
a four-hour stop work on Thursday between 1am and 2pm after talks with Metro trains
reached another stalemate. Union members will also refuse to check tickets
on AFL Grand Final day, giving commuters a free ride. It will be the third train strike
to hit Melbourne this month. Volkswagen is grappling
with a global PR disaster which has forced its chief executive
Martin Winterkorn to resign. The company has been caught
cheating on emissions tests, installing smart software in
the engines of 11 million vehicles. Martin Winterkorn says
he's innocent of the conduct which is now being criminally
investigated. TRANSLATOR: We recognise
not only the economic damage caused but especially the loss of trust
of our customers around the world. Volkswagen is preparing to pay
billions in fines and compensation. The ACCC is looking into claims
Australian customers were misled. Prince Harry and Prince William
have swapped their crowns for a couple of hard hats - becoming tradies for the day
in Manchester. Their DIY skills were put
to the test as the royals helped renovate homes for former military personnel
in need. They arrived looking like part
of the crew but these were no ordinary tradies. Princes William and Harry
were royal renovators for a day, keen to show of their DIY skills. Morning, Ian.
Morning. They joined hundreds of tradespeople
and volunteers turning a derelict street
in Manchester into new homes
for ex-military personnel. 8 buildings and the facades
of 62 houses are being transformed in a television makeover series. A lot of guys are coming back
from the war zones and we're getting
too many on the streets. So this is a way of getting people
back into proper homes to try get their lives kick-started and something William and Harry
are very keen to support. William and Harry both have
strong ties to the armed forces. I left the army and went to the RAF
afterwards. I started doing search and rescue
flying and that so I've been flying
helicopters for a while. The brothers drew quite a crowd with everyone keen
to watch them at work. Now I know why you're three days
behind as well! There was some down-time
for William and Harry as well to meet ex-servicemen and women
already living in the street. They spoke with some
who'll soon be moving into the homes once they're finished. Harry gave them a warning. Enjoy your new place when you
eventually get into it. If there's anything wrong with
the patio, don't blame me. A dashcam has captured
the incredible moment a small plane made an emergency
landing in the US state of California. It touched down on a busy road
after the student and his instructor realised they wouldn't make it
to a nearby airport. No-one was injured.

Next in Seven News - we'll hear from
Hawthorn mentor Alastair Clarkson and Broncos coach Wayne Bennett. Plus David Pocock ensures the
Wallabies make a winning start to the Rugby World Cup.

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Hawthorn players are on their way
to Perth for tomorrow night's AFL Preliminary
Final against Fremantle but the reigning premiers'
preparation has been far from ideal. Sean Sowerby
is at Melbourne Airport. Good morning, Ann. Lucky for Hawthorn players
flying today - their flight is on time to Perth. Around 20 Hawks flew out
earlier this morning but yesterday, skipper Luke Hodge
and five other senior stars were left stranded when their early trip to WA to get an extra day to prepare their
older bodies was left derailed. In the end, they were forced to
spend half a day here at the airport but coach Alastair Clarkson says it
won't affect their performance tomorrow night, against the Dockers. Whether they were sitting
in the airport here or sitting in a hotel in Perth,
not gonna make too much difference. So they had a good night's sleep
last night and get themselves ready for the
game tomorrow. Meanwhile, former West Coast
premiership coach John Worsfold has declared he wants to coach
the Bombers and will meet with the club
later this week. I've been given a brief on what
I'm expected to present as the others will say, I'll be putting a fair bit of work
into that. So Ann, a massive week of AFL prelim
finals and of course you can catch them
live and free on the Seven Network. Ann.

Master coach Wayne Bennett admits he didn't think the Broncos
were NRL premiership contenders at the start of the season. Bennett's first year back
in Brisbane has exceeded all expectations. The Broncos can book
a Grand Final spot with a win over the Roosters at
Suncorp Stadium tomorrow night. I wanted to be here but I probably didn't think it was
going to happen so quickly. But you take what comes along and I'm more than pleased
with what they've done. The Roosters will have their final
training run this afternoon. Wallabies coach Michael Cheika says he doesn't care about missing out
on a bonus point in this morning's
Rugby World Cup win over Fiji. France and Scotland
had easy victories while the Aussies got home on the
back of two tries from David Pocock. Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld
is in Cardiff. Ann, it is a win for the Wallabies but probably not as big
as they would have liked. Three tries to one against Fiji. They needed four
to secure a bonus point and they've missed out on that,
leaving them in pool A. And it could prove pretty crucial
when it comes to progressing through to the quarterfinals. Two of those tries in the first half
to David Pocock, the number 8. Pocock crossed for two tries
thanks to the Australian maul. Sekope Kepu, the prop, well,
in the second half he managed to get over as well, managing to get over
from the backline in fact. The Australian coach,
Michael Cheika, concedes that his side lacked match fitness. It was really positive for us in the fact that we probably haven't
played a lot of rugby over the last period.

So that was always something
we needed to come to terms with relatively quickly
in the competition. Expect a couple of changes
to the Wallaby side for the match against Uruguay which is in just four days time
in Birmingham. Players like Quade Cooper
and Nick Phipps are expected to return
to the line-up for a game that should really be
an easy win for the Wallabies. In terms of the other major result
from overnight, Japan didn't quite continue
their winning ways. After beating South Africa
a couple of days ago, the lost to Scotland 45-10. Ann. Jason Day admits he'll be a marked
man at tonight's Tour Championship, his first event as world number one. The in-form Aussie is part of golf's
new Big Three with Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. It's like Jordan Spieth
and Rory McIlory had a baby and I was it. You know?

(LAUGHTER) 'Cause I've got Rory's length and I'm hoping that I've got
Jordan's touch. Day has the chance
to clinch the FedEx Cup and a $14 million bonus in Atlanta. Legendary racehorse Black Caviar
has given birth to her second foal. The colt's sire is
2008 Golden Slipper winner Seabring. He'd likely fetch
well in excess of $5 million if ever offered for sale. Popular sports presenter Mike Gibson
has died at the age of 75. He'll be best remembered
for his hosting duties on Wide World of Sports. If they gave medals for sports
broadcasting and sports journalism Gibbo would have won the gold. He was a good
as I've ever worked with. Gibbo switched from Channel 9
to Channel 10 in 1988 where he hosted
Good Morning Australia. More recently he was at Fox Sports as well as continuing his work
as a print columnist and radio host. Mike Gibson died yesterday
at his home, north of Sydney. Next in Seven's Morning news - the national weather forecast
with Tony Auden.

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Let's get a check of the weather
forecast now with Tony Auden. How's it looking, Tony? Good morning, Ann. There are two stories to tell
across the nation at the moment. In north and west,
conditions are hot with fire weather warnings current
for severe fire dangers. That's these orange areas here over parts of Queensland
the Northern Territory and WA. In the east, much cooler. And checking the radar we can see plenty
of showers grazing the NSW coast. Nelson Bay, north of Newcastle has
recorded 62mm over the past day and there are also strong winds
and powerful surf conditions along the coast. Checking the weatherwall now. In Sydney,
gusts have reached around 80km/h near the coast this morning. At the moment it's 14 degrees
with those showers continuing. In Brisbane - clear skies led to a
chilly minimum of 11 overnight. Today, beautiful sunny skies
though it's breezy along the coast. In Melbourne - forget chilly it was downright cold on 5 degrees
last night with frosts inland. At the moment
a few sunny breaks poking through. It's currently 12 degrees. And moving onto Hobart - with winds
out of the north-east under skies. It's 14 degrees at the moment,
but feels like 11. So onto today's forecast - a sunny top of 23 in Brisbane. Heavy showers at times and even
a possible storm in Sydney. Remaining cool
in south-eastern states with tops in the mid teens
for Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra. And a hot one for Perth
with a dry top of 30 degrees. That's the latest weather.
More details at 4pm and 6:00. Ann. Thanks, Tony.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext Captions by Ericsson.

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