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This morning - taking action against domestic violence, the Government unveils a multimillion-dollar funding package.It must become a country which is known for its respect for women and be proud that we respect them. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - journalist Peter Greste still uncertain about his future after two of his al-Jazeera colleagues are freed from prison in Egypt.The whole nightmare is over. We can live like normal people and go back home, enjoy my life.A group of Indonesian asylum seekers placed in detention after bad weather thwart s their attempt to reach Australia.And the Wallabies notch up a hard fought win against Fiji in the opening World Cup clash. Hello and welcome to Mornings on ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first -

Now we will get to those top stories in a moment but let's go back to the trade union royal commission which is hearing evidence in Brisbane today. It's hearing evidence from the secretary of the CFMEU Michael Ravbar, and it's been delving into allegations about the destruction of seven tonnes of document and also about security cameras being covered up as the documents were allegedly being reed. Let's secretary
hear more now from the CFMEU secretary in Queensland Michael Ravbar.... agreements that were in there.Again, Paula said they had electronic copies of those agreement s, not just on the BLF system but you could get them through the commission. There was - they were just EBAs, there was no notes or calculations or any documentation of that effect.Are you saying to the commission you went through every page to see whether or not there were any markings or anything?No, I didn't go through - like open up a project agreement and check every page. I had the documents and looked at what the documents were on the front cover, but I didn't actually then flick every stage of that one, no.How did you know whether or not there might not have been hand written changes or markings or comments in the margins in relation to those I didn't
EBAs?There could have been but I didn't see any.You didn't look?I looked at the agreements, the cover and that and there was nothing there that - I mean, in the enterprise bargaining area most of the stuff was way old.But you are saying you different look on every page to see whether or not there may have been notes markings up, comments, additions, alterations any of that -No. No.So you don't know whether or not indeed those documents would have been able to have been replicated elsewhere?Or were replicated elsewhere, I shoumd say?.As I said, I went through the documents and I was un concerned as long as we had an electronic report of the document. Mostly probably 80% of the agreements were long time ago. I wasn't worried about them, no.So you weren't aware whether or not there were copies able to be sourced elsewhere of those particular hard copy documents in the form that they were because you didn't look to see whether there were handwritten changes or not.I didn't look for handwritten stuff in between them. I didn't think there would be any speckies in there. I did inquiry to make sure we had a record of the agreements especially in the last round.The old one s. I was not concerned at all.So it didn't concern you that it was possible that the royal commission may require documents of that nature during the course of its inquiry into 2014?I wasn't concerned with what I saw. At the end of the day I thought I did a reasonably thorough investigation of those boxes. We had electronic record of all the current agreements. It's quite easy you can go through the commission and wrestle to get ak set to those older documents, they're on the public record. I wasn't concerned in respect to what I saw, no.What else did you do in relation to what you say your sorting task involved?The next one I did that day was there was a lot of boxes, probably -Are we still on Friday?Yeah, yeah.Still on Friday.There was a lot of boxes that had the industry funds. Again, a lot of stuff and
missing. They were - the funds and I will elaborate what was in there, was the bus superannuation, the income protection, the other one was the bird fund, there was some stuff from the welfare trust which is one of the funds.They had, like, trust deeds in there.They had directors manuals, there was board reports, and again all over the shot. Sor for some reason a lot of stuff from 2003 and 2001 4.Yeah, quite a few boxes with that. They were all compiled together thankfully.And again check with Paula is that we had a record in the union because we were on all those boards.And I was going to provide that to the royal commission late er so we had a copy of the trust deeds, the director manuals, and then we had the board reports that were -Did you go through page by page of these documents?No. I opened up the fold er because of a lot of them were in these white folders.I didn't see any sticky notes. I couldn't say I flicked through every day.So you don't know whether or not or
there were hand written note s or other notes or unique documents in there because you didn't look, did you?I opened all the olders.You a lot of folders
these field folders like be big folders but with only a bit of paper in them.I didn't see anything irregular. I wasn't too concerned because we had a record of all this information sir whether or
anyway.You don't know, do you, sir whether or not you had a record of this information. If you didn't look through each page?At the end of the day it was the BLF documentation.The only concern that I had was to make sure that the CFMEU had all that material. Again, I wasn't the authorised officer of the BLF and wasn't in charge of the BLF. My only concern or responsibility was to ensure that we had an electronic record of all those board reports, which we had, and as you know the royal commission has all of that.That was my major concern.Sir, you were take ing charge of the documents at the BLF because your organisations were merging or had merges or were about to formally merge, yes?You have were
to remember - sorry, yes? You were taking charge of the documents of the BHMF because your organisations were merging?That is the reason I went through the material.Exactly. Are you now saying it wasn't your responsibility. You said I wasn't the authorised officer of the BLF. What are you trying to say?My concern because there's a lot of dupe rication. It's like anything that both unions work in the same try there's a lot of common ality in respect of the boards. in
There's a lot of common alities in respect of agreements. There's a lot of common ality in a lot of areas, is that the last thing that I wanted to just
have in the organisation was just paper just sitting clawing up space as long as we had electricity record.If what was written down in some of these stuff wasn't - I wasn't the decision maker at the time is that at the end of the day I didn't think there was any need to keep these document'ses as we had electronic record of them.We will leave the there for the moment, that was live in brides, the hearings of the trade union movement looking into the destruction of seven tonnes of documents hearing from secretary Michael Ravbar. He is saying extensive electronic copies before the construction. If you want to continue washing that you can do so on the web - The proceed also continue through today.Social workers organisations
and anti-domestic violence organisations have welcome ed the Government's raft of measures to help victims. A short time ago Malcolm Turnbull unveiled a $100 million package violence.The
to address domestic violence.The funding will provide additional training and support for health workers an free legal advice at hospitals in domestic violence hospital spots. .We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to become
disrespect women. We must become a country which is known for its respect for women and be proud that we respect women.That is a vital objective that I am determined to ensure my Government leads, shows the litreship to be a nation that respects women.The first part of the items that
package are practical action items that we can take to keep women and children safe at home because at the end o of the day children
the more we can keep winl and children safe in their own home, where they should be, it means the less we are going to be putt putting additional pressures n services including refuges. We are going to be tunding 17 million dollars towards expanding the successful initiative to keep women safe in their homes like the safer at home program which basically enables women to get CCTV, to get panic buttons. To get security systems so if a perpetrator is trying to make in, the police will be notified.We finally are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue, that they recognise the responsibility they have to lead our society, our communities by speaking the language we need to hear. Not just talking to talk but they're now starting to walk the walk.And if this story has raised any issues for you, you can get help immediately by calling the national sexual assault and family violence counsel counselling help line. Later today, in about 15 minutes time or so, we will be interviewing a woman who represents women's refuges and seeing just what the demands are like right now and to what extent these measures allowanced this morning by the Federal Government will help efforts
them in continuing their efforts to help women dealing with domestic violence.AA man accused of murdering his step daughter in the Hunter Valley will remain in custody. He was arrested yesterday after the body of a 12-year-old was found by a family member earlier yesterday morning. The matter was heard in Maitland this morning where the magistrate granted an adjournment to Newcastle in two weeks. The man did not appear in the courtroom or apply for bail. Australian journalist Peter Greste says he is slight delighteded by the Egyptian President's decision to pardon two of his al-Jazeera colleagues venlg their release somes three weeks after being jailed for three more years in jail for working in Egypt without a licence. Mr Greste was not named
who was convicted in absentia was not named on the list of those pardoned. So he remains a convicted criminal.I couldn't believe it. It was something that we really important expecting. Obviously we had been hoping they might be pardoned and cleaned but we just can't really expect it would come on that day at that time. So I was completely shocked and obviously as any good journalist knows you never trust one source and that is all we had at that point, one tweet, to it took a few minutes to sink in. Both Baher and Mohamed is with their families.And the family is with his wife. And they're both I think for both of them I can fairly safe to say that while they understand intellectually what's happened, it will take a few day s before the reality of this sinks into their bellies. At the moment we can only assume that I am still a convicted terrorist, as bizarre as that sounds to say it.What's clear is what we understand from the translation is that three people in the al-Jazeera trial, in another case have been pardoned. But we don't know who the third person is. It's unnamed. I may be me, there were a couple of students who were also convicted alongside us and sentenced. Although they had nothing to do with Ground Zero they were now caught up in our society. This announcement came on the eve of the Eid festival and everything shuts down in Egypt, literally everything. So we will probably have to wait until early next week to get a clear answer.But some of that vision was from yesterday when that magic moment was caught on camera when he found out that his jail
mates had been release #23rd jail or were about to be re released. He was prerecording 'The Chaser's Media Circus'. Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy etch pressed their relief at the decision was made but wows to continue to fight for press freedom.We are lappy that President Sisi took this action and released us. I will continue fighting for press freedom. I have been working on a chart mer the prison cell to introduce to the Egyptian journalist syndicate and to the presidency in Egypt to impress freedoms for both, ejichings and foreign journalists working in Egypt because I think there is a lot that can be done to protect us from prosecution in Egypt croo.This whole night player is over. We can live like performal people and go back home, enjoy my life and that is it.The stop yr I today - the Turnbull Government unveiled a $100 million domestic violence funding peakage to improve services for VIXes and training for front-line - victims and Peter
training for frontline staff. Peter Greste says he is overjoy edded his al-Jazeera colleagues have been pardoned by the Egyptian President but he has label ed the gesture only a step towards justice.He was convicteded in absentia of spreading false news. More than a dozen asylum seekers a attempting to get to Indonesia have been placed this immigration detention centre after they were forced to call for help when their boat ran into bad weather. The Leekers on that board that boat paid $650 for the famed for voyage.Neshz correspondent George Roberts reportsWashed up, a long way from its destination.The small booed en boat was supposed to get Australians to Australia but it didn't get far. Running into big waves off the West Coast on f Java. TRANSLATION: From Bangladesh we used a small boat to Thailand. Stayed in Highland for three days and look another three days in Malaysia and then crossed to muddian and Indonesia. From there it was TRANSLATION:
meant to be a cheap trip. TRANSLATION: From Jakarta to Australia, it cost 6.5 million ru pee.That is less than $650 Australian, significantly less than the thousands of dollar s people smugglers used to charge. Still, money wasted for the passengers.Police who process nem told ABC News was no mention of political change in Australia being behind their reasons for atempteding the trip.Why did you leave from Bangladesh?Because of poverty and unlest.Now they're being helped by Indonesia immigration officials.Tributes are being posted on social media for another young one killed in Syria. Friends and family of 27-year-old Shareef Al Nimer have told the ABC he was working for a German Islamic charity group. Mr Al Nimer was a youth worker in Sydney where Hamdi Alqudsi was also an active member. Alqudsi will face court next year.Australian Muslims are gathering at local mosques across the country to celebrate the holy festival. Bonny Brown has more from Lakemba's one of the most important dates on the Islamic State calendar along with ram can which is the end of that annual month of Facing. Eid is the end of the pilgrimage to the holy sierkts it's a very joyous occasion for those around the world. Some 20 tho people have turned up to the la kem baa mosque to pray today. The street is closed to accommodate the sheer numbers turning up here morning. About 5,000 people can fit inside Lakemba mosque but people are laying down their prayer mats and getting outside it in the streets here. Everyone is having a chot, some coffee, there's om grilled bread and after the festivities at the mosque conclude, people exchange gifts an visit each other s in their homes to enjoy a snack and pass on the good will.An emergency summit of European leaders has ended in drus Brussels The leaders also pledged about 1.5 billion dollars to help US agencies support Syrian refugees who remain in the Middle East. 7,000 people have crossed from Hungary into Austria in the last in hours Alon loan.Training here carry hopes, day after day from one border to the next.After seven hours in this train doorway, the Salam family ask us where it is they have arrived today. Their youngest was three months old when they left their bombed out home in Syria. After a year in needs
Turkey's refugee camps Hasam needs work to support his family and Germany, he says, is the place to go. I asked how he would feel being sent somewhere else. TRANSLATION: No.Maybe English country. British or Holland. Not France, I guess, not France.Why?No reason, but I love Germany. I love Germany. I want go to Germany.It's the fifth border they have crossed this week.But this one is different.First country in West Europe.Their first taste of it, the queue for taxis: There's another for the state-run bus. There are Syrians here but also Indians and Nigerian, nations not listed under the new EU scheme. Thurms like this are becoming routine at Europe's borders one day. Maybe 9,000 one day and the weather may be less predictable may be slowly creaking into life as the flow of people wants continues.Somewhere among them rHasam, his wife and three young children, drops in this fast flowing human sea. Pope Francis has urged the United States to help tackle on climate change and has urged on Americans to build a tolerant and inclusive society. The pontiff has praised President Obama's efforts to reduce air lution. Stephanie March has more from Washington.The Pope had a chance to speak on the White House south lawn in front of thousands of people, he gave a joipt statement with the President Bosh and he took the opportunity to speech in weng which is a link that the Cope is not comfortable with and he had been practising to get maximum impact from his messages as he speaked on his things he
tour across America. One of the things he chose to pick up on in that which which would attract audience on the lawn but globally was about climate change.Mr President, I am finding it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation.We're outside the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception where inside the Pope is performing the first ever canonisation on American soil that is of a Spanish-born Franciscan friar who in 1700s was credited with doing a lot of - opening a lot of mission ris an spreading the Catholic faith through ical California. There were people queuing up to get inside. This morning there were 10s of catch
thousands of people trying to catch the glimpse of the Pope in his mope mile. So he is very possible and he threatened to upstage all the leaders he will meet in the rest of his visit. Freedom of information documents have revealed that the department of former PM investigating
Tony Abbott discuss ed investigating the Bureau of immediate rolling after media claims that it was exaggerate ing global warming estimates. The move follows reports in the Australian newspaper questioning the bureau's methology for analysing temperatures. The articles published in August and December last year claim the bureau was willfully ignoring evidence that contradicted its propaganda. The Bureau has strongly rejected its researchers but just seeks later it was shown that the dt of PM and Cabinet canvassed using a task force on the bureau's climate reports.Volkswagen's chief executive Martin Winterkorn has resigned as the scandal over the vehicle emission tests.A trio of Volkswagen board members made the announcement. Company executive executive Winterkorn was out. beginning
TRANSLATION: Part of this new beginning is the offer by the Professor to accept down and the board acknowledge s that with great respect. I want to.Winterkorn issues a statement saying he took respond and that Volkswagen needs a fresh start.Executive s said they were pursuing an internal investigation to find out how this made its way into the vehicles.We will bring to light all the proceeds in the company and make sure all the people concerned will be intrauted.Germans including those in live in Volkswagen city quardquarterers are dis curbed by the country's reputation that's soiled the reputation for folt products..They all knew about it in the end. That is criminal dealing if you ask me. It was like a Haffa.It just can't be true, that such a global firm ruins their image like this. TRANSLATION: I am disgusted because there should be role models. Just imagine this sort of manipulation is having at the very top and to such a huge extent. In the US a Chicago teern is taking legal action against on the half of owners.There is the consequential damages associated with that, whether it's dim use in value, could impact the price.German prosecutors plan a criminal investigation and in the US also VW could face charges of line froud and lining to regulators. A US law maker demanded stiff punishment. There always to be some rorpate effectives that knew this and aught to have gone it to go to jail.Volkswagen has already paed a hef quli fries for the scandal with stark following sharply and Bools of dollars of lines loom ing over it. But the biggest loss to the customers cannot be esh b mesh Ied - that is the loss of its reputation.Time for the weather. We have thunderstorm clouds mainly off the east coast, there is a deep swell in the wake of a front in the Tasman. This sex tending all the way up to Queensland's southern waters. We have showery weather along the coast. The showery winds will move north over the coming days, increasing to rain along the south-east. Cold front can be seen approaching the south-west, a slight chance of it producing showers this little
evening but there is very little rain coming in as a trough moves inland the winds will become a little bit cooler.

The top stories today - the Turnbull Government has unveiled a 100 million dollar package to address domestic violence. The money will go towards services for victims as well as more training for police, social workers will
abemergency staff. There will s will be fundsing for the expansion of safer schools website which provides resources for teacher, parents and students on respectful relationships. Peter Greste has labelled the Egyptian President's pardon of his al-Jazeera colleagues as a partial step. He is overjoyed that Mohamed Fahmy and Baher They
Mohamed were granted a pardon. They had listen jailed along with Mr Greste for allegedly spreading false news connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.More than a dozen asylum seekers have been attempted in immigration detention after they were forced to call for help when their boat ran into bad weather. The boat was discovered after it was struck by waves trying to reach Christmas Island. And the Wallabies have beat en Fiji in their rugby World Cup opener in Cardiff. Australia gained a commanding position from David Pocock.Let's get more now on the Government's $100 million initiative to help victims of domestic violence. Rosie Batty has been the face of many anti-domestic violence campaigns since her son luke was brutally beaten to death by his father last year. The Australian of the Year has thanked the Government for its support.I am really very emotional. I have worked really hard this year.Have spoken at over 250 events and reached over 50,000 people.Trying to get this message across of how serious family violence is in our society. There have been thousand of people through decades working so hard to get to this point where we accept that it's a gender issue. We have two women a week being murdered. One in three women affected by violence and one in four children. We finally are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue, that they recognise the responsibility they have to lead our society, our communities by speaking the language we need to hear. Not just talking the talk but they're now starting to walk the walk. What we are talking about is giving the women choice because it's quite ludicrous to think that we have always placed the onus of expected
safety on to the victim, expected that they uproot themselves, move, pull their children out of school, leave the communities and family members that are supporting them, live anonymous ly an hide. It will be that some people have to do that.It will not be the right solution for some women. But a lot of people will want to feel safer at home and ongoing more safely at home. It should not be their responsibility to fund this out of themselves, to find the resources themselves, when they are innocent in this. So really I think it sends a message, I feel, that is supporting women with the choices that they want to make.Rosie Batty speaking this morning in Melbourne. Advoe kasy groups fear that specialised women's refuge also loose out in the funding boost. Catherine Gandar is from the coalition of women's refuges an joins me now. Good morning. Before we get to the substance of the announcement this morning I just want to go to one of the figures that was mentioned this morning, and that is that 63 people this year alone have lost their lives at the hand of their partners or family members.It's a stunning figure, what is the pressure and demand on women's refuges and services around the country like now?I think that the turn away figures probably speak to that, Joe, that last year women alone the figure was 2800 turned away and we can probably easily double that if not triple that if we included children. We need to take into account that some of the things that Rosie spoke about this morning about the importance of the program that the PM has announced around supporting women in their to remain in their home safe ly I think that is something that we all support, that those kinds of initiatives where women have increased choices. But I think the important thing that Rosie spoke about as well was that those solutions aren't for everybody. It is about choices.And for some people remaining in their home with some increased protection things like changing locks, et cetera, will not be the answer. And for some women as well remaining in the home that has a long association with trauma and experiences they do want the choice to leave.Can you give us an idea of how many women every night in Australia are refuges and places - a rthsI am not sure of that figure.Thousand s are turned away each year?Yes, thousands are turned away and that is probably an undercount. One of the issues that we have as well is women's refuges are in a homelessness program Andraka women escaping DV, the character of that is quite different to providing support to someone who is homeless. Often it's about homicide prevention, it requires the service to be integrated and connected to the police, to health, to legal services, to integrated
housing, et cetera. It is that integrated response.Let's get to the announcement - what portion of that goes to women's refuges.We couldn't see anything in that that is going things that
to women's refuges. One of the things that I think a lot of people - the Coalition for women's refuges is formed from a lot of different organisations that are very concerned about the lack of investment in 24 area.- in this area.At the moment the women's electoral lobby has got a policy proposal that is being circulated nationally which is receiving unbelievable support. I think every community is saying we need somewhere safe for women to go.How do you feel about that? This was a major announcement this morning with the PM making some really clear directions and statements and about the direction he wants to take Australia in terms of a cultural shift with respect for women and this $100 million package and from what you can see not much at all, if not anything for women's refuges:It's disappointing but I think also we welcome the PM leadership on this issue. It is a national disgrace, it's great to see it come up so early in his leadership and at the first Cabinet meeting and to have these announcements made and we'd hope he would look at proposals like the Women's Electoral Lobby proposal. And really start to think about - one of the things that Rosie always talks about as well is specialist family violence services and their responses. Often women's refuges are those workers in the community. They're not generalist workers. They're workers that specialise in that area.And we need investment in that area. Women need to be able to go to the right place and get the right support from the right people at the right time. And probably a good example, Joe, is we have this number of women who are being killed every year in this country, which is something needs to be done urgently about that, we know that in the case of a woman last year that it was found that 12 times at least she had tried to get into a women's refuge in NSW. We don't know how often those post-mortems
kinds of findings come out in post-mortems but it came out clearly in her, it's disgraceful.What other financial stresses are on women's refuge s right now and how much do you need a fresh injection of cash to keep these services going for women who, as you say, there will inevitably be some sort of demand, no matter how much money is put towards things like safety in homes?I think we have a real opportunity with the PM taking a leadership and making this a priority issue, to really look at a proposal that recognises that women's refuges are not a homelessness response. They're a response to preventing homicide, and they're a response in the very dangerous circumstances for women and children. Women and children cannot be made to return home in this country because there is not anywhere for them to go. I think we need to separate that program out and start to look at what are the - and also to make that across States and territories.I was impress ed to hear the PM say he is talking with States and Tet Premiers on this issue.Unfortunately we have to leave it there. But thank you so much for coming. InThank you.Let's go live now to Sydney. The Opposition Leader media
Bill Shorten has just begun a media conference.... innovation and education economy.Labor's really committed to making sure that Australians can have good, rewarding work in the future, that is why ot our Budget reply I outlined the first stage of Labor's policies to capture the waive wave of digital change that is washing through the whole world. At Budget reply I said we needed to make sure our education system #1u7 to scratch. We proposed that Australian children at school should be able to learn coding it would
but when they go to university it would be $100,000 HECS debt free places for students who enrole in science, technology, engineering and math mattics. At the same time, we've recommitted to funding properly TAFE and to opposing the deregulation of the Government of universities which means that there will be downward pressure on the price of going to university. So all of these measures, plus supporting funding for start-ups, means that we have outlined until today how we can help set up the work force for the future in technology. But more work needs to be done. That is why today Labor is addressing the challenges that we need another $100,000 workers in ICT industries in the next six years. Labor doesn't accept the status quo that Australian business in terms of collaboration with universities is only 32nd in the world when it comes to small and medium enterprises working with universities and indeed 33rd in the world when it comes to big business working with universities. We need to see a lot closer relationship between universities and business and most importantly we want to see more young people encouraged to back their ideas. This is where our policies today on start-ups come in.If we do start-ups properly in this country it's estimated in the next two decades there could be over half a million jobs created by start-up businesses. So today Labor is making the following announcement - one, we want to support 2,000 students every year, final year student, graduate, instead of racing off into the work force, to be given an honours year but not in the old which which was considered. We are proposing that 2,000 of our brightest, most enterpleases young people, with work in university accelerator hub, comparable to the institutions we are in today even and what we see is young people for a year will receive business training, mentorship but most importantly they've spent three years at university or four years, they have got a good idea. We want to give them for an extra year the chance to backing their own ingenuity and the way we will do it is provide income contingent loans to them so young people have financial security to be able to back in their great new idea.In addition, 2,000 graduate income contingent loans for start-up ideas in a year after they finish university, we're also proposing there would be 2,000 John entrepreneurship visas. This means if there's bright people around the world who might be working out still they come to Australia or another country to start an idea, we are going to open the doors so that the 2000 of the brightest people in the world can have a chance to have a viza in a Australia, where they can back in their ideas, where they have capital funding for it and we will be better off if we can win the competitiontor the brains race that is on. In addition to that we are proposing 2,000 graduate entrepreneurship visas. We take a lot of international students in Australia.But quite often they
when they finish their degree they head back to their home country. Having gone to the effort of helping educate these bright people we want to encourage some of them to stay in Australia and back their idea soe. We would create a one-year visa camable of being extended depending on their idea. Where 2,000 students have a good idea, educated in an Australian institution, we encourage them to stay here and back their idea further. That are some of Labor's ideas in our second wave of reforms to capture the jobs of the future. We have set up the case for properly teaching STEM subjects in schools . We will provide 100,000 spots for stem students to go to university, for teachers to go back into the education system so teach others what they know as well as upsilling existing teachers we have proposed all of that. We have proposed financing half a billion dollar start-up ve investment funds for clever ideas in this area and now what we are proposing on sop of our commitment to properly fund universities in Australia and put downward pressure on university fees is a series of innovative measures which will ensure that the best and the brightest in the world will be incentivised to come to Australia, some of the best and the bright nest the world who are currently educate ing in Australia might choose to back in their ideas here and very importantly we nurture our home grown talent and give the bright kids who finish their degree to back in their ideas for another year, collaborating with industry and business knowledge.And behind all of that we're also proposing that we need to open up our government, it makes itself accessible to new technology. We are proposing there should be more generally publicly available data that Government has and greater access to this data so that we can start opening up the information government has and have other people work with this information and we want to adopt a particularly innovative idea from the United States called where we provide challenge plat forms. Labor understands that quite often the best ideas an organisation may need are not immediate ly within that organisation so we will set up challenge plat forms an invite the whole community, bright people to look at the this
challenges Government has. Now this is quite a detailed plan and we will scr more to say in coming weeks and months about taxation, about a platform for investment and engagement in our region. What Labor is doing today is we recognise the digital age is upon us, we recognise it is not enough for Government and politicians to remark about the existence of changes. What would we do about? It we get that the digital economy is changing the way Australians are educated. The way we communicate. The way we work, the way we relate to each other.What we want to do is make sure that Australia benefits from the global competition for jobs, by making sure that Australians have the best possible skills going forward, that they have the best possible chances to innovate and backing their own ideas and that we become a start-up nation. I believe that Australia is capable of being in the top 10% of global nations when it comes to start-ups, provided we have the right policies.Now what I'd like to do is ask some of my shadow Ministers to talk further in detail about what we are talking about today.Thanks very much, Bill. The fact of the matter is that the majority of jobs that will be created in Australia over the next 10 years will be in firms which do not today exist. What we are doing today, what Bill has announced, is Labor's next stage? Plan s to make sure the environment intis exists for those firms to emerge and grow and create great jobs for Australians. The fact of the matter is that the technological revolution is occurring, Australia does haven't a choice about that. But we do have a choice where or
we're at the cutting edge of it or the victims of it. That is the choice Australia has, it's one of the most important economic opportunities Australia has before it. What we are announcing is the next stage in Labor's plans. Bill made a series of very important announcements in his Budget reply back in May and today we are announcing the next stage. And as Bill said there will be more to come.This is the culmination of months of work.On behalf of Labor's team. I know that innovation and entrepreneurialism is the favour of the fortnight night. This is the culmination of consultation with start-up, with universities, both in Australia and overseas.What we are implement ing today in many regards represent s world's best pracity, the entrepreneur's visa, it exists in other countries. We looked at how it works in the United Kingdom and other countries and we have adopted the best part of the schemes around the world and the scheme to enable young university students who have ideas to stay on and try to comes
turn those ideas into reality comes from consultation, not only with universities but with start-ups themselves. This is the result of considerable amount of work. These ideas will form the basis of the approach of a Shorten late. But if the Government chooses to they
imbrace them in the meenltd they will do so with our full bipartisan support and likewise if they have other ideas if they're good ideas we will also back them because this is too important for Australia's future.I just want to emphasise just how much this will be defining feature of the next Labor Government, the belief in entrepreneurialism, in taking risk, in getting start-up businesses.There are announcements that Bill has made and we have flagged in the past the jont preb yur's visa and today we are announcing how it would work in more detail. I would come with the full focus of Bill as PM, myself as Communications
Treasurer, Jason as Communications Minister, Ed, Kym the whole Labor Cabinet and team. Focussed on future because the opportunities so important.The important point I want to make this is not a boutique debate. This is the main game. For too long the focus has on spending at the expense of this issue, the digital transformation of our economy. This has been left on the sideline, it can't be left there anymore. 40% of the jobs that Australians do today will be replaced by computers in the next 10 to 15 years.And more job s will be created, new jobs will be created but they will require different skills and we need to make sure that Australians have the skills to do those jobs. As Chris said just then, most of the jobs that will be created in the next decade and beyond are by companies that don't exist today, by start-ups an we need to build as many great start-up s in Australia as we can. We we have met some today and we need more of them. To give you an example of the potential of start-ups to grow exponentially have a look at five American companies on the West Coast of the United States that, together, have a combined market cap of almost the size of the Australian stock exchange.Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Uber, together almost the size of the Australian stock exchange.That is why we need to focus here, this is where the jobs of the future are.And from the work we are doing the key take-outs from people working in the sector in start-ups and in venture capital are we don't have the skills we need and we don't have the money to invest and target investments in the start-up community. That is why we have said to make sure we have the skills we need to for the future, we need coding need
starting in primary school. We need to teach teach er s the skills to teach ore students STEM subjects and we need to make sure we have the home-grown talent we need and that is why we have a start-up year at University and bring in talented people from overseas and keep students who come to Australia and study here, here in Australia starting up new businesses. On top of that we need to make sure we have money invest ed in good ideas. So Bill announced six months ago a co investment fund, a half a bm dollar co investment fund, investing with venture capital in great start-up ideas and on top of that we are announcing we want to work with Australian superannuation funds and look at ways to provide incentives to work with them for Australian venture capital companies to invest in Australian start-ups. We need more skills and more money and that is what we are focussed on, working with the start-up community: I want to thank a ul the people in the start-up community who have helped us to come up with this plan, this is stage two and there's much more to come.Can I make one final point - this place, and other places like it are about disruption an we're all about disrupg too. We are prepared to disrupt the way in which politics is usually done. If these ideas are things that the Government believes they can work with us on, we are happy to work with them on it because innovation doesn't wait for elections. The national mission now is for us to become more ino vaitive, to grow the economy and to generate new jobs and we think that work can start right now. It doesn't wait for a Federal election to to
cop. We are certainly willing to work with Malcolm Turnbull if he is willing to work with us.Are you pleased with the (inaudible)?I am but are there any questions about the technology they would love to talk about that?How much is it going to cost and how will you fund it?Two answers. We can not afford not to be in the game of innovation technology and better chances for our young people. We have articulated across all our policies we want more kids to feel they can go to university. More mature age students to feel they can change occupation. We want to give them the opportunity to get into STEM. I believe the current situation is a dire indictment of where we're at. The truth of the matter is, say, for instance, New Zealand - they are providing when you have a look at the start-ups they're doing something like 20% of their turnout as a collaboration between companies and universities we are at 4%. If you look at the grad wallet rates of Australians finished with STEM degrees it ease 16%. It's something like 5 5 1 or 52% in Singapore and 45% in China. So the first point I make to you in term of cost and price is let's start reporting the politics differently. Let's look at the value we're creating and where we need to be not just the price of it. But coming to the porn point you make about price, our policies today are $16 or $17 million. That is what is really good about what we are proposing today.The idea that we would get 2,000 kids who are at uni, the second sort of big dot come start-up inventor - doth come inventor might be studying right now. They might have an idea which they think the
is an idea which might change the way our society is argued, might change the way commerce is conducted. What we are proposing today is that for 2,000 of these kids who have drive and onpren turship, but - entrepreneurship, but when they finish their study, in a year, when they lock in the capacity of people, when you look at the price of it compared to what we is
are potentially develop, this is a great deal. The same as the visas. We need to be in the global competition for the smart est minds on the planet. There's lot of good reasons to come and live in Australia. We have a great lifestyle, a great quality of life. This is a very good society. What we need to do is attract people to it.As my team have been talking about we have been looking at what's best practice in the world. It is a very small cost to offer 2,000 entrepreneur visas to people who would bring some capital and also backing their ideas. It is a very small cost to help say to international students we would like you to stay here and back your idea. So when you look at it from improving the quality of our teacher, from upskilling stis exist ing teachers and to make sure kids are ing in love w the STEM-related subject, and providing a fund that will have a multiplier effect on capital accumulation through unlocking the flow of capital from superannuation funds into technology and start-ups in this country, right through to opening up Government.Right through to having challenge cost
platforms where very very small cost we are saying $5 million we can gauge the whole of the Australian community in what the challenge s of Government question
are. So I appreciate your question because it really does go to the poict point that there is a lot more vaum to be createded here if we're imaginative, evolved and willing to back in the best and the brightest.The latest Morgan poll shows 61% of voters aged 18 to 24 are (inaudible). Would you say this is a plan to appeal to that demographic?I did say go back to domestic violence. So I will quickly deal with this question. Labor gets how young people are argued in this society. One big difference between the Liberal Party of Australia and Labor is we don't look at young people and say you have to pay more for everything. When we look at the cost of young people in Australia, they go to works, they have to compulsorily save some income, we support that but that means foregone income right now. Young people have to pay their HECS dents and then what the Liberal Party's approach to young people is they see a cash register. They want young people to pay more in GST. They want them to pay more in going to university. And our strategy today about technology and start-up is not about votes, frankly. We are happy if furnl takes our whole platform because we think that innovation shouldn't wait for an election. This nation is too important to worry about. That we are entering in the pleased
competition of ideas. I am pleased if young people are responding well to our ideas, not to mention also our But
consistency on climate change. But for us it's all about making sure that young people and their parents know. We're backing bright kids, it doesn't matter where you come from but you will get the same chances in life. It's not based often how rich your parents are and we will make sure we give the best start in life for the futures. As & lot of young people are now leave ing university and there will be jobs they will be doing in the next 10 years we currently don't exist. We must give them the best skills so they can fulfil their own potential. In terms of domestic violence I am really pleased that the Liberal Government is taking up this issue.To be fair, I think that Tony Abbott had worked on a lot of this and I notice that Malcolm Turnbull did give him some credit and I am happen question with that. In terms of domestic violence it is a black mark on Australian society. What sort of country do we want our kids to see we are? What sort of nation do we want to present ourselves to other people in the world where 63 women have been killed, murdered by people who say they love them? It is unacceptable.I firmly believe that domestic violence, family violence is a national crisis. So I am pleased that the Liberal Party's talking about domestic violence just like the Labor Party is. I am pleased for Rosie Batty and Ken Lay and all the survivors if there is interest in what they've been through. But it needs to go further. I'm really pleased. I also say that you cut $22 million from legal aid funding, sorry, legal - communities legal centres who help women. Any person who has been through the family
system trying to recover from family violence who has had to go through the family law courts, through dealing with the post code lottery depending on does the magistrate get what happened to you or are they old school and have no concept? What is important is that women going through this system have legal advice and support, so I ask Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals, congratulations on what you've done, but please just find that other $22 million you've cut because otherwise we haven't even got to where we were before the 2013 election and further more, women's refuges need to be properly funded. Anyone who has ever known someone who has been through family violence often finds that someone the staying
perpetrator gets the reward of staying in the house and the women or the mother has to change job, accommodation, move the kids from school. Women's refuges won't solve the problem of family violence but they will help those survivors get through the next few weeks and months after terrible things have happened so I say to Malcolm Turnbull great start, Labor, we can work together on there but this is money which has been cut by the Liberal Government to community legal services and there has been money cut from women's refuge, we need to do that too.Was it wise for Malcolm Turnbull to say he would consider changes to asylum seeker policy yesterday?You'd have to ask Malcolm Turnbull that. In terms of asylum seeker policy Labor at our national convention has come up with I believe a very humane policy when it comes to refugee, we proposed doubling the number of refugees you take before the Syrian crisis blew up, we believe fundamentally that Australia can take more refugees. We've also proposed that when it comes to Manus Island and Nauru that we sit down and talk to the Narauan and Papua New Guinea Governments to talk about bilateral mechanisms to ensure there is proper oversight, Australian Governments cannot wash their hand of what happens in these facilities where they're funding them. Of course we have to work with the particular Governments where these facilities are but we completely believe that staff have the right if they're concerned what they say to be able to say what's going on without facing penalty, we also believe there's a big role in terms of the Ombudsman and looking after the protection of children in these facilities.Do you think if you became PM you would be sold on boat people - your resolve - would be tested by people smugglers?I think if people smugglers are criminal syndicates. These are not al truist, they exploit vulnerable people lightly seeking a better life, they charge them up to $10,000 plus and put them in harm's way with the risk of death and drowning. So I've got no doubt that criminal syndicate also always be trying to test the resolve of Governments but I know that they will find no chink in our armour when it comes to humane treatment of refugee, when it comes to ensuring that the trillions don't get back into business. We are as determined as anyone else to defeat the criminal syndicates stul stop.There a challenge for you to put forward legislation amending the China FTA will you do that?Yes. No problems. What I'd also say on the China FTA is - and I've spoken to Mr Turnbull about this directly - is this - we know you can't change the treaty, Labor is not seeking to do that. We think that a China free trade agreement is a good thing but we also want to ensure that Australians are getting the opportunities to work in Australia and getting priority. That's all. Now the Government says that there's no problem and that any of the concerns we have won't materialise, that's the basis for a negotiation. If they say there is no problem and legitimate concerns have been expressed we'll work it out, I've been in far harder negotiations than this but our priority is to make sure that when we have change in this country doesn't matter if that's digital disruption or a want to
China free trade agreement, we want to ensure that no-one gets element
left behind. See, that's one element which is fundamental to Labor. We are ambitious about the future, we're confident about the confident, have the policies for the future, but we believe that there must always be the test of fairness. I don't buy this argument that if change only works for some people people that that's good enough. Got to make change work for all Australians and that's what we're doing today by making sure that we have got a platform to help Australia's clever start-ups get turbo charge they need so that us can can win the race to the future for jobs and attracting the smart people to Australia. Thanks everyone v a lovely day.We'll leave that there. That was live from Sydney, the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announcing a policy on start-up, responding to one of the key areas that the new PM Malcolm Turnbull has identified in the last week so Labor would introduce entrepreneurs visas to enable 2,000 young uni students with ideas to stay on reality and just
in Australia and turn them into reality and just to the end of that media conference there the Opposition Leader expressing optimism that Labor and the Government should be able to come to some form of agreement on the China free trade agreement, so we should hear more on that through the afternoon. The disrespect of woman should be become something retided as Australian Transport Safety Bureau. That's the message from Malcolm Turnbull who has announced more than $100 million to curb domestic violence.I'll really very emotional. I've worked really hard this year.Rosie Batty knows the terror family can inflidget far too well. Her 11-year-old son Luke died at the hands of his father last year. She's urged Governments to do more. Ever since.We finally are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue.The family violence package is the first decision of Malcolm Turnbull's Cabinet. $17 million will try to keep women safe in their homes with measures including security cameras, or new locks, and millions will be spent on technology with funding for up to 20,000 new mobile phones to prevent women being tracked and trials of GPS technology to continuously track perpetrators.Those people who are going to basically end up if we're not careful killing a woman.There'll also be millions of trains for front-line workers including police and hospital staff to better support victims. And money to establish one stop dv support hubs. Over the laster term the PM says the culture of Australians need to change.We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women, we must become a country which is known for its respect for women.This week is a tragically timely one for the Government's announcement. A 12-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her stepfather in the NSW Hunter recently yesterday. And pregnant mother of four and her unborn baby girl were allegedly bludgeoned to death by her partner in Sydney's west on Tuesday.We will see another example of a woman losing her life as a result of family violence so whilst today is a great step forward there are still some so much more work to be done.The job starts with respect and $100 million but will take at least half the population to complete it.And if that story has raised any issues for you, you can contact