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halfback, but only means one thing if it is Pocock. But they go again. 5

greets Australia and Fiji. Listen to the raw in Cardiff!

they go wide again. Who said David a
Pocock wasn't traditional, that was a cracking run.Great surely
heard the wrong way. Slowly but surely it comes back. 60%,
Against the US, the Wallaby getting Stephen Moore taking his time to mass.
get a foot on the pill. A battle of mass. The penalty goes to Fiji.

their first attempt, but they will back themselves this time. lineout.
ways in life.Good win at the lineout. Good formation again. transferred it into to
something here as well. He is going to the pocket. halfback,
backline. Always get a pedal.At if
halfback, but only means one thing if it is the
of left or right, six onto.What the number three. You Throwing it quickly. advantage
in the buildup. Finally taking advantage of 5 m out, Five
Hooper? Look at Fiji on the screen. Five onto. to
tackle from Israel Folau. They try to turn it over, I think they have, he
James Slipper, they know how tough about
he is. There is nothing he knew about that. warning
is not well. Glenn Jackson is warning the Fijians, they were

Plenty of positives, but also plenty to work on.