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This morning, taking action against domestic violence. The Government unveils a multimillion-dollar funding package.Must become a country which is known for its respect for women and be proud that we respect women. Live by CSI
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, journalist Peter his
Greste still uncertain about his future after two of his Al Jazeera colleagues are freed from prison in Egypt.The whole nightmare is over. We can live like normal people and go back home, enjoy my life.A group of Indonesian asylum seekers placed in detention after bad weather thwarts their attempt to reach Australia. And the Wallabies notch up a hard-fought win against Fiji in their opening World Cup clash. Hello and welcome to Mornings on ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. A quick look at the weather first:

Social workers and anti-domestic violence organisations have welcomed the Government's raft of measures to help victims. A short time ago, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled a $100 million funding package to address domestic violence. The funding will provide additional training and support for health free workers and free legal advice at hospitals in domestic violence hot spots. Mr Turnbull says he wants men who disrespect women to be viewed as un-Australian.Disrespecting women does not always result in violence against women but all violence against women begins with disrespecting women. We as leaders, as a government, must make it, and we will make it, a clear national objective of ours to ensure that Australia is more respecting of women. Women must be respected. Disrespecting women is unacceptable.The first part of the package, a practical action items we can take to keep women and children safe at home. Because at the end of the day the more we can keep women and children safe in their own home, where they should be, it means the less we are going to be putting additional pressures on services including refuges. We are going to be funding $17 million towards expanding the successful initiative to keep women safe in their homes like the Safer at Home program which basically enables women to get CCTV, to get panic buttons, to get better security systems so that if a perpetrator is trying to break in, the police will be notified.We finally are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue, that they recognise the responsibility they have to lead our society, our communities, by speaking the language we need to hear, not just talking the talk but now starting to walk the walk.

The Al Jazeera journalists who were imprisoned in Cairo alongside Australian Peter Greste have been freed after being pardoned by the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Their release comes just over three week else after they were sentenced to three more years in jail for working in Egypt without a licence. Peter Greste says he is delighted his colleagues have been pardoned but says he doesn't know what will happen with his own conviction just yet.I couldn't believe it. It was something we weren't expecting. We were hoping they might have been pardoned, might have been cleared but we really didn't expect it would come on that day at that time so I was completely shocked and obviously, as any good journalist knows, you never trust one source and that's all we had at that point, just one Tweet, so it took a few minutes for me to sink in. I almost dared not believe it. I have spoken to them both, both Fahmy and Baher. Baher is with his including
children, his three kids, including his 1-year-old baby son. Fahmy is with his wife. They are both - I think for both of them, it is safe to say, while they understand intellectually what's happened, it will take a few days at least before the reality of this really sinks into their bellies. At the moment we can only assume I am still a convicted terrorist, as bizarre as that still sounds to say it. What's clear is or what we understand from the translation is three people in the Al Jazeera trial, in the Marriott cell case, have been pardoned but we don't know who the third person is. It's unnamed. It may be me, there were a couple of students also convicted and sentenced, although they had nothing to do with Al Jazeera, they were caught up in our case. As we all know, this announcement came on the eve of the Eid festival and literally everything shuts down in Egypt, so we probably have to wait until early next week before we get a clear answer.With some of the vision, that magic vision, of the moment when he was on 'Media Circus' late yesterday when the news came through and he realised at least one and then later both of his Al Jazeera colleagues Mohammed
were going to be freed. Mohammed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed express their relief but vowed to continue fighting families
to improve press freedoms.Our families have suffered so much since the beginning of this trial. We are very happy President Sisi tock this action and released us. I will continue fighting for press freedom. I have been working on a charter in the prison cell to introduce to the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate and to the Presidency in Egypt to improve press freedoms for both Egyptian journalists and foreign journalists working in Egypt because I believe there is so much that can be done in order to protect us from prosecution in Egypt.This whole nightmare is over, the whole nightmare is over. We can live like normal people and go back home and enjoy my life and that's it. That's it.Great relief there in Egypt. A Senate employment committee is investigating claims that the 7-Eleven convenience stores exploited workers. It is holdings hearings right now in Melbourne. We are going to go there live. Advocate Michael Fraser is giving evidence.On multiple occasions from have been
multiple reliable sources I have been told the CEO has ordered the destruction of payroll records or suggested to franchisees they destroy their payroll records. How is it possible for me with no budget to stumble on such a big wage fraud scandal when buying a loaf of bread yet head office with all their oversight find no systematic problem? It has been suggested to me from multiple reliable sources that the Australian Tax Office should investigate head office has franchisees believe head office is not reporting GST correctly. Fair Work appear to be proud they discovered a It
fraction of what's happening. It is clear they are not doing offenders and
enough, not following up offenders and not using the powers they have access to. I'm hoping this inquiry will lead to many positive changes across the board.Thank you very much, Mr Fraser. Yesterday in the news there was further information that there is a relationship between 7-Eleven franchisees and accessing of visas for a fee, the fee in the reports yesterday said between 30 and 70,000. You would have heard that evidence from Mr Thodie this morning, he is aware franchisees offer international students access to permanent visas if they pay a fee. Are you aware of that given your quite extensive visits of stores? Very aware of that. The first time I heard about it was through the boss that they worked for. He was one of 7-Eleven's favourite franchise Yes. He was known to be told from anything 40, 50,000 up to 60, 70,000 depending on who you are talking to. It appears to be quite a widespread thing. They tend to use it to get extra money in addition to underpaying the students.You think it is as widespread as the underpayment of wages is? No, I don't think - there is three types of fran cheese ayes - franchisees which I name in my submissions. It is the ones that call the wolfs that are doing the wrong thing and don't care, they are the ones likely to do that kind of thing.Do they have a relationship with a do you
migration agent? What happens, do you know? That's a good question. I would think they might do. It is really hard to find out in great detail how you go about it because you have to be someone purchasing a visa to go through the full process. All I know I saw an email where Muban was writing to an employee saying "I lost my ability to sponsor but now my wife can sponsor so here is a certificate to show you need to have a chat with me and I will sort it out".Do you have that email? Yes, I do.Are you able to table it? I can. I don't have it printed out.But you can table it? Yes. They find a way and Muban, I have paperwork
heard, doesn't give any paperwork to the person, he says "These are the legal fees, so
that's why you have to give me it
so much money and I will sort it out" but apparently doesn't he
complete a lot of the process he is supposed to do anyway.When you said that one of the franchisees had been found by the tax office not to have filed tax returns, we have heard in evidence this morning that 7-Eleven workers appear to be taxed so do you think that money is then just filtered back into the employers' bank account? There is variations of the scheme. When you look at the paperwork, you can line up seven bits of documentation that link to someone walking in the store and buying something to the end of the day report to the fuel log to the pay slip, the time sheet, the weekly roster, the one committed to head office and the one head office will print out and look back. When you look across them, they normally don't add up. I find when it comes to people submitting their pay records, there is various different scams they are running that affect the tax differently. Some people have their pay going to the franchisees' bank account so the way the tax is worked out, I'm not quite sure how it works all the
out because the franchisee gets all the money into their account, some of their favourite stores, they have it going into their account, then dirfy it out to the employees.In cash payments? Yes or a bank transfer.That was live from Melbourne, part of a Senate committee hearing into the exploitation of work ers at 7-Eleven stores, advocate Michael Fraser giving evidence there. The ABC's 'Four Corners' program last month outlined widespread underpayment of 7-Eleven workers and them being forced to work longer hours than they are permitted to under visa conditions. If you want to continue watching the committee hearing and have access to a computer do so at asylum than a dozen asylum seekers have been placed into detention after their boat ran into bad weather in Cidaun. Watched up, along way from the destination. A small wooden asylum seekers
boat was supposed to get to asylum seekers to Australia but didn't get far. Those on board sought help from local fishermen to bring them ashore.TRANSLATION: From Bangladesh we used a small boat to Thailand, stayed in Thailand another
for three days, then took another boat to Malaysia. We spent three days more there, then crossed to Maddan entering Indonesia.From there it was meant to be a cheap trip.TRANSLATION: From Jakarta to Australia it costs 6.5 million rupee.Less than $AUD650, significantly less people
than the thousands of dollars people smugglers used to charge. Still money wasted for the passengers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Police who processed them told ABC News there was no mention of political change in Australia being behind their reasons for attempting the trip.TRANSLATION: Why did you leave from Bangladesh? Because are
of poverty and unrest.Now they are being held by Indonesian immigration officials. Freedom of information documents have revealed the Department of former Prime investigating
Minister Tony Abbott discussed investigating the Bureau of Meteorology after media claims that it was exaggerating global warming estimates. The move followed reports in the 'Australian' newspaper questioning the Bureau of Meteorology's methodology for analysing temperatures. The articles published in August and September last year reported claims that the Bureau was wilfully ignoring evidence that contradicted its own propaganda. The Bureau strongly rejected the assertions but FOI documents obtained by the ABC show just weeks later the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet canvassed using a taskforce to carry out due diligence on the Bureau's climate records. social
Tributes are being posted on social media for another young Australian killed in Syria. Friends and family of 27-year-old Shareef Alnimer have told the ABC he was working for a German Islamic charity group. Mr Alnimer was a youth worker at the community youth centre in Sydney where alleged ISIS recruiter Hamdi Al Qudsi was also an active member. Al Qudsi has pleaded not guilty to recruiting young Australians to fight for Islamic State and will face court next year. The top stories - the Turnbull Government has unveiled a $100 million domestic violence funding package to be used on improving services for victims and training for frontline staff. Peter Greste says he is overjoyed his Al Jazeera colleagues have been pardoned by the Egyptian President but has labelled the gesture a partial step towards justice. The Australian journalist remains convicted in absentia of spreading false news. More than a dozen asylum seekers attempting to get to Australia from Indonesia have been placed in immigration detention after they were forced to call for help when their boat ran into bad weather. An emergency summit of European leaders has ended in Brussels with a decision to set up special reception centres for refugees and migrants in frontline States by the end of November. The leaders also pledged about $1.5 billion to help UN agencies support Syrian refugees who remain in the Middle East. 7,000 people have crossed from Hungary into Austria just in the last 24 hours. Trains here carry hopes. Day after day, from one border to the next. After seven hours in this train doorway, this family ask us where it is they've arrived today. Their youngest was three months old when they left their bombed-out home in Syria. After a year in Turkey's refugee camps, hustan needs work to support his family and Germany, he says, is the place to go. I ask how he'd feel being sent somewhere else.No. Maybe English country, British or Holland, not France, not France.Why? No reason but I love Germany. Really I love Germany. I want to go to Germany.It is the fifth border they've crossed this week but this one's different.First country in west Europe.Their first taste of it - the queue for taxis. There is another for the State-run bus. There are Syrians here but also Indians and Nigerians. Nations not listed under the new EU scheme. Numbers like this are becoming routine at Europe's borders now. 9,000 one day, maybe 5,000 here the next. The weather may be less predictable now, the political machine slowly creaking into life for the flow of people continues. Somewhere among them, Hussan, his wife Drops
and his three young children. Drops in fast-flowing human sea. In Iraq, authorities have closed down primary schools fearing an outbreak of cholera could become an epidemic. 200 case of the disease have been registered over the last week and health officials say those living in displacement camps are most at risk. With so many people packed together in harsh conditions, the fear of an epidemic is real. This lady is a widow. Her husband was killed when ISIL took their over house in flugea. Her son is suffering from cholera.TRANSLATION: Three days ago, my youngest son was vomiting and had diarrhoea. We are living in terrible conditions, I'm afraid he might get it again and it might be fatal.Providing clean water and sanitation is key to stopping cholera spreading. The people have stopped drinking from the same water supply. People are using these tanks, filling them with water and adding chlorine tablets to them but the tablets are in short supply and demand is rising. The Iraqi authorities say they have enough supplies to stop the outbreak from getting out of control.TRANSLATION: We have implemented strict measures to contain the outbreak with mobile health clinics that operate 24 hours a day and we check water cleanliness.But with conditions in the camps becoming ever more desperate few here trust or take comfort in what the authorities are saying. Let's look at business Alicia
news now, very good morning to Alicia Barry. Yesterday things went downhill quickly after midday. What's been happening this morning? They certainly did. It was one of our worst closes this year if not our worst close for the ASX 200 index. It dipped below the psychological level of the 5,000 mark closing in the 4,000 for the first time this year. Around $30 billion was wiped off the value of stocks in Australia yesterday. That was really all down to emerging market concerns really inflamed by a weak reading on the Chinese manufacturing sector which came out around midday. Today we are seeing a recovery on the Australian share market. Not up 2% we lost yesterday but we are seeing bargain hunters and the banking stocks are in favour this morning.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has sought to reassure US business leaders that China is a positive force in the global economy. Speaking in Seattle at the start of his US trip, Mr Xi said foreign firms were welcome in China and Beijing would not manipulate its currency to boost exports. The comments came as Boeing reportedly clinched a deal with Chinese firms to sell 300 aircraft. Economic reforms and hacking are expected to be key issues when Mr Xi meets his US counterpart Barack Obama at the White House on Friday. The Volkswagen chief executive Martin Winterkorn has resigned following revelations his company cheated on car emissions tests in US. Mr Winterkorn claims he didn't know Volkswagen was using software to manipulate emissions testings of diesel cars affecting 11 million vehicles. The scandal has wiped off more than a third of the company's share value. The Volkswagen board has thanked Mr Winterkorn for giving the TRANSLATION:
company a fresh start. TRANSLATION: We would like to make clear that Dr Winterkorn had no awareness of the he
manipulation of cars. The fact he is prepared to take responsibility for this and send a clear signal has been greatly appreciated by the board.A big scandal, obviously, and we are seeing heads fall now.We still affected
haven't heard if any cars are affected in Australia. We had calls in to VW yesterday and guidance
they said they were waiting for guidance from head office in Germany.We are still waiting to see if there is any flow-on effects to Australia. Interesting to note the cars made for the US market whereas
generally made in Mexico whereas Australia gets most of the imports from Volkswagen from Europe and some from South Africa as well so it is likely that we won't see the same problems here but, then again, we still need confirmation of that.Thanks Alicia. 2 million Muslim pilgrims from around the world are gathering in the Valley of Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia for a day of prayer that marks the pinnacle of the Hajj pilgrimage.Donning white, millions of faithful take one of the greatest steps as a Muslim. The Hajj pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam for those that are able. Millions of Muslims meet side by side to pray and conduct various rituals. A coordinated adjourn from the Holy city of Mecca to Meehan and Mount Arafat, the place said to be where the Prophet Muhammad sliver delivered a final serman.TRANSLATION: I wirn for stability across all nations under war. I wirn for stability in Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Plane, Syriza. I wish them stability and a joyful life to all these brotherly and friendly nations.It has been a challenging road to this year's sigs-day gathering. A deadly crane collapse at the great mosque killed 109 people including Marya's father.We came to do Hajj with dad but he is not here. But we are in here, so the best thing we can do is make the walk for dad. It is not how expected it to be for
but God has something different for me.We came here to do this together but obviously things happen, things change. It is all in Allah's hands, we can't do anything about it. The country has stepped up its security. 100,000 officers and 7,000 CCTV cameras have been positioned around the religious sites. Saudi Arabia is at war with its neighbour Yemen and the region is struggling with extremist violence. Shi'ite recent
mosques have been targeted in recent months in the country.TRANSLATION: The level of readiness during the Hajj is always at its highest, regardless of the presence of threats. We allow no chance when it comes to the pilgrimage. When it is about security, safety or facilitation of performance for the pilgrims.It is expected about 2 million pilgrims will attend this year. Time for a check of the weather, good morning to Vanessa O'Hanlon. I was at a bike maintenance course last night in a little brick building in the middle of a park Sydney. There were 10 of us there. Everyone was freezing, it was so cold. What's going on with the weather here? I know. You kind of think Spring, it should be nice and sunny. However, we have had a late cold front that came through. We can see it out over the Tasman Sea. Like yesterday, we have south-westerly winds moving along the coast causing showery weather and very strong winds. Especially around the Central Coast of NSW. The showers will move further up the coast over the next couple of days so tomorrow more like ly to be over the north-east and south-east Queensland by the weekend. Whipping up large waves as well. Seas up 3 to 5m especially off the NSW north coast but we are feeling it to the southern waters of Queensland.Calmer in the Bight because the high is sitting over it? I know how much you love a high in the Bight, Joe. This has been bringing frosty mornings. We had one of the coldest mornings in 1970 for one of the town s in SA yesterday. The days are warming up. A trough over the West Coast, this will move inland interacting with the high but the high is causing severe fire conditions for parts of the north.Is the front approaching WA packing a punch? Not really. We can see the cloud it is drawing in. It will bring a cool change but will stay above average. Back up to 30 again overnight
today in Perth ahead of the overnight change. The cold showers
front might create a few showers thundy weather for the far south-east but we won't be seeing much rain from that system. It will slip more to the south.Around the States and Territories today?

The top stories today - the Turnbull Government has this morning unveiled a $100 million domestic violence #237bding package to be used on improving services for victims an training for front-line staff. The money will go towards training for police, social workers and emergency staff. There will s will be funding for expansion of the save the schools website which provides resources for teacher, parent an studentings on respectful relationships. Greste depres Greste has labelled the Egyptian President's pardon of his al-Jazeera colleagues a partial step towards justice as the Australian journalist remains convicted in absentia. Mr Greste says he's overjoyed at Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were among 100 inmate s grants add pardon. They had been jailed along with Mr Greste for fabricating false news in support of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. More than a dozen asylum seekers trying Indonesia have
to get to Australia from Indonesia have been placed in immigration detention centre after they were forced to call for help when their boat ran into bad weather. Ice Sunday fisher men in West Java discover ed the boat after it was struck by waves trying to reach Christmas Island. And the Wallabies have beat en Fiji in their rugby World Cup opener in Cardiff. Australia had a commanding position with a man of the match performance from David Pocock.Let's get more now on the Government's $100 million initiative to help victims of domestic violence. Rosie Batty has been the face of many anti-domestic violence campaigns since her son luke was brult ally beaten to death by his father last year. The thanked
Australian of the Year has thanked the Government for its support.Am really very emotional. I've worked really hard this year.I've spoken at over 250 events and reached over 50,000 people.Trying to get this message across of how serious family violence is in our society.There have been thousands of people through decades working so hard to get to this point where we accept and acknowledge this is a gender issue. We have two women a week being murdered, one in three women affected by violence, and one in four children.We final ly are starting to hear from the leaders of our country that they are addressing this issue., that they recognise the responsibility they have to lead our society, our communities by speaking the language we need to hear, not just talking the talk they're now starting to walk the walk. What we are talking about is giving the women choice because it's quite ludicrous to think that we have always placed the onus of safety on to the victim, expected that they uproot themselves, move, pull their children out of school, leave the communities and family members that are supporting them, live anonymously and hide.It will be that some people have to do that. It will not be the right solution for some women. But a lot of people will want to feel safer at home and squlon going more safely at home. I should not be their responsibility to fund this themselves, to find the resources themselves when they are innocent in this. So really I think it sends a message, I feel, that is supporting women with the choices that they want to make.Al-Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed have been freed from a Cairo prison after being pardoned by Egyptian President sis sis sis. The two pen - al-Sisi. The two men were among 100 prisoners whose release was ordered but none of the journalists pardon
sentenced in absentia were pardon and that includes their Australian colleague Peter Greste. Freedom at last for al-Jazeera producer Mohamed and free lance producer Mohamed Fahmy.Where are we going to start? We're going to travel the world, celebrate, party, and we just really hope our families have suffered so much since the beginning of this trial and we're very happy that the President Sisi took this action and released us.This whole nightmare is over, the whole nightmare is over. We can live like normal people, go back home, enjoy my life and that's it .The pardon by President al-Sisi is the end of a long ordeal when began when they were arrested in December 2013 along with al-Jazeera correspondent Peter Greste. He was appearing on an Australian TV show when he heard the newsMohamed Fahmy has been pardoned.If he's got a pardon, it means and God I hope it heens that that Baher is out too because it's hard to imagine - I'm sorry I am feeling really - I mean, we've been fighting for the past eight months for this.The three journalists faced charges including aiding, the now banned Muslim Brotherhood.In June of last year, court sentenced them to seven to 10 years in prison, then last January the court threw out their convictions and ordered a retrial.In February, Greste was deported to his native Australia.Mohamed and Fahmy were released on bail later that month but they were unable to leave Egypt, they said with their lives on hold they were still serving a kind of sentence.Last month, a court in Egypt returned Mohamed and Fahmy to prison. The retrial was supposed to give them and Greste a second opportunity to clear their names, instead justice was denied yet again.The arrest and detention of Mohamed, Fahmy and Greste gaj damaged Egypt's reputation abroad. President allowed
sis sis' - Sisi's pardon has allowed him to close this case without threatening the independence of Egypt's judiciary. There are, though, other al-Jazeera staff who were convicted in absentia at the original trial..At the moment we're not hearing there is a pardon for the rest of us but it is an Egyptian pollday today. We're wondering whether the paperwork has just not been released. If we are not going to be getting a pardon, then we will be lobbying at the UN general assembly to anybody that will listen to shout out we were just journalist dossing our jobs in Cairo and this pardon is long overdue.For now, though, the happy closure of one chapter.It was a good outcome for the journalists in Egypt there are still many journalists in jail around the world, particularly in China. Earlierer spoke to sty Pamela Tsai from 'The Epoch Times' which is the largest Chinese overseas online news source and several of its contributors are in jail right now.According to the report by the reporters without borders, China is ranked among the most worse society with the low est oppressed. A dozen of journalists are being jailed but what is most important is not only they're jailed but all the contents in China is strictly censored and the censorship has travelled yovend the Chinese border, coming into Australia, America, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, all of the world is a oneway traffic because none of the Western independent media is allowed in China but China's political propaganda, newspaper and television are free ly Ben traeting millions of people's homes and newspapers. I think it's critically important for the international community and especially the international media community to raise our voice and press for more information
freedom of press and freedom of information not only for the people inside China but also for people outside of China we need to know what is going on in China, in China's words the can
second largest economy and how can we not afford to know what is going on in China and especially for our reporters for example ABC correspondent in China we need to fight for their freedom to be able to report truthfully about the China news.Pope Francis has urged the United States to help tackle climate change and called on Americans to build a truly tolerant and inclusive society. In a speech on the White House south lawn, the pontiff praised President Obama's efforts to reduce air pollution. North America correspondent Stephanie March has more from Washington.The Pope had a chance to this morning to speak on the White House south lawn in front of thousands of people. He gave a joint statement with the President Barack Obama and he took the opportunity to speak in English which is a language that the Pope is not comfortable with and we have heard he had been practising. So he could get maximum impact from his messages as he speaks during his 6-day tour across America. One of the things he chose to pick up on in that speech will attract a huge audience not only on the lawn but also globally was about climate change.Mr President, I am finding it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution.. APPLAUSE Accepting the urgency it seems clear to me already that climate change is a problem we can no long er be left to our future generation.We're outside the basilica of the national this shh! Ryan of im aklate conseches where the Pope is holding a mass an she canonisation
performing the first ever canonisation on American soil of a Spanish born Franciscan friar who in the 1700s was credited with doing - opening a lot of missionaries an spreading the Catholic faith through California. Inside there are several thousand people who were queuing up for hours an hours to get inseed. This morning there were tens of thousands of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the Pope. So he is definitely very popular and threatens to upstage the President and possibility all the other leaders he meets with during the rest of his visit. Obviously going to Congress tomorrow and on to New York to address the general assembly.A boat carrying 21 asylum seekers has attempted to get to Australia from Indonesia but failed due to bad weather, it's understood fisher men in West Java discovered the boat after it was struck by waves trying to reach Christmas Island. The passengers very placed in immigration detention in Indonesia and those registered as refugees could be freed but some without papers will face indefinite detention.The PM has spoken to ABC's radio national about the migrant policy in Australia. Let's take a listen.But the fact is we cannot take a back ward step on this issue. The rules that we have which have worked, will not tolerate people smuggling. So people want to come to Australia, people smuggling is will
absolutely the wrong way. It will not be successful, they people smuggling
will not get here.We want has
people smuggling to stop and it has large ly stopped. U you can't ever say it's completely stopped but the success of the Government in stopping the boats has been important, it's saved thousands of lives.Look at the tragedies in Europe at the moment. I mean, that is the kind of thing that was happening in our waters when people smuggling was rampant.A Twitter account used by the Australian Defence Force to fight Islamic State has been suspended after language experts said it didn't make much sense. The ADF took to Twitter about a month Mo ago with the account & fight Daish but some of the Arabic translations appear to make little or no sense. Defence says qualified lingists were engaged to translate the English tweet s into Arabic.The Western Australian Government has passed a motion urging the Federal Government to not have a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Colin Barnett says it would expose some of the worst aspects of Australian society. The original motion put forward by Labor MP Lisa Baker called for the WA Parliament to support marriage equality but it was amended and passed. It instead calls for a free vote by Federal MPs.A central Queensland hospital is leading the way in helping junior doctors deal with high levels of stress and anxiety. The resilience on the run pilot program in Rockhampton is the first of its kind and it's hoped it could soon be rolled out across the country. Every day at work, these young doctors face huge responsibility.Just a year after graduating they're taking patient's lives into their hands.It can be very stressful experience to see trauma, to injured
see people that are sick and injured and dying and to be able to offer them kindness oness a daily basis, it can can be difficult.And sometimis oot it's hard to ask for help.These are early science of compassion fatigue.A recent study showed one in fur n four an around
doctors have suicidal thought an around 2% have attempted suicide but the Australian Medical Association hopes a new program will teach medical graduates how to manage their feelings.The transition from medical school to the workplace is actually very intensive period. You really - you are thrown into the real world, the real life with patients.Senior doctors have welcomed the project but say it could be rolled out even further.I think it gets harder for senior doct pors put their hand up and saying they're feeling burnt out and fatigue. So something something available that would take them through some skills useful
testing and learning would be useful for them as well.The AMAQ says the Rockhampton hospital was chosen to trial the program because regional doctors are more at risk of depression and ang ti. Says often they don't have the appropriate support networks to turn to. But they hope to change that.We're very good at taking care of others but a lot of them are not so good at taking care of themselves and that really is what this program is all about.If successful, it's hoped other hospitals will implement the program.The top stories today - the Turnbull Government has this morning unveiled a $100 million fund ing package to address domestic violence to be used on improving services for victims and training for front-line staff.Greste gretion gretion says he's overjoyed his al-Jazeera colleague s have been pardoned by te jipg President but he's label ed the gesture only a partial step towards justice. The Australian journalist remains convicted in absentia of vegd false news. More than a dozen asylum seekers attempting to get to Australia from Indonesia have been placed in immigration detention after they were forced to call for help when their boat ran into live now
bad weather.Let's go live now to Brisbane. This is the hearings of the trade union royal commission, expecting to hear from some significant evidence today..Other than 1 April or in addition to 1 AprilI started going through the documentation on the Friday, the Friday the 28th, probably started about 11 o'clock. Probably went through until about 7 o'clock that day.Just you, sir?That is not unusual.It is not unusual for you to do what type of stuff?Clean up.Right.: And then what did you do? Then on the Monday I went through the rest of the material because I didn't complete the task that had come over from the BLF. It took over me another three to four hours in the afternoon. I had finished that - because we ed the organisers from upstairs to downstairs I added to the pile older lecture material from the September' 13 election, I also added documents dealing with campaigns, and on the Monday - sorry, on the Tuesday is that we just needed to finish the rest.You would have heard evidence from members of your staff over the last few days.Yes.And from what I understood they were saying they've only nominated one day as a day that they were involved in sorting or moving documents. They haven't mentioned any other day.So do you say it was only you on the other days?Yes.And then what do you say occurred on the first of April?On the first of April, because the vast majority of the documentation -
was the BLF, we had to finalise - because the office just looked terrible.There was documentation everywhere, there were boxes everywhere, there was piles of stuff on the floor.Because I had actually gone through that material - was that we needed to finalise needed
the filing system because we needed to do our clean-up and so I thought the target was always 1 April and I was going were aware at
to meet that target.You were aware at the time you were doing 24, though, that - doing this, though that it was likely that the royal commission would be seeking documents from your organisation, yes?Yes, but that wasn't my priority at the time. The functioning and the administration of the union and because those couple of months were just mayhem was the priority to actually start moving forward and especially during the months of February and March was that the first of April was going to be the start of the new union.We will leave that there for the moment. That was live in the Brisbane. The trade union royal commission hearing evidence from Michael Ravbar, the former CFMEU President Dave Hannah had previously told the commission that Mr Ravbar gave the order for nearly 7 tonnes of paperwork to be destroyed. If you are interested in continuing to listen to what's going on there at the royal commission hearings today you can do so by logging into its website at and they have a web stream of the hearings.Paul Kennedy joins me now. David Pocock was a stand-out performer in the Australian Victory over Fiji in the rugby World Cup. Tha>> is Michael
probably the safest thing that Michael Cheika has done is put Pocock and Hooper on at the same time.It's worked again. Pocock's wearing the number 8. felt
He is relishing it. He said it felt good to be there. He said he was at his usual position from the driving maul from the first half which netted went
Australia a try and then Fiji went down a man for giving away one too many penalties an Australia dud it on the other side of. Australia built on its lead Earlingly the second half when Kepu went over for a try, it look likes Folau right get it but they switch it back to the centre of the field so the forwards got all the tries. There was to be no fourth try which would have given Australia a bonus point, Fiji got a try and then pressured Australia and had some period of dominance for 20 minutes in the second half. The coach put it down to rustiness. There is Kieran being sent off after being tackled by his cousin. They go through to play againstering wie in four days time and England, the big one in 10 days, really the only problem out of it physically was James Slipper was taken walk to it
off. He was able to wobbly leg walk to it the side but he did get a head knock . You would think he might at least miss the Uruguay match and possibly the England match. Australia's depth will be tested early in the tournament. Some none of the key makers were injured in the tournament.We heard earlier from David Pocock and I was surprise ed to see his face looking relatively fresh. Usually when they come off the field they look banged up.They weren't as shiny as David Pocock after the match. It was probably what the need Australians needed first up, they need a tough opponent and now they can finetune their performance against Uruguay, work on some backline moves.Is there any suggestion that Australia took its foot off the pedal a bit in the second half when it looked like the Victory were assured and it's the first game in a long tournament.But they get a good match break in most of the matches. They will change the combination s when the replacements comes on but all red Credit to Fiji. Fiji looked like it was up for the fight after playing England in that first match, it's Fiji's first hi
game and they only had a five offered
hi day break as well.They offered some good resistance to Australia. In the end, the final score was 28-13. So a comfortable but not - a comfortable victory not a plog flogging and Australia will obviously and was always going to
to be the case they will need to improve f throughout the tournament.Good to see the second tier teams performing as well. Turning to AFL there is always some player movement talk at the end of the season.This is the worst kept secret in the AFL, Patrick Dangerfield wanted to come home and play in Geelong. He is from that part in Victoria so he announced yesterday that he's leaving the Adelaide crows. For would
the NRL fans out there, it would be like Billy Slatiner his prime wanting to go back to Queensland to play with the North Queensland Cowboys. Dangerfield is in the top couple of players in the competition. Jack Gunston is not going to be playing for Hawthorn this week, his ankle is no good.Are you fore shadowing something with Billy Slater there, no Hu le see out the rest of his time with the Storm.There would be a lot of people from Innisfail keen to welcome him back.He's already said he wanted to be a one club man and his team is getting ready for the finals on the weekend. Cam Munster is doing a good job.Who is Yogi Bear er?That is a catcher to tr New York yankees.And a clutch hitter as well or batter and he had great statistics on the field but he also had a very dry wit and would mangle phrases, seemingly mangle phrases but what he said was usually fairly wise. He said things like never answer an anonymous letter, aim & am not going to buy my kids an encyclopaedia, they can walk to school. I think he was the first guy with saying it ain't over till it's over. The sports writer loved him and they played him as a goofy character that mangled his words u. But he was a sharp character but he died at the age of 90.Time now for a check of the weather.There's a few thunderstorms a around the cloud off the west. A few showers moving up the Central Coast.Gusty winds once again. Powerful surf all the way up to the southern Queensland waters. Cloud move over the south-west that is due to a cold front that is approaching. We will see a bit of rain in the swres and a chance of thunderstorms but for everybody else under a high pressure system cling thinks are clearing. Here in Queensland -

I hope your afternoon in Melbourne is nicer than the one that is about to happen in Sydney! Stick with us on ABC News 24. Going for a short break now but we will be back soon. We expect Bill Shorten to step up for a media conference in the next 10 minutes or. So we should be able to bring that you that live. In the next half hour we will also speak to spokes woman for organisations that care for women fleeing domestic violence after that big announcement from the Government this morning, $100 million to go towards various suffering from domestic
measures to help people

violence. Stick with us on ABC News 24. This program is not captioned.

This morning - taking action against domestic violence, the Government unveils a multimillion-dollar funding package.It must become a country which is known for its respect for women and be proud that we respect them. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - journalist Peter Greste still uncertain about his future after two of his al-Jazeera colleagues are freed from prison in Egypt.The whole nightmare is over. We can live like normal people and go back home, enjoy my life.A group of Indonesian asylum seekers placed in detention after bad weather thwart s their attempt to reach Australia.And the Wallabies notch up a hard fought win against Fiji in the opening World Cup clash.