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Taking a look at the weather around the country on this Thursday:

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This program will be

Tackling domestic violence, the big millions
new push to end the killings, women,
millions of dollars to try to keep and
women, safe at home on the streets old
and onlineThe death of a 12-year- charged
old school girl, her stepfather is this
charged with murder and faces court credit
this morning.Cracking down on stop
credit card surcharges, the plan to customers
stop greedy customers gouging Extra
customers with outrageous fees. need
Extra time, why footy fans will to
need even longer than usual to get America.
to the AFL Grand Final.God bless States.
America.How the pope united the holy
States. America goes crazy for the continue,
holy father.Our double cash calls giving
continue, two calls every day, some
giving you twice the chance to win (SONG)#
some life-changing money. It's
(SONG)# Hammer time # why
It's the are royal renovation show, into
why William and Harry have turned folks,
into reality TV stars. That's right, 24
folks, good morning, it's Thursday making
24 September. The two princes Block'
making a special appearance on 'The fabulous,
Block' this week. It's going to be Scottie
fabulous, Scottie Cam, amazing. are
Scottie should watch out.What room Harry
are they doing?All the rooms, he
Harry would specialise in bedrooms, would
he would do that very well.He the
would do anything with.Especially Blue
the beard he is persisting with. commitment
Blue high viz.That is a complete commitment to high viz blue.It's Not
the new stroeg blue, the royal blue. is
Not as alarming.Harry on his own Clint
is alarming enough.Good morning Clint StanawayPlenty happening in fever
the world of AFL and NRL, finals fever all happening.Do you have bit
the latest on the rugby?A little alright.
bit scratchy in parts, they did started.
alright. They got the campaign get
started.Good stuff. Time now to Good
get the news started Sylvia is here. with
Good morning. We begin this morning earthquake
with breaking news, a 5.1 magnitude North
earthquake has just struck the reported
North Island of New Zealand. It's parts
reported also also been felt in tremor
parts of the South Island. The underground.
tremor hit more than 100 kilometres reports
underground. So far there are no shortly.
reports of damage. An update Turnbull
shortly. Prime Minister Malcolm major
Turnbull will reveal the first this
major initiative of his government to
this morning, a coordinated program Kerrie
to combat domestic violence, to does
Kerrie Yaxley for the details, how crisis?
does the PM plan to tackle the shocking,
crisis?Statistics here are have
shocking, 63 women this year alone violence,
have died as a result of domestic violence, the Prime Minister told this
this program on Monday he believes too
this is an issue over looked for major
too long. He will make his first We
major funding announcement this day. million
We are l have details of it, 14 workers
million to help police, social staff
workers and emergency department to
staff care for victims, $15 million recognise
to train hospital staff to violence,
recognise symptoms of domestic for
violence, to boost legal support for women, for victims, 5 million violence
for refuges in so-called domestic through
violence Hotspot and $5 million the
through the safer schools websites, teachers
the idea is to teach parents and respectful
teachers and students about Minister
respectful relationships. The Prime along
Minister will announce more funding Rosie
along side Australian of the Year Ken
Rosie Batty and former Police Chief Ken Lay.We'll be speaking live to asylum
the minister for women. The first time
asylum seeker boat in a very long our
time has tried to make the trip to are
our shores from Indonesia.There and
are reports that 18 asylum seekers Indonesian
and three crew were detained by They
Indonesian authorities in West Java. Island.
They were headed towards Christmas Island. The Immigration Minister spokesman
and Labor's shadow immigration that
spokesman acknowledged or predicted test
that people smugglers would try to Malcolm
test any new Prime Minister. had
Malcolm Turnbull said yesterday he who
had concerns about asylum seekers centres.
who were in off shore processing resettled
centres. He said they will not be Government's
resettled here. The Abbott this
Government's hard line stance on news
this issue is repeated.In breaking released
news out of Sydney police have morning
released security footage this solve
morning which they hope anyway help in
solve the shooting murder of a man westerlyier
in hoarsely park in the city's Safe
westerlyier this year. 23 year-old house
Safe Juda was found dead inside a vehicle
house in April. A white Isuzu heavy Melbourne's
vehicle in the CCTV may be linked. be
Melbourne's rail network is set to Final
be thrown into chaos in AFL Grand threatening
Final week with metro trains industrial
threatening several days of Christine
industrial action. Live to this
Christine Ahern in Melbourne. Chris, fans.
this is terrible timing for footy Melbourne
fans.Sylvia, unfortunately rather
Melbourne commuters are getting rather used to this strike action, union
this one, the rail, tram and bus targeting
union have raised the stakes Next
targeting AFL Grand Final week. halt
Next Thursday trains will come to a stop
halt between 10am and 2pm for a eve
stop work meeting. On Grand Final skipping,
eve on Friday there is no station into
skipping, that will throw schedules the
into chaos, on the Grand Final day, cards,
the inspectors won't be checking passengers,
cards, that is free rides for metro
passengers, the union wants to hit pocket
metro where it hurts, the hip- negotiations
pocket after six months of failed union
negotiations between metro and the deal.
union over a new pay and conditions labelled
deal. The State Government has industrial
labelled this planned latest unnecessary.
industrial action as completely that
unnecessary. It is being reported and
that both the Victorian Government this
and metro are planning to fight does
this latest planned strike. If it time
does go ahead it will be the third off
time that trains have been pulled dispute.
off the rails as part of this ugly middle.
dispute.Computers caught in the terrace
middle. A terrorist house in sid -- gone
terrace house in Sydney's west has arrived
gone up in fires, fire crews property
arrived at the Dulwich Hill property to find the roof of the Neighbours
terrace alight. No-one was inside. precaution,
Neighbours were evacuated as a cause
precaution, investigations into the been
cause are now under way. A man has 12-year-old
been charged with the murder of his inside
12-year-old stepdaughter found dead region,
inside a home in the NSW Hunter down
region, the 31-year-old was tracked allegedly
down by police hours after Aberglassyn
allegedly fleeing the property at signs
AberglassynThe body did show some when
signs of violence, in so far as are
when the violence was inflicted we relation
are still making inquiries in refused
relation to that.The man has been in
refused bail and is due to appear checkouts
in court later today. Self-service many
checkouts have been the Fury of customers
many shoppers, in a major win for boosting
customers Coles has announced it is long
boosting staff at checkouts to cut round
long waiting times. In the latest extra
round of the supermarkets wars 200
extra checkouts will be built at existing
200 stores with more staff added to additional
existing lanes. There will also be make
additional workers on hand to help use
make self-service areas easier to than
use and more express lanes. Rather will
than hiring extra employees workers to
will be moved from our departments worker
to the front of the stores. A youth reportedly
worker from southwest Sydney has attack
reportedly been killed in a bomb Shareef
attack in Syria, 27-year-old German
Shareef Alnimer was in Syria way in
German Islamic charity. He worked where
in Campbelltown's youth centre al-Qudsi
where alleged ISIL recruiter Hamdi wasn't
al-Qudsi was an active member. He Department
wasn't engaged in fighting. The yet
Department of Foreign Affairs is packed
yet to comment. Thousands have hoping
packed the streets of Washington Francis
hoping to catch a glimpse of Pope Barack
Francis who today met US President Laura
Barack Obama at the White House. pope
Laura Turner is in Washington. The Good
pope rare a rare speech in English. didn't
Good morning, that's right, it to
didn't take long for Pope Francis Washington
to delve into politics in a
Washington DC. He was the guest of House
a welcome service at the White stage.
House along side Barack Obama on meeting
stage. After they had a private not
meeting in the Oval office. It's discussed.
not been divulged what they on
discussed. We know the pair differ marriage
on some issues like same-sex issues
marriage but share similar views on pope
issues like climate change. The English
pope went to the trouble to learn President
English to go ahead and praise climate
President Obama on his action on critical
climate change.We are living at a still
critical moment of history. We needed
still have time to make the change and
needed to bring about a sustainable know
and integral development for we it's
know that things can change.Now, schedule
it's been a jam-packed eight hour Washington
schedule for the pope here in couple
Washington DC today. Earlier a the
couple of hours ago we saw him wow streets
the crowds in the popemobile on the finished
streets of Washington DC. He embassy.
finished up having a rest at the Cannonise
embassy. In an hour's time he will before
Cannonise a new Saint. That is before tomorrow when he returns to the realm of politics and becomes Congress.
the first pope to address US pontiff,
Congress.He's the progressive has
pontiff, thank you. Volkswagen CEO morning
has announced his resignation this emissions
morning over the company's diesel Winterkorn
emissions scandal, Martin the
Winterkorn says he wasp stunned by was
the misconduct and was not aware it law
was happening at all. It comes as a action
law firm in the US files a class disgruntled
action lawsuit with hundreds of millions
disgruntled consumers seeking Jazeera
millions in compensation, two al have
Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt the
have been pardoned and released by colleague
the country's President, their Australia
colleague Peter Greste deported to Bahar
Australia in February is over joyed, were
Bahar Mohamed and Mohammad Fahmy behind
were sentenced to three years retrial
behind bars in a controversial are
retrial last month. This morning we We
are free men.Where will we start? celebrate,
We are going travel the world, really
celebrate, we're going to party. We suffered
really hope our families have beginning
suffered so much since the are
beginning of of this trial, and we Abdel
are very happy that the President action
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took this continue
action and released us. I there Today's
continue fighting for press freedom. President
Today's pardonens comes as Egypt's York
President prepares to fly to New General
York for the United Nations' Penn
General Assembly.Oscar winner Sean lawsuit
Penn has filed a $10 million popular
lawsuit against the producer of a he
popular television series, he says beat
he was defamed over allegations he ago.
beat his first wife Madonna years is
ago.'Empire''s creator Lee Daniels plays
is facing a defamation trial.He leading
plays lieu shus Lyon to other with
leading men who have had brushes with the law. He publicly admitted been
he slapped his first life, he's because
been unfairly demonised for it snubbed
because he was black, Howard was has
snubbed at the Emmy Awards. Howard Marlon
has done nothing different from a
Marlon Brando and Sean Penn all of That's
a sudden he has become some demon. Sean
That's a sign of the times. Actor Daniels
Sean pen immediately slapped Daniels with a defamation suit : he Penn
has falsely alerted and implied continuous
Penn is guilty of ongoing it
continuous violence against women, and
it damages his standing as an actor tumultuous
and humanitarian. During his Madonna,
tumultuous four year marriage to reports
Madonna, there were unconfirmed defies
reports of domestic violence, he domestic
defies he's ever been arrested for are
domestic violence, Madonna and Penn seen
are on friendly enough terms, Penn recent
seen watching admiringly from the Gardens.
recent concert at Madison Square than
Gardens.Shoppers could save more crackdown
than $1000 a year on a government airlines,
crackdown on credit card surcharges, companies
airlines, telcos and ticketing could
companies that charge too much consumer
could face legal action from the Commonwealth
consumer watchdog, the banker should
Commonwealth Bank Chief said it value
should be limited to 12% of the markets:
value of the transaction. The

The Australian dollar is down across the majors:

Princes William and Harry have this
teamed up for a very special cause sleeves
this morning, rolling up their veteran's
sleeves for some DIY work on a Ballinger
veteran's village in the UK. Amelia they
Ballinger joins us live from London, stars
they are set to become reality Sylvia,
stars in the process? That's right, like
Sylvia, this is almost a little bit although
like our version of 'The Block' seemed
although neither of the princes seemed like likely candidates when in
they first arrived. Prince William dressed
in particular looked a bit over boys
dressed for a building site. Both hard
boys quickly got their personalised and
hard hats on, the high viz vests on were
and got straight into work. They people
were joined with hundreds of trades that
people and volunteers, working on renovating
that street in Manchester suitable
renovating derelict homes for service
suitable houses for returned jobs,
service personnel. They were given Prince
jobs, Williams tasked with painting, to
Prince Harry was deployed outside into
to the garden where he got stuck get
into paving. Both boys seemed to with
get into building stooit banter being
with their co-workers. This was their
being filmed by the BBC as part of is
their program DIY SOS. This episode challenges
is to raise awareness of the personnel
challenges that ex service life.
personnel face reentering civilian Hope
life. It will go to air next month. the
Hope flee we'll get a glimpse of sure
the Prince's full efforts then.I'm cameras,
sure they turned it on for the unleashed
cameras, it sound like they a
unleashed their competitive having they
a go at each other.I can't imagine it.
they would have done a whole lot of think
it.Ye of little faith.Do you couldn't
think they did an eight hour day.I sure
couldn't confirm or deny it. I'm all.
sure they would have given it their working
all. They are committed hard have
working blokes.It looks like they wall
have done a bit there, a bit of the
wall painting.Well done, knowing packed
the way.Would Katherine have chocolate.
packed sandwiches for them.Iced choice.
chocolate.The painter's lunch of incredibly
choice. Something else who works Stevie
incredibly hard, the one and only school
Stevie Jacobs.Good morning, it is bad
school holidays in NSW, probably a system.
bad time to have a Bigelow pressure and
system. That is creating showers that
and winds along the NSW coast and large
that in turn is creating some very north
large dangerous surf today mainly it
north of Sydney. The good news is will
it is so cold not a lot of people you
will be heading to the beach. If you are take care.

you are take care.
will be heading to the beach. If is
you are take care. Let's see what country:
is happening right around the

We also have a large high-pressure frosty
system that is leading to a very through
frosty morning, particularly Victoria
through South Australia, Tasmania, it
Victoria and up into NSW, so cold not
it is today, Karl and Lisa, this is to
not a cue for a joke we are going to have snow on the Alps in season.
Victoria and NSW pretty late in the too
season.That is cool. High winds Stevie.
too along the east coast. Thank you Clint
Stevie. Let's get the sport with plenty
Clint Stanaway.Good morning, storms
plenty coming up in sport, the tar
storms sweat on the fitness of a not
tar winger, the hawks play cards at
not footy at they spend six hours highlights
at the airport, and we'll have the highlights from

This program is not captioned. It's
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now it is over to Clint for all the Clint?
sporting news, lots happening it
Clint?Heaps happening, in Cardiff the
it wasn't the prettiest of wins for started
the Wallabies, they have kick with
started their world car campaign seen
with a 28-13 victory at Fiji, Tom solid
seen the mortgage was there.A Cardiff
solid start for the Wallabies in Fijian
Cardiff against a pretty determined tussle
Fijian outfit. It was a tight David
tussle to start with, it came to scored
David Pocock to break it open, he Cup
scored the opening try to the World later
Cup cam parngs only a few minutes and
later before he repeated the dose there
and doubled up for a second. From the
there Australia was up and away, in over
the end running out 28-13 winners coach
over Fiji. Look, we spoke with our ago
coach Michael Cheika a short time with
ago he said they were very happy their
with the performance of all of this
their charges their night one of win
this World Cup campaign.When you Cup
win your first game in the World happy.
Cup you are always going to be start.
happy. It gets you off to a good things
start. I thoit there were good improve.
things in the game and things to lot
improve. It's the first time that a while.
lot of the lads have played for a territory
while. There was plenty of pleased.
territory being covered. I was Millennium
pleased.A crowd of 70000 at the Australia
Millennium Stadium to watch Plenty
Australia go through the first game. was
Plenty of gold in the stands. It Genia
was interesting chatting with Will him.
Genia he told us it meant a lot to to
him. It was an emotional experience country
to come out and represent his possible
country on the biggest stage emotional
possibleUnbelievable, I was emotional singing the anthem, I had would
to stop myself shedding tears, it here
would look silly. I'm blessed to be tougher
here and a priv lem.It only gets have
tougher here for Australia, they the
have until Sunday to recover for is
the next game against Uruguay. It after
is down to business, the clashes there
after that are England and Wales, group
there is reasons this is dubbed the group of death. Australia looked to
the goods, they should be right now to progress their way from the stage.
group stages down to the knockout Koroibete
stage.Tom Steinfort in Cardiff, for
Koroibete is in a race to be fit star
for the Storm's semi-final. The at
star winger completed light running from
at training as he works to recover He
from a deep gash to ace Achilles. getting
He will be right to play. It is the
getting the Achilles moving after nasty
the staples went there, it was a tendon.
nasty gash that went down to the captain
tendon.Ouch. One of the things the future
captain isn't confidence is is the He
future of the coach Craig Bellamy he
He hasn't given us an indication, four
he has changed his minds three or three
four times throughout the last publicly
three months. He has mentioned over
publicly because this season is wants
over he will decide whether he match
wants to go on or not.The Storm's night's
match with the Cowboys and Friday Check
night's clash will be live on Nine. Laurie
Check the local guides. NSW coach plea
Laurie Daley has made a desperate player
plea for teammates to dob in any prescription
player they fear may be addicted to came
prescription drugs. Daly's comments Gray
came off Dylan Walker and Aaron this
Gray suffered a suspected overdose improved
this week, their condition has both
improved from stable to good with decision
both communicating. Hawthorn's players
decision to fly a select group of go
players to Perth a day early didn't suffer
go to plan as they were forced to It
suffer six hours of plane delays. either
It wasn't the first speed bump Jack
either in their preparations with preemery
Jack Gunston ruled out of the revealing
preemery final. Jordan Lewis the
revealing he is confident it was selection,
the right move.He was put in for right.
selection, unfortunately just not players
right. You can't afford to take done.
players into a final who are under made.
done. That's the decision they have up
made.Things are certainly looking premiership
up for the Bombers with West Coast confirming
premiership coach John Worsfold senior
confirming he wants the vacant flowing
senior coaching role. Tributes are sports
flowing this morning for Australian Gibson
sports journalism legend Mike the
Gibson who passed away yesterday at broadcaster
the age of 75. The journalist and stellar
broadcaster enjoyed a long and in
stellar career working in radio and Wide
in TV including on our very own certainly
Wide World of Sports, which saw him I
certainly become a household name. I didn't know him personally, but I like
certainly grew up with him. I felt like I knew him watching him on great
Wide World, it sounds like he was a radio
great man.An absolute icon of celebrating
radio and TV. We will be the
celebrating Mike's life later in coming
the program.More information Zealand,
coming in on the earthquake in New We
Zealand, the latest details shortly who
We meet the inspirational Aussie his
who fought his way to the top of his sport. This program is not captioned.

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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back, let's check out the reports
front pages, 'The Australian' forced
reports Malcolm Turnbull has been hard
forced to reassert the Government's after
hard line border protection policy commitment
after people smuggler's tested his 'The
commitment to turn back the boat. will
'The Age' reports Malcolm Turnbull against
will make the high rate of violence business.
against women the first order of developed
business.Scott Morrison has helping
developed a three word mantra invest.
helping Australia to work, save and journalism
invest.The 'Daily Telegraph' says greats
journalism lost one of its true of
greats yesterday with the passing gouge
of media legend Mike Gibson.Credit shoppers
gouge ban, the 'Herald Sun' reports than
shoppers are in line to save more excessive
than $100 a year in a crackdown on Nine
excessive credit card surcharges. colleagues
Nine reports two jailed received
colleagues of Peter Greste have Egypt.
received presidential pardonons in News
Egypt.On the front page of the NT notorious
News one of the Territory's snapped
notorious serial killers has ended
snapped out of hibernation and little
ended a six month fast with one of
little piece of chickenThat's one up
of those guys we met when we were Possibly
up there.Not in can't tift are
Possibly at Co Crocasaurus cove.We with
are doubling your chance to win and
with double the callsIt is 6:00 initiative
and time for the news.A major violence
initiative to combat domestic morning
violence will be announced this Turnbull.
morning by Prime Minister Malcolm Yaxley
Turnbull. Political reporter Kerrie Kerry,
Yaxley joins us with the details. tackle
Kerry, how does the PM plan to Turnbull's
tackle this crisis?This is Malcolm announcement
Turnbull's first major funding is
announcement as Prime Minister. He this
is trying to send a signal that government,
this is a priority for his horrifying,
government, the statistics here are year
horrifying, 64 women and girls this The
year alone have been killed by men. partners
The vast majority by partners, ex domestic
partners or men they knew through a Turnbull
domestic relationship. Malcolm week
Turnbull told the Today Show this been
week he believes this issue has million
been over looked for too long. $14 workers
million to help police, social staff
workers and emergency department to
staff care for victims, $15 million recognise
to train hospital staff to violence
recognise the signs of domestic hospital
violence and to put lawyers in hospital to give free legal advice housing
to women. $5 million for safe housing in so-called domestic violence hot spots and another $5 websites,
million for the safer schools respectful
websites, teaching students about out
respectful relation sthips rolled Malcolm
out over three to four years, announcement
Malcolm Turnbull will make the side
announcement in Melbourne along Chief
side Rosie Batty and former Police funding
Chief Ken Lay and additional We'll
funding for indigenous communities. women
We'll be joined by the minister for smuggling
women on that later. A people has
smuggling boat bound for Australia developing
has become stranded after boat
developing engine problems. The of
boat ran into trouble off the coast board
of Indonesia with 24 people on India.
board mostly from Bangladesh and smugglers
India. There are claims that people resolve
smugglers are trying to test the government.
resolve of the new Turnbull breaking
government. Returning to our security
breaking news, a newly released hold
security footage this morning, may shooting
hold the key to solving the Sydney's
shooting murder of a man in year,
Sydney's southwest earlier this us
year, live to Chris Urquhart. Talk Well,
us through what the CCTV shows? petrol
Well, this CCTV is taken from a the
petrol station not far from where viewers
the murder occurred. What the truck
viewers need to look out for is the Tort
truck in the pictures, an Isuzu in
Tort liner, it may have been used in as the get away vehicle in the man
shooting of Safe Juda. This year at
man 23 years old answered a knock Police
at the door and he was shot dead. there
Police had a crime scene set up the
there at the time. We covered it on the Today Show. It was next door to clubhouse.
the gypsy joker's bike yig Links
clubhouse. They have ruled out to
Links there. What they have managed on
to do through incredible policing Squad
on the night they had with the Dog eventually
Squad they followed a scent footprint,
eventually managed no find a walked
footprint, believe that someone had off
walked in down the shooting, walked Pretty
off then got into this truck. to
Pretty unusual vehicle of any kind crime
to be used in a get-away car in a police
crime of this nature. Certainly CCTV
police as a result releasing this will
CCTV today is hoping that people Thursday
will remember something, this is had
Thursday 23 April, this young man of
had only been in Australia a couple making
of months. Hard to imagine you'd be time.
making too many enemies in a short how
time. It will be interesting to see work
how it pans out.Impressive police mag
work nonetheless, thank you. A 5.1 the
mag nit feud earthquake has rattled The
the North Island of New Zealand. Rotarua
The tremendousory struck near kilometres,
Rotarua at a depth of 100 were
kilometres, experts say the effects of
were weak and there are no reports is
of damage. Melbourne's rail network during
is set to be thrown into chaos are
during AFL Grand Final week. Unions industrial
are threatening seven days of checking
industrial action including not Final
checking train tickets on Grand disruption
Final day. It is the latest major transport
disruption to the city's public dispute
transport network as a bitter pay Anti-mosque
dispute continues to play out. to
Anti-mosque protesters are refusing bid
to give up this morning after their regional
bid to halt a development in the
regional Victoria is thrown out of for
the Supreme Court. It took minutes for the Court of Appeal to dismiss fighting
the application by the group of
fighting to stop the construction will
of a mosque in Bendigo. The group decision
will seek leave to appeal the Bendigo
decision in November. Last week the council
Bendigo mayor was forced to flee a Pope
council meeting under police guard. Barack
Pope Francis has met us President Speaking
Barack Obama at the White House. gathered
Speaking to thousands of people the
gathered on the presidential lawn in
the pontiff believed a rare speech on
in English calling for more action a
on climate change.We are living at still
a critical moment of history. We needed
still have time to make the change and
needed to bring about sustainable know
and integral development for we this
know that things can change.Later the
this morning the pope will deliver US
the first ever canonisation mass on tomorrow.
US soil before addressing Congress Very
tomorrow. He is a very busy pope. Thanks,
Very much in demand.It's all good. like
Thanks, coming up Harry and Will before
like you have never seen them high
before in high viz, powder blue proving
high viz, our favourite princes their
proving they're not afraid to get TV
their hands dirty in a new reality Ikea
TV role.If you struggled putting alone,
Ikea furniture together you're not actor
alone, Ryan Reynolds Hollywood actor has This program is not captioned. (Helicopter whirrs overhead) Thanks for coming in so quickly.
No problem. Quite a storm last night.
Yeah. As you can see,
the branches of the tree have come right through the roof and the rain has wet everything.

Oh. Wow. Just so lucky we were all
at the front of the house when this happened. That is a huge tree.
Yeah. Quick claims assessing from Youi. Because we're out there
with you every day. Youi. We get you. Call 13YOUI or go to

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Blockie's excited and ready to G away
it's the massive Block of Cash give We're
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made live on Australian AEST. Good

made live on Australian AEST. Good (SONG)# The
(SONG)# Don't you wore # could
The good news is $30000 big ones We'll
could be coming your way today. winner
We'll give you two chances to be a carbs
winner with two big block of call Let's
carbs coming up later.Sport time. in
Let's look at the back pages now, cock-a-hoop,
in the 'Herald Sun' they write Paddy
cock-a-hoop, Adelaide believes unprecedented
Paddy Dangerfield will back its into
unprecedented move to force Geelong the
into a trade for the midfielder, dob
the Dally telly has the headline teammates
dob in a mate. Laurie Daley wants to
teammates of any player they fear drugs
to be addicted to prescription life.
drugs to tell the NRL it may save a red
life. The 'Courier Mail' says hunt getting
red hot for October, the paper with
getting behind the Bronco's boys Roosters
with Ben hent set to shine against tomorrow
Roosters rival Mitchell Pearce tries
tomorrow night including his 11 season.
tries to Pearce's one so far this The
season. All happening in both codes. in
The Wallabies celebrating a big win the
in Cardiff.Against Fiji.What was a
the final number28-12, I might be greatest
a bit off. I haven't got the Lisa,
greatest memory.What about this that,
Lisa, putting him on the spot like Argentina
that, what was the score in the Australia,
Argentina Ireland game?Just caring
Australia, Fiji, the one we are question
caring about it. Sorry about that will
question without notice.Brisbane that
will win tomorrow night.Why is trot.
that Karl?They are red hot. Hot to good.
trot. Say that next time it will be everything
good.That can be your answer to OK,
everything this morning.Red hot! doing
OK, time to see what the weather is It's
doing on this Thursday morning. it's
It's not red hot that's for sure, South
it's been blue cold especially in chattering
South Australia, a lot of people many
chattering through the morning, September
many areas recording the coldest degrees,
September morning, Adelaide was 6 Meningi
degrees, four below average, morning
Meningi was 1, the coldest October hit
morning since 1970 and Keith that in
hit minus one, that's the coldest a
in 20 years, what a great name for have
a place, I live in Keith. If you in.
have an unusual place name send it look
in. I have some good once. Let's what
look at the main centres to see what is happening at your place:

Let's look at the rainfall this possible
morning, showers and thunderstorms showers
possible about the southwest of WA, Tasmania,
showers over eastern parts of thunderstorms
Tasmania, Victoria and NSW, central
thunderstorms possible over the as
central NSW coast, showers may fall Victoria
as snow above 1000m over eastern NSW
Victoria al fine peaks and southern NSW ranges.

NSW ranges.
Victoria al fine peaks and southern unusual
NSW ranges. If you live in an there
unusual place name like Keith, in
there is a name like No Where Else not
in Tasmania and South Australia, (LAUGHS)
not like it's nowhere else... Victoria,
(LAUGHS)What about Diaper in If
Victoria, and down the road Poonong. name
If you live in an unusual place social
name send it into SJA or one of the What
social channels. And Yorkeys Knob. though?
What sort of a town is Diaper, it
though?It's pretty crap. You set check
it up I have to tag it.Time to the
check out what is trending online, announce
the Federal Government will announce new funding to try to kerb violence.
the increasing rate of domestic young
violence. New measures to educate safety
young people and money to improve risk.
safety and support for people at warn
risk.Police are using Facebook to for
warn parents to take responsibility holidays.
for their kids during school children
holidays. They say unsupervised in
children are more likely to engage victims
in antisocial behaviour or become struggled
victims of crime.If you have today
struggled to put Ikea furniture you
today actor Ryan Reynolds knows how assemble
you feel. He's attempted to otherwise
assemble a grib for his baby, miserably
otherwise known as a cot, failed his
miserably then took matters into his hone hands.

(LAUGHS). So we want to see your Facebook
Ikea fail photos, head to the The
Facebook page now and send them in. didn't
The the impressive thing is he left
didn't look like he had anything He
left over which is usually the case. break
He used all of that tape.After the and
break a royal reno, Prince William debut
and Harry make their reality TV We
debut and what they are up to next. the
We take you behind the scenes in the new bond

This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER:
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This program is not captioned. #
(SONG)# Working nine to five It's
# What a way to make a living # seen
It's The Royals like you have never Princes
seen them before on reality TV. their
Princes William and Harry left hats
their crowns at home and put on hat street
hats to help transform an entire veterans,
street in a village for war Palace,
veterans, Amelia is at Buckingham doing?
Palace, tell us what they are visit,
doing?Well, this was an official certainly
visit, Karl, an official engagement, the
certainly something that both of first
the princes had fun with. When they looking
first arrived it wasn't really in
looking like they were going to fit William
in on that building site. Prince dressed,
William in particular, very over on
dressed, the tradies why watching both
on wondering what he was wearing, personalised
both of the boys were given changed
personalised hard hats, they and
changed into their high viz vests building
and boots and got on to the hundreds
building site. They were there with people
hundreds of volunteers and trades turn
people working upon the street to houses
turn derelict homes for suitable This
houses for armed forces veterans. princes
This is something that both of the welfare
princes have worked hard with the since
welfare of ex-servicemen and women military.
since they retired from the to
military. They were quite excited were
to get involved with this. They given
were given a tour of the site then site.
given some jobs by the head of that with
site. Prince William was tasked roller
with some painting. He had the of
roller out there painting the walls of a kitchen, Prince Harry was in
given something more physical, out paving.
in the garden next door doing some into
paving. They were certainly getting building
into a bit of banter with their you
building colleagues. This was, as for
you were saying filmed by the BBC called
for a special program they have program
called DIY SOS, the point of the some
program is to raise awareness for servicemen
some of the challenges that ex- come
servicemen and women face when they life.
come down to reenter into civilian hard
life. The boys are putting in the labour.
hard yards there, a lot of manual banter
labour.They don't mind a bit of on?
banter those two, how do they get like
on?Initially it wasn't looking there.
like they were going to fit in were
there. Certainly by the end they group,
were well and truly part of the particular
group, one of the boys, Harry in the
particular got right into it. By people
the end he was almost ordering telling
people around. At first they were he
telling him what to do, by the end he was telling him what to do, when
telling people to get back to work selfies
when he caught them trying to take between
selfies with him, the rivalry was other
between William and Harry not the into
other trades people. Harry walked William
into that room and said that the
William was painting, he could pick hand
the wall William had painted, to do
hand him the paint brush he could Harry
do a better job. It seems that no
Harry has come out on top. That is get
no great surprise, perhaps we can the
get him along for our version of take
the block, how would Scottie Cam loyal
take that?Not very well, we are we'll
loyal to Scottie here. Amelia, his
we'll put it to him, you won't be (LAUGHS).
his favourite person, that's all. would
(LAUGHS). I don't know if Harry anyway.
would take us up on the offer Buckingham
anyway.Good timing, doesn't point.
Buckingham Palace need a lick of needs
point.It wouldn't hurt.I think it paint.
needs more than a few licks of that
paint. The Queen might have seen straight
that episode on BBC and get them the
straight to work.Thanks. 10% of handed.
the world's population are left handed. According to one teacher Oh,
that 10% are unlucky and sinister. crazy.
Oh, tough. Well, possibly even investigation
crazy. The teacher is under handed
investigation after forcing a left- hand.
handed boy to write with his right claiming
hand. Check it out.In Oklahoma mum to
claiming her young son was forced teacher
to write with his right. His are
teacher reportedly saying lefties write
are evil.Show them which hand you four-year-old
write with.Alicia Sands said her favoured
four-year-old son Zayde has always coming
favoured his left hand. After she
coming home from school recently his
she says he suddenly started using homework
his right.We were doing his Sands
homework and he was usingly right. sending
Sands who was left handed. After this
sending a note, the teacher sent school
this article home in the boy's have
school folder, saying south paws inauspicious
have been considered unlucky associate
inauspicious and some cultures wickedness.
associate lefties with the idea of wrong.
wickedness.I thought I had read it but
wrong.She complained to the school disciplined.
but the teacher hasn't been fix
disciplined.They were supposed to didn't
fix it, that's their job, they the
didn't do their job.In a statement investigating,
the only home adept of education is disturbed
investigating, adding it is deeply accurate.
disturbed if the allegations are ashamed
accurate. No child should feel The
ashamed of the left they favoured. news
The school attendant telling the and
news we are aware of the situation out
and take it seriously. We reached have
out to the teacher for comment but is
have not heard back. For now Sands is keeping Zayde home from school hand.
and said he is back using his left using
hand. The teacher's insistence on Gee,
using the right was plain wrong. they
Gee, it's tough over there.I think My
they are sinister, though lefties? See,
My eldest child is a left hander. here
See, that whole thing they go over showing
here to write like this, I'm writing
showing you anything I'm doing I'm case.
writing like this.It's not the shouldn't
case.Sinister, evil people.You the
shouldn't muck around with the way more
the brain works, left handers are with
more artistic and more in touch of through
with their emotions. He went was
through a sinister stage when he question
was 14.Are lefties evil is the in
question we are posing. New clues man.
in the shooting murder of a Sydney footage
man. Police are hoping this CCTV We
footage will help catch the killer. grabs
We have a massive $30000 up for grabs with the Block of Cash call. of
We are making two calls, two blocks Funny
of cash and two chances to win. unreal.
Funny guy arch Barker, this guy is morning,
unreal. It will make you laugh all morning, I promise you. This program is not captioned. What does spring mean to you?
(UPBEAT MUSIC) Back on the tools.

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You're watching Today, leading the charged
news this morning, a man has been of
charged overnight with the murder found
of his 12-year-old stepdaughter Hunter
found dead inside a home in the NSW tracked
Hunter region. The 31-year-old was allegedly
tracked down by police hours after Aberglassyn.
allegedly fleeing the property at signs
Aberglassyn.The body did show some when
signs of violence, in so far as are
when the violence was inflicted we relation
are still making inquiries in refused
relation to that.The man has been in
refused bail and is due to appear Government
in court later today. The Federal more
Government is expected to set aside increasing
more than $40 million to kerb the violence
increasing rates of domestic violence against women and children Malcolm
in Australia. Prime Minister take
Malcolm Turnbull is determined to ingly
take a stance against the disturb domestic
ingly high rates with almost two will
domestic violence deaths a week, he of
will be joined with the Australian Victorian
of the Year Rosie Batty and former Lay
Victorian Police Commissioner Ken We'll
Lay in announcing the funding. minister
We'll be speaking live to the new shortly.
minister for women Michaela Cash in
shortly. Getting around Melbourne prove
in Grand Final week is likely to threatening
prove a challenge with rail unions industrial
threatening several days of nonstop pay
industrial action, it is a bitter day
pay dispute. Trains will run on the seen
day of the Grand Final and you'll won't
seen get a free ride because staff thousands
won't be checking tickets. Tens of will
thousands of public sector workers country
will walk off the job across the going
country this afternoon amid on it Services
going pay disputes of their own. at
Services are expected to be delayed Office
at Centrelink, Medicare and the Tax begins
Office once the half day action action
begins at lunchtime. As strike international
action continues at Australia's Wales
international airports. New South morning
Wales Police have released this hope
morning security footage which they murder
hope may help solve the shooting the
murder of a man in Horsley Park in 23-year-old
the city's westerlyier this year. dead
23-year-old Saif Jouda was found Police
dead inside a house in April. vehicle
Police believe a white Isuzu heavy to
vehicle in the CCTV may be linked journalists
to the killing. Two al Jazeera been
journalists jailed in Egypt have the
been pardon oped and released by colleagues
the country's President, their deported
colleagues Australian Peter Greste says
deported to Australia in February Mohamed
says he is over joyed. Bahar sentenced
Mohamed and Mohammad Fahmy were bars
sentenced to three years behind last
bars in a controversial retrial are
last month but this morning they start,
are free men.Where are we going to going
start, I don't know, what are we celebrate,
going to do, travel the world, really
celebrate, we're going to party. We have
really hope this is - our families beginning
have suffered so much, since the very
beginning of this trial. And we are Sisi
very happy that the President el- us.
Sisi took this action and released press
us. I will continue fighting for come
press freedom.Today's pardonons to
come as Egypt's President prepares Nations'
to fly to New York for the United winner
Nations' again assembly. Oscar million
winner Sean Penn has filed a $10 of
million lawsuit against the creator actors
of a popular television series, the over
actors claims he's been defamed beaten
over comments insinuating he had years
beaten his first wife add Donna 30 any
years ago, he categorically denies saying
any claims of domestic violence ex-wife
saying he is now friends with his her
ex-wife and even recently attended announced
her concert in New York. Russia has murder
announced it is reopening the Royal
murder case of the country's last power
Royal family, who were ufted from Nicklaus
power nearly 100 years ago, Czar along
Nicklaus the second was shot dead and
along side his wife, four daughters Russian
and one son in a cellar in the those
Russian revolution, his bones and those of his wife will be exhumed remains
and reexamined to verify the members
remains of four other family 2007.
members whose bones were found in coming
2007. That is the latest. More xume
coming up.Thank you SJ, let's U the
xume the sport.Hello, it wasn't World
the most convincing start to the go
World Cup campaign, the Wallabies 28-13
go get that win defeating fee yee Stadium.
28-13 at Cardiff's Millennium just
Stadium. David Pocock starred in scoring
just his second appearance at No.8 the
scoring two tries in four minutes, try
the Aussies were denied the four- crucial
try bonus point which could prove death.
crucial at the end of the pool of turn
death. The Aussies have a quick Sunday.
turn around facing Uruguay on live
Sunday. All of that action will be look
live on Gem. The Adelaide Crows midfielder
look set to play hard ball over timely
midfielder Patrick Dangerfield home
timely confirmed he wants to head the
home to Victoria picking Geelong as demanding
the club of voice, the club is free
demanding a fair trade to match a Tredrae,
free agency offer. Live to Warren see
Tredrae, good morning, how do you morning
see it all panning out?Beautiful you
morning here in Adelaide. I tell to
you what, it's probably not going at
to be as easy as you look behind me headquarters
at the Adelaide facility where the way
headquarters is. This deal has a agency
way to go. October 9 is the free Dangerfield
agency period where Patrick Geelong.
Dangerfield can lodge to move no this
Geelong. The difference between situation
this and the Buddy Franklin room
situation Hawthorn didn't have the offer
room to move. Patrick Dangerfield's the
offer for money is similar to what offering
the Adelaide Football Club was personal
offering him to stay. These are home
personal reasons, he wants to head this
home to Geelong for family reasons, mentioned
this has a fair way to go. As we agency
mentioned October 9 is the free days
agency periods, it starts three Adelaide
days later October 12. The Cats and dealing
Adelaide have been talking to get a compensation
dealing that is walking, happen.
compensation will not let this Patrick
happen. It's probably pick sp or 14, stars
Patrick Dangerfield is one of the happened
stars of the competition. This all able
happened yesterday after he was face-to-face,
able to speak to his teammates yesterday
face-to-face, Adelaide hotel after
yesterday on the whacky Wednesday the
after their season ended only on go
the weekend, so there is a lot to go on this one. This negotiation, Adelaide
the Cats won't want to give up much, star
Adelaide will want a lot for the did
star player, it will take a good um movement
did couple of weeks before we see mention
movement from either side. As I the
mention October is the date after and
the Grand Final when free agency Is
and all of this starts to go down. anywhere
Is there a chance he could end up I
anywhere else, the Demons perhaps?. day
I don't think so, at the end of the for
day Adelaide don't want to lose him the
for nothing, what you'll find is think
the Cats want to get this guy. I you
think it's fraught with danger if The
you enter the draft, you look at clubs
The Saints, the Demons, a lot of too
clubs will throw huge money, he is time,
too good a player. Crystal ball Final
time, who will be in the Grand to
Final Tredders?Picking the Hawks I'm
to get the job done on Friday night. heard
I'm going with West Coast.You in
heard it here first Warren Tredrae tonight
in Adelaide. Watch Channel Nine Walker
tonight on the AFL footy show, Tex and
Walker will be there Leigh Montagna winner
and Leigh Daniher will pop in. The stakes,
winner of big Bill in the NRL Brendan
stakes, Nate Myles, Paul Gallen and the
Brendan Cowell down the channel and stand
the player probe of the season boxing
stand by for some of the best beat Nine
boxing anywhere in the NRL all on Time
Nine in the NRL states, from 8.30pm. with
Time to get a check of the weather with Stevie.

Well, these are the latest pictures horizon
of Pluto taken by NASA he's new reached
horizon spacecraft since they More
reached the destination in mid July. being
More and more beautiful pics are temperatures
being released. We know the would
temperatures on the ice planet earth
would be freezing, back on planet areas,
earth they are heating up in some southeast.
areas, a little cold in the your
southeast. Let's see what is coming off
your way. Good morning, we'll start off in Queensland:

OK, that brings you up-to-date with strange
all of the weather. I did mention earlier,
strange place names in Australia I've
earlier, started off with Keith. people
I've been inundated on Twitter from the
people sending them in from Tim on called
the way to Dubbo there is a town Russell
called Gambler then Luck Now. hooker
Russell Nail have I heard of Caner New
hooker strangely enough. Bolivia in Gilmore,
New York near Bald Knob, Wendy from
Gilmore, What a nobodiy. This one on
from Tom Steinfort, he follows me photos,
on Twitter, the first one to like when
photos, I think he is stalking me, favourite
when he was living in Ballarat his you
favourite place was Bong Bong.Have for
you got strange ones?Great stuff funding
for a minute.Coming up, the new The
funding to tackle domestic violence. cash
The minister for women, Michael ya down
cash will be joining us to break big
down how the money is spent.The who
big battle between taxies and Uber, major
who comes out on top reveals a industry.
major investigation into the easy
industry.Ahead you could pocket an Cash
easy 30 grand in today's Block of worry
Cash Call. If you miss out don't to
worry we'll give you another chance We
to win with a second Block of Cash. star
We catch up with Fly The Concord a
star Arj Barker, why he can't stay there
a away from Australia.Australia, have
there are myriad reasons, I don't you
have time to tell you. I'll give toilets
you one that is awesome. I love the our
toilets here.Find out why he loves after
our toilets when he joins us live after the show. Back in a moment. This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER:
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The Aussie share market took a lowest
battering yesterday slumping to the Magazine'
lowest level in two years, 'Money us.
Magazine' editor Effie Zahos joins this
us.Good morning.What is behind yesterday,
this drop?The data that came out manufacturing
yesterday, the Chinese expected,
manufacturing data is worse than we factory
expected, the survey looks at came
factory purchasing managers, it anything
came in at 47, 100 is the best, contraction,
anything below 50 shows a investors,
contraction, that shocked a lot of The
investors, that was the pullout. information
The problem there is conflicting the
information coming out of China, market
the latest I read was the shark way
market hit the low and was in its can
way up in recovery mode, how much understand
can we believe?You have to this
understand the reason behind all of from
this China is trying to move away want
from trade and investments, they spending,
want to focus on the grows domestic data
spending, you have to expect the growth
data to fall down. The other thing digits,
growth is 7%, fallen from dowel growing
digits, it's one of the fastest with
growing nations.A big shipI'm OK property
with 7 percentage.We have seen home
property data with better news for conflicting
home buyers, again there is about
conflicting information out there dice
about property.You can slice and falling
dice the data, clearance rates are are
falling especially in Sydney there places
are some suburbs putting their they
places up for auction when really traditional
they shouldn't, they're not clearance,
traditional areas of auction pulling
clearance, Bankstown is under 50%, weekend
pulling the average down. Thm 1000
weekend is Super Saturday weekend, There
1000 properties on the market. supply?
There is an influx.Not an over Investment
supply?I wouldn't say that. said
Investment Bank has come out and reached
said Morgan Stanley Sydney has Good
reached its peak.See how it goes. be
Good on you. Thanks for that. We'll possible
be chatting to her later about the surcharge.
possible crack doin on credit card surcharge. Let's check out

surcharge. Let's check out the markets the Dow Jones is down.

The Aussie dollar is down buying 70 US cents. There you go.

US cents. There you go.
The Aussie dollar is down buying 70 market
US cents. There you go. That's the Thanks
market figures, over to Lisa. straight
Thanks for that Karl. Let's go entertainment.
straight to Richard now for morning.
entertainment.Thank you, good the
morning. We put the spotlight on of
the week's big movie releases one singer
of the year's best is out. Jazz and
singer Emma Pasque has a new album new
and we go behind the scenes of the new James Bond movie. All of that and more coming up.

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will be having a very nice day.

This program is not captioned.

Good morning again. Well, we are on movie,
countdown to the new James Bond director
movie, can't wait, and today take
director Sam Mendes and the team the
take us behind the scenes for all philosophy
the fun and games of 'Spectre'.The mine,
philosophy of the Bond franchise an to
mine, particularly as a film maker, to do things for roll, so you have out.
to roll up your sleeves and work it been
out.It is something that hasn't cars
been done before. We have three going
cars and planes. I think it is audience
going to be a great scene and the are
audience is going to love it.We in
are all doing all sorts of things buildings
in Mexico, big explosions, of
buildings collapsing.We have a lot stunts.
of special effects an a lot of top,
stunts. So Daniel is on the roof top, he is actually on a roof top helicopters
in Mexico City when we have and
helicopters flying over the square helicopter
and down the streets, it's a real stunts.
helicopter actually doing the was
stunts.Then there is Morocco which certainly
was a huge sequence for us. It was I've
certainly the biggest explosion real
I've ever done. It is going to be a tradition
real roller-coaster ride. The stunts,
tradition of Bond is always real explosions,
stunts, real action, real And
explosions, there is nothing made. ultimate
And that remains the case. So excitement
ultimate the goal is kind of from
excitement that you can only get from live stuff.

Oh, how good does it look! couple
'Spectre' in cinemas in just a of
couple of months time. She is one discovered
of this country's greatest talents, trumpeter
discovered as a 16-year-old by you
trumpeter James Morrison, and if will
you missed all of that part, you Martin's
will remember her from Ricky 2013.
Martin's team on 'The Voice' in fabulous
2013. Now she is back with a with
fabulous new album. Let's catch up (SONG)
with the delightful Emma Pask. #
(SONG) # got
# In your cheeky smile...You have pronounce
got this new album, I can't even Cosita
pronounce it properly.It is called guess
Cosita Divina. It is Spanish and I is
guess the inspiration behind that like
is it means devine little thing, if
like in English what we would do is yourself
if you would see someone like gorgeous
yourself or someone cute and you
gorgeous that you love, you go oh, you cute little thing. I'm giving little
you a wrap there.Like a cute little button.Yeah.

(SONG) # no...
# When I met you I just can't say good
no...What's the secret of making I
good jazz?The love and the passion couldn't
I think of it. You've - you music
couldn't be doing this kind of

music or this sort of job for a for
living if you didn't love it and that
for me, I think it is the groove Especially
that comes out of this music. Latin
Especially with this album, with passion
Latin music, there is such a of
passion driven threaded through all it
of it and you can't help but feel it and groove it and love it.

Intren sings in Spanish)

She is such a talent. Emma Pask, out
the album is Cosita Divina, it is listen.
out tomorrow. It is well worth a classic,
listen. She is so unreal. So album.
classic, some new stuff, wonderful game
album. We all know the smartphone during
game Angry Birds, you play it Now
during the phone quite a lot.I do. find
Now it's a movie and we finally so
find out why these birds are just (SONG)
so damn angry. #
(SONG) # # You are near # Just like me # They long to be...

We are going to be working on Eagle,
managing our anger through movement. pigeon
Eagle, peacock, mountain, fish, Oh,
pigeon and of course downward duck. Birds
Oh, good sound track too, the Angry year.
Birds movie in cinemas May next certainly
year. All right. Selena Gomez has Disney
certainly come a long way from her video
Disney days an has a new music Revival.
video from her upcoming album Love'.
Revival. It is called 'Same Old (SONG) #
(SONG) # # So stick of that same old love # That really tears me up # I'm so sick of that same old love # Somebody's had enough # Oh, oh, oh # That same old love # that same old love is
# I'm so sick...Selena's new album have
is out in a fortnight. Well, we a
have a wonderful opportunity around week,
a fantastic film. It is out next It
week, it is called 'The martian'. It is directed by ridly Scott. It year
is one of the great movies of the to
year and we are giving you a chance visit
to win a top to Orlando Florida to is
visit the Kennedy space station. It upcoming
is all to celebrate Matt Damon's enter:
upcoming film 'The martian'. To

That will be a pretty cool holiday, is
wouldn't it.The answer, because it But
is there do?No, that was Everest. Dickie,
But that's the same kind of... Splitting
Dickie, you are splitting hairs. a
Splitting movies. But 'Everest' is film
a good film and this is a great film too. Two of the year's best. guess
But Kennedy space station, kids, guess where we are going to go for just
a holiday?Adults would love it good
just as much.And Mars would be week.
good too. A new competition...Next Tackling
week.Here are the top stories. new
Tackling domestic violence, the big millions
new push to end the killings, women
millions of dollars to try to keep and
women safe at home on the streets year-old
and on line.The death of a 12- stepfather's
year-old school girl. Her stepfather's charged with murder Cracking
and faces court this morning. surcharge's.
Cracking down on credit card greedy
surcharge's. The plan to stop with
greedy companies gauging customers Why
with outrageous fees.Extra time. longer
Why footy fans will mean even Grand
longer than usual to get to the AFL the
Grand Final.God bless America.How goes
the Pope united the states. America goes crazy for the Holy Father.

Our double cash calls continue. Two the
calls every day giving you twice changing
the chance to win some life (SONG)
changing money. #
(SONG) # renovation
# Hammer time...And it's the royal Harry
renovation show. Why William and TV
Harry have turn understood reality Australia.
TV stars. Good morning across this
Australia. A man will face court of
this morning accused of the murder of his 12-year-old stepdaughter in reporter
the NSW Hunter Valley. Nine News Aberglasslyn
reporter Peter Stefanovic is in are
Aberglasslyn this morning. Pete, we What
are waking to another horrific case. Well,
What is expected to happen today? this
Well, considering the nature of there
this case, we do need to be careful, issues
there are a lost identification man
issues with it. But the 31-year-old next
man will face court here in the opens.
next couple of hours when court murder.
opens. He has been charged with last
murder. He was not released on bail murder
last night. He was charged with answering
murder last night and he had been the
answering questions by police for after
the best part of about 12 hours around
after he was taken into custody at Now,
around about 9:00 yesterday morning. 12-year-old
Now, police received a call that a inside
12-year-old girl had been killed 6
inside her home at about quarter to of
6 yesterday. She is what the eldest found
of four siblings. Her body was But
found by her family in her bedroom. didn't
But when police arrived, they took
didn't see the alleged killer. It took another two hours before they off
found him. Police received a tip- at
off that he was in the family van around
at Rutherford which is a suburb home.
around about 6km away from that gave
home. Yesterday afternoon, police media.
gave a press conference to the had
media. Here is a bit of what they changed
had to say and nothing has really early
changed since then.We are very relation
early into the investigation in did
relation to this matter. The body in
did show some signs of violence but inflicted,
in so far as when the violence was making
inflicted, well, we are still that.
making inquiries in relation to a
that.This is, as you would expect, here
a very difficult for the community the
here to process. Particularly for friends.
the 12-year-old girl's school best
friends. I was at the home for the lot
best part of yesterday and saw a floral
lot of them come down and leave messages
floral tributes, leave cards and lived.
messages on the street where she very
lived. Understandably it would be just
very hard for them to comprehend it's
just exactly what's happened, why How
it's happen and how it's happened. year-old
How do you explain to kids a 12- that
year-old has lot their lives in details
that manner. Pete, thank you. More Domestic
details later.Thanks Karl. of
Domestic violence will be the focus major
of the new prime minister's first Turnbull
major announcement today. Malcolm aimed
Turnbull will pledge $41 million million
aimed toing the violence. $14 training
million will go towards more and
training for police, social workers be
and mnl workers. $15 million will And
be spent training hospital staff. to
And bringing lawyers into hospitals women.
to provide free legal advice for for
women. $5 million will be set aside domestic
for specialist teams to work in there
domestic violence hot spots. And there will

there will
domestic violence hot spots. And for
there will be another $5 million for a safer schools education

for a safer schools education minister
program. Joining me now is our new Michaelia
minister for women, Senator morning,
Michaelia Cash. Good morning.Good thanks.
morning, how are you?Very well initiatives.
thanks. Congratulations on these women
initiatives. But with nearly two through
women dying a week in Australia in
through acts of violence, two just agree
in the last few days, would you It
agree this is a national emergency? emergency
It is absolutely a national the
emergency and that is certainly how treated
the former Abbott government treated it and I'm delighted that Turnbull
the very first decision of the Turnbull government and the women's
Turnbull cabinet was to approve a what
women's safety package which is announce
what we are here in Melbourne to than
announce today.Last year, more went
than 18,000 calls to 1800 RESPECT being
went unanswered and 423 people were agencies
being turned away from homeless of
agencies each and every night. Many escaping
of those being women with children funding
escaping violence. How will the today
funding that you're announcing services?
today address those specific RESPECT,
services?OK. In relation to 1800 early
RESPECT, you will be aware that provided
early this year, the government to
provided an additional $4 million are
to 1800 RESPECT to ensure that they calls
are able to meet the number of 1800
calls that are being placed to them. were
1800 RESPECT initially in 2010-2011 Progressed
were taking 2,000 calls that. now
Progressed to 45,000 calls. We have take
now funded them so that they can be
take 55,000 calls and today we will to
be announcing a further $5 million to 1800 RESPECT so that they can So,
take up to 70,000 calls per year. the
So, we are absolutely responding to services.
the demand on the 1800 RESPECT introduction,
services. In relation to your you
introduction, the $41 million that The
you refer to is part of the package. million.
The package is much larger than $41 announced
million. And that will obviously be the
announced later on this morning by how
the prime minister. But looking at how we can support women, one of immediate
the initiatives of the packages is women
immediate responses to ensure that their
women and children are safe in things
their home. Because one of the women
things that I want to see is that Why
women and children can stay at home. have
Why should they be the ones that and
have to flee the family home and go number
and seek refuge in a shelter. So a be
number of the measures that we will specifically
be announcing today are that
specifically focussed on ensuring will
that a woman's home is safe. We relation
will be announcing measures in security
relation to the upgrading of working
security at homes. We will be ensure
working with the Salvation Army to assessments
ensure that women, who need risk homes,
assessments carried out on their and
homes, are able to have them done to
and then we respond appropriately course,
to those risk assessments. And, of be
course, one of the things we will some
be doing - and I had alluded to going
some time ago - is that we are territories
going to be working with states an with
territories who want to partner the
with the government in relation to panic
the trialling of GPS technology and you're
panic buttons. In other words, if are
you're a high risk offender and you we
are basically challenging a woman, bracelet
we are going to put an ankle you
bracelet on you so we know where is
you are at all times.All of that finds
is terrific to hear. But if a woman she
finds herself in a situation when take
she suddenly is in crisis, let's Queensland
take Queensland for example, rate
Queensland currently has twice the state
rate of women dying than any other major
state or territory. Yet most of the Coast
major police stations on the Gold actually
Coast close at 4 p.m. And are can
actually shut on the weekend. How domestic
can that be when this is a major that's
domestic violence hot spot?And are
that's certainly something that we Queensland
are going to be working with the note
Queensland government on. And I has
note that the Queensland government recommendations
has accepted all of the General
recommendations of former Governor- they
General Quentin Bryce's report an implementing
they will be looking at One
implementing those recommendations. to
One of the things that we are going Government,
to be doing though, as the Federal ensure
Government, is providing funding to services
ensure that we have front line Because
services receiving better training. the
Because as you would know, often person
the first point of call for a violence
person in a situation of domestic toss
violence is to go to the police. It to
toss go to the hospital. Is to go that
to a magistrate. We need to ensure given
that the appropriate response is providers,
given by the police, by the health again
providers, by the magistrates so make
again part of this package is to services
make sure that the front line training
services have the appropriate their
training that they need so that coming
their response to a person who is domestic
coming to them are get away from a appropriate
domestic violence situation is an hear.
appropriate one.That is great to assisting
hear. Minister, you've come from tenure
assisting Tony Abbott during his I
tenure as minister for women. When to
I asked him on the show last year that
to name his greatest achievement in answered
that role as minister for women, he was
answered very surprisingly that it How
was getting rid of the carbon tax. have
How will you differ now that you Look,
have stepped up to that main role? significant
Look, Tony Abbott had a number of minister
significant achievements as the never
minister for women and I would But
never want to detract from them. who
But certainly it was Tony Abbott national
who made domestic violence a absolutely
national priority. But I'm that
absolutely delighted, as I said, Turnbull
that the first decision of the decision
Turnbull government, the very first approve
decision of our cabinet, was to because
approve the women's safety package increasing
because when you want to talk about participation,
increasing women's workforce when
participation, you can't do that Australia
when you still have women in So
Australia who are not safe at home. this
So it is a fundamental priority of is
this government and this government major
is but a week old and our first provide
major announcement today is to safety
provide funding to ensure the of
safety of women. Because at the end what
of the day, what I want to ensure, ensure,
what Malcolm Turnbull wants to coalition
ensure, what members of the you
coalition want to ensure and I know very
you want to ensure, because you are women
very passionate about this, is that They
women and children are safe at home. they
They are safe on the streets. And frankly,
they are safe on line. Quite now
frankly, I think Australians are saying
now at that place where they are work
saying enough is enough. We need to as
work together, as government, and violence
as a community to bring an end to children.
violence against women and their hear
children.Minister, it is great to further
hear and we look forward to those later
further announcements a little bit very
later this morning. We thank you morning.
very much for your time this Thank
morning.Great to be with you. Sylvia.
Thank you very much.Over to you bound
Sylvia.A people smuggling boat stranded
bound for Australia has become problems.
stranded after encountering engine off
problems. The boat ran into trouble people
off the coast of Indonesia with 24 Bangladesh
people on board, mostly from claims
Bangladesh and India. There are smugglers
claims this morning that people resolve
smugglers are trying to test the government.
resolve of the new Turnbull network
government. Melbourne's rail chaos
network is set to be thrown into Unions
chaos during AFL Grand Final week. of
Unions are threatening seven days checking
of industrial action, including not final
checking train tickets on grand disruption
final day. It's the latest major transport
disruption to the city's public dispute
transport network as a bitter pay Still
dispute continues to play out. breaking
Still in Melbourne - and to for
breaking news. A woman's fighting horrifying
for life this morning after a to
horrifying hit and run involving up centre
to five motorcycles in a shopping Christine
centre car park. Live now to Nine's woman's
Christine Ahern. What is the woman
woman's condition?This 34-year-old life
woman is currently fighting for her Alfred
life in a critical condition in The incident
Alfred Hospital. This shocking which
incident occurred in KarenDowns last
which is in Melbourne's south-east motorcycle
last night. Between 3 and 5 were
motorcycle riders, we are hearing, centre
were riding through the shopping was
centre when this 34-year-old woman fled
was struck. All motor cyclist s several
fled the scene. Now, police spent several hours there at the shopping listen
centre last night. Let's have a tell
listen to what one officer had to tell us.34-year-old female victim in
was struck by the second motorcycle road.
in that group and thrown on to the motorcycles
road. The third an fourth who
motorcycles then avoided the victim a
who was on the road and all fled in according
a westerly direction.Now, motorcycles
according to witnesses, these bikes
motorcycles involved were miniature Victoria,
bikes or monkey bikes and in those
Victoria, it is illegal to ride or
those kind of motorbikes on roads It
or on footpaths. cabbies
It seems there is bad news for watchdog
cabbies this morning. Consumer first
watchdog 'Choice' has published the of
first major report into the impact says
of ride sharing company Uber and it better
says Uber X is actually doing a them
better job for customers giving service
them a cheaper and more reliable taxi
service than taxis. Let's get the are
taxi industry's response now, we are joined by the president of the Turner.
taxi drivers association Anne report.
Turner. This is a pretty damning game?
report. Do taxis need to lift their they
game?I think - good morning. Taxis, They
they are regulated in our industry. after
They are controlled by - looked ensure
after by the government. And we are the
ensure insured and everything. All we
the drivers are fully qualified and concern
we do have insurance. Our major in
concern is safety an safety comes sharing
in first. Whereas illegal ride regulated.
sharing an Uber, they are not our
regulated. They are illegal. And safety.
our major concern is, as I said, major
safety. So yes, safety is our major, major concern.This is one of your that
major accusations. You're saying hitchhiking
that it is no safer than found
hitchhiking but this report has is
found that that's just not the case, afraid
is it a case of taxis are just actually
afraid of the competition?It is concern
actually it is not - our major taxi
concern is, as we say, to set up a can
taxi for 12 months for a start, it $60,000.
can cost anything from $54,000 to includes
$60,000. And to set - which safety
includes insurance, we have got But
safety cameras, everything is there. their
But with illegal ride sharing, under
their car is probably cost about - isn't
under $3,000 for 12 months.Which sorry
isn't fair. I think everybody feels new
sorry for taxi drivers that this real
new entry into the market has had a and
real impact in terms of money out basically
and money back. But this report is deciding
basically saying this is the market are
deciding here and a lot of people cheaper
are just finding that Uber is safety
cheaper and that they don't have seems
safety concerns and that certainly 'Choice'
seems to be the indicates with what the
'Choice' is saying.-- seems to be saying.
the case with what 'Choice' is run,
saying. But if you look at the long there
run, incidents might happen and we
there is no GPS. Like in the taxis said,
we have got safety cameras. As I safe
said, we have got everything is ride
safe in the taxi whereas illegal car,
ride sharing, it is just a private car, drivers are just using private double-dipping
car, how do you know they are not pay
double-dipping and also they don't legally
pay tax, GST, whereas we are got
legally on the road. And we have So
got our regulations and everything. drivers
So yeah. And as for us in NSW taxi driver
drivers association, taxi operated proud
driver association, we are very I
proud of the taxi industry because Christmas
I know taxis are there 24/7, is
Christmas time, every time the taxi ride
is on the road. But whereas illegal cherry
ride sharing, they pick and choose professionally
cherry picking. We are also wheelchair
professionally trained in is,
wheelchair jobs.All right.Which it
is, yeah.OK. We will have to leave joining
it there. Thanks very much for Shoppers
joining us this morning.Thank you. line
Shoppers using credit cards are in stop
line for big savings with a plan to surcharges,
stop companies imposing greedy Effie
surcharges, mn magazine editor details.
Effie Zahos joins us with all the us
details. Good morning to you. Tell from?
us about where this report has come chief
from?This is interesting. The CBA is
chief has come out an said enough stop.
is enough. The surcharge needs to what
stop. They need to be pull nld with So
what is the actual price of them. the
So at the moment, it is normally because
the culprits are those on line, things
because how else can you pay for They
things other than a credit card. Murray
They are charging about $7.70 and Murray is saying that the real cost transactional
is .5 of the value of the Let's
transactional value, so 12 cents. Let's look at these. There is:

At the moment, they left these guys going
self regulation. This has been annoying.
going on for ages. It is really that
annoying. What they are saying is financial
that an inquiry wept into t the Treasurer
financial inquiry, we need the new actually
Treasurer to sign it and we is
actually need to do something. This ages.
is a joke. It's been happening for airfare
ages. And you know, to book an but
airfare ticket, it may cost you $60 in
but it may cost you over 30 bucks those
in fees.There is some more of surcharges.
those 1%. They go on and on these real
surcharges. Is it going to have any is
real impact, do you think, here?It issue
is going to be hard. This is an ages.
issue that has been going on for control.
ages. The watchdog has to take to
control. It is up to Morrison now that
to sign off on the recommendations was
that were made by Hockey.What I was pointing out is that the debate yet
is coming down hard on surcharges credit
yet the banks own interest rates on So
credit cards are through the roof. ironic,
So what are they doing?It is interest
ironic, isn't it. Let's deflect the and
interest rates of 20-odd per cent two
and let's focus on this. This the concerned.
two have got to go as far as I'm morning
concerned.Thank you. Police this footage
morning have released security solve
footage which they hope may help in
solve the shooting murder of a man west
in Horsley Park in Sydney's south- Today's
west earlier this year. Live now to this
Today's Chris Urquhart who covered morning.
this story when it happened. Good exactly?
morning. What does the footage show look
exactly?Hi Sylvia. If our viewers will
look very carefully at it, they Isuzu
will see a large truck that is an that
Isuzu taught liner and they believe as
that this may well have been used night
as the get away vehicle on the said
night in question when 23-year-old to
said was shot dead at the entrance When
to his home in Horsley Park -- say. obviously
When this happened, police immediately
obviously set up a crime scene policing
immediately but some incredible police
policing because through the use of follow
police dogs, they have managed to believe
follow the scent of who they has
believe the murderer is and that he house,
has taken off by foot from the and
house, they have found a footprint vehicle
and they believe they have found a We
vehicle that was used at the scene. but
We are used to seeing a sports car hopefully
but this is an enormous truck so area
hopefully someone from the local was
area may recognise something. This year-old
was April 23 this year. This 23- Australia
year-old man who had only been in before
Australia for a couple months as
before this happened, so hopefully we
as a result of this release today Generations
we might get a few clues.Thank you. watching
Generations of TV viewers grew up Sadly,
watching and loving Mike Gibson. at
Sadly, Gibbo passed away yesterday gig
at the age of 75. From his first TV here
gig on the Wide World Of Sports here at Channel Nine, to his time he
as host of 'Good Morning Australia', ultimate
he was a unique broadcaster and the just
ultimate sports fan. And here's how friends
just one of his many co-hosts and jingo,
friends remembered him.By gee, by will
jingo, by crikey, there's a line I at
will never - I have had thrown back me
at me so many times.Well, joining joining
me now is Nine's Ken Sutcliffe remember
joining us now. How will you -
remember Gibbo?I just remember him - good morning to you - I just what
remember him as a fellow who did television
what we all want to do on He
television ap that is be natural. got
He was - what you saw is what you words.
got and he had a great gift with and
words. He was a wonderful writer bridge
and I think that he built that reader
bridge between the viewer or the understand.
reader that they could really actually.
understand. He was a larrikin When
actually. He was a larrikin writer. Sports,
When he came to Wide World Of straightaway,
Sports, the thing that he was was
straightaway, he was himself. He it.
was so natural at it and so good at impersonation.
it. You know, he got the made
impersonation. Billy Birmingham when
made a for tune out of it.That's sport.
when you know you're a ledge end in up
sport.When you start getting sent one
up by Billy Birmingham. He was just gift.
one of those fellows who had that obviously
gift. He was at the forefront He
obviously with Wide World Of Sports. larrikin
He was the man. And it was a got
larrikin show for five hours. He everything
got famous for coming up - World
everything was coming up on Wide later
World Of Sports. We will have it five
later on.That's right.But after long
five hours, you know, it was a long, revolutionised
long time on air. But it Gibbo
revolutionised sports coverage and great
Gibbo did them all. With Jack - and
great Jack Gibson, the super coach Chappell
and Darley Lee Slaker and Ian sad
Chappell of course. But very, very The
sad day. Came as a big surprise. literally
The thing is he could actually listening
literally do it all. I grew up there
listening to him on 2SM when he was Tingle
there with Steve Leadman and John Moore.
Tingle and Brian White an George went
Moore. So I knew him from radio. He Australia',
went to TV, 'Good Morning beautiful
Australia', he also wrote a turned
beautiful column every week which Weekly'
turned into a month in the 'Women's watch
Weekly' about his family.I used to sometimes
watch him typing away. He was you
sometimes when people are writing, he
you can't help but watch them. And one,
he was one of those guys because, that,
one, he was so quick and not only of
that, he was so quick to grasp hold rip
of the subject at hand and he could minutes.
rip a winning script in 10, 15, 20 But
minutes. He was that good at it. sport.
But he - what he also did, he loved we
sport. He just loved all - you know, the
we would have bog snorkelling in minute
the Midlands of Yorkshire. Next man
minute we would have the fattest strongest
man on television being the a
strongest man on television. He had vogue
a ocker style that was very much in starting
vogue during the 8 on 0s was we are Gibbo
starting -- 80s, but in some way, little
Gibbo had to turn that around a that
little bit.It has gone back to unique.
that a little bit now, he was telegraph
unique. Paul Kent wrote in the piece,
telegraph this morning, a lovely script
piece, in essence that he wrote a and
script the way that the sport was sport
and made it as important as the when
sport was and also going back to know
when Kerry Packer hired him, you have
know what, we are just going to what
have some fun here. I think that is he
what he brought to everything that the
he did. As well as the speakersies, was
the fun.It was irreverent fun. It in
was larrikin fun. Five hours on air revolutionary.
in those days was absolutely And
revolutionary. Are you OK?I'm OK. must
And I just remember it was just lot
must see television. And we had a laughs
lot of fun. There was a lot of wouldn't
laughs and a lot of things you wrong
wouldn't know went wrong but did go he
wrong but Mike would turn it around, a
he could turn it around and all of him.
a sudden, you were laughing with You
him. He hosted shows in cardigans. cardigans
You know, nobody hosts shows in you
cardigans any more. And he had - you but he was well read. I mean, could
he just didn't comment on sport. He right
could comment on anything politics everything
right through to sport an mate.
everything in between.Great stuff being
mate. A great tribute. Thanks for Sutcliffe.
being in today. The great Ken the
Sutcliffe.All right, time now for very
the weather with Stevie.Thank you what's
very much. Here is the latest of Some
what's happening around the country. We
Some cold weather in the south-east. morning
We will start in Queensland this for
morning with a top of 28 degrees showers
for Cairns. With some possible showers and Townsville. Brisbane:

Dangerous surf along the NSW coast. young
So please take it very careful.A calling
young Gold Coast life guard is Here
calling himself a shark hunter. measuring
Here are the pictures. Two of them with
measuring almost 4m. That is him a
with a happy family snap. Meanwhile, a Central Coast counsellor is shields
calling for electronic shark local
shields to be made available at Australian
local beaches in what would be an surfers
Australian first for divers and themselves
surfers wanting to protect of
themselves against the rising tide Ben
of attacks. We are joined now by Karlos,
Ben Davis. Good morning to you. attacks
Karlos, good morning. Rising be
attacks indeed. Something needs to mayer
be done here. I've been speaking to the
mayer ones on the north coast of I'd
the NSW or southern Queensland as to
I'd like to call it and they need to do something. Because we are in Stevie
the middle of school holidays, tourists
Stevie just pointed out, and holidays
tourists aren't going there. School lead-up
holidays maybe but I know in the problem
lead-up to this, there was a big calls
problem with sharks. There has been effective
calls for netting which has been so effective here in Queensland. The of
problem is the geography with a lot on
of the beaches in northern NSW just nets
on points an headlands, that the can't
nets aren't working there or they on
can't work there. They work mainly repellants
on straight beaches. But the sharks that
repellants there, has only been one effectively,
that I can find that works it
effectively, 90% effectively, and to
it is not the ones that you strap has
to your ankle or to your board. It problem
has a long antenna on it. So a with
problem and they have got to deal they
with it pretty quickly.That is all you
they are talking about. Meantime, NSW
you know how I love the law, one of Sectionton,
NSW leading law officers, Michael to
Sectionton, is pushing for juries previous
to be told if a person on trial has that
previous convictions. Now, claiming relatively
that most judges have led up
relatively sheltered lives growing good
up in comfort families, attending in
good schools, making a lot of money parts
in the law and settling in the best unusual
parts of town so it would be victims
unusual for them to have been the
victims of crime. But it's one of justice
the cornerstones of justice, the being
justice system I would have thought, crimes
being judged not judged on past Interesting
crimes but the present ones. England,
Interesting thought. It works in there
England, that's how they do it current
there and I know Queensland's Chief
current governor used to be our problem
Chief Justice, he said what is the been
problem with this, if someone has have
been charged with rape and they same
have had the same conviction or the shouldn't
same offence six months ago, why Juries
shouldn't the jury hear about it. for
Juries are smart enough to work out here.
for themselves if there is any bias the
here. But you know what, this isn't problem,
the problem. Juries aren't the not
problem, not here in Queensland, It
not in NSW, not around this country. magistrates.
It is the judges. It is the sentencing.
magistrates. It comes down to here
sentencing. That is the big problem where
here and you touched on it there they
where you said judges, magistrates, lives.
they have led fairly sheltered the
lives. That is the bigger problem, not
the issue that we are facing here, Talk
not juries.Thank you for that. huge
Talk to you soon. Coming up - two volcano.
huge explosions from Mexico's fire details
volcano. We will have all the to
details in the news next. Plus born motocross
to be wild. We meet the Aussie running
motocross champion who is in the Also
running to become world number one. Barker,
Also we catch up with hilarious Arj funny
Barker, he is going to tickle your is
funny bone this morning folks. He morning.
is bound to have you laughing all morning. That, I promise you. This program is not captioned. Here's a thought. What if you woke up one day
to find you were set for life? Where would you go? What would you do? What would you be? Imagine the moment you realise you've won $20,000 every month
for 20 years! And all that lies ahead
are possibilities. Set for Life. New from NSW Lotteries.

This program is not captioned.

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old continent with hello world and from
Qatar airways. You can fly to Paris Melbourne.
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You're watching Today. Leading the this
news the minister for women has million
this morning confirmed an extra $5 national
million will be committed to a violence.
national hotline for domestic minister
violence. It comes as the prime major
minister prepares to outline a later
major initiative on the crisis reporter
later this morning. Political live
reporter Kerrie Yaxley joins us more
live from Canberra now. Tell us Prime
more about the new plans?This is first
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's his
first major funding announcement in send
his new role. So he is trying to violence
send a message that stopping the government.
violence is a priority for his government. We have some details of help
his announcement. $14 million to Emergency
help police, social workers and victims.
Emergency Department staff care for hospital
victims. $15 million to train of
hospital staff to recognise signs lawyers
of domestic violence and to put legal
lawyers into hospital to give free legal advice

legal advice to women. $5 million domestic
for special coordinators for with
domestic violence hot spots to help know
with emergency housing which we million
know is a huge issue. Another $5 website,
million for the safer schools will
website, for education tools, which about
will basically help teach students That
about respectful relationships. the
That money will be rolled out over Michaelia
the next three to four years. that
Michaelia Cash told the Today Show that Australia is

that Australia is suffering from a also
domestic violence emergency and she the
also said that she will work with trackers
the state governments to trial GPS panic
trackers for high risk offenders an Here
panic buttons for vulnerable women. Australians
Here she is.Quite frankly, I think where
Australians are now at that place enough.
where they are saying enough is government,
enough. We need to work together as bring
government, and as a community, to women
bring an end to violence against said
women and their children.She also through
said that those measures I ran for
through and the extra $5 million bigger
for 1800 RESPECT are part of a much the
bigger package to be announced by expecting
the prime minister. We are expecting to hear from him within stay
the next two hours.Nine News will Thank
stay across that announcement. with
Thank you. A man has been charged stepdaughter
with the murder of his 12-year-old inside
stepdaughter last night found dead region.
inside a home in the NSW Hunter down
region. The 31 yearly was tracked allegedly
down by police hours after Aberglasslyn.
allegedly fleeing the property at Aberglasslyn.The body

Aberglasslyn.The body did show far
some signs of violence but in so inflicted,
far as when the violence was making
inflicted, well, we are still that.
making inquiries in relation to and
that.The man has been refused bail today.
and is due to appear in court later this
today. A woman is fighting for life an
this morning after a horrifying hit centre
an run in a Melbourne shopping was
centre car park. The 34-year-old crossing
was walking across a pedestrian was
crossing in Carrum Downs when she driver
was struck by a motorcycle. The were
driver and four other riders who scene.
were riding together then fled the rider
scene.We are appealing to the himself
rider of that motorcycle to hand appealing
himself in to police. We are also have
appealing to any witnesses who may contact
have witnessed the collision to this
contact Crime Stoppers.The woman condition
this morning is in a critical house
condition in hospital. A terrace gone
house in Sydney's inner west has smoke
gone up in flames sending plumes of arrived
smoke into the air. Fire crews property
arrived at the Dulwich Hill find
property just after midnight to alight.
find the roof of the terrace well the
alight. No-one was inside the at evacuated
the home and neighbours were Investigations
evacuated as a precaution. now
Investigations into the cause are more
now underway. Shoppers could save Government
more than $100 a year in a Federal credit
Government crackdown on excessive Telcos,
credit card surcharges. Airlines, ticketing
Telcos, energy retailers and too
ticketing companies which charge action
too much could now face legal watchdog.
action from the nation's consumer chief
watchdog. Former Commonwealth Bank should
chief David Murray says the charge .5%
should be limited to 12 cents or which
.5% of the value of the transaction Francis
which ever he says is less. Pope first
Francis is right now leading the soil
first ever cannonisation mass on US to
soil elevating a Californian monk Laura
to sainthood. Nine US correspondent Washington
Laura Turner is there for us in popular
Washington this morning. The morning.
popular Pope making history this right.
morning.Good morning. That is Francis's
right. This was part of Pope The
Francis's first mass on US soil. It's
The cannonisation of a new saint. Some
It's been controversial though. Latin
Some people claiming, especially Californian
Latin Americans, claiming that this involved
Californian missionary was actually 18th
involved in genocide back in the was
18th century but the Pope knew this been
was coming, these protests have pushed
been happening for a while, he has that
pushed ahead an gone ahead with schedule
that cannonisation is a packed Today
schedule here in Washington DC. service
Today it started with a welcome followed
service at the White House, Barack
followed by a private meeting with Pope
Barack Obama. Now, we know that make
Pope Francis is a man who likes to from
make a point. He likes to speak did
from his heart. And he certainly White
did so on the south lawn of the in
White House this morning speaking crowd
in English and dress addressing a of
crowd of 11 thousand on the subject of climate change. Have a listen.

Now, the Pope has certainly ruffled comments
some republican feathers with those today.
comments about climate change here realm
today. And he may return to that first
realm tomorrow when he becomes the here
first Pope to address US Congress Back
here in Washington tomorrow morning. closely.
Back to you.We will watch that journalists
closely. Thank you. Two Al Jazeera been
journalists jailed in gept have country's
been pardon and released by the colleague
country's president. Their who
colleague Australian Peter Greste February
who was deported to Australia in Baher
February says he is over joyed. were
Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy behind
were sentenced to three years retrial
behind bars in a controversial they
retrial last month but this morning going
they are free men.Where are we are
going to start, I don't know? We celebrate,
are going to travel the world, just
celebrate, party and you know, we families
just really hope that this is - our since
families have suffered so much and
since the beginning of this trial president
and we are very happy that the released
president Sisi took this action an fighting
released us. I will continue pardons
fighting for press freedom.Today's prepares
pardons come as Egypt's president United
prepares to fly to New York for the Mexico's
United Nations General Assembly. exploded
Mexico's so called fire volcano has twice
exploded this morning erupting is
twice in 20 minutes. The mountain toxic
is spewing huge clouds of smoke and villages
toxic gases blanketing nearby Mount
villages with thick coats of ash. active
Mount Colima has been increasingly there
active since July with residents Now
there ready to evacuate at any time. William
Now to a royal renovation. Princes their
William and Harry have rolled up dirty
their sleeves and got their hands village
dirty as they help fix a veterans correspondent
village in the UK. Nine Europe joins
correspondent Amelia Ballinger Everyone's
joins us live from London. personalised
Everyone's talking about those personalised hard hats.Yeah, the princes
personalised hard hats and the vest
princes version of the high viz had
vest in that royal blue, once they certainly
had all of the equipment, they got
certainly looked the part as they William
got to work in Manchester. Prince joined
William and Prince Harry were and
joined by hundreds of tradespeople working
and volunteers who have been full
working very hard to turn a street suitable
full of derelict houses into veterans.
suitable homes for armed forces Manchester
veterans. The team there in the
Manchester was pretty keen to get the boys straight to work. Prince painting
William was given the job of given
painting while Prince Harry was He
given something a little bit harder. door
He was sent out to the garden next- was
door to do some paving and there there.
was a fair bit of sibling rivalry impressed
there. Prince Harry was less than paint
impressed with his older brother's the
paint job. This visit was filmed by and
the BBC for their seerls DIY SOS aiming
and this particular episode is kinds
aiming to draw awareness to the men
kinds of challenges that service they
men an women sometimes face when It
they return home to civilian life. the
It is a cause that is close to both had
the princes' hearts given they have They
had military service themselves. something
They are now retired of course. But very
something they have been working and
very hard on since their retirement Prince
and that episode that features both air
Prince William and Harry will go to see
air next month. So we will get to We
see then just how hard they worked. doubt
We look forward to seeing that. No closely
doubt Scotty Cam will be watching what
closely to see if they have got Blocktagon.
what it takes to do up the getting
Blocktagon.That would be a coup would
getting them on 'The Block'.They down
would be up for it.That would go often
down in history, that coup.As they Barker
often do. Coming up, funny man Arj this
Barker joins us for a laugh. I love hilarious
this guy. Remember him from this give
hilarious series.How much will you it.
give me for this?A dollar.Double made
it.$2.Double it again.$4.I just what
made him #34r5i 10 times more than place.
what he wanted to pay in the first Brilliant.
place.He just manipulated him bro. the
Brilliant. We will catch up with the hilarious Arj Barker later in with
the show. But first, here's Clint you
with some sport.Hello again, thank Wallabies
you very much. Let's start with the winning
Wallabies because they have made a campaign
winning start to their World Cup Cardiff's
campaign defeating Fiji 28-13 at all
Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. It is Sunday
all up here to face Uruguay on England
Sunday before tackling hosts Geelong
England and also Wales. In AFL the
Geelong is very close to winning star
the services of that man, Adelaide but
star midfielder Patrick Dangerfield, trade
but the Crows are demanding a fair free
trade with the club set to match a Warren
free agency offer. Our very own earlier
Warren Tredrea spoke about it be
earlier and believes it is going to as
be a really tough battle.Adelaide, chance
as you mentioned, does have the between
chance to match and the difference situation
between this and the Buddy Franklin that
situation we saw 12 months ago is to
that Hawthorn didn't have the room deal
to move after Sydney offered a huge offer
deal whereas Patrick Dangerfield's similar
offer here for money is very Football
similar to what the Adelaide stay.
Football Club was offering him to wants
stay. This is personal reasons. He family
wants to head home to Geelong for one
family relevance and I think this Geelong's
one has got a fair way to go. is
Geelong's multimillion dollar offer year
is tipped to be at least a five race
year deal. Marika Koroibete is in a Storm's
race to be fit for Melbourne The
Storm's prelim final this weekend. light
The star winger completed some convincing
light running, it wasn't at all to
convincing at training, as he works Achilles.
to recover from a deep gash to his confident
Achilles.I think we are pretty play.
confident that he will be right to getting
play. It is just a matter of quite
getting his Achilles moving. It is in
quite stiff after the staples went gash.
in there. It was a pretty nasty The
gash. It went down to the tendon. Saturday
The Storm host the Cowboys on can
Saturday night and, of course, you here
can catch all of that action live is
here on Channel Nine. And this man bonus
is on the verge of a $14 million year
bonus an a bank balance ending this proved
year $28 million, Jason Day has mood
proved he is in a really relaxed He
mood on the eve of the FedEx Cup. conference.
He produced this pearler at a media Spieth
conference.It is like Jordan baby
Spieth and Rory McClaren will a had
baby and I was it -- Rory McIlroy comic
had a baby and I was it.He is a whatever
comic genius, isn't he.He can say at
whatever he pleases.The party is wins.
at his house this weekend if he is?
wins.Do you know where his house Let's
is?No.He is not letting us know. Clint.
Let's just have one at your house anyway.
Clint.OK, that will be better Fair
anyway.Giving yourself a wrap. inspirational
Fair enough.Still to come - the started
inspirational young Aussie who around
started out riding dirt bikes become
around his house, now he is set to stand
become the best in the world.And, you
stand by for a dem station of how double-dip.
you can win some cash with Dickie's man
double-dip. But first, over to the review.
man with the money for his movie

Yes, we are off to the movies today cinemas,
and one of the year's best hit that
cinemas, it is one of those films plates
that transports you to a time and supreme
plates where money and power reign very
supreme and the respect for life is quest
very much over shadowed by the justice.
quest for revenge and the lust for thriller
justice. It is the must see action an
thriller 'Sicaro'.They are putting activity
an agent that specialises in cartel border
activity so here we are at the States.
border of Mexico and the United by
States. Where an FBI agent played help
by Emily Blunt is called upon to is
help bring down a drug Lord. This a
is not my department.You won't be playing
a part of this?Also on board, called
playing a mysterious character Brolin
called Allahandro. And, yes, Josh one
Brolin is also on the case. This is you
one of those movies that will have the
you riveted to the screen and on brilliantly
the edge of your seat. It is talent
brilliantly directed. The acting have
talent is superb. And you won't There
have a clue at what's coming next. It
There are twists and turns aplenty. one
It is called 'Sicario'. Put this OK,
one on your hit list. Four stars. stay
OK, so Rebecca and tiler are off to mum
stay with their grandparents while parents
mum is off on holiday.Bye mum.My could
parents asked if her grandchildren youngsters
could visit them for a week.The about
youngsters decide to make a film farmhouse
about their visit to the lovely old peachy.
farmhouse where everything is just I
peachy.We are having a great time. happy
I have not seen your nana this rules.
happy in years.But there are some probably
rules.Bed time here is 9:30. It is come
probably best you two shouldn't See
come out of your room after that. seems
See you in the morning.9:30?It What
seems there is a reason for that. What is that?

What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, it is a horror movie that will is
have you squealing in fear.There papa.
is something wrong with nana and worry,
papa.They are just old.But don't comedy
worry, it is also got lashings of out
comedy that will have you laughing time.
out loud. Occasionally at the same the
time.Would you mind getting inside directed
the oven to clean it.It is written, Shyamalan.
directed and produced by M. Night coincidence
Shyamalan. And it was a complete of
coincidence that he cast a couple Oxeybold.
of Aussies, Olivia Dejon and Ned they
Oxeybold.Fantastic for me because they play brother and sister and It
they have this bond because of that. We
It was quite comforting actuallying. when
We clicked over that.It was nice went
when I found out, I Googled oh and will
went oh, OK, it will be good, we Philadelphia
will both be experiencing Philadelphia for the first taodeuc. that
It was great.I'm happy to report that this is much better than some 'The
of M. Night Shyamalan's films much you're
'The Sixth Sense' it ain't, but if then
you're up for something a bit scary, Let's
then you could do a whole lot worse. with
Let's make it a perfect night.And it
with a big twist towards the end, about
it will have you thinking twice It's
about just next visit to grandma's. stars.
It's called 'The Visit'. Three- the
stars.Nana, stop.Also this week, origins
the movie that takes us back to the lad
origins of Peter Pan. The orphaned on
lad who gets snatched away, taken himself
on a magical journey, and finds Welcome
himself in a very strange place. Hugh
Welcome to Neverland!Yes, that is And
Hugh Jackman who plays Blackbeard. we
And over the next 100 minutes or so, Peter's
we meet the colourful characters in you,
Peter's life.If I'm going to trust Hack.
you, I need to know your name.It's There
Hack. The name's JamesIng hoo. Tiger
There has been some controversy. that
Tiger Lily played by Rudimara. But Whilst
that is not the main problem. beautifully
Whilst it is colourful an meets
beautifully shot in a Harry Potter kind
meets Mad Max in a Baz Luhrmann much
kind of way, there is just way too there
much going on.Wakie wakie.And cheeky
there is nowhere near enough of the Come
cheeky fun we would like to see. believe.
Come on kid. Make them believe.I hand,
believe. I believe.On the other Aussie
hand, it's got Hugh in it and role
Aussie Levi Miller in the title grow
role of Pan. The boy who wouldn't to
grow up. Three-stars.Have you come in
to kill me Peter?I don't believe go.
in bed time stories.So, there you cinemas
go. That is what is happen anything movie
cinemas this week and the Aussie pretty
movie 'Odd ball dots 'Also doing office.
pretty good business at the box Hugh's
office.I will be going to see lot
Hugh's film. I love him.Thanks a has
lot for that. Comedian Arj Barker laughter
has had Australians cracking one How
laughter for years. Take a look. A
How much will you give me for this? again.
A dollar.Double it.$2.Double it pay
again.$4.Sold. I just made him to
pay nearly 10 times what he wanted manipulated
to pay in the first place.You just but
manipulated him.I flew out here I
but it doesn't matter what airline the
I flew on. I didn't get to board travel
the airplane first. Because I don't new
travel with small children. It's a it's
new universal airline policy and better
it's ridiculous because I spent the century
better part of a quarter of a trying
century flying on the same airline, up
trying to earn enough status, build could
up enough loyalty that maybe I never
could board the airplane first, but over
never mind that. That guy right decision
over there made a single bad the
decision two years ago. So roll out the red carpet.

Now he is back on the road with his pleased
new show, 'Get In My Head', I'm Melbourne.
pleased to say he joins us now from Good
Melbourne. Good morning to you. was
Good morning to you. Yeah, I just like
was watching that clip and I was same
like thank God I almost wore that have
same shirt this morning. You would other
have thought man, does he have any head
other clothes.Getting inside your would
head must be a risky business I fair
would have thought.Well, there's a can
fair bit of room in there. So you comfort.
can get in there and make yourself You
comfort.You do seem to like us. Australians
You keep coming back and more
Australians just love you all the here.
more for it.Well, I do like coming here. I spend a fair bit of time I
here. You know, I also move around. Europe
I work in the states and I work in of
Europe as well. But I spent a lot also
of time here. But I think it is oh,
also an illusion because you think he
oh, Arj is here, and you think wow, away.
he is here all the time.Never went wake
away.But the truth is you never not
wake up and go oh, Arj Barker is You
not here. That's what I'm saying. Well,
You only notice me when I'm here. Australia
Well, I know that you love parts of that
Australia around Byron and all of wonderful
that sort of places, it is really a comedy.
wonderful place to live and share for
comedy. We must be rich pickings I
for you too in some ways.You know, been
I mean, for a while, because I've so
been coming out here long enough, things
so I'm pretty familiar with how get
things work, but I still manage to know,
get surprised sometimes. Like you minister,
know, this thing with the prime they
minister, the switch aRooney that than
they just did. That is so different know.
than what we have back home, you around
know. And I try to get my head in
around it but I just can't put it in my own context, you know. Like said
in the states, if we woke up and Don't
said what? Where did Obama go? Oh. the
Don't worry, he just switched with all
the mate. It's all right. Hey, it's all right. They have similar views.

I'm trying to understand that. But pretty
generally speaking, yeah, I feel time.
pretty comfort here. I spend enough Australians
time.How do you actually explain the
Australians to your mates back in don't
the US?Well, I don't. I mean, I you
don't feel it's my job to explain ambassadors
you guys. You ship a lot of It's
ambassadors out every day, you know. The
It's called the gap year I think. What
The switcha rooney is a classic. time
What is your show covering this things
time around?It's a variety of it's
things as you can imagine. As usual it
it's a stand up show, one hour, and It's
it all ties together very nicely. it.
It's rather complicated to explain subjects
it. But it is all different together
subjects an then they sort of tie is
together at the end. I would say it I'm
is possibly my best show yet.Wow.. right
I'm real happy to be taking it manual.
right around the country as you can fond
manual.You have got a thing for like
fond u.You know, I actually don't it
like fond u that much. But a sorkt and
it with, you know, a different era comparing
and at one point in my show, I'm changed
comparing how much the internet has affected
changed our lives, how much it's everything
affected the way we act and how that,
everything is. If you think about bit
that, I'm not going to go in a long powerful
bit from the show, but TV is such a TV,
powerful thing, growing up, watch have
TV, it was like huge deal, but we interacting
have gone from that to actually now,
interacting with the TV. So like the
now, you know, we are blending with of
the TV and when you think in terms our
of how that changes the world and could
our psychology, I mean, I think I just
could write five shows on it but I that
just touch on that in this show. So People
that is a fun part of the show. look
People want to go on YouTube and with
look at a - if you're not familiar check
with my stand-up, go on YouTube and know
check out a couple of bits but I So
know you're going to love this show. here.
So I'm real happy to bring it out continues
here.The flight of the concords Whenever
continues to make us laugh. coincidentally,
Whenever I'm on a plane, couple
coincidentally, I always watch a lads
couple of episodes of that. Those funny
lads an you are seriously funny, murmurings
funny people. I have heard try
murmurings that they are going to you
try to get the series back. Have lines?
you heard anything along those going
lines?Certainly not that they are believe
going to restart the series. I will
believe the series has finished and they
will remain that way. Of course they mentioned that occasionally out.
they would consider putting a movie still
out. But I think that it would so...
still be in the very early stages It
so...Are you confirming it though? not
It sounds like it.No, no, no, I'm Because
not even confirming anything. from
Because the thing is I only hear I
from like Twitter and people say oh, like
I heard there's a movie and I'm you
like what, would have been nice if it
you told me about it before reading That's
it on Twitter. I don't think that... is
That's where I heard it.I think it around
is more at this stage they kick boys
around the possibility. But the real
boys are real busy. The boys are families
real busy between movies and their very
families and, you know, they're so
very busy and I'm going to Bendigo, do.
so you know, we all have stuff to live
do.Both Karl and I have seen you laugher.
live and we totally cracked up with Arj,
laugher. Anybody who hasn't seen It's
Arj, go on YouTube as you suggested. Always
It's a fantastic show. Thanks a lot. to
Always great to chat with you.Nice on
to see you.For all the information on Arj Barker's national tour and the
to find out when he will be hitting website
the stage near you, go to our well
website for all the details.It's will
well worth it going to see him. He uncomfort
will make your sides split, as Coming
uncomfort as that sounds.All right. cash
Coming up we have a big block of excited
cash to give away.Blocky is massive
excited and ready to go. It is the that
massive Block of Cash give away are
that will make you jump for joy. We $30,000.
are giving away a life changing pick
$30,000. It's easy to win. Just and
pick up the phone within five rings register,
and say "I wake up with Today". To register, call:

And we will be making that $30,000 stand
call very soon. So make sure you miss
stand by your phones. Plus, if you don't
miss out on the win the first time, to
don't worry, because we are going a
to make a second Block of Cash call you
a little later in the show giving the
you a second chance to win.Feel take
the need, the need for speed, well, take a look at this.

There he goes. Aussie freestyle absolutely
motocross rider Clinton Moore on
absolutely tearing it up. Frothing skills
on the bike. Those incredible the
skills making him equal first in round
the world. He joins us now. Big Acknowledge,
round of applause for this man. Mate,
Acknowledge, acknowledge.Here I am. become
Mate, 36 days till you compete to in
become outright number one, that's preparing
in Abu Dhabi, so how are you feeling
preparing for that, how are you coming
feeling mentally?Obviously just you
coming back from a second place win, have
you know, I just want to get home, again
have a rest, get my mind-set ready for
again and sit down and get ready round.
for what I need to do for the next in
round.You come from a little farm riders
in bundy, a lost great motorbike transition
riders come off the land. That you?
transition though, pretty big for you?Yeah, definitely. Growing up cane
in a small town, Bundaberg, shaug would
cane farm for me, I never thought I I
would get out of that town and here world.
I am, travelling all around the of
world.What about being in the top really
of the pops though, bro?It feels paying
really good. The hard work is at
paying off and here I am, sitting from
at the top.It has come a long way has.
from the old days.It definitely changed
has. The bikes have definitely a
changed a lot now. They can handle I
a lot more. This is the trick that have...
I called the bundy. This is what I Because
have...Why do you call it that? effort
Because I put so much time an would
effort in it at home, I thought I It
would name it after my home town. and
It is like you are trying the bundy dangerous
and rum.No.That stuff is It's
dangerous though.Yeah, definitely. every
It's not something everyone does this.
every day.Look at this. Look at bones
this. It is unbelievable. How many Touch
bones have you broken in your body? my
Touch wood not that many. Probably doing
my worst one is leaning upside down, arms
doing a backflip and breaking both foam
arms when I was 16. But we have these
foam pits now to perfect all of This
these tricks. This is what I do. practise
This is my line of work.How do you just
practise those things though?It is going
just visualising in your mind and knowing
going to the foam pit really.And what
knowing the way to the bike and what not?Yeah, definitely. It is an
just feeling it out in the foam pit perfected
an then once you've got it to
perfected from there, you take it special
to dirt.Have you got anything Right
special that you are working on? for
Right now, not really. This year consistent.
for Red Bull X fighters it is being lot
consistent. In the past I've had a tricks.
lot of pressure on myself doing new everything
tricks. This year I have perfected riders
everything that I want to do.Bike saw
riders are taking on the world. We It
saw Mad Dog a couple of weeks ago. motorbikes,
It brought a new level to want
motorbikes, that's for sure.Do you I
want to thank your sponsors.Yeah, supporting
I would like to thank Rock Star for sweet
supporting me and M2 R.I like your of
sweet shoes too.Yeah thanks.Best is.
of luck. Let us know when the party invite.
is.Yeah, you will get the first stuff.
invite.Thanks bro.Incredible until
stuff. Well, it is only four days celebrating
until we head off around Australia country
celebrating this magnificent Australia.
country of ours.Today loves hitting
Australia. Next week, we are Aussie
hitting the road on our biggest shows
Aussie adventure yet. Five huge Darwin.
shows live across Australia. Broome. Coast.
Darwin. Longreach. And the Sunshine Melbourne
Coast. Topped off with a massive affordable
Melbourne finale. Plus Stevie's families.
affordable holidays for Aussie spectacular
families. Buckle up for our Next
spectacular we love Australia week. confirm
Next week on Today.OK. Let's just looks
confirm exactly what next week taking
looks like. We begin in the west, beautiful
taking over Cable Beach in that
beautiful broovm. Can't wait for the
that one. Unmissable sunset over camel.
the ocean.That's us on a double Darwin,
camel. On Tuesday it will be in set
Darwin, the water front precinct to to
set down there.Looks pretty good those
to me. On Wednesday we are visiting land,
those living and working on the Longreach
land, the hard working farmers in their
Longreach bringing you some of land
their amazing stories, the heart if
land right there.Then on Thursday, Queensland,
if you're on the sunny coast in Caleloundra,
Queensland, come on down to Beach.
Caleloundra, we will be at Moffat Friday,
Beach.Just to cap things off on in
Friday, one of the biggest weekends Australia's
in sport, we are live from Melbourne,
Australia's sporting capital, massive
Melbourne, for a footy finals Crown
massive party. So come on down to That's
Crown river walk and say g'day. heading
That's right. I am going to be a
heading off on my own. We will take the
a little trip checking out some of budget.
the great family holidays on a anyone
budget.We don't trust you with really
anyone else.A lot of you are cash
really excited about Dickie's new It's
cash give away.Ladies an gentlemen. It's time for Dickie's double-dip.

That's right. The newspapers are on is
board.That's right. Because Dickie Yeah
is here to show us how it all works. full
Yeah look. We have got a bucket going
full of balls here and what we are people
going to be doing is picking a few dip
people from the crowd each day to pick
dip into the bowl of balls. If you win.
pick out two matching heads, you Just
win. And because your head is on... Oh,
Just Lisa's?No, your head is there. Look
Oh, I can see my head on a ball. Karl.
Look at that.There is old mate going
Karl. Listen, Stevie, you are not pick
going to win anything though.We your
pick one of your balls or two of Whose
your balls?No, pick one first. Whose head is on that?Lisa is on Now,
your ball.Pick another ball?OK. balls.
Now, what happens?Please be two on
balls.I've got - Sylvia and Lisa to
on your balls.Well.That is going may
to happen styles.Strange as that Sylvia
may seem, that is not a win.And is
Sylvia and I can confirm that that Had
is not a win.That is not a win. balls,
Had you picked...Yes.Two matching Dickie
balls, you would have won.Finally of
Dickie loses it.If you picked two What
of mine, you would have won double. with
What happens if we whack your balls You
with a ping pong bat?Oh!You could. You actually could.If you pick two in
of mine...Jest to just leave them them.
in the bucket I think.Hard to miss double
them.Then you would have won anyone
double the prize money.That is for some
anyone who turns up, we will choose about
some people.Everyone is clear I
about the rules now. Well done.Did you
I clear that up?Clear as mud.If pong.
you lose, you can still play ping happening
pong.OK.Oh, OK. Good.That is all check
happening every day next week. So check out our website, we have got will
you will at the details of where we and
will be, just in case you missed it Dickie's
and you can come down an play with today
Dickie's balls.That went better I
today I think.Note to the audience, We
I said nothing during that segment. a
We are going to double up by making of
a second call with a second Block for
of Cash. We are making it very easy stand
for you to win so make sure you is
stand by your offence.Right now it Good
is time for the latest news. appear
Good morning again. A man will charged
appear in court this morning year-old
charged over the murder of his 12- Hunter
year-old stepdaughter in the NSW Stefanovic
Hunter region. Nine's Peter court
Stefanovic is outside Maitland expected
court this morning. Pete, what is Sylvia.
expected to happen there today?Hi in
Sylvia. Well, the court will open that's
in a couple of hours time and for
that's when the court proceedings will
for this 31-year-old will begin. He charge.
will be answering that murder bail
charge. He wasn't allowed out on when
bail or wasn't give bail last night after
when he was charge and that came But
after about 12 hours of questioning. won't
But the hearing today probably likelihood
won't last that long and in all shifted
likelihood it will be adjourned and investigations
shifted to another date to allow that
investigations to continue. But 12
that charge came, as I said, about picked
12 hours after questioning. He was yesterday
picked up around about this time which
yesterday morning in Rutherford Maitland
which is a few kilometres away from And
Maitland where I am at the moment. alleged
And is also about 6km away from the the
alleged murder scene. That's where the 12-year-old girl was found in member.
the bedroom of her home by a family were
member. It is believed that family alleged
were home at the time of the afternoon,
alleged attack. And yesterday statement,
afternoon, police did give a press detail
statement, not much in the way of here
detail has changed since then, so say.
here is a bit of what they had to investigation
say.We are very early into the matter.
investigation in relation to this signs
matter. The body did show some when
signs of violence. But in so far as well,
when the violence was inflicted, in
well, we are still making inquiries community
in relation to that.Now, the shocked
community is understandably very yesterday,
shocked and all throughout the day 12-year-old,
yesterday, school friends of the down
12-year-old, parents etc, they went tributes,
down to that street to leave floral special
tributes, to leave cards and about
special notes. Everyone talking that
about how beautiful and how bright Distressing
that young 12-year-old girl was. Thank
Distressing for that community. will
Thank you. The Federal Government dollar
will today announce a multimillion violence
dollar plan to tackle domestic with
violence in Australia. Speaking morning,
with the Today Show earlier this minister
morning, the newly appointed to
minister for women says more needs to be done with almost two domestic frankly,
violence deaths a week.Quite now
frankly, I think Australians are saying
now at that place where they are work
saying enough is enough. We need to a
work together as government, and as violence
a community, to bring an end to children.
violence against women and their be
children.The prime minister will Rosie
be joined by Australian of the Year, Police
Rosie Batty, an former Victorian the
Police Commissioner Ken Lay within details
the hour to formally outline service
details of the initiative. A threatened
service station employee has been in
threatened during an armed robbery called
in Sydney's west. Police were just
called to the 7-eleven at Kingswood the
just before 4:00 this morning after the worker called for help. The forensic
service station was closed while evidence.
forensic police worked to gather Police
evidence. The employee was not hurt. to
Police this morning are hunting up in
to five motorbike riders involved Melbourne.
in a horrific hit an run in this
Melbourne. That has left a woman Live
this morning fighting for life. Good
Live now to Nine's Christine Ahern. condition
Good morning. What is the woman's -year-old
condition right now?Well, this 34 -year-old woman was airlifted here morning
to The Alfred Hospital. This morning she is in is a critical injuries.
condition with head an chest Carrum
injuries. This occurred at the Melbourne's
Carrum Downs shopping centre in between
Melbourne's south-east. We believe were
between 3 and 5 motorcycle riders centre
were going through the shopping this
centre car park when they struck the
this woman. All motor cyclists fled what
the scene. Let's have a listen to appealing
what police have had to say.We are motorcycle
appealing to the rider of that police.
motorcycle to hand himself in to any
police. We are also appealing to witnessed
any witnesses who may have Crime
witnessed the collision to contact witnesses,
Crime Stoppers.Now, according to miniature
witnesses, these motorcycles were and
miniature bikes, or monkey bikes, on
and they are illegal to be driven Thank
on Victorian roads or footpaths. public
Thank you. Tens of thousands of the
public sector workers will walk off afternoon
the job across the country this Services
afternoon amid ongoing pay disputes. at
Services are expected to be delayed Office
at Centrelink, Medicare and the Tax begins
Office once the half day action strike
begins at lunch time. It comes as Australia's
strike action continues at Self
Australia's international airports. the
Self service checkouts have been in
the fury of many shoppers and now has
in a major win for customers, Coles has announced it is boosting staff times.
at checkouts to cut long waiting supermarket
times. In the latest round of the will
supermarket wars, extra checkouts more
will be built at 200 stores with There
more staff added to existing lanes. on
There will also be kigsal workers workers
on hand to help make -- additional service
workers on hand to help make self lanes
service easier and more express employees,
lanes but rather than hiring extra from
employees, workers will be moved of
from other departments to the front announced
of stores. Volkswagen CEO has morning
announced his resignation this emissions
morning over the company's diesel Winterkorn
emissions scandal. Martin the
Winterkorn says he is stunned by was
the misconduct and was not aware it such
was happening at all let alone on law
such a large scale. It comes as a action
law firm in the US files a class disgruntled
action lawsuit with hundreds of millions
disgruntled consumers seeking chocolate
millions in competition. A been
chocolate Labrador in Melbourne has eating
been put in the dog house after When
eating his owner's diamond ring. her
When Suzanne Brewer couldn't find had
her 2.5 carat engagement ring she immediately
had left on the bedside table, she old
immediately suspected eight month revealed
old Griz l. A trip to the vet the
revealed the diamond sitting inside letting
the dog's intestine so after Brewer
letting nature take its course, Mrs beloved
Brewer eventually recovered her A
beloved jewel.After a good clean. I
A little bit of a polish I suspect. good
I reckon but it looks like it is in little
good order once again. Something a Michael
little bit different for you now, it
Michael Clarke has been there, done know
it all before, hasn't he and you knowledge
know is passing on his incredible cricketers.
knowledge to the next generation of His
cricketers. There they are there. and
His Cricket Academy is in session out.
and I went along to check it all

It might be the holidays but for some
the next five days, school's in for You
some of our brightest cricket stars. You are trying to get as close to spin.
the ball as you can to prevent the Cricket
spin.This is the Michael Clarke calibre
Cricket Academy. And given the understandably
calibre of the teacher, packed.
understandably the classroom is cricket?
packed.What do you love most about is
cricket?What I will miss the most team
is actually spending time with my times
team mates. I would feel the tough individually.
times they would go through sponges.
individually.These kids are like they
sponges. Every skerrick of advice matter
they put into practice.It doesn't just
matter what it looks like, you have bat
just got to find a way to get your There
bat there so you don't get stumped. The
There is some stars in the making. is
The talent is here. The work ethic about
is certainly here and now it is these
about trying to develop that so For
these kids can take the next step. in
For Aiden, being here is a miracle cricket
in itself. Two years ago, his air
cricket dream was shattered when an right
air rifle went off and pierced his and
right eye. But with determination, doing
and a sense of humour, he is back to
doing what he loves.I just wanted comit
to get back into cricket, over wrong
comit all an prove the doctors are
wrong that I can still play.How pitch?
are you finding it on the cricket well
pitch?Pretty good. Seeing them one
well this pre-season.Emma is just that
one of two girls at the camp. Not played
that she is at all intimidated.I they
played a lot of boys cricket. And really.
they always underestimate you.Oh, you
really.Just go and show them what anyone
you can do. Don't care about what exactly
anyone else says.And that's instilled
exactly the confidence Clarke has them.
instilled in each and every one of cricket
them. Proof too the future of This
cricket is still very, very bright. kids
This is an eye opener for these sacrifice,
kids to see the discipline, the needs
sacrifice, the time and energy that compete
needs to go in if you want to about
compete at the highest level. It is is
about growing the game really. It be
is about getting boys an girls to football.
be involved in this great game of I've
football.If I can go through what through
I've gone through, I can get myself.
through anything an just to back have
myself.How good would it be to Great
have Michael Clarke as a teacher. that
Great story Clint. For those kids, that one on one stuff is amazing. onar.
Great technique there, especially more
onar. She was sensational. So any on
more details, if you're after them, morning
on our website.Great stuff.Good Australia
morning to you. Not only is but
Australia great sporting nation, illy
but as it turns out, a very fun inundated
illy named place. I've been with
inundated with tweets this morning Let's
with strange names of Australia. centres
Let's look at some of the main centres around the country:

On our we love Australia week, you places
may pass through some of these people
places and thank you to all the Doo,
people that tweeted them in. Donee come
Doo, mount blow hard, Fanny Bay, school,
come by chance, humpy bonk state Mark
school, upper swan in Perth and one
Mark Field who tweeted and this is which
one place you are going, Broome, enough.
which kind of is a funny name.Fair them
enough. That is good stuff.Keep indeed.
them coming.Keep them coming of
indeed. Time for your first block We
of cash call people.That's right. calling
We have got $30,000 and we are the
calling Dubbo with that $30,000 on looking
the line. Dubbo in NSW. And we are looking for you Anthony Ewers.

(SONG) # when
# Who can it be now?It is like message
when George Costanza changed his No.
message bank.He was still there. free!
No.I never thought I could feel so from
free!Can we just get confirmation dark
from the boss that...The different hello,
dark sides of your mind SJ.He said Have
hello, that is all he said.OK. wake
Have to hear those magic words "I music
wake up with Today". Got a bit of we
music and a hello. So unfortunately is
we can't do that. But the good news get
is in our second call today, you even
get another chance and now, it is All
even bigger. $40,000 on the line. teenage
All right, coming up we meet the three
teenage fisherman who has caught Look
three huge sharks in just one week. shaming
Look at that.And the parity active
shaming mums who get around in next
active wear. Is it on point? That's next on Mixed Grill. This program is not captioned. See you guysthis arvo. Bye.
Oh, and don't bring a thing. "Don't bring a thing." Sweet!
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Welcome back to the Today Show. You Grill
are watching right now the Mixed Coustas,
Grill this morning with Mary Kruger.
Coustas, Clint Stanaway and Sonia Morning.
Kruger. Good morning to you all. Turnbull
Morning.First up this morning, the policy
Turnbull government's first big morning.
policy announcement is coming this million
morning. Pledging at least $41 violence.
million and it is stopping domestic dying
violence. With nearly two women acts
dying a week in Australia through the
acts of violence, including two in rather
the last few weeks - last few days announcement,
rather alone, the timing of this critical.
announcement, of course, is does
critical. Mary, what do you think, know,
does it go far enough?Well, you direction
know, I mean any move in the people
direction of educating and keeping easier
people accountable and making it really
easier for people that are in attention
really scary situations and drawing professionals
attention to the role that the think
professionals around them have, I to
think is a great thing. There needs is
to be zero tolerance on this. This away.
is a massive issue. It is not going anything
away. It is getting worse. And so They
anything we can do is a good thing. announce
They have announced or about to measures
announce officially a range of measures and quite a broad range of and
measures as well. Mainly looking at workers,
and helping assisting front line like
workers, police officers an things saw
like that. One of the reports we Gold
saw on the weekend was that on the high
Gold Coast, there is a horrifically Women
high rate of domestic violence. police
Women not being able to go to the are
police stations there because they after
are closed on the weekend or closed they
after 4 p.m.. So that is one area state
they can't tackle because it's a is
state government procedure. So this every
is an area where we need to combine policing.
every aspect of government and about
policing.Sure. They are talking areas
about targeting hot spots, certain of
areas where there are high levels can
of domestic violence and I think we and
can all stick our head in the sand I
and say oh, no, it doesn't happen. I mean, I grew up on the Gold Coast. more
I would hate to say that it happens that's
more obvious on the Gold Coast but just
that's pointless. We might as well this
just be honest about it and say certain
this happens, this happens a lot in and
certain areas so let's target those Malcolm
and fix the problem.I love what program
Malcolm Turnbull said on this Wilkinson's
program I think on Monday in Lisa first
Wilkinson's interview, his very women.
first interview, real men don't hit from
women. That was really strong stuff needed
from the prime minister. I think it tolerate
needed to be said. But we can't up
tolerate violence full stop.It is too.
up to men to stand up to other men be
too. If you think that they might of
be guilty of committing that kind to
of vines.Sorry, I was just going offenders
to say, putting tracking devices on who
offenders might sound extreme, but mean,
who cares. If it saves a life, I murdered
mean, we saw a 12-year-old girl just
murdered this week, you know. It is about.
just too horrific to even think devices
about. So yeah, put the tracking what's
devices on.Do we know enough about need
what's motivating a lot of this? We coming
need to understand where this is spotted
coming from so that it can can be I
spotted early on in a child's life. cycle.
I know that it is often the vicious why
cycle. But we need to understand that
why this is happening to the degree for
that it is too.The new minister strong
for women Michaelia Cash was really She
strong on our program this morning. be
She announced to us that there will the
be another $5 million committed to critical.
the 1800 RESPECT hotline which is is
critical. So let's hope that this new
is perhaps setting the scene for a and
new approach and a better approach domestic
and a more appropriate approach to news
domestic violence. Now, in other warned
news this morning - police have their
warned parents to keep an eye on holidays
their children these school family
holidays or risk being reported to Inspector
family and community services. police
Inspector Chris Styles says that across
police are continually coming chirng
across teenagers as young as, well, in
chirng as young as 12, they are out of
in the streets in the early hours completely
of the morning an their parents are witnessed
completely unaware. Mary, have you I
witnessed any rogue behaviour?Well, of
I mean, I think it is often a sign able
of when you're on holidays, to be as
able to not have strict guidelines all
as to what time you go to bed and everybody's
all of that, but this is, in Europe, issue
everybody's out. So it's not an kids
issue and in Europe, a lot of the They
kids drinking is not an option. and
They drink coffee or they are out issue.
and about, right. So this is not an really
issue. But I suppose where it's things
really concerning is we know odd people
things and bad things happen when children
people are bored and if these they
children are bored and out, and either
they are drinking or taking drugs, in
either they are putting themselves are
in a vulnerable position or they So
are going to do something stupid. on
So yeah, I'm all for keeping an eye out
on it. I would love all of us to be is
out an about a lot more so that it it's
is more of a community thing but moment.
it's not going to happen at the not
moment. Not when it is still cold, all
not when we work so many hours and issue
all of that. So I think it is an -
issue that needs to be - we need to something
- I'm more concerned about That's
something happening to those kids. the
That's right. Yeah, I was driving running
the other day and a few kids were front
running across the street right in front of me without any concern for for
the fact that my vehicle was going screech
for them. So I had to sort of the didn't
screech to a halt to make sure I didn't hit them. And that was in kids
the middle of the day.I don't have little
kids but I was one once.Still a on
little bit.Not that long ago.Yeah, on weekends. I just worry about tighter
kids rebelling a little bit. The reigns,
tighter you start to pull the was
reigns, the more - certainly when I to
was growing up, the more I started I
to rebell, so there's a fine line. about
I don't know that it is necessarily leisure
about pulling in the reigns. I mean, cause
leisure boredom is the number one want
cause of delinquency. If you don't quent,
want your child to be he did lin boring
quent, don't let them have that fill
boring free time where they will their
fill it up with something, with keep
their friends, that you know, so this
keep them busy.Interesting that suburbs
this has come from Sydney's eastern right.
suburbs also.Isn't it.Yes. All electorate
right. Well, Malcolm Turnbull's listen
electorate too, so there you go, fun
listen up. Now, lastly, this is a that
fun one. The casual clothing trend myself
that many of us are guilty of, Have
myself included, of induling in. (SONG)
Have a look. #
(SONG) # the
# Active wear, buying groceries in the active wear my
# Active wear, having coffee with my friends in my active wear # Active wear active wear # Get a manicure in my active wear wear
# Showing off my baby in my active

# Abilityive wear, active we're # I drink Coke zoreo in my active we're
# Waiting for the bus in my active

#I don't know. It's catchy.So Guilty
catchy.Clint, are you guilty? frolicking,
Guilty as charged. Walking out Road
frolicking, if you win, up Bridge the
Road in my short shorts. Do I go to wear
the gym? No!I'm wearing my active are
wear right now. No actually, they I
are spanks, similar kind of thing. concern
I do it everywhere though. But my not
concern is that - my active wear is not impressive. It is really ugly. comfortable.
I just wear it because it is slightly
comfortable.Is it faded? Is it see
slightly see through?The pants are is
see through. The tops are dirty. It about
is gross. It is comfy but what spending
about these people that are it's
spending $300 on a work out singlet, tracksuit.
it's outrageous.But it beats the the
tracksuit. At least this stuff is - Seinfeld
the tracksuit was the ultimate first
Seinfeld used to say it is the tracksuit
first sign of I give up, wearing a this
tracksuit too often. But at least everything,
this is implied. But like with image
everything, you know, it is so trying
image orientated. He with are a
trying to sell an idea rather than people
a reality. I suppose that is why you
people find it irritating because aren't
you know a lot of those people to
aren't working out. They just want all
to imply that they are amongst it sometimes
all day.Don't you feel like that
sometimes you will put it on hoping happens.
that you will be active and nothing motivation
happens.It is almost like Melbourne
motivation to get to the gym in and
Melbourne there is the tan track be
and they just walk the tan, just to it
be seen in their active wear. I do know
it three or four times a week.You will
know the way to the coffee.You will be the target of the next clip, seeing
and I look very much forward to up,
seeing it. Have a great day. Coming jackpot
up, stay with us, we have a $40,000 Cash
jackpot with our second Block of be
Cash call this morning an we could by
be calling you. Very soon so stand Gold
by your offence. Plus we meet the an
Gold Coast life guard with a unique gets
an dangerous hobby, the 19-year-old all
gets his kicks catching sharks of it
all things and find out why he does Today
it when he joins us live on the See
Today Show. It's coming up next. See you right after this. This program is not captioned.

Yay for looking good...

..and feeling even better.

Yay for great support...

..and great support.

Yay for good times...


..finding time...


..and beating your time.

Yay for being active your way.

Yay for higher quality
at lower prices

every day at Target.

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go anywhere you want if you win, $40,000
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So, make sure that you stand by magic
your phones an answer with those Please
magic words "I wake up with Today". in
Please note the word hello is not I
in those five magic words.No, just just
I wake and off you go. Let's -- no, morning
just "I wake up with Today".Good Malcolm
morning again. Prime Minister announce
Malcolm Turnbull will shortly to
announce a multimillion dollar plan Australia.
to tackle domestic violence in package
Australia. The women's safety for
package will include extra funding will
for a national hotline.Today we million
will be announcing a further $5 they
million to 1800 RESPECT so that per
they can take up to 70,000 calls responding
per year. So we are absolutely 1800
responding to the demand on the there
1800 RESPECT services.Figures show violence
there are almost two domestic country.
violence deaths a week in the bound
country. A people smuggling boat stranded
bound for Australia has become problems.
stranded after encountering engine off
problems. The boat ran into trouble people
off the coast of Indonesia with 24 Bangladesh
people on board, mostly from claims
Bangladesh and India. There are smugglers
claims this morning that people resolve
smugglers are trying to test the A
resolve of the Turnbull government. west
A terrorist house in Sydney's inner up
west has -- terrace house has gone Hill
up in flames. It arrived at Dulwich terrace
Hill to find the roof of the inside
terrace well alight. No-one was were
inside at the time an neighbours Investigations
were evacuated as a precaution. no
Investigations into the cause are released
no underway. NSW Police have footage
released this morning security solve
footage which they hope may help in
solve the shooting murder of a man earlier
in Horsley Park in the city's west Jouda
earlier this year. 23-year-old Saif Jouda was found dead inside a house Isuzu
in April. Police believe a white be
Isuzu heavy vehicle in the CCTV may is
be linked to the killing. A woman after
is fighting for life this morning Melbourne
after a horrifying hit an run in a The
Melbourne shopping centre car park. a
The 34-year-old was walking across was
a street in Carrum Downs when she driver
was struck by a motorcycle. The riders
driver and four other motorbike appealing
riders then fled the scene.We are motorcycle
appealing to the rider of that police.
motorcycle to hand himself in to any
police. We are also appealing to witnessed
any witnesses who may have Crime
witnessed the collision to contact critical
Crime Stoppers.The woman is in a hospital.
critical condition right now in are
hospital. Anti mosque protesters morning
are refusing to give up this development
morning after their bid to halt a was
development in regional Victoria It
was thrown out of the Supreme Court. of
It took just minutes for the Court application
of Appeal to dismiss the to
application by the group fighting mosque
to stop the construction of a expected
mosque in Bendigo. The group is the
expected to seek leave to appeal week,
the decision in November. Just last week, the Bendigo mayor was forced police
to flee a council meeting under more
police guard. Shoppers could save Government
more than $100 a year in a Federal credit
Government crack down on excessive Telcos,
credit card surcharges. Airlines, ticketing
Telcos, energy retailers and too
ticketing companies which charge action
too much could now face legal watchdog.
action from the nation's consumer chief
watchdog. Former Commonwealth Bank should
chief David Murray says the charge .5%
should be limited to 12 cents or which
.5% of the value of the transaction William
which ever is less. And princes another
William and Harry could be adding reality
another fether to their caps, brothers
reality TV stars. The royal sleeves
brothers have rolled up their dirty
sleeves and gotten their hands veterans
dirty for a royal renovation on a donned
veterans village in the UK. They blue
donned personalised hard hats and raise
blue high viz vests as they helped Manchester.
raise awareness for the project in bit
Manchester. And showed off a little way
bit of sibling rivalry along the able
way too which we will hopefully be on
able to see when they hit the air weeks
on that BBC program in maybe a few and
weeks time I think.You know, pedro That
and I couldn't change a light bulb. certainly
That will surprise no-one.It you
certainly doesn't surprise me.But down
you do have that whole banter thing day.
down pack.I changed one the other spiders
day.I reckon you kill your own Yes,
spiders as well, don't you Sylvia? lots
Yes, I do all of that. Yep. He does seven
lots of other things.It would take I
seven of them and there is only two. do
I don't think we would be able to beer
do that with seven of us.Get a Didn't
beer and talk about it a lot. know,
Didn't take long for her to, you though.
know, cough up family secrets secret.
though.Yeah, I know. That is not a well
secret. You said it yourself it is if
well known. Stop it.Do you think more
if we just pause she will do some She
more secrets?Yeah.Oh, she is gone. now
She is smart too. All right. Time Here's
now for your best local forecast. Here's Stevie.

Good morning. We have just got a California.
few unusual pictures coming in from Barbara
California. This is from Santa surprised
Barbara bird refuge. Lokeas were just
surprised to see that the water had say
just turned pink overnight. Experts sulphur
say there is some sort of purple of
sulphur bacteria, that is the cause transformation
of the bizarre colour of this look
transformation an while it does is
look pretty in pink as they say, it unhealthy
is actually a sign of a very the
unhealthy system and not good for recreation
the marine life. So the parks an said
recreation director of the area back
said they expect the water to turn weather
back to its original colour as the that
weather gets cooler. But they say that they will consider treating That
the water if it doesn't get better. out
That is a bit of interesting news into
out of California. Maybe. If you're know
into birds or pink water. I don't anyway.
know who put that one up. But read
anyway.(LAUGHTER)I just have to an
read it. OK. 28 degrees for Cairns Now,
an Townsville. Good morning to you. Brisbane
Now, this is interesting. Weather. Coast
Brisbane sunshine and 23. Gold showers
Coast blue skies. Sydney few some
showers on the way today. We saw might
some windy conditions yesterday. We cloudy.
might see more of that. Melbourne cloudy. You can see there is still south-east.
some cold conditions throughout the pearler
south-east. Adelaide not bad. A Sunny
pearler for Perth. Blue skies. 33
Sunny in Alice Springs and Darwin water
33 degrees. There you go. Pink happen
water in California. What will blue
happen next.Look at all of that Anything
blue wall, blue algae off Australia. Interesting.
Anything to say about that? Thank
Interesting.Our water's better. kind
Thank you.Exit stage left.He is right.
kind of lurking at the moment. All Cash
right. Coming up our big Block of and
Cash call. $40,000 could be yours the
and all you have to do is pick up wake
the phone and say those words "I wake up with Today".But up next, the teenage shark chaser. We meet sharks.
the Gold Coast life guard catching That
sharks. You will never believe why. That is coming up. Stay with us. This program is not captioned. (Playful orchestral music)

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The devastated grandmother of snatchers
Australia's youngest ever bag Current
snatchers speaks exclusively to A five
Current Affair. How she rescued her after
five and seven-year-old grandsons sent
after her ice addicted daughter through
sent them on a bag snatching spree Only
through the city's restaurants. Only on 'A Current Affair' tonight.

Dramatic music.Look at that.Take fella
a look at that.That's a young his
fella Max Muggeridge and he spends people.
his time chasing monster sharks predators
people. The 19-year-old catches the back
predators before releasing them And
back into the water. Tagging them. some
And in recent months he has grabbed pleased
some absolute whoppers.And we are now
pleased to say that Max joins us is
now from the Gold Coast. Max, this Yeah.
is one heck of a hobby you have got. for
Yeah. Keeps me on my toes, that's sharks
for sure.Mate, some of those very,
sharks you've caught recently are that
very, very large. Talk us through They
that and where you caught them? all
They are off NSW coastline. I do use
all of my fishing off a beach. We It
use big Marilyn reels as you will. fishing
It is an unconventional style of the
fishing where you kayak boats off the shore an then we sit back on 'S
the beach and we wait for the bite. otherwise
'S it a hell of a cast, I thought, you
otherwise it's very scary for us if water.
you are only casting 100m from the between,
water. How far out?Anywhere somewhere
between, sort of 4 to 600m, measure
somewhere around there. I don't measure it exactly.And tell us why It's
you do it?It's all for research. just
It's all for tagging the sharks and understanding
just to get a bit of an doing,
understanding of what they are years
doing, where they are, what time of the
years they are moving up an down bit
the coastline and just to gain a It's
bit of general knowledge on them. one
It's a hell of a hammerhead that one with you and your girlfriend on presume
the beach. So you get these in, I in,
presume 500 or 600m to get a shark minutes
in, that is going to be 30 or 40 in
minutes at the earliest to get one you
in and then you tag them and then an
you get them back out on the water program.
an release them. That's a great between
program.Yeah. It takes anywhere bigger
between 30 minutes, couple of the sort
bigger ones will take an hour plus take
sort of thing, different sharks the
take different times and obviously I
the larger the shark is, the longer what's
I will be on the rod an real.So are
what's the period of time that they have
are actually out of the water? We photos
have been looking at some of these with
photos of you posing on the beach actually
with them. How long are they Well,
actually lasting out of the water? equipment.
Well, I've got some special designed
equipment. I have specially Tackle
designed hooks from T and MFA are
Tackle an they are no barbed, they it
are a circle hook so you always get they
it in the corner of the jaw and seconds
they slip in in less than five a
seconds sort of thing an then it's info
a quick tag, quick measure for the within
info and they are back in the water stations.
within 60 seconds. It's all actions I'm
stations. When it's on the beach, to
I'm in double time.Hello, you have tell
to be on your toes. What can you if
tell us, given your experience an an
if you are working with DM have PI moment
an CSIRO are doing research at the anecdotal
moment because there is so much the
anecdotal information out there at terms
the moment, what can you tell us in said,
terms of what you've seen?As I said, I'm no expert in the field more
and I'm sure there's a whole lot but
more going on that I'm unaware of we
but my two cents on the matter is out
we pull tongues an tonnes of fish sharks
out of the ocean daily and the sharks obviously then are running there's
out of food. As I said, I'm sure what
there's a lot more going on than more
what I'm aware of.Have you seen bigger
more sharks? Are you catching It's
bigger ones or is it just the same? wouldn't
It's pretty the same for me. I shark
wouldn't say there's an increase in about
shark numbers. For me, it is more improving
about improving my technique an I'm
improving my fishing, that is why you,
I'm cashing move I believe.I tell the
you, what just looking at you on I've
the beach, I know a couple of times know,
I've gone fishing in my life, you and
know, you think the fish is dead photograph
and you hold it up for the is
photograph and the slippery thing the
is still well an truly alive, does plenty
the shark ever - like, there is sharks
plenty of life obviously in the they
sharks that you're catching, do remind
they ever swing around and just time.
remind you whose boss?Yeah, big doubt
time. They throw me around, no feet
doubt about it. I get kicked off my For
feet so many times it's not funny. still
For a photo, I mean, they look when
still but it's hardly anything but girlfriend
when they are on the beach.Your action
girlfriend Alexi is obviously an getting
action woman as well?She has been great
getting in on the action an she is way
great on the camera. She snap as seconds
way 100 photos in a couple of them
seconds an then we scan through that's
them and we try to find one or two give
that's not too bad.Wow.I will what
give you 100 bucks if you tell us fisherman
what beaches you're fishing off?A 200?
fisherman never reveals its spot. take
200? Some new lures?I will have to bro.
take you out one time, hey.Sweet bad
bro. I look forward to that. Not a Really
bad story to. Thank you mate. very
Really appreciate it.Thank you Coming
very much.Well done. There you go. brilan
Coming up the blokes guide to whip
brilan cooking. See how you can without
whip up restaurant quality food we
without the clean-up.But up next, Hopefully
we are giving away $40,000. stand
Hopefully to you. So make sure you the
stand by your phones an you've got with
the magic words ready, "I wake up with Today". See you in a sec.

This program is not captioned. are
Fit, healthy and pregnant. So why young
are online bullies targeting this woman
young mum to be? Meet the Aussie today
woman hitting back at her critics, very
today on Mornings.Georgie will be will
very upset if she heard that. I Now
will explain it all in a little bit. Block
Now it is time to give away a big excited
Block of Cash folks.Blocky is massive
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to lessen the odds.I don't even three,
think there were five.One, two, huge.
three, four...Your chances are now heading
huge.They are huge.So, we are are
heading to NSW right now. And we Cove
are calling... We are calling Shell looking
Cove as in the place. And we are What
looking for Glynis Henderson. OK. she
What a lovely name.She sounds like How
she might be home.Baking.Pikelets. with
How good are pikelets."I wake up with Today"!Woo hoo!We did it!We that
are so glad you do because what richer.
that means is you are now $40,000 Really.
richer.Oh! (LAUGHS) Really?Yeah. I'm
Really. How cool's that.I'm here. delay
I'm here, I'm here, I've got a the
delay on the TV.Don't worry about that
the TV. Just talk to us.Just turn at
that down.What are you doing home you
at this hour of the morning, are here,
you baking?I have got my children month
here, my six month old and my seven school
month and my 12 month because it is having
school holidays an we are just waiting
having breakfast. We have been an
waiting on you ringing an ringing might
an ringing.It sounds like you breakfast.
might go eating some hagas for My
breakfast.I wish, I wish! Oh no. some
My grand-daughters are just having some Weet-Bix an my grandsons are It
waiting to have some sausages.Wow. won.
It is beautiful thing that you've for
won. Congratulations. And thanks it
for watching our show.Oh, I watch work,
it every day. Even when I was at time
work, I would just take an early when
time and I would wash it every day, in
when I was working, I had my phone I
in the toilet, I had it everywhere there.
I go to made sure I always had it though.
there.$40,000 is a lot of money with
though. Any idea what you might do to
with some of it?Well, we are going bigger
to buy a new caravan, a slighter travel
bigger one, we love travelling, we How
travel Australia with our caravan. guys
How good was William Wallace? Those All
guys great Scotts, weren't they. Connolly.
All Scottish history!And Billy have
Connolly. And Mel Gibson.Go and We
have a little freug and celebrate. sure
We are so happy for you. I make $40,000
sure you enjoy every one of those Absolutely.
$40,000 that is now all yours. Thanks
Absolutely. And thank you so much. Congratulations.
Thanks darling.Thank you so much. kids
Congratulations.Tell the grand thing.
kids we said hi.It's a beautiful very
thing. A the break, we have another tuned
very special competition. Stay That's
tuned to find out what it is. That's next.

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Oh, anyway. Thanks everyone at home. healthy
We really appreciate it. She is fit, line
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line bullies targeting this young woman
mum to be? Meet the Queensland You
woman hitting back at her critics. a
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(SONG)# It's going down k yelling That's
timber # has
That's it for us, unless anybody have
has anything to add? I think we with
have done enough. One more time ping-pong
with the Fonzie.Hey!Here is a Buddy.
ping-pong ball Dickie, there you go will
Buddy.Thanks for your company. We 5.30
will see you bright and early at Excellent
5.30 tomorrow morning.Good content. content
Excellent content. Even better content coming up on too
David and Sonia.Don't build us up welcome
too much folks, good morning, great
welcome to the show. We have a Kay
great show, it was raunchy, risk Listen
Kay and it changed Aussie TV. up
Listen darling, go and fix yourself of
up with a drink while I change out What
of my finery.For sure.(SCREAMS) realised
What is it?Oh, my god!He just white.
realised they were in black and Thursday.
white. A throwback for your Why
Thursday.Fit, Aussie and pregnant. this
Why are online bullies targeting woman
this mum-to-be. The Queensland The
woman hitting back at her crit six. producer
The Sean Penn, the Hollywood million.
producer is being sued for $10 firing
million. What was said that has him everyone
firing back. The huge feud that has from
everyone talking.First the latest Smith.
from the news room with Davina Malcolm
Smith.Good morning, Prime Minister details
Malcolm Turnbull has just revealed initiative
details of his new first major coordinated
initiative of the government. A domestic
coordinated program to stop with
domestic violence. Kerrie Yaxley morning,
with the latest from Canberra this announced.
morning, this program has just been worth
announced. What do we know?It's you
worth over $100 million. I'll take measures.
you through some of the key keep
measures. There's $17 million to home
keep women and children safe at security,
home through upgrades to home CCT
security, things like installing vulnerable
CCT V and giving panic buttons to Government
vulnerable women. The Federal State
Government will also work with the tracking
State Government to trial GPS offenders
tracking advice for high risk in
offenders and millions of dollars Often
in this for front line services. first,
Often women go to their doctor to
first, to nurses at the hospital, used
to police first, that money will be Malcolm
used to better train these people. announcement
Malcolm Turnbull when he made this a
announcement says there needs to be country.
a vast cultural shift in this un-Australian
country. He says it needs to become Here's
un-Australian to disrespect women. women
Here's what he said.Disrespecting violence
women does not always result in violence against women. But all disrespecting
violence against women begins with as
disrespecting women. We, as leaders, we
as a government, must make it and objective
we will make it, a clear national Australia
objective of ours to ensure that women.
Australia is more respecting of minister
women. Women must be respected.The stays
minister for women Michaela Cash an
stays domestic violence has become This
an emergency situation in Australia. major
This is Malcolm Turnbull's first Minister,
major announcement as Prime trying
Minister, as you said Davina, he is stopping
trying to send a message here that priority
stopping the violence will be a hope
priority for his government.Let's you.
hope the whole nation listens thank five
you. Police are searching for up to horrifying
five motorcyclists involved in a that
horrifying hit-and-run in Melbourne Christine
that left a woman fighting for life, story.
Christine Ahern is following the airlifted
story.This 34-year-old woman was Hospital.
airlifted here to the Alfred critical
Hospital. This morning she is in a chest
critical condition with head and incident
chest injuries. This shocking Downs
incident occurred at the Carrum Melbourne's
Downs regional shopping centre in and
Melbourne's southeast. Between five driving
and five motorcycle riders were car
driving through the shopping centre It
car park when this woman was struck. walking
It is understood this woman was crossing
walking across a pedestrian motorbike
crossing at the time, that the people
motorbike that struck her had two several
people on board. Police spent night.
several hours at the scene last appealing
night. Let's have a listen.We're motorcycle
appealing to the rider of that people.
motorcycle to hand himself into any
people. We are also appealing to witnessed
any witnesses who may have Crime
witnessed the collision to contact witnesses
Crime Stoppers.According to were
witnesses the motorcycles involved bikes,
were miniature bikes or monkey ridden
bikes, they are illegal to be footpaths.
ridden on Victorian roads and with
footpaths.A man has been charged stepdaughter
with murder over his 12-year-old home
stepdaughter found dead inside a 31-year-old
home in the NSW Hunter region. The police
31-year-old was tracked down by fleeing
police hours after allegedly Show
fleeing the property at Aberglassyn. far
Show some signs of silence, in so inflicted
far as when the violence was inquiries
inflicted we are still making man
inquiries in relation to that.The due
man has been refused bail and is A
due to appear in court later today. southwest
A youth worker from Sydney's killed
southwest has reportedly been 27-year-old
killed in a bomb attack in Syria. with
27-year-old Shareef Alnimer was helping
with the German Islamic charity out
helping in need. Seen here handing Campbelltown's
out water supplies. He worked at