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It was 'diesel'. So, what's an eponym? It's named after someone. We got this close! Put it aside. It's in the past already, because
you won tonight by 145 points. You've got $80,000 of safe money
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This program is captioned live. On Seven News tonight -
shot in his driveway. The Sydney dog groomer who has
no idea why he was attacked. I said, "Ooh, I'm gonna die." Swans star Buddy Franklin
out of the finals, battling a mental-health condition. A mother and son run for their lives as fire destroys
their Auburn home. The Harbour Bridge glitch
that's still not fixed, costing Sydney drivers. And a surfer's close encounter
with a shark just metres from shore. I just felt this bang. Felt like a battleship
hitting my board. A man who had his leg
almost blown off by a gunman at St Clair
in Sydney's west last night has given
an extraordinary bedside interview. The father of two has no idea
why he was shot but he's now worried about his own
and his family's future as he faces
a long and painful rehabilitation. 49-year-old Clifford Fraser, in hospital
after 4 hours of surgery to repair a devastating
bullet wound. The pain, I thought, like,
I was dead.

Clifford was shot in the driveway
of his St Clair home about 8:30 last night. He'd just arrived home,
stepped out of his car, and thought he'd got
an electric shock. I was screaming,
"Oh my God, someone stop, "pull the wire, pull the wire." But his left leg
had been blown apart, the bone was broken by a bullet. My leg is gone.

And I can feel the leg like,
you know, dangling. After the shots were fired, Mr Fraser's wife and teenage son
ran out to to help him. They believe they saw
the man responsible taking off down the street
in a silver Commodore. My eyes went on the ground and I seen the empty casings
on the ground. And that's when I realised
that he had a gun. Mr Fraser's a keen bodybuilder. He'd just returned
from a gym workout. He has no idea
whether he was followed, or why he was shot.

He runs a pet-care business -
Noel's Mobile Dog Grooming - from home.

I'm a dog groomer,
just a dog groomer. His son says he's
a hard working family man. Well he's always
looked after the family, honest man, doesn't really do
anything that's out of the way, works six days a week,
puts food on the table. I got a family to feed. I need to go to work. But now Mr Fraser
faces a leg reconstruction, told he won't walk
for at least 6 months. So, what's the journey ahead
for your family now? I don't know, I'm so scared. It's a question mark
as to why we were targeted. Whether it was a case
of mistaken identity, which we hope it is. Police are appealing
for anyone who knows more to call Crime Stoppers. I just hope the police
are able to find who it is. Detectives are hoping
they can trace that getaway car. Jessica Dietrich joins us now
from Westmead Hospital. Jess, what's the long-term outlook
for Mr Fraser? Mark, Clifford Fraser has been told he'll need to spend
the next fortnight in hospital. His injuries are terrible. He's lost part
of his left calf muscle, the bone is shattered,
the leg in traction and rehab could go on
for a year or more. It's a crushing blow
but Clifford has some good friends who've come here to discuss how they can keep
his dog grooming business afloat while he focuses on his recovery. Mark.

He's one of the biggest names
in Australian sport but tonight, Sydney Swans star Lance Franklin
is said to be battling mental-health issues. The club's $10 million man will miss the Swans first final
on Saturday and his return to the game
is uncertain. His coach will only say the condition is serious
but treatable. One of our biggest sporting stars
was nowhere to be seen at Swans training this afternoon. Lance Franklin was at the club's
recovery session on Sunday and yesterday met club officials
and medical staff. It was agreed he wasn't mentally fit
to play the game. Lance is currently being treated -
wait and see.

It's been revealed Franklin had a seizure
on Friday morning outside a cafe in Bondi. He was taken by ambulance
to St Vincents Hospital in a stable condition before playing against
the Gold Coast on Saturday night. The club refused to confirm
the exact nature of his mental-health issues. Look, it's been an ongoing issue
for Lance for a while

These types of things are very private. Put the football to one side. You need to understand and respect that this is a challenge for him to deal with every day, it's not just a football thing.He is in a place now where he is in the best area for him personally at the moment. You know, we can just support him as playing group, that's what we'll do. Franklin is due to marry
model Jesinta Campbell later this year. She's currently overseas. While his coach wants this to serve
as a timely reminder. It's an issue in AFL football, Franklin's return to the game
remains unclear. Some breaking news now and a man has died
after falling at least 15m from a car park at Potts Point. The victim is aged in his 20s. Police are speaking
to several witnesses to try to piece together
what went so tragically wrong. Prime Minister Abbott has pledged his government will answer
the call to do more to help
the Syrian refugee crisis and will reveal his response
tomorrow. One of his backbenchers wants
50,000 people resettled here but another Liberal MP
called that ridiculous. Shining a light on a human crisis. At vigils across the country
last night, thousands calling on the government to face up to
its responsibilities. We want you to do more! We will do more!

How many more refugees
Australia will take and how much it will contribute
to the UN's relief efforts will be announced tomorrow after cabinet's
National Security Committee tonight approves RAAF bombing raids
into Syria. I expect that within 24 hours Britain is taking 20,000
Syrian refugees over 4.5 years, France, 24,000 over 2 years and Germany, 35,000. The whole world is stepping up here
and Australia should too. Australia has already taken
4,500 refugees from Syria and Iraq last year.

Seven News understands federal cabinet last night discussed
taking that number well over 10,000 over the two years, offering temporary protection visas under the humanitarian
and other immigration programs but favouring Christian women
and children over Muslim men. I think a very strong case
can be made that Christians
should be prioritised. Labor wants 10,000 refugees, the Greens, 20,000, aid groups, 30,000. One government backbencher
says 50,000. I want us to be as generous
and compassionate as humanly possible. Prominent businessman John Singleton
says we should throw open our doors. As long as they go
where the jobs are, bring 'em all in. We've got no people in Australia. But the image
of a lifeless Aylan Kurdi that has focused
the world's attention has also caused controversy, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi
labelling the boy and his family opportunistic refugees by leaving asylum in Turkey
for Greece. They were in no fear,
they were in no persecution, they were in no danger in Turkey. He was slapped down by colleague
Ewen Jones... Do you really expect anything other
than that from someone like Cory? I think Cory plays
to his constituency and I think that's the hard part. ..who got slapped back. Calls for 50,000 people
to come here and be settled are just ridiculous. A tough debate that's getting nasty. Live to Mark Riley
in Parliament House. And Mark, are we closer to knowing
how many refugees we'll take? Mark, I'm told
there is no final decision yet but that it will be
a sizeable number. I understand well over 5,000,
maybe closer to 10,000, largely on 3-year temporary
protection visas after which time they would either
be converted to permanent visas, resettled elsewhere
or sent home though there is
a reasonable assumption that the minorities like
Christians, Druze and Yazidi simply won't be able to return
at all. I'm told there'll be
a special cabinet meeting in the morning followed by a government
party room meeting before an announcement late morning
on that, the contribution
to the UN relief fund and the go-ahead for airstrikes
within Syria. Mark, thank you.

An Auburn street was evacuated
and closed off today as fire officers feared explosions. It started
when flames engulfed a family home, forcing a mother
and son to run for their lives. When firefighters talk of
arriving to a house "well alight", this is what they mean.

The Sediqi family was inside
when it ignited at about 9:30 this morning. 18-year-old university student
Omar was asleep. And my mum just came screaming. She told me the house was on fire. On fire in the middle of the home,
and spreading. Omar grabbed his mother
and they fled. She's good. She's scared obviously,
she's crying, it's her house getting burned down. People who saw smoke
from the distance raced to the home on Chisolm Road,
but could do nothing. And I saw all the kids' toys and I yelled out
to a couple of blokes, "Who's gonna have a look?" But then it was just...
you could get nowhere near it. You could feel the heat
from here to the house away. Firefighters' highest priority
was cooling a 9kg gas cylinder. It was venting at the time, which means the gas was escaping
the cylinder and it was on fire. There were fears of an explosion. Police, in consultation
with the fire brigade, basically shut the street down and evacuated
all the adjoining houses. 11 crews were able to
douse the flames, but the Sedqis' home is irreparable. Investigators believe
a gas heater caused it. A driver caused
major traffic problems at Rosehill this afternoon after he crashed into a barrier
and rolled his truck. It happened around 1 o'clock, closing the M4 on-ramp westbound
for nearly two hours at James Ruse Drive. It reopened in time
for the evening peak. E10 Petrol is selling as low
as $1.13 a litre around Bass Hill, Granville
and Hurstville, suggesting we've hit the bottom
of the price cycle. This is what
the average bowser price looks like spread over the last 40 weeks. We hit a low of just $1 a litre
in February. Many Sydney drivers are complaining that crossing the Harbour Bridge
is now a lottery. Tens of thousands have discovered
they've incurred extra charges because the toll equipment
didn't read their e-TAGs. The Roads Minister has now hired
an independent firm to fix the problem once and for all. For many drivers, it's part of the soundtrack
to their morning commute. (BEEP)

But the e-TAG doesn't always beep - when that happens
you're not being charged less, you're being slugged more. Sometimes it just doesn't. They're charging you for that.
Wow. Any time there's a fault
with the automatic toll gates, there's a 55-cent
video processing fee. So far, it's affected
2.6 million trips, costing drivers $1.4 million. I did wonder whether they'd be
refunding We have a situation where
people are using the bridge, they're possibly being charged
where they shouldn't be charged, but they're certainly
not aware of that. The worst-affected lanes
go through the cityside toll plaza. Most drivers are pinged on lane 9,
closely followed by lanes 14 and 17. The good news -

lane 18 has no fee because
there's no video equipment, yet. Two months ago when an internal investigation
cleared the system, the Minister called in
accounting firm Deloitte. Frankly, it is in the interest
of those pepole and the veracity
of our tolling system that we put in place
this external independent inquiry. The Deloitte report will determine if there's a flaw
with the video technology or individual drivers' e-TAGs. Sean Berry is by the Harbour Bridge. Sean, will drivers get a refund? Mark, they'll know
if they're getting one by the end of next month. That's when the auditor
will report in. The government says
it will pay out only if a genuine system fault
is found. The Minister said up to 3% of people
had problems with their tags, Mark.

A former Kings Cross drug king pin has won an adjournment
on an assault case against him because he claims he's unwell. Geoffrey Edelsten's ex-wife,
Leanne Nesbitt, in February. The one-time model turned nurse
claims he attacked her as she walked to work -
at St Vincents Hospital. It's all (BLEEP).

REPORTER: What can you tell us
about your condition at the moment? I'm alright. Battling along. Bayeh served 15 years in jail
for drug trafficking. He owns a strip club

but claims tough bail restrictions
are stopping him from making money. A tour boat operator says he's mystified at advice
from the federal government that he could re register
his vessel overseas and hire cheaper foreign crews. The Prime Minister has denied
such advice was ever given but that was contradicted
by evidence at a Senate committee. Tony Abbott tipped cold water on it. How could the government have
told an Australian cruise operator not to worry about
new shipping legislation, Well, it's just not true. He's wrong. It is true.

...on banging heads with Bill Milby. Some of my associates
rang me up and said, "You know the PM
has just called you a liar?" The executive for
Kimberley cruise operator North Star recounted two occasions
in May and June where the Department
of Infrastructure told him he could lay off
most of his 50 staff and operate... VOICEOVER: The True North. Unequalled in comfort and style. ..under a foreign flag. I'm still speechless about it.
I really am. And you did discuss that option
with him? We did discuss
the various options, yes. We don't blame the officials
for giving that advice, because that is the absolute logic of anyone
who looks at the legislation. We just will not do it. We're Australian.
We've got great crew. Bill Milby went to question time
this afternoon to hear the PM and his deputy
again deny the government had ever suggested
sacking crew. Labor is trying to make a big noise
about these trivial issues. It is not trivial. It is jobs. It is families. But the government's plan
does have the backing of the big exporters. They see the changes as necessary
to compete but they're yet to convince
the crossbenchers. I don't want our industry
taken over by foreign operators. I do not want it -
and I'm getting emotional. I'm sorry.

The Senate vote likely
later this year will decide whether Bill Milby
wins or loses his fight. Beaches on the Central Coast remain
closed this evening after a surfer was knocked
from his board by a shark. Justin Daniels had been paddling out
off Shelly Beach early this morning when he felt and heard a loud bang
and was thrown into the air. Escaping with just a cut
to his hand, he posed for a photo
before driving himself to hospital. From the 20 centimetre bite mark
on his board, Justin Daniels believes
he was incredibly lucky to escape with only four stitches. This was him around 6:15
this morning after a shark attacked. Just felt this "bang", felt like
a battleship hitting my board. Um, threw me straight off
up into the air. He was joining mates
for their daily surf just a few metres off
North Shelly Beach, where baitfish and a large seal
have recently been spotted. I was sort of just, yeah,
just shaking, doing these ones to break free. It's thought a juvenile bull shark,
about 2.5m long, was responsible. I just saw its fin, and its body was underneath,
submerged, thrashing around. The 42-year-old from nearby
Berkeley Vale watched live on TV when Mick Fanning encountered
a great white in July. I didn't face it like Mick did!
(LAUGHS) I turned away and just ran, swam. An off duty Westpac rescue chopper
pilot surfing with him applied first aid - before Justin
drove himself to the doctor. I am just lucky
I've still got my left arm, you know, it easily could have
taken my hand or my arm. Coincidentally, dozens of lifeguards
were at Shelly Beach today to learn new shark attack protocols following the spate of attacks
in New South Wales. Today's was the 14th this year. Justin admits the recent attacks
have been playing on his mind. He believes more needs to be done -
possibly even culling sharks - to keep people safe. To me it seems out of control,
definitely. The father of two says
he won't hit the water for at least a few days. I said to him he'll have to go out and play a bit more golf
than surfing for a bit, I think. The beach will be closed
until tomorrow morning. Now here's Sarah
with a check on Sydney's weather. The stretch
of spring sunshine continues with clear skies
around Sydney today. The dry westerly winds
contributed to a cool night across the suburbs, falling to 4 in Richmond,
5 in Penrith. Terrey Hills a minimum of 6,
5 degrees below average. The winds freshened today bringing gusty conditions
by the afternoon. Hitting over 50km/h
at the airport and Richmond. I'll be back
with the full forecast later, Mark. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - why residents fear losing millions in a planning backflip
at Castle Hill. The feisty grandmother
who took on armed robbers at her local post office. I'm too old to be afraid. Honouring an Invincible - hundreds pay tribute
to Arthur Morris. Not smiling now - the dentist who killed
Cecil the lion breaks his silence. And from Facebook to banking - the lessons for Sydney seniors
having trouble online.


(Drumbeat) (Rhythmic clapping)

VOICE-OVER: Discover the lingering
coco character.

Those property development deals
we've told you about in Sydney's north-west

could have a dark side. In the Hills District, as a major planning backflip
by their local council. Residents say they're now in limbo and some potentially stand
to lose millions. Castle Street, Castle Hill is in the heart of the suburb's
real estate frenzy. It is one of the suburbs the state government
has identified for growth along the Northwest rail line. These residents are selling up,
to make way for higher density, But they're now in limbo. Suddenly they've gone and plonked all us little
homeowners down the drain. Miriam Mobbs has lived here
55 years. She'd been offered $5.1 million
for her house but fears the new value
is closer to $2 million. I nearly had my money
in my hand last Friday. They're dirty snipers. They're angry about the Hills Shire Council's new draft
development strategy for the area. Council's first proposal,
released in January, included buildings
12-, 18- and 20-storeys tall. The revised draft replaces that
with 'dwellings per hectare' with high-density
north of the town centre, but areas to the south are lower,
with an average height of 8 storeys. This is not a document
you knock up over the weekend. So, I think it's a bit shady. Some buildings have gone from being
18 storeys, down to as low as 6. And obviously the value
of those properties is adjusted significantly. There's also no guarantee
other deals will now settle. See, I'm 78 soon. I wanted something settled in
before... before I got too old to enjoy it. Council's new plan
will be debated tonight. Angie Asimus is at that
council meeting in Baulkham Hills. Angie, they're expecting
a big turnout there? Mark, residents
who haven't yet sold plan to come along tonight
to hear the outcome. By reducing the density
of development in some areas, it could mean pending sales won't stack up to the current rate
of 3 or 4 times market value. Council hasn't made any apology
for the changes. It says sales to date have been
based purely on speculation as the plans
are yet to be adopted, Mark. A feisty grandmother has fought
machete-wielding bandits who held up an Armidale post office. The pair got away with the contents
of the till and her purse. The 81-year-old wants them caught so she can give them
a piece of her mind. She was threatened
with a massive knife but 81-year-old Janet
is laughing off her brush with brazen thieves. I'm too old to be afraid. She was at her local post office
in Armidale yesterday, when two men stormed in
with machetes. They ordered everyone to the floor
and began clearing out the tills. Janet was having none of it. I pointed my finger at him and told him to get out
in a loud voice. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. One of the men knocked Janet's head
into the counter and snatched her handbag. But she demanded it back. He just reached in to the handbag
and took out the wallet and then handed me back the handbag. Around the time of the robbery
yesterday afternoon, Detectives believe the thieves
may have scoped out their target. There's no security cameras
on this side of the complex. The males are described as Aboriginal or
Torres Strait Islander appearance and both wearing bandanas. Janet believes they were just kids, and when they're caught
she plans to give them a talking to. Have a motherly talk with him and just tell him that
there's a different way to live. It can be a wonderful life or
you can choose life behind bars. She's praying
they make the right choice.

John Howard says he's concerned the tough gun laws he introduced
as prime minister are now being wound back. He made the comments at an event with survivors
of the Port Arthur massacre. Mr Howard was critical of some
cooling off periods being scrapped along with limits on the number
of firearms a person can own. Port Arthur was a terrible reminder
that we needed to tighten the laws. I'm just disturbed
by any winding back of the laws. Next year marks the 20th anniversary
of the Port Arthur massacre. Sydney's largest soup kitchen
has reopened after a month-long renovation. The Loaves and Fishes
free restaurant at Ashfield makes 1,200 meals a day
for the homeless and disadvantaged. We had a woman the other day,
I talk about this a lot. She walked all the way from
Leichhardt to here in the morning, got some bread and some butter
and some Vegemite, made sandwiches for the kids
and walked back because she just didn't have enough
money for their school lunches. The $130,000 renovation
was funded by donations. There's now an upgraded kitchen and rotting floors
have been replaced. The American dentist who became the hated face
of animal trophy killing is planning to open
his practice again. He was the focus
of worldwide social media outrage after killing Zimbabwe's
most famous lion, Cecil. Now he's broken his silence,
claiming his family has suffered while still calling the kill legal. Walter Palmer's cheesy grin
became known around the world after he was named and shamed
for killing Cecil the Lion. But the Minnesota dentist
isn't smiling now, he says he wants his life back.

The exposure that he has gotten
and wants this to be over with. Palmer hasn't been seen since he was accused of killing
Africa's most prized lion by luring the animal
outside a protected parkland. "That doesn't mean I'm in hiding." But he was forced to
close his dental practice. His Florida holiday home
was vandalised. And he received death threats.

He was very agitated about
all the attention that has come on his family and said tht they felt insecure over threats that they
had seen online and otherwise. The 55-year-old expressed
little remorse for Cecil's death, Instead, he said he was
heartbroken for his staff.

When asked if he would return
to Zimbabwe for future hunts, Palmer said he didn't know.

Britain has killed
two of its own citizens who were fighting for Islamic State in a drone strike in Syria. 21-year-old Reyaard Khan is believed to have been behind
a plot to kill the Queen on Victory in Japan Day. Prime Minister David Cameron says it's the first time Britain
has attacked its own citizens while not at war. A friend of Khan's
also died in the attack. A couple has been reunited
with their son after accusing hospital staff
in El Salvador of swapping the new-born
for another baby. American missionary
Richard Cushworth and his wife Mercedes
made a public appeal after a DNA test proved the boy they'd raised
for three months wasn't theirs. They now have the right boy but a court order prevents them
making further comment. When Sir Don Bradman was bowled
for a duck in his final test in 1948 in London, the story was told for decades. Few mentioned the batsman
at the other end that day, Arthur Morris.

He made 196 in that Ashes innings. Arthur Morris died last month
at the age of 93 and was remembered today at the SCG. Michael Clarke
made his first public appearance since his final test
as Australian captain, to honour one of our greatest,
Arthur Robert Morris, who died last month, aged 93. We share Judith's grief but amidst this sadness, we acknowledge a giant in
the pantheon of Australian cricket. Former prime minister John Howard, a fellow Canterbury Boys High School
old boy, joined today's Public Memorial
at Arthur's homeground, the SCG. Morris mentored Neil Harvey on the 1948 Invincibles tour
of England. Harvey is their last survivor. Unfortunately, they've left me
on my own now. Unfortunately,
all of my Invincibles are gone. You've got lots of lovely friends.
I feel like a shag on a rock. Morris started at
the St George Cricket Club but could have just as easily
been a Wallaby. All those fellas in white, with the beautiful
red and white cap on, I thought I was in wonderland,
I really did. One of the great
left-handed openers, Morris outscored Bradman
on the unbeaten 1948 tour, and stood at the other end, when The Don was bowled for a duck
in his final test. Team-mates and rivals
became lifelong friends. Arthur Morris was a treasure,
as a batsman and gentleman. It's been an absolute privilege
to know this man for 68 years. Goodbye to a great man.

You're watching Seven News. When we come back,
hard to swallow - the woman facing surgery after
a surprise find in her cereal. The ancient rock discovery
five times the size of Stonehenge. From internet banking to Facebook - the free lessons in technology
for Sydney seniors. Famous friends help
rock'n'roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis celebrate a milestone. And an uninvited guest
startles tourists on Safari. That's next.

Coles is resisting pressure to recall
one of its home-brand products as it investigates claims
a customer swallowed a metal key. She says it happened
while she was eating cereal straight from the packet. The young woman may now need surgery
to have the key removed. Mighty Grain promises to serve up
protein, iron and vitamin B. Nikki Kemp claims what she swallowed out of the home brand cereal packet
last Saturday is enough to turn anyone's stomach. I was just having a snack
and watching TV. I wasn't really paying attention
to what I was chewing on. I knew it was this, but I didn't
expect a key to be in there. A metal key which is now lodged
in the 24-year-old's abdomen. I did feel it
when I swallowed it and I choked
and tried to cough it up. Her abdominal pain became so bad
she was forced to go to hospital. They didn't believe me at all. They thought I'd swallowed it
as a dare.

The Coles customer says
she's not chasing compensation and is now speaking up, frustrated the cereal
isn't being recalled while the supermarket giant
investigates. In a statement Coles confirmed the case has been reported
Queensland Health.

Nikki hopes it's
an isolated incident. If a small child does eat this
cereal and if it happens to them, it would just be devastating.

Just when British researchers thought they'd solved
the riddle of Stonehenge, they've found another. It had been hidden
for thousands of years, buried not far away, its ancient builders having arranged
dozens of stone monuments into an elaborate and mysterious
arena. For the past 4,500 years, Stonehenge has attracted
millions of tourists, all fascinated by
the ancient rock formation. The whole area here is just
a Neolithic minefield, really. It's just wonderful. The surrounding fields have been
rich pickings for archaeologists. For the past five years, a team has been using
modern-day technology to find out
what lies beneath the surface. Just as they were
about to finish up, radar and scanning technology
led them to the biggest discovery. A line of around 100 prehistoric
sandstone-like blocks in a C-shape formation. They're up to 4.5m tall
and almost 2m wide. When something like this turns up,
which is genuinely new, it has an impact around the world. This new find
is 3km from Stonehenge and aligns with
the sun's winter solstice as opposed to summer
for the existing formation. They're now trying to work out if it's an extension of Stonehenge
or a rival site. This is the first time
that we've ever really gotten a clue that there are a whole
series of stones buried there, which is extraordinary. This new discovery
will remain buried for now, ensuring the mystery
of these formations will live on for years to come.

Back in the 1950s,
they called him 'The Killer'. He recorded with rock'n'roll greats
Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. # Whole lotta shakin' goin' on #

Today, Jerry Lee Lewis
marked his 80th birthday at a special concert in London. On hand, one of his greatest fans -
former Beatle Ringo Starr. Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - seniors struggling with technology, the free lessons
keeping them safe online. Dogs in the deep end - the program teaching
man's best friend to swim. And the clear weather continues which means we're in
for another cool night. Sydney's full forecast coming up.

I'm one of many who thought dogs were born
with a natural ability to swim. But that's not the case. Not even the dog paddle
can save some breeds in the water. Now there's a solution - you can take your pooch
to swimming lessons. It's a big day for Cora. Good girl.

The 10-month-old rottie
has never been for a swim. Are you putting her straight in?
Yep, yep. The stroke starts a bit rough. Before long,
she starts to get the hang of it. She's settling down very nicely.
Yeah. That's a good girl. But not all pups
take to the water so easily. This is why it's great
to bring them here, to give them confidence
and get them going. 6-month-old Paz
is still a bit nervous. Here we go, ready? One, two, three. Whee! Before she started her lessons,
she was strictly a landlubber. Oh, needed a bit of help
the first time but after that, it was easy. Ordinarily,
this is a hydrotherapy pool for dogs with
musculoskeletal issues or who just need to burn off
a little bit of energy. But three times a year,
it becomes a classroom where water-shy dogs learn
some necessary survival skills. Some dogs seem to be
at greater risk. We've had three Staffies
in one family move to a new house. They had a swimming pool and they actually sunk
to the bottom. After one go,
Cora's eyeing a new career. Champion swimmer here? (LAUGHS) I hope so. Being able to swim, though,
doesn't necessarily mean you have to like it. (WHIMPERS)

Just ahead in Seven News - the free lessons bringing
Sydney seniors up to speed online. But first, Jim's here with sport and breaking news
at South Sydney tonight. Good evening, everyone. Stewart has been told by the Bunnies to explore his options for next year
and beyond ahead of their final showdown
against the Sharks. Live to chief league reporter
Josh Massoud. Josh, it might be Stewart's
last appearance for Souths there at Allianz Stadium on Sunday.

For the past month exploring options. He still has two years to run. The Bunnies officials gave him blessings to go immediately. There are concerns whether his body is up to handling another two years of NRL action. He has engaged an agent who also represents all four Burgess brothers to do the negotiations in England. Speaking of the Burgess boys, big George will be here tomorrow night to seek a downgrade of the conduct charge for throwing the water bottle last Friday night. Burgess apologised to teammates for the moment of madness but he feels that the two months penalty is simply too harsh. Josh Reynolds insists
his brain snaps are in the past and he won't be a liability for
the Bulldogs in the finals series. With Trent Hodkinson out
for the year, Reynolds must take his role
as ice man for the title contenders. Footballers can be
their own harshest critics and Josh Reynolds is no exception. Oh, I have been a dumb
footballer. and I just want to really make sure
I don't keep making the same mistakes. Five suspensions in the past year
suggests otherwise. In life in general, if you do things
when you are emotional, they're usually the wrong decisions
and it's just the same in footy. But with Trent Hodkinson gone, the Bulldogs need Reynolds
to keep his head. He's usually the one that's been
the calming influence on the team and I think it's time for me
to step up and take that role. Whether it be through injury
or suspension, Reynolds has been side-lined
so often this year he can't even remember the last time
he started in back-to-back games. If Trent was still fit I think him and Moses
would definitely be the halves and whether I was going to come
off the bench or even be in the side was the question.

Still out of action is
Roosters halfback Mitchell Pearce. He trained lightly today but is unlikely to recover
from a hamstring tear in time for Friday's finals opener. I don't know when he'll play but I suppose that's up to
the medical staff and all that. Lance Franklin won't play
for the Swans in the finals opener on Saturday
against Fremantle. The club says a seizure last week
at a Bondi cafe was linked to epilepsy, not his ongoing
mental health issues. The Swans showed
their support for Buddy on social media this afternoon. Even without him, Luke Parker
and Kieren Jack. they believe their finals experience
is invaluable. We've played in big games
in the past. A lot of players have played
in big finals. We know what's required. We've been waiting for another
opportunity for 12 months so we can't wait. GWS young gun Adam Treloar has
rejected a new offer from the club and will seek a trade.

The Socceroos take on Tajikistan in their third World Cup qualifier
tonight, visiting a country in the grip
of deadly political turmoil. A local official
asked Ange Postecoglou if he'll quit I don't know
where the gentleman's from but I think
that's pretty disrespectful, yeah? We take our job and I take my job
a lot more seriously than that question. And the Wallabies World Cup
group rivals Wales have lost star fullback
Leigh Halfpenny with a serious knee injury. David Warner expects to miss Australia's Test series
against Bangladesh next month. Warner is on his way home
from England with a fractured thumb
expected to take six weeks to heal. You never want to miss a test match and I don't want to miss
a test match but it's highly unlikely
I'm going to make Bangladesh. It will be one of Australia's
most inexperienced test sides of all time, with at least seven changes
to the Ashes-losing team. Sam Stosur crashed out
of the US Open in straight sets against
Flavia Pennetta this morning. The fourth-round finish is Stosur's
best at a grand slam this year. South African Kevin Anderson stunned
Andy Murray in four incredible sets. Several rallies earned
standing ovations.

Incredible rally! Anderson will face Stan Wawrinka
in the quarterfinals. Roger Federer defeated John Isner
in straight sets, reaching the final eight
for the 11th time. is set to be even faster
in this year's Sydney-Hobart. The 8-time winner
of the blue-water classic is undergoing a radical makeover. Modifications to the hull,
sails and structure of the boat were necessary to make it even
faster in certain wind conditions. It is fairly drastic but sometimes you've got to take
big decisions to win big races. The great race is live and free
on Seven on Boxing Day. The Seven Network
has secured the rights to 14 San Francisco games
this season in the NFL. You can see Jarryd Hayne
live and free on 7mate, starting with the 49ers' week two
clash with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The full details are on our website.

For many Sydney seniors, it's often a daily struggle
when it comes to the internet, from online banking,
paying the bills, even Skype and Facebook. Now many are getting help
with a free course. Margaret and Richard do their best
to keep up with the grandkids. Look.

That's Harry on the swing.
That's terrific. It's good to come
into their world, really. It's just
another communication with them. But to stay in touch
with their world, Margaret realised
you need to move with it. Oh, absolutely.
You're being left behind. So she did a class on tablet use. Richard's next, despite a fear
of computers in the past. Because it's new,
it's fear of the unknown. There also a delete button
on your keyboard. For some seniors,

just making the decision
to come to a tech-savvy lesson can be daunting. That was a real wake-up call for me because I thought, "Wow, there are
people who are really nervous." Increasingly, though,
they have no choice. Try paying a bill
or accessing services.. And some of them are feeling
forced into it because they're got to the stage
where they can't deal with people. People are saying to them,
"Well, you have to go online." There's a new $ 2 million contract
with Telstra funding an extra 3,500
student places annually starting with the basics. Turning on the iPod, the iPhone
is usually the first hurdle. And having finished the class, maybe there's something
they can teach the grandkids - not just how to use
the technology but how to use it wisely. Guiding children away
from unsafe online use while showing off some new skills. I'm able to say, "You can do this,"
or, "You can do that," and they're quite impressed.

The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus - tourists encounter
an angry lunch guest in Africa. And on the weather front,
the winds will ease overnight. Sydney's extended outlook coming up.

Hi everyone - Daniel Gibson with you, hope your well chilly one again today we started off well but then the cloud came over
and that breeze too. Tomorrow moring a cold one with -1 about then tops of 17 dergees in the city lighyt winds, the sun will be out it should be a ripper! That kind of weather shiould be around nearly all
week and the weekend too however sat and sun afternoon expect the wind ton increase .

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Tonight's Seven News headlines - a St Clair dog groomer
shot in his driveway says he has no idea -
why he was attacked. Swans star Buddy Franklin
out of the finals A mother and son run for their lives
as fire destroys their Auburn home. Checking finance
and our share market lifted despite US markets
not trading overnight and some mixed economic data. The ASX 200 was up 85 points. An angry elephant has gate-crashed
a picnic lunch in Zimbabwe. The tourists were told
to sit still as he approached but the bull elephant
still became agitated.

The holidaymakers were shocked
but not hurt. The elephant
then calmly wandered off. Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. It was another fine spring day
in Sydney though it felt cool at times thanks to the fresh and gusty
westerly winds. The city reached 20 degrees,
which is bang on average. Right now, it's 16. The dry westerly winds
contributed to a cool night. 4 in Richmond
and 6 in Parramatta, 5 degrees below average. Today was clear and windy
this afternoon. Tops around 19-20 degrees. From the satellite, a low in the Tasman is responsible
for the gusty south-west winds over south-east New South Wales and storms in the north-east corner
of the state with hail around Byron Bay today. A large high will push
into central to eastern Australia during tomorrow, bringing fine and settled conditions
across much of the country. We could see
some very isolated showers along the New South Wales coast
tomorrow from the onshore, southerly winds. Around the nation - expect a shower or two
to develop in Melbourne but it will be fine
and partly cloudy in Hobart. Perth will be
hot and sunny with hot conditions persisting
in Darwin and Broome. Sunny and mild weather
is likely in Alice Springs
and Brisbane. On the waters:

Tonight will be clear,
with winds easing. Tomorrow's looking mostly sunny,
with a top of 20 degrees. So another fairly chilly night
around the suburbs. Temps dipping to 7
in Parramatta, 6 in Liverpool and Penrith, 5 in Campbelltown. Tomorrow will continue fine and expect maximums
to sit mostly in the low 20s. Looking ahead - it's staying fine in Sydney. 20 again on Thursday. 22 on Friday. Then warming up for the weekend
with lovely sunny weather and 25 degrees
on Saturday and Sunday. In the west, fine weather
for the rest of the week. Partly cloudy Thursday.

That's Seven News for this Tuesday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions by Ericsson.

What are you doing? You love him, don't you?
Yes. You have nothing to worry about.
I love you. I'm going to do whatever
it takes to make you realise that I'm not going anywhere. If you want to ruin your life
with someone like Leah, go for it. Hey, do not talk about...
Shut up! You don't give a toss about us!
LEAH: Hunter. Spent my whole life wantin' a dad
and when I get one, he doesn't care
enough to stick around. I grew up without a dad.
I was so angry at him. Yeah, I know that feeling. Being angry is more work
than it's worth. Whatever happens today, whether you're the dad or
if you're not, we love each other. Congratulations.
You'll make a great dad. I figured it wouldn't matter that
Kyle was the dad, but it does. I can't do this. I'm out. Oh, John, I'm worried it means it's going to go wrong
with the DOCS lady today. You're just nervous, that's all.
Everything's going to be fine. My colleague has been in touch
with a Miss Nicole Franklin. Marilyn, were you involved
in the attempted abduction of her child a few years ago? I wasn't myself. In light of this new information,
your chances aren't good.

SONG: # Rocks to keep you down # Somebody knows how to get # To the question of you... #

Are you OK?

you can't blame yourself for this. There's no-one else to blame. What happened with Nicole
and the baby was ages ago. You've just got to show 'em
that you've changed. It won't make a difference.
Well, we don't know that. Mary's going to refer our case
to a manager and then...