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A driver has been detained in
a dramatic citizen's arrest following a demolition rampage
through a Queensland street. The man wrecked
at least 10 vehicles as he tore down
a 3km stretch of road before trying to
steal another car.

He just got straight out of the car. He slammed the door on the car and he's walked straight to my car. "Give me your F-ing car. This is my F-ing car now." Went bang, grabbed me. And then pushed him away. I drove off a bit and I watched him go to the next car.Three people were taken to hospital, including an elderly driver, who had to be cut from the wreckage of her car. Alf, it's heavy heading west tonight?That's right, Hugh. We're looking at the run on the M4 on the west-bound direction from Home Bush Bay Drive. You can see very slow traffic conditions making the run up to the Cumberland Highway this evening, right the way through to Eastern Creek. The sun glare not helping the drive there this afternoon. Also looking at a crash at Roseland southbound. Now, a car into a pole. Delays all the way back through to Wiley Park. Busy patches too through the M Kosovars 5 east tunnel in the west-bound -- M5 east tunnel in the west-bound direction. Police are hunting for a man who
allegedly sexually assaulted an intellectually disabled woman. Police have released these
security images in the hope someone recognises the group. The man and his friends were riding
the same train as the victim but got off at the Yennora stop. I would describe this
as a callous attack on a person who was not able to protect themselves
from the incident and as such it's a cowardly attack and very brazen. Investigators want other passengers to come forward with information. It's believed the two accused companions may not have been involved independentent. -- in the incident. He is considered one of Australia's
worst mass murders - but today, Rodger Dean appealed for leniency. The former nurse is currently
serving 11 life sentences for killing elderly residents
after setting the Quakers Hills Nursing Home on fire. A punishment, his lawyer claims. is too harsh. Heartbroken... Oh, I can't talk. ..and outraged at the system. What gives him
the right to appeal after what he bloody done to our loved ones? That is ridiculous that they
gave him the opportunity to appeal this case. The family members of the victims
who died during the Quakers Hill nursing home fire rallied together
as the man who killed their loved ones makes a plea for freedom. When you do something so macabre,
you forfeit the right, I think, to any second chances. But that's exactly what Roger Dean
wants after he was handed 11 life sentences without
the possibility of parole for deliberately lighting a deadly
blaze to hide his drug theft. Today his lawyer questioned
his punishment, saying:

And that his sentence was:

He knew that
these people were immobile because he was the registered nurse there. So, how can you say he's not
culpable for doing that? These people couldn't get out
of their beds and walk away. They died in their beds. The prosecution advised the judges
that, in the end, it didn't matter if they found a relevant error
in the previous trial. She was confident that they would
still pass the same sentence a second time around and keep
Roger Dean locked up for life. And the victims' families
say they'll keep fighting to make sure that happens.

Johnny Depp's wife was a no show
at court today as she faced charges of smuggling the couple's dogs
into the country. Amber Heard's accused of breaking
Australia's quarantine laws in May by not declaring the arrival of her
two terriers Pistol and Boo. Heard was meant to appear -
but instead, she and Depp opted to attend the Venice
International Film Festival. So, the case was then
adjourned until November. The Packer family has committed
to help heart and lung transplant patients for another decade. Today's announcement continues 30
years of work by one of our richest families who only
recently discovered the extent of Kerry Packer's philanthropic work. Jessica Turner has this story. A public moment for the Packers,
upholding the legacy of a man who was very private
about his contributions. Kerry Packer was so secretive,
his family has only just discovered a huge commitment he made in 1984. Today's ceremony is a wonderful
recognition of the philanthropic work of my late husband Kerry. The media mogul was friends
with Victor Chang - and he agreed to donate his aircraft
to help transplant patients. The Packers have been paying for
the life-saving charter ever since. This is a special day
for my family because I would like to confirm that our support for
this wonderful institution will continue for a further 10 years. He always was really incredible
and really generous and it's really great that everyone
else knows that too. His granddaughter says,
there's a lot to live up to. It's a little daunting,
no pressure! But really exciting to start to
think about adding to that legacy. It's really special to me. Kerry Packer suffered heart
problems himself and understood, timing is everything. It's a matter of minutes,
we have to be there and have everything available to us. And as technology improves,
transplants are becoming more common. The number
of organ donors is increasing every year by about 30 per cent. Just last week,
there were six donors, potentially saving 36 lives. Which brings hope for
around 1,600 Australians, who are currently on a waiting list. Jessica Turner,
Ten Eyewitness News.

To the weather now with Amanda Hart. Amanda, no complaints here - today was an almost picture-perfect start to the week?Sandra, it's a pity most of us had to be at work today. After a rainy Father's Day yesterday and early fog this morning, Sydney saw a lovely sunny morning. For those lucky enough to hit the beaches, the temperature warmed up to 25 degrees, which is five above average. There were moderate westerly winds across the city, which became lighter as the day went on, and the few clouds that were in the sky only brought the odd sprinkle, mainly overnight the odd sprinkle, mainly overnight
or that were in the sky only brought
the odd sprinkle, mainly or later this afternoon. Looking at the satellite now and the bulk of the cloud was in the south-east of the country. It brought cool, gusty winds as well as rain and storms to parts of South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Now u what's bringing that cloud is a low-pressure system and a cold front there in the Tasman. It will gradually move east but not before bringing a few showers to southern NSW tomorrow. A trough through Central Queensland is also bringing a cooler change mainly down in the south-east corner. It's this high-pressure system in the byte that's keeping the rest of the country fairly clear.

Hugh and Sandra, I'll be back later in the bulletin with a full forecast.We look forward to that, Amanda. See you then. Up next: An NRL player facing
a finals footy ban for a moment of madness. The woman at the centre
of Britain's phone hacking scandal is back in the headlines. And the new Aussie movie that
brings a very odd true story to life.


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It's the most powerful interview you'll see this year.Revenge, pure and simple. He wanted to make the family suffer.Her family murdered. And you won't believe who the killer was.Have I read people wrong my whole life?An unmissable Studio 108:30 tomorrow morning.

An Egyptian court has released its detailed ruling on why it sentenced Australian journalist
Peter Greste to three years' jail. The ruling states Greste and two
of his Al Jazeera colleagues were biased in their reporting,
were working without press credentials and failed to obtain
the proper work permits. It also ruled that Al Jazeera
supports the banned Muslim Brotherhood and, by default, its
employees are members of the group. Al Jazeera says it will appeal
the findings. Just 4 years
after she sensationally quit as the head of Rupert Murdoch's media
empire in the UK, Rebekah Brooks has returned to work running the
media magnate's British newspapers. Last year Brooks was cleared of
wrongdoing over her role in the now infamous phone hacking scandal. But her restoration to prominence
in the Murdoch empire has sparked anger from some politicians in
Britain. In the US, the court clerk
who refused to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples
will appeal her conviction. Kim Davis was sent to prison last
week for repeatedly refusing to comply with a court order forcing
her to issue the licence. Around 300 of her supporters have
gathered outside the jail where she's locked up, describing her
as a Christian soldier.

Onward Christian soldiers. Marching...The two-time divorcee says she was acting under God's authority and giving out the licences would betray her deeply held Christian beliefs. Australian moviegoers are
about to be treated to a school holiday film about
a dog who does something special. It's not a sequel to the smash hit
Red Dog, rather it's another true story that's bound to put a tear in
your eye and a smile on your face. Angela Bishop has more. It's the story so beautiful,
it's hard to believe it's true - that a cute, somewhat
disaster-prone dog called Oddball could save a colony of penguins. I mean, the animals are the star of the film, which is why I'm not gone the god-damned poster. Not on the poster!
(LAUGHS) And not bitter about it, which is good. Clearly.Wonderful. I got over it. Only took a year. Then there's his co-star -
10-year-old Coco Jack Gillies. That would make an onion cry! I keep saying, no-one's gonna know I'm in this film. The eyes are on her, then the dog, the penguin, a whole bunch of chickens, credits. You do, of course,
notice Kenny star Shane Jacobson, who stars as Swampy Marsh. But when I visited the set
of the film last year, it was easy to be captivated by his co-stars. Tell me how on earth do
you get penguins to act? These guys love pilchards and that's the way we get them to act. Food motivation and positive re-enforcement. But it turns out it
wasn't all acting. There was. They did couple up. Penguins mate for life. Which I keep joking is something humans can't do. The chances for success
for this little Australian movie are high, given our love of stories
about remarkable animals, be they kelpies, pelicans or pigs. Other thing we have
a fondness for - portable toilets. Yes.A Kenny sequel. Is that ever possible?Kenny Number Twos - that's what it would be called, wouldn't it sentence Oddball opens on 17 September. I want to see that one. Looks good. Number Twos.Hmm. Still to come: What's behind
the calls for free train travel. Lions,
tigers and maybe even some bears preparing to move in to Blacktown. And after some testing times,
Shane Watson calls it quits. And the Australian sharemarket has
started the week with a 10-point loss.

It's a humanitarian disaster. Is Australia shirking its responsibility, trying to escape the war in Syria? See you at 6:30. A Gold Coast grandmother has told
how she survived for seven hours trapped upside down
in the wreckage of her car with multiple broken bones. The 81-year-old was trying to
reverse into her driveway last Thursday when her foot became
stuck on the car accelerator. It sent her crashing over an
embankment and into a gully below. I thought, "I'll have to stay here all night." I was more or less getting ready to stay the night and expecting a red-bellied black snake.
(LAUGHS) Well, there's snakes in the bush there.Despite the snakes, Kitty says the ordeal hasn't put her off driving. The NRMA is calling
for all train travel within the city to be free in a bid to
ease some of the pain of Sydney's upcoming light rail extension. The motoring group says commuters
need to be encouraged off the streets, and onto trains,
as parts of George Street are shut down for construction. The NRMA also wants
refunds to be paid when trains are delayed by maintenance work
or poor transport planning.

Alf is still up in the chopper for us tonight, keeping an eye on traffic conditions. Alf, the M2 pretty slow right now for anyone travelling west?It certainly is, Sandra. We're just coming through the back of the Macquarie Park in the westbound direction, very slow traffic conditions as you make your run through from the lane Coach Tunnel all the way to the M2. It's struggling at the moment as you head out to Pennant Hills Road. Also busy patches as you make your way along the M1. I'm Al.

Sydney's western suburbs could soon
be a little wilder - with plans announced
for a new world-class zoo. If it's approved,
the $36 million project in Blacktown could be operating
in two years' time, injecting millions into the local economy. Josh Fajzullin has the story. Sydney Zoo would be home
to hundreds of exotic animals from all over the world.

The major benefactors, Western Sydney, talked up today as a sure hit. Sydney Zoo would be home
to hundreds of exotic animals from all over the world. But what it really wants to
be known for is its natives. My personal favourite,
Parramatta bull sharks exhibited in fresh water. Located on the Western Sydney
Parklands, it could be open by the end of 2017 and attract more
than 700,000 visitors every year. It adds another $45 million
into the local economy, plus building construction work,
plus close to 110 jobs. John Burgess is
the brainchild behind it. His other baby - Sydney Aquarium. I'm used to sharks and rays
and that sort of thing, but I've always wanted to be
involved in a major zoo. The plan is to make this
a cage-free zoo with limitless horizons,
allowing you to get up close and personal with all of the animals. Don't fret -
there will be elevated walkways and moats to keep you safe. I think it'd be great,
'cause I've got a little girl and I think we wouldn't have to travel. It would actually put us
on the map a little bit bigger than what we are now. Even Featherdale Wildlife Park
is giving it the thumbs up. It's a much smaller attraction
just up the road. Featherdale will more than survive. We're a very successful business
that the locals just love. The project is being funded
by investors. All it needs now is
planning approval.

You may have heard
the saying size doesn't matter. Well, a chihuahua named Taco
has proved it's true. The 2kg pup scared off a robber as
he snuck through his owners' home just metres from sleeping children. Sharnelle Vella has more. This is Taco, the precious pooch who's small
in size but big in bark. (BARKS) The 2-year-old chihuahua
was asleep on his owners' bed when, just after 3am, an intruder
walked in through the back door and Taco sprang into action. Growling, barking,
all his hair went up. He's lost it. Donna has looked
into the hallway and seen someone and started screaming that there
was someone in the house. The intruder was standing just
metres from the bedrooms of 6-year-old Eli,
5-year-old Trey and baby Mia. He'd already swiped Trey's iPad,
a birthday gift he'd received just last week. All we know was that he was
in a black hoodie and using his phone as a torch. With Taco by his side,
Geoff was out of bed and the robber was caught off guard. Geoff chased the intruder through
the house and into the backyard, where it's believed he then used
the kids' trampoline to jump back over the fence. I bet he's never coming
here ever again. I think they're very lucky to have
Taco the chihuahua. He's done his job. A job that's earned
a very tasty reward. A good dinner, treats,
whatever he wants. As for 6-year-old Baxter
the staffy, who did nothing to help during the robbery,
he has some explaining to do.

Stay with us - just ahead, we've
got more on tonight's big stories. And in sport, South Sydney's
premiership defence crushed as the top eight sides get ready to
rock the NRL finals. And American football fans just
can't get enough of our

MAN: Solar power is all around us.
That's our thinking. And people aren't using it. I thought,
'We can do something about this.'

Tonight's top stories: Police want
to speak to the drivers of two cars seen in the Kendall
area just before toddler William Tyrrell was snatched
from his grandmother's home. William's family have made
a new plea for information as they prepare to mark one year
since he disappeared. A nurse has been punched and the
riot squad called after a wild brawl between family
members in the geriatric ward of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. And loved ones have
farewelled racing legend Bart Cummings
at a packed state funeral at Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral. Time for the day in sport now with
Matt Burke, and a devastating blow for the Bunnies in their quest to
win back-to-back premierships? George Burgess is facing
a two-week suspension for throwing a water bottle in the direction
of Roosters forward Kane Evans. It's rocked the Rabbitohs ahead
of Sunday's clash with Cronulla. Liam Cox was
at today's finals series launch. Eight teams... ..all fired up. Their eyes
on rugby league's ultimate prize. Souths' hopes nosedived after
George Burgess was charged with throwing a bottle at Kane Evans. Despite missing the Roosters
enforcer, Burgess is facing a fortnight's ban. Finals footy is another step up
and, like you said, we haven't had a great run. But I believe that we
can turn it around. Winning 12 games in a row,
the Roosters are undeniable favourites to win the competition. I guess there is a bit
of pressure but I'm more excited. This is a great time
of year to be involved in. Founded in 1967,
Cronulla's yet to win a title. Paul Gallen insists
the Sharks feed off adversity. Three or four months ago people
were writing us off, saying we wouldn't even be here,
so I'm happy that we're here. Des Hasler's Bulldogs always
lift on the big stage. You're going to have to beat three
or four really good teams, really difficult sides,
to get to that ultimate prize. In a throwback to the early '90s,
Australia's working-class game has recruited the workling-class man.

Simply the best, better than all the rest. recruited the workling-class man. Jimmy Barnes
and Cold Chisel will headline grand final day entertainment. We'd get lynched if we didn't play
Khe San and then we're going to finish off the set with Bow River
and then I'll probably try and tackle Mossy halfway through
the set of Bow River. Finals kick
off Friday night with the Sydney Roosters hosting the Storm. Knock out time for the Bulldogs and
the Dragons on Saturday at ANZ.

The Hayne Plane has well
and truly taken off in the States. He's not only caught
the attention of the NFL, the number 38 jersey is flying
off the shelves too. It's become the number one selling
shirt in the NFL's online store.

Number 38 is Jarryd Hayne. The 49ers kick
off their season against the Minnesota Vikings next Tuesday. The Socceroos aren't worried about
recent civil unrest in Dushanbe ahead of Tuesday night's World Cup
qualifier against Tajikistan. The Aussies are more focused
on performing for the first time on the artificial surface. But personally, for me, as a defender, I'll probably try to stay on my feet a little more and stay out of those slide tackling chances. Unless, obviously, I'm stopping a goal, I'll definitely put a bit of skin on the line. Meantime
the FFA has announced Canberra will host the World Cup qualifier
against Kyrgyzstan on November 12. Shane Watson says his body
and mind wasn't up to the rigours of test cricket
and that's why he's retired. Watson will still play one-dayers
and Twenty20, but ends a 59-test career, having averaged 35 with
the bat and 33 with the ball.

Averaging 50 with the bat and, you know, in the 20s with the wall, that's obviously the dream as an all-rounder to be able to achieve. Obviously I didn't get anywhere near that. But I do know I gave it everything I possibly can to get the best out of myself. And that's I suppose what I'm most proud of. With Watson and Nathan Coulter-Nile
injured, Peter Handscomb and John Hastings have been called up
for the remaining one-dayers against England. Sam Stosur has been promoted to
centre court for tonight's US Open fourth round
clash with Flavia Pennetta. On the men's side, Novak Djokovic
is already through to the quarters after a fiery 4-set win over
Roberto Bautista Agut. And he was furious
about dropping the second set. I don't see any broken racquet.
Where is it? There was no warning
from the umpire. He just asked me how I feel and I
said, "Pretty tired," and that's it. The Williams sisters will face
off in the next round. Serena had Maddison Keys
sliding all over the court, While Venus also got
the job done in straight sets. And the players weren't
the only stars of the day. This rogue squirrel was loving
the spotlight, as was this kid in the stands,
who had some pretty smooth moves. Jason Day's incredible run
of 22 consecutive rounds under par has come to an end
after the third day of the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston. The PGA winner carded a 2-over 73. Matt Jones is the best placed
Aussie after a round of 68. COMMENTATOR: Rolling for Matt Jones
and he's doing a little celebrating with the gallery out there. Defending champion Chris Kirk
produced the shot of the day, holing out from 137 yards. But they're all chasing
Swede Henrik Stenson, who's leading at 13-under. You've got to hand it
to AFL side Geelong. Their Mad Monday dress-up day
never fails to disappoint. The Teletubbies were there today. So was Robert Allenby
and his caddy. Mick Fanning even turned up with
the shark that attacked him. You know, he looked after me on the day and obviously just testing times. Um, but, yeah, no, we'll sit back and have a beer today.Did he get you a good one on the schnozer? I'm really reeling from it, to be honest. Hopefully things won't get
too hairy later tonight. The Happy Cats can have our Play
of the Day. Mad Monday. A fun time. But you want to play finals footy. A toss-up.Crazy times, that's for sure.Thank you very much. Coming up next: with 'Art Therapy', a brand-new magazine collection and intricate designs to colour. with 'Art Therapy'. Issue 1 with colouring pencils, sharpener and your first six designs only $2.99.

Good evening. It's well and truly starting to feel like spring now. It was a beautiful sunny morning in Sydney today, although a bit of cloud did blow in during the afternoon, bringing just the odd sprinkle. We reached a top of 25 degrees. And towards the end of the week we can expect it to get even warmer. This weekend we're looking at summertime temperatures, with the west expected to get to at summertime temperatures, with
the west expected to get to 27 the west expected to get degrees. On the satellite today most of the cloud was in the Tasman. It brought showers and storms and cool winds to parts of South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. There was also some patchy low-level cloud over eastern Queensland, which brought an isolated shower or storm and also some middle-level clould over the interior of the country -- cloud over the interior of the country. Southern NSW might see a few showers tomorrow thanks to this low-pressure system and a cold front. It is moving further offshore but the south-east of the country will still experience cold winds and rain. A trough will bring a few showers and storms to southern and central Queensland. It may even stretch into north-eastern NSW. And south-west WA will see warm winds which will raise temperatures and the fire danger ofrt next few days. Otherwise, a high in the Bite is keeping central Australia fairly clear. The rain tomorrow will mainly be in Tasmania and Victoria. It will move into southern NSW fairly early in the morning but should dry up by the evening. Across the state tomorrow: even though it is string, it's still cold enough to bring some snow to the Alps. Cool with isolated shaurs in the south. -- showers nlt south.

In the city, it's looking pretty good over the next week.

Hugh and Sandra. Thank you, Miss Amanda. That is the news for now, this Monday September 7. We'll be back with updates throughout the evening. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop joins
The Project tonight to discuss our response to the Syrian refugee
crisis. Goodnight.

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