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(generated from captions) the action this season. A very talented fellow there. Thank you, Eddie. More refugees from Syria are set
to be relocated in Australia. Immigration minister Peter Dutton
is heading to Europe to discuss the crisis, amid calls for Australia to increase
our humanitarian refugee intake from the current 13,700 a year. We need to restore
the old refugee humanitarian target which just 2 years ago
was 20,000 people under the Abbott government.

But Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the overall intake of refugees
accepted will not be increased. Prime Minister Tony Abbott
joins me now from Canberra. Good Morning, Mr Abbott. Tim Costello says
we should increase our intake and New South Wales premier
Mike Baird has also called for Australia
to do more to help refugees. Why won't our overall intake
be increased?

Well, we are

Well, we are going to do more. In the last year, we took almost 4,500 people from this conflict. We have got the Immigration Minister in Europe right now to talk about what more we can do with the UN High Commissioner for Refugeess and we will do more. We are already the most generous country in the world on a per capita basis when it comes to dealing with refugees through the UNHCR. We are determined to do more in response to the crisis in this very troubled part of the world.Could we increase back to 20,000 as Tim Costello said?That was a figure that the former government very, very briefly put in place. I don't think we ever took that number. Let's never forget that under the former government, that number was filled by the people smugglers. We have stopped the boats. We are now in troll of who comes to our country. -- control of who comes to our country. We did take 4,500 people from Syria and Iraq. And we are looking at what more we can do. As well as a strong security response to this dreadful crisis, we also need a strong humanitarian one. Yes, the Pope overnight has called for every parish and monestry to take a refugee family. It highlights the need for compassion in this situation, doesn't it? Well, absolutely right. We need a strong humanitarian response. We need a strong security response and as you know, Australia is involved in air strikes against the death cult which is ultimately responsible for what is going on there. In Syria at the moment, people are caught between the mass executions of the death cult and the chemical weapons of the regime. So it is very important overtime to do what we can can to restore a kind of order in this very, very dark and difficult part of the world.Yeah, it sure is. Cabinet is due to decide this week, whether to allow Australian air prescription on Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Does that mean there is a greater obligation for us to offer a safe place for civilians?Well, obviously, it is important to try to create haf havens, not just on the borders of Syria, but inside Syria itself. Because, we should never underestimate the evil of the debt cult, so-called Islamic State. We have seen some our screens, the behead goes, the mass executions, every day we see this dreadful group trying to come up with new and more horrific ways of killing people.Prime minister, just changing topic goes are beings it's two years since you were elected. Newspoll today has the coalition trailing Labor by 8 points two-party preferred. Your disapproval rating is at 63%, that's 29 points higher than when you were elected. How does that make you feel today? Do you need to work harder to win over voters do you think?Well, Sam, there is a sense in which politicians can never work hard enough. And as you can see, I'm at a small business breakfast this morning to mark the second anniversary of a government which for all the ups and downs, has restored confidence to business, is restoring confidence in our economy, has created 335,000 more jobs in the economy since September of 2013, is proceeding with the free trade agreement with China which means more trade, more jobs, more prosperity, more export opportunities, so sure, there is always a long way to go. But we have got to plan, Sam. And the plan is working and we are sticking with the plan.OK, you have flagged a cabinet reshuffle, will Joe Hockey be there as treasurer for your third anniversary?Yes, that's my very strong expectation, Sam. Because Joe was responsible along with me and the cabinet, for last year's budget which was a budget for saving, a difficult but necessary budget for saving. He was also responsible for this year's budget for confidence and as you can see, there is quite a lot of -- there is quite a lot of confident people behind me stplment we will