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(generated from captions) years to one. The trial has been set down for two weeks. The State funeral for legendary horse trainer Bart Cummings will begin in Sydney shortly. Of the we are going to go to a live shot now. This is from - actually, let's hear Julie
from Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop. Apologies for that, it's obviously not that service, this is the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.... so that we can discuss ways Australia can assist. I am also Foreign
speaking with counterpart Foreign Ministers, some of our friends and allies, Foreign Ministers of countries in the region to gauge what they will be doing and how we can work as part of an international effort. Australia has taken a leading role on this through our work on UN Security Council, particularly throughout 2014. We were co-authors of a resolution in February, again in July of 2014 and again in December of 2014, focusing on the humanitarian disaster in Syria, and calling for ceasefires, calling for access to areas so that the humanitarian aid that was being pledged could be delivered. So Australia has taken the lead role in international forums, particularly in the Security Council. We have committed $155 million, nearly 156 million to humanitarian aid in Syria, and also aid into other places including Yemen, Iraq and the like, and of course we are looking at the question of what we can do on the humanitarian intake. Now that we have got the boats under control, now that we have dismantled the people smuggling trade into Australia, we have much more flexibility within our humanitarian program to align it to the challenges of the day and that's most certainly suggested
Syria.Josh Frydenberg suggested a...No, I said that yesterday. I actually spoke about the Kosovo matter yesterday and said that's something we should consider and that's something that I Foreign
will be raising with other Foreign Ministers, whether that's an international response that would work in these circumstances and we'll certainly take advice on that.REPORTER: Did you raise the issue of Joe Hockey in meetings with the Prime Minister about his political Prime Minister about
future?I haven't spoken to the Prime Minister about the reports in the News Limited paper. It's just gossip.REPORTER: Have you ever met with the Prime Minister to discuss the future of...I'm not going into details of my private discussions with my leader, or Cabinet Ministers. I do not leak to the media, I do not talk about private and confidential discussions and I Hockey
have said repeatedly that Joe Hockey has one of the toughest jobs in Australia, dealing with the worst set of financial accounts of any incoming Treasurer. Labor trashed the budget, trashed the surplus, we are now dealing with record levels of debt and deficit and I think he's doing a good job. Thank you. That was live from Canberra, the Foreign Affairs Minister Bronwyn Bishop speaking there, in- Julie Bishop insisting Australia has done an extensive job in terms of helping with the humanitarian est, those people affected by the war in Syria. We are expecting