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Tonight - as Hungary relents and allows migrants to cross its borders, Tony Abbott is urged by colleagues to do more to help those fleeing conflict in the Middle East.These people are fleeing persecution. They are fleeing decapitation. They are fleeing crucifixion. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - police search for a yacht believed to have been carrying two men whose bodies washed up on a New South Wales beach. Thousands fall silent at Royal Randwick to remember champion racehorse trainer Bart Cummings. And - two-time US Open champion Rafael Nadal knocked out of the tournament, his earliest exit in a decade. Hello. Kirsten Aiken with ABC News. A quick look at the weather first:

Austrian police say around 4,000 refugees have arrived from Hungary since the early hours of this morning, with many more to come. From there, they hope to make their way to Germany, which has led efforts to open the doors to asylum seekers, saying it would accept 800,000 people this year. Earlier, the overwhelming number of asylum seekers making their way through Europe forced a surprise turnaround in Hungary. After days of insisting the migrants be registered and controlled, the Hungarian Government relented and provided buses taking thousands of people from Budapest across the border into Austria. For others, the journey ended where it began. The toddler whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey has been buried in Syria. Our Europe correspondent are about bra Miller reports. - Barbara Miller reports. His death off the coast of Turkey has brought home the reality of the refugee crisis. Now 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, his brother and mother have returned to the country that they and millions of others fled from. Abdullah Kurdi buried his family in Kobane, the town in northern Syria which has seen so much conflictI want Arab governments not European countries to see what happened to my children and because of them to help people. On the beach where the family died, the local mayor led tributes. The pleas for help prompted by the tragedy here are being heard. But there's no agreement on how to answer them. The reaction to the image of a toddler washed up on a Turkish beach has forced the hand of the British Prime Minister. David Cameron has announced Britain will take more refugees, but not those already in Europe.I think it's so important we take them from Syrian refugee camps. I want to send the message out that the best way to get a new life is not to make this perilous journey, not to set out. For those people who survived the perilous sea crossing, the ordeal continues. Denied a train journey out of Budapest, they began a 150-kilometre walk to the Austrian border. Most carrying little food and water. Hung Gary has been reluctant to facilitate the mass transit of unregistered migrants but today it was forced to yield. It supplied buses to get the asylum seekers off the roads. They were taken to the Austrian border. Within a few hours, thousands of people crossed the frontier. Exhausted and soaking, they still face uncertainty and homelessness. But they're a step closer to what they hope will be a safer place. Several members of the Federal Government are pushing the Prime Minister to act within a week and help more refugees flee the conflict in the Middle East. One Liberal MP says he would put his family on a boat to escape the clutches of Islamic State terrorists. And the New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has also written on social media today that he felt sick with overwhelming sorrow and despair by the image of that 3-year-old boy lying face-down on a Turkish beach, and says he'll work with the Federal Government to act. From Canberra, James Glenday reports. Many of these migrants, massing at the edges of Europe, are trying to escape the horrific brutality of this terrorist organisation.These people are fleeing persecution. They are fleeing decapitation. They are fleeing crucifixion. The daily pictures of horror and heartbreak have prompted Liberal backbencher Craig Laundy to ask: can we do more?I challenge all Australians, there but for the you were
grace of God go any of us. If you were in the situation, would you hop on a boat and you would put you and your family's life at risk? I know - and this was the conversation with us around the dinner table on Thursday night - we would. He says his emotional plea has been well received in his marginal migrant heavy Western Sydney seat.It's all about balance. And is hoping to convince more colleagues in Canberra over the next week to look at options like increasing the intake of Syrian refugees.We have to go down there next week and discuss this, obviously, and then the ministers responsible will make the ultimate call. The Prime Minister is non-committal. Today he spruiked a previous promise.We made a decision last year that we would take about 4,400 people. Labor says it's focused on helping the UN Refugee Agency, while the Greens are the only party demanding Australia take more Syrians. An extra 20,000 in total.We can't continue, as a nation, to turn our back on the problems of the world. The world's problems are our problems. Some senior members of the government have been privately discussing Europe's asylum seeker influx, but their public focus for now is dropping bombs on the Islamic State terrorists in Syria who are partly responsible for so many people fleeingWe are United States
taking the request from the United States very seriously indeed. They're doing far more than that. Today the Defence Minister told a national recommend
newspaper what he will recommend to a supposedly supersecret national security Cabinet meeting. But then again, the final decision has never really seemed in doubt. An investigation is under way into the deaths of two sailors north of Newcastle. The bodies of the 71 and 77-year-old men were found on Barubi Beach yesterday afternoon but there's no sign of their yacht. Gone without a trace. The 29-footer was being sailed overnight from Brooklyn in Sydney's north to Port Stephens in challenging conditions. On board, two men in their 70s.Well, off that location, off Nelson Bay that was quite gusty, I think it was up to about 30 knots and there were swells of about 4m. The two men were in contact with their family, but around 3am, something went wrong.About 3pm yesterday afternoon, the bodies of two elderly men were found on Barubi Beat Today a police Stockton
launch searched the vicinity of Stockton Beach. The sand dunes were another challenge. The only items found last night were a lifejacket and a dinghy. The bodies won't be formally identified until Monday. But locals have confirmed that the missing men, a 77-year-old Pierres Bateman from Victoria and 77-year-old an tone yae Ginna from Dunns Cann creek.He was a very generous man with his time and efforts. He was always happy, fun to be around. And always had a laugh. The deaths have shattered the small Hunter Valley town of Patterson.Deficitly saddened. It will be a big loss. I feel for Anita, his wife, and children. The search will resume tomorrow. Police say finding the boat is crucial to helping the coroner establish what happened to the two men. A Brisbane man has told of when
the cold fury he still feels when he recalls the way he was allegedly treated by Gold Coast police. Public servant Ray Currier says he was out with mates when he was pushed to the ground and punched in the back of the head after leaving a nightclub earlier this year. The 50-year-old says he was doing nothing wrong and is It
determined to clear his name. It was supposed to be a celebration. Work colleagues on a low-key night out.Hey, put your hands behind your back! Instead, they ended up in police cells.We've got a cold fury in the way we were treated. Ointments not like we were a bunch of teenagers. Ray Currier, a justice of the peace who's worked in youth detention for 18 years, still struggles to explain what happened.I remember getting hit from behind. I also recall being on my stomach. And I could feel my panic starting to rise, which is dangerous in that situation. Security vision shows Mr Currier on the ground and one police officer allegedly delivering a blow to the head.Then when I seen the was
footage, it made me sick. It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. A colleague who was recovering from heart surgery allegedly suffered three cracked ribs in the altercation. Mr Currier says it got worse after he started singing in the back of the police van.The van started moving off and then stopped. hit
Doors were opened. Then I got hit with pepper spray in my eyes and genitals. He's been on stress leave since.We're keeping him out of hospital by a thread. The QPS says it's not aware of any allegations made over the incident.I'm more than happy to have discussions with my Director-General about making sure that that matter is investigated. The claims come culture
as a review scrutinises the culture of Gold Coast police in the wake of other accusations of heavy-handedness.If you wish to put on a turn and ... um ... try and assault police or get away from police, they will restrain you and it always looks worse than what it actually is. Mr Currier will face court in February on charges of assault and obstructing police. The Federal Government is warning of rising industrial pill tan see after a number of unions - militancy after a number of unions threw their weight behind transport workers involved in Victoria's first labour dispute in almost 20 Eric
years. The Employment Minister Eric Abetz says he is concerned that the hardline CMFEU is proposing transport workers take strike action in the lead-up to the AFL grand final. For a third day, Melbourne's trains were disrupted. 70 services were cancelled in the early hours of this morning after a four-hour driver stoppage.Anything that harms the economy of the city is actually bad for jobs in the city and bad for us all.We believe that the parties should come together in the interests of the travelling public and get this matter sorted out.What do you want?Fair deal.When do you want it?Now! Thousands of Metro Trains workers are frustrated by five months of enterprise agreement negotiations and a State Labor Government they say won't back them. Their stance is supported by other unions, including the Police Association, health and Public Sector Unions and the influential CMFEU.It is the finals time very soon, right. What a wonderful time to have an industrial campaign. Absolutely awesome. The AFL isn't prepared to comment on possible strike action during the football finals, which Federal Government
start next week. But the Federal Government is concerned.This is militant unions at their absolute worst. And I call on Premier Andrews and Mr Bill Shorten to come out and actually have the courage for once to condemn this sort of behaviour. This dispute might be local, but it's clear from this week's action, the union movement is already looking to next year's federal election.Part of this is about those Toro-type laws, anti-worker laws. It's been a challenge just to get our members to exercise their legal right. Hetero trains and the RTBU are set to talk again on Monday.
# - Metro Trains. Two people escaped injury after their car split in half after it smashed into a tree and a traffic light in Perth . Police were called to the crash in Maylands at passenger
2.30 this morning. The female passenger was thrown from the vehicle. The 26-year-old male driver alleged ly fled the scene. Police say they later caught him jumping fences nearby. Both were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Police allege the driver failed a preliminary breath test. Thousands fell silent at Royal Randwick this afternoon as a mark of respect for the champion trainer Bart Cummings. The man known as the Cups King died in his sleep aged 87 less than a week ago. But his absence was felt at his home track as punters paid tribute. Bart Cummings may not have been at Randwick today, but signs of the champion trainer were everywhere. His famous green'n'gold silks adorned most flagpoles while other flags flew at half mast. Punters who'd never met the 12-time Melbourne Cup winner felt compelled to sign a condolence book.He's irreplaceable. Absolutely irreplaceable. He's up there with Don Bradman.And I think you know in the racing industry, it's just a shame to lose such a really impressive man. With such knowledge of the industry. This was his home track, and a race today was named in honour of Bart Cummings. Ahead of that race, the crowd paused in silence alongside his grandson James. And one of the Cummings stable's champions, 1966 Melbourne Cup and Cox Plate winner Saintly also name
appeared.The tradition and the name will be carried on through James. And it was another of his favourites the 10-year-old gelding Precedence which led the field out in the main race. A sentimental win didn't eventuate. The four-time Melbourne Cup runner fadeed to finish well off the pace. Precedence may not have won today but it still remains on track to make the field for a fifth Melbourne Cup and a shot Bart
at the 13th and final Cup in Bart Cummings' name. The public will have one more chance to farewell Bart Cummings with a State funeral to be held on Monday at Sydney's St Mary's cathedral. In the United States , a county clerk from a small town in rural Kentucky has spent her first night in jail for refusing to issue marriage licences to same sex couples. Kim Davis has become a national figure for her stance against gay marriage, based on her religious beliefs. North America correspondent Ben Knight reports. Five times in two months, James Yates and William Smith tried to get their marriage licence at the row Juan County Court house. Five times they were denied but this time the county clerk who refused them was sitting in a jail cell and they got their document.This means, at least for this area, civil rights are civil rights and they're not subject to religious belief. A federal judge has jailed Kim Davis for refusing to issue the licences as she has done since June when the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in all 50 States.Under whose authority.It's made
authority?God's authority.It's made Kim Davis a national figure, especially among Evan gel Cal Conservatives but also some Republican presidential candidates.It's absurd for putting someone in jail for exercising their religious liberty. Even the White House has weigh ed in.There is no public official that is above the rule of law. Kim Davis will return to court in a week. But her lawyer says she won't have changed her mind.She has no intention to resign. She will continue to serve the people of Rowan county as she has done for so many years. And No. 2 she will never violate her conscience and never betray her God. They're appealing her case and pushing for the marriage licences to be issued without her name or title on them. That may well be the outcome one way or another. Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Baghdad against
and other Iraqi cities to rally against government corruption. They're backing a reform drive that's calling for an end to the abuse of power and poor services.TRANSLATION: We
government services.TRANSLATION: We are here to protest against the entire Iraqi State. It's an Have you seen
unsuccessful, failed system. Have you seen a country in the world, especially like Iraq, that doesn't plan for anything? Iraq's Prime Minister has proposed his own crackdown, calling for layers of government to be eliminated. The reopening of corruption investigations. And the sacking of some regional bosses. A Russian spaceship carrying three astronauts has International Space
successfully docked at the

Station.And first through, Sergei Volkov. After a two-day voyage through space, they received an open-armed welcome from their six colleagues on the orbiting laboratory. Among the team is the first Dane to venture into space, accompanied by cosmonauts from Russia and Kazakhstan. Space travel is one of the few facets of international cooperation between Russia and the west that has remained unaffected by the Ukraine crisis. Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has poked fun at Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce following a dispute about Depp's dogs earlier this year. In May, Depp was forced to fly Pistol and Boo from the Gold Coast back to the US after the minister accused him of sneaking them through quarantine. At the Venice Film Festival this weekend, Depp joked about Mr Joyce's threat to put the dogs down if they didn't leave.No, I - I - I killed my dogs.(Laughter)And I ate them. Under direct orders from some ... kind of ... I don't know ... sweaty big-gutted man from Australia. Depp's wife Amber Heard has been issued with a summons to appear at a Gold Coast court on Monday on charges including two counts of illegal importation of an animal. This week marks one year until the Rio Paralympics and Australia's tilt is hitting full steam. Some of Australia's best wheelchair racers have spent the weekend in Canberra, training under the watchful eye of one of the sport's legends. Head down, wheels spinning, arms pumping. A dozen of Australia's best wheelchair racers have spent the weekend training together at the Australian Institute of Sport.We've seen today that we're in a really large pack and they never get to do that. It's good experience in the drafting and just being able to race with other guys. The training sessions have combined long -distance work with 400m sprints. The focus has been on getting race fit ahead of a with
frenetic 12 months starting with the World Championships in Doha next month.Everything's about not leaving the track done
without feeling that you've done something to make yourself quicker that day or the day after. The camp has been attended by racers competing across a range of distances, from 100m to the marathon.We're all athletes. So it's fairly competitive. And you know it's just the shared experience of sharing that hurt and the sweat and everything together. Kurt Fearnley is preparing for another gruelling year-long campaign culminating in RioFor the next 12 months having this is my fifth Paralympics, every day from here on in really needs to be game time. The camp is also being run by one of Australia's greatest ever Paralympians. 10-time gold medallist Louise Sauvage took up coaching after her retirement more than a decade ago.Different pressure for me than it used to be. A lot more planning and behind the scenes, trying it make it as smooth as possible for the athlete s. Does she miss the competition?Definitely not jealous of the training and the workload but I am out there with the guys. Still setting the pace, even in retirement. Sports news now with Georgie Tunney. Some surprising results at the US Open?This year's competition is proving very difficult to predict. Serena Williams has survived a big scare at the US Open and kept the pocket of a calendar Grand Slam alive. - the possibility. Williams had a slow start to her third-round clash against fellow American Bethanie Mattek-Sands. The world No. 1 dropped the first set and was pushed to 5-5 in the second, but Williams rallied, winning the next eight games to storm into the fourth round.I don't think I came out too slow today. I just think my opponent played really well. I had to adapt to her game.If Williams wins at Flushing Meadows, she will become the first woman since 1988 to claim all four Grand Slams in a single year. There was a big upset in the men's draw though with former champion Rafael Nadal knocked out by Fabio Fognini in a five-set upset. The Hawks have handed Carlton the AFL wooden spoon after a 47-point win, while Brisbane and Geelong finished their seasons with victories over teams that will play in the finals. Port Adelaide was too good for an understrength Fremantle. The Bulldogs started the game eyeing a huge win to jump into fifth spot, kicking eight goals in the opening term. But as quickly as the lead came, it went, as the Lions had a surge Pops
of their own.Six in a row . Pops it over the top. Easy as you like.The second half turned into a shoot-out as the lead changed hands seven times at the Gabba. The Bulldogs lost Stewart crammery to a knee injury. The decisive goal came from a man Brisbane is letting go at the end of the season.Outstanding from Jed Adcock! The Lions completing the upset for just their fourth win of the year. Geelong said farewell to three players from the golden era, Steve Johnson, The
James Kelly and Matthew Stokes. The Cats shot out to an early lead with Stevie J delivering his usual mixed bag, from the sublime to the bizarre. The Crows were far from their best and trailed by five goals at half-time.Oh how did they not score a goal there? Adelaide made their run in the third quarter and got within a point of the Cats, but Geelong weren't to be denied.What a way to go out for Matthew Stokes! As the Cats ensured their veterans went out in style. Despite resting 11 players the Dockers made a bright start against Port Adelaide. The Power overcame the early deficit, though, eventually running out convincing victors. Penrith have avoided the NRL spooden spoon with an impressive second half performance against Newcastle. The Panthers only needed five minutes to get the home crowd on their feet thanks to some great stepping from their fullback.That was a really nice move! From Will Smith! Meanwhile, the Knights relied on brute force to find the try Hyne. They stole the lead at half-time, thanks to a flying leap from James Mamo. But it was all the home side after the break, thee second-half tries sealed the Knights' fate at the bottom of the ladder for 2015.For Peachy. Beautiful ball. That's executed a treat by the Panthers! So the Panthers win 30-12. There were points galore in the opening stages of the Tigers' clash with the Dragons. Wests had the first try of the match inside the opening 2 minutes, thanks to a Luke Brooks intercept. Before one of own
the Dragons' stars found his own gap.St George Illawarra. Dugan, running 50m across the field. Gets away from Moses. Josh Dugan gets the Dragons going! They then flew high to take the lead. The Dragons ahead by 20-10 late in the first half, in what could be captain Robbie Farah's last game in Tigers colours, Wests offered little resistance as St George extended their lead in the second but the Tigers are finishing fast. A short time ago they evened things up. Australia will aim for their ninth one-day cricket victory in a row when they take on England at Lords tonight. The Aussies put the disappointment of losing the Ashes behind them with a solid victory in the opening match of the five game series. Matthew Wade and Mitchell Marsh combined for a 112-run partnership to set up the 59-run victory.The term playing without fear is often thrown around but I think in this side we've certainly got enough players in it to just be able to it go out there and back yourself in whatever you're doing. Australia will be in the box seat to claim the series in they can beat England tonight. Jarryd Hayne is nervously awaiting news on San
whether or not he will make the San Francisco 49ers' final 53-man squad following what the former NRL described as his most complete performance against San Diego. Hayne has notched up 17 5 yards from 25 runs in four games, the second highest mark of any player in the pre-season. And he will ind too out whether it's enough by 6am our time tomorrow morning. Jason Day is well in the mix at the PGA Tour event in Boston after a 3 under par opening round of 68. After a win last week at the first FedEx Cup event, Day birdied his opening three holes in Boston. Two birdies and two bogies after the turn has left Day within two shots of the lead. Compatriot Matt Johns is one shot off the pace after shooting a 4-under par round of 67. Let's take a look at the satellite. A high over the south-east of the country is generating stable weather and allowing for a warm day. On the east coast, an unstable southerly air flow is causing a few showers. A cold front is producing some gusty showers in Western Australia's south west. Looking now around the country for tomorrow:

That is the news for now. I'm Kirsten Aiken. You can keep up to date on all the stories we're following by visiting our web site. The address is We're going to leave you with some live images now from the Keleti train station in the Hungarian capital Budapest, where more asylum seekers have packed the platform, hoping to board trains to western Europe. We will have updates throughout the evening. But stay with us now, The Mix is coming up.

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