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(generated from captions) all of which are
prescription-only medicines. Obviously where he's been,
I don't believe they are. I think they're available
off the shelf. I said, "Why have you got all this?" He said, "Oh, it helps with my
asthma, it helps the breathing." And he said, "Some of the
other guys here have got it." I said, "Some of these guys
in here?" "Yeah, yeah." He said they all could have some. I said, "So they all suffer
from asthma, then?" "Yes." Meanwhile, Customs officers
finish their search of the other three passengers. Right, we've got a total
of 26,200 ephedrine tablets...

..which are worth about $100
for 50 on the street. So, yeah, it's a nice
little seizure. And at $1,000 a gram, two kilos of methamphetamine
could fetch up to $2 million. With the stakes that high, it'll be a while before these
four asthmatics can breathe easily.

Precursors in the form of
cold-and-flu tablets This program is captioned live. On Seven News tonight - confirmation it's a great white as the 13th shark attack victim
this year recovers in hospital. The Syrian refugee crisis worsens as the Prime Minister considers
more air strikes in the Middle East. We've got new developments in
the William Tyrrell investigation. 12 hours
until Jarryd Hayne finds out if his NFL gamble paid off. And Johnny Depp jokes
about the fate of his dogs rejected by Australia. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Melissa Doyle. Good evening. It's confirmed it was a great white shark
that bit a surf lifesaver who was rushed
into emergency surgery yesterday. That brings the total number of shark attacks along our coast
this year to 13, up from just four last year. 65-year-old David Quinlivan is
recovering in a Newcastle hospital but authorities are scrambling
to keep our beaches safe between Port Macquarie
and Byron Bay. Lifesavers took to the water
at Black Head Beach this afternoon, searching for sharks. Yesterday's attack
on David Quinlivan has rattled members of his club. You've got to understand that this is the first attack
on this beach since 1923. That's 92 years ago! The 65-year-old
was knocked off his surf ski and bitten on the left ankle
and foot. Another paddler spotted a shark
the day before, further offshore. She saw it from her ski
but she sees them regularly. She paddles a lot, as does David. But others say the water is safe. We were swimming twice as far out
as where the shark grabbed Dave. We were there the day before
and no sign of a shark. Today, surfers got out fast
at Boulders Beach, north of Ballina, after a sighting 100m offshore. There have been 13 shark attacks
between Port Macquarie and Byron Bay since the start of the year. An unprecedented number, given there were only
four attacks in 2014. Surfwatch believes a program to monitor the movement
of whales and baitfish will help prevent further attacks. Sharks don't target humans,
they follow food. Sharks don't target humans,
they follow food. They're free to go where they want
and we're free to go where we want. After looking at
the victim's bite wounds, shark biologists believe
it was a juvenile great white about 2.5m long. Mr Quinlivan remains
in a stable condition after surgery here
at John Hunter Hospital. He's got a damaged Achilles tendon
that they've repaired. He won't be able to walk, I imagine,
for a little while. his love of the water
won't keep him down for long. Now to Europe where there are new developments in their biggest humanitarian crisis
since World War II. Thousands of refugees fleeing Syria are tonight entering Austria
and Germany after they agreed
to open their borders. In contrast,
our own government says Australia will not be accepting
any extra refugees. Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld
is in Budapest and filed this report. Most have already walked for months
fleeing conflict so the searing midday heat
was barely going to stop this. Yeah! Germany! On the main road out of Budapest, thousands of people
overtaking traffic, turning this into
a migration motorway.

Children just old enough to walk,
those too tired to try, families and young students
who have left theirs behind, like 18-year-old Sadat - fed up waiting for trains
that never arrived. We stayed in the train station
five days and we don't have a lot of money
to stay. We want to walk. A huge exodus to their promised lands
of Austria and Germany. The border is 170km away. Three or four days walk, because there are many families,
old people, and it's really hot so it's hard but I think they will get there
because they are determined. Heartache
has turned into sheer delight - they are making a break for it. Thank you. So I am walking to, to... And then on my, my - our feet,
to, to - right over to Europe. After days of blocking their path, the police are actually helping
to coordinate this walk. They are blocking off
parts of the highway to make sure that these migrants
can continue where they want to go which, of course, is Austria. Their journey was made easier
by nightfall. In a remarkable policy backflip,
Hungary's government laid on buses. Thousands, camped underneath
the Keleti railway station, soon boarded after being told they'll be given
clear passage to Germany. (ALL SING)

Ja, we are happy! We are happy to leave, sir! Hungary was left with few options. As soon as MPs approved plans to
strengthen the border with Serbia, migrants simply
busted through the fences and past police.

They know the path
is becoming clearer once here. Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld
is in Budapest. Hugh, where have the refugees
made it to tonight? Mel, in the past few hours,
the first wave passed into Austria after being bused in from Hungary. Up to 100 buses
have made their way to the border where migrants are being allowed
to enter in groups of 150. The Austrian chancellor
has announced his country and Germany have agreed to allow refugees
to cross their borders and that is where many are heading. The makeshift refugee camp
here at the station is being cleared but some refugees remain,
waiting for more busses.

Thousands more are expected to arrive here at the station today. A couple of 100 stayed here tonight, they will be bussed tomorrow. Some didn't believe that the buses were really taking them to the border. Thank you, Hugh Whitfeld. The little boy who has become the symbol
of the refugee crisis has been buried. A warning, some viewers may find
the next pictures distressing. 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, whose tiny body was photographed
on a beach in Turkey, was laid to rest
in his hometown in Syria. He was buried alongside his mother
and 5-year-old brother who also drowned when their boat capsized
during the crossing to Greece. The Prime Minister's rejected calls
even from within his own party for an emergency increase
in our refugee intake. He says
Australia's doing its fair share as the government prepares
to sign off on expanding air strikes
in the Middle East. Tony Abbott's joined by colleagues
on his morning run. (LAUGHS) He believes
when it comes to refugees, Australia is strides ahead. On a per capita basis, we actually take more refugee
and humanitarian entrants than any other countries. Last year, the government agreed to take on
an extra 4,400 from Syria and Iraq but some from within his own party
believe more could be done. If there is more that we can do, and I will not stop pushing
and, asking the question, I think there's more we should do. Craig Laundy
has been making his case to the foreign
and immigration ministers over the past 24 hours. The Greens
are also calling for action - an emergency intake of 20,000 people and a $150 million contribution to
the United Nations' refugee agency. The world's problems
are our problems. As a strong, prosperous,
generous nation Today's asylum seeker/refugee
I see day in and day out become tomorrow's great Australian. The Prime Minister says while an increased intake
isn't on the cards right now, the government is still determined
to help the cause in other ways, like ramping up
its military campaign against Islamic State. That includes expanding
air strikes over Iraq to Syria as well. With the backing
of the defence minister, it's expected to be signed off by cabinet's
National Security Committee on Tuesday.

As we get closer to 12 months since
William Tyrrell's disappearance, police are investigating
a new line of inquiry. A grandparents group
caring for children has been linked
to a suspected paedophile ring operating on the Mid North Coast. Its president was recently convicted
of child sex abuse. William Tyrrell disappeared
from his grandma's backyard in Kendall, on the Mid North Coast,
almost 12 months ago. MAN: Woo-hoo, here I come! Where's that William guy? You're doing really well! (LAUGHS)

Now it's been revealed two men
charged with abusing children were members of
Grandparents As Parents Again - a network of senior citizens
caring for children in the area. Former president Paul Bickford
was convicted of indecently assaulting
a young girl. They're not in our group anymore and we've disassociated ourselves
with them. Another member of the group,
Anthony Jones, has also been charged with indecently assaulting
an 11-year-old. Detectives from Strike Force Rosann
questioned the families of both men seeking any connection
between their activities and a paedophile ring
operating in the area. There is no suggestion
current members, who have been interviewed by police, are involved in
any illegal activity. They are simply grandparents
caring for their grandchildren who have been caught up
in this terrible case. It's not only us,
its affected a lot of families It's not only us,
it's affected a lot of families and it's just tearing
everybody apart. Still, his parents hope
William is alive and safe.

Anyone with information
about William Tyrrell

Anyone with information
about William Tyrrell should call Crime stoppers
on 1800 333 000.

A woman has been killed after her car crashed into a tree
in Luddenham. It happened just before 2pm
on The Northern Road near Penrith. Emergency services
rushed to the scene and found her Holden Captiva
crumpled. Forensic officers
are trying to figure out how the car veered off course. The road is currently closed
in both directions. Police have spent the day
searching for a man who was last seen
at his home in the Hawkesbury area, three years ago. Quinn Martin disappeared
from Colo Heights while working
at the back of his property in December 2012.

Some of the local bushwalking groups
are giving us a hand to cover quite a significant area
of land in order to find what we think
might be skeletal remains of this missing person. Detectives now believe
he met with foul play. Acting on a tip-off from the public, police spent the day
at his property, searching for clues. A man's been stabbed
during a fight at a petrol station in Mt Pritchard. Police were called to the 7-Eleven
on Elizabeth Drive last night and found a man
with a wound to his leg. He was treated at the scene before being taken
to Liverpool Hospital. A pack of cyclists
tested patience this morning when they were filmed taking up
multiple lanes on busy roads in Brighton-Le-Sands, even running red lights. Police say their behaviour
is putting lives at risk but cyclists say they break the law
to keep themselves safe. A few dozen cyclists
taking up two lanes of traffic, then three lanes, and as they approach an intersection
at Brighton-Le-Sands, the lights change
and the entire pack runs the red. Yeah, they're going through - look. Again,
at a different set of lights, and again. It is frustrating when you see groups of cyclists
running red lights. It's not good,
it sets back our cause. He says this does, too - cyclists riding four abreast,
taking up multiple lanes, even lanes closed to traffic. If you're out there
riding in a large group, do so safely and share the road
with other road users. Oh, it's pretty arrogant. It's not something I would do. Those who do, say it's because they feel
less vulnerable to dangerous drivers. Last month, Thomas Kerr was jailed for running down a group of cyclists
at Eastlakes, leaving some
with serious spinal injuries. A survey by
the University of New South Wales found 95% of cyclists
admitted to breaking the law but said
they do so to protect themselves and to avoid annoying drivers. Sometimes that might mean
they go through a red light rather than stopping
and getting hit by a truck. This could be overcome
by better cycling infrastructure. And a bit of give and take
on both sides. Fans are rallying behind
Jarryd Hayne as the San Francisco 49ers decide whether he'll be included
in their final 53-man squad. He will know in less than 12 hours
whether he's made the cut. Last night, he left his mark,
baffling his opponents on the field and proving
the NFL would be silly to say no. If there were any doubts about
Jarryd Hayne's impact on the NFL, they were settled today. This blistering effort last night
was picked by the NFL as one of the top five
pre-season runs. Well, that's gonna resonate! So no wonder San Francisco fans
were pleading with the 49ers to make their most
high profile visitor a permanent resident. I hope he makes the cut. I think he should really
make the team. I mean, he brought in
aspects to the game that I'd never seen the '9ers do
and it's just, like, whoa! All anyone was talking about
was Jarryd Hayne's shoulder and the hit that crushed
Chargers defender Lowell Rose. Well, that one will get
a little YouTube time! The former league star's efforts have the NFL rethinking
their global recruitment strategies. His former Origin team-mates
have been following his every step. Yeah, definitely. It's all I see on my newsfeeds. It's inspiring not just to kids
but to other athletes. Today, the gridiron team Hayne
trained with back in Australia, UTS, took on Nepean, no doubt inspired by having played
a role in his incredible journey. Everyone now wants to come and play and see if they can be
the next NFL superstar. NFL writers say there's no doubt
he will be in the team. The question is how far can he go? If the 49ers let him go,
another team's gonna grab him. After a dream audition, this is what the fans
are all after - Jarryd Hayne's number 38 jersey. It continues to be
the most popular shirt sold here at the 49ers' home ground. Six of Hayne's team-mates
were cut today. 16 others will go
in the coming hours. The team must be finalised
by 6am, Sydney time. We'll let you know how Hayne went
on Sunrise tomorrow morning and all the details
of what it means for his career tomorrow night at 6:00. Let's check the weather now. Angie, will the blue skies hold out
for Father's Day? Mel, we were certainly treated
in Sydney today as those showers moved
further up the coast. The city was partly cloudy
with a lovely top of 21 degrees. The city was partly cloudy
with a lovely top of 22 degrees. We are expecting showers tonight,
though. So what does that mean
for Father's Day? Well, the cloud is going to linger,
unfortunately. It'll be a bit cooler, too, with 19 degrees
and the chance of morning showers. The good news is
they will be light and coastal. I'll tell you how much rain
we're expecting very soon. Mel.

Still to come in
Seven News at 6:00 - Property versus shares. Where young people
are now investing their money. A warning for women
over cancer scares during pregnancy. What caused this plane
to come crashing down at a UK airshow. And racing honours
the great Bart Cummings.

The spring auction season
began today but the city's young adults
were noticeably absent. A new study has found 18-to-24 year-olds are putting
their money into shares and super as they realise they may never be able to afford
Sydney real estate. A perfect Maroubra morning
to spend a lot of money. At $2 million now. We'll go in hundreds,
nice and quickly. Way out of reach for 2-year Sydney newcomers
Lewis and Antoneth. It was a bit of a shock
coming here to Sydney and seeing just how, um -
just how crazy the prices are. Unlike many of their friends, buying real estate
isn't on their radar. I think, when we buy a home -
a house - we want it to be a home and so buying a place
just for investment just doesn't really appeal to us
at the moment. they're putting their savings
into the share market which they see as a safer bet. It's a no-brainer for us. You do your research,
pick a good company you know, there's no better place
to put your money. They're not alone. A study by BT Financial Services
has found the numbers of 18-24s
investing in shares and super the numbers of 18-24s
investing in shares and super jumped by almost a third
in just a year. Only 10% of that age group
have an investment property. When you look at prices
of Sydney property over the last two years, they've risen more than 30%. We think that
that's a big financial hurdle for young people. Real estate people say
it's a hurdle worth jumping, if possible. You need to look at where -
firstly, where you can afford, and be able to put your money away and make the right decisions
and choices. Big round of applause! Done. Sold! Congratulations,
you've bought a wonderful property! For $2.6 million, Joshua Liao
just got his investment property but he's 27.

An official report
into a fiery crash at a UK airshow which killed 11 people last month has revealed the pilot was flying
too low to perform the stunt. It says
the plane was working normally and responding to
the pilot's controls when it came down on a major road. But the report also revealed

he began performing
the acrobatic manoeuvre at 200ft instead of the authorised 500ft. The pilot survived the crash. Four men have pleaded guilty to a bold raid
on a safety deposit box vault in London's jewellery district. The men, aged between 58 and 76,
were part of a gang that used an industrial drill to
bore through the walls of the vault in April. Gems and cash were stolen
over the Easter long weekend. The haul the men got away with is estimated to be worth
$300 million. The racing industry has paid tribute
to the late Bart Cummings at Royal Randwick today. Thousands are expected to turn out on Monday morning
at St Mary's Cathedral when he is honoured
with a state funeral. Flags at half-mast
over Royal Randwick in memory of the great trainer,
Bart Cummings. Thousands falling silent
to remember a man whose contribution to racing
is almost impossible to measure. (SILENCE)

Among them, grandson James, who now controls
Bart's racing empire, 1996 Melbourne Cup winner Saintly
and jockey Darren Beadman. He was one of the best,
he was the master. Um, you know he's um,
it's just phenomenal Um, you know he's, um,
it's just phenomenal what he's been able to achieve
over the years and where he took racing
and how he promoted racing. Bart can still posthumously win
his 13th Melbourne Cup with Precedence who led out the field
in the feature race, the Chelmsford. As expected,
he finished down the track with his focus on
the first Tuesday in November. Many signing condolence books
for the family ahead of the state funeral
to be held, 10am Monday at St Mary's Cathedral.

You're watching Seven News. When we come back - we'll reveal the shocking link
between pregnancy and bowel cancer. A spring safety warning
for DIY handymen. Barking mad - Johnny Depp's dark joke
about Pistol and Boo. And a lifetime together kicks off
at the SCG. That's next.

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In breaking news, a body has been found
in south-west Sydney. Police were called to
Lake Chipping Norton just after 4 o'clock this afternoon after a tip-off from the public. The body has yet to be identified and police are treating the death
as suspicious. We have a health warning
for women tonight as experts find a link
between pregnancy and bowel cancer. They believe doctors are missing
tell-tale warning signs by wrongly attributing them
to pregnancy symptoms. Falling pregnant
is just the beginning of an ever-changing nine months. Joanne Butt never assumed something
more sinister was happening. I think, when you're pregnant, your body's not, sort of,
working as it should anyway, sometimes you're feeling
different things. Jo had no appetite, felt bloated,
and suffered stomach cramps but the symptoms lingered,
even after the birth. Initially, my doctor said
he thought it might be appendicitis so he sent me off
to the emergency department. The Sydney mum
had stage 3 bowel cancer. It had gone undetected
for five years. We have seen a number of cases
of bowel cancer developing in pregnancy or being diagnosed
soon after pregnancy. Bowel cancer mostly affects people
who are older than 40. As women are having children later, the warning signs
may be misdiagnosed. There's a tendency to attribute
any symptoms in pregnancy to the pregnancy. So, you know, if people have pain
or a change in bowel habit. It's the second most common cancer
in women after breast cancer. There's also a 90% cure rate
if the tumour is caught early. Most women who develop the disease
have no family history. Research suggests
it is instead lifestyle-related. Up to three quarters of cases
could be prevented with diet changes. This month is a good time to start. starts on September 21.

It's that time of year when handymen and women everywhere head to the shed
and dust off the tools for all those DIY jobs
that have to get done before summer. But that's prompted a safety warning
from the ambulance service after a spike
in circular saw accidents. Ben Woods was a trained tradie but still managed to lose a battle
with a circular saw in his own garage.

It's hit a knot at the end
and come back and just run straight over
the top of my hand. David Asprey knows cars but carved into his hand
with a backyard bandsaw. It was very scary because when I cut through it, I could see
straight into my knuckle. Both men were relatively lucky. But New South Wales Ambulance
says spring will see dozens
of male home renovators who aren't. The circular saws are very common, particularly this month, looking at our jobs
that we've been to. Ladders are another big area
that people don't think about. In just 10 days last month, New South Wales Ambulance have
rushed six home handymen to hospital with hand injuries
from circular saws. And if you do lose a finger,
they say, never put it on ice -
keep it cool and dry. Health experts say
the rise of cheap power tools is encouraging even more
home handymen to give it a go. They say they're ending up here because many have little training
beyond YouTube videos. DIY expert Natasha Dickens says
people make basic safety mistakes. There's some pretty serious injuries
that can happen out there - mostly to hands and eyes and face. One big thing is - drinking and drilling
I think is a big, big mistake. Don't drink and drill? Don't drink and drill. Her other tips:

Westmead Hospital has one more. Get the right equipment, get the right training and do it yourself
if this is a passion for you and you want to be involved
in doing it. But if you don't,
you're going to be, in the long run, much better off paying someone
to do it the right way. A couple of Sydney Swans fans have professed their love
for each other and their favourite team while tying the knot. Mark Headon married
his high school sweetheart, Kate Johnston, on the turf at the SCG as crowds cheered from the stands. All the guests were dressed
in uniform. They borrowed the venue but the bride didn't want
something blue. Go, the Swans! The pair were picked
out of 200 couples as part of a wedding competition.

Still ahead in Seven News at 6:00 - Same-sex couples tie the knot
after a Kentucky clerk went to jail. The sinkhole slowly swallowing
a Russian town. And round two in the Depp dog saga. His message for Barnaby Joyce, next.

We've got a few clouds
about the coastal fringe tonight and again tomorrow with a possible shower for Narooma, Bega and Batemans Bay. Over the Great Divide and a cloudy Sunday for Cooma and 14, grey skies and 15 for Canberra, Belconnen and Queanbeyan. A shower about Ulludulla, Nowra 18 and a shower for Wollongong. Despite the overcast conditions, I hope all the Dads have a great Fathers

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Yay! Yeah! Strike!

There have been celebrations
in Kentucky after a court clerk was jailed for refusing to issue
marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Kim Davis is now behind bars
for breaching US law to honour her religious beliefs. Four couples are now happily married
thanks to her deputies. Holding hands
and walking into history... (ALL CHANT)
Love has won! love has won! ..before a crush of cameras,
supporters, and protesters. William Smith and James Yates
were issued a marriage license in Rowan County, Kentucky - the first same-sex couple
able to celebrate after their sixth application. Right now, I just want to go hug
my mum and dad. Throughout the day,
more couples came. We got it! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Their license to wed
issued by deputy clerks after their boss, Kim Davis,
was jailed for contempt. She argues authorising gay marriage violates
her Apostolic Christian values. How long is your wife
prepared to stay in jail? As long as it takes. Her husband says this is a fight
for religious freedom. We might well as be in Russia, we might as well be over in Iran
or something because we have
no religious freedom no more. I'm not doing marriage licences
today. Davis has ignited
a national firestorm by defying the Supreme Court ruling
on same-sex marriage but she refuses to resign
or back down. She will never violate
her conscience and she will never betray her God. While Davis's lawyers
appeal the contempt ruling, they argue these newly issued licenses aren't
legally valid without her approval but the county attorney says
they are. Congratulations! A legal and emotional battle
that is far from over. The world's shortest man has died,
aged 75. Chandra Bahadur Dangi
was 54.5cm tall. He passed away
from an undisclosed illness in American Samoa. He lived in a remote area of Nepal
before travelling the globe, including here to Australia, after the Guinness Book of Records
recognised him as the world's shortest man. A giant sinkhole at a mine in Russia
has almost quadrupled in size. It was caused by an accident
at the salt mine. Several buildings are in danger
of toppling into the hole. It has grown from 30m to 120m wide. Surveyors are trying to prevent it
swallowing more land. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - The friends embarking
on a marathon journey to battle brain cancer. Johnny Depp's fighting words
over his deported dogs. And hopefully you enjoyed
the sunshine today - we are expecting showers to develop
in Sydney this evening. All the details are coming up.

An Australian woman is about
to embark on a marathon journey to help a friend in her battle
against brain cancer. Jane Gordon is preparing
to swim across the English Channel to raise money for research. Sporting a makeshift Mohawk
and bright pink lipstick, mother-of-2 Jess Warner knows
time is running out. Most cases,
they give people 18 months to live so I'm hoping for a little bit
better than that, though. Jess was diagnosed with
an aggressive form of brain cancer when she was six months' pregnant. She then suffered a stroke
and lost 99% of her eyesight. That's quite challenging, particularly when
I'm feeding my baby or I'm trying to care for her. Despite the challenges,
she's determined to put up a fight, and in her corner, a special friend who's planning an epic swim
to help her. Because of my swimming background,
I started looking down that avenue and I thought,
"Well, the English Channel "is pretty much the pinnacle
of marathon swimming." A journey not without risk. I think it is pretty dangerous being in that cold water
for such a long time. The success rate's only about 60%. It's also a really
busy shipping corridor so, up to 600 massive tankers
cross through there every day. Around 1,600 Australians
are diagnosed with brain cancer each year - that's roughly one person
every five hours. Two marathon battles
these friends are facing together. Details of how you can help them
are on our website. Just ahead in Seven News - What Johnny Depp had to say
about the fate of his dogs rejected from Australia. But first, Ryan's here with sport - and the NRL finals
are just about locked away. We're nearly there, Mel. The Dragons are on the way
to sealing eighth place and finishing Manly's season
tonight. George Rose returned
for his 150th game and it could be Robbie Farah's last
as a Tiger. The Dragons made a terrible start
and could blame it on Mitch Rein with the intercept to Luke Brooks. But Josh Dugan started the recovery, picking out Mitch Moses
before they found a flying Fijian. COMMENTATOR: Out for Nabuli. Eto goes up!

The Tigers kept challenging
through the first half but 'Gorgeous' George Rose
came charging into the contest and helped the Dragons lead 20-8
at half-time. It's their best first half
of the season. The Bunnies hope
the return of Greg Inglis and an old-fashioned bonding session will rescue their
premiership defence this week. While the Roosters sealed
a third straight minor premiership, Souths face an elimination final
after a third straight thrashing. Rabbitohs media sessions always come
with a premeditated message. Today,
that Greg Inglis returns this week. Best player in the world. Anytime you're gonna get him back
in your team, it's going to help you. He's a special player,
he's a once-in-a-lifetime player and we're excited to have him back. It will take much more than Inglis
to resurrect Russell's Rabbitohs. COMMENTATOR: On to Jennings
who spears out of Reddy's tackle! The premiers have conceded
109 points in three thrashings by title rivals. Last night, they trailed
their old enemies the Roosters 30-0 in the first half. And back for Friend and Jake! George Burgess tried a new way to stop the sensational
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck but nobody can. And he gets it to Guerra! At half-time, Souths decided to wipe
the past 2.5 games from memory. The second half
was a face-saving 0-0. We'll probably get a feed together
this week somewhere, I'm social captain,
so I'll get that, gotta get that sorted out. You know,
we'll get some bonding going on. We all love each other,
we're all very close. The Roosters have 12 straight wins and three straight
minor premierships. It's a really big rap for the club
and staff and players about consistency. And even with Mitchell Pearce
unlikely for next week and James Maloney on report, There's a bit more drive this year and umm, yeah,
we're definitely, um, not done yet.

Injured Panthers young gun
Bryce Cartwright was discharged from hospital in time to watch his team
beat the Knights and avoid the wooden spoon today. Cartwright feared the worst after yet another horror injury
ended his season. Even with a lacerated kidney, Bryce Cartwright couldn't stay away from the Panthers' last game
of the season and his team-mates put on a show in a battle to avoid
the wooden spoon. I just wanted to be here - a few of the boys
have their last games. Bryce injured his kidney
in last week's loss to the Raiders but played through the pain. it started to really hurt
and went from there. He was rushed to Canberra Hospital and spent the night
with team-mate Jamie Soward, who had copped a head knock, before being flown home to Sydney. Yeah, we shared a room together
that night. It was fun to have him by my side -
we had a few laughs. It's not the first time the 20-year-old's promising season
has been cut short. Last year, doctors told him
he'd never run again after a sickening ankle injury. But he won't quit. I've been playing
since I was six years old. It's the only thing
I know how to do. It's been a horror year
for injuries at Penrith, managing just nine wins after almost reaching
the grand final in 2014. Today, they showed there's a lot
to look forward to next year. COMMENTATOR: He's a talent. You can put him anywhere. Bryce will be back
just in time for the pre-season. He's hoping for a much better season
for the club and, for him, a bit of luck. That's footy - you go out there every week
knowing something might happen, but you play the game
because you love it. After 251 games,
Kurt Gidley leave the Knights and we might not see Tariq Sims
early in the new season after he was placed on report
for a shoulder charge. The Swans must beat Gold Coast
to guarantee a fourth-place finish in what's likely to be Adam Goodes'
last game at the SCG tonight. The Western Bulldogs suffered
a shock loss to the Brisbane Lions whose win handed Carlton
the wooden spoon. The Bulldogs will host
the Adelaide Crows in a sudden death semi. The Crows went down by 39 points
to a fired-up Geelong. The Cats farewelled
premiership greats Stevie Johnson,
James Kelly and Mathew Stokes. It was really obvious that the boys
dug really deep for us today which was pretty special for us. Richmond beat North Melbourne
by 41 points last night. The Wallabies are really impressed
with Chicago's Soldier Field where they'll play the USA
tomorrow morning. From the outside,
it looks like the Colosseum and on the inside, it looks like you're on
a space station. You know, it's brilliantly done. Michael Cheika has given
several fringe players chances to impress in their final game
before the World Cup. It's also a chance
to take advantage of Hayne-mania at the home of the NFL's
Chicago Bears. There's a lot of things at stake but, first and foremost, it's a test match
between Australia and the USA which I don't think has taken place
for 40 years so it's an important fixture. Day shot a 3-under par 68 in the opening round
of the Deutsche Bank Championship. He is three strokes off the lead. I got off to a fantastic start so I've just said,
"OK, let's just try and be patient. "Make sure you give yourself
chances on the greens. "Don't go too crazy." He's a shot behind Cronulla's
Matt Jones who's at 4-under. After losing his
world number one ranking, Jordan Spieth struggled again,
shooting a 4-over 75. Serena Williams is one step closer to winning her first
calendar-year Grand Slam. Serena survived
her biggest scare yet in New York, coming from a set down to defeat fellow American
Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Williams battled through
the second set before dominating 6-0 in the third. COMMENTATOR: It would have been good
to just get to the ball. And a split in the end. "Serena, just keep going! "You know what?
Here's another one. "Keep trying, keep trying!" Williams could face her sister Venus
in the quarterfinals. Tiger Woods watched Rafael Nadal
take a 2-set lead over Fabio Fognini but the Italian came back
to shock Nadal in five sets. It's Rafa's earliest exit
at Flushing Meadows in a decade. Novak Djokovic
defeated Andreas Seppi.

You will see our Aussies in action tonight just after one a.m.. Bernard Tomic followed by Samantha Stosur. I give doing a late night or early morning? It could be a very, very at late-night. The dog fight between
Hollywood star Johnny Depp and Agriculture Minister
Barnaby Joyce has taken another turn. Depp poked fun at the furore
over his two dogs when he faced the media
at the Venice Film Festival and also lashed out at Mr Joyce. Johnny Depp took to the stage
in Italy to promote his new film Black Mass. The mobster movie is being hailed
as one of his best. But it was another drama
closer to home that stole the show. REPORTER: Have you bought your dogs
for a gondola ride in Venice? Oh. We're not certain
that's appropriate. No, I...I killed my dogs... (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) ..and ate them. A dark joke about the furore
sparked by his two tiny terriers, Pistol and Boo. They were snuck into Australia
on a private jet in April as Depp filmed the next
Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the Gold Coast. It sparked this threat from
Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce. Mr Depp has to either take his dogs
back to California or we're gonna have
to euthanase them. Pistol and Boo were deported. Under direct orders, from some sweaty,
big-gutted man in Australia. Ouch! And this dog fight isn't over - Depp's wife Amber Heard
has been summoned to appear in court on the Gold Coast on Monday on charges of illegally importing
the pampered pooches.

Up next in Seven News - we hit the high seas with the
Cronulla Surf Life Saving club. we hit the high seas with
the Cronulla Surf Life Saving club. And it looks like
any showers this evening will now be lighter than expected. I'll tell you
where they're developing right after the break.

CHRIS ISAAK: Her name is Mikayla.

One week ago,
something so traumatic happened, most of us would have just given up. My dad's been the best dad
in the world, really. He actually passed away on Friday. So I know he's here with me. What will you see
is truly unforgettable. (CHEERING)


I know he would've cried
during this song, because he knew
I was singing it for him.

Dad's last words would've been...

.."You can do it, kiddo."

And he would've said, "I love you." VOICEOVER:
This is the new X Factor.

experts have confirmed a great white was behind
the 13th shark attack on a New South Wales beach
this year. Thousands of Syrian refugees are crossing into Austria
and Germany tonight after they agreed
to open their borders. And Johnny Depp has reignited
the fight with Barnaby Joyce about the fate of his two dogs. It was a special day for the
Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club today as a big crowd turned out
for the launching of its newest surf boat,
the John Bentley. The craft is named after
the club's former president and is also sponsored by Seven News. It will carry Cronulla crews
in competitions. The first test run
went off without a hitch. Here's Angie now with
Sydney's Father's Day forecast. Mel, good evening. The good news is
if we see any showers tomorrow, they'll be early and less than 5mm. You can see here the bulk of the rainfall today
has been offshore. As those conditions cleared, we did record some decent falls
north of Sydney with around 10-15mm
along the coast here. Today was fine in the city. Our maximum was 22 degrees,
which is 2 above average. Across the region, top temperatures were fairly cool
on the coast with 19 for Manly. Bondi and Cronulla got to 18. The warmest suburbs
were Parramatta and Liverpool with 22 degrees. From the satellite - a weak onshore ridge is responsible
for those isolated showers across eastern New South Wales. We've also seen some storms
closer to the Queensland border. Tomorrow,
that will continue to be the case. Here you can see
where the rain is likely to fall. It is looking very coastal
and carrying just a few millimetres. Sunday
around the country:

Father's Day in Sydney - tonight will be fine
most of the time but there's the risk
of a light shower. Tomorrow will be overcast,
again with the chance of a sprinkle. A top of 19 degrees. Any showers will be more likely
in the morning. Our western suburbs
are heading for a top of 19. Bondi 19 as well. A cooler 17 for Terrey Hills. Looking ahead - we're expecting fine conditions
early next week. Monday will really feel like spring
with 23 degrees. In our west, the only change to watch
will happen on Thursday when southerlies will bring
a shower or two. Mel. And looking ahead to tomorrow's
Sunday Night program - the growing trend for women
to freeze their eggs.

Women don't want to seem baby crazy.Do I want a new car or do I want a baby? I want a baby!It is the future. It is what people are going to do.These women who are signing up for it freezing, I don't think they are being fully informed. This is a highly controversial industry.There is basic anarchy. There is no guarantee.It is the best option you have.I was stunned. They can have babies whenever they want. It is unfair, just because of a biological clock.Do you ever think you would be in this position? Never.How much have you spent?A light!Around $60,000.A game changer.Why is the marketing so crazy about it freezing?That is the needle. That is the needle?You are not invincible so be careful. Things don't turn out how you think they are going to. I hope you can jon me
tomorrow night. That's Seven News for this Saturday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening and on Sunrise tomorrow. I'm Melissa Doyle. Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions by Ericsson.