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Tonight - pictures of a drowned toddler prompt a new push for action on Europe's migration crisis.You are human, we are human. You have kids, we have kids! Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, police seize 45 kilograms of cannabis from a light plane in a cross-border swoop on a major drug ring. A former Geelong grammar student claims he was dragged by the collar and expelled after reporting sexual abuse.On Grandstand, North Melbourne sparks controversy by resting a host of players. And the Knights prematurely unveil their new coach. Good evening, Kirsten Aiken with ABC News. It's the image that shocked the world and brought home the scale of Europe's migration crisis. The lifeless body of a 3-year-old Syrian boy washed up on a beach in Turkey after escaping a civil war, only to die in search of a better life. In the words of Britain's Home Secretary, Europe's migration system is broken. More than 600,000 refugees have registered for asylum in Europe this year, double the rate of 2014. 300,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean headed for Italy and Greece. Most are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Turkey is the most common gateway where they board boats for a perilous journey that has this year cost 2,500 lives. 3-year-old Aylan and his brother and mother were among those who never made it. A warning, this story contains confronting images. Day after day, these waters tell the tragic stories of the refugees fleeing conflicts in places like Iraq and Syria. Today Aylan Kurdi and his family have become the symbol of the crisis. In his three short years he knew only war. Turkish media reporting he and his brother were from Kobane which was overrun by Islamic State militants. The family joined the hundreds of thousands fleeing Syria, attempting the short boat journey from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos. They didn't make it. Aylan, his brother and mother were among 12 people who drowned. The little boy's body taken from the beach by a Turkish policeman. This shocking image spread through social media, newspapers and television. At the local morgue, the mother-of-two other children who drowned holds her surviving daughter. They escaped the nightmare of Syria only to find grief on Europe's shores. There are many other stories like this across Europe the hardship and torment is everywhere. This is one of the choke points, people who have made it across Greece to the border with Macedonia, trying to find a way through the raise or wire. In Budapest, hundreds stormed into the main railway station after being locked out for days but it's not clear when they will be allowed to travel out of the country.Nobody is going anywhere. They are total liars.Despite the deaths, more Norwegian
migrants are coming. This Norwegian ship alone is carrying 971 people to Italy after a mass rescue in the Mediterranean. There are calls for more for this crisis. The British PM is resisting calls, saying instead the UK should do more to help secure peace in the Middle East. But David Cameron is under increasing pressure over his stance and is today facing accusations of heartless ness. In Hungary, a far right party gathered at the Serbian border heckling migrants as they made their way down the tracks. Not everyone has been moved by this tragedy. A harsh reception for people who have come to Europe with little more than hope. Tonight, hundreds of asylum seekers are packed into Budapest's main international train station after a two-day stand-off. Lydia Gall from Human Rights Watch is at Keleti Station at Budapest and is on the phone now. Thank you for speaking to ABC News 24, Lydia. First of all, can you describe the scene to us?It's a There
complete and utter chaos here. There are hundreds of people on the platforms, inside the station and they are getting conflicting information as to where the train that is standing in front of me, is headed. If you look at the departure board, it says that all international trains who have international tickets are accepted on inland trains. Police lining up on the platforms are telling some of the Syrians, because they are mainly Syrians, that the train is going to Germany. Other police tell them that the trains are going to camps in asylum
Hungary.So is it the case that asylum seekers have boarded the train willing to go wherever it ends up departing for?No. The situation is that all these people, the asylum seekers and migrants that are here, they have purchased tickets to go to Germany and they are all under the impression, they were at least when they stormed the train, that in fact these trains were going to Germany. This train has been here for a long time now, it's very delayed but the people boarding the train do not want to go to camps, they want to move on with their journey towards Austria and towards Germany.Are there many police or other authorities present monitoring the situation?Most definitely, we have quite a big police presence here. They are lining up on the platforms trying to usher people through that the
on to the trains. The fact is that the train standing in front of me is full. It's difficult to say what is going to happen. We have not been able to confirm either or, the only thing I'm seeing is the train still standing and it is full at this point. Other been
information is that we haven't been able to get earlier.You described earlier the scenes as chaotic. Is the atmosphere as
tense?I wouldn't describe it as tense at this moment. More describe it as confusion on part of the people. These people who are here, who have fled war and persecution and various conflict zones, they have been here for days, some for weeks, hoping to move on with their journey. These are exhausted people that just want to move on and so they are confused, they are frustrated but at this point I haven't really seen tension building up, not yet, but that doesn't rule out the fact it may happen later once it becomes clear to people where this train is actually headed and also I mean there is no plan in store, like a concerted plan as to what the Hungarian Government plans to do with these people. At this point we are all, I would say, very confused and we are getting conflicting information and right now it's a stand-off to see what's going to happen. Now these asylum seekers have had quite a long journey and some of them have been at this train station for two days. What kind of supplies do they have and is there any support for these people as they wait the
for an unknown period?Here, virtually
the Government has done virtually nothing but - I mean they are not the ones who are making sure that people are being fed and get adequate amounts of water. That whole arrangement has been made by volunteers, ordinary Hungarian citizens who can't stand on the sidelines watching this humanitarian tragedy unfolding here. Whatever you have here, except for the fact that the city of Budapest allowed the volunteers to set up the so-called transit zones, so that people can actually stay in one sort of place, apart from that, everything else is provided for by ordinary Hungarian citizens.We know that Hungary's PM is in Brussels for emergency talks on this crisis. But has anyone else in the Government there today made any comment about the situation that you see in front of you?I mean, I am not aware of that at this point. I know they are debating further restrictions on the asylum laws, they are debating that in to the
Parliament. One such amendment to the asylum law would mean anyone who is housing what they refer to as illegal migrants, that becomes a felony. So that's what they are doing at this point. The Hungarian Government has made this clear for a longer period of time that these people are not because
wanted here. You know, also because on 1 August they did amendments already then to the asylum migration laws in Hungary. One of those changes is that Hungary considers Serbia to be a safe third country. What that means is anybody who has crossed into Hungary via Serbia and we have to declare that 99% of the people right here now have done so, it means that the Government of Hawaiian Gary considers Serbia a safe country and they should have filed their asylum claims in Serbia and the fact they didn't do that, once it starts working again, it's a complete mess at this point, but once the asylum definitely
pass starts working, there is definitely a huge chance these people will be sent back to Serbia. Serbia, on that note, we have done quite a lot of work in Serbia and the treatment of asylum seekers and migrants and we have documented overcrowded reception centres. Based on that fact alone, Serbia cannot be considered a safe country and this is also the position of the UNHCR. This is the situation that we are having. You might also be aware there has been an anti-migrant campaign orchestrated by Government. That has been going on since the beginning of this year that has included national consultations meaning questionnaires were sent out to Hungarian citizens with leading and bias impressions, equating migration with terrorism followed by a billboard campaign saying if you come to Hungary, you have to respect our culture. If you come to Hungary, you shouldn't take the jobs of the hundred garans. The Government is clear on that. I would like to add, though, this is not just a challenge for Hungary. Hungary has seen almost 160,000 people cross this border in the past year. This is something the EU needs to take a considered approach on and to come up with a strategy that which will provide adequate asylum passes for these people scattered across Europe, not only in Hungary. There needs to be a considered approach.It has been good to talk to you today. We understand Hungary's PM is in Brussels for emergency talks and more are forecast in the next fortnight. It has been terrific to get your insights this evening. Thank you.Thank you very much.What began with a tip-off 8 months ago in Deniliquin has ended with coordinated police raids across three states. 15 people are accused of being responsible for organising and trafficking drugs into NSW, including cannabis, ecstasy pills, ingredients for making ice as well as cash and firearms. Out, out, out.The Gang Squad swooped as soon as the plane touched down. A tiny aircraft and illicit cargo and a pilot in handcuffs.You are under arrest, do you understand that?Yes.You make any move towards us, we will take that as a threat. You settle down, listen to what we have got to say, it will be cool.Police allege he had flown to Deniliquin to Adelaide as a drug mule.What are those packages in the back there, Sir?Packages?I can see through the back windscreen, what is those?According to police they contained 50 kilograms of cannabis and the same
chemicals.Looks like 10.At the same time, police made their move elsewhere. Three homes were raided in Hay. Four men were arrested and charged with gun supply. In Adelaide, officers arrested 10 people and seizing drugs, fake money and guns. 31 firearms were confiscated during the 8-month investigation.The levels and the some of fist cation these people go to knows no bounds.These people, police claim, are linked to bikie gangs operating a drug and gun running business between SA, NSW and Queensland.There is no such thing as boundaries or border lines when it comes to crime or drugs or gun supply.All 15 men remain in custody. More arrests are expected. Still to come - China marks 70 War
years since the end of World War II with a massive military parade in Beijing. Plus, a national shearing champ removes a world record fleece from an overgrown sheep. And the Newcastle Knights pick their coach for next season but can the new boss turn the struggling club around? We will have more on that and the rest of today's sport in 'Grandstand'. Melbourne commuters face another trying day tomorrow as railway workers waug off the job again, paralysing the suburban train network. Metro staff are striking for four hours as part of their campaign for better pay and conditions. Simon Lauder joins us from outside Flinders Street Station. Good evening to you, Simon. How will the strike affect train services tomorrow?Flinders Street Station here and hundreds of others across Melbourne will be at their quiet est since 1997. That was the last time there was a strike in Melbourne. The strike itself is only four hours long but the effects will last day. Metro says it needs to start taking the trains off at 8:30 and won't get them back until 4:30. That will involve them cancelling 700 services, about 3,000 passengers. It will have a big effect on the roads, buses and trams, it will be hard to get a seat. VicRoads is expecting double the amount of traffic. They are urging people or
to make other plans, car pool or look on the website and get a train at a different time.This dispute has been dragging on. Is there any sign of a resolution tonight or, if not, should commuters be bracing for possible more industrial disruptions into the future?Well negotiations have been running until late today but from what we are hearing there is no resolution in sight and there is still a couple of big sticking points when it comes to the training regime for drivers and changes Metro wants to make there. It looks like whether it's in the near future or not, if there is no resolution soon, commuters can certainly expect some more computer chaos. One thing is for certain, tomorrow's strike is going ahead and hundreds of train services will be cancelled.That is Simon Lauder reporting live in Melbourne, thank you.An inquiry has heard a boy who complained about sexual abuse at Geelong Grammar 26 years ago was expelled for discussing the incident with fellow students. The school didn't notify police about the assault and subsequently billed the boy's family for outstanding fees. Geelong Grammar
The boy had only been at Geelong Grammar for a fortnight when a man entered his bedroom during the night and assaulted After alerting senior staff he was told to keep quiet while the incident was investigated. The boarding house master and his deputy were angered when the boy then discussed the abuse with other students: Two decades later the former Highton about boarding house assistant Philippe truton admitted abusing the boy. He abused 41 students between 1958 and 1995. The former boarding house matron Catherine Parsons told the commission those students have endured lifelong pain.Many of the boys abused by Philippe Trutmann have had difficult lives and that some have died through suicide and overdoses.Internal Geelong Grammar documents released by the commission give an insight into how the school managed compensation claims from Philippe Trutmann's victims. Opposition
The Federal Government and Opposition continue to trade barbs over the free trade deal with China. Labor now says it doesn't want to renegotiate the deal, just ensure the law protects Australian jobs. But the PM says there is no threat and Labor should stop telling racist lies about the agreement. Our Political Editor Chris Uhlmann reports. Campaigning in the Western Bill
Australian seat of Canning, Bill Shorten met someone who was reading from the same script.I have another question. What are you going to do about my penalty rates on Sunday, will you cut those off?Awesome, that is how I survive.There was a tougher crowd at the fruit stall. What about the Free Trade Agreement.We have taken a different view.The Opposition Leader said Chinese firms could import labour to Australia.It's a dud deal.But now he's made it clear he isn't demanding the deal be renegotiate ed.We want to amend the enabling legislation around the trade agreement.The PM is unmoved.The Labor Party should stop telling xenophobic lies. They should stop telling racist lies about this agreement.And he's repeated his accusation that the of
Opposition Leader is the puppet of the mining and Construction Union.It's high time that Bill Opposition Leader
Shorten dumped the CFMEU.The Opposition Leader does seem to be borrowing his lines from the union's ads.Mr Abbott has made a choice. He hasn't chosen Australian jobs.The first test of who is winning will come at the Canning by-election. It's a high stakes game for the Government and this afternoon, the Liberal Party rolled its royalty into the fray. Asked how the people of Canning John Howard
should view the by-election, John Howard was, as ever, on message. Little perhaps they should use it to send a message to Bill Shorten to stop obstructing the Free Trade Agreement with China.Age has not wearied him. A serial rapist who kidnapped and sexually assaulted five children across Sydney more than two decades ago has finally Breen brought to justice. In what authorities described as every parent's worst nightmare, Richard John Crowe grabbed girls as young as nine off the street and took them to remote locations where he raped them at knife point. Today he was sentenced to 12 years jail. It's a face Rebecca will never forget. She was 17 years old when she was attacked by this man, Richard John Crowe.This person approached me from behind and put his hand over my mouth and said "I've got a knife" and he dragged me into the bushes.Crowe raped Rebecca warning if she screamed, he would kill her. What was going through your mind at the time?I was going "Let me go, I just let
don't care what you do to me, just let me go".It was one of five similar attacks on young girls between 1989 and 1991 but due to forensic limitations at the time, no-one was charged.I thought there was no way they were going to catch him.But in 2011, NSW police reopened the case. After three years of painstaking investigation, detectives eventually matched DNA from the five crime scenes to Richard crow. He was arrested last year.At one persons
stage they had a list of 13,000 persons to look at and they managed to break it down to about 116 persons and as a result of that, we identified sentenced
the offender.Today Crowe was sentenced to 12 years jail on sexual
multiple counts of kidnap and sexual assault. Police say the outcome demonstrates they will never give up on a case no offences
matter how long ago the offences happened.If you committed an offence, we will track you down.I have tears of joy that justice has got you.Rebecca decided to go public to offer this advice to other sexual assault victims.Never give up and just, it's not your fault and don't ever blame yourself because it's out of your be
control.45-year-old Crowe will be eligible for parole in 2022. You can see more about how police cracked that cold case tonight on 'Lateline'. China has rolled out hundreds of tanks and thousands of troops to mark Japan's defeat in World War II. The lavish display of military might came with a pledge to cut back China's Army. Stephen McDonell reports from Beijing. Soldiers came in waves down Chang'an Avenue, drilled to precision they were machine-like in the accuracy of their steps. 14 million Chinese World War
people are said to have died in World War II. This is the 70th anniversary of a victory which meant liberation from Japanese occupation.President Xi Liberation Army
Jinping pledged to cut People's Liberation Army troop numbers by 300,000, adding that peace will win and that people will win.Some have criticised China for using this war anniversary to show off its latest hardware but in a crowd of specially invited Communist Party loyalists, there wasn't complaining of the the general public was kept away with the exception of war veterans who were greeted as heroes. TRANSLATION: In the war we did a great thing for the world so people could live and work in peace. TRANSLATION: I think if people in all countries make a serious effort in the future, we can have real peace.The Russian and Korean Presidents joined a handful of other leaders but the heads of States from major Western allies were nowhere to be seen. There were millions at home watching the mass march on television. China does know how to turn on a parade. There may be a debate about what this is meant to achieve but as a spectacle it's been quite something. It was a celebration of history and a display of force rolled into one. Back home and a little lost sheep that turned into a woolly mammoth after six years in the wilderness has been shorn, setting a new world record. Chris, as he has been named, was found near Canberra yesterday. He could barely walk and the RSPCA held grave fears for his welfare. With the help of a shearing legend, Chris was relieved of more than 42 kilos of wool.He has got the world record or did at 27 kilos, the sheep in New Zealand, he has smashed it.He's looking great, he is a new man. He is moving well, he is already eating.The monster fleece may be a record, but it has no commercial value due to the debris in it. So it will probably end up being a star attraction at agricultural shows around the country. As for Chris, he's already found a new home. Graham Creed.
Time now for the weather with Graham Creed.We have a bit of at the
cloud across the eastern States at the moment. This is in association with a broad area upper
of low pressure system, also an upper level disturbance. Both these systems are moving east. Any showers are expected to contract to mostly the eastern part of the NSW coastline. As we head in towards tomorrow evening, we will see one or two showers creeping up into the coastal fringe of Queensland. Elsewhere, we have got clearing conditions, a bit of low cloud today through SA and also Victoria but that should dissipate overnight and during tomorrow as a high pressure high pressure system
system moves further east. This high pressure system is stabilising the atmosphere and we are starting to see a drier Underneath
atmosphere across the inland. Underneath it with clear skies, particularly as we move into Saturday morning, the potential of widespread frosts, we will see it through NSW and Northern Victoria, also through Tasmania and the south-eastern inland of of
Queensland and the higher parts of the border ranges. By tomorrow, the only showers of note are going to be between about Sydney and Port Macquarie. Elsewhere mostly dry conditions but there is just that slight chance of a shower. Showers also about the west of potentially into
Tasmania. They will creep potentially into the south-east corner as this frontal system be
moves through but Hobart will be dry during the day. We have another front into the south-west. A chance of a shower or thunderstorm developing in Perth later in the afternoon or into the evening. Then as we move into Saturday, we have got clear, dry, mostly sunny conditions across most of the central and eastern parts of the continent. A few isolated showers about the east of south-eastern Queensland. A frontal system moving towards SA but it will impact the far western border areas. So Saturday at this stage: Our top stories this hour - hundreds of asylum seekers have poured into a Budapest train station after a two-day stand-off with police. But Hungary's rail operator says none of the trains are heading to western Europe. The development comes as European nations scramble to introduce emergency measures to deal with the migrant crisis. Police say more arrests could be made over a major drug ring operating across the three States. 11 men from SA, Queensland and NSW have been arrested after the eight-month investigation. Police say they used a light plane to transport cannabis, ecstasy, ice and firearms into NSW. A former Geelong Grammar student was expelled after reporting that he was abused at the school's boarding house. The witness, known as BIW, has told the Royal Commission he was abused within his first few weeks at the school in the 1980s. The offender was boarding house assistant Philippe Trutmann who was later convicted of sexually abusing 40 Geelong Grammar students. And China has put on a grand display of its military might to mark 70 years since the end of World War II. Central Beijing was in lockdown for most of the day for the massive military parade. China used the occasion to announce it would be slimming down its Army by 300,000 troops. Now it's time for the day's sport with Amanda Shalala and Grandstand.Tonight - the Kangaroos spark controversy with their plans to rest players this weekend. Coach Brad Scott has sidelined nine players but denies the team is tanking to avoid a potential elimination final in Adelaide.I make no apologies for the fact I will do the best thing by our club, our players, our team and our supporters to we
be in the best possible shape we can be in, in the first week of finals.I'm Amanda Shalala and this is Grandstand. North Melbourne is resting nine players for its last AFL home and away match against Richmond tomorrow night. The team
Kangaroos say it will allow the team to freshen up for the finals but critics are concerned the club might be trying to lose the match to secure a more favourable finals draw. First it was Fremantle planning North Melbourne
to rest half its side and now North Melbourne is taken with the idea of taking some time out.We have got some players who have been battling to get to the line each week and so some of them are battling a little bit so we have got the opportunity to rest them.The Dockers decision won't have an impact on the finals because they will finish in the top spot regardless of the result. But it's a different story for outcome
the 8th-placed Kangaroos. The outcome of their place against the Tigers could dictate which teams play where in the elimination finals. The Kangaroos have scoffed at claims they are increasing their Channes of playing a game in Melbourne.It's insulting to would
say we are losing a game. It would be stupid to lose a game and have the Gold Coast lose to Sydney and us play in an understand people
interstate final.While we understand people don't like it, it has cleared the integrity rules.The Kangaroos can put in 10 players this who are not going to play finals footy. They can maim Richmond players.The Tigers coach isn't too worried?I learnt a saying from Denis Pagan back in the day about you don't flirt with form. That is in my philosophy that we will take onboard.The most likely outcome from the final round is the ladder positions of the Kangaroos and the Tigers won't change, meaning they will play each other again the following week and then there will be no resting for anyone. George Illawarra
To NRL news and former St George Illawarra coach Nathan Brown is set to become Newcastle's head coach next season. The Knights were forced to confirm their plans today after radio interest vie accidentally revealed all this morning. The announcement was premature but the club didn't have much choice.I can confirm this morning the football committee has made a recommendation to the full board that Nathan Brown be the next coach.The Knights have settled on Nathan Brown who led St Helens to an English Super League win last year although the machine himself seemed none the wiser last night.The Knights are going through due process. On radio this morning the club's chairman spilt the beans.Nathan Brown, is he the man?Yes, he's the man.The chairman was clearly pleased with his discussion of Nathan Brown.After sacking Rick Stone, things haven't got much better for Newcastle and their stand-in coach.That's a bad mistake.But they believe Brown, who coached the Dragons for six years, is a great fit.I understand what is important to us and our people and he articulated that on a number of occasions.Benji Marshall and Robbie Farrah have shared plenty of memories and today the former Tigers five-eighth didn't shy away of sharing his opinion of his former team-mate.I think he is the best attacking dummy half.Farrah was Man of the Match last week against the Warriors but could be playing his last game for the Tigers on Saturday.The problems I've got at the moment are first world problems. There would be a million people wanting to be swapping shoes with me now.Saturday's game will raise awareness of pancreatic cancer. Australian Sam goth is out of in the
the US tennis Open after losing in the second round to Tommy Robredo. Top seed Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic comfortably advanced while Groth lost in straight sets. The 27-year-old was aiming to Grand Slam
equal his best result at a Robredo
Grand Slam but the consistent Robredo won the match in two hours. Williams beat Dutch player Kiki Bertens to keep alive her bid for a calendar year grand slam. American Coco Vandeweghe let off steam when Bethanie
she trailed country woman Bethanie Mattek-Sands 5-0 in the first set.COMMENTATOR: Started to unravel and then it fell apart quickly.I didn't see the umpire give her a warning but heel get a warning.Vandeweghe lost in straight sets while Mattek-Sands is through to a third round match with Williams. This Monday will mark one year to go until the Rio Paralympics and the Australian team setting its team's sights high. Kate McLoughlin is the Chef de Mission. What size team are you looking to send?We are sending out of the
170 athletes across 17 sports out of the 22 contested in Rio.When it comes to the venues in Rio, you have had a look over there, how happy are you with the accessibility for your athletes?I don't think there will be a problem with the venues themselves. We are catering for Paralympic athletes. The city itself has things to be sorted out but I think they will be sorted out.We know there have been delays for construction, do you think everything will be in place when the Olympics comes around and then the Paralympics?Definitely. Every time the Olympics or Paralympics come around we have concerns. I think it will be a fan Tasmania take Games.The Games will be held across four clusters in Rio, at disperse locations. What is the transport going to be like? Are you happy with being able to ferry the athletes about?There is a 45-minute distance between the village and some of the sub sites. We will have fantastic transport links, Rio are trying to reduce the traffic. It will be good and we will make sure our athletes get there in the end. Every athlete is in the same boat when it comes to getting to those venues that are a fairway away.Australia finished fifth on the medal tally in London. What are you looking for in Rio?Top five. It is going to be difficult because there are a lot of countries injecting money into Paralympic sport. But we have every confidence in the team and really think that we have in the
got a great chance of getting in the top five.Traditionally for Australia the strongest sports are swimming, athletics, cycling?Along with the new sports that have been introduced in paracanoe and para paratriathalon.When it comes to what we have seen in the past, Jacqui Freney is a name we know very well. She won 8 gold medals at the London Paralympics, an amazing swimmer. She has been on a hiatus, illness, injury issues. Will she be trying to qualify for the games?Jackie has been to two Paralympic games, fantastic ambassador for Paralympic swimming. She has had a couple of challenges over the last couple of years with her health and fitness. That is something her coach, her dad, Michael Freney, one of the best coaches in the world will be helping her through. We will be supporting her 100% and hope she gets to the National Championships next year and fingers crossed can make the team.Do you think it will be enough of a preparation for her to not only qualify but replicate some of the feats we are seeing here?Nothing is impossible with Jackie. We will have every bit of support behind her to see what she decides to do in the end. Look, she is an amazing athlete. We hope for the best everything works out.You mentioned the two new sports we will see, paracanoe being one of them. Tell me about the Australian prospects. They did very well at the World Championships recently?Curtis McGrath got a silver medal. He has only been in the boat he competed in since March this year. So if he can get a silver medal with the
that time training, the sky is the limit for Rio. We had Amanda Reynolds who won a championship. We have got fantastic athletes coming into Rio next year.On Curtis, it is world champion in
a remarkable story. He was the world champion in the V 1 and then he was told he had to switch boats and he is now a world beater there, isn't he?It just shows you the calibre of athlete he is to be able to switch boats and come back and only in a matter of months achieve a silver medal at a World Championships. We are hopeful he can better that looking
when it comes to Rio.It's looking good for our para athletes?Bill Chaffey is a four-time world champion. Katie Kelly is a vision-impaired athlete, her guide is Mick eely Jones from the Sydney 2000 Olympics who won a silver medal there. A fantastic team for the para paratriathalon.How many medals, are you putting a number on from para paratriathalon and canoe that we can come away on?There is 12 months to go but we are hopeful they will be a successful team in those two sports particularly.We have talked about some of the stars, the likes of Jacqui Freney, Matt Cowdrey has retired, Kurt Fearnley will be going. Who are the new faces?There is an amazing swimmer, Tiffany Thomas Kane who at the recent World Championships came away with a swag of medals. She will be the youngest member of the team at the age of 15. Alastair Donohoe has been named on the under 18 able-bodied team. Not a new name but a new sport, Dylan Alcott who competed as a basketballer, he will be coming back to contest the wheelchair at
tennis event. He is world No.1 at the moment.There is so much to look forward to. Thanks for joining us and good luck on the road to Rio.Thanks so much, Amanda. The National Basketball League says it's new five-year TV deal will help attract better Fox Sports
players from across the globe. Fox Sports today announced it will show all NBL games, casts four
including live prime time broad casts four tonight's a week. It's a massive improvement on the league's previous deal. eyeballs
More credibility, more eyeballs and more finances to the league that only helps it grow. You want to have your best Australian-born players but also the best imports being able to come in and this provides a framework to do negotiations
that.The league is in negotiations to have one game a week simulcast on a free to air network. It's not often Australia makes its mark on the international handball scene. That is what a group of amateurs will be hoping to do this weekend. They will compete against the might of big budget European teams at the club World Championship in Qatar. And with the assistance of a star Brazilian recruit, the Australian side is confident of causing an upset or two. It's fast, physical and ferocious and while it's huge in Europe and boasts more than 31 million registered players around the world, handball rarely steals the headlines Down Under.Handball is a full contact sport. As you can see behind us, there is a fair bit of contact going on. It's a really physical game. You are always in contact with other players, you have got a guy on the opposing team whose job is to literally run into you. It surprises people when they see the sport for the first time, they go you can hit, you can foul and draw blood.With a burgeoning international reputation and a host of professional and semi professional players from overseas, the Sydney University is hoping to change that.They hope children get excited about this sport and go "Mum, I want to practice it, it's nice and I have a lot of fun". That's the way I started so I hope you can do this kind of thing here in Australia too.With two Olympic Games and 7 World Championships, Renato Tupan Rui has brought international notoriety to the side.I didn't expect that but it turns like a dream come true. I played and I lived in Germany. That is the best league in the world. I play also in Italy so through sport, I get to have opportunities in my life and I really enjoy it.Tim Anderson is only a couple of born and bred Aussies in the team.It's incredible. This year I've gone to Kosovo, Germany, we are going to Qatar on Saturday. You get to do incredible things, see incredible places and travelling with a team is the at
best.As the only amateur side at the World Championships, the underdogs surprised a couple of their more fancied opponents last yearnd at champs are confident they can cause an upset.We are versing a team who won the championship in Europe and who were runner up. For us it's a chance to show come and
the handball world that we can come and compete at this level. And that is Grandstand for now. You can always catch up on Grandstand
the show on iView and Grandstand Online. Asylum seekers have poured into Budapest's main train station after a two-day stand-off with police. A short time ago, a train departed with migrants onboard. It's now heading towards the Austrian border. Police say more arrests could be made over a major drug ring operating across three States. 15 men from SA, Queensland and NSW have been arrested after an eight-month investigation. A former Geelong Grammar student has told the Royal Commission he was expelled after he reported that he was abused. The offender was the school's boarding house assistant, Philippe Trutmann who was convicted of assaulting more than 40 students. SafeWork SA has completed its investigation into the death of Adelaide Show
a young girl at laster's Royal Adelaide Show but won't reveal any details. The evidence has been handed to the Director for public prosecutions, who will determine if charges can be laid. 8-year-old add lean Leong was on holiday with her mother from Asia when she visited the Adelaide show. She died when she was flung from the Airmaxx 360 ride which no longer operate s in Australia. A year on SafeWork SA has finished its investigation.We can't divulge the evidence yet. As you can imagine, that would be a question for the courts.Today many questions went unanswered, including when the inquiry was completed.It was handed over when it was finished. We are confident it was finished when it was finished.But show organisers insist people will be safe.I think people can be very confident about the rides here at the show.SafeWork SA increasing
has tested all the rides and is officers at
increasing the number of safety officers at the show.If during the show anyone has any to the
concerns, please go to us or go to the show kiosk and let us know immediately.Police will also have a Hovey presence.We will have uniformed, high visibility policing, some plain clothes officers, dogs, horses, traffic members outside.Showgoers will be able to pay tribute to add lean is
Leong when a minute's silence is held next Friday night. Show organisers are in talks with the family about a permanent memorial either here or in Malaysia. A Tasmanian soldier who developed early on set dementia after a bomb blast in Iraq has been farewelled at a funeral in Hobart. Matthew Millhouse has in the
been remembered for his courage in the face of his diagnosis. Family, friends and military mates have gathered to farewell a returned soldier. Matthew Millhouse was deployed twice to Iraq but faced his biggest battle after he returned home. The 36-year-old died from early on set dementia. His condition has been linked to a brain injury he received after he was knocked unconscious by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2004. Those who get hurt there at the time and suffering their families take, but our suffering came a decade later realised
as it started to develop and we realised what was going on.Garth calendar who suffered injuries in the same blast has paid his respects to a soldier who has been remembered for his loyalty.He is a good mate and very thorough in the job he did. Some of the messages talked about a good soldier.Matthew Millhouse was husband to Therese and father to Eleanor. The family shared their story with the ABC to raise awareness about the condition.I can't believe this is what we are dealing with. Someone who is 34.The disease claimed the life of the former soldier last week.Right to the very end, he retained the sense of integrity and humour and love.A trooper both on and off the battlefield. A Australia is under mounting international pressure to strengthen laws against money laundering through real estate. The global body that monitors the proceeds of crime says Australian property is a profit target because real estate agents aren't required to report suspicious transactions. As Sydney and Melbourne house prices continue to boom despite a sluggish economy, home buyers could be forgiven for thinking something is amiss. While the Government launched a crackdown on illegal foreign ownership, criminal gangs are still flying under the radar.It is a softer target, certainly when you look at some of our trading partners, Singapore, the US and the UK, the real estate industry is captured under the regulations.Draft rules that would forces Tate agents to report suspicious transactions were introduced in 2007 but still haven't been brought into law. Earlier this year the key global body fighting money Action Task
laundering, the Financial Action Task Force, warned large amounts are suspected to be laundered out of China into the Australian real estate market.There is a consensus the Government's hands are tied. It can't be seen as doing nothing.In 2013. The Federal Police retained 13 million in suspect sales but authorities don't know how much money is laundered through Australian property. This student accommodation block in suburban Melbourne was sold in 2013 for nearly $5 million more than its estimated market value. There are suspicions the extra money was paid as kickbacks to corrupt Malaysian officials. The AFP is investigating $80 million in property transactions by the same group of people. The Federal Government says it will consider the taskforce's report and is consulting with industry before making a decision on whether to change the law. Fast and furious, that's the reputation Central Australia is gaining with car enthusiasts in Centre
Alice Springs for the Red Centre Nats. That reception will only gain traction after the Government decided to make open speed limits a permanent Stuart Highway.
fixture on some parts of the Stuart Highway. Hundreds of interstate for
motorists are rolling into town for the first Red Centre Nats. Today the vehicles, some fitted with powerful engines, were getting the once over before they hit the drag strip across the weekend.Just come over here and a few different cars what
and do a few burnouts and see what happens.The NT Government capitalise on the presence of car lovers in Alice Springs to announce open speed limits will be made permanent on a 360 kilometre stretch of highway best thing
north of Alice Springs.The best thing about the Territory is the open speed limit.Labor scrapped unlimited speeds in 2007, introducing a top speed of 130km/h. But the Country Liberals reintroduced the Central Australia
famous black and white signs to Central Australia soon after they came to power in 2012. A limits on
review of the trial of speed limits on Territory roads was released by the NT Government today. They have previously refused to make the document public. It showed there were 11 crashes during the trial period but no but they think it will lead to more deaths.The faster you go, the harder you hit, the more seriously you are injured.The Government says it's considered expert advice from doctors and paramedics.But in the Territory, the vast majority of our deaths occur in areas where we already have regulated speed limits.But doctors warn it's sending the wrong message in a jurisdiction when the road fatality rate is three times higher than the rest of the country. Australia's elite Special Air Service Regiment has given a rare look inside its usually clandestine operations. A new DVD history features interviews with former and serving SAS members, offering new insights every
into the dangers they face every day. Here is the ABC's defence and national security reporter Andrew Greene. For much of its 58-year history, Australia's SAS regiment has shunned publicity. Now the Army's secretive and elite combat unit is giving a rare glimpse inside.We were taken to 10,000 feet and were thrown out and had to sort ourselves out - the sky, the ground, the sky, the ground.An 11-part documentary series sharing insights into modern warfare.We didn't want to destroy the civilian infrastructure, we came up with a plan of breaking the sound barrier.And day to day life in the special service.You eat rat, you get to eat boiled animal blood, anything that has got any nutrition, you will eat it.The project has been a 20-year labour of love.The great good heart of the Australian soldier permeates this and it's not high, it's genuine. Gee are trying to be as open as we can to give the Australian public an idea of what their SAS do.And officially launched today by their former boss.I have always felt able to say that our SAS are the best Special Forces on the planet. .From Vietnam to Afghanistan, their next chapter is yet to be written. Time now for the weather. Here is Graham Creed.We have a bit of cloud about the continent at
south-eastern part of the continent at the moment. Most will move to the coastal fringe of NSW by tomorrow morning. That's because the low pressure system is moving away from the pressure
coast. We have got a high pressure system moving into SA. This is going to stabilise the atmosphere. We will start to see it dry out a little bit across much of the inland. Although we have low cloud, that should dissipate tonight. We are looking at mostly dry conditions tomorrow. The variations to that will be the coastal fringe of NSW due to a weak trough moving through. Any of those showers contracting further north as the day progresses and through the south of WA, we are expecting to see showers and possible thunderstorms developing through the afternoon and evening, probably reaching Perth around sunset at this stage. Not looking at heavy falls in the east coast or that corner. We have a weak front clipping the south of Tasmania. That will bring the potential of an evening shower to Hobart. Any showers are more likely about the Central Districts: By Saturday we have got showers along the NSW coast, pretty much clearing so a dry forecast. It's only WA looking at the potential of showers, perhaps one or two again about the north-west or west of Tasmania. But much of the region remaining clear, dry and sunny for Hobart. Could be a brief morning shower but that will clear early.Thanks Graham. I'm Kirsten Aiken. We will be back with more news in just a moment, do stay with us.

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The waiting game continues. Hundreds of asylum seekers allowed inside Budapest's train station but denied tickets to Western Europe. This is the scene live from Hungary's capital.And please stop criticising us, just let Hungary do the job. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, an inquiry hearing how a Geelong Grammar student died of a droug overdose shortly after being abused.Six people charged over an interstate drug trafficking ring front an Adelaide court.Coming up on half an cleaning
hour on 'The Business', Warning
cleaning up money laundering. Warning is Australian property the target of foreign criminals?And the million-dollar super question - the problem for baby boomers facing a long retirement.Good evening. Kirsten Aiken with ABC News.Hundreds of asylum seekers have packed Budapest's international train station after Hungarian authorities broke a two-day stand-off and re-opened the doors. We can show you the scene live from the capital's railway station where it's just gone midday local time. International trains to western Europe have been suspended indefinitely, but people have been trying to cram onto any train leaving the station.The country's PM says no-one can leave without being registered.European Union rules place responsibility for assessing asylum claims on the country where a person first arrives.It's not clear why authorities have re-opened the station, but it appears the stand-off is far from over. Hungary's PM has been meeting with European leaders in Brussels and has defended his country's handling of the authorities
asylum seeker crisis, saying authorities have been simply following European regulations. Hung Gairans are full of fear.People in Europe are full of fear because we see that the European leaders, among them the prime ministers are not able to control the situation.The regulations are very much clear.The Schengen contacts, doubling treaty, regular laces, they say very clearly that to control the border is the responsibility and compulsory job of the member states who are outside border of Schengen zone.So Hungary is that kind of country.We just recently in June at the PM ministers' summit at the European level, that each European country should reinforce border control and provide the fulfilment of the European regulations.So the European behaviour and, is to fulfil the European regulation.So I just came hire to inform the President that was
Hungary did everything which was possible in order to keep the regulations.We create just now in the Hungarian Parliament a new package of regulations.We set up a physical barrier and all this together can provide a new situation in Hungary and in Europe from 15th September.Now we have preparation time, we will inform everybody, the asylum seekers, the smugglers, the neighbouring countries that what is the new legal regulation in Hungary, what will be the new practice, how to come to Hungary, how you can't come to Hungary, and after that one week, we will use this new regulation system.I think it will have a sense - it will have a sense.I think it will be successful.I can't promise that it will be successful next morning, but step by step, clearly Hungary will be on the driving seat to control the border, and we will be in a situation to fulfil all the regulation created by European level for the national states.So that's the reason why I'm here and I ask Mr Schultz please ask the Parliamentan - the representatives of the European Parliament, don't criticise Hungary for doing what is compulsory to be done, and instead of criticising us, just let us Hungary do the job as it is in written in the European regulations.Lydia Gull from Human Rights Watch is at Keleti station in Budapest. She has described the situation there as complete messComplete and utter chaos here.There are hundreds of people on the platforms inside the station and they are getting conflicting information as to where the train is actually departure
headed.If you look at the departure board, it says all international trains to western Europe are cancelled and international tickets are accepted on inland trains, however, police lining up on the flat forms are telling the Syrians, because there are mainly Syrians right now, that the train is actually going to Germany.Other police tell them that the trains are going to camp in western Hungary.And so is it the case that asylum seekers have boarded the train willing to go wherever it ends up departing for?No.The situation is all of these people, the asylum seekers and migrants that are here, this he have purchased tickets to go to Germany, open-ended tickets, and they are all under the impression, they were at least earlier this morning when they stormed the train that in fact these trains were going to go to Germany.This train has been here for a long time now, it is very delayed, but the people are boarding the train do not want to go to camp, they want to move on with their journey towards Austria and towards or
Germany.Are there many police or other authorities present monitoring the situation?Most definitely we have quite a big police presence here.They are lining up on the platforms trying to usher people through onto the trains but the fact is that the train standing presently is full.It's difficult to say what is going to happen.We have not been able to confirm either/or.The only thing I'm seeing right now is the train is still standing and it is full at this point.Other information is confirm
that we haven't been able to why
confirm yet.Still to come - why the Senate inquiry into wage abuse at 7-Eleven stores will now investigate similar claims at United Petroleum.Plus... bsh bshChina marks the defeat of Japan in World War II with a lavish military parade. An inquiry has heard a boy who complained about sexual abuse at an exclusive Victorian school was expelled for discussing it with fellow students. Geelong Grammar didn't notify police about the assault and subsequently billed the boy's family for outstanding fees.The boy had only been at Geelong Grammar for a fortnight when a man entered his bedroom during the night and assaulted him. After alerting senior staff, he was told to keep quiet while the incident was vetted. The boarding house master and his deputy were angered when the boy then discussed the abuse with some other students. Two decades later, the former height tonne boarder house assistant, Philippe trut man admitted abusing the boy N total, he was convicted of molesting 41 students at the campus between 1985 and 1995. Former boarding house matron, Kathryn Parsons told 9 commission those students have endured life long pain.Many of the.swho have been abused by Philippe Truttman have had difficult lives and that some have died through suicide and overdoses.Internal documents released by the commission give an insight in how the school managed compensation claims from Truttman's victims.The principal updated the school on the payouts saying: After insurers agreed to foot the bill, he again updated the councillors, telling them: The hearing continues. inquiry has
Victoria's Hazelwood Mine fire inquiry has heard more evidence that the increase in deaths in the Latrobe Valley around the time of last year's blaze was no coincidence. Statisticians reported there were long odds of around 60/1 that the increase in the death rate at the time was random event, and today they told the inquiry that when Black Saturday deaths were excluded from the analysis, it became even more likely that the mine fire contributed to deaths last year.Victoria's Health Department has said it doesn't believe the fire caused any more deaths in the region. Final submission also be made next Wednesday.Six South Australian men have faced court, accused of supplying drugs and chemicals into southern NSW.A total of 15 people have been arrested across three states after police smashed an alleged drug and gun-running syndicate linked to bikie gangs.The gang Squad swooped as soon as the plane touched down.Step out.A tiny aircraft, an illicit cargo are
and a pilot in handcuffs.You are now under arrest, do you understand that Yes.You make any move towards us, we take that as a threat. Do you understand that? Yes.You set It
tell down, it will be all OK. It will be cool.Police allege he had flown from Adelaide as a packages
drug muleWhat are those packages in the back there, sir? Packages fltsThese packages, what's in those?According to police, they contained 50kg of cannabis and chemicals.Looks like 10.At the same time police made their move elsewhere. Three homes were raided in Hay. Four men were arrested and charged with gun supply. While in Adelaide, officers moved on nine properties, arresting 10 people and seizing drugs, fake money and guns. 31 firearms were confiscated during the 8-month investigation.The levels and the depth of sophistication that these people go to really knows no bounds.These people, police claim, are linked to bikie gangs, operating a drug and gun-running business between SA, NSW and Queensland.There is no such thing as boundaries, or border lines when it comes to crime, there is no such thing as boundaries when it no such
comes to drug supply, there is no such thing as boundaries when it comes to gun supply.All 15 men remain in custody. More arrests are expected.Queensland's giant cocaine bust is now even bigger after a further 30kg was found hidden in the hull of an impounded yacht.Five men who authorities allege are part of an international drug syndicate were charged after the luxury yacht was impounded at the Gold Coast last week.Upon further examination, including X-rays, drug parcels were found hidden in the voids taking the total haul to 100kg.It easily passed a cursory examination, but it is an example of the sophisticated methodology that these syndicates undertake to conceal their drug trafficking.The men remain in custody, awaiting further court appearances.The family of Tasmanian model Lucille Butterworth has slammed the original police investigation into her disappearance.Lucille's brother told the inquest the family were the only ones actively looking for her, describing police at the time as totally incompetent.When he took to the stand, Jim Butterworth unleashed on the original police into his sister's as:
disappearance, describing it Lucille Butterworth vanished from a Hobart bus stop in August 1969. Her brother told the inquest it was her family, not police, who searched for the missing model.It was 7 months before police began to treat her as a victim, not just another runaway.Just confirms what we've said all along, that it was a disgusting investigation.The inquest heard Lucille Butterworth's mother even wrote to then Premier Angus Bathune expressing the family's disgust. The request evident to find her was left to her family. Mr Butterworth said they searched on foot from Austin's Ferry to grant tonne and Richmond. The last surviving member of the original investigation team gave evidence he was initially given the case but was taken off it after two weeks because of staff shortages.Former detective Jeff Edwards said the then boss of CIB thought Miss Butterworth would just turn up. Just tells everybody now just how the case really started out.Jim Butterworth went back to police in 1976 after Geoffrey Charles Hunt, the main person of interest in the inquest, was arrested for the murder of Susan Knight. He told the inquest police told jail
him Hunt had also confessed in jail to killing Lucille Butterworth, but wouldn't say where her body was. cried
But nothing happened.He cried as he described the toll it had taken on their mother, saying the devout Christian had said: He will continue giving evidence when the inquest resumes.South Australian social welfare workers believe Tuesday's fire in Adelaide's City centre has highlighted a gap in the city's homelessness services. They are calling for a safe sleeping spot in the city to help prevent such incidents and protect those sleeping rough.This is a quiet day at Wes care's homelessness service in the city. People come here during the day for a meal and shelter, but at night the doors are shut.At night we don't have the funds to keep the place open, so it relies on us finding accommodation for people or they need to find their own means. Don't feel really receive, don't feel really safe. Like I said, there should be more shelters for women.The conditions under which homeless people find themselves living has come into focus after this week's blaze that gutted a three-storey city building. The owner says squatters had been living in a sheltered car Park, using barbecues and smoking since the start of winter.I think it is a shame that homelessness is only brought into the spotlight when these sorts of things happen and I was hearing the news about the fire and hoping that this wasn't another negative story about people sleeping rough.The State's homelessness sleepers
sector says after dark, rough sleepers take any shelter they can get.It can just change from week to week.Last week there was a gentleman here and this week obviously by what you can see there, there is a lady sleeping rough here.Health authorities have issued a formal notice to a popular cosmetic surgery clinic where a young woman had a heart attack whilst having breast implants. The NSW Government say it is will now look at whether new laws are needed to protect patients having cosmetic surgery. It follows an ABC investigation into the Cosmetic Institute over its use of sedation on patients.These are the first grainy pictures of a 22-year-old woman being rushed to hospital after having a heart attack during a breast implant procedure.Health advocates say patients are being put at risk.I'm personally aware of four women Emergency
who have been transferred to Emergency Department in an urgent situation.So, you know, I'm really concerned, one, that no-one should die because of this.The young Victorian woman is the second patient to suffer serious complications while getting breast implants at the Cosmetic Institute.Another patient, Amy Rickhuss, also had a cardiac arrest during breast surgery.Last month the ABC revealed health authorities are investigating the Cosmetic Institute for alleged inappropriate use of anaesthetics.Today NSW Health Department officials inspected the Cosmetic Institute, issuing a formal notice that they must only do what's called conscious sedation.And the NSW Government now say it is will look at drafting new laws governing location, equipment and who can practice cosmetic surgery.The College of Plastic Surgeons believes patients are taking serious risks by undergoing cosmetic surgery with high doses of anaesthetics think
outside a licensed hospital.I think there is an urgent, a I very urgent need for both the Federal Government and state governments to cooperate to change this legislation immediately before somebody dies.The Cosmetic Institute has issued a statement saying all anaesthetics were administered correctly.The patient is out of intensive care and remains in a stable condition in hospital. 13 asylum seekers have drowned in the Malacca Strait after their small rickety wooden boat sank in choppy waters. Malaysia's maritime enforcement agency says the boat went down off its west coast near the town of Sabak Bernam. It was carrying around 70 asylum seekers from Indonesia. Maritime officials say local fishermen have so Fares cued 13 people and found hundreds
13 bodies.China has rolled out hundreds of tanks and thousands of troops to mark Japan's defeat in World War II.The lavish display of military might came with a pledge to cut back China's army.China correspondent Stephen McDonnell reports from Beijing.Soldiers came in waves down Chang'an Avenue, drilled to precision, this he were machine-like in the accuracy of their steps. 14 million Chinese people are said to have died in World War II and this is the 70th anniversary of a victory which meant liberation from Japanese occupation.President Xi Jinping pledged to cut People's Liberation Army troop numbers by 300,000, adding that peace will win and that people will win.Some have criticised China for using this war anniversary to show off its latest hardware, but in a crowd of specially invited Communist Party loyalists there wasn't much complaining. The general public was kept well away with the exception of war veterans who were greeted as heroes TRANSLATION: If the war I think we did a great thing for the world so people could live and work in peace. TRANSLATION: I think if people in all countries make a serious effort, in the future we can have real peace.The rush shab and Korean presidents joined a handful of other leaders here, but the heads of state from major Western allies were nowhere to be seen.Yet the most important audience was the millions of Chinese people at home watching the mass march on television.China does know how to turn on a parade.There may be some debate as to what this event is really designed to has
achieve, but as a spectacle it has been quite something.It was a celebration of history and a display of force rolled into one.An international deal designed to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons seems almost certain to go ahead.President Obama has locked up enough votes in the US Senate to stop it being killed off by Republicans, and some members of his own party.North America correspondent Ben Knight reports.The Iran deal might have the backing of the world's six most powerful nations, but its future is in the hands of Republicans in the US Congress who are vowing to vote it down.And the outcome will matter as much as any foreign policy decision in recent history.The White House knows it, and has been scrambling to get enough Democrats to vote and protect the President's veto power, and on Wednesday, Marylands senator Barbara McCull ski got him over the line.The Iran deal now seems almost certain to go ahead, meaning Iran will give up much of its uranium stockpile and allow inspectors into its nuclear sites. In return, international sanctions on Iran will be lifted enabling the country to sell its oil on the international market and get hold of $100 billion in frozen Sas assets.Criticism of the doole is as strong as ever here. Opponents say Iran will go on building a nuclear weapon in secret and continue to fund instability in the Middle EastI will terminate that bad deal on day one, reinstate the sanctions, go to Congress to put in place even more crippling sanctions and I will convince our allies to do the same. I think it would be very difficult for even a Republican president who has gone on record as having opposed this deal during the election to then dismantle an agreement that is working.But that assumes the deal is working. Queen Elizabeth is preparing to become Britain's longest reigning monarch next week, overtaking Queen Victoria.And one woman will be celebrating moor than most.Meet Margaret Tyler. She has been collecting memorabilia for more than three decades. The 71-year-old has turned her small terraced home in London into a private royal museum. From china sets to plastic dolls, it houses 10,000 items.Well, the people might think it is a bit mad and I live in Wembley and I see people on Cup final Day and you couldn't get much madder than that, quite honestly, so it's whatever turns you on.I enjoy it because I like having the royal family around me and I've certainly got that bass I can hardly move now.I've got four rooms of royal memorabilia and they're all full.Margaret is a regular on the so-called royal super fan circuit spending the best part of a week outside the London hospital where Prince George was born.A little lost sheep that turned into a woolly mammoth of sorts after six years in the wilderness has finally been shorn, setting a I new world record and generating global interest. Chris the merino is a whopping 40kg lighter after the procedure.From baad hair day to happy ending in just 42 minutes.He is looking great, actually a new man in many ways.The monster merino was found in this wild and woolly state at Mulligans Flat outside Canberra yesterday. Experts reckon it had been up to 6 years between heir cuts. Enter shearing royalty, 8-time shearer of the Year and hall of seen
famer Ian Elkins who has never seen anything quite like it in his 35 years in the businessIt's just amazing that he can be out in the bush in six years and no-one raised the alarm with himIt's quite an incredible story.It was a delicate operation. When Chris was found, he could bare ri walk and no-one was quite sure what might lie beneath.When you have a fleece that big, you are not reel Liu sure what's underneath itA lot of our concerns were potential infection.But this sheep is clearly made of stern stuffHe is eating well, moving and came up to us for a cuddle.The previous record was held by New Zealand sheep Shrek at 27kg, but weighing in at 45.45kg, Chris has set a new record that is bound to stand for years to come.This sheep has just smashed it.The fleece has no commercial value, thanks mainly to the debris collected in it monster
over the years. Instead, this monster rug will most likely end up being a star attraction at agricultural shows the as for Chris, he is destined for a quiet life, with a new home already lined up, presumably inside a paddock.Time now for the weather. Here is Graham Creed.Showers are going to be confined to the east and the south-west corner of the country by tomorrowA low pressure system that has moved off the coast of NSW through the early part of this morning and it will continue to move away, so most of this cloud will clear overnight.Just the very coastal fringe and more likely from Sydney to Parliament Macquarie that we will see some showers tomorrow, contract
but even then they will contract further north as the day progresseslessA little bit of low-level cloud through SA and Victoria, that should dissipate tonight.Underneath it we could see fairly widespread frost aboutThrough WA, another cold front set to move through tomorrowAt this stage it's not expected to arrive in the south-west capes until around about early to mid-afternoon and it will push up into Perth by around about sunset, and then it will move further inland across the South West Land Division overnight and during the early part of Saturday, then other frontal system to follow through on Saturday, but they're relatively weak.Really not looking at anything in the way of rainfall through the east or south-west.This high pressure system will be responsible for clear, dry and sunny weather.Showers about the east coast of NSW, also developing about the west coast of WA, a few showers about the west of Tasmania as this weak front just clips the State and that could push one or two showers into the Hobart area, as we move in towards the evening, as well, but for the most part, dry for Hobart, cloud increasing lateralSydney, coastal showers and also very developing
high chance of showers developing for Perth.The next front moves through on Saturday through the south-west of WA, so another burst of showers with that.That frontal system clearing from Tasmania and moves out into the Tasman Sea, still expecting to see dry conditions through NSW as those showers contract to just the south-eastern corner of Queensland, and we're also looking at the potential of a few light showers again for Perth. Our top stories this hour - the main railway station in the Hungarian capital Budapest has opened its doors to hundreds of MiG disgrants after a two-day stand-off, but a public announcement said international trains to western Europe were suspended indefinitely. Hungary's PM has defended his country's handling of the crisis.Police say more arrests could be made over a major drug ring operating across three states.15 men from SA, Queensland and NSW have been arrested after the 8-month investigation.Police used a light plane to trance port bsh bsh police said a light plane was used to transport drug, cash and weapons into NSW.Offender boarding house assistant Philippe Tripman who was later convicted of abusing more than 40 students.And military
China has put on a display of military might to mark 70 years since the end of World War II. Central Beijing has been in lockdown for most of the day for the massive parade. China has used the occasion to announce is will be slimming down its army by 300,000 troops.Time for The Business with Ticky Fullerton. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Hello there. Coming up on 'The Business' - cleaning up money laundering. Warnings Australian property is the target of foreign criminals.And the million-dollar super question - the problem for baby boomers mace facing a long retirement.Well, the economy may be disputering, but real estate is still firing.As it does, foreign money is pouring in, with Chinese buyers alone splurging $7 billion in Sydney and Melbourne. That's expected to hit $60 billion by 2020, With so
according to Credit Suisse. With so much money washing through, the Australian Government is under mounting pressure to strengthen its laws against money laundering. In a scathing critique, the global body that monitor rs the proceeds of crime says Australia is an attractive destination for dirty money. The lack of regulation is in stark contrast to the flurry of activity over illegal foreign ownership of housing.There has been a parliamentary inquiry, the Tax Office has been handed powers to investigate, and m March the Treasurer forced the sale of a $39 million Sydney mansion.We are very serious about enforce rg the law.We are very serious about integrity in our foreign investment system.But as big-city house prices continue to boom, it may be hard for the Government to resist tougher measures on money laundering this
much longer. Neal Woolrich has this report.Every week end, thousands of hopefuls take their chances in the housing market and with Sydney and Melbourne prices still booming despite a sluggish economy, they could be forgiven for thinking something was amiss.At suspicions have high that non-residents are buying established homes in breach of Australia's foreign ownership laws, but another threat that may be going largely undetected is the proceeds of crime with authorities conceding that Australian real estate is an easy target for money launderers.I think it is a softer target, certainly when