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This program will be

dawn raids catch four suspects
Accused of murder - of a young man
over the disappearance last seen fleeing for his life. landed Tony Abbott in trouble.
The comment about Nazis that's a global catastrophe -
The tragic face of found drowned on a beach
a three-year-old refugee as he tried to reach safety.

so how will retailers
Spending slowdown - back through the door?
get reluctant shoppers And talk about a haircut - just broken a world record.
the jolly jumbuck that's

Good evening. Four men are behind bars tonight

and suspected killing of a man,
six months after the abduction his South Windsor home.
who was snatched from Brendan Vollmost hasn't been seen he was kidnapped
since the night being laid today,
and, despite murder charges is still a mystery.
the whereabouts of his body

Lined up and ready to pounce.

Open the door.
Police! Search warrant. The sun was rising as heavily armed police the suspects' homes
smashed their way into at Quakers Hill and Lalor Park. Led away in handcuffs, and Jamie Tilley,
William Thomas, Mitchell Bentley Jack Davies,
as well as a fourth man, were taken to police stations and north-west.
across Sydney's west

for detectives,
A major breakthrough the disappearance
who'd been investigating of 23-year-old Brendan Vollmost
and suspected murder since March.

This graphic CCTV footage was seen alive.
is the last time Brendan It shows him running for his life to get away from a number of men, at his South Windsor home.
clambering over a fence The arrest's cold comfort Tammy.
for Brendan's heartbroken mother in the face and if I can,
I just want to look them

Why? No-one deserves this.
I want to ask them why? by Brendan's girlfriend Jennifer,
A sentiment echoed who's also desperate for answers. is all we want, really.
Getting Brendan's body back Brendan is what we're after.
They're nothing to us.

I saw him get carried out,
What I've seen and the way I'll never forget that. Two of the men were arrested at Quakers Hill,
at this house in Irby Place

linked to a murder investigation.
neighbours shocked the raids were Oh, wow. drug trafficking in that area.
The death was in result of

The four persons arrested today themselves 'the Blood Brothers'.
are part of a group that call searching the house,
Detectives spent much of today seizing evidence, in the front driveway.
carefully examining a ute Help me get closure.
Just tell the truth.

this evening.
Simon Bouda is at Mount Druitt is far from over.
Simon, this investigation

That is correct.

That is correct. The crucial thing And
in this case is finding Brendan's. believed
And the car he was abducted on, believed to be a white

believed to be a white Allende. The they
lawyer for all form and has told us the
they will be defending the case and it
the charges against them. He says it is a circumstantial case.

it is a circumstantial case. Cases month
been adjourned until later next the
month but from what I am hearing a
the prosecution says that they have a very strong case.

to approve air strikes in Syria,
With Cabinet next week likely the peak Jewish group
Tony Abbott has upset to Nazi Germany.
in comparing Islamic State Middle East atrocities,
Speaking about the latest the Prime Minister said "sense of shame"
at least the Nazis had enough to cover their evil. growth and community safety,
Tony Abbott, talking jobs,

air strikes into Syria.
building the case to extend An absolute menace to the world.
This is a menace to the world.

The idea that we should allow state
consolidation of the terrorist Syria
state in northern Iraq and eastern Syria is just incompetent Abel.

Syria is just incompetent Abel. --

ISIL and the Nazis before,
While he's made the link between eyebrows, and tempers.
it was this reference that raised

there's a world of difference
The Jewish lobby says acts of terrorism
between organised systematic genocide.
and state-implemented

We failed to come and why he made the statement. They were both

the statement. They were both unfortunate and injudicious.

he'd said, or even implied,
The Prime Minister denied than the Nazis.
Islamic State was worse of trying to rank evil.
I'm not in the business

Whether we are talking about stolen cover
or Hitler or whoever he tried to death
cover up the evil, this wretched death cult post about it.

the same radio interview
The prime minister used early in the day to increase the GST.
to lay the ground work for a push the states' approval,
Any change, he said, only with and after the election a lower overall tax burden.
would have to mean

That isn't the way to build meet
confidence and help Australians meet the cost of living.

who abducted five young girls
A serial rapist, and north shore,
across Sydney's west for at least 7.5 years.
has been sent to jail for more than two decades
Richard Crowe was on the run thanks to a DNA breakthrough.
before being captured almost 25 years ago
Their childhoods were shattered

escaped punishment until now.
by a man who has refused to look at them
And Richard John Crowe for at least 7.5 years
as he was jailed

for the terror he inflicted. It began in August, 1989 - and attacked
a 9-year-old was grabbed in Bankstown.
on her way to Sunday school a 12-year-old
In January, 1990, and into bushes
was pulled off a bike track at South Strathfield. a 10-year-old was assaulted
In March, 1990, supermarket at Bankstown.
on the way home from the In August, 1990, off a laneway at Punchbowl.
another 10-year-old was dragged And, in September, 1991, on a track at Artarmon.
a 17-year-old was raped in secluded locations -
Crowe would assault his victims was one.
this stormwater canal

he would also threaten them,
There, and I know where you live."
"If you scream, I'll kill you Sometimes he even had a knife. after painstaking police work
Crowe was arrested last year

to all five crime scenes,
linked his DNA to finally acknowledge
enabling a Judge

predatory behaviour
the cost of his on promising young lives. Young girls, their daily life,
children going about enjoying their youth,
no doubt feeling safe,

are entitled to.
which all children

Relief crew's Vic isstopped there. were
Those in the gallery side as they 7.5
were told he could be freed up to 7.5 years.

process for the victims.
This has been a difficult I'd like to acknowledge them the dignity they've shown
for the strength, throughout the process. stabbed at Kurraba Point
A man is critical after being on the lower north shore. on Wycombe Road just after 2pm.
Police were called to property with multiple wounds.
They found a 39-year-old with inquiries.
A woman is assisting at Mount Vernon near Kemps Creek
A multi-vehicle crash seriously injured.
has left at least one driver carefully to free the motorist
Emergency crews had to work on Mamre Road.
from a badly crumpled car the ride to Liverpool Hospital,
The air ambulance called in for

traffic diversions.
while there were major Syrian boy
An image of a three-year-old

of Europe's migrant crisis.
has brought home the enormity shores of a Turkish resort town
The child's body washed up on the asylum boat tragedy.
after yet another more than 2,300 migrants
He's among who have died at sea this year to safety.
while trying to make their way Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi with his big brother, Galip.
sharing a joke Happier times, to flee
before his family was forced in Syria.
the killers of Islamic State ending here,
His journey to safety on a Turkish beach.
Aylan's lifeless body washed up These pictures - broadcast without blurring -
too distressing for us to have been seen around the world,

the toddler
a police officer carrying away of Europe's migrant crisis.
who has become the tragic face and mother
His five-year-old brother were found dead nearby.

They were among eleven Syrians on the Turkish coast.
to have drowned Others' clothes washed ashore, to dry land alive.
while a lucky few made it is now at a critical point,
The refugee situation

on the continent.
affecting almost every country For a second day, thousands of asylum seekers,
Hungarian police clashed with

blocking them from train stations to western Europe.
as they tried to travel on This is Italy, where the coast guard scores more refugees on boats.
had to rescue by Spanish authorities
There were rescues off the Iberian coast as well. refugees are trekking on foot
In Serbia, thousands of Syrian in search of a better life.

the Czech Republic,
Further north in the influx,
officials are trying to cope with it's not so civilised,
but in Macedonia, barbed wire cordons.
with migrants storming through

of people since World War II
The biggest mass movement to find solutions.
has European leaders struggling that can be achieved
I dont think there is an answer

more and more refugees.
by simply taking refugees fleeing wartorn Syria,
The majority of migrants are into Turkey.
escaping over the border to Greece,
From there they taking boats on through the Balkans,
and then by any means travelling western Europe.
with hopes of reaching

At the same time, hoping for a better life
thousands of African migrants through Libya,
are making their way to reach Italy and Spain.
before setting sail, hoping

every paper here every day now
The issue is front page of almost seemingly only getting worse.
and it's a situation

against Mel Gibson
Police won't be taking any action abused a News Corp photographer
over claims he assaulted and Rosalind Ross
while out with his girlfriend in Paddington last month. released a statement, saying:
The actor's lawyers today a thorough investigation
"Police have completed

in consumer spending,
There's a been a major slowdown in July.
with retail sales falling

is at Vogue Fashion's Night Out
Reporter Natalia Cooper in the city. Natalia, careful with their money -
it seems shoppers are being extra are retailers worried?

Pretty disappointing figures. They it
were worse than expectations and so the
it has retailers on edge. Stores in spend
the CBD are hoping people will fashion
spend big drink tonight's major fashion event. More than 180,000

fashion event. More than 180,000 are
shoppers looking for the IP deals Reip
are expected. It kicks off on what better
Reip -- retailers open will be a better and to the.

retail is never a sure thing.
Just like the races, the Spring Racing season,
To kick off fashionable faces
some of our most for the track.
showed off the latest trends And black is definitely back. the key trends for the season,
Monochromatics is one of

are sticking to that today.
so I think a few of us For those who sell the clothes, that's so much more important.
it's being in the black is pretty important
The racing season

like Myer and David Jones,
for our major retailers bringing in extra sales the quiet months of spring
in what would otherwise be before the Christmas rush. are incredibly important
The changes of season particularly
when it comes to retail and apparel sectors of retail.
for the fashion it was a volatile winter.
In terms of spending, growth figures,
After disappointing to buck the gloomy trend,
retail sales did nothing falling 0.1% last month - in more than a year.
the first nationwide decline in household goods spending,
This was led by a large dip in food retailing.
down 1.9%, and no growth You had a very large run-up in June -
of budget-related purchases

and a big unwind in July. One thing is for sure - with how they spend their money.
people are being careful

People are very anxious - of wages growth,
there's not a huge amount on anything
so they're not going to spend other than necessities. are looking to bag a bargain,
It's why so many of us that as the weather warms up,
and retailers are hoping so do their sales. It was a bad idea to begin with - around Bankstown
a night-time jaunt

by a young suspended driver. Then it got worse. sparking a police chase,
He allegedly dodged an RBT, and made a dash for it
then crashed into another car

by the dog squad.
before he was finally cornered Covered in the sand and dirt where he took refuge,
from the cement factory

locked up
19-year-old Omer Jalloul on a dangerous chase.
after leading police were looking for Jalloul,
More than 20 police a Bankstown cement factory
his banged-up car leading them to a hiding spot inside a shed.
where he had found

I heard a big bang and then 10 of cars were around me.

avoided an RBT
Jalloul is alleged to have on Canterbury Road in Bankstown. Police say he did a U-Turn back up Clements Avenue.
and took off

Tarago on one side of the road,
He then smashed into parked a brick wall
before ploughing into on the other side of the road and fleeing on foot.

When police found the car, to find Jalloul..
it took half an hour

I think police but in the back of a did
cop car and after half an hour he did a runner.

from the fence he had jumped
They say it was the scent that finally brought him undone. when he scaled this fence,
Jalloul didn't know on the other side.
there was a good two-metre drop it was pitch black,
On top of that, what he was jumping into.
so he had no idea driving on a suspended licence.
Jalloul is alleged to have been He was slapped with five charges, for at least another fortnight.
and kept behind bars

today -
They put their best foot forward the New South Wales Police Force
women in celebrating a century of service.

the final leg of a baton relay
Over the Harbour bridge, over the past few months.
that's covered the state It was a proud moment women officers have made.
to reflect on the huge advances

There is nothing that is do
unachievable. If you really want to for
do it, searcher mind to it and go for it.

a parade,
And there's nothing like and marching officers
mounted police from the big shots.
and a well-earned pat on the back discovered near Canberra
A stray, overgrown sheep has fleeced a world record. life saving shearing,
'Chris' the merino has undergone amount of wool
producing the largest ever international fame.
and earning him

a close shave -
Chris the sheep has had in more ways than one. It's unlikely had ever been shorn before.
this wild woolly mammoth First thought was, he's not going to survive."
"There's a good chance fleecing,
Facing a potentially fatal an expert shearer.
the merino needed The man for the job, Ian Elkins,
four-time national title holder even royalty
whose skills have impressed a world championship.
and earned him like this before.
I've never seen anything under Ian's clippers...
After 42 minutes (CLIPPERS BUZZ) ..the job was done. Still in one piece, at over 40 kilograms.
Chris's wool weighs in

The average fleece is just five. As it turns out, an unlikely champion.
Chris the sheep is is the biggest in the world,
His massive 40 kilogram fleece

holder, Shrek from New Zealand.
edging out the former record the record.
He's absolutely smashed World Record guys to come out
We want the Guinness they can certify it.
and hopefully just 27 kilos,
The Kiwis' pride and joy produced celebrity status.
but earned Shrek the fans will start flocking -
Chris' rescuers have no doubt he's already in demand. it's going to take very long
I don't think to find him a new home. he's one jolly jumbuck.
After his 40 kilo wool loss, He's doing wonderful. honestly.
I think he's a new man,

at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look overnight,
Heavy rain moved through Sydney across the Sydney basin,
dumping several millimetres peaking around midnight to 1am well before sunrise.
but clearing up picked up three millimetres,
The city, Belrose and Turramurra were a little lighter -
while falls in our west

two millimetres.
Parramatta picked up today,
The clouds gave way to blue skies in the city and 20 in our west.
reaching a top of 21 degrees more rain is moving in
But tonight, 1-0-15mm by tomorrow morning.
and we could see an additional

a little later, Pete.
But I'll have the full forecast

this Thursday evening,
Still ahead full of drugs
police swoop on a plane

as they bust two narcotics rings. flexing its military muscle -
Also, at a spectacular parade
China shows off its might to mark the end of World War II.

Plus, the breast cancer test the pain of chemotherapy -
that could spare patients more women.
and the push to get it to And the two stars

dumped by the Tigers -
who know what it's like to be Benji Marshall together again?
what's brought Robbie Farah and

This program is not captioned.

out secret drug operations,
They thought they were carrying when, in fact, watching their every move.
police were secretly Today, hard work paid off,

a light plane in Deniliquin
with officers intercepting loaded with cannabis in Sydney.
while busting a cocaine syndicate Don't move! Down, down, down! Two big hits on the drug trade...

Keep your hands up! as well.
..and a pile of guns scooped up A pilot and his loaded plane in the state's south-west,
cornered by waiting cops

One of these packages in the back there, so?

and a suspected cocaine syndicate swept up in raids across Sydney. (YELLING) into Deniliquin, west of Wagga,
Flying from South Australia down when officers swooped.
this light plane had just touched we'll take that as a threat.
You make any move towards that, Airport workers were shocked...

out the back.
We just saw a lot of commotion had been up
..and amazed the plane on such a wet and windy day.

Police alleged that pulled from the substance
planned 45 kg of cannabis as was a all
substance used to make the drug ice, all brought in from South Australia.

of a long-running operation..
The arrest was the culmination

A bikie connections, mainly from South Australia and Queensland.

Six arrests were made in Adelaide a home in Deniliquin...
and armed officers raided ..with more arrests - and ammunition also seized.
shotguns, rifles, pistols arrested six people
In Sydney, drug squad officers in a series of raids to Granville and Merrylands.
that extended from Bondi

and MDMA
Officers seized cocaine, cannabis

hundreds of thousands of dollars,
worth as well as wads of cash. One of those held by police, and fashion entrepreneur
31-year-old Bondi male model George Gerges.

The raids coincided with police and undercover work
showing intelligence increase in cocaine arrests
has produced a recent 47% and a 38% increase in arrests

for dealing in amphetamines. paying off
Hard work behind the scenes with more big drug busts.

is in a serious condition
A young Sydney woman in Las Vegas.
after being hit by a car from Newport
21-year-old Brooke Baldwin a busy road on Monday.
was knocked down while crossing climb over a barrier
It's alleged she had tried to a pedestrian bridge.
instead of using the driver stayed at the scene
Local police say with investigations.
and was helping

muscle with a parade in Beijing
China has flexed its military World War Two victory over Japan.
to commemorate its from the People's Liberation Army
Thousands of marching soldiers filled Tiananmen Square and watched proudly
while veterans stood side by side as flags were raised were laid at memorials.
and wreaths of poppies

support behind Robbie Farah,
Benji Marshall has thrown his would be silly
saying the Wests Tigers his former teammate.
to get rid of Ken joins us now. to be on the outer at the Tigers.
Marshall knows how it feels with the club in 2013.
Pete, Benji had a falling-out down Farah and the Tigers
Now a Dragon, he'll try and bring when the sides meet on Saturday. were united,
But today, Marshall and Farah of pancreatic cancer,
raising awareness which has touched them both.

have been through a lot -
Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah a parent to pancreatic cancer
and it's the common loss of again.
that's brought them together

My mother and his father. That and stand
strong message when we can both this
stand here today and speak about up
this and hopefully people can stand famously
up and take some notice.Marshall day
famously broke down in tears on the Goonies
day there are's mother died. it
Goonies to hear the news of the day, what
it was hard to take. I did not know might
what to expect, it hit me. You minutes
might then she sent me a text 80 Taxes
minutes after mum had passed away. He
Taxes him back to it in the news. Marshall
He was the first person I told. Farah
Marshall has also been there for Taylor
Farah in the past week after Jason next
Taylor told him to look elsewhere which
next year. A call which left Benjie, in
which -- went through similar thing in the club in 2013, devastated.

in the club in 2013, devastated. Haas
Burgoyne I think you the best Tommy play
Haas in the team and he needs to job
play like that. Fara believes his job is not yet done.

job is not yet done.We have a through
couple of guys and need to nurture longer
through and I don't know how much a
longer I will be there but there is control
a time when they need to take trying
control of the team. I have in Fara
trying to help them do that.On evening,
Fara runs out here on Saturday for
evening, it could be his last game comes
for his beloved tigers. It is now between
comes down to a power struggle which
between he and coach Taylor in Despite
which there will only be one winner. Marshall
Despite the attention of the week, an
Marshall could not resist a dig at join
an old mate when asked if he might not.
join the Dragons. Burgoyne I have colours.
not.I am wearing the Tigers

Kenny-Dowall is the Rabbitohs. And Open.
an emotion charged day at the US

In the news ahead, to find her power cut
the Guildford woman who woke up armed with a gun inside her home.
and a masked intruder

against the Bondi cosmetic clinic
Also, fresh allegations a heart attack during surgery.
where a young woman had never seen them before -
Plus, the SAS as we've Australia's elite force.
an extraordinary look inside

close encounter with a Bear.
And Barack Obama's

This program is not captioned.

has been shot with a stun gun
A Guildford grandmother home invasion.
during a terrifying dressed only in black,
The 62-year-old discovered a man, hiding in her laundry. hearing her screams for help.
her husband and son to show their faces,
They're too scared

but early this morning, Street home lived a nightmare
the residents of this Bligh and Andrew Dunn witnessed it all. I woke up to a woman screaming,

"What's going on here?"
and I thought, it's coming from.
Have a look which way from his 62-year-old neighbour
Those screams were coming who was woken just after 4am.

and she went to investigate.
The power was out struck,
That's when the hooded thug and a stun gun.
wielding this replica pistol

in the arm and back
The grandmother was twice tasered and 30-year-old son
before her 71-year-old husband this now battered broom and mop.
unleashed a furious beating with

She was on the phone to police with the broomstick
and the father was swinging away at the guy on the ground. dressed head-to-toe in black,
The intruder, escaped over the fence

cable ties, a hammer,
leaving behind a bag containing pocket knife and duct tape. house thief.
This isn't your usual

well prepared,
This man's come well armed, a confrontation.
and he's ready for running south along Bligh Street
The bandit was last seen before getting into early model hatchback,
a green-coloured, and speeding away. on the run -
Tonight, the robber is still this family was targeted.
police left baffled as to why

as is their son.
They are very, very upset, in break and enters
There's been a huge spike in the Baulkham Hills area -

up 32.4 percent. crime statistics also show
The latest quarterly increased almost 20 percent,
car theft in the inner west increased by more than 35 percent
while stealing from shops in the outer south-west. is stable or on the way down.
Overall, crime in New South Wales

to Nine News,
A woman has come forward botched breast surgery
claiming she's had in Bondi.
at The Cosmetic Institute clinic A young patient during a procedure yesterday
who suffered a heart attack is recovering in hospital - the incident strengthening calls of the industry.
for tighter regulations a breast enlargement
Katie Mitchell had

Bondi Junction, in November.
at the Cosmetic Institute, deep enough,
She says one pocket wasn't made leaving her breasts lopsided, and now she's been told

for revision surgery.
she'd have to foot the bill over the matter.
I've been very depressed I've covered myself completely.
I've gained weight over it,

She's come forward with her story a cardiac arrest
after a 22-year-old suffered mid-operation yesterday. The clinic today claiming

anaesthetic...was the cause,"
it was "unlikely local the dosage well within dosage range."
the "recommended prescribed also suffered a heart attack
20-year-old Amy Rickhuss during breast surgery clinic in January.
at the company's Parramatta raised concerns
Medical associations have of medicine.
about this whole field and the Health Minister acted.
It's time the Baird Government Merrilyn Walton agrees.
Medical researcher

of regulation
She says there's a serious lack credentials
around cosmetic surgeon and the use of anaesthetic.

of four patients
I've personally been aware transferred to a hospital
that have recently had to be some adverse event.
after suffering patients are being reminded
Above all,

New South Wales health administered that
a notice to the Institute demanding sedation.
that they only administer conscious

patients are being reminded
Above all, surgery comes with risk -
that almost every cosmetic the best advice is to research.

I wouldn't feel comfortable having like
surgery with them again. I would like some kind of compensation.

and very, very private -
Brave, tough, scary Australia's SAS soldiers do the talking.
have always let their actions But now, rare access into their secret work,
has given an insight respected and feared them.
revealing how old enemies force of first choice -
The SAS - Australia's hidden

the feared selection course,
the covert operations, all of it laid bare in a project of the regiment, Michael Jeffery.
driven by a former commander

Who wants to be as open as we can public
to give the Australian idea -- public an idea of what the SAS do.

It's a documentary series of the SAS,
detailing the 50 year history from Borneo to Vietnam,

from the enemy.
complete with insights

We hated the Australian SAS ranges disappear
because they meet comrades disappear very suddenly.

phenomenal endurance
To make the grade you need and no fear of heights. We were taken to 10,000 feet.

You are just thrown out to sort ourselves out quick smart.

ourselves out quick smart. This can ground,
come in the ground, his diet, the ground, just tumbled.

an operation in Iraq
The film details called in a fighter jet
when the SAS to disorientate the enemy.
to break the sound barrier

You come back around, there was a over
thunderous crap. It was done right over the top of the cement

over the top of the cement towers - - thunderous crack.

There will Queensland losses, good Rock
times and bad. Including the Black of
Rock tragedy that claimed the lives still
of so many people.From tragedy survival
still at a moments.During a to
survival course, you are taught how clean.
to catch a cobra, tarantula, school clean. --

is available online -
The DVD series given the SAS stamp of approval.
11 hours worth, all of it Meanwhile, Barack Obama with a bear in Alaska,
has boasted of a close encounter with TV star Bear Grylls.
tweeting this photo of himself with the British adventurer
The President paired up episode of his survival show.
in the wilderness to film an a remote community,
He later visited

from school children.
learning a native dance

Ken is next with sport. Roosters coach Trent Robinson
Pete, coming up, Shaun Kenny-Dowell respect
urges fans to show if he returns tomorrow night. try-scorer goes down to the wire.
The race to be league's leading And at the US Open, others had a very bad day.
some had a good day - a very wet and windy night,
And we are in for

in time for the weekend?
but will it clear up I'll have the forecast soon.

This program is not captioned. New-look Camry. Nice one. Now, have you got your
new-vehicle celebrations sorted? Human pyramid. Little fella, up top! Yes.
No. No. That's... no. Skydivers! Skydivers.
Out the plane. Out the plane. OK.
And... spin! Maybe something a little more catchy. VOICE-OVER:
With new-look Camry Altise from $28,990 driveaway, you'll want to celebrate the feeling
of owning a Toyota. Yes.
Bring it in! Bring it in! Whoa! It's a whopper!

(Toyota theme played)

This program is not captioned. (HORN HONKS) (HORNS HONK) (ANNOYED MUTTERING) WOMAN: I'm gonna be late for work.

This program is not captioned. as Newcastle's new coach
Nathan Brown's appointment by the Knight's board
only needs to be rubber-stamped he is the preferred candidate.
after the club confirmed today At the Roosters, a shock comeback
Shaun Kenny Dowall is in line for against Souths tomorrow. He's been missing since July violence-related offences.
after being charged with domestic

for Shaun Kenny Dowall.
It's been a tough two months and hospital admissions
Court appearances he loves.
have kept him away from the game

A return tomorrow would be their run through the finals.
as the Roosters prepare to launch to get back to his footy.
It's important to him an amazing job
Brendan Elliott's done

but Shaun is one of our leaders. He's had a good week. and all this week.
He's trained a bit of last week he'll be in tomorrow night.
So if he's right to go, still pending,
With police charges Trent Robinson has warned fans a hard time...
against giving Kenny-Dowall booing drama
..using the Adam Goodes can affect players.
as an example of how crowds

with respect.
People should deal with it We've seen with... there at the Swans,
probably Adam across the road on the AFL
and how that's put some pressure with it.
and the way people have dealt a better state than that.
Hopefully rugby league is in 12-straight wins
The Roosters are looking for in a row,
and their third minor premiership they can still get better.
but their coach has told rivals

some good footy.
I feel like we've played over the last couple of months
We've improved together completely yet.
but we haven't packaged it top try scorer
The race for the NRL's

will go down to the final game. The Bulldog's Curtis Rona Semi Radradra by one.
is trailing the Eels'

It's a challenge and I can't wait hopefully
to get out on the field and is the
hopefully score some tries and on the head of Semi Radradra.

is at Suncorp Stadium,
Thursday night football taking on the fifth-placed Storm.
with the second-placed Broncos Yvonne Sampson is there. for the finals...?
It's a dress rehearsal

It certainly is. Our last round This
before we had the NRL play-offs. potential
This will hold the promise of a Broncos.
potential minor premiership for the handle
Broncos. How does Anthony Milford not?
handle the extra responsibility to responsibility.
not?Yesterday called the Is
responsibility. A Shell is in that. devastating
Is playing best of uploads. He was that
devastating last week. When it gets game.
that broken field, no better in the storm.
game.Man of the Match for the finish
storm. They -- do they deserve to season?
finish in the top four for the Billy
season?Writing so. They have met a
Billy Slater most of you. They have champions
a young squad other than the halfback.
champions are having a great It
halfback. Great job in great army. official
It would heart beat him.An How
official goodbye to Justin Hodges. to?
How will they see -- say goodbye Brisbane
to?Years been a great paper like
Brisbane and Queensland. He would like to go out

like to go out with a win. He is in premiership
great form too. Might be at -- expected
premiership for him.To 5000 live
expected here tonight. Our coverage live from 7:30 PM.

a full game for the Swans
Buddy Franklin is set to play against the Gold Coast, Sunday's clash with St Kilda
after being subbed out of shortly after half-time. at full strength
The Swans will be unlike rival clubs
at the SCG on Saturday night,

ahead of the finals.
who are resting players the Wallabies out this weekend
James Slipper will lead against the United States after he was named captain today.

from Stephen Moore
The 26-year-old will take over for the match.
who has been rested in Chicago on Sunday morning.
The Aussies face the USA and Rafael Nadal,
No problems for Novak Djokovic

both through to the third round at the US Open.
after straight-sets wins meet later tonight,
Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic Sam Groth
while big serving Aussie

Tommy Robredo in three.
was eliminated by Spain's

At 33-years-of-age, to be reckoned with
Tommy Robredo is still a force as Groth found out. good from the Spaniard.
COMMENTATOR: That's just too point was produced by Groth -
The day's most unusual winning its way back over the net
a vicious slice volley that spun

and speechless.
leaving Robredo stranded That's incredible. Robredo, the 26th seed,
But when it mattered, opponent for a straight sets win.
outfoxed his younger Australian

and takes the opportunity.
He's got it too many cheap points
Serena Williams didn't get qualifier Kiki Bertens.
in the first set against Dutch Wow! Got it. down 4-0 in the tie break,
At one stage, and there was plenty of relief.
Williams regrouped to win 7-5

but just the same,
The second was a little easier, it wasn't a walkover - 7-6, 6-3.
the final score straights sets The best dummy spit so far - and her cool
Coco Vanderweghe lost her match Bethanie Mattek Sands.
against fellow American after-thought,
In what was almost an for good measure.
just one more crack Novak Djokovic won his match -
A different mood altogether after the court.
a familiar fan was invited onto

The late night crowd lapped it up on centre court,
as both men danced for World Tennis
in what was a definite first and for Novak, for that matter.

to restore some pride tonight
Australia's cricketers are hoping

We are privy

We are privy to note and the Footy cricket
Show and rugby league. -- we have cricket tonight.

Stay with us - still ahead, the need for chemotherapy
the test that could eliminate of breast cancer patients -
for thousands so why can't most women get it? as offices transform into homes.
Also, a first for Parramatta in an Arctic cabin
Also, the scientists trapped

by a pack of hungry polar bears. down a terrorist on a train
And this hero went from taking to 'Dancing with the Stars'.

NRL' s new rules Next on WIN News.. w
Meet Chris the sheep - Canberra' s into
woolliest resident - as he soars our
into the record books And why are th
our local pollies, heading back to de
the classroom? Join me for all the details next. This program is not captioned. (Triumphant opera plays)
(Fireworks) MAN: Whoo! Yes!

VOICE-OVER: The Monopoly game
is coming back to McDonald's with more prizes than ever before, including over half a million
Big Mac burgers. So get into Macca's from Wednesday for a one-in-five chance
to win instantly.

This program is not captioned.

Now to our top stories -

six months after the abduction
four men have been charged and suspected murder Brendan Vollmost.
of South Windsor man the country's peak Jewish group
Tony Abbott has upset

to the Nazis.
by comparing Islamic State slowdown in consumer spending
And there's a been a major falling in July.
with retail sales

a breakthrough genetic test
There's a new push to have to all breast cancer patients.
made available The screening could spare women chemotherapy,
from having to go through

many are missing out.
but at a cost of more than $4,000 When 69-year-old Kari Svenson removed from her right breast,
had three cancerous tumours the thought of chemotherapy.
she was dreading

to one's body - it's poison.
We all know what it does we've been conservative -
Traditionally, the opportunity,
we don't want to miss for a lot of ladies,
so we'd recommend chemotherapy for a lot of them,
knowing full well that probably any benefit.
there's actually not going to be the gruelling treatment
Kari avoided after having this expensive test with hormone-sensitive cancer.
aimed at women

the genetic fingerprint
The test looks at of the patient's tumour sample, sent for analysis in the US. Within three weeks, between zero and a 100.
the patient is given a score

less than 25,
The lower the score, of the cancer returning
the lower the risk to benefit.
and chemotherapy is not likely treatment plans
We're looking at changing

between 30 and 50% of patients
in that selected group of and that's a very big impact. in several countries,
While the test is free of charge such as the UK, thousands of dollars.
it still costs Australian women for women.
That's out of the price range who have made sacrifices
We know of other women put away for something else.
or used money that had been

will contribute
I do believe these tests take into account
we need to make we need to a number of different variables- the size of the tumour,
the grade of the tumour, the health of the woman...
the women's wishes,

the test has been a huge relief.
For Kari Svenson, which were a breeze -
I had 30 radiotherapy sessions, cross country ski-ing.
I was able to keep up tennis, Oncotype DX test in Australia
The company that distributes the to the government
has made a second application to have it funded by Medicare. in late November.
An answer is expected

in Parramatta's CBD
A office block into apartments
is set to be converted in the area's first-ever development.

on Church Street
The seven-storey site more than 100 units,
will be turned into on the ground floor.
with retail space in 2017.
Construction is set to begin

in northern Russia
A remote weather station by five polar bears
has been surrounded inside.
trapping a team of meterologists

fighting over food.
The bears became aggressive, unable to leave
The researchers have been to take daily sea readings to scare them off,
and even tried to use flares without success.

One of three Americans in France
who tackled a gunman on a train on 'Dancing with the Stars'.
is back in the spotlight - has been named
Soldier Alex Skarlatos

on the US show,
as a surprise contestant our very own Bindi Irwin,
and will be up against Nick Carter.
as well as ex-Backstreet Boy

and finance,
Coming up, Sydney petrol prices plus Amber with the weather. Thanks, Pete.

Thanks, Pete. This is the radar right now - we can see a few showers through the Sutherland Shire
making their way and into the city, in around two to three hours.
with falls expected to peak in the city and 15 in our west.
Right now, it's 16 degrees in just a moment.
I'll have your forecast

This program is not captioned. (Triumphant opera plays)
(Fireworks) MAN: Whoo! Yes!

VOICE-OVER: The Monopoly game
is coming back to McDonald's with more prizes than ever before, including over half a million
Big Mac burgers. So get into Macca's from Wednesday for a one-in-five chance
to win instantly.

This program is not captioned.

volatility continues,
To finance, and the stock market 1% to close down 70.75 points.
the All Ords, falling more than

unleaded is almost $1.30 a litre.
The average petrol price for Here's Amber.
For E10, it's $1.28.

the skies cleared before sunrise
After widespread rain last night, for a mostly sunny day
to make way

up as the day progresssed.
with southwesterly winds picking compared with early in the week,
It was a fairly warm night in the city
only falling to 11 degrees before warming up to 21 degrees.

before warming up to 21 degrees. hit a top of 20.
Most of the west and south-west across NSW overnight,
A band of rain and storms swept bringing between 5-20mm of rain. in the Riverina, Snowy Mountains
The heaviest falls occurred

and Plains.
and Northwest Slopes to mostly sunny skies.
Today, though, it cleared will cause light showers
Tomorrow, brisk southerly winds southern Queensland coasts,
along the Victorian, NSW and

settled conditions elsewhere.
while a high is producing a top of 24 degrees.
So Brisbane will be fine, Early fog and 16 for Canberra reaching 14 degrees.
and fine in Melbourne, a few lingering showers
Tomorow, coastal NSW will see after a wet and windy night mostly sunny
while inland areas will be after some early fog.

right along the coast tomorrow,
There is a strong wind warning the Hunter up to the Coffs Coast.
with a gale warning from In Sydney tonight, those southerlies pick up
we have already started to see expected by 9pm.
with gusts of 60-70km

of heavy rain along the coast
This is a 90% chance expected to fall
with up to 15 millimetres between nwo and tomorrow morning of showers elsewhere.
but there is only a medium chance

a millimetre or two if anything.
The west could only see will pass overnight,
The worst of the weather with a morning shower or two
and tomorrow it will be cloudy although the gusty southerlies until lunchtime.
will stick around

this spring,
And for the first time the pollen count will be high. degrees in Penrith, Blacktown,
We are heading for a top of 19 Campbelltown and Liverpool.

12 to 18 in the city, and 17 in Terrey Hills, several degrees cooler
although it could feel thanks to the wind chill. Looking ahead, a top of 21 degrees.
Saturday is looking fine,

could see a light shower or two -
Father's Day on Sunday 19 degrees, mostly fine at this stage.
and next week is looking In our west,

by a partly cloudy day, 22.
early fog on Saturday, followed on Sunday, 19.
A light shower or two to warm up
Then next week will really start on Monday, Pete.
heading for 24 degrees

on Monday, Pete.
heading for 24 degrees

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next for this Thursday.
That's Nine News have a good evening. Goodnight.
I'm Peter Overton - I hope you
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potential financial crisis Tonight
... A woolly Canberran goes global re
as Chris the sheep breaks a world sentenc
record A former butler awaits cha
sentencing over child pornography soar
charges And how the ACT plans to cr
soar through a potential financial Johns
crisis Good evening I' m Kerryn ma
Johnston The Nation' s Capital has to
made international headlines - due to an overgrown sheep that' s broke wa
a world record. The woolly animal
was found wandering in bush north o f
Canberra - and today underwent his Ch
first shear in six years. This was a
Chris the sheep one week ago - wild and woolly - and in serious need of fo
a hair cut. Today - the merino has bei
found a new lease on life - after poi
being rescued by the RSPCA. Forty ho
point four five kilograms. That' s morning
how much wool Chris shed this Merino
morning giving Goulburn' s Big
Merino a run for its money. Canberr stunne
- and the world - shocked and live
stunned the sheep has managed to lo
live under such a big coat, for so f
long. It' s amazing that a dog or a because
fox hadn' t sort of killed it abl
because obviously it wouldn' t be this
able run fairly quickly with all b
this wool on it Chris' journey from sta
big little merino... wander
started when a local found him Mulliga
wandering in a reserve around
Mulligan' s Flat on Tuesday. The AC by
RSPCA was then called in. Shocked wai
by his size - they were forced to cou
wait until yesterday - until they could bring in more muscle to rescu agai
the stunned sheep. we went back h
again yesterday with a full team we had five people including one of ou It
inspectors, a vet and a stretcher It was this simple tweet from Tammy putting the call out for someone t
help shear Chris - that sparked th