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(generated from captions) This one is pretty much
a one-in-three shot. I just chose one of them. So, I'm not going to pretend that
I have any logic applied to this. I've heard of them all, obviously.
They're all very, very famous. I couldn't tell you
too much about them. Alright, the answer we need
is Lauren Bacall for $200,000. Just a mere $200,000 riding on it. For Question 2, is Emma Ferrer
the granddaughter of Lauren Bacall?

Ooh! It's the first cross
we've ever seen up there. Yeah. Yeah, well, as I say,
I've ridden my luck to here, so... It was Audrey Hepburn.
Audrey Hepburn, yeah. Yeah. There you go. You're sitting on $75,000
of safe money, which is great. Yeah. No, I'll go home happy.
Come back and... Good.
..have another crack. Congratulations, mate. Well done. Thanks, Simon. Thank you. A little bit disappointed,
but he's very, very good. Michael will be back, he hopes,
for a second crack at the $200,000 on the next Million Dollar Minute
against two new contestants. Can he do it? See you then.
Bye for now.

This program is captioned live. On Seven News tonight -
busted on the tarmac. SHOUTING: Down, down, down! A pilot arrested
in a cross-border smuggling sting netting drugs and guns. A murder mystery breakthrough - four gang members charged,
the victim still missing. We just want to bring him home
and bury him. The powerful images triggering calls
for international action over Europe's worsening
refugee crisis. Work disrupted as fury grows over the
WestConnex project at St Peters. And Chris gets shorn. An overgrown sheep's
record-breaking trim. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. It started
as a small-town investigation spanning three states. Drugs, guns and money were seized
from bikies in South Australia at about the same time
as a Queensland pilot touched down in country New South Wales with all the evidence
police had been hoping for. SHOUTING: Out, out, out! Get out! At Deniliquin Airport
at about 4:30 yesterday, a pilot landed himself
in a world of trouble. You are now under arrest,
do you understand that? You make any move towards us
we'll take that as a threat, do you understand that? Stashed behind the seats - bag after bag
of hydroponic cannabis. 46kg of it

plus 4kg of ingredients
for making ice. What are those packages
in the back there, sir? What packages? I can see through
the back windscreen there, there are packages in plastic. A mystery, it seemed, to 67-year-old Queenslander
John Charles White. There's three individual packets
of cannabis. The plane will be confiscated
as proceeds of crime. It's an Ultralight known, appropriately,
as a TL-2000 Sting. Police say it was flown
from Adelaide, the drugs allegedly supplied
by South Australian bikies from the Hells Angels
and Descendants. It's unknown where
it was going to be distributed. We are very close
to the Victorian border as well. A police strike force
was formed in January off the back of a local firearms
investigation in the small Riverina town of Hay. It just kept getting bigger before spilling across three states. Simultaneous raids in Hay Adelaide, Brisbane
and the Gold Coast resulted in another 10 arrests. The seizure in South Australia
includes 18kg of cannabis with a potential street
value of $180,000. Four men arrested in Hay were
charged with ongoing gun supply with 38 firearms and ammunition
seized over the past eight months. There's still a number
of outstanding offenders that we need to speak to
in relation to this inquiry, in South Australia, Queensland
and New South Wales. Pilot John White was charged
with two counts of drug supply and was refused bail.

Even more than five months on, the video of men storming
Brendan Vollmost's home at Windsor and then allegedly kidnapping him is unsettling. He hasn't been seen since and this morning police charged
four men with his murder. The victim's girlfriend
says whoever killed him now needs to tell
where his body is. An early morning wake-up call as police swarm around a number
of Western Sydney homes. An operation by officers
from strike force Orander that saw extensive searches
and four men arrested. Part of a group that call themselves
the Blood Brothers. Charged today - 33 year old Jamie Tilley
and 25 year olds Mitchell Bentley, William Thomas and Jack Davies. All accused of the kidnap and murder
of 23 year old Brendan Vollmost. In March, security cameras
installed at his South Windsor home captured him frantically trying
to escape a car-load of men who pursued him into his backyard. It's alleged Vollmost was bashed,
possibly dying there, before being taken away
in a Hyundai i30. It would certainly be suggested
that the death was a result of drug trafficking
in that area. Two others have been charged
with being an accessory and conspiring to supply drugs.

It's believed the Hyundai
may have taken to a scrap dealer. Brendan Vollmost
has never been found. His loved ones say the
last few months have been torture. We just want to bring him home
so we can bury him. With members of the so-called
Blood Brothers in custody, police are hopeful
people with information who may have been reluctant before
will come forward. I know there are people out there
who know what happened to him. Those arrested today are due
to appear in court again next month. There's a developing story
in Neutral Bay. A man was stabbed multiple times
on Wycombe Road this afternoon and is now in
Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition. It's pretty crazy. You think you're in a safe area
going for runs, as you do, it's just not safe.

A woman is helping police
with their inquiries. A warning now about the pictures
we're going to show you from Europe's humanitarian crisis. In a summer of endless drownings,
today came a defining image of a policeman wading from the water
at a Turkish beach, cradling the lifeless body
of a Syrian toddler in his arms. The young boy still dressed
in his best T-shirt and shorts. For the tens of thousands of people
who make up this migrant crisis it could be the fate of this little
boy which finally triggers action. His name is Aylan Kurdi
from Kobane in Syria. Aylan's body is carried ashore
by a Turkish police officer. His 5-year-old brother also died,
but his parents survived. They set off in a boat like this
in search of a better life. This is a disgrace
that we are letting people die and seeing dead bodies
on the beaches when Europe is such,
such a wealthy place. The Middle East humanitarian crisis
is no longer on Europe's doorstep, it's inside its borders. (CHANTING)

Chants of "Germany" were today
replaced by cries for freedom. For a second day, Budapest's main railway station
was shut to the migrants determined to reach
Austria and Germany. Thousands more arrived
at the Keleti station hoping to board trains. The walkways and ticket halls
of a brand new metro station below are now a makeshift refugee camp. 21-year-old Amir last night
slept on the street. He will sleep here tonight, dreaming of a new life in Germany and completing the economics degree
he started in Damascus before it became too dangerous.

I want to make my future
and live a good life. It is hot here. People clamour for the few bottles
of water handed out. Space and comfort is at a premium. They're not all from Syria. many have fled the Taliban and rise
of Islamic State in Afghanistan. Everyone here is determined
to make those trains to further their journeys
deeper into Europe. Most have money,
some have passports, but none have the
necessary paperwork to prove they are genuine refugees. Many fear, if these people
are forced to move on, it may not happen peacefully. As European leaders
squabble over what to do, thousands more are coming. But they're now wondering if life
really is better once they get here. Our Europe correspondent
Hugh Whitfeld joins us from Budapest. Hugh, the stand-off
at the train station is now over.

For now, Mark, a short

For now, Mark, a short time ago the police who were standing on the steps of the train station here simply walked away. And there was a mad rush, thousands of people trying to get inside. And clamour aboard the trains from the platforms. But it all might be false hope. All of the services to places like Munich and Vienna, all of western Europe where these people want to go, they all have been cancelled. The only services running are to other parts of Hungary, back to where they came from. So thousands remain in limbo here. Still certain they want to get to Germany where Angela Merkel has assured nearly 1 million people they will be granted asylum. The Prime Minister hinted today
he'd back an increase in the GST if it was matched by a reduction
in other areas, like income tax. Tony Abbott is in Melbourne selling his government's policies
on jobs and growth and doing a favour for someone who
thought he had potential years ago. Opening a job agency... How's it going? ..Tony Abbott gets
a warm introduction... You're a legend, thank you. ..from someone
who publicly picked him as a future prime minster
15 years ago. Thank you for discerning that in
me when very few others did, I have to say!

(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) As Prime Minister now,
he has priorities. Cutting taxes? Very important. In a morning interview suggesting he'd back an increase
in the GST if it meant income
and other taxes went lower. It's got to be done,
if it's to be done, in the context of an overall
lower tax burden. There's Mr Abbott yet again. Another day, it's another new idea but the question, is do any of
his ideas actually make sense? On his third visit to campaign in the West Australian seat
of Canning... I'm Bill Shorten. ..Mr Shorten said the government's
ramped-up talk of tax cuts was tailored towards
lifting its vote in the September 19 by-election. No, Mr Abbott wants to increase
the GST and he wants to increase taxes
on Australians. Tony Abbott has again upset
the Jewish lobby with another Holocaust reference, today suggesting that the actions
of Islamic State radicals were worse than Hitler's Nazis. Unlike previous evildoers, whether we're talking about Stalin
or Hitler or whoever, that tried to cover up their evil, this wretched death cult
boasts about it. His comments were both injudicious
and unfortunate. Labor didn't join in
with that criticism... I agree with Mr Abbott's sentiment
that IS is evil. ..wanting to avoid any fight
on national security, particularly with a crucial
by-election around the corner. A suspended driver, out on bail,
has crashed after allegedly dodging
a random breath test. 19-year-old Omer Jalloul
was arrested in a Bankstown scrap yard following a manhunt
using police dogs. Police say he sped off
and hit another car before crashing, then running off. Jalloul appeared in court today,
his bail was revoked. A Sydney grandmother
has been repeatedly tasered in a home invasion at Guildford. Ashlea Brown
is at Granville police station. Ash, the woman's son and husband
came to the rescue. In their own words, the family gave the intruder
"an absolute flogging". The 62-year-old woman went outside
to check the power after the lights
went off in her Guildford home. She was confronted by a man armed with a stun gun
and replica pistol. She was tasered several times - her screams waking her husband
and 30-year-old son. The son was tasered and bitten

before the father launched
an attack with a broomstick. I seen the lady walk away
on the phone, like, calling the police and I seen the father hitting,
hitting with the broomstick, I thought the guy was done.

A young woman is now
out of intensive care in hospital after having a heart attack while receiving breast implants
at a Sydney clinic. It's at least
the second time it's happened to the cosmetic company this year. It prompted warnings today
for women to take care when choosing their surgeons for what is
a serious medical procedure. The 22-year-old Victorian woman chose The Cosmetic Institute
in Bondi Junction for her breast augmentation. At lunchtime yesterday
with the surgery under way, she had a cardiac arrest. The problem is the law is allowing surgery
to be done under what is being called
"conscious sedation". But conscious sedation becomes
unconscious sedation very quickly. In January, at the company's
Parramatta branch, 20-year-old Amy Rickhuss
was also rushed to hospital when her heart stopped. They asked me when I woke up,
"Do you know where you are?" And I said,
"I'm at The Cosmetic Institute" and they said, "No, you're at
the Westmead Hospital." Today, staff refused
to answer questions. Instead,
they called in their lawyers. Is this a continuing problem? Speak to our media person.

We're releasing a statement.
I'm not making any comment. St Vincent's confirmed they suspect local anaesthetic was again
the cause of the heart failure. But the company said:

They claim she most likely
had a vagal response, which is a medical term
used to describe fainting and it landed her here
in the intensive care ward. Doctors at these clinics differ
from accredited plastic surgeons. Plastic and reconstructive
and cosmetic surgeons have more than 10 years
of post medical school training. The 22-year-old
is in a stable condition. A Sydney man accused of plotting
to abduct an innocent civilian and behead them in public

23-year-old Omarjan Azari
was arrested in Guildford during Australia's largest
counter-terrorism raids last September. He appeared in the supreme court
today where a judge ruled
there was a strong case against him. He'll remain in Goulburn's
supermax prison until his trial. 20 people living near a tyre company
at Milton on the south coast were evacuated from their homes as the family owned business
was destroyed by a huge blaze. Several large explosions erupted. Neighbouring buildings
were saved by firefighters. Detectives are investigating
how the fire started. In a cold case verdict
a serial rapist was jailed today trapped by his DNA from crimes
nearly a quarter of a century ago. Richard Crowe was a predator
who kidnapped and raped five girls in Sydney's derelict buildings
and stormwater drains. Today,
a judge ordered him behind bars for at least 7.5 years.

25 years after his vicious attacks
on 5 innocent girls, Richard John Crowe
is finally brought to justice. He set out to physically attack
young girls - children going about
their daily life. Today those victims, now adults,
were in court to see him sentenced
to a maximum 12 years jail. This has been a difficult process
for the victims from the start. I want to acknowledge their
strength and dignity they've shown throughout this process. Crowe's first victim was 9 when she was attacked
in Bankstown in 1989. In 1990 he ambushed a 12-year-old
in a park at South Strathfield. Two months later he attacked a 10-year-old
walking home at Bankstown. Another girl was kidnapped
and pulled into a stormwater drain at Punchbowl. The following year
he assaulted a teenager at Artarmon. In the last attack, the 17-year-old girl
was walking here along the Artarmon bush reserve
on her way to work when Crowe pushed her to the ground. She screamed. He claimed he had a knife
and threatened to kill her if she didn't keep quiet. Last August after DNA technology
led to a breakthrough in a cold case Crowe was charged and pleaded guilty
to multiple offences. He'll be eligible for parole
in 2022.

The Powerhouse Museum
has opened its permanent Centre For Fashion. And for its first retrospective it's exhibiting the work
of Australian designer Collette Dinnigan. A global success
for quarter of a century, her timeless designs worn by the biggest names
in Paris Hollywood and in royal circles. Sydney's glitterarti
celebrating a fashion powerhouse. Unlaced,
the story of Colette Dinnigan. The exhibitions on show, so it's my job
to bring in an audience, I guess. Her career began in 1990
with a silk lingerie collection. Five years later,
Dinnigan went international, becoming the first
Australian designer to appear on Paris runways. Now, she's the first at the new Centre for Fashion
at the Powerhouse. There's always a story with a dress. I think every women
can attest to that, you know. You either have a lot of fun. Something sad might have happened and so there is always a memory. Dinnigan's clothes
have a celebrity following with Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift,
Halle Berry and Angelia Jolie all walking the red carpet
in her designs. Even Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
has a story to tell. And I bought this. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS)

And the label says
only seven were made worldwide. Well, imagine my delight
when I found one of the seven upstairs in the exhibition. Dinnigan stepped down from
her fashion empire two years ago to focus on her family. I think, like anything, if you do it well
and with all your heart and soul, they stand the test of time. The exhibition opens to the public
on Saturday. Let's check the weather now. Angie, snow and storms
for New South Wales today? Mark, just as we get our first taste
of that warmer September breeze it's easy to think
winter has melted away. But this is the scene
in Perisher today. 10cm of fresh snow there
and it's been falling all day. We had a storm of a different kind
in and around Sydney. Thundery rain swept across
the state very early this morning. That brought the city's
first spring rain with 2.8mm in the gauge and 50,000 lightning strikes
to northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland. Tomorrow is looking
much more settled. those details coming up, Mark.

Still to come in Seven News at 6:

The accident that left a Sydney woman badly injured. 12,000 troops, $2 billion, China's impressive show of force. One of Sydney's Spring Carnival. The story of inspiration,

Right across Australia,
cars are taking a stand. (ALARM BLARES) A stand against ordinary fuels that can leave deposits
and clog up engines. Oh.

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Just a day after the government
finally released more details of its WestConnex plan
for St Peter's, furious residents are protesting. Worried about the invasive
nature of the project on tens of thousands of lives as 30,000 vehicles a day come
off the WestConnex motorway and spill into
already crowded streets across the inner west
and inner south. From California's concrete jungle to Shanghai's superhighways, this is the future
for Sydney's inner west. That is absolutely LA style
spaghetti interchange enormous. The design
of the St Peters interchange was revealed yesterday. Today,
residents blockaded the work site. We've successfully stopped work
here today. Causing disruptions to workers because of concerns
about potentially dangerous waste. What's going on behind here
is illegal, we know there's no planned
EPA licence to remove this asbestos. I think the road
will destroy the business. Publican Brandon Lynch fears the road
could spell last drinks for Newtown's landmark
Town and Country Hotel. We will lose a lot of our locals because the roads
will be blocked off and I think just the traffic there will be no parking
in the area anymore and people
just won't come to this hotel. The City of Sydney council says it's not just Newtown that
will face suffocating congestion. Mitchell Road and McEvoy Street
in Alexandria, which, in peak hour,
are gridlocked will be flooded
with thousands of drivers trying to exit the interchange. So people will pay tolls and they will be dumped in the
middle of dense residential areas. The Government says six stacks to be built at
Kingsgrove, Arncliffe and St Peters won't lead to a decrease
in air quality. Locals aren't convinced. This is outrageous, the kids little lungs are going to
be breathing in all this pollution. With construction under way,
residents face a long road ahead. An Iranian man

who'd known Lindt cafe gunman
Man Monis for more than a decade claims the deadly siege
could've been prevented if authorities had taken his advice. Outside the siege inquest, Cyrus Sarang said he warned
federal police years earlier to deport Monis because he knew he was dangerous. When Man Haron Monis chained himself
to the Downing Centre in 2009 Cyrus Sarang confronted him. He told the Lindt cafe siege inquest that he called Monis
a terrorist that day, believing he was an Iranian spy. I said you have to go
and leave this country. The Iranian refugee activist normally helps asylum seekers
from his country. But after the court incident he claims he told Federal Police
to deport Monis. They said Australia is
a democratic country and this person has got citizenship. I said "So what? "He is loose,
he is dangerous to society." Sarang supported ASIO's deportation of another controversial
Islamic figure, Mansour Leghaei, in 2010.

He says the siege
would never have happened if they kicked Monis out too.

I informed the authorities,
they didn't listen. They kept him. That's why this
disaster happened The AFP won't comment until all inquiries into
what happened here are complete. Another witness who
gave evidence today also believes the siege deaths
could've been prevented. Islamic community leader
Keysar Trad says he beats himself up for not recognising Monis
that night. We would've liked to have a go
at talking him down. The inquest continues.

Police say Mel Gibson
won't be charged after being accused
by a newspaper photographer of attacking her
outside a Paddington cinema two weeks ago. Investigators say,
based on the evidence, the matter won't be taken further. Gibson is in Sydney to direct a new film
about World War II. A young Northern Beaches woman
is in a serious condition in a Las Vegas hospital after being hit by a car
on the famous strip. Her mother has rushed
to be by her side just days after the 20-year-old
started her American adventure. In the middle of the
Vegas strip police markings map the tragic
ending to a young Australian's holiday. It's been pretty
rough for three days. Hopefully she's going to be good. Their daughter,
20-year-old Brooke Baldwin arrived in America a week ago. She and a friend
stayed in Hawaii first before arriving in Las Vegas and the famous Caesars Palace
in the heart of Sin City. This actually happened right
around 4 in the AM. In a statement, police say:

She was hit by a 64-year-old driver who stayed with her
until help arrived. He's not suspected
of being under the influence. A pedestrian bridge stretching
overhead was just steps away. I guess it is a cruel reminder
that even though we are young, we are not invincible and that these things happen. Brooke remains critical
in a Vegas hospital. Brooke's mother is
already by her side as her Dad in Sydney
scrambles to follow suit for a heartbreaking bedside vigil. If you want to help Brooke's family
the details are on our website. China and Japan
are still in dispute over an island chain
off their coasts. that Beijing
used an anniversary today to demonstrate its might
and colossal power To mark a wartime victory
over Tokyo's forces

Beijing stops
for an intimidating show of strength and a president
determined to talk peace. President Xi announced China will reduce its troop numbers
by 300,000. It's a big cut, but afterwards, the Asian powerhouse will still have
2 million men and women in uniform. One of the world's
biggest militaries showcased in the classic
cold war way, a parade through the capital
down Beijing's Chang-An Avenue. President Xi yelling to soldiers, "Hello, comrades,
hard working comrades." (SPEAKS MANDARIN CHINESE) Behind 12,000 troops, military hardware, some never shown in public before. It marked 70 years
from the end of World War I, They're saying China
will stand up to enemies today as it once did 70 years ago. Intimidating for China's neighbours as they argue with Beijing over territory
in the East and South China Seas. In a recent interview, the Philippines Ambassador warned
these disputes could be dangerous. I think all peace-loving nations,
including Australia, Among 30 world leaders
at today's parade, Russia's Vladimir Putin. An invitation was sent here as well. Prime Minister Abbott
chose not attend. The optics of all this, tanks rolling through
Tiananmen Square, is a very difficult thing
for Western leaders to go alongside and show. Though Canberra was represented by Veterans Affairs Minister
Michael Ronaldson. Sydney's Spring Racing Carnival
was launched today on a bittersweet note. Randwick was packed
for the occasion with Bart Cummings' family
the guests of honour to hear about the record number
of races this spring and the heartfelt tributes
for a man they all loved. Spring is here

and so is Randwick's favourite time
of the year - spring racing. There are none
bigger than this carnival. It's a long one and it's a beauty. Randwick's carnival has a tough
competitor but a revamped Randwick
and a host of ambassadors are seeing more and more crowds

Spring racing
is more than just the horses. It's all about this - socialising with friends
on a beautiful day in our city and of course, the fashion.

Spring racing is all about
some beautiful pastels. We've also got a '70s trend
so it's your take on it. And for the men... More just the accessories, I think. I have no idea.

He just copies off me. Yeah, I copy him. The start of the carnival comes at a
sad time for the racing industry following the passing of
Bart Cummings. The ATC is planning a number
of special tributes at his home track this weekend
and throughout the Spring Carnival. I don't think there is any doubt about the impact he had
on our industry so it's nice to come here today
and try to carry on the intention in everything he did.

Spring racing begins next weekend
at Rosehill right through to the 3rd of November and it's all here on Seven. 100 years ago today, history was made when the first
women joined the NSW police force. There are now 4,500 female officers
on the beat - and to celebrate, a relay around the state
finished in the city today. Some of them are risking their
lives every day for our community and it just makes me so proud. Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn is our highest ranked
female officer. She's been serving for 30 years. You're watching Seven News. The Australian invention
combatting counterfeits. An emotional Glenn Wheeler
on his long road to recovery. Yes, I've nearly been
to death and back but I tell you what,
it's been fantastic. Causing a racquet - Coco goes loco
at the US Open. And Chris the sheep gets fleeced. The trim
that's set a new world record. That's next.

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Researchers have come up with a way
to stop counterfeiting, which is now a worldwide problem with billions of dollars
worth of fakes stopped at customs
every year. Now invisible codes
are being hidden sorting the real thing
from the fakes. Australian Customs uncovers more than 700,000
counterfeit items a year, worth $50 billion. Recent major seizes - 40 tonnes of fake OMO, counterfeit beer,
stationery, counterfeit Nike
and Adidas sports gear. Target was sued for selling
counterfeit MAC makeup sourced from unofficial suppliers. It is rife. 70% of the world's counterfeits
come out of China and any Australian brand
exporting to China is going to be subject
to counterfeiting. In China up to 300,000 die each year
from fake pharmaceuticals. Australian exporters
should be protecting their product before they send it to China. This Australian invention can immediately pick up fakes
from the real product. Special, indestructible
tracer material can be embedded in a manufacturers'
genuine product or packaging, like the Kalara Tea Tree Oil
has done and then a scanner can detects it. Pick up the product with the
scanner, it searches the crystals - pass. When the scanner detects
the tracer in a product... (BUZZES) know it's real. Our product can be put
into corks, bottletops, fibres in fabric, labels. We're going to start with
these anti-counterfeiting measures. Rather than wait for the problem
to happen we're going to tackle it
straight away. An effective way to protect manufacturers, retailers
and consumers from fakes. Rebekah Brooks
returns to her old job next week, running News Corporation's
huge British newspaper operation. She was cleared last year
of phone hacking and bribery charges stemming from the
News of the World scandal. Brooks says she's delighted
to finally return as chief executive of News UK. It might not look that appetising but this slice of cake from
the Queen's wedding 68 years ago is still edible. A mystery buyer has just paid
$1,087 for it at auction. It's still is in its original
baking parchment and gift box. Despite being baked in 1947, the high alcohol content
means the slice can still be eaten. Television and radio personality
Glenn Wheeler was back on air last night, making good progress
after his devastating accident. Back with a recorded message
at a fundraiser for his treatment, saying it could happen to anyone. And if it did he'd help them
as others are helping him. When TV rivals come together
it's usually with daggers drawn. But every now and then
we bury the hatchet. Not in each other's backs,
but to express our love... # Loooove shack! #

..for one of our own, Morning Show host
Glenn Wheeler. You wouldn't believe it, would ya? Glenn's in rehab after a terrible
road accident 8 months ago. So last night at
Star City's Rock Lily lounge we threw a little fundraiser.

A glittering affair. # Glitter on the highway
Glitter on the front porch # The Journo's Jam -

a Battle of the Bands
from Channel Seven, Channel Nine,

Channel 10,

and the ABC. # Just to watch him die. # No winners, except for Glenn. # So come along
and bring your jukebox money # Nearly 300 people did. Ticket sales and auctions
raised over $300,000 for Glenn's ongoing treatment. Whooooo! Yes, whoo!

# Bang, bang
# On the door, baby #

And thank you, everybody,
collectively, for the fabulous support
that I have had, this little black duck has had. Hey, Glenn. It was a pleasure.

Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - back on board. The next challenge
for a remarkable Australian who triumphed over tragedy. Chris the sheep finally gets shorn,
setting a new world record. And after Spring storms
and snow last night. Expect showers to develop
in Sydney this evening. The forecast is coming up.

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Now to one of the most
remarkable Aussies and one of the most
remarkable stories you'll see this year. A man who suffered
an appalling accident but who is now aiming
to be a world champion. MAN: It's liberating,
it's freedom for me. It's given me my life back. He certainly looks the part
and acts it. But Jade 'Red' Wheatley
is not your average surfie.

I just enjoy myself, yeah.
It gives me freedom. Freedom he never thought
to find again after an industrial accident
almost cost him his life, ultimately claiming both his legs. Do you look back on that accident
and think, "I could've been killed"? Yeah. yeah. Instantly.
I was thinking that. 19-year-old Red was driving
a road-roller just like this one at a mine where he worked
when the ground gave way. My ankles hit the ground
and snapped instantly and my legs crossed over. Right leg went up there,

left shoulder...ah, left leg
went up sort of the right shoulder and the machine come down
on top of me. Bang. Yeah.

13 tonnes of heavy machinery
crushed both his legs. You can still see his boot
lying trapped under the cabin roof in this photo. Doctors were forced to amputate
Red's left leg within days of the accident. He kept his right leg
for more than two years but he finally begged doctors
to take it off. As soon as I did, it was freedom. Two, I think, two to three months
later, I was walking. It's not just a passion
about surfing, it's about life in general. Because he's always been somebody
who's had that. And I was just amazed
that he was doing everyday things, let alone surfing.

Now 34, Red and his family
are busy trying to raise $15,000 to spearhead
an Australian team of three to compete in the world's first
Adaptive Surfing competition in America.

Details of his fundraising drive
are on our website. Just ahead in Seven News -
Chris's extreme make-over. The wild and woolly sheep
delivers a new world record. But first Jim's here with sport - and you've got breaking news
on a former NRL star. Good evening, everyone. The former Canberra star will face
an NRL anti-doping tribunal on September 17. Earl has already spent two years
out of the game after admitting to using
banned substances and is hoping to avoid
a 4-year suspension. Meantime, Benji Marshall says Robbie Farah
still has plenty to offer. So where will Robbie Farah
go next? Maybe the Dragons? (LAUGHTER) I hope not. (LAUGHTER) I don't like him. The pair were twin talisman
at West Tigers for a decade. But Saturday's clash
could be final time either wears black and gold. It might be my last game, mate. Let me enjoy it and get a win. Long gone -

Marshall can't understand
why his old club want to sack another legend. I still think he's the best
attacking dummy half in the game and he needs to play like that
to have success and they would be silly
not to have him there doing that. Farah and Marshall have reunited
to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer, a condition that claimed
two of their closest supporters in recent years. My mother and his father. It sends a strong message
when we can both stand here today and speak about this. When any of your good mates
or anyone loses their parents, it's hard to take and I suppose
that's just how close we were. It's hard
when you are mates like that. Having been through
what I've been through with family, it does put things
into perspective. The problems I have
at the moment are first-world problems,
to be honest. I'm sure there would be
a million people wanting to swap shoes with me
right now. Swapping roles to become Tigers CEO
is Justin Pascoe, who quit the Panthers today.

Shaun Kenny-Dowall
is set to return in tomorrow night's clash
with the Rabbitohs. Kenny-Dowall hasn't played
in nearly two months due to concerns over
his mental well-being after being charged
with domestic violence. Trent Robinson has urged fans
not to boo him. Probably, with Adam across the road
there at the Swans, put some pressure on the AFL and the way that people
have dealt with it, hopefully rugby league's
in a better state then that. Nathan Brown is set to be appointed
as the new coach of the Newcastle Knights next week. Our League insider Laurie Daley has gone the Storm over the Broncos tonight and the Roosters to make it 12 straight wins tomorrow night. Loz has tipped all home teams for the round. The cousin of Manly's new coach
and former NRL star Trent Barrett will make his debut for
the Greater Western Sydney Giants. Jake Barrett will line up
against Melbourne on Sunday. Sydney Swans aren't resting
any players for Saturday night's
final round clash against the Gold Coast Suns
at the SCG. Particularly our senior group
are really keen to play a strong brand of football
this week. They're the ones are really
determined to make sure we put our best foot forward. Star midfielder Luke Parker is
expected to start running tomorrow as he recovers from a broken leg. The Socceroos are about to play
their first game on home soil since winning
the Asian Cup in January. They meet Bangladesh
in a World Cup qualifier for Russia 2018 in Perth tonight. The Socceroos are
overwhelming favourites against the world's
170th-ranked side. Tim Cahill will captain the side
with Mile Jedinak out injured. Aussies Lleyton Hewitt
and Bernard Tomic will meet in the second round
of the US Open tomorrow morning. Sam Groth was the only Aussie
in action on day 3. Despite smashing 36 winners, Groth went down in straight sets
to Tommy Robredo. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic
both progressed to the third round, with the world number 1
showing off his dance moves. Serena Williams
took another step towards the calendar grand slam, defeating Kiki Bertens
in straight sets. but the set certainly did. That was nothing compared to this from American
Coco Vanderway, smashing her racquet several times
during a straight sets loss.

Coco isn't happy.

Coco isn't happy.She gave it some, didn't she.A couple of the early items are online right now. Intriguing visit to the UK for Phil Goole. So Gus in the UK for the 7th tackle. Thank you. As a nation we rode to prosperity
on the sheep's back - wool was our main export
for more than a century. Today all the attention
was on the wool from just one lost sheep and four assistants who, when the shears fell silent,
weighed the result. More than 40kg -
a world record. Chris the misplaced merino
was found near Canberra yesterday. He could barely walk
because of his hefty winter coat. He's a, you know, a sheep with a big
personality and a big coat to match. This morning he got
a big haircut. Four-time Australian
shearing champion Ian Elkins and four helpers took on the woolly mammal. 42 minutes later
they were done. 42.4. An average fleece
weighs just 5kg. I reckon this sheep would have been
about 7 years old and never been shorn before. It smashed the previous
27kg record held by Shrek in New Zealand. But despite knitters
in the nation's capital planning quite a few jumpers it's unlikely the 42cm-long wool
will be sold. I reckon it will go in a museum
somewhere, myself. Chris now weighs just 44kg and will spend a few days
with the vet adjusting to life
as a much lighter and cooler man. Could be the drugs still wearing off but, certainly,
he was in such a good mood and he was already eating as well. He'll then be put up for adoption. The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus -

shopping in vogue at
fashion's Night Out in the City. And we'll finish off
the working week with couple of showers
tomorrow morning. Your Friday forecast is up next.

Hi everyone - Daniel Gibson with you, hope your well weel we had some rain in the last little while around the 5- 10mm for most a few places with a little more but that was about the average Tomorrow a mostly dry day on the cards less than 1mm of rain is expeced. As we head into the weekend winds should ease in the weather looks pretty good really Still the chance of the odd coastal shower on fathers day see again soon .

For dads.

VOICEOVER: Supportive dads

and scary ones.

Yay for multitasking dads,

one-outfit dads,

and two of a kind.

Yay for late-night feeds

and one more read.


Yay for the thoughtful gifts
he has to wear

and man hugs to show you care.

Yay for higher quality
at lower prices.

This Father's Day.

And every day.
At Target.

VOICE-OVER: In a serious crash...
(Coo-ee whistle) ..wearing a seatbelt nearly doubles
your chances of surviving. (Coo-ee whistle) So, however short the journey, don't forget to clip every trip. # UPBEAT COUNTRY MUSIC

Tonight's Seven News headlines - a pilot among 11 people arrested in a cross-border
police smuggling sting, netting drugs and guns. The search continues
for Brendan Vollmost's body after four gang members
are charged with his murder. Powerful new images trigger calls
for international action over Europe's worsening
refugee crisis. Checking finance and the share market closed lower and has now finished 3 of last 4 sessions in the red. Myer shares plunged to a new all-time low after its trading halt was lifted. And our dollar is buying just
over 70 U.S. cents. Tonight is one of the few nights
in Sydney you can find a bargain while having a wine. It's for Vogue's Fashion Night Out and retailers are offering
big discounts across the CBD until 10:00 tonight. 180,000 shoppers
are expected to spend. Now here's Angie
with Sydney's Friday forecast. Thank you, Mark - good evening. Sydney delivered
a pretty perfect spring day today. Although you may have woken
very early A band of storms
drifted across the state. Sydney recorded 2-5mm - the first rain of the season. The heaviest falls were
in the Riverina with 18-23mm. That all cleared by sunrise, though. We ended up with a top
of 21 degrees. Right now the temperature
has dropped back to 16. Temperatures were pretty close
to average for most centres. Liverpool and Richmond. A degree cooler at Terrey Hills
with 19. Manly climbed to 21. From the satellite - A surface low is responsible
for this large band of cloud hovering over New South Wales
and Victoria. That system produced the rainfall
earlier today and fanned some fairly chilly winds. Thankfully we've seen the worst
of the weather associated with that. From tomorrow
it will push further out to sea and be replaced a ridge
of high pressure. That means tomorrow is looking
fairly settled across the eastern states. Perth, though, is aiming for
21 degrees with a possible storm. Partly cloudy
for Adelaide and Melbourne. After a morning fog in Canberra, the afternoon will reach
a much warmer 16. Brisbane, partly cloudy and 24. There is a strong wind warning
for our waters tomorrow. Expect southerly gusts to get up
to 30 knots. Tonight, showers
will increase in Sydney. Clearing by late morning. And a cooler top of just 18 degrees. It's the same story on our beaches with 17 for Manly and Cronulla. Warmer in the west,
reaching 19 at Campebelltown. Looking ahead - Saturday is the pick. It'll be fine and 21 degrees. Showers will linger
for the rest of the week. They will be light and scattered,
though. In our west - some better days here. 24 the top of Monday.

And Tuesday and Wednesday
should stay fine. Mark. That's Seven News for this Thursday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions by Ericsson.

Little Miss Perfect Evelyn,
always taking the high moral ground. Oh, well, it's better than
being in the gutter with you. Can you guys stop the cutesy act?
It's getting kind of old. Are you jealous? Get over yourself, Matt. That's ironic coming from you. You do know what irony is?
Matt! I like Maddy. You need to accept
that Maddy is happy with Oscar. Yeah, you've been
a little more than a tool. Yeah, I'm really sorry.
Is that it? There's no explanation
or anything like that? What are you doing here? Leah will come around.
Nah. I really think it's it this time. Why don't you stay at our place?
Hunter would love that. Wouldn't that be kind of weird? You're a friend.
I'm offering you a couch. We've decided we're gonna split up.
Are you kidding me? I'm just trying to protect us
from getting hurt. No, you're running away
just in case you get hurt. I hope this isn't awkward, but
I kind of need to ask you something. Do you think Zac
would like this for breakfast? You've been waiting for this,
haven't you? He had nowhere else to go.
What was I supposed to do? I don't know? Have some morals. What are you doing?

Can you just say something? Please?

Look, I'm sorry. Yeah, so am I. I don't know what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking. It was impulsive. Stupid.
Was it? Or was it like Leah says - you've been planning this
from the get-go? No! I haven't planned anything.
I'm in love with Leah. I know that. And just because we're broken up,
it doesn't mean...
You don't have to say it.

I understand.

Where will you go?