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I'm Laura Jayes our top stories Europe's
this afternoon. Human cost of highlighted
Europe's growing refugee crisis body
highlighted by a child's lifeless thousands
body on a Turkish beach resort as for
thousands continues to risk death life.
for a better chance at a better grounds
life. The Prime Minister lays the to
grounds work for taking tax reform the
to the next election arguing that lower
the GST could be used to paid for who
lower less ep taxes. A Sydney man disbeliever
who was allegedly told to pick up a the
disbeliever and denied bail that strong.
the case against him is reasonably picture
strong. Welcome to the program. The you
picture that we are about to show potent
you confronting but it become a problem
potent symbol of the refugee three
problem in Europe. This boy was body
three years old and his lifeless year-old
body washed up in Bodrum. His five- drowned
year-old brother Gallop was found pictures
drowned with his mother. These almost
pictures were splashed across today.
almost every front page in Europe scenes
today. There has been troubling thousands
scenes in Europe. Budapest has outside
thousands of asylum seekers camped It
outside helping to head to Germany. between
It underscores the deep rift handle
between European leaders how to urging
handle the crisis. Top dip mats are on
urging a rethink of European rules fairer
on asylum seekers to allow for a refugees
fairer distribution of these bloc.
refugees throughout the 28-member their
bloc.They almost drowned after days
their dinghy sprung a leak. For 21 Mahood
days this sifan family dragged physically
Mahood across Europe meantly and His
physically disability from birth. to
His 60-year-old mother who refuses Baby's
to leave his side is exhausted. albeit
Baby's antics brings about a smile, diarrhoea
albeit a tired one and he has had in
diarrhoea for days. His mother is she
in the last weeks of pregnancy and terrified
she started cramping up and giving
terrified that she will end up first
giving birth in the street. We the
first met the family in front of entrance.
the Budapest trainsation's main meet
entrance. We couldn't make ends Turkey.
meet in Syria, we can't go back to Access
Turkey. We just wanted a future. children.
Access to a good education for the the
children. But now they are doubting She
the decision to take this journey. they
She says they can forget everything being
they have been through. But not We
being left to languish like this. pleads,
We hope that you will save us, she have
pleads, I going you, save us. They nothing.
have nothing left. Literally that
nothing. They have the clothes that baby
that are on their backs. For the and
baby they have a pair of warm pants on
and a jacket that they are putting gotten
on him at night because it has backpack
gotten quite cold. Then they have a little
backpack full of diapers and a that's
little bit of baby formula but back
that's it. They lost everything everything
back home and then they lost stages
everything throughout different family,
stages of the journey. Another the
family, another story. Echoes of engineer
the same misery. Mahmoud a chemical businessman.
engineer was a professional son's
businessman. His four-year-old's into
son's scratched up trying to cross me
into Macedonia. It is too hard for Mahmoud.
me to see my family like this ahead
Mahmoud. So bright he graduated starting
ahead of his class and he should be photos
starting university. Three tiny younger,
photos of the kids when they were this.
younger, before life turned into in
this. She misses her parents still see
in Syria, the most. I just want to her
see them, she says. She just wants her mother to hug her and reassure debate
her all is going to be OK.The GST momentum
debate has been given some added Minister
momentum today with the Prime with
Minister arguing an incomes tax cut more
with the GST increase would make a has
more efficient economy. Today he "There
has told Alan Jones on 2GB that and
"There is a very powerful argument This
and case to raise the GST to 15%". Premier
This was first raised by the NSW meeting.
Premier Mike Baird at the COAG other
meeting. There is some support from Weatherill
other quarters, namely Jay wants
Weatherill in South Australia, he broadening
wants to see perhaps a different GST.
broadening of the base through the centre
GST. Certainly this has become a But
centre of debate around tax reform. willing
But Tony Abbott is for now not further
willing to take the debate any even
further and Labor is not willing to More
even consider giving its support. are
More now from Tom Connell.Voters year
are due to head to the polls next exactly
year but it is still unclear the
exactly what will be the focus of campaign.
the government's re-election sounded
campaign. The Prime Minister has is
sounded out one possibility.There taxing
is an efficiency argument for spending
taxing earning less and taxing cutting
spending more.That is a nod to increasing
cutting incomes tax while to
increasing the GST.Mr Abbott wants the
to increase the GST and that isn't help
the way to build confidence and to living.
help Australians meet the cost of money
living.Workers would have more increased
money in their pockets to meet that be
increased cost of living.It has to taxes.
be in the context of overall lower for
taxes.But it is a tricky equation all
for the government. It want to give if
all the revenue to the voters and support
if the states want to length their more
support they will want billions has
more for health. One government MP simple
has their doubts.We need a very year
simple re-election message next a
year and turning a tax message into of
a simple one requires the greatest jobs
of political powers. I think the compelling.
jobs message is a bit more currents
compelling.The Coalition's Labor
currents job pitch centres agreeing trade
Labor to agree to the China free confirming
trade agreement with Bill Shorten amend
confirming that he will seek to to
amend the deal that has been struck Australian
to contain more protections for enabling
Australian jobs.There is an Migration
enabling legislation around the amendments
Migration Act with some simple that
amendments deal with the concerns point
that we are raising.The whole protection
point of our immigration laws is to changes
protection Australian jobs. Nothing under
changes to our labour market laws parties
under this agreement.The two major shifting
parties say that they are not for of
shifting on this issue and the game head
of political bluff will come to introduced.
head in October when legislation is will
introduced. Meanwhile, a decision Minister
will come next week from the Prime Australia
Minister and Cabinet on whether action
Australia will expands its military indication
action against ISIS. Strong agree
indication is that Australia will conduct
agree to a request by the US to Abbott
conduct airstrikes on Syria. Tony of
Abbott again singling out the evil of ISIS.I am not in the business evil-doughers,
of ranking evil. Unlike previous talking
evil-doughers, whether we are that
talking about Starlin or Hitler There
that tried to covered up their evil. I
There is no doubt that ISIS is evil. it
I am not sure that I would compare war.
it to the whole second warld world will
war.There is signs that Australia airstrikes
will agree to start conducting partners
airstrikes along with Coalition question
partners over Syria. There is a comes
question of legal framework when it argument
comes to this and this is the of
argument that we have been hearing any
of late. There is never going to be for
any acquiescence, any permission This
for Australia to engage in Syria. circumstances
This is different from the course,
circumstances within Iraq. Of Ala
course, we have permission from the unlikely
Ala Bardi regime there. There is this.
unlikely to be a UN-approval of the
this. And so the third legality or could
the third reason that Australia in
could perhaps enter the engagement collective
in Syria, is under what is known as its
collective self-defence of Iraq and getting
its people. Australia will be legalities
getting its own advice on the legalities on that and, of course, open
the opposition has kept the door These
open for bipartisan support on this. be
These are the questions that will engagement
be asked about the rules of a.
engagement and the legality in sir throughout
a. We will be talking about that next
throughout the program. For the joins
next of the day's news Helen Dalley planning
joins us.A Sydney man accused of remain
planning a terrorist attack will remain behind bars until at least was
next year after his bid for bail accused
was rejected. Omarjan Azari is after
accused of conspiracy to murder agreeing
after he was allegedly recorded of
agreeing to kill someone in front Sydney
of the Islamic State flag. Sky News more
Sydney reporter s Cameron Price has been
more details.Omarjan Azari has arrested
been behind bars since she was in
arrested in counter-terrorism raids lawyers
in September last year. Today his bail
lawyers tried to have him freed on singled
bail insisting that he is being singled out for unfair punishment conspiracy
in jail. The 23-year-old accused of financing
conspiracy to commit murder and recorded
financing terrorism, was allegedly attack
recorded planning to commit an Mohammed
attack in a phone call with Australia's
Mohammed Baryalei. It was then the
Australia's most senior member of in
the Islamic State. Azari currently high
in Goulburn Supermax is deemed a banned
high risk to national security. And inmates
banned from contact with other speaking
inmates and from writing or tell
speaking Arabic, even while on the arguing
tell phone. His lawyers today are
arguing conditions of his custody nothing
are harsh and oppressive. There was suggest
nothing in the recorded call to should
suggest an attack and therefore he community
should be released into the the
community while he awaits trial on found
the charges. However, the judge not
found exceptional circumstances did carry
not exit and the serious offences convicted.
carry jail terms of 25 years if be
convicted. Therefore, he should not face
be freed on bail. Azari will next Cameron
face court later this month. Dramatic
Cameron Price, Sky News, Sydney. Western
Dramatic been conducted across officers
Western Sydney with heavily armed disappearance
officers charging five men of the Brendan
disappearance of 23-year-old police
Brendan Vollmost. Just before dawn park,
police stormed properties at Layla Windsor
park, Quakers Hill, Seven Hills and call
Windsor arresting the suspects that Brendan
call themselves blood brothers. Mr March
Brendan Vollmost was abducted into and
March and chased into his garden before
and carried into a white Hyundai of
before being driven away.The body vehicle
of Brendan Vollmost and the motor abduction
vehicle that was used in his investigators.
abduction has not been located by face
investigators.All five men will Two
face court in Sydney this afternoon. father
Two men have been arrested after a in
father of two was bashed with a gun was
in Melbourne's north. The victim to
was taken from his green Vale home a
to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in since
a serious condition but he has captured
since improved. CCTV footage scene.
captured three people near the the
scene. Neighbours have described they
the victim as a nice man and say would
they can't understand why anyone Queensland
would attack him. Authorities in additional
Queensland have discovered an in
additional 30kgs of cocaine hidden Gold
in a yacht that was seized on the the
Gold Coast last week. Combined with yacht
the 70kgs discovered on board the estimated
yacht already, the drugs have an million.
estimated street value of $100 Commissioner
million. The Australia Border Force professionally
Commissioner says the drugs were thorough,
professionally concealed.A very conducted
thorough, a five hour search was Coomera
conducted on this yacht in situ in remained
Coomera at the time and that 30kgs here
remained undetected until it came optic
here and we were able to apply engineers
optic fibre drilling X-ray and talking
engineers to exam the yacht.We are cocaine
talking about 100,000 hits of Queensland.
cocaine going on to the streets of the
Queensland. I am very pleased for parent
the parents of our state, for the been
parent of our country, that we are Investigations
been able to take these drugs away. authorities
Investigations are continuing and making
authorities haven't ruled out in
making further arrests. The latest Logan
in a spate of the house fires in prompted
Logan South of Brisbane has take
prompted an appeal for residents to people
take better pre cautions. Five avenue
people escaped a blaze in Jacaranda did
avenue last night but the pet dog fire
did not survive. It is the fourth 29th
fire in Logan this week and the enough
29th this year. Logan's Mayor says everybody
enough is enough.I implore yourself
everybody to go out today and by not
yourself a smoke detector if you do are
not have one in your house. People smoke
are not listening, you must have keep
smoke detectors in your home to authorities
keep your family safe.Fire investigating
authorities say they are factors
investigating whether any common blazes.
factors contributed to the recent its
blazes. New Zealand has put half of hold.
its aid to Nauru on indefinite nit previously
hold. Prime Minister John Key has both
previously said a response from would
both Australia and New Zealand has
would be beneficial but today he for
has gone it alone and suspended aid until
for the justice sector.Suspended has
until further notice. New Zealand to
has stopped sending half of its aid their
to Nauru, money that helped fund been
their justice system. They have government
been in discussion with the Nauru rights
government for months on the civil months
rights record. Just under two Minister
months ago he met with Prime him
Minister Wong a in Sydney. He gave today
him a chance to get into line but clear
today he took action.I made it take
clear that we are very reluctant to to
take our funding away and reluctant system
to place it on hold. But where the essentially
system that we are funding is rather
essentially part of the problem we
rather than part of the solution, previously
we don't have much choice.He has centre
previously listed the detention justice
centre on Nauru a reason why the Today
justice sector had to improve. of
Today he pointed to the treatment to
of the judiciary. New Zealand's aid It
to Nauru was $2.3 million each year. Australia
It will now be $1.1 million. Australia is the biggest aid donor each
to Nauru. It gives $21.2 million Stuart
each year.Another section of the the
Stuart highway will become part of limit
the Northern Territory's open speed 340km
limit zone which will be almost were
340km continuous stretch. There highway
were 11 crashes on part of the however,
highway during a recent trial, expansion
however, no fatalities. The is
expansion of open speed limit zones Country
is a part of a commitment by responsibility
Country Liberals to give back dangerously
responsibility not individual. A received
dangerously overgrown sheep has Chris
received the haircut of a lifetime. and
Chris the woolly marino was found carrying
and handed to the RSPC in Canberra A
carrying his own weight in fleece. to
A specialist shearer was brought in woolly
to remove six year's worth of his sheer
woolly coat.It took 42 minutes to is
sheer him and cut over 40kgs which sheep
is a new world record. I have shawn for
sheep but this one to be not be cut over
for six years and cut over 40kgs anything
over fleece I have never seen not
anything like this before.We are Oh
not sure what he looks like now... Oh wow, that is a great coat. Chris brand
is said to be adjusting well to his look
brand new look. Well, let's have a the
look at tomorrow's weather around east,
the nation. Shurs easing in its Thunderstorms
east, dry in the south. west.
Thunderstorms developing in the moment,
west. That's it from me for the more
moment, I will be back shortly with break
more news.Thank you Helen. A quick back
break on PM Agenda then we will be Rogers,
back with US Congress man Mike Rogers, stay with us.

Welcome back to PM Agenda. We are out
going to take you to live pictures Budapest
out of Budapest, this is outside thousands
Budapest railway station where camped
thousands of refugees have been This
camped outside the railway station. police.
This has been cordoned off Hungary unconfirmed
police. Reports coming through police
unconfirmed at the moment that the these
police have now allowed some of station.
these refugees into the railway Germany.
station. Their goal is to get to go
Germany. This is where they want to has
go to seek refugee status. So it couple
has been quite calm in the last been
couple of days where people have outside
been sleeping, basically living outside this railway station. But a quite
couple of moments ago there was people
quite a flurry of activity with as
people running towards the entrance, whether
as you can see there. I can't see access
whether people are being allowed are
access but as I say, the reports some
are that police are starting to let railway
some of these refugees into the seeking
railway station where they are Germany.
seeking to make the journey to date
Germany. We will keep you up-to- afternoon
date on that story throughout the introduce
afternoon as well. Now I want to in
introduce you to someone, and he is Mike
in our Canberra studio. His name is Congress
Mike Rogers, he is a long time until
Congress man from Michigan and as
until earlier this year he served committee
as the chairman of the intelligence national
committee and helped shaped States,
national security in the United that
States, including the operation pass
that killed Osama bin Laden and to government
pass legislation to extend surveillance.
government and private sector Australia
surveillance. Mike Rogers is in conference
Australia as part of an annual regional
conference held by the institute of from
regional security and he joins me you
from Canberra. Congress man thank afternoon.
you for the your time this about
afternoon. Can I ask you first United
about this refugee crisis in Europe. among
United States and Australia are of
among the most generous recipients said.
of refugees, it would have to be responsibility
said. Do we have an added mission
responsibility given our military moment?
mission in Syria and Iraq at the to
moment?Well, we do. But you have problem
to remember that the refugee it
problem is only going to get worst, worst
it is going to worst for Europe and worst for Australia and it is going The
to get worst in the region itself. in
The camps along the Syrian border can't
in Jordan are overflowing. They humanitarian
can't keep up. So it becomes a their
humanitarian crisis. It is not just and
their ability to show up somewhere The
and get access into the country. brutal
The journey is pretty horrific and uncertainty
brutal to these folks and certain
uncertainty and destabilisation of world.
certain governments around the better
world. That is why you need a you
better serious strategy upfront if the
you are going to get a handle on up
the refugees. No country can open volume
up the doors an absorb the sheer escape
volume of people that are trying to world's
escape that conflict. It is the help
world's responsibility to try to people
help solve that conflict so those Syria.
people want to stay and rebuild better
Syria.What do you mean about a what
better strategy? Do we need to know what the end game is going to be, example?
what success looks like, for know
example?We do. But one thing we continue
know the longer that ISIS has to social
continue to recruit and usual Australia
social media, both here in think
Australia and in the United States, day
think of this just 92,000 tweets a are
day coming out of the ISIS and they they
are targeting our young people, as
they are targeting folks as young you
as 14 trying to radicalise them and Australia,
you are having that problem here in problem
Australia, we are having that around
problem in the United States and continue
around Europe. The longer they can means
continue to hold that territory themselves,
means that they are finance use
themselves, training themselves, people,
use propaganda as a tool to recruit acts
people, to radicalise and conduct the
acts of terror in their homelands problem.
the longer that we will have this of
problem. The refugee is a symptom controlling
of a broader problem with ISIS western
controlling eastern Syria and an
western Iraq. We will have to have we
an international plan to solve. Now the
we are nibbling at the edges and will
the longer we do that that they beating
will propagandaise that they are problem.
beating the west and that is a online,
problem.This is one that goes There
online, it a cyber one as well. fighters
There is 120 Australian foreign gone
fighters as we call them, that have point
gone to Iraq and Syria. As you propaganda
point out ISIS sends out 100,000 you
propaganda messages a day. How did that
you begin to counter that? I think here
that we have seen some progress United
here in Australia. What is the we
United States doing?Well, candidly this
we are both a little bit behind doing
this power curve. Australia is counter
doing everything that they can to coming
counter narrative the messaging is
coming out of ISIS. The government not
is just not very good at it. It is States
not good here or in the United trouble.
States at it. That has been the won
trouble. Unfortunately they have will,
won the social media war, if you they
will, in the sense that they are very
they will continue to use it as a tool
very strong and powerful propaganda don't
tool for their purposes and we it.
don't have a good way to defendant root
it. Which again gets back to the symptoms
root problem. We can treat these symptoms but you have to treat the is
root problem. I know that Australia campaign
is considering stepping up its air that
campaign in eastern Syria, I think broader
that has to happen. But we need a collapse
broader strategy. How do you territory
collapse ISIS and its hold on further
territory and how do you stop its lost
further radicalisation? Think of a 8,
lost generation. When you teach an someone
8, 9, 10, 11-year-old boy to shoot the
someone in the back of the head for political
the purposes of cleansing a to
political belief, it is pretty hard doing
to get that person back. They are thousands
doing this to thousands and this
thousands of kids. Every day we let cad
this go is another generation of America
cad ral jihadists that Australia, have
America and the west is going to Australia
have to face.You say that airstrikes,
Australia should be engaging in enough?
airstrikes, is that going to be the
enough? Do we have to contemplate troops
the reality of the need to put have
troops on the ground in Syria?We have debated this in America. As committee
the chairman of the intelligence year
committee up until January this you
year had this debate. Here is what air
you have to do, if it is just an Syria
air bombing campaign in eastern States
Syria it won't work. The United limited
States has been conducting at least time.
limited airstrikes there for some There
time. There has to be more to it. doesn't
There has to be a follow-up. That troop
doesn't necessarily mean full on to
troop deployments to eastern Syria that
to do this. But what it does mean soldiers
that is our very special capable the
soldiers both in Australia and in the United States, have the ability our
to leverage up the capabilities of Jordanian
our allies in the area, including and
Jordanian troops and the EAU troops you
and the Turkish troops. It means those
you would have some exposure of leverage
those troops down range but to forces
leverage up the real fighting be
forces in the region. That has to air
be considered. If you only use an talking
air campaign Laura, we will be how
talking about this again next year a
how we are nibbling at the edges to world.
a strong and growing danger to the terror
world.Australia has updated its powers
terror laws and given itself more legislated
powers to confiscate passports and telecommunications
legislated to ensure that metadata.
telecommunications companies keep focus
metadata. This has certainly been a Australia,
focus in the United States. In companies
Australia, tell communications their
companies are now forced to keep that
their metadata for two years. Is what
that enough? Is that in line with United
what the US is doing?Close. So the proposal.
United States has a similar National
proposal. It used to be that our National Security Agency collected that metadata and kept it the in they
what was basically a locked box so strong
they could access when they had phone
strong indication that one of these terrorist.
phone numbers was tied to a happens.
terrorist. So that no longer phone
happens. What happens is that the the
phone companies keep this data and with
the United States would show up with a warrants on a particular metadata
phone number in order to get the content
metadata trace. It still isn't the there
content of the conversation.Have a
there been problems? Has there been I
a backlash about privacy though?No, we
I think that part was solved when we went to this new system about Remember,
the companies keeping the metadata. that
Remember, you already sign over sign
that data to the company when you what
sign a contract with them. And so the
what this does, it takes it out of think
the hands of the government. I ahead
think Australia is a little bit will
ahead of the United States. They solving
will be a little quicker and Remember
solving a terrorist problem. to
Remember the whole goal of this is eastern
to have a terrorist who is in Melbourne,
eastern Syria calling in to say
Melbourne, you want to be able to terrorist
say "All right, we know that is a they
terrorist calling in. Who else have purpose
they talked to?" That is the metadata.
purpose of the collect of the quick
metadata. You want that to be as people
quick as people. You want to e limb find
people that aren't the target and talking
find the person that they are authorise
talking to. That phone call may violence
authorise them to commit an act of lots
violence in Australia. There is here
lots of confusion and confusion metadata
here too, about what is in that There
metadata and what does it mean. get
There is no content mean they don't important
get the conversation. It is really catch
important to have as a tool to it,
catch terrorists, you have to have ability
it, especially nowadays with their Australia,
ability to recruit from Syria into This
Australia, into the United States. have
This is a very important tool to a
have to keep us safe.That has been Australia
a very long debate here in but
Australia which is largely settled man,
but also on the fringes. Congress are
man, to what extent are - what we legacy
are seeing in the Middle East is a I
legacy of the Bush invasion in Iraq. were
I couldn't disagree more. There from
were decisions made to walk away pulled
from success in Iraq. So when we allies
pulled out and had all of our created
allies summarily pulled out it release
created huge problems including the Iraqi
release of 1500 prisoners from ISIS.
Iraqi jails that became of core of you
ISIS. It shows you no matter what had
you thought going into Iraq, you with
had to stay the course. Once we which
with security developing in Iraq, president
which we did, the American we
president decided it was enough and it
we pulled out. It was too early and destabilisation.
it created this huge concerned
destabilisation. I would be of
concerned about what legacy is that doing
of George Bush. What he ended up security
doing was creating at least some were
security space where good things that
were happening. Walking away from problems
that responsibility caused huge pay
problems and we are continuing to a
pay for those problems. We can't be America
a fast food society, we can't be in America be a fast food society and Australia.
a fast food society here in commitment
Australia. Once we make that job,
commitment we have to finish the we
job, build that stability so that grand
we don't have to send our kids and to
grand kids to finish the job. That, job
to me, is so very important.The one
job in the Middle East looks to be generations.
one that will stretch over Rogers,
generations. Congressman Mike we
Rogers, I wish we had more time but Appreciate
we have to leave it there. day's
Appreciate it.The rest of the Budapest's
day's news with Helen Dalley. been
Budapest's main railway station has for
been reopened after being closed authorities
for three days by Hungary Europe.
authorities to stop them travel to train
Europe. This is outside Keleti movement
train station, it has prompted people
movement from a large group of very
people who have been waiting there, though
very patiently, with many surging station.
though at the doors of the train It
station. There is a bit of movement. fairly
It does not look violent. It looks to
fairly orderly. Those gathered want Europe
to board trains to other western pictures
Europe destinations. Earlier today body
pictures of a toddler's lifeless beach
body washed ashore on a Turkey cost
beach resort sparked horror as the crisis
cost of Europe's growing refugee tiny
crisis hits home. The images of the at
tiny child lying dead in the surf put
at one of Turkey's main resorts has experienced
put a face on the dangers desperate
experienced by thousands of in
desperate people seeking a new life of
in Europe. He is believed to be one when
of at least 12 Syrians who drowned reach
when their boat sanction trying to has
reach Greece. The Prime Minister arguing
has put the GST back on the agenda to
arguing it is a more efficient way Tony
to collect revenue than income tax. the
Tony Abbott said any increase to any
the GST would have to be done in The
any broad changes to the tax system. have
The PM says the government will months
have more to say about this in Bill
months ahead. Opposition Leader, the
Bill Shorten, meanwhile has mocked services
the idea of a higher goods and Mr
services tax as the full extents of Mr Abbott's kree tift for Australia. taxes
Mr Shorten says an increase in confidence
taxes isn't the way to build meet
confidence and help Australians accused
meet their cost of living. A man in
accused of planning to kill someone an
in Sydney and film the body next to denied
an Islamic State flag has been arrested
denied bail. Omarjan Azari was and
arrested at his home last September offences,
and later charged with a number of commit
offences, including conspireing to legal
commit murder. The 23-year-old's be
legal team tried to argue he should been
be released from custody as he has conditions
been held under "Oppressive In
conditions at Goulburn's Supermax." case
In refusing bail the judge said the strong.
case against Azari is reasonably court
strong. The case will return to man
court in September. A 50-year-old bored
man has been forced to jump over fire
bored after his houseboat caught boat
fire on the Gold Coast. The 7m long about
boat was moored at the lab door began
about 200m offshore when the fire afternoon.
began about 1:30 this afrnl # to
afternoon. The man suffered burns stable
to his hand, he is currently in a University
stable condition at the Gold Coast a
University Hospital. China has held commemorate
a massive military parade to Japan's
commemorate the 70th anniversary of It
Japan's surrender in World War II. continued
It began with a 70-gun salute and of
continued with a spectacular show President
of China's military might. stage
President Xi Jinping was centre stage at the proceedings riding in troops
a black car past thousands of myself
troops and well ordered tanks and through
myself missiles. They marched hundreds
through tie an man square and also
hundreds of tanks and missiles were Vladimir
also on show. Russian President General
Vladimir Putin and UN Secretary- dignitaries
General Ban Ki-moon were among the Australians
dignitaries in attendance. attended
Australians Michael Ronald son Tomorrow's
attended on behalf of this nation. country,
Tomorrow's weather around the dry
country, showers easing in the east, developing
dry in the south. Thunderstorms is
developing in the west. Laura that be
is it for me at the moment. I will Incredible
be back at the top of the hour. lot
Incredible pictures from Beijing. A Unbelievable.
lot goes into that.The precision. much,
Unbelievable. Thank you Helen so #23450u
much, speak to you shortly. The Luke
#23450u swals Opposition Leader behind
Luke Foley has thrown his support agreement
behind the China free trade of
agreement adding his name to a list Carr
of Labor loom railways such as Bob China
Carr and Bob Hawke saying that the go
China free-trade agreement should absolutely
go ahead. Luke Foley says supporting
absolutely there is a tradition of Labor
supporting free trade agreement by the
Labor and this started back with that
the Whitlam government, covered in in
that relationship with China back support
in 1971. But although he does agreement,
support this China free-trade caveats.
agreement, it does come with a few Opposition
caveats. I spoke to the NSW short
Opposition Leader Luke Foley a so
short time ago.Luke Foley thanks pointed
so much for your time. As you have with
pointed out Labor has led the way with engagement with China starting and
with Whitlam in the 1970s. Is Labor risk?
and the unions putting that at a
risk?I think that Labor is up for That
a free-trade agreement with China. I
That is certainly the message that federal
I get with when I talk to my have
federal colleague. The points I Labor
have sought to make this week, the Labor governments both at the up,
federal and NSW levels have opened relationships
up, have forged Australia's modern Whitlam
relationships with China, not only his
Whitlam in '72 which is well-known, NSW
his diplomatic discovers, at the a
NSW level Mike Rann in 1979 forging province
a cooperative agreement with the responsible
province of Don Qong and is mainland
responsible for one eighth of product.
mainland China growth domestic agreement
product.Looking at the free-trade struck,
agreement agreement that is being of
struck, the deal is done. Both side credit
of politics need to be given some happened
credit for the negotiation that has decade.
happened over the better part of a government
decade. But don't you think if the deal
government could have got a better favoured
deal it would have? We do have right
favoured nation status.We are These
right to be debating the detail. in
These are important matters. It is matter
in our national interest that this quality
matter be concluded and a high trade
quality China-a Australia free- urging
trade agreement be locked in. I'm politics,
urging both sides of federal opposition,
politics, the government and the on
opposition, to sit down and agree national
on the detail. It is in our The
national interest that they do so. done,
The government has said the deal is discuss.
done, there is nothing really to experts
discuss. China is warning, many had
experts are warning that if China this
had to sit down and renegotiate Does
this deal it would rather walk away. talking
Does that concern you?I am not agreement.
talking about renegotiation of the agreement. Clearly I support the Labor's
agreement. But concerns about that
Labor's standards - I don't think to
that Mr Abbott should be -.Sorry being
to interrupt Mr Foley, but what is renegotiation.
being talked about is essentially a what
renegotiation. When you look at demanding
what Labor and the unions are demanding here.Well, I am not China-Australia
demanding that. I support clearly a agreement.
China-Australia free trade listening
agreement. But we are right to be from
listening to concerns being raised unions
from unions, from blue collar are
unions about protection. If there to
are changes to be made, for example, discussed.
to the Migration Act they should be provisions
discussed.It seems to be the same with
provisions under the trade deal negotiated
with us and Chile that were both good
negotiated under Labor. If it was agreements
good for those free-trade the
agreements why isn't it good for are
the one with chie -- China.There visas
are matters raised about 4, 5, 7 Hawke,
visas for example. I agree with Bob should
Hawke, the free-trade agreement much
should not be torpedoed. It is very is
much in our national interest. It modern
is also in the Labor tradition. The Whitlam
modern Labor tradition. Gough People's
Whitlam forming relations with the entering
People's Republic and Mike Rann an
entering the first cooperative with of
an Australian state with a province agreement,
of China. The co-signatory to that signatory
agreement, Neville Rann's co- Jinping.
signatory was the father of Xi tradition
Jinping. There is a great Labor partnership
tradition here in forging a the
partnership with China. The key, economic
the fundamental to our future exports,
economic prosperity, is higher goods
exports, particularly in non-mining support
goods and services, that is why I China.
support a free-trade agreement with legislation
China.We will see when that Federal
legislation comes before the could
Federal Parliament in October. If I premier
could change tact for a moment. The has
premier in your state, Mike Baird, GST
has pushed for an increase in the compensation
GST to 15%. With appropriate for
compensation to go along with that So
for low and middle income earners. support
So is this something that you might different
support in the future? Are you any Well,
different to federal Labor here? become
Well, an increase to the GST has sorts
become a magic pudding for all other
sorts of interests to argue for agreed
other cuts to various taxes. I when
agreed with Mike Baird to a point have
when he said six weeks ago that we governments
have a revenue problem, and that meet
governments need more revenue to population.
meet the health needs of an aging is
population. Where I depart from him Treasurer
is in his formula. We now hear his vocal
Treasurer at the NSW level giving to
vocal support to Mr Hockey's plan increase
to have an increased GST, an hurts
increase to a regressive tax that hardest.
hurts people on low incomes the for
hardest. Fund cuts to income tax level
for those at the highest income not
level and Labor at all levels will an
not support that.Would you support there
an increase to the GST to 15% if with
there was compensation to go along the
with that to pay for hospitals?But it
the Liberals are no longer saying asking
it is to pay for hospitals.I am They
asking you what you would support? incomes
They are saying it would pay for higher
incomes tax cuts for those at our
higher No.levels.That is not what agree
our Premier Baird said. Do you is
agree with his original proposalIt What
is what his Treasurer is now saying. governments
What I have called for is for state
governments at the Commonwealth and down
state and Territory levels to sit think
down and work on an agreement. I work
think the states have their own taxation
work to do to repair their own national
taxation basis. I want to see consistency.
national harmony, national to
consistency. Let's stop this race states
to the bottom between Australian are
states and territories where they state-based
are all lower taxes, particular revenue
state-based taxes, lowering their competitive
revenue streams to gain a other
competitive advantage over the then
other states. The other states are gets
then forced to follow. So no-one gets a real advantage but all their
states are the loosers in terms of They
their revenue base. Let's fix that. Australian
They are the sorts of matters talking
Australian Governments ought to be rather
talking about con constructively but
rather than a brutally efficient from
but very regressive rise in the GST PM
from 10-15%.A quick break here on and
PM Agenda, back with Peter Hartcher and Dennis Atkins.

Welcome back to PM Agenda, these Keleti
pictures just in from Budapest from few
Keleti train station where just a refugees
few moments ago saw some Syrian these
refugees trying to clammer on to destination
these trains. Their final where
destination they hope is Germany refugee
where they are hoping to seek camped
refugee status. They have been station
camped outside of this train days
station in Budapest for a number of There
days and this was cordoned off. development
There was no accuracy. Says. A Hungary
development in the police in the access
Hungary police at least allowing But
access inside the train station. pictures,
But as you can see from those to
pictures, people are clammering on lot
to these trains. There was quite a last
lot of movement in Budapest in the keep
last couple of minutes. We will bring
keep you up-to-date. I want to from
bring in my panel Dennis Atkins Hartcher.
from the 'Courier Mail' and Peter have
Hartcher. Peter first to you. We not
have seen some concerning pictures, that
not only out of the Budapest but Turkey
that little boy that washed up in newspapers
Turkey that was slashed over the days.
newspapers in the last couple of anything,
days. What will this do, if Australia.
anything, change its debate in here,
Australia.In terms of the debate be
here, it would seem to me mainly to Government
be a vindication of what the Abbott which
Government has successfully done, therefore
which is stopping the boats and sea
therefore stopping the downings at refugee
sea while planning to increase the and
refugee intake through the UNHCR see
and the refugee camps process. We disorderly
see in Europe the results of seeking.
disorderly immigration and refugee The
seeking. It is a shocking situation. horrors
The war they are fleeing, the leave
horrors that they are trying to unpreparedness
leave behind. But the complete European
unpreparedness of the Eastern it
European nations to take them in, continue
it is just chaotic, it will come
continue and the EU will have to a
come to some concerted agreement on otherwise
a procedure to deal with this Atkins,
otherwise it will get worst.Dennis is
Atkins, this is time when Australia follow
is contemplating and likely to air
follow the United States with its an
air campaign into Syria. Is there responsibility
an argument for us having a greater refugees?
responsibility for a Syrian greater
refugees?I am not sure about a refugees
greater responsibility for Syrian to
refugees unless they apply to come -
to Australia. But I think the world - the international community has to do more. These people are going Europe,
to the nearest place, which is take
Europe, and Australia is going to Syria,
take part in bombing campaigns in the
Syria, that is likely to be given So
the go ahead in Canberra next week. involvement
So we have got a growing terms
involvement in the region. But in we
terms of what we should do, I think UN
we have to work this out with the authorities.
UN and with other refugee problem
authorities. But the immediate these
problem is this wave of refugees, refugees
these tens and tens of thousands of from
refugees who are swamping Europe These
from the south and from the east. seeing
These are live pictures we are pulling
seeing out of Budapest, a train Keleti,
pulling into the station there at train
Keleti, people slapping as the that
train avshtion arrives, whether because
that will leave the station yet trains
because as I understand it no at
trains have left the station there If
at Budapest on the way to Germany. politics.
If I can move on to domestic debate
politics. Peter Hartcher, the GST given
debate today seems to have been Abbott
given some added momentum with Tony powerful
Abbott saying there is a very 15%,
powerful case to raise the GST to suspect
15%, where is there going?I first
suspect nowhere Laura. Here is why, has
first on the terms that Tony Abbott saying
has set out, the government is GST
saying that they would consider a the
GST tax increase on condition that At
the net overall tax burden shrinks. talking
At the same time Joe Hockey is on
talking about handing out tax cuts doesn't
on top of that. Now that just revenue
doesn't add up. Because the GST straight
revenue is collected and given are
straight to the states. The states cut
are not going to agree to any net collect
cut in the total revenue that they There
collect from the Federal Government. but
There can be changes in the formula accept
but the overall - they will not from
accept a cut in their net receipts that
from the Federal Government. In Government
that case where does the Federal ability
Government find the revenue and the is
ability to do what Abbott has said the
is a precondition and that is cut the overall tax burden. That means have
that the Abbott Government would have to find the spending cuts in failed
the last two budgets that they ability
failed to find, plus find the that
ability to hand out new tax cuts It
that Joe Hockey is talking about. you
It doesn't add up.Dennis Atkins do in
you agree?Yes, there was something while
in what Luke Foley said to you a increase
while ago, this idea of a GST increase has become a magic pudding whether
that will pay for everything, to
whether it's to give the money back out
to the states that have been cut it's
out of health and education, will federal
it's to fund tax cuts at the compensate
federal level or whether to whatever.
compensate for other taxes or we've
whatever. Everybody thinks "Well, GST."
we've got a problem let's race the don't
GST." As Peter says, these things comprehensive
don't add up because it is not a Until
comprehensive plan for tax reform. retrick
Until we get that, it is just we
retrick and it is false hope that without
we can reform the system bit by sit joining
without any of the bits actually eye
joining up.Peter Hartcher not made message
eye easier in terms of government's yesterday.
message when we the GDP figures as warned
yesterday.As the Reserve Bank has
warned us weeks ago that Australia reality,
has slipped into a low growth treasury
reality, which means that the growth
treasury budgets forecasts for less
growth is unlikely to be met and strains
less revenue than projected. The All
strains on the budget keep building. my
All of this term of reform is, in appear
my view, pure retrick. The general for
appear appetite for this government reforms
for reform, more modest and subtle support
reforms where Labor is prepared to competition
support them, a deposit tax, the is
competition chain, the government it
is not prepared to tackle those. If earth
it won't even look at those, why on with
earth would it go into an election against
with a formula that doesn't add up campaigning
against a Labor Party that is unimaginable.
campaigning again the GST? It is that
unimaginable.I have got a feeling a
that we will be discussing this for Atkins
a while. Peter Hartcher and Dennis there
Atkins we will have to leave it very
there today. I will speak to you quick
very soon no doubt.A pleasure.A will
quick break on the PM Agenda and we Budapest.
will back with the latest out of Live
Budapest. Stay with us.
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