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Resignation of senior rabbi from Yeshivah welcomed by Melbourne Jewish community -

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ELEANOR HALL: Staying with the Royal Commission, a Victorian government minister has welcomed the resignation of a senior Melbourne rabbi from the Yeshivah Centre.

the royal commission into child sexual abuse heard evidence in February that Rabbi Zvi Telsner had criticised victims for reporting sexual abuse.

The Jewish MP Philip Dalidakis had been lobbying for the Rabbi to be sacked.

Stephanie Corsetti has the latest.

STEPHANIE CORSETTI: Rabbi Zvi Telsner has resigned as chief at the Yeshivah Centre and apologised for his conduct towards victims of child sexual abuse.

He's the latest senior figure at Yeshivah to depart following allegations at the royal commission earlier this year.

Rabbi Meir Kluwgant, from the Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia, stepped down as president after his damning evidence to the commission in February

Rabbi Yosef Feldman also left his position as the director on the board of management at Yeshiva in Sydney.

The commission heard Rabbi Telsner criticised victims during a sermon.

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria has welcomed this latest resignation.

The council's president is Jennifer Huppert.

JENNIFER HUPPERT: The manner in which victims of child abuse were treated was clearly unacceptable. So from that perspective I understand he has now apologised to the victims who were abused at the Yeshivah Centre, which is obviously a good move.

STEPHANIE CORSETTI: Jennifer Huppert says the Yeshivah Centre has participated in child protection training and the centre is making changes for the better.

JENNIFER HUPPERT: There has been some changes to the management and that the people now involved with management and the operations of the Yeshivah Centre are trying to move forward and ensure that the occurrences of the past aren't repeated.

A very small percentage of the community associate with the ultra orthodox sector of the community. But clearly it's a very visible part of the community and the community as a whole was rocked by some of the revelations from the royal commission.

STEPHANIE CORSETTI: Victoria's Small Business Minister Philip Dalidakis wrote to the Prime Minister in March calling for Rabbi Telsner to be sacked.

Minister Dalidakis said in a statement he's satisfied with developments so far, but more still needs to be done.

Rabbi Telsner told the royal commission he thought gay people and paedophiles could be cured of their homosexuality through therapy.

Aleph Melbourne is a Jewish group for the gay, lesbian, transponder and bisexual community.

The convenor is Michael Barnett.

MICHAEL BARNETT: The notion that any person's sexual orientation is wrong also firstly is unfortunately not a pleasant opinion and also that there should be a reason that some person's sexual orientation could be changed is concerning.

STEPHANIE CORSETTI: Mr Barnett says the community needs to be more aware of fraudulent beliefs held by religious leaders.

MICHAEL BARNETT: There is a mistaken belief held by some rabbis that sexual orientation can be influenced by child sexual abuse and that it can be changed through reparative therapy, and this is of course completely harmful and damaging to the people involved.

There is a lot of rethinking that needs to go on in terms of how they interact with the community in terms of modern day and a lot of their practices are not based in modern day understandings.

STEPHANIE CORSETTI: The Yeshivah Centre declined an interview but told The World Today it wants to move forward as a community.

ELEANOR HALL: Stephanie Corsetti reporting.