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(generated from captions) building.Nathan Stitt there reporting from Adelaide.A Queensland mother who suffered horrific burns in a weekend unit fire has died. 30-year-old Crystal Cartledge had been on life support in hospital since Sunday night's blaze in Brisbane. Her 3-year-old son also died in the fire. Police are yet to work out just how the fire started but they're treating it as suspicious. The top stories today - Hungary has defended its decision to close the main international train station in Budapest, preventing hundreds of asylum seekers from boarding trains to other EU countries.Bill Shorten is under pressure to end the Opposition's campaign against the free trade deal with China as a growing number of Labor Premiers voice support for agreement.And forecasters warn the developing El Nino weather system could be the most significant on record threatening drought conditions on Australia's east coast.In the United States, Donald Trump finally has some serious competition in the race to become the Republican presidential candidate. A new poll shows retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is emerging as a serious contender. Tying with trufr trump for the lead among Iowa Republicans. Ben Knight - we will leave that there because the PM Tony Abbott has just begun a media conference. She with Andrew Hastie there, the Liberal candidate if the Canning by-election.We have seen the CCTV capability that we have here and I am confident that if I'm elect as the member for Canning into the future, I can continue to deliver great law and order solutions for the people of Canning.And on that note I will hand over to the PM for any questions.Thank you so much, Andrew. It is good to be here with you.As you campaign for the seat of Canning at the coming by-election.It's good to be here with the Justice Minister Michael Keenan, who is a great fighter for community safety and, as all of us I think now know, this is a Government which every day is focussed on jobs, growth and community safety.Prior to the last election, we made a commitment to spend 50 million dollars from the proceeds of crime money on better CCTV cameras right around Australia.So far, about 20 million dollars of that has been spent to put CCTV into about 150 locations around our country.170,000 dollars was committed to the city of Armadale and thanks to that 170,000 dollars there's more than 20 additional cameras, other cameras have been upgraded and what we saw today here was an illustration of what these camera s can. Do our streets are safer, thanks to this Government's work through the safer streets program and Minister Keenan will have a little Morris to say about that in a moment. But while we are very focussed right now here on community safety, we are constantly pre occupied with jobs and growth.And if you are serious about economic growth and more jobs in this country, you've got to be in favour of the China-Australia free trade agreement. Over the last few days a lot of Labor people have come out to support the China-Australia free trade it.
agreement. Bob Hawke supports it. Bob Carr supports it. Overnight Simon Crean, the former Trade Minister has come out to support it.Yesterday we had Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, coming out to support it. So sensible Labor people know that this free trade agreement is absolutely in Australia's interests. The only people who are oppose ing agreement
the China-Australia free trade agreement are the CFMEU, the ACTU and Bill Shorten.He's keeping pretty dodgy company, I've got to say. He is shunning Bob Hawke, Bob Carr, Simon Crean, Daniel Andrews, so he can chum up - chum up to the CFMEU on the China-Australia free trade agreement. Quite frankly Bill Shorten is playing fast and loose with our future. He is playing fast and loose with Australia's future.This free trade agreement sets Australia up for decades to come. And I call on Bill Shorten to come down off the fence, to stop siding with the CFMEU, and to support the China-Australia free trade agreement.Yesterday in Canberra Joe Hockey and myself made a very important announcement. We announced that Labor's bang deposits tax was dead, that the Government could not be proceeding with the bank deposits tax which the Labor Party announced. Put into the Budget but didn't legislate.Yet again, this is a Government which has to clean up Labor's mess and, again, I say where does Bill Shorten stand on the bank deposit tax? We know he wants to hit the retirees of Kanning with a new superannuation tax. Does he want to hit the retirees of Kanning with a bank deposit tax Bill Shorten
and it's absolutely urgent that Bill Shorten says where he stands now on Labor's bank deposit tax because, frankly, the retirees of Canning, the people of Canning deserve a fair go.And they will get a fair go from this Government.Now, Michael Keenan is very proud of the work that is happening here and elsewhere in Canning thanks to the Safe er Streets program and I might ask him to offer a few thoughts.Thank you, PM.It's good to be here at this city of Armadale with fantastic candidate for Canning Andrew Hastie and yourself.To have a look at the results of our Safer Streets program. This was a $50 million commitment we made upon coming to office where we would be spending money we have taken through criminals from proceeds of crime back into community infrastructure such as the CCTV, the mayor and the officials that the city of Armadale have been showing us here today. This is 170,000 dollar investment, as a result of the round one of programs that we have had through the Safer Streets program. And I'm pleased to say in the next few weeks we will be able to announce we will be opening round 2 so councils and other community groups around the Australia will be able to apply for infrastructure funding to make the streets of their local dollar investment
community safer.The 170,000 dollar investment here at the city of Armadale has been matched by a further $250,000 investment with the city of Mandurah within the electorate of Kanning to make the Mandurah foreshore a safer and more family friendly area.Don Randall worked very hard to get these two two projets up and running and I fully exthaect that once we are in round two of the sap Safer Streets program we will have Andrew Hastie talking to me about further investments that we can make in the communities that he hopes to represent. So thank you to the city of Armadale for having us here, for showing us the results of this program and I will hand back to you, PM.Thank you so much, Michael. Do we have any questions?You were talking about jobs and ing
growth. Economists are predict ing today, though, that that will slow. How much blame do you take for that?I am happy to get those to those issues in a minute but I am here with Andrew Hastie, who is an absolutely out standing candidate for the seat of Canning so if there are some local issues first we will get on to other issues.(Inaudible question)Keeping his distance from you. Is this the only or the second but the only other visit you will be making here?Look, this is about the people of Canning and it's about who can best represent them. I am very proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with Andrew Hastie.I think there would be a few Australians who wouldn't be proud to be standing shoulder with someone like Andrew Hastie.So without getting into the entrails of my schedule, I am happy to take every opportunity that I can to stand next to this absolutely out standing Australian.Some outlets in the east are suggesting that the Labor Party's campaigning run is dag that the result is favourable to the Government and favourable to yourself.(Inaudible).Again, I am not going to get into the entrails of gossip in Canberra.What I am going to say is that we are running hard in Canning as you would expect. We have picked an absolutely out standing person as our candidate. I am confident that Andrew Hastie is going to fight Canning
very hard for the people of Canning in Canberra. As for the Labor Party, they want this seat. And I expect an absolute blitz from the Labor Party in the last couple of weeks of this campaign.Do you accept that the outcome will have in some way have a bearing on your future?Look, it's not about me. It's about the people of Canning, it really is. This election is about who can best represent the people of Canning in Canberra. Who do you trust to fight for your interests and not to be the cat's paw of anyone else? Who do you think has the courage, the intense nal fortitude, the strength of mind and the strength of character to stand up for you? Who has the judgment to prioritise things and to do the right thing by the people of Canning? That is what is really at stake here.Does it intrigue you or irritate you that Labor may prefer you to be leading the Liberals at the next election rather than Malcolm Turnbull?I am very busy on the ground. I don't have time to take counsel from the east coast Twitterati.There's a significant disconnect between what people are saying over in the east and what is happening here in Canning. The people of Canning are concerned about job, the job of ice and infrastructure.And so I'm focussed on the ground game here and Tanya Plibersek was somehow correct yesterday when she said the people of Kanning are fiercely independent and so they don't want interference from Canberra or anyone else..I am very happy to have this particular candidate chime in I really am. This is the great thing about Andrew Hastie. Andrew Hastie is a man of character, a man of substance, a man who speaks his mind when it's needed.PM, how much personal responsibility will you take as a result win or lose?Again, I stress that this is not about me.I know that -But it is.I know that people in Canberra will try to make it that way. But as far as the people of Canning are concerned, quite rightly they think it's about them. And I think it's about them too.Who can best represent them in Canberra? And I am very confident that Andrew Hastie is going to make an outstoondsing member for Canning, should he be elected in the great tradition of don Randall.If Andrew Hastie loses his sole responsibility?Obviously should that eventuate, all sort of people will say all sort of things. But I am very Andrew
confident, very confident that Andrew Hastie is an absolutely out standing candidate and if the people of Canning are looking for someone who is tough, courageous, single finded, ready to speak out for them, Hastie is there man?And if he wins it will have nothing to do with you? Is that what you are saying?Look, I know what you are trying to do here and fair enough. You guys want to play Canberra games but as Andrew has made crystal clear, he doesn't want to play Canberra games.:Out of respect for Andrew, I am not going to play Canberra games today.Are you curious or irritated that this theory about running dead in Canning seems to be coming from your own Ministers?No, as I said, our absolute expectation is that there will be a Labor blitz in the last few weeks of this campaign because Labor want this seat. It was once a very, very marginal seat. It went back to being a little marginal in 2010, thanks to don Randall's great local connections and his own charisma. It was safe enough in the last election. But we're not taking anything for granted and we're certainly expecting Labor to throw the kitchen sink at this seat seeth in the last few weeks. We flow the resources the union movement can mobilise. We know who the unions want to represent Canning. I think this Andrew Hastie is the sort of person who will be Canning's man in Canberra, not the CFMEU or the Liberal
ACTU man in Canberra..The Liberal Party message is that he Andrew Hastie is not another politician. Is that what the limp thinking that we all think of politicians?I I think it's outstanding that we have someone who is a bit of a mould breaker. Wasn't a political staffer, wasn't a union official, wasn't a party official, wasn't someone who spent years an years beavering away in a party branch just a fine Australian citizen who has always tried to do the right thing by our country in every aspect of his life and, now having served our country in the special air services regiment, a great Perth represent the
institution, he now wants to represent the people of Kanning in the Parliament.So this is a life of duty and service and I am looking forward to a lifetime of duty and service lived out in the Parliament.How confident are you of a Liberal victory?I am certainly very hopeful of a Liberal victory. I think that we are doing well but we are not taking anything for granted: We have a great candidate. We have got a good record. If you look at the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Howard Government invested in the forest highway at the behest of Don Randall, if you look at the kinds of things that this Government is doing in Canning, at the behest of Don Randall, such as these CCTV cameras that we were looking at today, the ones at Mandurah that Minister Keenan has spoken of. If you look at what we have done for WA as a whole we have scrapped the carbon tax, we have scrapped the mining tax and we have committed almost $1 million to the Perth freight lienk, we've $committed 6600 million to the Swan bi passion and the Perth bypass. We stepped in with $500 million to ensure that road projects that would otherwise have been cancel or delayed kept going ahead.So this is a Government which has demonstrated a very long commitment not just to the people of Canning but to the people of WA and that will Andrew Hastie
absolutely continue should Andrew Hastie when this seat. (Inaudible question) Bush pI am going to ask Andrew to comment on that in a second. Let me just say that as a Government, we don't just throw money at problems. We like to think before we spend. We like to think before we spend. We are not so desperate to win that we turn up and throw $170 million at something without talking to the State Government about its priorities. In a moment I will be going out to look at the Armadale Road with Andrew Hastie to hear his views about it. I will then talk to the State Government about the commitments that they are prepared to make and then we are in a better position to make decisions. They will be considered decisions, careful decisions, they will be decisions which respect taxpayers' money. I know this is an important local subject. Andrew, over to you. I have spoken to the locals and they are concerned about the congestion in Kel many Scott and Armadale Road running east west when they are commuting to work. They want the Tonkin Highway extended south into Canning itself. I have taken all those things on board. Last week I met with the State We
Transport Minister Dean Nalder. We discussed these issues in details. The State Government is aware of it. As I said to the PM in my State conference speech, I will always put the people of Canning first. Today I have represented those views to him and I will continue to do so on a range of different issues.How much do you know about those roads? You're not a local (inaudible)As you are defence
aware of was a member of defence for 15 years and no-one in defence is a local anywhere. I have decided to move my family down here. We want to buy a house and settle down here. Just let me finish. I have gotten to know the electorate pretty well over the last few weeks. I have been driving around and I am confident I am across the issues the people of Canning are concerned about.Would you be putting money on the fact there will be money for the Communications Minister
duplication -As I said to the Communications Minister on Sunday night, I will be a thorn in the flesh to Federal ministers and the State Government when I represent the people of Canning to deliver for them. I am all about solutions. I know what the issues are and mission failure is not an option.We want to ask about a couple of other issues PM.Do you agree with your immigration and small business ministers that you should sack cabinet ministers who leak to the media? I won't get into the Canberra gossip game. I am here in Canning with focused
a great candidate and I am focused on the issues of Canning.You talked a lot about jobs. It is reported today that the Federal bureaucrat advised a Broome cruise ship liner to sack the local crew and employ people from overseas, is that true? That is just not true. Let me just point out, as a result of changes that the former Government made to the rules governing Australian coastal shipping, the Australian coastal shipping fleet halved from 30 ships to 15 ships under Labor's watch. Costs for Australian shipping increased by almost 65% in the first year of Labor's changes and the percentage of Australian freight carried by shipping in Labor's term of office, between 2007 and 2013 dropped from 27% to 17%. Labor were absolutely catastrophic for coastal shipping and for jobs in coastal shipping. What this Government wants to do is to restore the situation which operated under the Howard Government and end Labor's job-destroying, cost-inflating, coastal shipping regime.You mentioned the FTA before. Nick Xenophon this morning also said he can't support the FTA in its current form, are you ruling out compromise with Labor or issue?
Senate cross benchers on this issue? This is a done deal. It is the best deal that China has done with any developed economy. It is absolutely vital for our future. If you are children
serious about jobs for your children and grandchildren. If you are serious about prosperity in the years and decades to come, you must back this deal. How can you talk about an Asian Century and at the same time snub Asia's strongest economy? This is the position that the Labor Party has allowed itself to be pushed into by the CFMEU. Again, I say to Bill Shorten, get serious about our future. Get serious about jobs and growth, back this deal. Bob Hawke knows it is right. Bob Carr knows it is right. Simon Crean knows it is right. Premier Andrews knows it is right. Premier Jay Weatherill knows it is right. Chief minister Barr knows it is right. The only people who don't want this deal to go ahead and now is Bill Shorten and the CFMEU. Frankly, whose side are you on? That is my question to Bill Shorten. Thank you so much. That was live from Armadale in Perth in WA, the PM along with the Liberal candidate for Canning Andrew Hastie who knows how to journalist to let him finish answering a question and Justice Minister Michael Keenan. Mr Abbott calling on Bill Shorten to support the existing provisions of the free