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(generated from captions) Tell me what you're thinking.
I'm thinking maybe C. Mmm...D...

Australasian Championships.

Ten seconds.

I'm gonna lock in D, I think.
Final answer?

Lock it in?

Lock it in.

D? Well, 1915 was during the war,
so probably not.

1895 was before Federation,
so probably not.


It was 1905.

Yeah. Only men's singles
and doubles played the first year.

Women's events were added in 1922

and it became
the Australian Open in 1969...

Oh, OK. the open era after that.

Oh, Zac, you were close, mate.
I'm sorry about that, pal.

You've won $1,000 anyway.

Yeah, sweet.
Take that home and enjoy yourself.

See ya next time on
the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight.

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This program will be captioned Tonight, junior league disgrace -

between rival teams in Windsor.
police investigate a wild brawl Mystery in Miranda - end up dead in his backyard?
how did a much-loved grandfather Boom time at the top end of town, from millionaire's row.
but house prices stutter away Help from the heavens - meet Thor - battle against bushfires.
the newest weapon in Sydney's

makes the first cut -
And Jarryd Hayne from the NFL hopeful's proud mum.
we hear exclusively

Good evening. confronting footage of the moment
Nine News has obtained violently clashed at Windsor.
rival rugby league teams had just wrapped up
The under-17s match

when a group of teenagers from an opposing team.
stormed at a player caught on camera.
The entire brawl

shouldn't look like this.
Junior rugby league

rugby league players in maroon
A group of Riverstone from Cambridge Park.
charge at a shirtless 17-year-old his father in the green and black
They throw him into a table as tries to intervene.

officials and security guards
Others join in before match can separate the two groups. under-17 division 3 grand final
The sides had just clashed in the at Windsor Sports Ground, after Cambridge Park's win
and all was calm the presentation.
until 20 minutes after until they left the field.
Everything was fine

. It looks like as the two teams happened,
were leaving the ground, something pushing
happened, words were exchanged and pushing and shoving will stop

the Riverstone coach
There are claims Gordon McRandal
king-hit the alleged victim started to roll.
before the camera with a black eye
Fortunately, the teenager escaped and scratches. he has fractured ribs.
His father says

We will be looking at suspending

We will be looking at suspending after
those players for 10 years plus finished.
after the police investigation is finished. That is not on.

is just not on.
He says that kind of behaviour at Penrith Police Station.
Live now to Kelly Fedor investigation at?
Kelly, where is this

A formal statement is yet to be mother
made to the police, but the boy's that
mother has told me he hopes to do notified
that very soon. Police have been working
notified and they said they are League
working with the Junior Rugby League club to investigate what

League club to investigate what between
happened. It appears tensions simmering
between the two sites had been of
simmering from sometime. The mother Facebook
of one of the boys today vote on season.
Facebook it has been brewing all

The daughter of a man who was has
mysteriously found dead in his home says.
has made a tearful plea for and certain
says. Police say they cannot be but
certain how the 54-year-old died, murdered.
but his family are convinced he was

softly spoken grandfather
A quiet, tinkering with his cars,
who spent his days and caring for his grandchildren.

His loving family, including his understand
daughter are at a loss to My
understand why the 54-year-old died. why.
My dad was murdered, we don't know

returned to the family's home
Paul's wife Kathleen

around 7:00pm
in Burrinjuck Place

a pool of blood in the backyard.
to find her husband's body in and said, "I'm so sorry".
I just give her hug

She called him first, and then she understood
said the body was cold.It is living
understood the gut grandfather was living on compensation following

living on compensation following a injuries
back injury, and sustained severe children
injuries to his upper body.Their said,
children are crying. One little one said, how did my Grandad died?

and a pool of blood
In the backyard, a bed sheet trampoline.
on his grand-daughter's It is scary, and then I saw Burrinjuck.
especially when I heard Miranda Throughout the day,

for clues.
police scoured the family home parked in the front yard
They checked inside four cars of the home.

It is a

It is a dead-end street, so we are stand
hoping something like that would Stoppers.
stand out. Please call Crime

the coroner
It will ultimately be the job of

happened inside this family home
to determine exactly what the grandfather's death.
which led to before the results are known.
But it could be days, even weeks has left interest rates on hold
The Reserve Bank at a record low of 2%.

The decision came in the property market.
as new figures show a cooling Ross Greenwood.
Live to Nine's finance editor, still so sluggish,
Ross, with economic growth where do rates go from here?

The truth is in the absence of China
external shocks, any big falls from would
China or the United States, you rates
would have two imagine interest foreseeable
rates will be on hold for the believe
foreseeable future. Most economists believe Dick rates are on hold,

believe Dick rates are on hold, believe
possibly have 18 months. They inflation
believe infliction correction that withstanding
inflation will be under control not Australian
withstanding the fall in the year.
Australian dollar over the past as
year. The interesting point is that period
as we go into the peak selling clearly
period for property, it is quite clearly affected by those rates.

of spring -
Officially, it's the first day home selling season.
the traditional markets in most capital cities
But the hot winter housing

to a chilly halt.
seem to be coming in the market,
For those people trying to buy they're starting to do the maths cheaper for me to rent."
and saying, "Well, its actually to keep rates on hold -
The Reserve Bank decision future -
now and for the foreseeable is not lifting confidence, is used to.
as Governor Glenn Stevens enabled him to raise confidence,
If Glenn had a lever that rather than to the rates level.
he would go to that lever cooled in August -
In Sydney, house price growth in the past year.
up 1.1% but still ahead 18.6% on a year ago.
Apartment prices are up 12.7%

dwelling values rising
We have also seen at a much more substantial pace are growing at,
then what household incomes is an unhealthy thing.
which long-term, home building numbers -
Also today, houses and flats were built
in the past year a record 224,000 across the country, than the year before.
almost 27,000 more in construction
There'll still be growth for some time to come yet. 'Leura' on Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill...
right on the top of five to ten houses in Australia,
It would have to be in the top

without doubt. for a record $7 million
..the house was originally bought for a non-waterfront property. buyers running on it already
We've probably got four or five serious buyers.
from the weekend -

They have been qualified. Qualifying buyers is important on illegal foreign buyers.
with the Government crack-down in Point Piper
Just around the corner was recently ordered
a Chinese billionaire

'Villa del Mare'.
to sell his $39 million Still... with money
There are plenty of people at the top end,
and when things are moving

you know things are good. for you.
Just a little perspective to buy this place -
If you happen to need to borrow and I can assure you, does not need to borrow money -
any prospective buyer say, give or take $40 million,
but if you did and the price is,

be around $222,000 every month.
then the monthly repayments would The weekly repayments?

for the next 25 years.
$51,000 after tax, every week, person's wage after tax.
In other words, the average

A young mother has been charged north-west of Sydney
over a shocking crash her two-year-old daughter
which killed critically injured.
and left her 11-month-old son

the New England Highway
Their vehicle veered off an embankment
before careering down

near Willow Tree last month. who wasn't licensed,
The 20-year-old woman, serious offences,
is facing a number of

occasioning death.
including dangerous driving

Police have a fresh lead of a man at West Hoxton.
in the 2002 shooting murder at Berrilee today
Officers swarmed a property to gun down Jason Friend
in search of the firearm used at his home in 2002. Mr Friend's wife, Catherine,

for his murder,
is serving a 13-year sentence a second person was involved.
but detectives have long believed

has decided to dump
The Government the planned tax on bank deposits, that couldn't work.
saying it's a bad policy used the announcement
The Prime Minister with Labor
to sharpen the difference from internal divisions.
and distract attention away

declaring war on the media,
Peter Dutton on the Government
accusing some of waging war at war with each other.
for reporting ministers by Fairfax at the moment
I think there's a huge move the Government down.
to try and bring being conducted by Fairfax
There is a bit of a jihad at the moment. government complained about
It's what the former Labor when Tony Abbott said this. be a better government.
If you want better coverage, if you want better coverage,
My advice to Peter Dutton is be a better government. didn't want to talk about
The Prime Minister what he called insider gossip, his beleaguered Treasurer
but stepped out with that hasn't come in, is out.
to announce that something is dead.
Labor's bank deposit tax

the 2013 election
It was announced just before but never legislated - up to $250,000,
a 0.05% tax on deposits

if a bank collapsed.
to protect savers Now is exactly the wrong time to bank accounts,
to apply such a tax lower returns.
when people are receiving

was recently saying
Sources say Joe Hockey at least on the big four,
the tax would go ahead, and denies he had to back down. You're wrong. You're wrong. of making this work.
There was no way to depositters
It was either fair or fair to small institutions.

and it was bad policy.
There was no way of doing it

the speculation
Scott Morrison's again dismissed as nonsense,
he'll replace Joe Hockey bloke, doing a tremendous job.
saying the Treasurer's a great differences with the Opposition
Tony Abbott wanted the focus on talking about them,
and couldn't stop and Labor
referring to Bill Shorten conference.
42 times in a 23-minute media Labor. Labor Party. Labor's.
Bill Shorten. Bill Shorten.

in Sydney,
A new superhero has landed bushfire-fighting weapon.
with the arrival of our latest today unveiled 'Thor',
The Rural Fire Service

come right in the nick of time,
a water-bombing tanker that's of a horror summer ahead.
with predictions

Thundering in, to be a volatile bushfire season.
just in time for what's predicted the superhero,
And if it's anything like it's here to conquer. to rest easy tonight -
The people of NSW will be able

the first day of spring - the skies looking out for them.
knowing Thor is going to be in The Hercules C130... I have the line.

what its capable of,
..showing exactly north-west Sydney.
in a dress rehearsal over

an election promise
The State Government fulfilling

air tanker from the U.S.,
by contracting the 68,000kg complete with two pilots. quicker
We're hoping to get to the fire once we get there.
and have a bigger impact

from here, at Richmond,
The aircraft will take off Wales in about an hour's time.
and can be anywhere in New South to five times the amount of water
It's then capable of dropping up

planes currently used.
or retardant, to that of smaller 15,000 litres, to be exact. also due here next month -
It's cousin, a DC-10 -

45,000 litres.
capable of dropping even more -

two fire seasons - $9.8 million.
The total cost for They're expensive it's an investment
but we're mindful that in security and support.

They're mindful as well, the Blue Mountains last month.
that this was the scene in within metres of homes.
A mid-winter inferno that came outlook is in -
And now, the seasonal bushfire and it's not looking good. normal down the east coast
Broadly, we're seeing above down through NSW, into Victoria.
from the middle of Queensland,

in cool season rainfall
The long-term decline El Nino in the Pacific
combined with the strengthening could prove a nightmare.

will be kept very busy.
It's thought Thor

of the first section
A glimpse tonight elevated Skytrain
of the high-tech the new North West Rail Link.
set to transport commuters using

was overshadowed
But the announcement bigger salaries for politicians.
by an MP's suggestion of is at State Parliament tonight.
Eddy Meyer Eddy, what prompted this idea?

Pete, this all came about of politicians in this building -
because there are two kinds who'll eventually retire
new recruits

salaries, some $22,000 a year.
with around 15% of their the older, more generous scheme,
And then there are those under

with at least 80 grand a year,
who immediately walk out of here for life, O'Farrell and Iemma,
or in the case of former premiers a staggering $130,000 a year.

didn't get a very good reception.
The MP who suggested an overhaul

Parliament in the class of 2011.
John Sidoti entered State

(CHEERING) Cheers then, after suggesting a review
not today, and entitlements.
of MPs' super, pay

politicians' entitlements
I believe that holistically.
should be looked at his timing was lousy
Mr Sidoti admits the federal expenses scandal
following Bronwyn Bishop.
that brought down speaker for a review at this time.
I don't think there's any need you know, tough skin.
I do feel a bit deflated but, more familiar territory -
For the Premier, this was in the party
avoiding the hard heads and high vis.
in favour of hard hats The Transport Minister Skytrain section
showing off the new of the North West Rail Link imported from Dubai.
being built by two gantry cranes 70m of track a week
They're able to build cars using Windsor Road each day.
without disrupting the 50,000

and deliver this at record pace,
We're going to crack on and try we have a cost
because ultimately in this state
associated with congestion

$9 billion come 2020.
which is going to be around will run 4km above ground
Eventually, the Skytrain from Rouse Hill to Bella Vista, a 15km tunnel to Epping,
before taking trains into costing $8.3 billion.
as part of a 36km project

in the Ukrainian capital,
Violence has broken out

on fast fashion
Myer is pinning its future makeover
and a multimillion-dollar

of profits.
after another disappointing set shareholders
The retailer is asking for a huge investment with a British High Street giant.
which will also see it team up the fortunes
How do you turn around

department store?
of a 115-year-old Richard Umbers,
If you're new Myer boss you spend, spend, spend. We have to reset our business. with a new model
We have to start again

and work with our customers business model.
to build a sustainable make grim reading -
Myer's bottom-line profits to $30 million.
a 70% fall over the last year, So today it unveiled five-year turnaround plan
an ambitious $600 million tapped on the shoulder
and shareholders will be for $221 million of it.

in our history.
This is a key moment Headlining the restructure - Topshop Australia.
a 25% investment in fashion chain the first in Australia
The Bondi Junction store to receive Topshop and Topman. about Topshop
One of the greatest things is freshness of product.

twice a week -
We deliver product to floor of fashion from the catwalk.
the quickness in turnaround investing in online capabilities
More money will also be spent such as click and collect, and more analysis of the data loyalty card members.
from Myer One improvement in sales by 2020.
Myer is aiming for a 20%

they'll be doing
To help achieve this, of their flagship locations,
major refurbishments and Bondi Junction stores.
specifically their CBD to underperforming stock
Floor space currently allocated

and function areas.
will be rezoned to cafes

The department store most-wanted brands
to concentrate on their 50 more store closures.
which could even lead to

Every retailer has two experiment. It
Retailing is a changing experiment. It is moving quickly at the moment.

Its main competitor, David Jones,

under new management.
has seen success to get back on track.
Myer hoping this is their chance

at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look Good evening, Pete.

to spring,
We enjoyed a beautiful start in our west, and 20 in the city,
reaching a top of 21 degrees

for September.
making it right on average with lows of around 11 degrees.
It will still get cool at night, by around 2 degrees every month
Those averages will jump up until we reach summer.

of rain during September -
We can expect an average of 68mm of the year.
that makes it our driest month again in October and November.
The rain gradually increasing

between now and the weekend.
We could see up to 10mm of rain

I'll have the full forecast soon.

this Tuesday evening -
Still to come hundreds evacuated a CBD building.
as a massive fire tears through

Also, the pictures from space has destroyed
that prove Islamic State of world history.
another irreplaceable part for anyone with allergies -
Plus, the spring warning before the pollen count rises.
what you should be doing

proud mum
And we hear from Jarryd Hayne's the first squad cut
as her son survives at the San Francisco 49ers.

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This program is not captioned.

the heart of Adelaide
A spectacular fire has shut down of thousand of workers.
and forced the evacuation a three-storey building,
The blaze tore through the roof caving in, of the property
while the front wall the point of collapse.
teetered on

in the City of Churches.
Holy smoke

when the fire broke out
It was lunchtime a martial arts school -
in a building housing

could be seen for miles
and before long, the smoke was forced to shut up shop.
and much of Adelaide's CBD

you can smell the smoke.
Heard the fire engines, and then of the blaze were emptied
All buildings within 50m from the ground and the air.
as fire crews attacked the flames

smartphones before fleeing,
Many people pulled out their from every angle -
capturing the fire from the ground floor
watching it spread

of the three-storey building.
and into the roof to establish quite quickly
Firefighters were able inside the building.
that there was nobody to have started in a garbage bin.
A dramatic fire which is believed

was brought under control.
After two hours, the fire and it's expected
The roof had caved in, will be demolished.
what is left of the building

almost $120,000 in reward money
Police in Thailand will share is a suspect
for catching a man they claim

in last month's deadly bombing. praised officers
The country's police chief the reward between them.
and promised to distribute when a bomb exploded at a shrine
20 people were killed

in the capital, Bangkok.

have been released
New satellite images ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.
showing the destruction of the destroyed the Temple of Bel,
Islamic State militants have

significant cultural importance.
a 2,000-year-old structure of the extremist group
It comes after of Palmyra in May,
seized control

for the World Heritage site.
sparking fears

have led to this huge mud flow,
And massive thunderstorms in Utah full of debris. were caught in the torrent
Tree trunks, branches and rocks

swept downstream.
as billions of gallons of water

was injured by the flooding.
It's not known if anyone

the first cut,
Jarryd Hayne has survived San Francisco 49ers squad
today named in a 75-man final pre-season game.
ahead of the team's Ken joins me now. continues.
Ken, his incredible journey

as an impossible dream
Pete, what started out now looks set to become a reality the final 53-man roster,
with Hayne expected to make

which is announced this weekend. fly to San Francisco tomorrow
Hayne's proud mum, Jodie, will whatever the outcome.
to be by his side,

America before.
Jodie Hayne has never been to Now she has reason to go. an NFL star.
Her baby boy is about to become going to do when you see Jarryd?
What's the first thing you're

and cuddle.
Give him a big hug, kiss That's all I want to do. You've missed him, yeah? to go over there and see him.
That's all I want. I just want that fourth trial.
I want to watch him play how much game time...
So, we'll see and helmets,
I want to put on his pads and say, "Come on now, son!" gets his fearless attitude from,
You can see where Jarryd from a young age.
and Jodie's seen that Watching him as a little kid in the sky,
just kicking that ball so high catching and throwing and that,
and when you watch him out there when you were little,
you think, I've seen you do that didn't he'd be that good at it.
you know, sort of thing, but I

that first game, I just went,
When I watched him play He's gonna kill it."
"I should have known. and things like that,
Like, we all know he is he would as quick.
but I didn't think

have been amazing
Hayne's evasive skills he can handle the ferocity
but he's shown of an NFL tackle. When he gets hit, he gets up... He gets up twice as angry. You know, hit him hard, and come back harder.
'cause he'll just get up when they hit him?
So, you don't mind Well, I don't like it. I know it's in the game,
But, I mean, you can really do about it.
so there's not much all the pads and the helmet?
How do you think he looks in

Can you put more on him?
I can't believe it! of them over there?
'Cause have you seen the size the imagination of the nation.
Hayne's story has captured This is his destiny, for sure. by the amount of support
Are you amazed

that Jarryd's had from Australia? we just want to say,
From the Hayne family, We're very overwhelmed,
thank you very much. with the support from Australia.
even Jarryd is, That's, I can't believe that. such a nice story
Jodie, I guess this is that you can have a dream
because he's showing people and achieve it. 'Cause everyone talks about it.
You can do it. Jarryd is doing what we'd all...
I think, one thing with Jarryd - that we'd love to do.
..he's doing a lot of things

You know what I mean? Don't let nothing hold you back.
Come on, get up there and do it. son's success is his attitude.
Jodie says the secret to her always positive.
He's always positive,

Is he always like that with you? He's my biggest strength.
Oh, yeah. problems, I'll go talk to him,
He is, because if I've got really worth worrying about?"
and he always, "Mum, is it

you've been here before, son.
And I think, oh, is flying in rarefied air
In reality, the 'Hayne Plane' when he learns his future,
and Jodie wants to be by his side

no matter the result. but if not,
It'll be a wonderful story, and I'll see my son anyway.
I'll go over there to you?
So, that's what's important Yeah, that's the main thing. and see him.
I just want to get over there

That's all I care about.

It will be a bonus when he makes the team.You are confident?Yes.

to come, including -
And there's plenty more Robbie Farah's side
Tigers players take Jason Taylor.
in his war with coach And Steve Smith fires,

for the Australian cricket team
but there was more pain in the UK. Pete.
That's all coming up shortly,

Jarrad Butler Mum is amazing.

a Greenacre family terrified
In the news ahead - by vandals on their home.
after an apparent random attack the $600 million makeover
Also, Minto in mint condition - dubbed "one of Sydney's worst"
to transform the suburb once

for social housing. Plus, on the attack - and prime ministers
which presidents "unfit to lead"?
has Barack Obama labelled And the safest second-hand cars -

that will help you find
the new research for your family.
which one is best

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This program is not captioned.

has been left traumatised
A Greenacre family in what could be a random attack.
after their home was vandalised The young couple for their three children
were preparing school lunches when the property was targeted.

It was more than just glass

on this suburban street.
which was shattered

A young family act of rage
the victims of a seemingly random and neighbours terrified.
which now has them

Very surprised and shocked.
Very quiet street. It was just after 9pm on Lawford Street were attacked.
when the house and car The damage so severe this was a drive-by shooting.
it was initially feared

line searches
But after methodical forensic examination,
and extensive no bullets were found.

For some on the street, of a darker past.
it was a chilling reminder a couple were both killed
In 2003, were fired into their cottage.
after dozens of bullets

That property was bulldozed which was attacked today
and the duplex built in its place. that it's right out here.
It makes you feel really creepy, what are they looking for,
I mean, what are you doing, what are they involved in? and three children
The young couple who live here, last night's attack.
were home during

Not just the front of the house, were smashed in.
but all back windows why they were targeted.
They say they have no idea Just a bit scared, you know.
Everyone's OK.

two men seen running away.
Police are still searching for

in the Ukrainian capital,
Violence has broken out

and almost 100 others injured.
leaving 1 soldier dead the country's parliament building
The scuffles erupted outside more power to pro-Russian rebels.
as lawmakers voted to give

Chaos in Kiev front of Ukraine's parliament.
as a grenade explodes out the hobbling away,
Injured police can be seen lodged in their leg.
several with fragments the wounds were fatal.
For one of them,

continued to rain down,
Molotov cocktails

the national guard were injured
more than 100 members of took over the streets.
as nationalist protesters by the Ukrainian government
They're angry about moves

to Russian separatists.
to give more powers (CHANTING) there were farcical scenes
Inside parliament, joined the protests.
as opposition MPs (CHANTING) "Disgrace" they chanted, but the government insists the best interests of the country
the moves are in to ensure peace.
and the best move But for now, all they've done in the Ukrainian capital
is spark the worst violence

for more than a year.

worst social housing suburbs"
Once deemed "one of Sydney's in the 1970s, went on show today.
a new-look Minto the regenerated region features
At a cost of $635 million,

and brand-new homes,
almost 400 renovated and a community centre.
along with parks sold off to private owners,
70% of properties will now be to move into the remaining homes.
with public housing tenants set

in the redevelopment
A major milestone today shopping centre in Campbelltown.
of South Western Sydney's biggest the beginning of work
A ceremony has been held to mark of Macarthur Square.
on the $240 million revamp generate more than 2,000 jobs
It's estimated the upgrade will

during construction, positions when it's complete.
and about 1,000 more retail

forceful warning to world leaders
Barack Obama has issued a over climate change, squarely at Tony Abbott.
and the Greens say it's aimed The President spoke the Alaskan wilderness
before heading into in survival techniques
for a crash course

Bear Grylls.
from celebrity action man

Mm-hmm. Mr President?
Raw fish for dinner, A nice worm for dessert? he'll be spared
Barack Obama hoping smorgasbord
this stomach-squirming TV adventurer Bear Grylls
when he pairs up with in Alaska. But the visit into the wilderness

President's message to the world,
is a very serious part of the US climate change, is now.
the time to act on We will condemn our children capacity to repair -
to a planet beyond their abandoned cities,
submerged countries, fields no longer growing. likely to cause squirming
His blunt language in capitals around the globe. not take this issue seriously
Any so-called leader who does is not fit to lead.
or treats it like a joke hit a raw nerve in Canberra.
According to the Greens, that'll

Tony Abbott squarely in mind.
I think he had people like some of his words today
Do you think at countries like us?
were directed No. It was an important speech. and significant.
Climate change is real

down to come up with a plan.
In December, nations will sit has to be the year
This year in Paris

an agreement
that the world finally reaches we've got, while we still can.
to protect the one planet that the planet a future
Perhaps a plan that gives

in his final months
and a President a lasting legacy.

all the glossy facts
It's easy enough getting the safety rating clear to see.
about a brand-new car -

on second-hand cars
But getting the good oil has been harder, until now.

Navigating the used car market is tough at the best of times.

But the Used Car Safety Ratings

top motoring groups,
produced by the country's in the right direction.
helps point buyers not only a safe car
They can find but an affordable one as well. were assessed
More than 200 vehicles millions of real-life crashes.
based on data from About 50 got a 5-star rating. securing a safe pick status,
20 went one better, meaning they're also safer involved in a crash.
for other road users good designs,
It's not just about good body structure,

it's about good safety features. in the light car category
This year, just one vehicle achieved 5 stars - Ford Fiesta.
the 2009 to 2013 model In the small car category, and Subaru Impreza
the Holden Cruze, Honda Civic were among the top performers. For medium cars, and the Volkswagen Passat
your safest picks are an Audi A4

should look at a Ford Falcon,
while anyone after a large car or a Toyota Aurion.
Holden Statesman or Caprice In the SUV categories, Nissan Pathfinder
the Mitsubishi Outlander,

all achieved 5 stars.
and the Toyota Kluger Safety ratings are often features for parents
one of the most important buy their first car.
when helping their children The good news is on this year's list
many 5 star vehicles for under $10,000.
can be picked up Even cheap cars now

blind-spot warning detection.
are coming out with always see in cars these days,
Pretty much ABS is something you as well.
self-stopping collision warning

Good evening.
Ken is back. Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire
Pete, coming up - tells players he's going nowhere, Newcastle.
despite being linked to

Tigers' players back Robbie Farah Jason Taylor.
in his stoush with coach can't save the Aussie cricketers.
And a captain's knock

to spring,
And despite a sensational start isn't going to last.
our run of gorgeous blue skies I'll have your forecast soon.

This program is not captioned. in the Rabbitohs team
Greg Inglis hasn't been named to play the Roosters on Friday from knee surgery.
as he continues his recovery Michael Maguire has told players
Meanwhile, Souths coach he has no plans to leave, negotiating with the Knights.
despite talk he's been

at South Sydney
The air has been cleared

on a couple of topics. Michael Maguire wants out
First, the talk that coach to take the reins at Newcastle. for another two years,
Madge is here personally.
and he came and spoke to us

and he just said, he's here,
It's in-house, and he's here to do the job. we're with him.
Madge is tireless, he's with us, And second, at the hands of the Broncos.
the embarrassing thumping

This time of the year, I think you we
can forget it all. Five games to go, we win five, it is great.

for the defending premiers
The only way now is up their season isn't shot to bits
and they have the chance to show Roosters, who've won 11 straight,
when they take on the high-flying on Friday night. in 2013
The Roosters won the title

and spent 2014 under siege. They understand more than most the Rabbitohs have gone through.
the struggles

It is a different thing when you knock
turn up and every team wants to I
knock off the reigning premiers, so lot
I feel for them in that regard. A moment,
lot of people bagging them at the talented
moment, that they are extremely talented and a tough side to beat.

Manly can make the finals so badly by the Wests Tigers,
if the Dragons get beaten

thump the Sharks,
and they, in turn, to erase a 61-point differential.
with the two results combining

If there is potential to play

finals football, then I cannot is
think of a better circumstance. It is exciting.

without Willie Mason -
They'll take the field for a shoulder charge
he took a three-week ban

which didn't hurt Dylan Napa, Raiders' Jack Wighton will get
which was two weeks more than the for this careless high tackle
if he accepts a one-week ban to hospital in an ambulance,
which sent Jamie Soward was worth celebrating.
something the Raiders thought and his season is over.
Soward was released today

have rallied around
Robbie Farah's Tigers the unwanted captain, saying their coach, Jason Taylor, what is going on.
has not told the team in-fighting could turn more ugly
The Wests Tigers are afraid the before the end of the season.
if it's not resolved

Arriving in the Concord carpark - at the Tigers just yet.
Robbie Farah hasn't packed up and coach rages silently
As the feud between captain

of the season.
into the last round for their arguments, I guess.
They both have reasons it doesn't get ugly.
We just hope the club needs that
I don't think

wants that to happen.
and I don't think anyone performance against the Warriors,
After his Man of the Match in first grade.
Farah has plenty of friends I hope Robbie is still around.
As a friend, and a leader of our club.
He's a State of Origin player

reserve grade
Obviously, no-one wants to play for so long,
when you've been in first grade played at the highest level
particularly for someone who has and captained New South Wales. are in the three-way fight
The struggling Tigers to avoid the wooden spoon, but Chris Lawrence doesn't think player unwanted by the club.
he'll be the next big money heard anything to the contrary
Look, at this stage I haven't

I'll be at the club in 2016.
so, at this stage,

to finalists -
From wooden spooners all the way to Grand Final day.
the Sharks believe they can surge

We said it from the start - to take it all the way.
that we think we have the team for the Sea Eagles match
Ben Barba returns cement fourth place.
where a win would see Cronulla People do write us off. We do have a good team. they're talking about.
I don't know what I think we should be there.

isn't the only Australian
Jarryd Hayne in the United States.
getting attention to training
The Wallabies attracted a crowd Notre Dame University in Indiana.
on the grounds of the famous

It is huge. I was blown away by how professional the facilities are.

The Wallabies play a test in Chicago next weekend,
against the United States for the World Cup.
before heading to England has carried over
England's Ashes success to Twenty20 cricket.

Australia was set 183 to win. this ball hitting the stumps
Shane Watson couldn't stop with bat or boot. from just 53 balls
Steve Smith smashed 90 runs to give the Australians a chance, they fell 5 runs short.
but in the end, the Southern Stars by 5 wickets,
Earlier, England's women defeated had already done enough
but the Australians to win the Women's Ashes.

winner on day one of the US Open.
Sam Groth was the only Australian Matthew Ebden, John Millman, and Daria Gavrilova
Casey Dellacqua at Roland Garros.
all first round casualties

for the Grand Slam
Serena Williams' bid possible start,
got off to the easiest due to injury
her opponent retiring eight straight games.
after dropping

She only lost five point those.She is too good.

Stay with us. a snuffle-free spring -
Still ahead - should start
why allergy sufferers taking their medications now. for a new Kiwi flag -
Also, the contenders which one would you vote for?

the richest pop star in the world
And how Bono became without even singing a word.

milestone. Next on WIN News... The s
man at the forefront of a Wanniassa ACT'
siege charged by police. Why the And
ACT' s population suffered a hit. Ra
And all the injury news out of the
Raiders big win. Join me for all th details next. This program is not captioned.

Now to our top stories. a wild brawl
Police are investigating at Windsor.
between junior rugby league teams found dead at Miranda
The family of a grandfather for answers.
has made a tearful plea has kept interest rates on hold
And the Reserve Bank Sydney's red-hot property market.
as new data shows a cooling in

Spring is finally here, to shrug off that winter chill,
and while many of us are glad

an unpleasant time
the new season can signal for allergy sufferers. the hay fever battle,
So, if you want to beat to begin treatment now.
the advice is

Breathe it in - of the first day of spring.
the magnificent sights and smells

not to be sneezed at.
Pretty as it is, it's a season (SNEEZES) start to bloom,
When the blossoms will experience
one in five Australians and constant coughing
the swollen eyes and allergies,
that comes with hay fever Coughing, itchy eyes.

Does that sound about right?
What do you reckon? Coughing.
Runny noses. Headaches. allergy specialist,
Western Sydney University

Professor Connie Katelaris says are best started
medications such as sprays before the onset of symptoms, grass pollens start to circulate.
and before those debilitating

For those people spring-time allergies,
who know they suffer from preventative medication.
now is the time to start And the good news is,

the gold standard in treatment,
nasal sprays, considered have reduced in price available over the counter.
as they've become more readily at just $7.99.
Telnase is by far the cheapest,

Nasonex will set you back $8.99.
For a dose of 65, A pack of Beconase is $9.99,

and Rhinocort Hayfever
while Flixonase respectively.
will cost you $14.99 and $16.99,

To help you breathe easy in the air,
when there's plenty of pollen wrap-around sunglasses can help.
a wide-brimmed hat and it's best to stay indoors,
On a particularly bad day,

is hard to swallow
but that advice on a glorious day like this. to work and play,
For less disruption will help.
an everyday antihistamine

its shortlist for a new flag,
New Zealand has revealed a public vote later this year.
which will be put to

more than 10,000 entries.
They were chosen from feature a silver fern,
Three of the final four designs

the Maori koru symbol.
the other shows The design chosen by the public against the current flag
will go head to head in a referendum next year. and Madonna.
Move over, Sir Paul McCartney wealthiest pop star.
Bono has emerged as the world's for the U2 frontman,
It's a beautiful day from the sale of Facebook shares.
netting almost $2 billion in the name of love,
Full of pride, the Irishman, in the social networking site
first invested $120 million

in 2009. The sale has seen him earn during his entire career,
more than he has you can make it on your own.
proving sometimes


and finance,
Coming up, Sydney petrol prices plus Amber with the weather. Thanks, Pete.

It was a cold start to spring, to just 2 degrees this morning,
with parts of our west dropping which is 6 below average. in the city and 15 in our west.
Right now, it's 14 degrees

in just a moment.
I'll have your forecast

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This program is not captioned.

closed 2% lower today -
To finance, and the stock market

the All Ords down 105 points.

is on the way down.
The price cycle Here's Amber. blue skies and sunshine
After a cool night, we enjoyed to kick off spring, southwesterly winds -
with light to moderate which combined with the dry air - of wind chill.
did add a few degrees Out of the wind, however, saw a top of 19.
Parramatta and Blacktown The city warmed up to 20 degrees, for spring.
which is right on average suburb - reaching 21 degrees.
And Penrith was our warmest to shiver through a cool night
We weren't the only ones to below freezing.
with many inland areas falling -1 in Mudgee,
Dubbo saw a low of -2, the mid-teens.
before warming up to Along the coast,

reached 16 degreees.
Wollongong and Batemans Bay such a beautiful
Tomorrow - the high that brought right along the east coast
first day of spring chased away by this complex low,
will move offshore,

and thunderstorms.
which is bringing rain a top of 26 degrees.
Brisbane will stay fine, though - and Adelaide will all see rain,
But Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne with tops of 14 to 17 degrees.

NSW will see showers tomorrow.
After another cold night, most of the heaviest falls
Inland areas will see the state.
as the rain band moves across Along the coast, later in the day.
showers will start to move in tops of 19 degrees.
The South Coast expecting Sydney will be partly cloudy
After some early fog in the west, north-easterly winds.
with light to moderate of a late shower,
There is a 40% chance

if anything.
but it will only be a millimetre, the pollen count is still low
At this stage, by Friday.
but it's expected to jump After another cool night - of 22 degrees in Penrith.
we are heading for a top and Parramatta.
21 in Campbelltown, Liverpool 9-21 in the city. 19 in Terrey Hills.

Looking ahead - of rain on Thursday,
we're expecting up to 10mm and a top of 20 degrees. into Friday morning
The wet weather will continue but should clear up by lunchtime.

a top of 20,
Then Saturday is looking dry - and into next week.
before showers move in on Sunday

In our west, on Thursday,
we're expecting early rain a couple of millimetres.
but probably only on Friday, 19.
Just a possible shower Saturday will be fine and 21 with a top of 22 degrees.
before a few showers on Sunday,

Those nights slowly warming up.

with A Current Affair.
Tracy is next for this Tuesday.
That's Nine News I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight.
I hope you have a good evening.
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next ... Tonight ... A man remanded stand-o
in custody over the Wanniassa rule
stand-off with Police. Tough new And
rules to tackle the ice epidemic.
And - Ricky Stuart up-in-arms as th Wighton'
NRL comes down hard on Jack Ke
Wighton' s hit. Good evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston, A man at the centr Canbe
of a tense police-stand off in toni
Canberra' s South, is in custody the
tonight, after being charged over arr
the three hour siege, The man was Wann
arrested when police stormed the reporte
Wanniassa yesterday. WIN News Jo
reporter Harry Frost was in court. b
Jonathan Pearce was lead into court fa
by corrective services officers.He
faced the ACT Magistrates court thi arres
morning following his dramatic arrest. Police stormed the Wanniass afte
property and arrested Mr Pearce yes
after a three-hour long stand-off he
yesterday afternoon. It' s alleged hou
he splashed accelerant around the buil
house and was threatening to set su
building on fire. Residents in the t
surrounding units were evacuated as negotiat
the area was locked down and att
negotiators moved in. When Pearce and
attempted to set the house alight extingu
and firefighters rushed in to a
extinguish the blaze, while heavily Polic
armed police stormed the house. coul
Police said they feared the fire
could have caused an explosion or a Tod
worst burnt the unit block down. reck
Today Mr Pearce was charged with buildi
recklessly causing damage to a building by fire. He was remanded i faci
custody to be taken to a health B
facility for assessment. Magistrate "Once
Bernadette Boss told the court: bef
"Once released you are to brought possible.
before the court as soon as hearing
possible." A date for further hundre
hearings is yet to be set. One evacuat
hundred people were forced to
evacuate... from the Canberra Museu afternoon.
and Gallery in Civic this ar
afternoon. Authorities were called around two o' clock after reports o tw
a strong smell of smoke. At least scene.
two people were treated at the f
scene. It' s believed an electrical