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This program is captioned live. On Seven News tonight - junior rugby league's new shame. Police called in after players
and spectators clash. First on Seven - the multimillion-dollar plan
to revive Sydney's Olympic Stadium. A grieving father's tearful plea following his son's
tragic road death. Live. Live your life
to the fullest for Lachlan. I know you were a good mate. Myer's $600 million revival plan
to make it top shop in the store wars.

And move over Elvis - Thor's here - ready to battle bushfires
with superhero strength.

Good evening. We begin tonight with video
of another disturbing brawl at a junior rugby league game. Police are looking also at the
pictures of players and spectators throwing punches and officials
trying to separate them. The game's administrators
seemingly powerless to stop tempers boiling over
on and off the field. It starts with yelling... ..and breaking glass. Then, this.

An all-out brawl
at Sunday's Under-17 Grand Final between the Riverstone Razorbacks
and Cambridge Park at Windsor. Stay here!

Fists fly and accusations. Stay here! We got attacked! (BLEEP) But with tempers up,
it's a tough job. Police are now investigating. Yes, there's a possibility, that depending on the evidence
that's provided, that people could be charged
as a result of it, yes. What should have stayed
on the footy field continued on Facebook.

One girl boasting:

The majority of people involved in
junior rugby league - they do the right thing. It only takes a group of people
to spoil the whole day. It's the latest
in a series of incidents that have marred
the junior competition. Last month, Sharks players
Andrew and David Fafita copped 6-match suspensions for abusing a referee
at a junior match at Glenwood. The Penrith League went as far
as hiring security guards to patrol junior games this year and clubs have been threatened
with disqualification under control. so hopefully we can identify
the people involved and remove them from the game
of rugby league for life.

Amanda Abate
is at Penrith Police Station. Amanda, has anyone been charged? Not yet, Mark. Police are still trying to speak
with the dozens of people either involved
or who witnessed the brawl. as he and his 16-year-old son were
punched and thrown into a fence. He is yet to give his statement
to police. The Penrith Junior Rugby League will wait for the outcome
of the police investigation before they issue any suspensions
or bans. Mark.

15 years ago this month the Olympic Stadium at Homebush
became the sporting heart of this city. Now there are big changes planned. We can reveal tonight the
state government will buy it back and transform it - spending $1.3 billion on that. There are also huge plans
for stadiums at Parramatta and Moore Park. Under cover
and closer to the action. That's the plan to save
the former Olympic stadium and revive
our other sporting arenas. It is critical - if you want to compete
with the best cities in the world, that's our vision. Since the Olympics,
Homebush hasn't had much love. The buzz has gone along with many of
the big-ticket sports, but that's about to change. The government will soon announce it
will buy out the private contract, take control

and give ANZ the upgrade
it desperately needs. It will also stop stadiums competing
against each other, with a trust to allocate events. The amount of money currently
being wasted as each of the venues competes
for a client to fill the venue is phenomenal.

As revealed by Seven News

Parramatta will be first -
upgraded next year - torn down and rebuilt
into a 30,000-seat stadium. with the Premier wanting it
to be redeveloped at its current site
into 55,000-seater. The Olympic Park upgrade
is likely to cost $350 million. But there is a catch -
and it is a big one. If the upgrade here is approved it's unlikely to start until work
at the other stadiums is finished in at least seven years time. Let's get on with it. In response
to the government's huge investment, the Premier wants the NRL
and other codes to contribute, guaranteeing Sydney as a long-term
venue for the NRL grand final, extra State of Origin matches and other major events.

Police are investigating
the suspicious death of a grandfather in Miranda after his wife discovered
his bloodied body in the backyard of their home. Ashlea Brown is at the scene. Ashlea, do police know how he died? Mark, at this stage it's not clear but his family are adamant
Paul Streeter was murdered. It's believed the 54-year-old
suffered a number of stab wounds to his upper body. Forensic investigators have spent
much of the day here. They've collected a computer
from the home and towed the victim's car
for further examination. His daughter made an emotional
appeal late this afternoon.

She recalled the last time she spoke to him and said it was out of character.He said he was coming to check on me. I asked him why he was banging on the door. He came to check on me and he said that he loved me. My dad doesn't really tell me he loves me so it was like he knew something was going to happen to him. For him to come and check up on me to see if I am OK, he doesn't do that. He comes to have a coffee and to spend time with me and my girls, but not to

Paul's daughter says his death makes
no sense. He has no enemies
and is a wonderful man. Mark.

Police have searched a home
in Galston, in the city's north-west, as part of an investigation
into a murder 13 years ago. Officers received a tip-off that
the weapon used to kill Jason Friend in 2002 is hidden at the property. Friend's ex-wife is serving
an 18-year jail sentence over the shooting murder. Her boyfriend Philip Grubb was
accused of pulling the trigger but a jury failed to reach a verdict
and the charges were withdrawn.

The Abbott Government has scrapped
the bank deposit tax initiated by Labor
when it was in government. The levy of 0.05% would've affected
anyone with deposits of up to $250,000. But cutting it has given the
government another budget black hole of $1.5 billion.

On the first day of the new season the blossoms are out
around Parliament House, and the government is doing
some spring-cleaning on tax. The good news for the people
of Australia today is that Labor's bank deposit tax
is dead. The tax was proposed in 2013
in Labor's dying days in office, that falter
in the next financial crunch. It was to begin in 2016. Now it won't. The last thing you do if
you want to strengthen banks is whack them with another tax. The banks had made clear, though,
that the cost of the tax would have been passed on
to customers - costing $50 a year
on every $1,000 of savings. Now the challenge is for Labor, the only reason they would keep it is they want to gouge the deposits
of everyday Australians. Labor says
it won't fight to keep the tax but claims Mr Hockey
was still seeking support from Labor and the crossbench for a limited version, covering just the big four banks,
only two weeks ago. As Tony Abbott was talking about
axing taxes, one of his senior ministers
was taking to the leaks controversy with a high-pressure hose, accusing sections of the media of
trying to bring down the government. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
launched his broadside in a string of morning interviews. I think the reality is that there is
a bit of a jihad being conducted by Fairfax at the moment. They're being helped
by the ABC as well, there's no question about that. I think people can have
a fair idea as to who's leaking. While Tony Abbott... As soon as I start talking about it you'll say that the government
was distracted from its purpose. ..decided not to buy in.

Grieving family and friends have
come together on a Sydney beach to mourn three young mates
killed in a crash at the weekend. Among them,
the parents of one victim with an astonishing message
for the surviving driver. At Warriewood Beach, a beautiful day,
the first of spring. But there is no joy here. Just mourning. For 17-year-old Lachlan Burleigh, a friend, a son. He just loved everybody and he was clever,
he was affectionate. He had a great sense of humour
and made everybody laugh. Lachlan died in a horrific head-on
crash near Kurmond on Sunday. His mates, 19-year-old Ben Sawyer
and Luke Shanahan, 21, were also killed,

but the driver, Jordan Brown,
survived. His injuries were minor but they say
his emotional pain is crushing. I'd like to say to the driver,
mate, we do forgive you. We know that you're just
going through so much pain. We are as well. Please, mate, live, live your life
to the fullest for Lachlan. I know you're a good mate. Lachlan was three weeks
from graduation. He wanted to be a marine biologist. A boy who liked a morning coffee
on this beach. He'd watch the sunrise on the beach
and think about the day and meditate and look at the surf. His many friends remember Lachie
as the happiest person they knew. If there was anyone on this earth
that lived life to the fullest and just did not deserve to go out,
it was Lachie. He was one of the most unique boys
I ever met. Generous too, like his parents, whose thoughts are with the driver,
as much as their son. Please, please, live your life. Live your life for Lachlan,
enjoy it. You are forgiven. Please see us,
please let us cuddle you, please let us love you. With that support
he might just be able to.

A shark attack victim is calling
for more modern techniques to keep swimmers and surfers safe. Craig Ison is now home a month after being attacked
off the Far North Coast. Premier Baird today said shark nets
should be considered in the area but Mr Ison is worried about
the impact on other marine life. They do work but it comes at a cost so I think they should come up
with something more modern, more advanced. Shark nets are used
at more than 50 beaches from Newcastle to Wollongong.

It's only Tuesday and already, it's not the
state government's best week on transport issues. Yesterday it was forced
to confirm that security guards are being cut from some of the Sydney's
busiest train stations. Today it was criticised for spending hundreds of thousands
of dollars on actors to train staff.

These are the vaudevillian stylings
of 'Opal Man'. It changed everything! with taxpayer dollars
to sell a message in-house too it seems. Have you been paying actors to help
train staff in transport for NSW? That's my question. The government is running a number
of initiatives around advertising. These are real graffiti vandals. Last year,
Transport paid actors $506,000 to role play similar scenarios
to educate staff. You don't seem to be aware of it. Are you asking me questions or
are you going to make statements? Not even aware of it. Are you going to make
political statements? $500,000 for Andrew Constance
to have a clown college. The $500,000 bill for actors can be added to the $100,000
paid to an advertising agency to create Opal Man, Another $2.3 million for producing Opal Man
marketing videos and almost $5 million
in television advertising. for an awareness campaign
and training, but not this much. They say it might have been worth it
if Opal Man had super powers. Such as the power to stop
this madman at Central Station, shown on Seven News last night, where money spent on actors could be spent on commuters'
number one concern - safety. I viewed that footage.
I think it was a fantastic response. Which part of the assertion
is wrong? Well, the fact that we've put 610
Police Transport Command officers onto the transport network. The Transport Minister says
commuter satisfaction is up 15% on when Labor called the shots.

But actors were used for the final six years of their government.

As was widely expected, the Reserve Bank kept interest rates
on hold this afternoon. Seven finance editor
and Sunrise host David Koch is at the RBA. David, most economists
had tipped this decision - what does it say about the outlook
for the rest of the year? Mark, this is the fourth month
in a row the Reserve has opted to keep rates
on hold at that record low 2%. Despite all the doom and gloom
and panic we've been hearing about, global markets, the main take-home
message here from the RBA is that things
are actually looking alright. and housing is largely under control despite ongoing concerns
about the Sydney market. Some are calling it
the 'Goldilocks economy' - it's not too hot, not too cold
but just right. And that's why
RBA Governor Glenn Stevens decided it wasn't necessary
to cut rates again. Economists are now predicting we may not see another rates cut
for the rest of the year with the RBA
looking to maintain stability.


Myer has become
a battling department store after reporting a 21% fall
in net profit. But the troubled retailing giant has
come up with a $600 million revival plan -
hoping to turn its fortunes around, including a strategy to join forces
with the British fashion retailer Topshop

to boost sales.

The ailing department store chain has recorded a 69% profit slump
for 2015. It's hoping a new partnership
with fashion brand Topshop will help change its luck. It's a very exciting
new venture for us. We are all about the customer and this is a brand Myer has purchased
a 25% stake in Topshop Australia and from November, the British brand will feature prominently
in 20 Myer stores. It's a part of a vital revamp that Myer hopes will entice
customers back Oh, it definitely will.
Yes, for sure. A diverse range of styles
would be really good. Myer has introduced
a host of new brands including Seed
and French Connection. It's promising improved
customer service as well. The retail giant has already dumped
100 under-performing brands as part of its $600 million
turnaround strategy and it admits some stores
might also need to close. There is 20% of our portfolio that doesn't ideally meet with the
target customers that we've got, or the priority customers. A $221 million share issue
will help fund the overhaul. I think the biggest competition
is fragmentation. It's the consumers who have access
to all sorts of options. Myer will ramp up its online store and is confident
the business will be turned around.

We got our first look today
at the latest weapon to fight summer bushfires - a modified C-130 Hercules
called Thor. It's an aerial tanker that can dump the contents
of a backyard swimming pool in just seconds.

It was easy to see
how it earned the nickname Thor as the new Hercules thundered
over Richmond in a test run, dropping 15,000 litres of water.

A sophisticated tool firefighters in
New South Wales haven't had before. Thor is going to be a welcome asset
to the skies of New South Wales. It will operate
from the Richmond air base and has the capability
to be in the air for five hours, allowing multiple drops on a fire
before a refuel. The aircraft will be used
to attack blazes but is best suited
to build retardant lines. You're trying to drop out
in front of the line to give the guys on the ground time to work
other parts of the fire. The C-130 Hercules has been
a vital tool for firefighters in other parts of the country. In January, they were crucial in battling blazes
in the Adelaide Hills. Its arrival was perfectly timed with experts today warning
of extreme fire danger this summer. The forecast is
for much of New South Wales from the Central West
right through to our coastal strip, all the way along the ranges, we're expecting to see above normal
fire conditions this season. Firefighters believe
the risk is real now and want families in affected areas
to develop a bushfire survival plan.

Sarah's with us now. Where are the fire danger zones
around Sydney? Mark, the danger zone includes
the entire metro area and most of the state. This is the latest bushfire risk map
released today. The red areas show where the
bushfire risk is above normal. So it covers most of eastern NSW, up through South-East Queensland and down into Victoria. Spring got off to a dry start today. It really was a picture perfect
start to the new season in Sydney with glorious blue skies,
plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. So what can we expect in September? The average daytime temperature
in Sydney is 20 degrees. In a normal season
we'd see around 68mm of rain. Your full forecast coming up, Mark.

Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - the punishment
for a Sydney man's racial attack on a shopping centre cleaner. A major milestone for the rail line
linking Sydney's north-west. A wages review following
the 7-Eleven salary scandal - underpaying workers. Four finalists revealed before New Zealand votes
on a new flag. And shopping for a used car? The crash test results
that could save your life.

For dads.

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This Father's Day.

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At Target.

A Sydney man has avoided a jail term following a religiously motivated
attack at Bankstown, during which he wore clothes, favoured by Islamic State. Sulayman Khalid was instead
given a good behaviour bond after pleading guilty
to intimidation. A magistrate describing his
behaviour as obnoxious and foolish. Relief for family and friends
of Sulayman Khalid.

We are very, very happy because we knew already
our son was innocent. This security video shows a group, including Khalid, surrounding an Iraqi cleaner at
Bankstown Central shopping centre. He called Petrus Matlub
a "Christian infidel". But the magistrate rejected claims
he threatened to kill him, dismissing a charge of affray. after pleading guilty
to intimidation. All this case actually was built
on fabrication and lying.

Last year,
Khalid stormed off live television during a program about Australians
joining Islamic State. Australian government needs to stop
picking on the Muslims here. Two witnesses told the court he was wearing IS markings
during the altercation. Prosecutor Paul Keane
likened the clothing to someone in a bedsheet
confronting an African American, prompting the defendant to laugh.

It's not illegal
to wear prayer clothing - that's prayer clothing. When the judgement was read out, Khalid's supporters
were clearly pleased. Some yelled out "Allah Akbar"
as they left the courtroom. Another said,
"Thank you, Your Honour" as Khalid himself
waved to them and smiled.

7-Eleven has announced what it
calls an independent review into its wages system after revelations workers are being
paid half the hourly award rate, and threatened when they complained

at its 600 convenience stores
nationwide. Authorities will now investigate
payroll compliance issues after a whistleblower
revealed the scandal. Behind this door, Kumar Sandarakumar
is refusing to come out. Hiding at the scene of the crime. Mr Sandarakumar
is a 7-Eleven operator He's admitted to systematic
underpayment of his staff. $30,000 taken
from low-paid workers. One worked 20 hours in a single day,
but only got paid for 7. We're talking about a system
which involved intimidation, 24/7 surveillance. And not just here. The entire business
rocked by revelations of widespread staff exploitation. The corner store
is becoming the corner sweatshop and this empire
that people see every day seems to be making its money
out of exploiting people. Many staff on student visas are
still reluctant to come forward fearing deportation. There are growing calls for the government to guarantee
the visa status of whistleblowers. In Australia you shouldn't be
under threat of being deported just because you asked to be paid
the right wages and conditions. Also, calls for state governments to withdraw contracts with 7-Elevens
to sell public transport tickets. Back at Kumar's store,

still no sign
of the undercover boss. Mr Sandarakumar admitted he learned how to manipulate
the payroll system from a fellow 7-Eleven franchisee
at a conference. Today he was forced to sign
an undertaking to repay his workers. Many others
may be forced to do the same. It's sad to see in this day and age this sort of exploitation
continues to burden Australia.

People who've bought
electric shock dog collars are being warned they are illegal -
and must be destroyed. The remote-control devices give
a painful jolt to stop dogs barking. They can also potentially cause
burns and, um, they can have on-going problems in
regards to anxiety problems as well. The RSPCA has displayed
these collars, seized from a man
selling them online. He's been fined $4,000.

There's good news
for Sydney's north-west. The rail link being built there
passed a major milestone today with the first section
of the Skytrain now complete. The elevated train line
has created hundreds of jobs and is a key part of the largest
urban rail project in our history. You might have noticed this monster
along Windsor Road. She has a very busy twin
not far away in Rouse Hill. They're both giving shape to the
north-west's train line in the sky. Our first span
of what will be 121 spans that are going to be put in place
over the next year. It's an operation
that looks like clockwork. They'll lift 1,160 segments in place to make 4km of Skytrain between Bella Vista and Rouse Hill. A single-deck, high-frequency,
'turn up and go' service to the people of Sydney. The aerial section will be finished
at the end of 2017. Building it high reduces disruption. They can work
above all the activity going on, keep our roads in operation. Two of these horizontal cranes
came over from Dubai in 122 shipping containers.

They each consist of 3,800 parts. And now they're up and running, they'll be laying 70m of Skytrain
a week. The first commuters will travel
on Sydney Metro North West in 2019. And this is no longer plans,
this is no longer talk - it is a reality that's happening
before their eyes. Even if they do have a bit
of a wait for that first train.

A Ukrainian policeman was killed
by a hand grenade and more than 100 people injured during clashes
outside Kiev's parliament. It happened after politicians voted to give more
power to the separatist regions near the Russian border. Nationalist MPs are furious -
calling it surrender to Moscow. After months of relative peace, violence returns
to the streets of Kiev. A grenade thrown at police
killed one officer, a few could hobble away. Most had to be dragged to safety. Some were deafened
by the sound of the blast. 122 people were injured. Demonstrators used grenades,
sticks, stones and fists. Police responded
with smoke bombs and batons. Thousands of nationalists hit
the streets of the Ukrainian capital to protest the government's plans to hand more control
to separatist regions, including Donetsk where the Russian-backed leaders
are accused of shooting down
Malaysia Airlines flight 17 last year. Handing the rebels more power
is part of a plan to entice them
to lay down their weapons but it's not popular
among many Ukrainians. (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) "It means all the money that Ukraine
has will be spent there now," this man says. The government has a hard job ahead selling the peace policy
to the people who have vowed to resist efforts
to appease the rebels.

Our friends across the ditch got their first chance
to see the design today that might become the new Kiwi flag. Four have been chosen from 10,000
suggestions and they'll go to the vote - twice - to possibly become
the new national emblem. It might all end the confusion
between their flag and ours. The final 4
selected from 10,000 designs for New Zealand's new flag. Three feature a silver fern, the fourth
is a black and white Koru. The Kiwis calling for change are fed up with their flag
being mistaken for Australia's. Funnily enough,
two options which made the cut were designed by Melbourne-based
architect Kyle Lockwood. I only thought
that one might get through but two is an incredible
achievement. He's got the prime minister's vote. It's no secret I like the fern
so I'm kinda fond of these two. The traditional silver fern
on a black background was intentionally left out - angering sport fans. It was certainly a start
and we looked very closely at it, just in the end we thought
these other flags showed rather more and showed that the silver fern
is more than just a sporting icon. New Zealanders
will rank the four designs in a referendum in November. The winner will then go up
against the current flag in a second referendum in March. It's simple and easy to draw and it's got the Koru and it can also be a wave
and it looks quite good. It's a bit like the old one, I
guess, which I quite liked as well. But with only 53% of voters
supporting change the whole process could prove
a waste of time and $23 million.

You're watching Seven News. When we come back - bulldozed and rebuilt - the amazing transformation of one
of Sydney's most notorious suburbs. Eating healthy - how you can help develop new food
labelling in Sydney supermarkets. The business move
that made rock star Bono billions outside of music. Rare pictures
of the world's largest animal that's longer than a jet plane. And beating peanut allergies
in children - the surprise method
with impressive results. That's next.

Now to the transformation of Minto - a suburb that once had
the reputation of being among the worst in NSW. Bulldozed because it was a failure
as a social housing experiment in the 1970s today it's all new -
a $600 million community - a mix of private and social housing
with a very bright future. How Minto was a mess
of boarded-up public housing burnt-out sheds, vandalism, a maze of high fences -
a social failure. Minto was a sad place. We've learned a lot of lessons
in the last 30 years and this is the very best of those
lessons that have been learnt. A $600 million redesigning
and rebuilding has added new parks,
a community centre. More than 800 public housing places
were demolished. New homes replaced with fewer
than 400, along with 900 private properties. It brings vibrancy and a real life
here in Minto, it's Minto magic. The Social Housing Minister
was interrupted by housing new frames arriving
to fill lots sold out for months. Most of those who left
have not returned are people like Christine Willis
and her sons. It's been a real pleasant surprise,
we've settled in really well. In among all the new there will be reminders of the old
Minto - the homes of people who wanted to who are now getting a very close-up
view of their suburbs literally changing around them... The noise, the dust.

It's been a pretty tough living
around all the construction. ..but believes the result
will be worth it. I'm pretty excited,
I actually can't wait. Dana doesn't miss how it was.

Very bad, yeah, but not now -
it's beautiful now. After almost 40 years here

George Caldwell's now part
of Minto's new start. I like Minto,
I've always liked Minto. A rare sighting
of the world's largest animal has been captured
on live television. The BBC interrupted an interview when the enormous blue whale was
spotted off the coast of California. The largest animal ever known
to have lived on our planet, larger than any of the dinosaurs,
a creature that we hunted so 99% of its numbers disappeared - it's back, it's here -
it's in the bay right now. Blue whales can grow longer
than 30m - that's longer than a Boeing 737 and they can weigh
more than 200 tonnes.

U2 frontman Bono has become
the world's richest pop star not thanks to his music -
but Facebook. Shares he bought
in the social media site in 2009 are now worth almost $2.1 billion. That's more than he's made
from his entire music career and makes him a bigger earner
than Sir Paul McCartney.

It already happens
in Israel and China, now American doctors
are recommending we feed our children peanuts. They want infants at high risk
of allergies given peanuts before they turn one because it now seems exposure at
a very early age builds tolerance. As 2-year-old Cole
figures out the basics of play, his dad, Brian, is working
on a more complicated puzzle - food allergies. He's a doctor and as allergies run in his family,
he knows all the warning signs. Cole also did have eczema skin
so he had an itchy, red rash. That puts his son at high risk
for a peanut allergy. High-risk kids have either
severe eczema or an egg allergy. Do you want to dip in peanut butter? So what his parents did
surprised many. We did feed our children early nuts. It suggests feeding
high-risk infants, between 4 and 11 months, peanut products to prevent peanut allergies. The guidance is based on a study where high-risk babies were fed
tiny amounts of peanut products at least three times a week. After five years, it reduced
their risk of peanut allergies by a phenomenal 80%. This is a little bit like a vaccine. It's a way to introduce the protein
into the person early on and let the body
become immune if you will, to it. An early intervention
that could be food for thought for thousands
of worried Australian parents.

Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - the disturbing results
from used car safety tests - the models not up to scratch. The phone app helping you make healthier choices
at the supermarket. And I will tell you how long
the spring sunshine will last. Sydney's full forecast coming up.

If you're looking to buy a used car this story could mean the difference
between life and death. This year's safety ratings
have been announced and many models
are not up to scratch. The good news is,
you don't have to spend up big to get a safe vehicle.

Two cars slam into each other
at speed.

These cars are about
the same age, size and price but one is much safer than the other according to the
2015 Used Car Safety Ratings. Based on over 7 million
police reports of crashes across Australia and New Zealand and, therefore, they're very well
statistically based as to how well a vehicle will
protect you and other road users in a crash. The after shots
from this crash lab test prove the statistics right. The interior of the 5-star rated
silver Holden Cruze fares much better than the trashed
2-star Mitsubishi Lancer. Its driver and passengers
would have been crushed. The ratings are essential reading
for anyone buying a second-hand car. More than 200 models are listed and 1 in 3 is classed
as poor or very poor. Allows second-hand buyers and
parents who are looking to buy cars for their first- or second-time
drivers an ability to be able
to pick the safest. Just in case this happens. You're six times more likely
to be killed or seriously injured in the worst car than you are in the best car. Details on where to find the ratings
are on our website.

How you can help determine
what ends up in our supermarkets.

But first, Jim's here with sport and a no-risk policy
with Greg Inglis?

Good evening, everyone. Inglis is unlikely to play
until the finals as he recovers from knee surgery and he will miss Friday night's
clash against the Roosters. And as Seven News revealed
last night, Shaun Kenny-Dowall is on the verge
of a return to the game. With the Roosters
losing heavy artillery like Jared Warea-Hargreaves
for the finals they are set to call up
the big guns - Michael Jennings
and Shaun Kenny-Dowall, who, despite not being named, could be a late inclusion for their
blockbuster against the Bunnies. I think we get Jenko back
and maybe Skidsy too this week so that would be a massive boost
for us. We've certainly missed him and it would be unreal
to see him back this week. The Bunnies didn't name Greg Inglis
as he recovers from knee surgery. He's got a bit of a sore knee still so it might be a bit of a push
for this week. Ah, we'll see. Manly have sent a warning
to the Sharks, they aren't giving up hope
of playing finals. Oh, yeah, we are still
a mathematical chance but we need to concentrate
on winning and winning, well, obviously. And Cronulla aren't interested in
entertaining to get the job done. Sometimes we are winning
by one point or if we lose
we usually only lose by a couple, so it just seems like we are playing an ugly, gritty style of game
sometimes. As Benji Marshall attempts
to orchestrate a win which would guarantee finals
for the Dragons, confirmation he will join
former teammate and unwanted Tiger Robbie Farah

in promoting the match on Thursday. Another former team-mate,
Lote Tuqiri, has sent a cheeky warning there could be a repeat
of the attack on Jason Taylor, similar to the one
when he was on the outer as coach at the Rabbitohs.

In breaking news, angry Wests Tigers sponsors
are meeting tonight fuming at Robbie Farah's
pending departure from the club. Live to chief league reporter
Josh Massoud who's at
Wests Ashfield Leagues Club. Josh, sponsors aren't happy?

That's right, Jim. Many are upset and confused over the club's decision to dump Robbie Farah next year. The coach Jason Taylor arrived here half an hour ak. He will personally address the meetings from angry sponsors. Board committee is here as well. A large law firm is here and it is poised to ink a multimillion-dollar-fuelled. Robbie Farah had a meeting this morning to canvass his options to dump him to reserve grade in 2016.Josh, thank you. Live from

Jarryd Hayne is one giant step
closer to living his NFL dream. Hayne survived

the San Francisco 49ers'
first roster cut to 75 players today. He plays one more practice game
on Friday. The 53-man regular season roster
must be named by Sunday and it now appears
Hayne will make it. When God calls you to something
you've gotta walk by faith It's been one heck of a ride. His number 38 jersey is now
a hot item in the 49ers' store. The NFL season is live
and free on 7mate.

The Socceroos have gone on strike two days before their first home
World Cup qualifier. Players boycotted a school clinic
and store visit in Perth after negotiations for a new collective bargaining
agreement expired. They're fighting the FFA
for all Australian players. I think something
we need to be really clear on, that this is financially driven. It's not -
it's about conditions as well. The Socceroos say the game against
Bangladesh on Thursday night will go ahead.

Nothing is going right
for Shane Watson. This was his dismissal for eight in last night's Twenty20 defeat
to England. COMMENTATOR: He's kicked it
onto his stumps. Gotta get that ball away,
misses it completely. Steve Smith made 90 from 53 balls, but Australia lost the one-off game
by five runs. The Southern Stars went down
in their final game, but had already won
the women's Ashes series and collected their trophy.

Five Aussies played but only Sam Groth survived
the opening day of the US Open at Flushing Meadows. Starting her Grand Slam bid, Serena Williams lost
only five points before her opponent retired injured. I can feel the support
and the love on this milestone and this journey
I'm trying to take. Novak Djokovic won in straight sets, Rafael Nadal battled through
in four but last year's runner-up,
Kei Nishikori, was knocked out by Benoit Paire.

Nick Kyrgios against Andy Murray tomorrow. We will have the very latest tomorrow.It might be Scotland 1 and Australia nil, I think.You might be right.Thank you.

You now have a chance
to take part in a survey that will influence our food labels. The issue is - which labels give us the best
information about the origin and nutritional value
of what we eat? Families are being asked to put it
all to the test and vote. It's a massive national
food labelling trial starting now. 2,500 shoppers
armed with smartphone apps will scan particular items and make a choice whether to buy
based on the label's information. I have been quite surprised to see
there are some healthy choices and healthier choices
that I can make. Government, public health
and the food industry have got together and said, "We're going to put Health Stars
on our foods." But what we really want to know is is that the best form of labelling
that we could've chosen? Shoppers get one label each
of five to trial, the mandatory
Nutrition Information Panel, the voluntary Daily Intake Guide and Health Star Ratings - the more stars, the healthier. Also, two new ideas - traffic lights
showing green for good, red, bad, amber for middling on salt, sugar and fat, and this blunt advice -
buy or avoid. The app will register
the food selected from the label's data. We ask you to scan the barcode for the product you actually
put into your shopping basket. It'll record it and send it to us and we'll have a record
of what you buy during that month. The trail has Coles' backing. We're supporting this study. Participants will receive
a $100 shopping voucher for Coles Online. The study should be completed
by the end of the year. Then the George Institute
will take their findings to the government
and food scientists, and hopefully that will lead to an
effective set of labels. I've actually now
changed some of the brands I buy for things like tomato sauce,
breakfast cereals, muesli bars, rice crackers. To sign up for the trial,
please go to our website.

The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus, taking the plunge for
a spring-clean with a difference. And another cold night on the way - your weather outlook
is after the break.

Hi everyone - well it was a lovely sunny start to Spring today - nice blue skies. That's all thanks to a high pressure system moving across the State. Tomorrow we can expect a change
though - and the rain clouds will roll in. Tops of 17 in Cooma and Canberra. The forecast it's looking like showers again on Thursday bbut then it should fine up right in time for the weekend. We're going for a top of 16 on Satruday.

So? You might be driving away
in one of these bad boys, huh? What's your move, cowboy?
Calm down, Dave. I'm sorry about him. When an athlete scores,
he celebrates. Celebrate.You've got to celebrate
a new Toyota. VOICE-OVER: With 3.0L Turbo-Diesel
Prado Range now in run-out, you'll really want to celebrate
the feeling of owning a new Toyota. (Grunts) (Grunts) You've got me. (Speaks indistinctly)
(Bones crack) I know. Beautiful form.

Tonight's Seven News headlines - police investigate after players
and spectators clash at a junior rugby league match
in western Sydney. Plans revealed for the state government
to buy back Sydney's Olympic Stadium and transform it. Myer launches a $600 million revival
bid to make it Topshop in the store wars. And Thor the aerial tanker arrives - ready to battle bushfires
with superhero strength.

Checking finance. The share market
has closed lower again with a slowdown in Chinese
manufacturing sparking a sell-off. The ASX 200 down 111 points. Qantas shares rose as did its number
of overseas passengers.

It's not your average spring-clean. Marine experts have spent the day
scrubbing below the surface at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. They used environmentally safe
cleaning supplies in the Great Barrier Reef exhibit to remove the unwanted grime. The annual clean The 200 litre tank is home to more
than 100 different types of fish.

Now, here is Sarah
with Sydney's weather.

Mark, a stunning start to spring
in Sydney with plenty of sunshine
and perfect blue skies. The city climbed to 20 degrees which is right on average
for September. Right now it's 15. It was a cold morning in the west thanks to the light winds,
clear skies and dry air. 2 in Richmond. 4 in Campbelltown. 5 in Penrith and Parramatta. Maximum temperatures hit
19 in Liverpool. 18 at Bondi.

From the satellite it's been clear in the east Tomorrow, that system will push into NSW generating rain and storms across
much of the state by the evening. During the day most of the showers will remain west
of the ranges with the heaviest falls
in the south-west and southern parts of NSW. Wet weather is forecast
in most capitals tomorrow. Rain developing in Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart. Showers easing in Adelaide. Sunny and warm in Brisbane. On the waters expect north-west winds of 10 knots. Shifting to north-east at 15-20
knots during the afternoon. It'll be another cool night
in Sydney thanks to the clear skies. Tomorrow will start out fine but expect cloud to thicken
during the afternoon along with the possibility
of a shower during the evening. 21 degrees.

Overnight minimums are remaining
below average. 2 in Campbelltown. A mostly dry and mild day. Northerly winds pushing temperatures
into the low 20s. Chance of an isolated shower
after sunset. Looking ahead, expect rain on Thursday. Chance of a storm during
the morning - easing into the afternoon. Gusty southerly winds on Friday
and cooler. 18 degrees and isolated showers. They should clear on Saturday. Mostly fine Saturday, 20 degrees. A shower or two around Sunday. In the west. Rain on Thursday, 19. Clearing by Friday, 19 A shower or two on Sunday. Warming up to 24 on Monday.

That's Seven News for this Tuesday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions by Ericsson.

I like you. A lot. I just always figured
you were out of my league. That's not true. This isn't working, is it? Yeah, maybe this was
just too soon after Hannah. Lucky I didn't pawn this thing.
(LAUGHS) Do you want me to put it back on? Yeah, I'd love that. I just came over to see if you
and Ricky had anything planned. Is there something
we should be doing?
Forget it. So what do you
think's going on with her? I don't know. What's today? How long am I
going to feel like this for? I mean, it's been a whole year,
and it still hurts so much. You have to try to move on. Casey and I promised each other that we would
see the world together. What are your thoughts
on a travel buddy? I think I need to get away. Because of the break-up?
It's time for a change. Look, I know
that we've had our moments, but I really am sorry
about Nate getting into trouble. It's in the past. We broke up. Are you alright?
It had to happen. Well, I hope that the Kyle thing
had nothing to do with it. No, it was more than that. Deep down,
I have never stopped loving you.