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Victorian MP Tony Smith replaces Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker of the House of Representatives.There's no greater honour within the parliament to be elected by one's peers. I'm a servant of this House and all of its members.Port workers in Sydney and Brisbane defy an order to return to work as they protest against redundancies. The UN searches for new solutions as more African migrants cross into Europe. Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News, I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead on the program - accusations of dubious blood results cast a doping cloud over some winners of the London marathon. And the Nine Network pays a record $99 25 million in a new free-to-air deal with the NRL. The new Speaker of the House of Representatives Liberal MP Tony Smith has called for a better parliament after being elected unopposed. He's promising to be fair and wants to lift the standard of debate.At the start of parliament, the chair stood empty, with teeb's recently resigned Bronwyn Bishop banished to the backbench A Speaker was sought.Is there a nomination for Speaker?And a fresh face was put forward.Tony Smith has the experience, temperament and strength necessary to instil respect and trust in our parliamentary institutions.It is with great pleasure that I do second the nomination of the member for Casey.In a rare bit declined
of bipartisan happen Labor declined to nominate another, so the lone Liberal was unopposed.I declare that the honourable member proposed Mr Smith has been elected as Speaker.And he hardly put up a fight as he was symbolically dragged to the big chair.I wish to express my grateful thanks for the high honour the House has been pleased to confer on me. APPLAUSE The result was all orchestrated just an hour earlier at a meeting of low everybody House Liberals. Four candidates fought for the right to be the party's nominee. Queenslander Ross Vasta and Andrew Southcott from Adelaide were eliminated in the first two rounds, it came down to Tony Smith and fellow Victorian Russell Broadbent.The victor was Tony Smith 51 to 22.The new Speaker's a fan of electoral reform, the AFL team Carlton and old Holden cars. He wants a differented standard of say
parliamentary debate.I want to say nat outset I will give a fair go to all on the floor of this chamber.I am confident business on our friendship and comradeship going back some quarter of a century that this is exactly what you will do.The former Speaker booted Labor MPs nearly 400 times,.Leave under 49 A.And the Opposition is relieved to have have anyone but Bronwyn Bishop?I I believe that the don't
best umpires are the ones you don't notice, let this be the story of your Speakerership, an impartial officer serving an accountable parliament, well done and good luck.Many Government MPs would agree with Bill Shorten's sentiment. They want the next Speaker to blend into the background so in the lead-up to the next election more time can be spent prosecuting policy in parliament, as opposed to the presiding
politics of the person presiding in this chair.And we'll have more on this later in the program. We'll speak to law lecturer Dr Ryan Goss about the importance of the Speaker's role. Tributes have flowing in Canberra for the late Liberal MP Don Randall who died of a heart attack during the winter break. That flower has been placed around the microphone where the former WA MP sat. And parliamentarians will spend enough of their day speaking about their memories of Mr Randall.Don's motto in the electorate was "you talk, I listen," over here especially in the partyroom, it was sometimes a case of "I'll talk, you listen.", at least to leaders. He was fearless, absolutely fearless, utterly correctness,
imperve os to political correctness, but he did have a natural affinity with people.Several senior members of the Government have paid tribute to Mr Randall's Question
commitment to his electorate. Question Time won't p take place today. Politicians returning to Canberra for the resumption of parliament have been greeted with a clear message on the same sex message. Canberra airport has been lit in rainbow colours and support of change. In Snow family which owns and operating the airport is urging the Federal politicians to support marriage equality legislation. Tom Snow was married to his partner in New Zealand last year and says it's staggering his family isn't treated the same as those of his brothers and sisters. A cross-party bill to legalise same-sex marriage is due to be introduced to parliament this week. Australian airlines are resuming flights to and from Bali as volcanic ash clears. An eruption on Mount Ruang in east Java has been causing travel problems since late June, a wind change this morning should see conditions improve across the day. Virgin Australia and JetStar are both adding extra services to help move the backlog of stranded passengers. A cargo ship has returned to sea fully laden after workers at Sydney's Port Botany refused to unload it this morning, it's the same situation in Brisbane where dockside workers from Hutchison Ports Australia are also protesting. The action is in support of colleagues who were made redundant by email and text last week. Rachel Pupazzoni has the latest.Workers have been off the job for four days now and the first ship to arrive since they stopped work came in here to port Port bothny this morning. It was here for about an hour before it left again fully laden with cargo. As I said, workers have been off the job for four days, this comes after 97 Hutchison employees were notified by email that they were no longer required . That's across the Sydney operation here and the operation in Brisbane. Workers say that they've been treated badly and they just want their jobs back.I just live with my two kids, so I'm relied on the job to pay the rent and everything on my own so now I've just got to figure out what's going to happen.Been gone a great injustice here as workers, all I want to do go to work and earn a living for my family, I work as hard as I can for the company and they've come and done that to me and I'm not going to cop it.Representatives from the maritime union of Australia will face the Fair Work commission this afternoon with Hutchison Ports Australia to try to find a way to move forward. The union is making this a political issue saying that the PM needs to get involved.I do believe that if the company maintains their unjustifiable position it is absolutely likely that everyone will continue to do what we've been doing and protest at this treatment.Now that meeting with the Fair Work commission this
will take place about 5 o'clock this afternoon here in Sydney. to
These protesters will continue to the stay here, workers are adamant that they will not return to work until this issue has been resolve solved.Australian of the year and domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty has given evidence at the royal commission into family violence in Victoria. She says the process
commission is an important process in lifting awareness of domestic violence in Australia.It did feel really special, really important and there's a lot of us here in Victoria but also outside of Victoria really hoping, you know, and expecting a lot from this commission and I think to be able to be part of it certainly made me realise how important it was to have a voice. I am constantly amazed at people's stories and how they still need to feel that sense of, you know, that they can be heard and validated. You know, our community legal services are under enormous pressure and certainly their funding was reinstated but it's very difficult for me to understand sometimes but it seems to me that the Federal Government have really placed funding responsibility on to State Government in this space and that's kind of confusing for both sides I think. The reality is that the community legal sector is grossly underfunded and there may be a reprieve with the funding cuts but it certainly doesn't place them in a strong position. This is an enormous societal issue but yet we've only really been acknowledging it as such for, what, two years which is that
ridiculous in its own right that this is one of the largest issues that we know as a society and yet we've only just started to have our eyes opened to it. So we cannot afford to lose that because this is our moment in time for change to happen.US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he has nothing to apologise for after being attacked for making comments about a female Fox News moderator in a dewait. Donald Trump says his comments describing her as angry and having blood coming out of her eye asks a common phrase. He says when he went on to say that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her wherever, she meant her nose, despite it being interpreted to mean she was hormonial. What ? ?Mr Trump says he made the same comment about a male Fox news debate moderator and no-one complained. One year of the fatal shooting of unarmed black danger Michael brun in the US State of Missouri hundreds have gathered to march in his memory. His killing at the hands of police sparked riots in his home town of Ferguson and led to a national race debate. Protesters observed h.5.sof silence symbolising the 4.5 hours that Mr Brown's body lay in the street after he was killed.Especially white mayor who thinks it was an isolated incident, I think since then we have really come to understand how systemic violence against black and brown bodies are by the police forces.The Federal review found the policeman who shot Mr Brown dead had not broken the law but it also found the Ferguson police department was guilty of violating the rights of the city's black population. More boat loads of migrants from fantastic have been arriving in the Greek Islands in the pursuit of a new life. The United Nations say the group faces shameful conditions and local people warn they're being overwhelmed by the influx.At dusk in the harbour, Syrian Volunteers make
migrants make a temporary home. Volunteers make sure the Maen is
youngest get something to eat. Maen is a 22-year-old student. inside
We're just going to have a look inside one of the tents that the Syrians are using in this park. Four people sleep in this tent, so there's a life jacket here, from the boat journey, have you talked to any European people here in Greece?Some of them are friendly actually. Some of them, but we're not sure, they see someone who they don't know so it's weird for them.To get along with us.Achilleas Bakalakos works right next to the migrants.They try to do their best to survive but they make, they harm us at the same time.They harm you?Economy fell 100%. With them here.But Kos is still full of tourists. Late at night in Bar Street, immigration policy isn't an immediate priority. At dawn, the migrants are still a sleep, as partygoers begin their walk home.They're people like us you know? They're just families with children and young children, and you see them on the streets sleeping, they don't have food, they can eat.Bar workers take out the rubbish, waking up Maen from Syria. These Syrians want to get their papers and leave for the rest of Greece and Europe. There's only so long you can live next to a rubbish tip.In Japan emotional memorial services have been held in Nagasaki to mark the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing. If attack came just days after the bombing of Hiroshima and killed more than 74,000 people.The timing of the peace bell marks the exact moment 70 years when the bomb exploded high above this city. Across Nagasaki, people stopped to bow their heads and to remember. Fewer people may have died here than in Hiroshima, but the bomb was even more powerful and the effects equally horrifying. In his speech, 86-year-old atom bomb survivor described the terrible injuries inflicted on him by the blast. TRANSLATION: Suddenly from behind me there came a rainbow of light and I was blown over and crushed into the road by the ferocious force of the blast.As the American bomber crew turned their plane for home this is what they saw. A giant mushroom cloud climbing high into the stratosphere. Beneath it lay utter almost
devastation and 70,000 dead, almost all of them civilians. Six days later Japan surrendered leaving many outside to conclude the bombing was justified. But in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the survivors see themselves as victims of a terrible crime, one that must never be repeated. Today as they release the white doves of peace Japan's PM again called on the world's nuclear powers to give up their weapons, but 70 years on from Nagasaki, that goal seems as far as away as ever.Stay with us, we'll take a look at the market next and coming up in sport a sprint double for Bronte Campbell helps Australia to second place on the medal table at the world news
swimming championships.Finance news now with Alicia Barry and the big banks are in focus this week?They certainly are and that's really in terms of the reporting season, we'll hear from the Commonwealth Bank on Wednesday wits full year results but at the same time it's expected to launch a multibillion dollar expect raising, to keep more money in the bank to protect against potential financial shocks and it will follow in the foot steps of ANZ who raised $3 billion last week and NAB who tapped shareholders for more money back in May. Speaking of NAB, it's announced its third quarter profit and it's stronger thanks to a better in
increase in revenue and a drop in bad debts so it's in a 9% increase in its third quarter profit over the three months to June, NAB made 1.75 billion dollars up from the $1.6 billion it made the previous period.What other companies have we heard from?The one really dominating the market today is Ansell. Its seen shares drop by the most since 1987 and that's really because it's warned about decreasing profit next year but in this financial year the previous financial year, it's recorded a 20% increase in profit and a 10% increase in the dividend, focussing
in any case investors are focussing on that outlook for next year which is expected to take a hit thanks to a drop in US earnings, also heard from the electronics retailer JB Hi-FI, it's announced a small increase in its full year profit over the 12 months to June JB Hi-FI made $136.5 million which is up 6% on the shareholders
previous reporting period, shareholders for the full year will get a 90 cent per share dividend and the company has also announced an on market buyback of a small proportion of its shares. If we look at how investors have responded:

And the market tanked on Friday, how is it doing today?We are seeing shares edge up a little after the Australian share market recorded its worst loss in three years on Friday. Banking stocks are driving the gains, right now the All Ordinaries up 16 points.

There are new claims casting further doubt about how clean international athletics really is. Reports say the London marathon was won seven times over 12 years by athletes with suspicious blood results.The London marathon, one of the world's great distance races but how clean has it been? Did some athletes add drugs to ambition? 2010 London marathon winner Lilya Shobukhova has been stripped of all her results since 2009 because of doping. After revelations in the 'Sunday Times' seven winners had questionable blood results organisers are demanding an explanation from the world's governing body the IAAF.What the story is really about is the IAAF's failure to take effective action.And it's question,
not just the London marathon at question, the blood ruts of winners of many other major city marathons are also likely to be investigated after the IAAF said it would give all its data to WADA.Clearly there are athletes out there who will always find a way of cheating their way to success, but what we we have to use is those tools to be at least alongside them if not one step ahead of them.Champion British distance runners like Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah and European 10,000m champion Jo Pavy will release full details of their athlete's bilodgedale passport to prove they are and have been clean.Want to feel you can stand on that start line and be sure you're starting on a level playing field.The IAAF has denied allegations it allowed results
athletes with suspicious blood results to continue competing but it's unlikely these latest accusations will be the last.Staying with sport and Grandstand's Niav Owens has news of a massive new deal between Channel Nine and the NRL.The biggest in Australian free to air TV history in fact. It starts in 2018, it's a four year deal, and it means that we'll have four free to air NRL games every weekend. Accessible on free to air TV so a Thursday night, a Friday night, a Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon, so that's two extra games in a couple of years that people will have access to. Another big change is to State of Origin. There's always been heaps of conjecture about the format of State of Origin, the way it's played over a six week period on those Wednesday nights and they have announced that the second State of Origin game will be played on a Sunday night under this new deal, so it will be a stand alone representative weekend, along with those Pacific nations Tests that we see and it will have that Sunday night State of Origin as well so I think people will be excited about that, it also means the NRL season is going to be trinled back from 26 weeks to 25 weeks so they're looking to minimise the disruption of that State of Origin period to the NRL teams which has been a point of conjecture for NRL coaches for many years now.And more medals in the pool as the world championships wrap up, Bronte Campbell did well didn't she?Hasn't she had an absolutely incredible meet? It's been a breakout meet for her really. She's well and truly gotten out from behind her sister, Cate Campbell's shadow. Managed a blanket finish there in the 50m freestyle, she managed to touch the wall first, beat the previous Dutch world champion, clocked 24.12 seconds and Cate Campbell forced to settle for fourth in that one. That makes history
her just the third swimmer in history to win the women's 50 and 100 free tile double at the world titles. Uyou can see the Aussie men there, in the 4 by 100m medley relay forced to settle for silver in tend, just beaten by the Americans, Cameron McEvoy a terrific swim from him. And the Dolphins, St tandouts we mentioned, Bronte Campbell also in the backstroke both Emily Seebohm and lark lark lark as well. Means that they finished second on the medal tally behind the United States, doubled their medal tally from the 30 world champs as well. All in all good signs for Rio next yearFinally soccer, the English Premier League has got under way?It hasment some interesting results a as you see in the first round each year. Petr Cech with his new club Arsenal had a really disappointing first outing and at home at West
Emirates as well, up against West Ham United, charged off his line there, failed to stop that free kick and then was beaten at his near post as well slow to get down, so it was a debut for the Gunners that he will be keen to forget, very keen to move on from. So Arsenal going down 2-nil that one. In other game overnight, Liverpool left it late to beat the
Stoke but did it in style in the end, that's Philippe Coutinho scoring in the 86th this
minute, it was looking like this one was just going to peter into a Newcastle-nil draw that they'd share the point, a strike from 30 yards so Liverpool start the season in a win, chaeltion over the weekend drew with Swansea 2-all in their toolt defence and Manchester United beat Tottenham 1-nil over the weekend as well so EPL back for another season.You feel sorry for the goaly, he's full stretch, couldn't have tried any harder?Nothing he could do about that one.Australia has been crowned world ro bow soccer champions for the second time after defeating Germany at the ro into Robo Cup in China. Computer engineers Sean Harris and Brad Hall from the University of NSW are two of the architects of that success, they say Australia is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology.We first started back in 1999 and back then it was a different robot, made by Sonny, the ibo, a four legged dog and we were world champions with that one three times actually and then we've moved on to this bipedal robot and now we've been world champions back-to-back and the robots on the field there is no human control so they're completely autonomous, not being remote controlled by our students in the background. The main sensors are cameras so they do see like human, they have vision as a main sensor, not infra-red and on the field on
you can see some passing going on now and they communicate with each other and we use that to make sure we cover the entire field.Sometimes you get penalised for doing something like pushing someone else over or other illegal actions and you get removed for a minute if you do something wrong. I think we are able to walk a bit faster than most of the other teams, still quite slow compared to people but being means we
able to get to the ball first means we have a bit of extra time, we're able to play in the direction we want up there and of the field so that's a really in
big advantage for us.In fact in the grand final the Germans were so nervous theyed that four of their players down as defending the goal as well so it madet us it very hard for us to get in.Germans don't like losing at soccer or engineering.You don't need too much of that spying going on because it is open source n a few weeks our students will write a report and publish that. It's been quite remarka that over the years had other universities in Australia do very well aswell. We are really up there when it comes to the world of artificial intelligence, we're not trying to cap up, but often beat the German, the Japanese the American, we are the forefront of the technology.Developing news in the AFL now, Collingwood players Lachie Keeffe and Josh Thomas have eped two year Bali Nines from the league for doping. The two have decided not to contest the findings from ASADA after test positive to the banned substance clenbuterol earlier this year. As England celebrating reclaiming the Ashes and Australian Test cricket contemplating a replacement for Michael Clarke as captain, 'Four Corners' takes a look at the backroom power plays among cricket's elite. Tonight's program features interviews with the top power brokers in the game and exposes how India with the help of England and Australia has engineered influence on the game at expense of smaller cricketing nations.Last year , in an audacious coup, the big three led by India seizeded control of the International Cricket Council's key committees and the way its funds are distributed. The splaulest cricketing nations would be the biggest losers.It occurred because India did not feel as though it was getting its due at ICC. India was turning aside from its role in the international governance of preoccupied
the game, increasingly preoccupied with the strength of its own domestic mark markets WA was expecting the relate oef the world to pay it tribute.England and Australia make sure that they're getting the big series with India in terms of TV and sponsorship deals and to hell with the rest of the world. What does that do for a future game which is competitive and fair? Well it does nothing because if all the money is going to three countries, then the rest are going to with wither and die.And you can see 'Four Corners' the great cricket coup tonight at 8:30 on ABC TV. A quick look at the national weather now: in
Stay with us, coming up later in the program -Why did you drink so much so often?Commitment.Two famous Australian poets are brought to life in a celebration of the bush. The top stories - Victorian Liberal MP Tony Smith is now presiding as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mr Smith was endorsed by his Liberal colleagues and then in parliament unopposed. The new Speaker has promised to be fair to all but still expects robust debate. Also pledged not to attend partyroom meetings. Maritime workers are continuing to blockade ports in Sydney and Brisbane. Workers have Hutchison
maintained picket lines at the Hutchison Ports since around 100 colleagues were told by email last week they were no longer needed. The company is losses
blaming substantial financial losses for the redundancies. And London marathon organisers are demanding answers amid British newspaper claims that seven previous race winners had questionable blood test results. The 'Sunday Times' also claims that 32 winners of other marathons including Boston, New York, Berlin and Tokyo should have faced investigation over potential doping. The newspaper did not provide dates for the claims and Bronte Campbell has completed a sprint double winning gold in the women's 50m freestyle at the world swimming championships. The men's 4 by 100 medley replay team also claimed a silver medal overnight, Australia finished the meet second to the United States on the med tally with seven gold medals. As we've elected
heard Tony Smith has been elected the new Speaker of the Federal parliament. The job of Speaker is a covereted one and can influence the running of house business. With more on the significance of the role and why we should care about who gets the job here's Dr Ryan Goss lecturer in law at ANU.An independent and authoritative Speaker is vital to parliament, both to the high Po file events like Question Time every afternoon on a sitting day but also to the lower profile evens about the business of parliament and the way that parliament works to hold Governments to account.But how Speaker
much real difference does the Speaker make to what happens in the chamber and elsewhere in the parliament?I think the Speaker can certainly set a tone for those quite contentious events like Question Time, but at a procedural level although it's much lower profile the Speaker can also organise parliament and organise the way parliament works so that when it's working well the Speakership is an institution that can be the way that parliament holds the Government and the Ministers of the Government to account.But they're not independent are they, so how democratic is they be?That's right. By tradition the Australian Speaker hasn't been independent and we can compare that with his or her equivalent in the House of Commons in the UK. There have been promising signs from the new Speaker this morning in the sense that he said he won't attend partyroom meetings and that he said lease willing to be consultive with both there's
Opposition crossbench MPs but there's a long way to go if we want to truly independent Speaker.What - are there any benefits of this system in not in other
having an independent system, in other words, why has it evolved in the way?That's a great question. For most of the history of Australian federation the Speakership has been yet another gift of the political party in power, much like a frontbench position or a junior ministry and I think that's to the detriment of the way that the House of Representatives works and the way ut could work, compared to similar institutions around the world.What about voting, the Speaker isn't allowed to vote except in the case of a deadlock, is that right?Yes, that's right. So the role of the Speaker in terms of votes is usually only of great seasons where you have a hung parliament
parliament or a virtually hung parliament which this one of course is not.What did you make of the way Bronwyn Bishop fulfilled her role entitlements aside?Well entitlements aside, I think it's well agreed that Speaker Bishop could perhaps have been more independent and impartial not just in handing out red cards during Question Time under 94 A but also in terms of her political involvement. She continued to attend partyroom meetings, she was active in political fundraising as we know and I think both of those things although Speakers of both sides have done them over the years undermine the ability of the Speaker to really be that independent arbiter that we want them to be.An earthquake measuring 6.9 has struck off the Solomon Islands in the South pifs Pacific. The Hawaii based Pacific tsunami warning system says there's no Rick of a major tsunami. The Solomons are part of the Pacific ring of fire and it's less than a month since another earthquake measuring 7.0 struck the same islands, and we'll bring you comes
more on this latest quake as it comes in. The climate Institute has released its latest report detailing its findings on Australian attitudes to climate change. John Connor is the chief executive of the climate changeate Institute and says there's a surge in concern for climate change to be taken more seriously.We've been polling attitudes about climate change and its solutions since 2007 and we've done this latest Galaxy research finding a range of things the oning with most reported today is that nearly two thirds up six points want the Abbott Government to take climate change more seriously, but underneath this is a greater message where politicians make a big mistake if they think that we're back in 2011, 2012 before the carbon laws started and when concern problems
was at its lowest and a lot of problems were there, we've seen a big rebound. People do want to take this issue seriously and support for renewables, wind in particular, has actually increased significantly as well. If we take avoiding 2 degrees warming goal serious Lay the Australian Government has acknowledged that should be the goal out of those negotiations then you crunch the number of the heat trapping gases there and our fair share, we should have around 40% below 2,000 levels by 2025 and we're not expecting climate
those sorts of nuns, the climate change authority by the way said at least 30%. The coal industry wouldn't be shutting down overnight, all of the economic analysis and I've dean the 'Daily Telegraph' today is taking a selective view of some of past research but all of the economic analysis shows you can have those sorts of reductions and still grow the economy and you can support transition for workersor others involve fd as we pick up the opportunities in other areas. It's important that what Cabinet is considering we hear tonight and the partyroom tomorrow is these targets for post 2020, are the initial targets that we're taking to the Paris regulationings. We're making good progress in the Paris negotiations and what needs to happen after that is our final target so it will be a backdrop, some key decisions will be back drops to that election campaign and that's why it's important that both sides get better in touch with what's a mainstream view now, that we should be taking that far more serious Ily.Despite year of messages about healthy eating a new survey has found that our diets are actually getting worse, not better. The CSIRO asked 40,000 Australians about their eating habits and found we're consuming three times more junk food than is healthy with vegies still often missing from our plates. Professor Manny Noakes is the co-author of the total wellbeing diet online and she's ranked the results of the survey has a report card and explains her overall mark.The overall mark was 61% which I would class as a C, which means that there's a lot of room for improvement certainly not to be very excited about.Why isn't it better though with all the information out there now?I think it is really challenging and unfortunately the
when food is around everywhere and unfortunately the wrong kinds of foods if if you go to the supermarket, probably a third of what you see there is not food you need to eat on a regular base, shardly you can eat food any time of the dayor night and it does make it a lot more difficult for many people. We lost our about to plan for eating at seasonsible times and we probably doesn't pay z much attention to it.Our consumption of junk has the and
gene up?That was true for men and women young and old. Is really, we are eating at least should.
three imstor junk food than we should. The portion sizes and the frequency of which we're eating those foods is certainly a lot greater than it should be.What's the underlying reason do you think, is it cost or convenience?I think convenience is a big factor but also the taste of those foods is very intense, they're either very sweet or very salty which makes those foods particularly palatable and difficult to stop eating. But Is are think the fact that we've stopped having a more structured eating pattern, we don't eat breakfast lunch and dinner in any formal way anymore and that means we're more suspectible to eating whatever happens to be around.Are there too many messages, too much information, out there that peedge are just simply becoming confused?I'm sure that's true, there are lots of messages about different aspects of diet and nutrition and sometimes they can be very, very conflicting but the basic message is still haven't changed, not eeat ing too much jumping food, more vegetables, those are pretty simple messages that have been around for a very long time.Who did the best and who did the worst around the country?Interestingly, women did best, and men did not sot well. So the score for women was 63 on average, for men it was 5 7, as women got older their score improved substantially by about 10 points for men it improved but only a little bit so womengate better as they got older, men improproved only a little bit and occupation made a very big difference to how well Europe eating. If you were in construction your diet score was significantly lower to the you're working in the health industry such as if you were a personal trainer where your score was significantly higher.Which is very reassuring. We're not eating enough dairy?I think everyone knows that vegetable story but in reality from are many other things we need to be eating to reach peak health and dairy foods are one of those foods that we just not quite hitting the mark. If on average we serves a
should be eating about three serves a day and that's generally what we should be aiming for, we really probably just having a bit over two servings a day, a serving being a cup of milling, two thin slices of cheese and a tub of drinks
yoghurt. We tend to prefer soft drinks to drinking milk unfortunately.They met as Ambassadors for seniors week and now they're determined to prove that old age is just mind over matter. Actor Max Cullen and bush laureate Warren Fay are playing to packed houses with their show on Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson.Any flatter, that could be served on a platter.Max Cullen is a famous face with a larrikin streak.I sometimes think I'd like to swap with Clancy.Warren Fay says he's a graduate of the dingo university of the outback.I thought who do I know would be good at playing Banjo Patterson but has never had any real acting experience so he wouldn't really know that working with me is difficult.Jool this was a real challenge and I thought who else gets this sort of challenge at my age.Why did you drink so much so often?Commitment.69 and 75, Max Cullen and Warren Fay have been not so quietly taking the bush by storm, in 'Dead Men Talking', to honour the legacies of Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson.And these stories smack of reality in a way that make a lot of the reality television shows just absolutely look ridiculous.Excuse me.The ABC went along to open Ron and Milthorpe, just two of the sell-out shows their performing throughout the state.Love it.It was an absolute celebration of the bush. # So we must fly a rebel flag as others have before us.In October, mid-October, we'll notched up nearly 50 performances of this show since March. Earliy March. That is remarkable.They put your mush on the $10 bill. I didn't get mine on it till 1989.Success that's seen the two in demand for another year across Australia.As the world's been remembering the suffering of the Japanese after the US dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago, a handful of Japanese are trying to get their country to well
remember it was an aggressor as well as a victim. In report from the island used by Japan to make choose.It's the ideal summer vacation spot for Japanese families. The beaches and nature make it a sought after location. But Okunoshima Island just off the coast of Hiroshima, has a dark past. It was the secret centre for World War
Japan's chemical weapons during World War II. Even today, the Japanese Government wants its past to reman hidden. But Masayuki Yamauchi is determined to expose it. Frts TRANSLATION: It was a war crime. By international treaties Japan promised not to use it but records say they did in China, 2,000 times in injuring and killing 90,000 people.Production started in 1929, and in total 6,000 tonnes of mustard gas, suicide gas, sneezing and tear gas was made here. A hotel now sits on the site. After Japan's surrender, American and Australian troops supervised the decommissioning process. They buried much of the gas in 11 undisclosed locations. TRANSLATION: The Japanese politicians are not facing up to the past, they are not looking at the facts of Japan as an aggressor and that's why they won't clean it up.The allied troops also piped the gas to this bay, where it was loaded on to two American landing ships. The clean-up was rushed and rudimentary and from here one ship was sent 120 kilometre and the other 60 kilometres into the Pacific. And there they were sunk full of poison gas. And to this very day, they remain toxic time bombs at the bottom of the ocean. There was also Japanese victims at Okunoshima and Yasuman Fujimoto is one of the few survivors. At 15 he got a job making poison gas. It was good pay and offered an education. 6700 Japanese worked here, Fujimoto says the first priority was to meet production targets. Safety was secondary. TRANSLATION: So we did not wear full protection gear, just cotton masks and were exposed to arsenic.Most of the workers developed severe respiratory problems and rates of cancers are three to four times greater than average. He's fighting the Government to get recognition and compensation just like the Hiroshima victims have received. Fujimoto has been to China three times to apologise to victims for his part in producing the deadly gases. TRANSLATION: I helped Japanese soldiers to kill Chinese. I produced poison gas to kill. I cannot escape the truth so I apologised.Now he wants the Japanese Government to do the same.Stay with us, coming up after a markets update - what it takes to win a 12 hour endurance race on a lawn mower.Time for a look at the latest market figures now:

About 2 50 people have formed a blockade at the Port of Brisbane protesting workers being sacked by text message and email. Employees of Hutchison Ports were sent to message last week and since then unions and workers have been picketing the port night and day to disrupt work. Allyson Horn is there.This is the camp that's been set up here at the berth 11 at the Brisbane port. As you can see it's got all the things that the people here need to continue their fight for many days, food, water, even tents have been set up so people can sleep here. This dispute started last Thursday night where about 100 employees of Hutchison Ports were sent either a text message or an email saying that they would no longer be required for work and effectively making them workers
redundant, from that point workers here in Brisbane and in Sydney have set up trying to block operations of the Hutchison group, I spoke to one workers this morning who he actually lost his job in that text message and he says he's highly distressed and worried about his future.Pretty hard to take, for somebody that sort of started with this company and did a lot of things to help them set this up and to be treated like that was just disgusting.Here at the Brisbane port this morning there's been about 2 50 union members, supporters and families of the people who have lost their job that have turned up in protest and in support. You can see behind me they've started a picket line to stop any cars or trucks from coming into this port access area or from leaving so they've effectively shout down operations here today. The people here at this protest say that they won't be stopping this until the dispute is resolved and that they have strong determination to see the coal
workers regain their jobs.The coal industry in Australia employs over 50,000 people and it's suffered some significant setbacks last week. Here with a look at that and other issues facing the resources sector the Roger Montgomery.Let's take a companies
step back from the coal driving thrier
companies for a moment, what's driving thrier pool results, in the United States Walter Coal and Alpha Natural Resources both the biggest coal producers in the United States filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, where did that come from? From the fact that they were highly leveraged, negative free cash flow and the commodity they were selling has fallen about $330 a tonne to about $90 a tonne. Why is that hatchening? us
That's the bet that could hafkt us drama eically. That is China, chin is slowing downed a #1u67 a great rate of knots they built so many apartments now they have three years of inventory to sell, commercial property prices have fallen about 50%, and but a of that they don't need as much steel so they're producing about 839 million tonnes of steel and they're only consuming about 728 million tonnes so the extra 111 million tonnes is being dumped on the global market. Driving the price of steel lower,'s driving the price of upstream inputs lower to iron ore is falling of course, it's bounced a little raptly, about 55 dollars a trp but for 40 years before 2004 the iron ore price traded between $10 and $20 a tonne. There is an Australian iron ore producer that is also highly leveraged and has negative free cash flow and that's Fortescue, over in Brazil we have Vale, Vale came out with their results and their results there, their sale were down 18% but their ebit - their cash flow was down about 56%, we're seeing all around the world and even in India, Arcelor Mittal, they similarly had 18% declines in sales and about a 30% decline in ebit, all around the world, companies are taking hits, Australia seems to be a blif os to what's going on elsewhere in the world, our Australian dollar must go down a lit and I think any company including Fortescue that is under pressure because of negative free cash flow and high debt and a falling commodity price is in a lot of investors
trouble.How should Australian investors react then?The first time is to avoid any - just watch out, if a an adviser says to you that BHP and Rio and Fortescue look cheap because they've fallen a lot zip up your wallet. There's a lot worse to come. We believe that that's going to get worse. It was sometime ago when the iron ore price was $140 a tonne and we were suggesting it could be $#4 a tonne. I think it could go a lot lower. The second thing to remember is the other big sector that everyone's exposed to outside of resources is banking, banking suffering as well as we saw last week, and their outlook the detirating for create growth so where else can you go? It's important to the no rush into the market when prices fall, it's important to have some cash, and to wait for opportunities a as they present. There are good companies that we've talked about previously here that shay should be looking at but they're not in the banking sector right now.What are those companies?Changer financial services San depl of a business that has very bright prospectings, they're going to grow not on because of the ageing demographic but because people are moving to pension and within pension more annuities are being used in inside pension so there's growth on growth and they're not particularly expensive.What about Genworth the country's biggest mortgage insure. They've reported routes last?They're providing as is ANZ, more for defaults on their mortgages so as the resource sector suffers and West Australian property prices that were very, very high start to fall, investors aren't able to pay those loans off, lost their jobs in the resource sector so Genworth noted that they were increasing the provisioning for mortgage defaults, ANZ has just done the same, I think that combined with the fact that they're lending less on investor loan and increasing the rates on investor mortgages means that we've seen the start of the end of the property bubble in Australia.Rogger, we'll have to talk more about that later. Thank you.? Now for a look at tonight's extraordinary 'Australian Story'. AJ Kearns would consider himself an ordinary disagree.
dad although many would disagree. AJ Kearns took the radical step of delaying the radical transition from a woman to a man. Ready? One, two, go. If I was to pick somebody to be the father of my children, AJ is definitely exactly what I would have ordered. He is committed, he's devoted, he's very easy to work with. Becoming a father was a very instinctual thing. I from
felt completely at ease with it from the very beginning. I definitely would consider myself a family man. It's my highest priority out of everything. AJ and I have been honest with the children about where they're from, the truth about their father. I don't know that they understand it completely. But they do understand which tummy they came from. They don't really consider that there's any difference. There's mummy and there's daddy and one came from daddy's tummy and one came from mummy's tummy. You can see that remarkable 'Australian Story' in full tonight at 8pm on ABC TV. To motor racing now, but not as most people know it. Since 1973, an eccentric group of races has been gathering at a West
field in the English county of West Sussex, not to mow it, but for a start to a serious endurance race. 37 only slightly modified ride-on lawnmowers with blades removed go round and round the 1.4 kilometre course for 12 hours don't
at speeds of up to 65km/h.I don't think there's any other motor sport like it. Cheap, friend. There's not many endurance events where the average person can afford to do it. After cutting down competitors for 406 kilometres the team Northerners Kick Grass took the chequered flag having led from start to finish. Let's look at the national weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon.An area of cloud over the south-east being driven in by another cold front and there's another one following in the south-west bringing cloud and the chance of thunderstorms today. Elsewhere it's mostly clear under high pressure systems and it's quite warm in both NSW and Queensland.

That next cold front moving rapidly to the east. Winds picking up especially over South Australia, into Victoria and Tasmania. Some of that showery weather reaching the south-western parts of NSW. By Wednesday we'll see a cool change move into NSW and even Queensland.

That's ABC News for now. The next full bulletin on ABC TV is at 5pm. On ABC News 24, the latest news and analysis with Scott Bevan and Kumi Taguchi. I'm Ros Childs, thanks for watching.

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