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(generated from captions) the ground, while the Air Force treat the crowds with some precision flying. Civil society and school groups paraded past the assembled VIPs.The PM long took the salute. Many had wondered how he would cope without his father Li. Li was and
Singapore's independence leader and first PM. His death earlier onto
this year brought thousands onto the streets to pay their respects. His vision created a vibrant economy, the envy of some who aspired to achieve the same. Those who had time to reflect.I think the genuine Singaporean pride is. ThereI really feel they have nationalism and patriotism together. Got have to a chance, so we plan to view the fireworks.There was plenty of pageant tri-, but comment Tate tors have suggested the celebrations will not last long. There are important decisions to be made in the coming months.The scene is set for the upcoming elections.The PM is making a lot of comments about the future, the ruling party has a noused the retirement of several MPs, so I think we will see an election sooner rather than later.This is the electorate. Going live to Canberra now where greens leader Richard Di Natale and Treasury smoks man Adam Bandt are commenting on the appointment of the new Speaker....But we need another way of electing the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and indeed the President of the Senate.We need an independent umpire to help change the culture in this place, and the Greens are very keen to support any moves that would review the current process for electing the Speaker and indeed the role of the Speaker in the House itself.I want to say a few things about the issue of entitlements more generally.The Yes Minister tactic that Tony Abbott has employed which is engage in a review and hope that people lose interest is not good enough.He said that that's the end of the matter.Well, no, it's not.It should be the start of the matter.In terms of the review itself, well, why do we have representation from the Labor and Liberal parties with the Greens and crossbenchers excluded from participating in that process and making shoe Uhr there is genuine reform of parliamentary entitle ments.We would like to see the action that needs to be taken, taken right now, and the Greens have a bill, a corruption watchdog bill that is currently before the Parliament, and I will be bringing that bill on for debate and a vote in the coming days.It is a bill that creates an independent umpire to assess whether an expense claim is legitimate, and it is a bill that takes the discretion away from individuals in making judgment calls when some individuals have shown themselves to be incapable of making a call on that which is within what the community expects of us.So, we need both the Government and the Labor Party to demonstrate they are committed to reform in this area and start by creating small representation on the review committee and ensuring that they support the bill that we will be bringing on for a vote, that will create a corruption watchdog, and within that an independent umpire to assess claims when it comes to work expenses.Let me also say that on the issue of climate change where the Coalition now are looking at a review of their targets and set, are set to announce their new targets possibly tomorrow - well, we saw the Climate Institute say very loudly that they want did shall that Australians want action.We've seen the Australian community in increasing numbers demanding action of their government and their government is failing them.The community wants action, the science is building, and is now overwhelming in support of action on tackling catastrophic global warming, and we've got a government that is not just sitting on its hands but taking us backwards.It is engaged in renewable
an unprecedent attack on renewable energies, most notably its attack on the wind industry.It has removed some of the most important and effective climate laws anywhere looks
in the country, and now it looks is et to introduce targets that will do nothing to tackle catastrophic global warming, and my call is to the PM: Show you are capable of leading on an issue, and leading on an issue that the rest of the world Sir now taking very seriously.don't let us continue to be global laggards when it comes to tackling climate change.On the issue of tax, Joe Hockey has raised the issue of tax cuts.This government's economic story is all over the place.One minute it's tax cuts, the next minute is revenue through the GST.It doesn't have a coherent story to tell on the issue and I will just hand over to Adam who will say a few more words on that.Thanks, Richard. First of all I join Richard and others in congratulating the new Speaker. If the new Speaker is House of
about restoring balance to the House of Representatives, thaen he has the greens support. There is one lesson that I've got for him, though, and that is over 20% of the Australian public don't vote for either Labor or the Coalition, so when he comes into the change ber and looks to the left and looks to the right, I also hope he looks down the middle and if he shows some balance and respect to the crossbenchers, it will be re-Cipro Kated from us.As Richard says, the Treasurer is out again calling for tax cut today calling for tax cuts to rich people and the Treasurer has said that high income earners in Australia need to be taxed less because apparently they have the potential of going to other countries to earn an income and so we need to tax them less here.At theerAt the very time we have a revenue crisis in this country, the Treasurer is out talking about ways of the Government earning less revenue. The Treasurer should be looking at axes unfair tax breaks like negative gearing exemptions
and capital gains tax exemptions that could bring in an extra $13 billion over the next few years, and that would go a long way to funding schools and hospitals, and instead he is talking about more tax cuts.Let's just think about the logic of the Treasurer's argument for the moment. Joe Hockey is saying if you're wealthy enough to jump on a plane and get a job in another country, then you should pay less tax, but if the is
only way of earning an income is by working here in Australia, then you should pay more when Joe Hockey increases the GST. The by making the richer pay less and the poorer pay more, is about inequality. Lastly, I would urge the Labor Party not to get sucked into this. The Labor Party must not match Joe Hockey's rhetoric and get sucked into it. Let's not turn the next election into a tax cuts arm's race. If we do, there will be less money available to fund hospitals, to fund doctors, and to fund schools, and we're going to find more and more pushes to make the rest of the population pay more through increased fees to the doctor and an increased GST. The equation is pretty simple, if you keep arguing for tax cuts, then there will be less money for the Government to spend on health care and schools and that will mean costs going up for everyone else or taxes going up through increased GSTREPORTER: Senator Di Natale, Mr Bandt, are you saying that tax breaks over timeNo, to fund the services that Australians expect and for so long as politicians think that the only way to win votes is to go to an election promising tax cuts, then the situation in this country is going to get worse. As I said, the equation is very simple: If you follow Joe Hockey's prescription, then everyday Australian also have to pay more to go and see the doctor, or everyday Australians will have to pay more in GST, that's the difference, direction he is taking us.REPORTER: Do you think there should be some remedy to bracket creep?Let's look at how much tax millionaires pay. The Greens went to the last election with a very clear policy about introducing a new rate for millionaires so we could raise close to a billion dollars over the next few years.So, if he really wants to open up a debate about the marginal tax rates that everyone pays, then let's put everything on the table, about but this Government has a record of only putting on the table what it thinks its base will like, and as a result the country gets poorer.REPORTER: Senator, you said the previous Speaker set a pretty low bar for conduct in the chair.What makes you think Tony Smith will be any better?Well, I've met Tony a few times and he seems to be a decent, reasonable person. He is a bit like an AFL coach taking over the previous coach, coach the team to the wooden anywhere to
spoon, so he doesn't have anywhere to go but up. I think he will be a significant movement on the previous Speaker and as I said previously, that won't be too difficult.But the bigger issue, though, is it fair to have a process and is it in the interests of the nahition's Parliament to have a process where you've got the Speaker elected by the Government of the day, often on the back of paying back favours or what some
might be in the interests of some of thatperson's supporters, rather than having an independent person in the chair who you know will act impartialally, who you know will improve the standards within the Parliament, and I think that's really the bigger question, and I think we've missed the opportunity to do that more fundamentally, to look at what other countries do to see how they hand dwell that role, because you only need to spend 10 minutes watching what goes on in this place to know that - we have a very toxic culture in there at the moment. We have a period where people don't answers questions during Question Time and the standard of political debate is at rock bottom and I think it's time for a much more substantive review about how we do business.REPORTER: How do you think the Speaker should be elected, senator?I'm open to different models. I've heard the argument about the appointment of somebody who in fact is independent of both sides of politics, that maybe somebody who is not an elected official. I'm open to those arguments.I think we are all open to a new way of doing things because the status quo is not serving us well, it's just not serving us well. Let's look at what happens internationally. Let's recognise that it is a role that comes with a huge pay cheque. It is a role that comes with a generous, very generous travel entitlements, yoond I'm not sure that it has served us well to date. I think we need someone who is more independent, someone who is into
more capable of bringing people into line, someone who is prepared to stand up to members of Parliament and force them to answer a question, and when you've got somebody who is a colleague or a friend in the chair, it's hard to see how they can bring that authority to bear, and I think that's why we need a new way of doing things. REPORTER: Do you welcome the fact that he won't be sitting in the partyroom at least?Yes, I think that's an improvement, I don't want to make this about individuals. I've met Tony Smith on a few occasions and he has always struck me as a decent person, but we do need to look at the way we do business more generally. We've got a proposal now on the table. Why don't we have an independent umpire to exist over travel claims, for example?Some people have shown they dant be trusted, they need the independence of somebody else to make those ument js on their behalf, and I think that's what we should be doing, and there is an opportunity now - the community is sick of what's going on here and there is an opportunity for us to really engage in a genuine reform process, the reform of the election process for electing Speaker, the process of approving travel experiences. We've got a huge problem with political donations in this country. There are so many areas Rights for reform. We have self-interested in parties in the Government and the Opposition who really don't want to take this thing on.REPORTER: Today's Newspoll shows a bit of an uptick for the Greens.How much do you think you're contributing to Labor's success through preference flows?I think we're contributing to the increase of Green vote and with that what comes with that is hopefully a little more influence and being able to introduce policies into the Parliament that we think are in the national interest.I've been away for a few weeks, so maybe there is a message in that, too.REPORTER: You mentioned there were also issues with political donations in Australia.Last week the ACT branch of your party announce ed that this he would investigating how they received funds from the CFMEU in light of the some of the allegations that have been raised at the trade union royal commission. Is that something you l look at on a national level, even though CFMEU has been donating to various areas of your party?Donations are made by State by State level and up to the individuals to decide what process they use. I suspect a debate going on within some of the state parties, not familiar with any moves to change what they do at the moment.REPORTER: Do you think it is concerning based on some of these allegations that have come to light, do you think it's right for your party at any branch to be accepting funds from a union that is alleged to have done that?I've always been a strong supporter of union s, always been a strong supporter of people to organise, to improve their pay and conditions and I've acknowledged the support that unions have played in that. I'm more worried about the huge influence that large corporations have over public policy in this place. I think You see
that's much more pernicious. You see the lobbyists coming in here arguing for their own interests, often ahead of the interests of ordinary people. I this I that's a much more pernicious problem than we've got. If ultimately there is reform when it comes to political donations and we nof to a system where we limit political donations from all ent ties and organisations, put a cap on the donations from individuals, I think that's something that we would be very open to considering.REPORTER: On the issue of preference flows, have the Greens decided what they will be doing in the lead-up to the next election? Will they all be going to Labor??No, we haven't, and often that is a decision for the states to make, but no decisions have been made yet.Thank you.That was Greens leader, Dr Richard Di Natale and Treasury spokesman Adam Bandt there.Tributes are flowing in Canberra for the late Liberal MP Don Randall who died of a heart attack during the winter break. A flower has been placed around the microphone where the former WAMP sat and many have been speaking about their memories of Mr Randall.Don's motto was, "You talk, I listen." Over partyroom
here especially in the case
partyroom there was sometimes a case of, "I'll talk. You listen." At least to leaders.He was fearless, utterly impervious to political correctness, but he did have a natural affinity with people.Several senior members of the Government have paid tribute to Mr Ran doll's commitment to his electorate. Question Time won't take place today.Politicians returning to Canberra for the resuption of Parliament have been greeted same-sex
with a clear message son same-sex marriage. Canberra Airport has been lit in rainbow colours in support of change of the Snow family which owns and operates the airport is urging politicians to support marriage equality legislation. Tom Snow was married to his partner in New Zealand last year and he says it is staggering that his family isn't treated the same as his brothers and sisters. The cross-party bill to legal introduced
lies smadge has, will be introduced into Parliament this week.Pictures have revealed of an emergency landing at Denver Airport despite the pilots unable to see where they were going,The pilots were forced to fly blind after a huge hailstorm knocked out the wind drone and damaged the nose cone. The plane landed safely with no injuries to passenger or crew.Parts of south-eastern China have facing a massive clean-up operation after a powerful typhoon caused flooding and landslides. Earlier the typhoon swept across Taiwan, leaving at least six people dead and half a million without power T has now weakened to a tropical storm as pull
it heads inland.Geoffrey begun pull Yunupingu true on stories told to him by his mother and aunties. Michael hoe Nan speaks about the album's immediate success and critical acclaim.Yes, I mean, going back 8 years ago when his first album came out and it was something that came completely unexpected but it grew over 6 set
or 8 months, and this album was set up to an an interim album because we are working on a huge project at the moment for him, and to be, yeah, released a week ago and just to be doing us by
what it's doing now has taken us by surprise again.I've seen that you talked about the fact that Ki Sung Yung doesn't enjoy the hoopla ofManduwuy Yunupingu doesn't enjoy the poop la, but he doesn't see himself as ambassador.He doesn't see himself as a ambassador, but he does see himself as representing the people on the island and the 10,000 who speak the message, you are taking our culture and stories to the world in any which you can, and that's kind of like your job and he attaches had imself to that job and he calls himself a musician, number one, so that's what he loves being known as.Can you tell me a little bit about the putting together of this album snp it's an unusual direction to come from?He is a really active musician at home ak at Elcho, so we've already recorded all of his parts for the other album we're working on, but it's going to take a long time because it will to do with off
orchestras and it will be a way off yet, so he just said, "What else will we do now?" Of course, I know a lot about his history and what he grew up with, an element that has come out on earlier records to do with a gospel methodist kind of gospel lilt to some of his earlier songs and I said, "You must know some of those songs that your aunty sang to you when you were little." And he sang me a couple and I said, "Why don't you record them?"Tell me what you will play today?We will play an original of Gurrumul's which fits nicely into the album and it's called Nakumul, and it means stop sitting around and doing nothing. Get up and do something. (Sings)

# (Sings)

Let's take a look at the latest market figures now. The share market is recovering some of last week's heavy losses buoyed by gains for retail and bank stocks. About 250 people have formed a blockade at the Port of Brisbane protesting workers being sacked by text message and email. Employees of Hutchison Port were sent the message last week. Since then unions and workers have been picketing at the port night and day to disrupt work. Reporter Allyson Horn is there.This is the camp that has been set up here at berth 11 at the Brisbane Port.As you can see, it's got all the things that people need here to continue their fight for many days - food, water, even tents have been set up so people can sleep here.Now, this dispute started last Thursday night where about 100 employees of Hutchison Port were sent either a text message or email, saying this he would no longer be required for work and effectively making them redundant.Now, from that point, workers here in Brisbane and in Sydney have set up trying to block operations of the Hutchison Group.I spoks to one worker this morning who he actually lost his job in that text message and he says he is highly distressed and worried about his future. Yes, it was pretty hard to take. For somebody that sort of started with this company and did a lot of things to help them set this up and to be treated like that here at
was just disgusting xgNow, here at the Brisbane Port this morning there has been about 250 union members supporters and families of the people who have lost their job that have turned up in protest and in support. You can see hind me they started a picket line to coming
stop any cars or trucks from coming into this port access area, or from leaving, so they've effectively shut down operations here today. The people here at this protest say that they won't be stopping this until the dispute is resolved, and that they have strong determination to see the workers regain their jobs.The PM has dismissed calls for a ban on Vegemite in remote communities following reports it is being used to make home brewed alcohol.Tony Abbott says the last thing Australia needs is a Vegemite watch. He says it is more important to ensure that there is adequate policing in communities where alcohol is banned.Let's take a look at the national weather now. Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon.An area of cloud over the south-east being driven in by another cold front and another one following in the south-west bringing cloud and the chance of thunderstorms today.Elsewhere mostly clear under high pressure systems and it's quite warm in both NSW and Queensland.

That next cold front moving rapidly across to the east, winds picking up, especially over SA into Victoria and Tasmania.Some of that showery weather reaching the south western parts of NSW.By Wednesday we will see a cool change move into NSW and even Queensland, but for tomorrow, looking good:

In developing news, passenger flights between Australia and Indonesia affected about I a volcanic ash cloud have resumed. Virgin Australia says it will begin flying this afternoon as conditions clear and Jetstar resumed all of its Indonesia services this morning.That's ABC News for now. I'm Ros Childs. Thanks for watching.

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Victorian MP Tony Smith replaces Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker of the House of Representatives.There's no greater honour within the parliament to be elected by one's peers. I'm a servant of this House and all of its members.Port workers in Sydney and Brisbane defy an order to return to work as they protest against redundancies. The UN searches for new solutions as more African migrants cross into Europe. Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News, I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead on the program - accusations of dubious blood results cast a doping cloud over some winners of the London marathon. And the Nine Network pays a record $99