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Sixty Minutes -

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(generated from captions) you?
I snuck up behind you. Did I scare child.
you?No.Alright. Come here golden you
child. What did you think.Man. So need
you know, if you notice, we didn't didn't
need any big lights for Nathan. We didn't need any wind, we didn't his
need fire. All we needed is him and a
his guitar.He's a natural. You're a natural. A total natural.How old Guys,
you are? Nathan.I just turned 18. is
Guys, the thing I love about Nathan, your
is it's hard on this show to keep And
your composure and just be yourself. craziness
And not get too caught up in the stayed
craziness of it. And Nathan's just of
stayed completely cool through all with
of it. What you see is what you get just
with him. It is what it is. He just selling
just plays his songs. He's not love
selling anything. It is great. I huge
love what you do Nathan. I'm such a think
huge fan.Thank you very much.I earlier
think I said earlier I was talking vote
earlier about who Australia should someone
vote for, I just want to say, as was
someone that feels like yesterday I you
was such a young artist, watching said
you I am so humbled by as you guys I
said your composure, authenticity. inspiration
I think you will be an amazing everywhere
inspiration to young people yourself
everywhere to show how you can be you.
yourself and be successful.Thank really
you.What Jessie said and you are hands
really pretty.Please put your hands together for Nathan Hawes.

Darren what a performance. I hear amazing
actually I hear there is a pretty tomorrow
amazing performance coming from you talk
tomorrow night?I don't want to then.
talk about myself.. Alright. I will folks
then. OK. House Husbands is on Yeah.
folks tomorrow night. Don't miss it. will
Yeah. It is back. Channel Nine. You You
will laugh, you will cry and scream. again.
You will record it and watch it me.
again. It's that good. Enough about have
me. Straight after the break we and
have rock chick, Peta Evans-Taylor, to
and seasoned busker Joe Moore ready Stay
to blow the roof off this place. Stay here. See you soon.

Are you loving the live recordings
performances. Stream exclusive right
recordings of every performance right after the show. Everything's been great at home.

Yeah, well, we had
that rockety patch last year.

Yeah, but we're fine now.

We decided to down-size.
Yeah, we sold the bighouse.

Why did we have to move?

Mum thought It'd be a great idea if
we moved to the city!Mum thought?

It was her idea.
His idea.

It was totally his.You make it sound
like it was amistake.

We have a great marriage.
We both want the samethings.

Pretty much...

I don't care that
no one likes you at work, I like you.

I never said no one likes me.

We've decided
that two kids, is perfect.

Oh, we haven't ruled out a third.
Yes, we have, sweetie.

No, we haven't, darling.
We have a third,Happy.

Happy is a Guinea Pig.

Angie is four.
And three quarters.

She's amazing.
Tony's got a newgirlfriend.

I don't have a new girlfriend...
..She's just a girl.

I was thinking maybe
we can, mhm, go on a date.

Angie: He really, really likes her.


..Oh, kids, how funny.

We've been living together for...
about a year now?

Mhm, yeah, I moved in.
With me and thekids.

Everything was going fine until...

She arrived.

I've always wanted a baby,
I just need a donor.

What is going on?

I'm borrowing his sperm.

We should leave...

She said she wanted to have a baby,
I said I'd help her out.

# Uh-oh-uh
# Shut up and dance with me.

VOICEOVER: Australia's favourite
families are back.

And one big surprise, is coming.

Women my age are still having

If we wanted to go there, we could.
But, we don't!

We could...

Are we done here? We're done.
You're done.

# Uh-oh-uh
# Shut up and dance with me.

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Welcome back to the second week of most
the Voice live shows. It's been the It's
most dramatic show yet.It has. as
It's almost going to be as dramatic fun
as 'house husbands 'tomorrow. The week
fun is not over quite yet. Last to
week the guy's voice brought Delta Moore.
to tears. It is Sydney busker Joe

Last week, Joe had everyone under a

Favourite performance of the night The
so far for me.Thank you very much. everyone's
The challenge this week is you have going
everyone's attention, now what's he what
going to do with it.It's about For
what kind of performance comes next. level
For me it is going to the next want
level and entertaining everyone.We challenging
want to keep pushing you and giving
challenging you.The song we are giving you is a fun one.

This week the Maddens are giving me challenge
'Believe' by Mumford andsons The the
challenge will be to stay true to to
the dynamic of the song and to try fill
to lead the bantd.Have the drum time
fill underfor a bit long of part- Coming
time hold the note longer as well using
Coming from busking I am literally have
using my guitar and vocals to now command
have an entire band behind me to be
command and bring along and bring be the frontman, I have shoes to frontman,
fillTo show he's the perfect is
frontman, representing team Madden is 24-year-old Joe Moore.

(SINGS) # you may call it in this # # But you have only lost the night # Preset all your pretty feelings # May they comfort you # Tonight # And I'm climbing over something # And I'm running # Through these walls # I don't even know if I believe # I don't even know if # I believe # I don't even know # If I believe # Everything you're trying # To say to me # So open up my eyes # Tell me I'm alive # This is never gonna go our way # If I'm going to have to guess # What's on your mind #
# Say something # Say # Something like you love me # Like you want to move away # From the noise of this place # Well I don't even know # If I believe # Well I don't even # If I believe
# I don't even know if I wanna

# Everything you trying to say to

# So open up my eyes # Tell me I'm alive # This is never gonna go our way # If I'm gonna have to guess # What's on your .
# So open up my eyes. #

Yep. Joe Moore.Come on down, man. What
Bring your mic. Feel good?Good. me
What do you reckon boys?So, when bosses
me and Joel talked to all the show with
bosses about me coming on the show were
with him this year, the deal was we killing
were coming to win it. And we are that
killing everybody right now.Joe, vocally,
that vocally was the near perfect know
vocally, without being perfect. You performance.
know what I mean. It was a great Great
performance. You're a great player. in
Great singer. And we really believe you
in you.Thank you so much.Thank Moore.
you guys. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Well
Moore. Head over to the coaches. What's
Well done. Great performance. what's
What's going on.Thank you. Well, Madden
what's going on is that all of Team with
Madden have been firm favourites looks
with you at home this week. It Plus
looks like they are again tonight. selfies
Plus we have had lots of your is
selfies coming through. And, the #, very
is trending right now. Voting opens still
very soon. But first, there is from
still one more performance to come singer
from Team Madden. She's the pub and
singer who is living out her rock It
and roll dreams on The Voice stage. It is 28-year-old Peta Evans-Taylor.

Thinking back to my life I was so
definitely pretty nervous. It was awesome.
so exciting and the flames were now.
awesome. It is off my bucket list flame.
now. I got to do a rock show with your
flame.Last week we put you bam in pushing
your comfort zone, now it's about giving
pushing the limits. So, we are Myself'.
giving you Celine Dion 'All By If
Myself'. This is your biggest test. vocals
If you can prove that you have the do
vocals to handle this song, you can it
do anything.It is exciting. Bring attempt.
it on. This song is ridiculous to work
attempt. Hooley dooley. I have my your
work cut out more me.It this in crazy
your range, is it pushing it -- of
crazy challenging because I'm kind get
of sometimes going please dear God a
get that high note. I think this is you.
a real career defining moment for you. I really do.

This is the power ballad of all or
power ballads. It's going to be do bring
or die. And I'm going to have to bring it.

Wow. Big challenge tonight for Peta. the
Now Jessie you said that Peta has tone.
the Celine Dion thing going on.A with
tone.You have actually performed for
with Celine DionAnd written a song Celine.
for her.I was on an aeroplane with else.
Celine.I have an album.Anybody shoes
else. Anyone.Bewler It is big a
shoes for Peta. She has a - she has big
a big voice.She does indeed. And a transformation.
big change. And a big Taylor.
transformation. This is Peta Evans-

# when I was young # I never needed anyone # And making love was just for fun # Those days are gone # All by myself # Don't wannabe # All by # Anymore # It's hard to be sure # Sometimes I feel so insecure # And love's so distant and obscure # Remains the cure # All # Don't want to be

# By myself # Don't want to live by myself # Anymore # By myself anymore # By myself anymore. #

Peta. Peta Evans-Taylor. Wow. The campest
smoke, the glitter. It was the I
campest thing I have ever seen and thought
I loved it. You were amazing. You thought going on Team Madden, you never
thought coming on team Delta. We sprs
never would have thought a Celine sprs Dion song on the Madden.Delta, I'm
I celebrate her whole catalogue. Big
I'm very happy.Very, very happy. challenge.
Big challenge. Big song, big of
challenge.Listen I actually kind Jessie
of want to know what Delta and singers
Jessie think, being both big female guys
singers with big voices. How do you The
guys feel she handled that song? felt
The arrangement was very weird. I arrangement.
felt uncomfortable with the to
arrangement. Vocally I think I want remember
to say to you personally, I you
remember your blind audit, how far the
you have come vocally, everything, Visually
the way you are as an artist. a
Visually to watch you, it has been the
a pleasure to see that. I think - see,
the hardest thing is for me where I tone
see, have you got a Celine Dion me
tone is not to mimic someone. For taking
me it was just too -You really you
taking the wind out of my sails.Do question,
you agree.If you asked me a honest
question, you will always get an great
honest answer. I think you have a answer.
great voice.I love an honest know
answer. Delta.I - like I think I done.
know what you are saying, but well course
done. It's a lot of pressure.Of well
course well done.And...Always it.
well done.I feel like you nailed And
it. I was so happy.Thank you boys. with
And we are going to be right back on
with Joel and Benji's decision they don't
on The Voice. Don't go anywhere.I don't know how to get out of

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This program is not captioned. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

We are live from The Voice arena been
and tonight the competition has one
been fiercer than ever. With only stake
one coach save left, all is at show
stake for team Madden.Yeah what a team.
show the guys have put on. What a be
team. This is. This is not going to we
be an easy decision for you. Before rest
we do get it, we will chat to the let's
rest of the coaches. Ricky Martin you
let's start with you.Just because world
you have been in your own little that
world every time you walk on stage, intriguing.
that makes this it really I
intriguing. I will go with Nathan. stood
I want more from you.Ms J. Who it's
stood out for you.You know what, said
it's funny, even though Peta what I your
said to you, I want to see you have your moment and it all makes sense. trying
I feel like, the show you of being do
trying to find what it is that you so
do that makes sense all around, and go
so for me, I would like to see you excited
go through. Just because I am You
excited to see what else happens. think,
You now. But I think, I honestly you
think, I'm not saying it, I love for
you guy, we mess around, you guys tonight.
for me were the strongest team What
tonight. Congratulations.Thank you. What did you think?The three of the
you I really, really connect with performances
the three of you. I enjoy your always
performances immensely. I have tonight
always really liked you Nathan but everything
tonight I was really in love with up
everything about you as an artist up there. I would go Nathan.

Joel.Benji.You have one save

Who are you going to take through to next week's live show?

Go for it.Oak, so listen, this is lives.
where we were at. We are at the everyone
lives. It keeps getting bigger and And
everyone has to fight to stay here. the
And when we see someone stealing artist
the show, and when becomes an behind
artist on the show we have to get protect
behind it, we have to kind of protect it and push it. And I think entire
the person that is stealing the We
entire season right now, is Nathan. Congratulations.
We will put Nathan through. done.
Congratulations. Nathan Hawes well to
done. Very well done. He is going So
to be singing on next week's show. and
So Australia that means Joe Moore your
and Peta Evans-Taylor are now in artists
your hands. Only one of these It's
artists can stay in the competition. team
It's your vote that countsEach unfortunately
team will lose another artist, in
unfortunately next week. Who stays you
in and who goes it is all down to see
you guys at home. If you want to see your favourite performer again, positively
you will have to absolutely no
positively need to vote. You have free
no excuses. Ford are giving you The
free vote this is year, just get with
The Voice app, you get four votes moments
with that. Don't mess it.We are lines
moments away from opening the votes back
lines first, Delta you better get performance
back stage girl, you have a are
performance to get ready for. We Australia,
are excited about that. Meanwhile, reminder
Australia, grab a pen, here is a and
reminder of tonight's performances your
and the numbers you need to cast your vote.

(SINGS) # I don't care # If I don't look pretty # Because big girls breaking.
# Cry when their hearts are .
breaking. # (SINGS) #
(SINGS) # come on home # All round the wind blows # Don't let go # Blow a kiss # Fire a gun # We need someone to lean on. # (SINGS) # I shot the sheriff offence.
# And they say it is a capital offence. #

# she say s # Oh, don't you dare look back # Just keep your eyes on me # I said you're holding back # She said shut up .
# And dance with me. # (SINGS) cutie
(SINGS) # a government I for his #
cutie pie # Because it is too, too, too # Darn hot # It is too darn hot # In the southern breeze # Strange fruit hanging # From the Poplar trees. # away
(SINGS) # like you want to move

# From the noise of the place # And I don't even know # If I believe # Don't want to be # All by myself Voting
# Anymore. # favourite
Voting is now officially over. Your favourite could -- open, your week
favourite could be going home next missed
week if you don't vote.If you the
missed any details they are all on you
the website. Don't forget this year tonight's
you can exclusively stream all of relive
tonight's songs on Guvera and jumpin.
relive the performances on Nine spectacular
jumpin.Now, taking us out in has
spectacular style, I would say, she number
has nine number one singles, three under
number one albums and 10 AREAS is
under her belt. Not too shabby. She tests
is one of the most accomplished ar Thousands
tests to come out of Australia. brand
Thousands of you flock to see her page
brand new video on our Facebook very
page this week. Now, with Wing our very own Delta Goodrem.

# a beating drum # It's in my lungs # I breathe it in # It takes me breath away # I don't look back # It's just a trap # We are all one # But we are not the same horizon
# Everybody's looking for a new

# Everybody wants to leave the world behind them horizon.
# Everybody is looking for a new

# Everybody's looking for a second

# Everybody's wishing they could take a stand second
# A everybody is looking for a #
second chance -- # So what if I lose my self control # What if I choose to let it go # I want to let you # And me collide # Baby these wings were made # These wings were made to fly # The deepest veins # The darkest truth # A secret place # I only want to share with you # Look in my eyes # Undress my soul new
# 'Cause everybody's looking for a new horizon world
# Everybody wants to leave the world behind horizon

# Everybody's looking for a second

# Everybody's looking to take a

# Everybody is looking for a second # So what if I lose my self control # What if I choose to let it go # I want to let you and me collide # Baby these wings were made # These wings were made to fly # These wings were made to

(SINGS) # what if I my self control # What if I choose to let it go # I want to let you and me collide # Baby these wings # Were made to fly # What if I lose my self control # What if I choose # To let it go # I want to let you # And me collide # Baby these wings were made # These wings were made a to fly # Fly # These wings were made to .
# These wings were made to fly. #


Wow! It is electric in here. I That
don't want to end the show now. way
That was great. What a fantastic Tearing
way to end the show. D-bomb. Delta's
Tearing the house down. Wow. now.
Delta's new single 'Wings' is out amazing
now. Grab it. It's fantastic.Such tonight.
amazing performance from everyone artists.
tonight. Huge thanks to all of our Yes.
artists. The incredible Demi Lovato. coaches,
Yes.And of course, our superstar Goodrem.
coaches, the lovely Ms Delta Jessie
Goodrem. The Madden brothers. sure
Jessie J and Ricky Martin.And make all
sure you join us next Sunday, when the
all of our coaches will be hitting Can't
the stage, yes.Yes, fantastic. winner,
Can't wait for that. Last year's course
winner, will alsoing here. Of We
course the results from your votes. Good
We will see you then. Goodnight. Live
Good luck.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

to 60 Minutes.
Good evening and welcome Paul Weeks
519 days ago, Perth man Flight MH370 to fly to Beijing.
boarded Malaysian Airlines and crew
He and the 238 other passengers have not been heard from since. to the jetliner
Just what happened mystery of all time.
is now the biggest aviation mechanical failure?
Was there a catastrophic Was it an act of terrorism? deliberately crash it
Or did a suicidal pilot into the ocean? Despite an enormous search, it wasn't until two weeks ago discovered on a beach
that a part of a plane's wing was in the western Indian Ocean.
on Reunion Island as being from MH 370,
That part has now been identified there is no hope
and the wreckage tragically means are alive.
any of the passengers and crew For Danica Weeks and Jack,
and her young sons, Lincoln realization
it's the final, awful, that Paul is never coming home. when you first heard
What were you doing that wreckage had been found? phone rang.
I was watching television and my

so I thought,
It was 1:19 in the morning, "This must be something serious. in the morning."
"No-one rings at 1:19 And I saw the number - Centre.
it was Malaysia Family Support

were simply,
And the words they said to me to inform you
"Mrs Weeks, we're ringing have confirmed
"that the Malaysian Government "that the piece is from MH370."

I was devastated. that, you know, I...
It was the... it was the words It was a double-edged sword. didn't want to hear them.
I wanted to hear them, but I I just broke down in tears.
And to just hear those words, I just... Devastated. It was day one again. got that the plane was missing.
It was that phone call that I you entirely,
You know, I must say, I misread because I thought, some release here,
"At least she's going to have "some certainty, if not comfort." But you still have none of that. thinks it has brought to me.
No, and that's what everyone the end.
We think it's the beginning of Yeah. But it's not. It's not.

It doesn't answer... you know,
It doesn't stop the constant, and where did it land, you know?
him sitting in the plane What was his final moments? What... It never stops any of that a piece of the plane.
because it's just If someone handed to you loved one's car
the rear-vision mirror of your we know they've gone.
and said, "This is it, "Please move on - could you?" I don't think anyone could. on this planet somewhere.
You know, we know they're of we've gotta...
The question we've gotta find them. is not enough.
And just one piece people can look and go,
And people will... you know, "Oh she's crazy," you know? And that's fine. and see...
But come walk a day in my shoes every night
Go through your brain that door
and dream of him walking out and saying "I love you."
and kissing him goodbye don't you?
You remember that moment so well, Oh, it's vivid. It's like it was yesterday, I've never moved on from there
and that's why the full story.
because I've never got if I said
And look, I would be lying you know,
the pain is so much that, I won't wake up in the morning,
some days I just wish to stop it. That's not an alternative, is it? No. No, and I'm still here that,
and I know that I wouldn't do to Paul
because I wouldn't do that to my children.
and I wouldn't do that You know, myself... just happen naturally
but sometimes I wish it would and the pain would stop. But it can't. and those two little boys
I have to face it every day are my world. about last time -
Remember one thing we talked no matter how early you die,
we discussed how, you lose your life,
or what circumstances if you leave behind children of immortality there.
there is an element in them?
Do you see him living on there I do.

I do. so much like his father.
Jack, he just looks has his father's brain.
And Lincoln He's a very smart boy. Paul's a very smart man. remind me of him every day,
Um, and I look at them and they and that is what keeps me going. legacy of Paul,
They're an know, that I can raise them...
and I can only hope about how we wanted
Paul and I have always talked to raise our boys, dreams in that.
and I hope I can just fulfil his talked about last time
I think the hardest thing we was you hadn't told the boys. and how did you tell them?
When did you tell them really told them.
Well, I haven't so he asks a lot of questions.
Lincoln is, um, nearly five, He knows Dad was on a plane. and once, I felt very bad -
He has asked me before, I snapped at him. "I just don't know, Lincoln."
I said, in that little boy's eyes.
And I felt horrible to stare But... And tell him I don't know. As a parent, I can tell you, questioning about something
understandable reaction to a kid to discuss.
that you don't really want Yeah. Or that you can't. to him.
I can't, and I'm not gonna lie children and they turn around...
I don't want to lie to my they...
And tell them some story that to not be true.
that turns around So I just tell them the truth - and when I know...
that I don't know, I'll keep pressing to know,
And that's why under the umbrella
so they don't live of the MH370 mystery. And you don't have an answer yet?

No. they do know,
And...but they know, Lincoln has told Jack, you know, and Lincoln tells Jack
we point where Daddy is Dad's in heaven.
that, you know, Dad's gone, And it breaks my heart. Jack's learnt...
And know, "Dad's dead."
He said the other day to me, I was just blown away.
And I was... And it just pains me. thinking what happened to him
It's not only the pain of and how did this happen, with those children.
but what he's missing out on what they're missing out on.
And also

We're still doing day by day. This started minute by minute. It turned into hour by hour. I've never got past day by day. There is no... My life stopped that day, my... went on.
And the rest of the world Exactly. The rest of us have gone on. you...better,
I return to you to find than when I last saw you,
but not a lot better more than a year ago. No. And I'd hoped that you wouldn't level of grief.
be experiencing this ongoing "time heals."
I'd gone for cliches like Clearly, it needs a lot of time. Absolutely. Time hasn't healed this. It's made it harder. from the moment you wake up
And it's on in your mind you close your eyes.
to the moment Absolutely. you dream about it.
Don't tell me Yes. I don't... I don't sleep, I don't eat.
Especially after this last news, You know, I'm... I'm just... time.
I physically feel sick all the what do you dream of?
When you dream, It's horrible.

Too horrible. of his last moments;
Horrible things - what was... thinking about me and the boys,
I mean, I know he was probably you know, or did he know? Or was he conscious? Did it spiral down? and float?
Did it land, you know, Did it... Oh. than a year ago.
The same questions you had more Exactly. Still totally unanswered... They're just totally unanswered, and I dream about it.
and it runs constantly I wake up perspiring.
I wake up in nightmares, it's just haunting,
And it just... story, you know?
because I don't know the full he's my best friend.
He's my husband, I can't... to think of that person
You know, it's very painful in any one of those situations. what happened.
And so I just need to know argument for spending millions,
If there was ever a more eloquent that black box
hundreds of millions looking for I've just heard it.
at the bottom of the ocean, the process of the search,
You have been following haven't you? Yes, very closely. of the ships to see for myself.
So much so, I've gone onto one You've been on the boat? Yes, first-hand. the Australian search team,
I requested through and I went on there. It was very sophisticated. what I was expecting,
I'm not sure my expectations.
but it was well above what it should,
It's fully equipped to do are very capable
and the people on-board to carry out the task.
of being able It's an expensive exercise. if it's money well spent by now.
Some people are wondering I know that. I hear that. airline.
But this is a commercial a day get...
This is eight million people get on planes,
Husbands, wives, children, what's happened.
and we still don't know And the authorities, what their thoughts are,
I've asked and asked and asked and we can't guarantee
and they've said, "We don't know "this won't happen again." This can't happen again. much good for you.
Everybody, I think, wishes so you know,
People have been, just... people have been amazing, of kept me going.
and that's what's part and propping me up
Just being there for me to just keep going.
and just pushing me on Um...and they say I'm strong. I don't think I'm strong, I'm stubborn!
and probably Paul would say where it comes from.
Um, that's probably I don't think it's strength. It's probably stubbornness - on him.
that I'm not willing to give up

of my soul is on that plane.
You know, I always said 50% my best friend.
He was my husband, He was my world. diminishing day by day
And the rest of me has been with the pain. I soul's gone. I feel numb. And will I ever get that back? I don't know.

I don't know.

We will be sure to keep you progresses.
on how the investigation about tonight's show,
To have your say you can find us on Facebook. Still to come - then blamed it on them.
These men killed their wives was put on trial.
It was almost like the victim It's absolutely horrific.

went straight to the pub.
One even while he is in some pub
And she's in some muddy hole having a glass of wine. locked up for good?
So, why aren't they James Ramage?
How do you feel about Hate his guts. Back, walking the streets. You bashed and strangled Julie in a shallow grave.
and burried her And, dating again. Allison Langdon.
You're disgusting, Do you feel safe with this man? That's next on 60 Minutes. This program is not captioned. What are they doing, Grandpa? They're in retirement. People did it when I was a boy. Talk to MLC
or one of our advisors about how we can work together
to save your retirement.

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Welcome back to the program. in the land.
It is the most unjust law it's still possible
In some states, their wives or girlfriends
for violent men to kill the unbelievable excuse -
and then use it was the victim's own fault. is blamed for her own death
That's right, the woman she drove him to kill.
because she provoked the man - get downgraded to manslaughter,
In court, murder charges are drastically reduced,
and prison sentences to just a few years.
in some cases a license to kill as there is,
It's as close to and it's got to stop. sunny winter's day
It was a beautiful, awful feeling, you know,
and I get this absolutely and I don't know what it is, the time she was being killed.
and I found out later it was that you two have?
That's the connection Yes. As twin sisters? 54-year-old Jane Ashton her twin sister, Julie.
always looked out for Hope you like the flowers, sis. But Jane couldn't protect Julie should have trusted most -
from the man her sister her husband, James Ramage. I'm so sorry. marriage, Julie left Ramage.
After 23 years of an abusive Just weeks later, he killed her. about James Ramage now?
How do you feel I hate his guts. his murder charge
James Ramage got off the 'provocation defence'.
using a little-known law called for her own death.
He blamed Julie just eight years in jail,
Ramage spent and this is him today - million-dollar Melbourne home
a free man, living in his with his new girlfriend. You bashed and strangled Julie in a shallow grave.
and buried her that you're now a free man?
Do you think it's fair deadly loophole for violent men
The defence of provocation is a like James Ramage. his ex-partner, Vicki Cleary,
Peter Keogh stabbed just three years and 11 months.
to death, and was gaoled for slit his wife's throat
Chamanjot Singh was gaoled for only six years.
when she tried to leave him and There's been some horrific cases has been allowed.
where provocation They all say that, in some way, women need to toe the line.
women belong to men and that we, as a society, say,
And if they don't toe the line, they asked to be killed."
"Well, in fact, a safe and happy childhood.
Jane and her sister enjoyed and family came early for Julie.
Girlish dreams of marriage when she met James Ramage
She was still at school and fell in love. and had two children.
They married But Jane never liked the man to spend her life with.
her twin chose he was bullying.
He was very controlling, personally intimidating.
I found him and he'd broken her arm.
He'd broken her nose a lethal turn on July 21, 2003,
But Ramage's violence was to take had worked up the courage
just six weeks after Julie to finally leave him. to check on renovations.
James lured her to the house she was going to be on her own
Julie never thought in the house with him. was going to be there.
She thought the builder He got rid of the builder. trying to get her back,
He was trying to get her back, trying to fix things. marriage was completely broken.
But James Ramage realised his He bashed Julie, strangled her, in the boot of his Jaguar.
and shoved her body calmly cleaned the house
He then showered, and even called a few friends tied up all afternoon.
to say he'd be an hour to isolated bushland,
Finally, he drove for more than in a shallow grave.
where he buried his wife while he's in a pub
She's in some muddy hole having a glass of wine. CCTV footage
This never-before-seen with his lawyers
reveals Ramage meeting at the local pub,
for more than three hours desperately for Julie.
while the family searched cool as a cucumber.
He calls his lawyer, no-one went to check
Well, I was amazed that she wasn't still alive. I think it's horrific. Finally, just before midnight, deliver him to police.
Ramage's lawyers that sex with me repulses her.
She sort of said he claims Julie told him
In his police interview, so he killed her.
she was sexually repulsed by him, And that's where I lost it. It wasn't his fault, he said. She provoked him. lived with these types of men
I don't think women that have are going to provoke them. these women are dead.
We don't know, they get killed
I think that the only reason is because they've left. of domestic violence?
It's the ultimate act It is, it is. is the ultimate excuse.
And, unfortunately, provocation from Deakin University,
Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, for the archaic law
has spent years fighting right across Australia.
to be abolished can be partially understandable
It sends a message that it kill a woman who is leaving you.
for you to lose control and in this day and age?
How is it an acceptable defence It's a very, very good question. to 17th century England,
It heralds back to when men killed in pubs to defend your honour
and when it was honourable if challenged. got off his murder charge,
After James Ramage Victorians were outraged, provocation completely,
and they abolished along with Western Australia. and South Australia
But Queensland, New South Wales, still view provocation who kill their partners.
as a valid defence for men in one state
So what's cold-blooded murder just across the border.
gets killers a slap on the wrist if you're a violent man
So, what it's saying is, and wish to kill your partner, to do it in?
these are the best states that people are that calculated,
I'd hate to think but absolutely. after James Ramage killed Julie,
And so, 12 years Christopher Cullen,
another violent man, slaughters his wife, by taunting him
claiming she provoked it about their sex life. final images of Comrie Cullen.
These are the chilling The mother of three her estranged husband in court,
is sitting uncomfortably next to but she is about to be kidnapped, in the boot of his car - alive.
bashed and shoved her good friend, Renee Jomaa.
They're images that still haunt what menial, trivial things
The hopelessness of thinking the course of those hours
I was doing over while Comrie was terrified,
while Comrie was in a boot, how she could get away from him,
while she was trying to think of that he had her in his clutches
because she knew that he had ever made
and every threat was about to be realised. cameras pick up Cullen
An hour later, at his favourite fishing store, a knife sharpener
casually browsing for knives, and a change of shirt. his wife's murder.
He was planning and there is no difference
He walks around the store customer in that store.
between him and any other his bleeding and injured wife
Except he's got he just parked in the car park.
in the boot of the car because of...
It's absolutely horrific, remarkable about it.
there's nothing Christopher? McNally from Randen detectives.
I'm Detective Senior Constable Do you understand that? Cullen stabbed his wife 18 times,
In isolated mangroves, and then stabbed himself there'd been a struggle.
to make it look like She stabbed me, I stabbed her. and you stabbed her?
So, she stabbed you Yeah. But it was all a lie, an open-and-shut murder case.
and it should have been use the defence of provocation.
Instead, he was allowed to You've been arrested of Victoria Comrie Cullen.
for the murder Did you commit that act? No comment. a victim of domestic violence
Even though Comrie had been for many years, in court, his wife as a lying, drunken,
this man was allowed to paint scarlet woman. those lies about her made,
I won't have and tell those three children,
and no-one stand up "Your mother was not a drunk." and leave you home alone
"Your mother didn't stay out in your beds." "That was not your mother." She wasn't an unfit mother? She was an exceptional mother. I was horrified. It was history repeating itself. here we were 12 years on,
You know, is going on in New South Wales.
and the same case that women in New South Wales
I think what it says is as women in Victoria.
aren't worth as much the victim is put on trial?
So, it's almost like he becomes the victim.
The perpetrator, He's the poor man, who's out to destroy him,
and she's portrayed as somebody from under his feet,
who pulls the rug out about her character, not his.
so a provocation trial becomes saw through Cullen's lies
Even though the jury and convicted him of murder, Jane Ashton is still furious the provocation defence at all,
he was able to use which James Ramage,
the same defence used to escape a murder charge.
the killer of her sister, Julie, from 60 Minutes.
Mr Ramage, Allison Langdon some questions, please,
Just wondering if I can ask you about the killing of your wife? You bashed and strangled Julie in a shallow grave.
and buried her that you are now a free man?
Do you think it's fair You're disgusting! you got away with murder?
Do you feel Allison Langdon!
You're disgusting, Do you feel safe with this man? concern for any future partners
The judge said he held great of Mr Ramage. Come on! How did she provoke you? Why can't you leave him alone? only spent eight years in jail,
Do you think it's fair you no longer have a mother?
that your children Mr Ramage?
Do you think that's fair,

No answer?

will never forgive Ramage.
Jane Ashton her beloved sister,
Not only did he kill as the victim.
he made himself out there is no justice.
When provocation rears its head, It's time that cowards who kill defence, "she provoked me."
can't hide behind the antiquated What do you hate more? to get off a murder charge?
Him, or the law that allowed him I hate what he did to my sister. the process, the law,
I hate even more her name through the courts.
that allowed him to drag how many more cases
And I just wonder there's got to be,
like my sister's before people wake up. about tonight's show
You can join the conversation by using #60mins Still to come - everytime I look at them
When I look at my scars, they're a reminder. 10-year-old Terry... of the accident.
I remember every detail ..Lost two arms and a leg... and falling back down again.
Getting up off the floor ..In a freak accident. three limbs in a bucket.
They were transporting with him Once a brave little boy... I stayed calm.
I didn't scream, I didn't cry, ..Now a courageous young man. else's superhero.
One day I want to be someone what he does now.
And you won't believe That's next on 60 Minutes. This program is not captioned. Here's a thought. What if you woke up one day
to find you were set for life? Where would you go? What would you do? What would you be? Imagine the moment you realise you've won $20,000 every month
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to 60 Minutes. I met Terry Vo,
From the first moment I knew he was special. That was a decade ago, 10-year-old
a few days after the then in a freak accident
had almost been killed backyard basketball.
while playing the hoop, backboard
As Terry attempted a slam dunk, collapsed on him.
and part of a brick wall were completely severed.
His two hands and left foot and the medical team's skill
Terry's story made headlines around the world.
in saving his hands But even more remarkable, unflappable attitude.
has been watching Terry's or felt sorry for himself.
He's never complained and loving life.
He just keeps on living to believe
Seeing Terry Vo today it's hard that he is the same young man injury as a child.
who endured such a traumatic and almost 21 years of age,
Self-assured, smart the life-threatening events
Terry has never let of a decade ago define him. what happened
But even now, he can never forget very nearly cost him his life.
when a game of basketball when you see your scars,
In your private moments what do you think? What do you reflect on? When I look at my scars, of what the doctors have done,
they're a reminder that doctors have done.
what the amazing job

from the body in a bucket.
which were separated is the plastic surgeon
Dr Robert Love who led the medical team Hospital for Children.
from Perth's Princess Margaret the shoe is still on.
If you look closely, and this is...
That is the sole of the shoe through your mind
The very first thought that goes is incredulity. two whole hands and a foot.
Surely it's not two hands, have happened?
How could that possibly catastrophic injury,
Seeing Terry just days after his and composed he is,
it's amazing just how calm he is just ten years of age.
particularly when you consider I am really, really lucky. worse?
In what way could it have been here where my elbow were.
Like it could have chopped up even chop my head off.
And it could chop, other Aussie kids
Terry was doing what countless that weekend.
were doing in backyards and showing off a little
Shooting hoops with friends but as he grabbed the ring,
by dunking the ball, the wall came loose. of the accident.
I remember every detail It's like it was yesterday. everything going in slow motion,
Jumping up for that slam-dunk, and falling back down again,
getting up off the floor that were there,
seeing all my friends scared, running, "is this really real?
and all I could think of was, "Like is this really happening?" The situation is critical. terrible blood loss,
Terry is suffering his life is in the balance. to the scene,
As an ambulance speeds someone has the foresight three severed limbs
to wrap Terry's filled with ice.
and place them in an esky I didn't cry.
I didn't scream. I didn't do anything. I stayed calm. We've got a 10-year-old boy and his left leg.
with amputation of both arms to move you
Terry, we are just about on the other side.
across to the other bed much against you
The time is very, very the clock is ticking.
and you realise very quickly long weekend,
It's 9:00pm Saturday on an Easter a team of 19 specialists
yet Dr Love manages to gather around the operating table. prepare to simultaneously
Three separate teams of surgeons and his left foot.
reattach Terry's two hands micro-instruments, please.
Can I have the of this rubble out.
We need to get some more the back
We're going to let it bleed out of blood...
so he'll lose a little bit the accident,
Just nine hours after the limbs are reattached. Looks beaut, Roger. there sending you cards
There are a lot of people out and wishing you well. doing well,
Terry's reattached hands are there is a terrible setback
but after a week, with his left foot, it has to be amputated.
surgeons decide the muscles
If you can just imagine from the inside out
then really died was still alive,
so that the skin was still flowing
the blood vessel

when we did it.
I think you guys were there I was on TV,
Um, it was painful, but ah, a straight face!
so I had to keep Show me this one. After the operation, Terry endures six months and therapy
of constant rehabilitation and his fingers strengthen.
as his scars heal to do
How much practice have you had your shoe laces?
to be able to tie That's it, very nice. Terry.
I mean you made it look easy, Do you remember how hard it was? supported me,
The people around me that that I totally forget
they just made it so enjoyable so to me there's the part -
about all the hard work hospital was all good memories.
the six months that I was in all the specialists involved
It's a tribute to the efforts of achieve
that Terry can now physically whatever he sets his mind to. I have a lot of hobbies. dance, play basketball,
I like to draw, paint, sing, badminton, tennis. archery.
Um, I recently picked up like archery
How hard is it to do something that you've had?
having had the injury of your back strength
Archery, it's more to grab onto the strings.
and your finger strength It really tires you out, tried it
but then like my friends so it's not tiring me out
and it also tires them or anything.
because of my accident impressive,
And while his Archery skills are take a look at this. Ha! doctors
And how do you expect your and physiotherapists
and your occupational therapists doing your big karate chop,
to react when they see you of yours in that way?
using those precious hands reaction, ah being scared.
A part of me wants to see their it's pretty funny.
Because you know, So it's not like you're saying, to be extra careful of these?
"righto, I know I have I don't want to hurt them,
"I lost them once, again?"
"I don't want to lose them to mind
That thought rarely comes whenever I'm doing something. I'm just enjoying the moment. that's too hard,
If I see something think about it,
then I'll sit back, and then just do it anyway.

Today, we're hitting the road. a prosthetic leg?
Are you aware that you have you're constantly aware of?
Is that something No, I sometimes forget. someone
Terry's taking me to visit he hasn't seen in ten years, Angela Chew.
his occupational therapist, Hi. Hi, how are you going? I'm good. I haven't seen you in so long. You look really good. It's so nice to see you. hands, do you?
I guess you want to see his for a minute
Yeah, well, I'll be a therapist and just check you out. Yeah, sure. Does it feel good? Yeah, it feels cool. It feels great. boy?
Do you remember that ten-year-old that stage...
He was so committed right from Yeah, definitely! TV cameras?
Or was that just an act for the No, he was. to participate and join in.
Terry was always just happy The whole aim his fine motor motion
was just to get Terry using to write,
and prep him so he'd be able type on a computer,
to be able to do his own shoelaces.
to be able to Piece of cake!
How are the shoelaces these days? This one. ten years ago
The events of that day a distant memory.
seem in many ways Trang and Tam,
But for Terry's parents, will haunt them
the horror of that experience for the rest of their lives. Very scared, yeah horrible. But now... Now happy. Now happy? Yeah, happy. parents...
You've been a witness too to your last ten years,
And how they've coped over the what have you seen in them? I see incredible strength. in their shoes
I'm trying to put myself or anything,
and I don't have a child

a Degree in Science,
Recently he has finished and he is now studying medicine of Western Australia.
at the University a neurosurgeon.
His ambition is to become be a surgeon?
How realistic is your ambition to It's very realistic. to be a doctor.
Um, I I've always wanted who helped you
Dr Love for instance, the doctor in those early days,
so importantly has he assessed your hands, you have the hands of a surgeon?
does he tell you whether that he believes
He tells me repeatedly that I can become a surgeon, to pursue medicine.
he's always encouraged me I believe I can do it. if you're told no?
How would you deal with it Work harder! Many adults couldn't have coped injury like Terry's.
after suffering a life-changing as a ten-year-old boy,
His resilience as a 21-year-old man
and his enthusiasm for life every opportunity
are a lesson to us all to embrace that comes our way. has been the reason
What do you think to be a doctor?
you've always wanted saved me,
So many amazing doctors have and they're like my heroes, superheroes.
like my own personal someone else's superhero,
So one day I want to be, make their lives so much better
save their lives, than it could've been. that keeps me going.
Um, it's just that thought a superhero one day.
It's a good thought to have to be Yeah, every kid's dream, right?

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to reprimand His Honour,
has been hearing whether Judge Garry Neilson,
District Court public confidence.
for seriously undermining do you have any comment
Your Honour, about today's hearing at all? No comment. made last year
It concerns comments the judge of sexually abusing
during the trial of a man accused

those standards no longer apply:
But he said in this day and age,

But it gets worse. reason incest was still a crime
Judge Neilson said the only of genetic abnormalities
was due to the high risk if it ended in pregnancy, the wrongdoing is lessened
but added even then to contraception and abortion.
because of our easy access this week,
At the Judicial Commission for his unacceptable comments.
Judge Neilson finally apologised is immoral and illegal.
He said he recognises incest is not good enough.
But saying sorry the Commission quite rightly
The counsel-assisting had caused widespread outrage
argued His Honour's comments and universal condemnation, Garry Neilson be reprimanded.
and recommended Judge from sitting
He also suggested he be banned on future sex crimes' trials. and we'll keep you posted
We agree eventually decides.
on what the Judicial Commission Back in a moment. This program is not captioned. Eclipse Chewy Mint? Thanks.

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Welcome back to the program. clarity on an important story.
Before we go tonight, some There've been some developments Commission of Inquiry
at the Grantham Floods in Queensland this past week. regarding the timing of the flood
The Commission heard evidence back in 2011. helicopter operations record...
I have here the Nine Network's titled "The Missing Hour",
In our story, broadcast on May 24 this year, helicopter flight log revealed
we showed how the Channel Nine on the 10th of January, 2011 -
the flood occurred after 4pm not between 3:15pm and 3:30pm, Commission of Inquiry found.
as the original what the Commission found.
This completely contradicts Well, it does, yeah. at the Inquiry this past week
New information tended shows a discrepancy of 20 minutes of the Channel Nine helicopter,
between the take-off time and the official Skytrack data. still proves the full impact
Nevertheless, the Skytrack data occurred after 4:20pm that day -
of the flood that hit Grantham the original Commission found.
an hour later than That is the missing hour - that locals want acknowledged,
the missing hour when a huge volume of water the Grantham quarry wall
built up behind before it burst, down the main street.
sending a wall of water on further developments
We'll keep you updated at the Grantham Flood Inquiry. we have time for tonight.
That's all thank you for your company.
I'm Michael Usher, Have a great night.
Captioned by Ai-Media This program is not captioned.


Joseph: My sister's only child
hanging from a cross!

- Joseph...
- We need this to end!

We must govern ourselves

so that we are never again
subjected to Roman justice.

You did nothing
of any worth whatsoever.

Make way for King Antipas.

Your position
is reliant on my endorsement.

John, I'm poor and sick
in my soul.

I'm glad to give you this land,

It's perfect.

God has a purpose for
each of us. I'm meant to preach.

Be patient, Stephen.
The time will come.

And didn't Jesus say, "I will
rebuild this temple in three days,"

before he rose from the death
you condemned him to?

Silence him.
Shut him up.

Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.


John: "No longer will violence
be heard in your lands,"

nor ruin and destruction
within your borders.

Your walls
shall be called salvation,

and your gates praise.

No longer will the sun
light your days

nor the moon bright your night.

You will have the Lord
for everlasting light

"and your God for your glory."

←Women wailing→

My son is dead!
Stephen is dead!

Because of you!
You and your politics!

Where is he?

Where is he now,
this Messiah of yours?



Why doesn't he raise him up

or ask the Lord
to bring Stephen back to us?

Is it for us to test him?

I dreamt last night

that Stephen wouldn't be
the last of us to die.

Another hungry soul
that's heard the word.

God be with you.

Have you come to hear
the word of Jesus?



I am Saul.

Scholar, Jew,
Roman citizen, pharisee,

defender of the great temple
of Jerusalem.

I have come here to teach you
of the wrath

you will all bring down
upon yourselves

if you do not end
your blasphemy.


←Women wailing→

Peter: The desert and
the parched land will be glad.

The wilderness will rejoice...

and blossom.

Like the crocus,

it will burst into bloom.

It will rejoice greatly...

←Wind whistling→

..and shout for joy.

←Thunder rumbles→

←Children laughing→

So, tell us,

how are we so wrong
in our belief?

Friend, speak with us.

What's the matter,
have you no tongue?

Or no brain?

Jesus of Nazareth,

this peasant Messiah
you love and praise,

is nothing more
than a false prophet.

You dare come here and say that?

I don't say it.
The Sanhedrin says it.

The psalms of Solomon say it.

The prophecies of Jeremiah,
Isaiah, and Daniel say it.

Who are you to say otherwise?



What's the matter?

Have you no tongue?

No courage?


Be gone, little man.

This program is not captioned. Good evening. Michael Clarke
Australian cricket captain end of this disastrous Ashes tour
is set to pull up stumps at the his decision to retire.
insisting it was off rocks in Sydney.
A 25-year-old tourist has drowned She was posing for photographs washed her into the ocean.
when a freak wave was initiated
A full-scale air and sea search but she was unable to be revived. A pilot has died slammed into powerlines
after his gyrocopter and crashed near Melbourne. Another man onboard survived from the wreckage by passers-by.
after he was dragged for family and friends
It was a teary farewell to the 200-strong Navy personnel
who said goodbye deployment to the Middle East,
who disembarked on a seven-month onboard HMAS 'Melbourne'. the thousands of competitors,
And the PM joined of Syney's City2Surf.
who crossed the finish line go to
For the latest on all our stories 24 hours a day.

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This program is not captioned.

Annas: I don't understand you,

You saw the slaughter,
the wave of crucifixions,

saw what bloody turmoil
made its home in Jerusalem.

Of course.
Father, I'm not blind.

And you accept that Caiaphas,
as high priest,

stands knee-deep in blood.

Blood spilled by Pilate
wielding the power of Rome.

Yes, I accept Caiaphas
has not handled things well.

So, why can't you accept
that he must be replaced?

Jerusalem needs a man
who will forge

a different relationship with Rome

to take us back
to the peaceful times

Caiaphas once stood for.

The Sanhedrin is looking
for a man to challenge Caiaphas.

The Annas family
needs that man to be you.

The whole idea
of your loving family

gathered in our house
to give thanks

Why would anyone
leave everything they knew

to live like that?

←Horse whinnies→

We are honoured
the festival of Purim

has brought you to our home.

In truth, it was a useful excuse
to come to Jerusalem.

To see if the city
was still standing.

My son and I think,

as Jews, we can talk honestly
about recent dark days.

Jonathan: The people will not
soon forget the blood spilled

in Governor Pilate's
wave of crucifixions.

They shouldn't forget.

But was there ever a time
when the people were content?

If the anger of the people
was fading,

there would be room
for this complacent approach.

we are hardly complacent.

But the anger is growing,

just as the new city of tents
out in the desert is growing.

You mean the camp?

There are thousands there now.

Antipas: Yes.

We passed it on our way here.

Where will it stop?

At 5,000 converts?


Will everybody please stop

going on about these people?



Tell me, what exactly is it
that you'd have me do?


Have them slaughtered
in their tents?