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(generated from captions) crucial
Nic White came on and kicked a it
crucial penalty. Scored a try. But teammate
it is going to be his Brumbies into
teammate Matt Toomua that kicks it into touch and

combination to take the World Cup in six weeks.

# Our land abounds in nature's stage.
# In history's page, let every weren't
The advantage is being played. They weren't back on minutes.Well, they are down to 14. in
the first man to score 1500 point first
in Test rugby. An easy one for him first up. All
not when he puts his hand up.The All Blacks have points
something.Matt Giteau on 686 points in test rugby. beat.
Folau. Folau. Israel Folau one to beat. Pulled down a metre out. Mumm
Moore was there midfield. And Dean Mumm just couldn't pick Ashley-Cooper.
minutes in the sin bin. Adam on
Ashley-Cooper. There's no defence on the right-hand side one.
Fardy throws the dummy. Kepu. Big one. Big two. Sekope Kepu! obstruction.
there. Thought there wasn't an obstruction. Didn't go brilliant
the pass away to Laulala. Oh, it
brilliant work. And Ben Smith gives the ball
time. First time he really takes it,
the ball hard at the line. He busts it, gets an There's
and drive and get some momentum. bench.
There's Greg Holmes. Holmes off the bench. Toomua, puts it on Smith.
Watch the quick hands here from Ben released
Smith. Just the catch and pass, released the ball. Smith and Barrett.Oh, what bunched
to Pocock.Wallabies a little bit Beale
bunched up at the moment. Kurtley to
Beale to the right, forward runners to the right. And white! the
and in the Australian's hands for the first

You couldn't tell where the ball in. the
It must have came out when he hit the ground. in
deadlock.He has been outstanding shining
in the second half. Really the only shining light.

Reece Robinson goes 85