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CYAN This program will be live more
captioned by Ai-MediaI'll have one end
more Test mate and that will be the from
end of my career. I will retiring over
from international cricket.Innings after
over Michael Clarke steps down Newspoll
after a humiliating Ashes defeat. abandoning
Newspoll showing that investors given
abandoning Tony Abbott.Adam Goodes returns
given a warm reception as he whales...
returns to the field.Saving the bring
whales... How Australia helped the
bring the ocean giants back from Martin
the brink of ex tinksA Ricky his
Martin encore, we are back stage as battles.
his team prepares for the live (SINGS) #
(SINGS) # Inside out # Livin la vida loca. down.
# She will push and pull you you Sunday
down. #Ricky is never enough. This have
Sunday the 9th of August. Great to this
have your company.You are smoking It
this morning. Look at you ladies. we
It is for the special announcement baby.
we dressed up.A tangerine smoking very
baby. You know what, I'm feeling sad
very chipper this morning but I was GEM
sad last night when I was watching recognised
GEM and Michael Clarke same out and really.
recognised the en en evident able glittering
really. He will pull up stumps on a nearly
glittering career that spanned announcement
nearly 11 years. Clarke made the loss
announcement after the humiliating is
loss in the fourth Ashes test. This is what he had to say last night. with
What is disappointing I haven't led as
with the bad and I haven't scored captain
as many runs as I pride myself as right
captain of the team. It is the decision.
right time, I am happy with my surprised
decision. There were a few respected
surprised boys but again they out
respected my decision and all went on
out of their way to congratulate me the
on my career.It is a shame that this
the batting side let him down in craftsman
this series because he is a fine Clarke
craftsman with the bat.Michael wouldn't
Clarke boldy declared that he this
wouldn't be de trierg at the end of here
this series. Another form slump really
here too, dismass dismissals which This
really had him struggling for form. throughout
This stint with several - struggled.
throughout the series he really has wasn't
struggled. He insisted that he adamant
wasn't pushed by selectors. He is his.
adamant that the decision is all how
his. Let's hear from Michael Clarke didn't
how it unfolded.The selectors dropped
didn't speak to me about being retiring.
dropped or standing down or last
retiring. I made the decision late and
last night with my beautiful wife this
and spoke to my family. And then with
this morning I had a conversation with Darren Lehmann and Rod Marsh do
and told them what I was going to respectful.
do and they were both extremely will
respectful.Cam, Michael Clarke the
will certainly go down as one of 28
the game's greats. 114 Test matches, under
28 centuries with an average just out
under 50. A top score of 329 not medallists
out at the SCG. Four Allan Border country
medallists as best cricketer in the ranked
country and ranked as the best 2012.
ranked batsman in the world back in captain
2012. His best achievement as he
captain was earlier this year when he led Australia to a World Cup at the MCG. No-one will for get the great
resolve with the passing of his year.
great mate Phillip Hughes late last Clarke's
year. It will certainly be Michael chance
Clarke's swansong and a great what
chance for everyone to celebrate Clarke
what is a fantastic year.Michael particularly
Clarke hasn't always been popular, because
particularly early in his career his
because he did things a new way and Michael
his way. He is a good fellow winning
Michael Clarke. He has been a captain.
winning captain and an aggressive the
captain. He has been an ornament to fun
the game of cricket and he has been him
fun to watch and I am sorry to see definitely.
him go.He can hold his head high, leadership
definitely. Corey mentioning the leadership that he showed during That
the passing of. Phillip Hughes. was
That was a stand out. The scrutiny has
was on with this Ashes result.It it
has been a really good career and with
it is time for the rest of the news home.
with Wendy.Good morning to you at life
home. A teenage boy is fighting for chest
life after being stabbed in the The
chest in a fight in Sydney's north. politician
The 17-year-old took him to the Station
politician Frenchs Forest Police o'clock
Station with a chest wound at 6 rushed
o'clock last night. He was then Hospital
rushed to the Royal North Shore critical
Hospital where he remains in a investigations
critical condition. Initial nearby
investigations brought police to a 18-year-old
nearby house where they arrested an police
18-year-old man he is now under died
police guard in hospital. A man has in
died following a head on car crash Heidi
in Melbourne's west overnight. the
Heidi Murphy joins us life. How did 8
the accident happen? Wendy, around through
8 o'clock last night a car coming Maribyrnong's
through an intersection at into
Maribyrnong's west crashed head on vehicle
into a second vehicle. The second third
vehicle then ricochetted into a first
third vehicle. The driver of the driver
first car died at the scene. The Alfred
driver of the second car is at the some
Alfred Hospital where I am with the
some chest injuries. Very luckily able
the driver of the third car was able to walk away uninjured from crash
the crash. It is a fairly serious Here
crash scene out at Maribyrnong. warning
Here is a warning, it prompted a lags
warning from police at the scene roads
lags night to all drivers.The down.
roads are not a racetrack, slow alive.
down. Take a minute and arrive will
alive.Police crash investigators why
will now determined just how and Huge
why this crash occurred last night. abandoned
Huge flames have engulfed the Coast.
abandoned OK building on the Gold four
Coast. It is the second time in at
four months that a fire has started property
at the site. They raced to the fought
property at 2 this morning and they under
fought hard to bring the blaze collapse
under control.We had a roof Because
collapse and several walls collapse. of
Because of the building and the age unable
of it and being unoccupied we were internal
unable to gain access to do an firefighting
internal attack. All the protect
firefighting was external and to protect the uvents next door.The demolished
charred remains are due to be lanes
demolished today. All northbound currently
lanes on the Gold Coast Highway are now
currently closed. Six people have fierce
now been killed in Taiwan after a islands.
fierce typhoon ripped through the at
islands. Typhoon Soudelor blew in and
at 160km/h dumping torrential rain four
and cutting off power to almost five
four million homes. A family of floodwaters
five has been rescued from raging while
floodwaters that swept away roads crushed
while an entire row of cars was deadly
crushed by uprooted trees. The coast
deadly storm is pummelling the east coast of China. US Presidential to
candidate touch has been uninvited is
to a Republican Party event. This journalist
is over comments that he made over billionaire
journalist Megyn Kelly. The that
billionaire businessman suggested she
that she was tough on him because sorts
she was hormonal.And she said all could
sorts of ridiculous questions. You coming
could see that there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood Trump
coming out of her wherever.Mr his
Trump later said that outrage over political
his offhanded comments was seeking
political correctness gone mad and seeking to clarify his statement Mr when
Trump tweeted that he was referring, Kelly's
when talking about the blood, to Ms must
Kelly's nose. What an idiot. He I
must think that we are all idiots. didn't
I don't know what people thought, I most
didn't mean that it is. That is the someone
most infuriating statement when an
someone says that. He has said many he
an infuriating thing.I love that have
he can say a few things and we can politically
have a laugh and he is not very are
politically correct but when you It
are saying that it is disrespectful. foot.
It is just shooting himself in the foot. The votes will dwindle.They is
are saying this could be it, that straw.
is enough. This could be the last through
straw.I am all for this cutting that
through political correctness but should
that is I had si.I think that we Sunday
should talk about this on the come
Sunday jury.I am joining.Still to forecast.
come we have the weekend weather welcomed
forecast.And Adam Goodes was good
welcomed to the AFL and he kicked a good goal This program is not captioned. You have twins on the way.

You have nits. You ALL have nits.

You have breast cancer.

You have excellent results here.

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This program is not captioned. Clarke's
Good morning to you. Michael overshadowed
Clarke's retirement has They
overshadowed a dismissal series. final
They managed just 12 runs at the we
final day at Trent Bridge. For this fallout
we are live to Corey Norris. The Clarke
fallout has just began for Michael that.
Clarke but it could run deeper than announcement
that.With Michael Clarke's stars
announcement today and other aging Watson
stars will follow suit and Shane of
Watson and Brad Haddin who are out Rogers
of form and out of sight and Chris It
Rogers says it is his final tour. for
It is a somewhat an end of an era Smith
for Australian cricket. And Steve Michael
Smith is to take the reins with Michael Clarke. Let's hear from to
Michael Clarke.It is not my place to say who is the next captain. selectors.
That will be decided by the opportunity
selectors. Smithy had the showed
opportunity during the summer and many
showed he will make a good captain certainly
many only time will tell. I believe
certainly have faith in him and I Australians
believe in him.Now Cam the midweek
Australians will head off for a which
midweek tour match at Northampton which will give them a chance to note
iron out flaws on end on a good saying
note at the oval.Ricky Ponting players
saying as many as eight of the 17 disappear
players in that squad could the
disappear after the next Test. In Judith
the AFL Geelong celebrated captain with
Judith Zielke's 200th match victory with a 32 points victory against flashes
the Swans. Adam Goodes showed night.
flashes of his best during the Goodes.
night.Great interception from Adam The
Goodes. Everyone has to cheer that. a
The victory was Geelong's fourth in alive.
a row and keeps their final hopes by
alive. Hawthorn took out West Coast Domain
by 14 points at a wet and windy Roughead
Domain Stadium. Hawthorn's Jarryd the
Roughead hit back to seal it for rights
the hawk. Gold Coast stole bragging point
rights in Queensland with a 14- keeps
point win against Brisbane. That favourites.
keeps the Lions as a wooden spoon points
favourites. Cronulla claimed a 12 Cowboys
points win at Shark Park. The off
Cowboys stayed in striking distance boot.
off the back of Jonathan Thurston's Queensland's
boot. But Wade Graham ended North try.
Queensland's hope with last minute times
try.I have heard it plenty of into
times this week that we will go like
into the grind. We can score tries the
like we saw tonight. We will go in They
the grind and score points as well. they
They were impressive the Sharks tupd
they just kept tough. Parramatta keeping
tupd Penrith 10-4 to mathematically contention.
keeping themselves this finals attack
contention. Both sides struggled in Robinson
attack and Trent Robinson Reece Reserve
Robinson broke the dead look. the
Reserve half back Nic White proved minutes
the difference, he came on with 15 pressure
minutes to play and scored two triex
pressure goals and the game winning triex it is the first win against Wallabies
the All Blacks in 11 Test. The Cup
Wallabies could claim the Bledisloe and
Cup for the first time in 13 years World
and it is a great lead into the continued
World Cup. Emily Seebohm has dominance
continued Australia's back stroke Championships.
dominance at the World Swimming 200m
Championships. She took gold in the 200
200m event. That completes a 100- accomplishment
200 double for her and the same completed
accomplishment that Mitch Larkin Her
completed yesterday in the mens. after
Her success cheered up the team Horton
after the gold medal hope Mack heats.
Horton failed to pass the 1500m for
heats. And Cate Campbell favourite qualifying
for the 50m freestyle after and
qualifying first. We wish her well weather
and it is time for the weekend Natalia.
weather with Natalia. Good morning home.
Natalia.Good morning to you at most
home. It was a chilly start for Cairns
most of Australia. If you are in rather
Cairns and Townsville it is looking rather lovely tonnes of 26.

rather lovely tonnes of 26.
Cairns and Townsville it is looking Brisbane
rather lovely tonnes of 26. Warm in Sydney.
Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 18 for Melbourne
Sydney. 13 in Canberra and Hobart. today.
Melbourne should reach 14 degrees parts
today. A shower or two for Adelaide, yesterday,
parts of Perth had a drenching today
yesterday, more showers on the way Have
today with a top of just 14 degrees. Have a look at that. Thankfully for should
Alice Springs and Darwin which should reach 31 degrees.

should reach 31 degrees.
Alice Springs and Darwin which bringing
should reach 31 degrees.You are loved
bringing the sunshine today, I flaked
loved it.I called it tangerine Hockey
flaked baby. And find how much Joe What
Hockey spent on a family battle. What happens This program is not captioned. MAN: Brian! Time to wake up now, Brian. MAN: Get up now, Brian. Brian!
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This program is not captioned. Sunday
Good to have your company this Hockey
Sunday morning. Our trush Joe not
Hockey said that Bronwyn Bishop did of
not pass the sniff test for her use Treasurer
of the helicopters. Now it is the $15,000
Treasurer himself who spent nearly holiday.
$15,000 on a taxpayer family Political
holiday. News Corp National joins
Political Editor Samantha Maiden business
joins us this morning. Flying It
business class from Sydney to Perth. the
It is a drain on the purseUntil won't
the rules are changed he probably entitlements
won't be the last to access these what
entitlements to fly his family for Under
what is known as family reunion. able.
Under the current rules it is avabl bill
able. -- allow able. This total think
bill was well over $14,500. And I people
think there will certainly be some test.
people if that passes the sniff be
test.The Prime Minister, we will in
be speaking to him shortly, he is City2Surf
in Sydney at the start of the under
City2Surf race. There is a review all.
under way and we will look at it these
all. Until the rules are changed think
these stories will keep emerging.I embarrassing
think that is right. It is that
embarrassing for MPs, it goes to that issue that they are filing the
these claims under what they think does
the rules are. I think it really expectations.
does not meet community Australians
expectations. I think most learn
Australians would be shocked to of
learn that children under the age touch
of ten whose feet would barely business
touch the ground are sitting in makes
business class seats on planes.It them.
makes you grim when you walk past them. Tony Abbott promised the end perfection
of the last time gold traffic flying
perfection but retired MPs are change
flying luxury well. Why is this think
change not going into effect?I One,
think that there are two reasons. challenge
One, there is this High Court month.
challenge that was launched last High
month. We have heard about that of
High Court challenge for a number of months but now four MPs have put it
in a rit in the High Court to say entitlements
it isn't fair to change their retired.
entitlements after they have certain
retired. They went out expecting a that
certain package of reform. I think because
that has stalled in the Senate want
because I think a lot of MPs don't backburner.
want it to change. It is on the expectation
backburner. And now there is an expectation that the gold pass, it
that is finished, it is gone, and expected
it hasn't past the Senate and it is to
expected it will get referred off entitlements
to this roof and branch again
entitlements review.Leadership is Prime
again under the spotlight for the senators
Prime Minister, all of the MPs and tomorrow
senators heading back to Canberra polls
tomorrow of course and the new Abbott
polls out this morning but Tony the
Abbott third in line for leader of perfection
the Coalition. The pollie him.
perfection issue has certainly hurt and
him.That's right. These are fun Liberal
and interesting measures to ask to
Liberal voters who they would like voters.
to see of their party or the Labor only
voters. At the end of the day the the
only vote is the primary vote and Prime
the two-party-preferred and the battle
Prime Minister in a head-to-head That
battle with Liberal is interesting. That is not a good result for the since
Prime Minister, it hasn't changed were
since the last one. The Liberals worst.
were thinking that could have been worst. Not a great result. As usual Turnbull
a lot of pop larts with Malcolm whether
Turnbull so we will have to see of
whether there is any moves to sort campaign
of reignite this whispering I
campaign against the Prime Minister. premature
I think it would be a little going
premature to say that anything was months
going to happen yet EIt was six challenge.
months since the last leadership Canberra
challenge. All the fun and games in back
Canberra when the politicians are Maiden
back there tomorrow. Samantha Amanda
Maiden always good to talk to you. killed
Amanda Greenaway's stepdaughter was head.
killed by her husband, shot in the head. That killer is set for parole. bars
Amanda wants her to stay behind Plus
bars and that story is coming up. whales
Plus how Australia brought humpback whales back from the This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: Get a $1 hash brown
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This program is not captioned.

Good morning to you and great of
properly on the way including more smile
of Ricky Martin.Say no more, I and
smile when you mention Ricky Martin his
and he is good fun and go behind Australian
his mentoring sessions xg has
Australian captain Michael Clarke from
has sensationally decided to retire will
from Test cricket. The 34-year-old career
will pull up stumps on a glittering career that spanned almost 11 years after
and Clarke made that announcement in
after Australia's humiliating loss that
in the fourth Ashes Test. More of teenage
that coming up a minute in sport. A teenage boy is fighting for life Sydney's
after being stabbed in the chest in Jessica
Sydney's nor. Let's cross to Forest
Jessica Tancred outside the Frenchs us
Forest Police Station. Can you tell us what happened thereIt was just presented
after 6 p.m. When a 17-year-old boy presented himself at the Frenchs wound
Forest Police Station with a stab at
wound to his chest. He was treated the
at the scene before been taken to where
the Royal North Shore Hospital stable
where he remains in a serious but he
stable condition. It is understood group
he was attending a barbecue with a when
group of friends at a nearby house Police
when things took a turn for a worst. and
Police then attended a house nearby was
and arrested an 18-year-old man. He Station
was then taken to Manly Police taken
Station for questioning and then Where
taken to hospital for assessment. guard.
Where he remains now under police ongoing
guard. But investigations are with
ongoing and police asking anyone Stoppers.
with information to call Crime thank
Stoppers.Jessica Tancred there killed
thank you. A Melbourne man has been head
killed after he drove his car into terrifying
head on traffic causing a north-west.
terrifying crash in the city's collision
north-west. The force from the that
collision was so strong it caused vehicle.
that car to then smash into a third travelling
vehicle.Two vehicles were has
travelling east on Raleigh Road. It resulted
has overturn the first and it third
resulted in a combination with a the
third is vehicle.The man behind the wheel of the first car died at was
the scene while the second driver injuries.
was taken to hospital with chest including
injuries. At least 12 people workers
including five United Nations suspected
workers have been killed after stormed
suspected Islamic State terrorists stormed a hotel in Mali. They a
including Ukrainans, a Nepalese and a South African.. A further four UN boards
workers survived by hiding in cab Government
boards for almost 24 hours. Government forces ended the siege hostages.
just before dauj freeing those forced
hostages. A Delta plane has been landing
forced to major an emergency a
landing in Colorado after battering the
a severe hailstorm. It smashed in and
the windshield blinding the pilots People
and damaging the crucial GPS system. crying.
People in holding hands and others as
crying.I didn't realise we were in got
as much danger as we were until we were
got in the ground.Un lucky. They they
were unable to see and incredibly Vegemite
they managed to land safely. stripped
Vegemite of all things could be in
stripped from supermarket shelves iconic
in remote communities because the to
iconic Aussie spread is being used Corp
to headache homemade alcohol. News backyards
Corp reports that bathtubs and large
backyards are being used to make yeast
large batches of booze from the children
yeast products. Adults and young and
children are getting drunk off it precursor
and have called Vegemite a Across
precursor of misery in communities. fuelled
Across Australia where alcohol- violence
fuelled mayhem often leads to love
violence and child neglect. And couple
love has saved the day for a young literally.
couple in California, quite The
literally. This is an amazing story. holding
The high school sweethearts were by
holding hands when they were struck their
by lightning. Doctors claiming kept
their public display of affection holding
kept them alive.I believe that dissipate
holding hands may have helped vote
dissipate some of that electrical transferred
vote age.As we holding hands it out
transferred to me into her body and six
out of her foot.Celebrating their weekend
six month an verse anniversary this electric
weekend they have a new kind of public
electric love. If you are not into Men
public displays of affection. PDs. mandatory
Men just do it.It should be is
mandatory through storm system.It the
is for that couple. Not joined at a
the hip, joined at the hands.It is a great story.Thanks Wendy.That is all going on but the big news is about
the Michael Clarke story.It is all announced
about Michael Clarke. Clarkey has cricket
announced his retirement from run
cricket and the fourth highest Test an
run scorer and the time is right in just
an Ashes campaign after he scored didn't
just over 16 runs.The selectors down
didn't speak to me about standing decision
down or retiring. I made the beautiful
decision late last night with my family.
beautiful wife and spoke to my conversation
family. Then this morning I had a and
conversation with Darren Lehmann was
and Rod Marsh and told them what I extremely
was going to do and they were both at
extremely respectful vmDay three wrap
at Trent Bridge didn't take long to 12
wrap up. The tourists managed just England
12 runs before they were dismissed. the
England has secured the series for White
the fourth record time at home. Nic victory
White as the hero of the rugby on
victory over the Kiwis. White come kicked
on with 15 minutes to play. He match
kicked two goals and scored the match winning try slicing through 11
the New Zealand line. The first in 11 Test against the All Blacks and Bledisloe
the first since 2011. May the way.
Bledisloe Cup could be headed our two
way. Hawthorn has kept their top point
two plans alive with a thrilling 14 Trailing
point win over the West Coast. kicked
Trailing in the fourth quarter they match
kicked the final two goals of the spirit
match to win.There was plenty of didn't
spirit in tonight's victory. We we
didn't play particularly well but opponent,
we found a way to win. Really good environment
opponent, really difficult ooin Swans
environment to play.The Sydney Swans welcomed the return of star Geelong,
Adam Goodes but they couldn't stop Geelong
Geelong, they were awesome and In
Geelong running away with it 95-63. inspired
In his 200th game Judith Zielke performance.
inspired Geelong with a best on man Cowboys
performance. Cronulla defeated the past
Cowboys 20-13. They have won the fourth
past six matches. They sit equal 18-point
fourth on the ladder. They let an first
18-point lead slip to 6 in the staunch,
first half and Wade Graham, he just victory
staunch, he ensured a Cronulla didn't
victory to cross for a try.We systems
didn't panic and we stuck to our momentum
systems in defence and we turned up
momentum around at times. We ended Ivan
up getting in front.Penrith coach season
Ivan Cleary admitted his side's scoring
season is as good as over. In a low Robinson
scoring game Parramatta's Reece deadlock
Robinson brought the four all It
deadlock with five minutes to play. for
It has been disappointing season the
for both those teams but good for game
the people of Darwin to see an NRL game up there. It was well attended. with
It was definitely an end of an era back
with Clarkey retiring. We will look debut
back at his epic career.A Test Raise
debut I was happy to get out there. hundred
Raise the bat young fellow, a is.
hundred on debut.Look how young it to
is. Brett Lee will join us shortly accomplishments.
to talk about his teammate and his weekend
accomplishments. Let's get the morning.
weekend weather with Natalia.Good start
morning. It was another chilly fact
start for much of Australia. In and
fact Melbourne, Adelaide, awe bring first
and Ballarat has had their coldest first weekend in August for decades.

first weekend in August for decades.
and Ballarat has had their coldest A Townsville.
A lovely 26 for Cairns and Brisbane
Townsville. Fine and warm in well.
Brisbane and on the Gold Coast as Canberra
well. Sydney will hit 18. 13 for 14
Canberra and for Hobart. Melbourne into
14 degrees. A shower or two pushing of
into Adelaide today. Now some parts the
of Perth have had 20mm of rain in on
the past 24 hours, more showers are 14.
on the way today with a top of just will
14. If it doesn't get to 14.6 it whole
will be Perth's coldest day in a the
whole four years. Much warmer in should
the Alice thankfully, 27. And it today.
should reach 31 degrees in Darwin of
today. For those in the south-east is
of the country I'm sorry but there week
is more chilly weather to come this moving
week with a series of cold front bearer
moving through. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. bearer of bad news.
moving through. Sorry to be the Eddie
bearer of bad news.Never mind. controversial
Eddie McGuire has still up a bit of term
controversial over the use of a offensive.
term that some people find say
offensive. Find out what he has to loss
say ahead on Today.Drastic weight surgery.
loss without the gastric band surgery. We have details This program is not captioned. What are they doing, Grandpa? They're in retirement. People did it when I was a boy. Talk to MLC
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This program is not captioned. major
Welcome back. Now obesity is a balloon
major problem and a new gastric help
balloon device has been used to surgery.
help obese people not to need Hay.
surgery. We are joined by Dr Sam people
Hay. Surgery is what a lot of this
people are turning to. How does at
this device work?Our real options and
at the moment are lifestyle, diet and exercise and then invasive invasive
surgery. This option is a non- in
invasive option. So it is just put sedation
in by an endoscope under light two
sedation into the stomach and it is just
two balloons that are inflated with and
just salty water inside the stomach stomach
and they basically just fill the appetite
stomach up.And it reduces the that
appetite and it does the same thing it
that surgery would do.That's right you
it literally fills the stomach so also
you can't put any food in there. It hormonal
also has some neurological or It
hormonal effects.The side effects. people
It has to be removed in one in ten people because they don't tolerate other
it. There are some ulcers and a few is
other side effects. In general it is tolerated well. In six months people lost 6.35 kilos grams which removed
is a lot.Once the balloon is change
removed does it help people to Yes,
change their life still in any way? study
Yes, it does at the end of the that
study people have put on 30% of is
that weight but over the year that obese
is still a significant loss for the contraceptive
obese people.Women who use the less
contraceptive pill in their 20s are the
less likely to develop cancer of womb
the womb later in life. The risk of We
womb cancer is reduced by a quarter. associated
We are often told about the risks how
associated with the use of the pill, Australian
how does this work?2,500 with
Australian women will be diagnosed of
with womb cancer this year and 400 pass
of those women will unfortunately suppression
pass away. What the pill does is it the
suppression the growth of lining of suppresses
the womb and so therefore it in
suppresses the growth of the cancer fantastic.
in the lining of the womb. It is for
fantastic. We have known about this guess,
for a long time. But this study, I guess, strengthens those statistics for us.Good to hear the benefits effects.
of the use rather than the side a
effects. The drug ice as we know is Australia
a major problem not just in Australia but around the world. But possibly
a new injection says that it could Really?
possibly cure instantly ice addicts. Really?Well... Somehow they found addicted
a bunch of myself that were Not
addicted to ice.Oh my goodness. targets
Not a social problem.This drug it Mysin
targets a particular protein called protein
Mysin 2 and they have linked that addiction.
protein to the memory part of drug can
addiction. What they hope is if we people
can block that protein we can stop are
people having the memory that they it's
are even addicted to the drug. Now, steps
it's a long way off, many, many amazing
steps to get there but it would be memory
amazing if you could switch that would
memory off for drug addicts.It addictions.
would be relevant to other Good
addictions.Hope so. Early days. rort
Good to talk to you.The pollingie Hockey
rort scandal continues and Joe taxpayer
Hockey stands used of wasting Abbott
taxpayer money. How will Tony Minister
Abbott fix this mess. The Prime stage
Minister joins us live. And back his
stage with Ricky Martin as he gets his team This program is not captioned. This isn't just a bag
of Coles Fresh carrots. Ooh, look at those. Think of all the ways
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Welcome back. Treasurer Joe Hockey the
is the latest to get caught up in He
the political entitlements storm. money
He is accused of spending taxpayer us
money for a family holiday. Joining Australian
us is the editor of the end Middap.
Australian magazine Christine Middap. He didn't do anything wrong. according
He didn't pass the sniff test $14,500
according to Bronwyn Bishop. $14,500 you Do a lot with that. In right.
the eyes of taxpayers it is not people
right.It is the feeling that these of
people feel entitled to these kind way.
of luxuries rubs people the wrong rules
way.It is within the rules and the politicians
rules are set up so that for
politicians can take their families year.
for three business class fights a have
year. I don't think anyone could fly
have a problem with that. The kids up
fly down the back of the plane not easedy
up the front of the plane.It is mag.
easedy to manage.And very easy to don't
mag. We will see some changes and I it
don't think that anyone will doing in
it any time soon.And Eddie McGuire to
in hot water using the word muzzie And
to describe his friend John Eren. anything
And he says he is not doing people
anything wrong.A lot of Muslim or
people do refer to them as muzzie is
or muzzie news. That is a term that inherently
is used. I don't think it is careful
inherently racist but we need to be what
careful about that. The context of has
what came before and after. Eddie him
has form in this area so we treat people.
him with more suspicious than other people.It comes back to other friendly
people. We can called the Poms in a English
friendly or derogatory way. Some offended
English people are going to be it
offended by it always. Most accept They
it as being quite a friendly term. They call us Aussies we are not husband
offended by it. When they call We
husband colonials we bristle a bit. and
We don't know what he said before I
and after that. That is the context The
I think is quite important in this. thing,
The Adam Goodes and the 'King Kong' Most
thing, we look at Eddie and go. is
Most of people that know him, this person
is not part of - he is not a racist good
person are but the optics aren't of
good on this.When you spend most you
of your life on live TV and radio and
you will say something every now out
and again that is not going to come can't
out right.He is but his gaffes he Clarke,
can't walk away so easedy.Michael right
Clarke, do you think it is the where
right call?There are other cases themselves
where captains have tried to bat usually
themselves out of a slump and it space
usually doesn't work. His head cricket.
space isn't in a good space for he
cricket. It is sad for him because Australian
he is one of the greatest Australian players and I wonder if know
he will be remembered for that.You stand
know what, his batting record will bitterness
stand long after this Ashes Because
bitterness has gone away, I think. and
Because he was such a great batsman And
and fielder and bowler and captain. think
And bloke, he is a good fellow. I has
think it is a same that his batting series.
has let him down so badly in this for
series. He would have been hoping at
for that final hoorar. It may come late.
at the next Test match.It is too that
late. He will be remembered for is
that terrible batting collapse. It is a shame for him. I am not sure Clarke.
that Australia warmed to Michael He
Clarke. I am just not sure of that. new
He did things his own way, it was a people
new way and it took a long time for Smith
people to respect him.People like be
Smith and I think that Smith will will
be great for Australian cricket.We on.
will can talking to Brett Lee later solution
on.Clive Palmer says he has the And
solution to sthees politician rorts. is
And heap join us live. Tony Abbott Minister
is running his own race. The Prime Minister is always live on Weekend This program is not captioned. Think tiny tots will cost you lots?
Think again at Big W. Think 'fun on the high seas'. Johnson's baby 800mL - $7. Think 'big style for little angels'. Dymples rompers - $5. Think 'unbeatable prices'.

This program is not captioned.

I'll have one more Test mate and Career.
that will be the end of my rear. international
Career. I'm retiring from captain
international cricket.Innings over after
captain Michael Clarke steps down Under
after a humiliating Ashes defeat. voters
Under pressure. New polls showing Welcome
voters abandoning Tony Abbott. warm
Welcome back Adam Goodes given a field.
warm reception as he returns to the Australia
field.Saving the whales how about
Australia helped bring the on or extinction.
about giants back from the brink of we
extinction.Dustin Martin encore, want
we are back to the back stage. I the
want to apologies in advance for mentoring
the dancing when I was watching the you
mentoring session. You can't help your
you are wash Ricky Martin.Shaking coach.
your bon bon.He is a talented after
coach.You have a big announcements something,
after 9-ish.After 9 I'll reveal Bigger
something, a little something. announcement?
Bigger than the Michael Clarke see,
announcement? Bigger?Huge!We will this
see, we will keep you posted on is
this Sunday the 9th of August. That known.
is a tease as it is officially to
known.Michael Clarke has decided 34-year-old
to retire from Test cricket. The after
34-year-old will pull up stumps joins
after the final Test. Corey Norris only
joins us live. Really this is the was
only choice he could make?Yes it surprising
was Cam. The timing of it was quite ago
surprising given just three days wouldn't
ago Michael Clarke declared that he this
wouldn't be retiring at the end of anyone
this Ashes cease and he took aim at be
anyone who suggested that he should lengthy
be standing down. Look, after a lengthy form slump he insists this with
was his decision in consultation Michael
with his wife Kyly. Let's hear from is
Michael Kyly.What is disappointing front
is that I haven't led from the scored
front with the bat. I haven't on
scored as many runs I pride myself the
on as captain of this team. It is decision.
the right time. I am happy with my surprised
decision. There were a few respected
surprised boys but again they out
respected my decision and all went out of their way to congratulate me amazing
on my career.I think he has an down
amazing year. He has already gone the
down in the history books as one of also
the world's greatest batsmen and captains.
also one of Australia's greatest proud
captains. We are all so very, very to
proud of what he has achieved. Just last
to witness the greatness over the for
last five years has been fantastic that
for me as his wife.As Kyly said one
that Michael Clarke will go down as matches
one of the world's greats. 114 Test over
matches and a Test average just as
over 50. Four Allan Border medals In
as the best krilgter in the country. one
In 2012 he was ranked as the number miss
one batsmen in the world. Perhaps captain
miss greatest achievement as he
captain came earlier this year when victory
he led Australia to a World Cup ever
victory at the MCG. But no-one will toughest
ever forget the resolve in the of
toughest of times through the death The
of his great mate Phil Ipp Hughes. nothing
The fifth Test at the oval is knock swan
nothing but a dead rub ber but a Michael
swan swong sponge -- swansong for live
Michael Clarke.And we will see it only
live on GEM. He was the first and centuries
only batsman to score four amazing
centuries in a year. He has been and
amazing with that willow and a good part
and aggressive captain for the most It
part and he has been fun to watch. much
It is a shame that we won't see a
much more of Michael Clarke.It is the
a stellar career. When you look at achieved...
the statistics and what he has we
achieved... Well done Clarkey and achievements
we will celebrate more of your fire
achievements throughout the door.A building
fire has gutted a Gold Coast four
building for the second time in due
four months. The Oak Building is targeted
due for demolition. It has been targeted by vandals and skaters in firefighters
the past and this morning The
firefighters raced to the addressed. crews
The site is now too dangerous for unclear
crews to enter at this stage. It is blaze
unclear at the moment how that neighbourhood
blaze started. A leafy in
neighbourhood in Sydney's north is teenage
in shock this morning after a injured
teenage boy was left critically chest.
injured after being stabbed in the is
chest. Our reporter Jessica Tancred Station.
is outside Frenchs Forest Police happen.
Station. How did the incident Last
happen.It was just after 6 p.m. presented
Last night when a 17-year-old boy Forest
presented himself here at Frenchs wound
Forest Police Station with a stab his
wound to his chest. Es sorted by scene
his friend he was treated at the scene before taken to Sydney's remains
Royal North Shore Hospital where he condition.
remains in a serious but stable that
condition. It is understood here a
that he was attending a barbecue at things
a nearby house with friend which Police
things took a turn for worst. 18-year-old
Police went to that house and an taken
18-year-old was arrested and he was to
taken to Manly plg and he was taken police
to hospital where he remains under information
police guard. And if anyone has any Stoppers.
information contacted Crime another
Stoppers.A man has died and crash
another injured in a head on car Melbourne's
crash involving three vehicles in Reporter
Melbourne's west overnight. What
Reporter Heidi Murphy joins us. o'clock
What are the details?Around 8 head
o'clock last night one car collided Maribyrnong
head on with another vehicle in The
Maribyrnong in Melbourne's west. killed
The driver of that first car was second
killed instantly. The driver of the without
second car appears to have escaped brought
without any serious injury. He was as
brought here to the Alfred Hospital and
as a precaution for a check over in
and the third driver who was kaupt serious
in the incident he has escaped any the
serious injury. Let's listen to how the police described what led up to were
the treshl crash.Two correction The
were travel east on Raleigh Road. head-on
The manoeuvre has resulted in a vehicle
head-on collision with a third Police
vehicle that was travelling west. what
Police are now trying to figure out have
what role alcohol and speed may young
have played in this crash. Wendy.A into
young man has had his head smashed Sydney
into a glass door outside the man
Sydney aquarium overnight. A second Bizarrely
man was also injured in the assault. not
Bizarrely though the two men were selfies
not too concerned, they were taking federal
selfies of their injuries. To popularity
federal politics and Tony Abbott's wake
popularity has taken a hit in the moment.
wake of the expenses scandal at the reveals
moment. The latest ReachToll Poll as
reveals that Bill Shorten now leads Communications
as preferred Prime Minister by 17%. Turnbull
Communications Minister Malcolm Minister
Turnbull and Foreign Affairs over
Minister Julie Bishop take the lead This
over Mr Abbott as Liberal leader. Hockey
This comes as claims that Joe family
Hockey has spent over $14,000 on business
family travel expenses, including a will
business class flights to Perth. We Minister,
will be speaking live to our Prime minute's
Minister, Abbott in less than ten City2Surf
minute's time. And the iconic in
City2Surf race has just kicked off tens
in Sydney. The sun has come out for their
tens of thousands of runners making Beach.
their way from the CBD to Bondi closures
Beach. There are extensive road as
closures in place around the city this
as well. Roads will reopen at 4 taking
this afternoon. One of those people will
taking part and that is where we Abbott.
will be speaking to him is Tony thousands
Abbott. Good luck to him and the gruelling,
thousands taking part. It is a ever
gruelling, gruelling race.Have you reported
ever done itNo, but I have gruelling
reported on it and that was Hill.
gruelling walking up Heartbreak have
Hill.I have driven up there too.I so
have watched people do it.We are twice.
so lazy.I have done it in Perth many
twice. Pretty flat in Perth.How many hills in Perth?None.We will Michael
have to do it one day Deb.Sure. overshadowed
Michael Clarke's retirement has Australia
overshadowed a dismissal finish for The
Australia in the fours Ashes Test. defeat
The Aussies have fallen to a series the
defeat and only managed 12 runs on are
the final day at Trent Bridge. We fallout
are live to Corey Norris. The Clarke
fallout runs deep with Michael There
Clarke but it could run deeper. other
There is real expectation that And
other aging stars might follow suit. of
And Brad Haddin are two players out and
of form and oust side at the moment has
and Chris Rogers is another that It
has declared this is his last tour. era
It certainly marks the end of an Michael
era for Australian cricket. But basically
Michael Clarke has - well, he has take
basically endorsed Steve Smith to listen
take the reins as captain. Let's that
listen to Michael Clarke.I think place
that Smithy is ready. It is not my That
place to say who should be captain. selectors.
That will be decided by the opportunity
selectors. Smithy had the showed
opportunity through the summer and captain.
showed that he will make a good certainly
captain. Only time will tell. I believe
certainly have faith in him. I Australians
believe in him.Now Cam the midweek
Australians will head off for a Hampton,
midweek tour match at north north flaws
Hampton, a chance to iron out some on
flaws before finish off this series week.
on a good note at the oval next its
week.In the AFL Geelong has kept point
its finals hopes alive with a 32- match
point victory over the Swans. The Adam
match saw the return of Sydney star Cats
Adam Goodes who was welcomed by the with
Cats home crowd and he repaid them It
with some of his vicinity age best. they
It was one-way traffic for the Cats Hawthorn
they ran in eight goals to one and against
Hawthorn survived a thriller 88-74
against West Coast. They prevailed highlights.
88-74 and we catch up with their change
highlights. The Eagles led at every pushgd
change but a fourth quarter surged mattered.
pushgd the Hawks home when it rival
mattered. Gold Coast has left their ladder
rival Brisbane at the bottom of the QClash.
ladder with a 14 point win in the possession
QClash. The Panthers dominated they
possession in the opening half but opportunities.
they could not convert their Parramatta
opportunities. This win lives and
Parramatta to 14 competition points a
and the Sharks have guaranteed them Queensland
a finals spot after beating north last
Queensland 30-18. They were good Flanagan's
last night. In coach Shane Cronulla
Flanagan's 100th match in charge familiar
Cronulla able to hold off that back.
familiar second half Cowboys come Zealand
back. Australia has defeated New Championship,
Zealand 27-19 to take out the Rugby great.
Championship, the Wallabies were two
great. They scored three tries to Very
two in a back and forth encounter. back
Very entertaining. Replacement half for
back Nic White sealed the result 15
for Australia. He came on with only scored
15 minutes left in the game and a
scored the team's final ten points, Auckland
a great performance. A win in Wallabies
Auckland next week would give the years.
Wallabies the Bledisloe Cup in 13 that.
years.I am feeling confident about on
that. We have much more coming up on Michael Clarke. We will look Test
back at his remarkable a career. keep
Test debut I was very anxious and hands
keep to get out there.Put your young
hands in the air and raise the bat Clarky's
young fellow. 100 on debut. Lee
Clarky's long time teammate Brett Let's
Lee will join us live in the studio. you
Let's get a look at the weather.If Melbourne
you have been feeling the chill coldest
Melbourne and Adelaide had their decades.
coldest first August week in four decades. Fine and warm

decades. Fine and warm in Brisbane hit
And on the Gold Coast. Sydney will and
hit a top of 18 today. Canberra, Canberra
and Hobart both heading for 13. And two
Canberra top out at 14. A shower or in
two for Adelaide. A top of just 14 coldest
in Perth. It is set to be the Much
coldest day in four years, rug up. should
Much warmer in the Alice, 27 and degrees
should reach 3 is degrees in -- 31 south
degrees in Darwin today. For the series
south of the country there is a through.
series of cold front pushing

series of cold front pushing summer.
through.We are look forward to social
summer. Tony Abbott is active on from
social media and this is a tweet from the PM the Speaker's

It is from 2011 about the then resurfaced
Labor speaker slip and it forced
resurfaced as Bronwyn Bishop was forced to resign over spending joins
entitlements. The Prime Minister 2011
joins us from City2Surf. Does that government?
2011 tweet reflect our own MPs
government? A lot of supporters and chaos
MPs are concerned your party is in today
chaos as has lost its way?Just that
today I am focused on the City2Surf Sydney
that I am competing in with 80,000 policewomen
Sydney side yirs and a lot of the
policewomen who are commemorating Police
the women to the New South Wales politics
Police Force. But look, obviously ups
politics is full of all sorts of lose
ups and downs. It was a pity to we
lose Bronwyn but on the other hand reform
we have now got a root and branch place.
reform of politician expenses in public
place. I am confident that the confidence
public will have much more ahead,
confidence in the months and years are
ahead, that members of parliament Another
are absolutely working for them. related
Another day, another bad headline and
related to the ex expense scandal over
and your Treasurer Joe Hockey spent family.
over $14,000 for flights on his Prime
family. That is a lot of money, is
Prime Minister. I know that there those
is a review under way but surely has
those business flights for families there
has to go?The point is obviously inside
there are things which have been been
inside the rules. But they have The
been outside community expectations. the
The point that I'm making is that inappropriate
the sorts of things that would be business
inappropriate for people in something
business should likewise be not parliament
something that members of Queensland
parliament do.We have seen things
Queensland lib Mal Brough publishes that
things on his website. Do you think do
that is something that you should parents.
do to make this open and trans trying
parents.In the end Deb - I am events
trying to focus on a community expenses
events - in the end all politician months
expenses are published every six published.
months everyone's expenses are of
published. It was the publication this
of those expenses which has led to point
this particular issue. But the allowed
point is, yes, the rules have been
allowed things that shouldn't have tightened
been allowed. This government We
tightened up the rules back in 2013. immediate
We banned the employment of offices
immediate family members in MPs overseas
offices and we ended first class family
overseas travel. We cracked down on Australia.
family travel inside and outside be
Australia. But a lot more needs to and
be done and that is why this root place.
and branch reform process is in place.You have a lot on your plate, wish
you have this race to run and you you
wish you all the best in it. When party
you head to Canberra tomorrow the There
party has to choose a new Speaker. Bronwyn
There was a lot of criticism of Do
Bronwyn Bishop being too partisan. should
Do you think that the new Speaker more
should abstain from meetings to be matter
more independent?That will be a end
matter for the new Speaker. In the Speaker
end it is the conduct of the important.
Speaker in the chair which is who
important. I'm very confident that tomorrow
who ever does emerge as Speaker support
tomorrow will be someone who can the
support a command support across get
the parliament.We better let you that
get under way on the race. I know left,
that the elite group has already message
left, I don't know what sort of running
message has sent that you are not want
running already. Before you do go I are
want do get you a reaction -You one
are in the studio Deb.I will do it reaction
one day. I would like to get your Michael
reaction of the retirement of cricket.
Michael Clarke from international great
cricket.He has not only been a that
great player and leader I think particularly
that he has been a great role model, tragedy
particularly last year with the decency
tragedy over Phillip Hughes. We had missed
decency and compassion. He will be with
missed as Australia's.Who is there Nathan
with you this morning?I have got vision
Nathan Johnson with me. Nathan is a training
vision impaired athlete. He is in which
training for the Hawaii ironman which is probably the toughest one day endurance event in the world. here
Nathan has done some ironman events the
here in Australia and he has got all
the big one of the Danny of them mate?
all coming up soon, haven't you ironman
mate?That's right Tony. Hawaii pinnacle
ironman in October 10. That is the opportunity
pinnacle of support and a great done
opportunity to compete there.Well getting
done to both of you for even have
getting to the starting line, you and
have dob better than me for sure Thank
and good luck with the race today. mood
Thank you Deb.Cam.He is in a good says
mood this morning. One of his preed the
says predecessors John Howard that captaining
the next important job is team.
captaining the Australian cricket international
team.I am row tiring from don't
international cricket. I certainly don't want to jump ship and leave Test
the boys now. I will play the last last
Test at the oval and give it one praud
last crack.You have made us all decision
praud proud. It must be a tough period
decision to stand down after a long never
period of time?It always is, you game.
never want to walk away from the last
game. My perform answers in the acceptable
last 12 months has not been leading
acceptable to me. I pride myself disappointing
leading from the front, that is up.
disappointing to me. You build you World
up. The One Day Series is about the the
World Cup and Test cricket is about the Ashes. I have tried my best and is
the boys have trade their best. It of
is now time for the next generation get
of players and the new captain to Ashes
get themselves ready for the next former
Ashes class.We have one of his us.
former teammates Brett Lee joining this
us. How did you feel when you heard this announcement?You almost sensed it was coming Cam. All the said.
media reports and what has been weeks,
said. Over the past, I e guess, six tough
weeks, it has been really, really best
tough for him. Maybe that was the have
best thing. For him to say "Look, I somebody
have had enough, move on and let be
somebody else take over. "It must something
be a sad and hallow feeling to have to
something that has been your trade dried
to desert him. His batting has just dried up.The way that he played he
certainly in the last innings when that
he was pushing out with the ball, plays.
that is not normally the way he plays. He is such a confident downward
player. When you are on that the
downward spiral that has been for tough
the last six or seven weeks. It is made
tough to come back. I think that he bowlers
made the tough call.The English ball
bowlers have been great with the You
ball getting it hoopg off the pitch. is
You must have loved watching it.It juicy.
is like backyard cricket. It was they
juicy. Australia didn't bowl like you
they wanted to. Stuart Broad, when seven
you have a guy who is six foot to
seven and comes around the wicket away,
to left siders and takes the ball are
away, it is devastating. When you Clarke
are under pressure as Michael well
Clarke has been and guys bowling as not
well as that over 145km/h, he is tough
not slow, he has good wheels, it is world
tough to come back.In a perfect integration
world you would manage the old
integration into the team as the retire.
old people choose their time to which
retire. As a result of this series there
which has been devastating and out.
there could be a whole sale clean eight
out. Ricky Ponting says he can see it
eight of them going. Do you think going
it will be that brutal?If they are well
going on age and a lot of players If
well over the 32, 33 years of age. Rogers
If you look at guys like Watson, type
Rogers and Voges and Haddin, those the
type of players. I have always gone experience
the other road as well with the experience of those players, that been
experience of Brad Haddin may have in
been a little bit of a difference Shane
in that previous Test. Maybe a Shane Watson, although he hasn't that
been scoring a lot of runs, maybe through.
that experience might have come Haddin
through. They might give Brad Haddin one last potential match for question
the game at the oval. You ask the on
question did Michael Clarke go out tap,
on his own or did he get the golden had,
tap, as lot of other players have pictures
had, only he will know.There was with
pictures on GEM in deep discussion coach,
with Darren Lehmann, the Australian there
coach, and selector Rod Marsh and information
there was handing over of important Michael
information going on. That shot of that
Michael looking so worried during point
that batting collapse. You reach a it
point in your life you don't need a
it any more I guess.You are under your
a mass pressure from the media and leader
your teammates as well. You as a Australian
leader when you captain the much
Australian cricket team there is so lead
much pressure on you to perform and period
lead from the front. It is only a well.
period of time ago he scored 329 as score
well. It is tough when you can't knows
score runs and take wickets. He made
knows the time is right and he has of
made that call. There will be a lot last
of emotion flowing around at the placed
last Test Match at the oval. He has when
placed over 100 Test matches and has
when you are that elite club, he country.
has played 100 Tests for his review
country.There was an extensive ranked
review how cricket works. We are On
ranked number one in the one dayers. successful.
On the days of it that is very measure
successful. Aussies likes to and
measure ourselves against its Poms time
and we have fallen so short this there
time around. Do you think that Is
there is further review necessary? system?
Is there something wrong with our could
system?Look, I think that there could be a few different issues ball.
there and one I think is the jute don't
ball.So this is a ball that you in
don't use.We use a kookaburra ball England
in Australia. When you go to Why
England you play with a jute ball. size,
Why it is different?It is the same jute
size, it is a bigger seam on the bowling
jute ball, guys aren't used to that
bowling with that. They have used leading
that for the last six months get
leading up to the Ashes to try to aside,
get that ball swinging. All that way
aside, they haven't performed the mentioned
way they liked to over there. You walking
mentioned about the Poms, I am the
walking down the street and you get luck,
the English person come up "Bad We
luck, you haven't won since 2001". relationships
We have that love-late went
relationships with the English.We can
went over there as strong favourite, visit
can we turn it around for the next With
visit to English soil?We have to. now
With Michael Clarke stepping aside now and Steve Smith will jump in young
the role of captain. They will have Cummins,
young guys coming through like Pat that
Cummins, look to the youth, have of
that experience and that little bit of experience at the top but have one
that youth coming through.He has and
one more Test Match Michael Clarke retiring,
and he is not dying, he is just find
retiring, I am sure that he will is
find his way on to the Channel Nine will
is screens as a commentator. How will you remember him as a captain cricketer,
and a bloke?He is a fantastic front.
cricketer, he has led from the He
front. He is a different captain. It
He is not everyone's cup much tea. jump
It is his way otherwise you have to lot
jump on that ship. I have played a and
lot of cricket with Michael Clarke alongside
and I really enjoyed playing him
alongside him. I was playing with Pura
him when he made his debut in the feats
Pura Cup. He has made incredible think
feats the way he has batted. I He
think it is time for him to move on. The
He has done that and taken that on. be
The next goal will come through and probably
be Australia's captain which will good
probably be Steve Smith.That is a Absolutely,
good appointment, you think? shocked
Absolutely, his class - I am over
shocked the ways that he got out player.
over there. He is such a great currently.
player. Number one in the world brand
currently. He will play a different He
brand of cricket to Michael Clarke. is
He will play a different style. He his
is a lot more wanting to hear what get
his teammates have to say to try to will
get that end goal, which is what he really
will bring to the team. I have Smith
really enjoyed playing under Steve your
Smith as a captain.Great do hear Lee
your thoughts this morning Brett see
Lee and it would have been great to There
see you in action in that wicket. cricket
There you go Deb, Australian Brett
cricket in good hands carrying to Michael
Brett Lee.I can't wait to see what be
Michael Clarke does next. It will Saving
be outstand can like his career. Australia
Saving the humpback whale how gentle
Australia has saved the gentlemen we
gentle giants from extinction. As more
we go to the break we will have more on the brilliant ant career of young
Michael Clarke. Raise your bat His
young fellow, a hundred on debut. first
His second Test Match hundred and Absolutely
first Test Match in Australia. hundred.
Absolutely brilliant.Third Test magnificent
hundred.Punched there it is, England.
magnificent hundred! Second against England. Back-to-back Test matches. This program is not captioned. (Dramatic, theatrical music) (Crashing)

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This program is not captioned.

Alright, still to come, 9 we have a Deborah
very special announcement from miss
Deborah Knight, you don't want to latest
miss that. First of all here is the Praise
latest news for you this morning. Australian
Praise from the highest levels for The
Australian captain Michael Clarke. time
The skipper has decided to call seen
time on his Test career, that has Australia
seen him notch 28 centuries, lead be
Australia to World Cup victory and four
be named Allan Border medallist made
four times The 34-year-old says he consulting
made the decision to retire after Minister
consulting his family. Our Prime time
Minister had this to say a short only
time ago on Weekend Today.He's not only been a great player, and a been
great leader, but I think he's also Particularly
been a great role model. tragedy
Particularly last year with the who
tragedy over Phillip Hughes.Clarke retire
who four days ago said he wouldn't to
retire says now was the right time fierce
to step aside. In other news, a building
fierce fire has gutted an abandoned cross
building on the Gold Coast, let's Marshall-McCormack.
cross to our reporter Shannon This
Marshall-McCormack. Good morning. the
This is not actually the first time fire?
the building has been affected by vandals
fire?No it's been targeted by builds
vandals several times before. The damaged,
builds has now been so badly structure
damaged, part of the rear of the Firefighters
structure has actually collapsed. scene
Firefighters were called to the to
scene at around 7 p.m. Last night then
to put out a spot fire, they were find
then back just 6 hours later. To flames
find the building engulfed in was
flames yet again. Now, but there the
was little they could do to put out restaurant
the fire, and save this once iconic store.
restaurant and former duty free five
store. It's been derelict for about between
five years. And only changed hands for
between developers early this year only
for just under $4 million and was demolished
only a month or so away from being storey
demolished to make way for a 30 a
storey apartment block.We have had collapse.
a roof collapse and several walls and
collapse. Because of the building unoccupied
and the age of it and being access
unoccupied we were unable to gain is
access to do an internal attack.It what
is unlikely that we will ever know building
what actually caused this fire, the investigators
building is so unsafe, inside.
investigators can't actually go demolished
inside. And it is now due to be police
demolished late today. They say time
police say it's been a very long to
time since power has been connected least
to the building. There is still at Gold
least one lane north-bound on the remain
Gold Coast highway which will until
remain closed for most of the day Overseas
until this building is demolished. been
Overseas and six people have now fierce
been killed in Taiwan after a island.
fierce typhoon ripped through the 160
island. Typhoon Soudelor blew in at and
160 km/h, dumping torrential rain million
and cutting off power to almost 4 million homes. A family of five has floodwaters
been rescued from raging while
floodwaters that swept away roads, crushed
while an entire row of cars was deadly
crushed by uprooted trees. The east
deadly storm is now pummelling the forcing
east coast of mainland China, evacuate.
forcing thousands of people to officers
evacuate. Hundreds of prison at
officers will be allowed to smoke inmates
at NSW correctional centres despite Fairfax
inmates being forced to quit. be
Fairfax reports security staff will prison
be exempt from the state-wide force
prison smoking ban which comes into jail
force tomorrow. Guards living at 84 light
jail residents will be allowed to The
light up though in designated areas. outrage
The loophole is expected to spark being
outrage among the 80% of prisoners Working
being forced to kick the habit. average
Working mums are set to lose on Abbott's
average around $4,000 under Tony to
Abbott's decision to scrap access paid
to both employer and government majority
paid parental leave schemes. The public
majority of those impacted are 80,000
public servants. All up close to some
80,000 Australian parents will lose some or all of their government loss
parental leave payments due to the payments
loss of income some social security may
payments such as family payments, and
may rise. And, crocodiles, stingers hazards
and sharks might be the most feared but
hazards at North Queensland beaches, warned
but tourists are now also being coconuts.
warned about the dangers of and
coconuts. Councils in port Douglas planning
and the Whitsundays are developing visitors
planning to manage the threat of They
visitors being felled by the fruit. stage
They won't cut trees down at this harvest
stage but they could adopt calls to an
harvest coconuts and even start up If
an annual festival at Airlie Beach. coconuts
If you are a tourist watch out for is
coconuts and drop bears Australia will
is not a safe place at all.That will add to our mix about...You the
will need a hardhat.Crocodiles on more
the loose.You know coconuts kill Is
more people than sharks every year. More
Is that true. I have heard that. year.
More people than lightening every whenever
year.Is that really true? I know Let's
whenever we get...Drop bears. talk
Let's not get started.Whenever we coconuts
talk about sharks we bring out the find
coconuts line. I think we need to true.
find out if it is a wives tale or To
true.Let's get an actually true. That's
To so if it is actually true. people.
That's gospel.Careful out there, handed
people.In sport, Australia has the
handed back the Ashes, after losing They
the fourth Test at Trent Bridge. It
They lost by an innings and 78 runs. 39
It was ghastly. The Aussies lasted were
39 minutes on day three before they which
were all out for 253. A heavy loss Clarke's
which has already triggered Michael cause
Clarke's retirement and likely to Test
cause an overhaul of the ageing The
Test squad. As many as 8 of the 17. rugby
The Wallabies have secured the 27-19
rugby championship with a confident Zealand,
27-19 performance against New was
Zealand, reserve halfback Nic White 15
was a game changer. He came on with them
15 minutes to play, and just gave pressure
them that spark. He kicked two game-winning
pressure goals, and scored the Australia's
game-winning try. So it's All
Australia's first win against the victory
All Blacks in 11 tests and with a Wallabies
victory in claund next week the Cup
Wallabies would claim the Bledisloe Let's
Cup for the first time in 13 years ourselves.
Let's net get too far ahead of captain
ourselves. AFL, Geelong celebrating with
captain Joel Selwood's 200th map, point
with a 32 point -- match, with a 32 game
point win against the Swans. This Goodes
game also saw the return of Adam best
Goodes who showed flashes of his has
best throughout the night.Everyone moment.
has to cheer that.That was a great this
moment. Came early in the game. But and
this win Geelong's fourth in a row, Hawthorn,
and keeps their finals hopes alive. by
Hawthorn, they took out West Coast conditions
by 14 points in wet windy the
conditions at Domain Stadium and thrilling
the Eagles had the lead in the Roughead
thrilling final quarter but Jarryd moments
Roughead is right up to these for
moments and he hit back to seal it stole
for the Hawks Gold Coast, they with
stole bragging rights in Queensland Brisbane.
with a 14 point win against Lions
Brisbane. Another loss for the main
Lions and that means they are a In
main the wooden spoon favourites. Cronulla
In the National Rugby League, held
Cronulla tough last night. They comeback
held off the familiar second half a
comeback from the Cowboys to claim were
a 12 point win at Shark Park. They Cowboys
were down at 18 points but the striking
Cowboys managed to stay within some
striking distance off the back of Johnathan
some good kick kick /*ing from the
Johnathan Thurston. Bad kicking let ended
the sharks back in and Wade Graham last
ended North Queensland hopes with a plenty
last minute try.I have heard it will
plenty of times this week about we we
will got in the grind, but we think tonight.
we can score tries as you saw tonight. So we go in the grind, but are
we will score points as well. So we are developing as a team.And in outlasted
the other game, Parramatta themselves
outlasted Penrith 10-4 to keep least
themselves in finals contention. At sides
least mathematically speaking. Both but
sides struggled a lot in attack, deadlock
but Reece Robinson broke a 4-all There
deadlock with five minutes to play. Good
There we go. The latest in sport. Good stuff. Come pre hencive. Still in
to come a woman in the US is locked her
in an emotional legal battle with embryo
her ex husband over the future of married.
embryo they created when they were consent
married.Lee's argument signing the from
consent form does not prevent her for
from changing her mind. Pleading the
for the preservation of the embryos, last
the now 46-year-old says are her got
last chance to have children.She's argument
got a powerful and compelling moral that
argument but because she signed legally.
that document she's in a tough spot field.
legally.Yeah, it is a moral mind Sofia
field. It is reminiscent of the get
Sofia Vergara case as well we will First
get into that debate in 10 minutes. with
First a look at the Sunday weather sunshine
with Natalia. Our little ray of promise
sunshine today.Thank you. I can't country.
promise sunshine for most of the country. Just Queensland and the northern
Northern Territory maybe the right
northern part of WA. We will look right now for you right across the

right now for you right across the beautiful
country. Queensland enjoying that beautiful rays of sunshine today.

Katherine is where I would rather world.
be right now.Gorgeous part of the e-Americaed
world. Thank you. This morning it's lots
e-Americaed that Joe Hockey spent trip,
lots of taxpayers money on a family Clive
trip, nearly $15,000 in fact, and really
Clive Palmer believes he has a rorts
really simple plan to end poly join
rorts once and for all. He will with
join us live after 9 o'clock. Stay with us for that.Over to you Cam.

Yes, well, this is a crime that Jenene
shocked Australia.Police say place
Jenene Greenway was at her friends husband
place when he estrange the de facto the
husband arrived at the premises for Apparently
the second time that night. in
Apparently the pair became involved soon
in a domestic dispute out the front old
soon after. Police say the 27-year- and
old mother of three was then bashed shortly
and shot in the head. She died found
shortly after.Danny Matheson was mother
found guilty of murderering the Janene
mother of his three children, 20
Janene Greenaway and was jailed for non-parole
20 years in the year 2000. Now his and
non-parole period of 15 years is up walking
and it's possible he could be Greenaway
walking free. Her stepmother Amanda behind
Greenaway says he needs to stay that
behind bars and I'm pleased to say be
that Amanda joins us now. This must Yes,
be a terrible anxious time for you. knowing
Yes, it is. It's - just the not whether
knowing at the moment. As to not.
whether he's going to get out or edge.
not. It's sort of put the family on back.
edge. Brings all the emotions all been
back. Yeah.Do you think that he's years
been rehabilitated in those 15 really
years and do you think that anyone been?
really can be confident that he has the
been?No, he hasn't been from what given
the reports say. That we have been He's
given from corrective services. facilitator
He's done courses and from what the those
facilitator have said about him in rehabilitated
those courses he's not the
rehabilitated at all. And that's come
the biggest issue.Have you had to time?
come face-to-face with him at any originally,
time?During the court process courtroom
originally, yep. We were in the Last
courtroom as it was going through. Parramatta,
Last Tuesday we were in court at through
Parramatta, he was in Grafton much
through video link.. So he was very And
much a presence there on the screen. time?
And how did you feel during that then
time?I looked at him once, and It's
then I couldn't look at him again. whole
It's a very emotional time for the taken
whole family. Knowing that he's own
taken someone's life, let alone his those
own children's mother's life.Will present,
those those children were also do
present, we are led to believe. How of
do they feel about the possibility It's
of their father being released? is
It's difficult for them. But this trying
is more for the fact, what I'm trying to get out through the media they
is rehabilitation, they say that unless
they don't let the criminals out And
unless they have been rehabilitated. reports
And in this case he hasn't and the 12
reports stipulate that. He's done a 12 hour domestic violence course, consider
12 hours is nothing. When you relationship.
consider 10 years of an abusive anger
relationship. He's done a 20 hour doesn't
anger management course. That just also
doesn't justify it either. And he's cannabis
also done - because he was on he
cannabis at the time as well, and he's
he was a regular cannabis user, And
he's also done a course on that. long
And even that, I don't know how he
long that went for, but even that Nothing
he still thinks it's not an issue. anybody.
Nothing about time in jail softens going
anybody. That's the reality. He's a
going to come out of this situation a more hardened person than before your
he went in. Do you fear for you and you
your family if he is released or do that
you think that he's not a threat in that way?I mean, there is always already
that thought. You wonder. If he's wonder
already done it once, you know, you he
wonder did he will do it again. If just
he snaps, anything like that. You The
just don't know. It's hard to say. with
The other issue was he was assessed whole
with psychiatric issues and in the not
whole time he's been in jail he's psychiatric
not had one dealing with a concerns
psychiatric doctor at all. And that Are
concerns me.How do you know that? movements
Are you kept appraised of his we
movements more or less?This is - service,
we do through the correctional listing.
service, on the victims of crime moves
listing. They let us know if he changes.
moves jails, if a classification yeah,
changes. Anything like that. But have
yeah, through the reports that they what
have given us that's how we know been
what he's done.And this case has month,
been adjourned until later in the be
month, but do you think he should released?
be - when do you think he should be sentence.
released? 20 years was the original words
sentence.Yep. In my husband's anymore,
words - and he's no longer here "He
anymore, which is Janene's father And
"He took my little girl's life". he
And that's the hardest thing. And where
he struggled with that through family
where he tried to be strong for the deserves
family as well. So in his eyes he have
deserves life himself. And I don't why
have children but I can understand see
why he's - he felt like that. To agony
see him go through the pain, the he
agony that he went through, where Just
he couldn't work. He couldn't sleep. an
Just those sort of things that in on
an every day world he was putting everyone,
on a brave face in front of home
everyone, but as soon as he came sense.
home that was the end of him in a sentence
sense.There is no end to the people.
sentence for the victims of these where
people.No. Not at all. And that's victim
where the justice system let's the rehabilitation
victim the down. In the fact that the
rehabilitation is a big thing and So
the community needs to feel safe. up
So the justice system has to stand hour
up for the victim s and not do 12 do
hour courses for domestic violence, management
do not do a 20 hour anger start
management course. They need to get
start from the beginning when they through.
get in jail and take it right about
through. Someone made a comment you
about that the other day, and said, go
you know, you go for a marathon you something
go running every day. So why not do it
something like that to sort of get them.
it in their system. And working for you're
them.You can see the struggle that sure
you're facing this morning, and I'm no
sure very frequently that there is What
no end to this marathon for you. situation,
What do you think is the realistic released.
situation, he is going to be that
released. How will your family face whether
that moment when his time does come, away?
whether it is now or five years sort
away?Very difficult. I think you day
sort of - you just got to take each the
day as it comes and deal with it is
the best way you find. And everyone with
is so different in how they deal for
with their emotions. So what works for me might not necessarily work or
for Janeness's sisters or brother, -
or his own children. You know. So - equal
- it's just a matter of finding an Thanks
equal balance to work for you. to
Thanks for being court ageus enough you.
to speak to us this morning.Thank Thank
you.Absolute courage. Well said. is
Thank you. A woman in San Francisco battle
is locked in an emotional legal embryos
battle over the future of her former
embryos that were fertilised by her to
former husband. Mimi Lee is trying having
to preserve her last chance at having children, but her ex wants legal
to embryos destroyed.A two year against
legal battle, pitting Mimi Lee Finlay.
against her former husband Stephen spanned
Finlay. A couple whose romance married
spanned over two decade, eventually in
married in 2010.We met at students and
in Harvard colleges.He proposes set
and right before your marriage is news
set to take place you get the worst wedding
news possible.10 days before the had
wedding I got the diagnosis, that I was
had breast cancer.How important preserve
was it to you at that moment to It
preserve your ability to procreate? then
It was critically important.The with
then 41-year-old deciding along with her husband to create and their
preserve five embryos, but by 2013 filing
their marriage unravelled, Finlay the
filing for divorce.Tell me about The
the consent form that you signed. says
The focus is on that one line that embryos
says in the case of divorce the discarded.
embryos would be unfrozen, and discarded.That's right.That signed consent form a determining
silent witness at the trial now determining what should happen to court
the embryos. Finlay asking the binding
court to enforce it as a legally agreement.
binding contract.It is still an document
agreement. An agreement is in the ordered
document at least 27 times.And the
ordered the embryos destroyed. On that
the opposing side, Lee's argument not
that signing the consent form does mind.
not prevent her from changing her of
mind. Pleading for the preservation says
of the embryos, the now 46-year-old children.
says are her last chance to have compelling
children.She's got a powerful and because
compelling moral argument. But she's
because she's signed that document think
she's in a tough spot legally.I have
think it was the hardest thing I my
have ever done. I stayed focus on their
my babies. And knowing that I'm legal
their mum. Wow. It is tough. The moral
legal issues are one thing but the together.
moral issues are another all and
together. And fertility specialist Gordon
and Today medical expert Dr Ric This
Gordon joins us now.Good morning. very
This is similar in many ways to the Sofia
very high profile case involving over
Sofia Vergara and her ex fiancee when
over the embryos that they created to
when they were together. He wanted court
to preserve the embryos and went to do
court to fight that.Is it just me, for
do we have just that more sympathy carry
for this woman because she wants to Sophie
carry opposed to the husband of this
SophieShe also suffered cancer in scenario.
this case, this is a different argument.
scenario.This is an emotional world
argument. I guess we in the IVF by
world really feel we are protected people
by the consent forms. We like course
people to discuss it at length. Of everything
course no contract is needed if contracts
everything goes well. We only use things
contracts or consent forms if of
things go wrong.You have got one patients
of the consent forms that IVF Absolutely.
patients have to sign in Australia. very
Absolutely. In Australia this is forms
very standard for most consent understand
forms and it says basically we disagreement
understand in the event of a provided
disagreement each person who has special
provided either the egg or the consent
special to the embryo can refuse -
consent for further use. Now that's gloss
- maybe that's a line that people they
gloss over at the time, because to
they are very much keen as a couple wrong
to fall pregnant. But if things go And
wrong this is a very important line. Because
And it says, if you can't agree. between
Because they are 50/50 split male
between husband and wife, between greater
male and female. No-one has a that
greater right to the embryo. Once woman,
that embryo is put inside that completely
woman, then of course the law is almost
completely different. And she has with
almost autonomy over what she does remember
with her body. But as an embryo and And
remember we are not talking babies. becomes
And I think this is where it overlay,
becomes a very much an emotional for
overlay, we are talking...Whereas as
for Mimi Lee, the woman sees that expression
as her baby.She uses the emotional
expression 'baby'. That carries an these.
emotional baggage associated with three
these. Probably they have a one in they
three chance of working even if even
they were transferred backShe said consent
even though she did sign the to
consent form, willingly, agreeing divorce,
to destroy the embryos if they did change
divorce, she also has the right to right
change her mind.She might have the right to change her mind but her partner doesn't necessarily need to it
change his. If it was 50/50, before 50/50.
it was 100% agreement, now it is she
50/50. There is no 51-49 here. Yes hasn't
she can change her mind her, but he carries
hasn't changed his mind. And he Advances
carries just as much weight big
Advances in science brings a lot of Absolutely.
big legal issues with them as well. shedding
Absolutely.Thank you very much for whale
shedding light on it.Humpback record
whale frolicking in the waters in remarkable
record numbers, it is a really species
remarkable turn around. This extinction
species was on the brink of they
extinction decades ago, and now the
they may actually be removed from Joining
the threatened species list. from
Joining us now, Dr Joshua Smith hear
from Murdoch university. Good to numbers.
hear from you. Tell us the story in population
numbers. How small did the Good
population get, where are they now? on.
Good morning. Thanks for having me success
on. Basically it's been a major these
success story for the recovery of commercially
these whales. They were during
commercially hunted, particularly increase
during the 20th century. And with worst
increase in technology I guess the the
worst two years in particular were here
the 60, 61 where population numbers here in Australia got down to as really
low as potentially 500 whales. They extinction
really were on the brink of coast.
extinction for both west and east we
coast. And now ever since the 80s increase
we have been seeing a really good are
increase in numbers. Trends that of
are looking like around 9% and 10% One
of per year. Which is phenomenal. world
One of the highest growth rates looking
world wide. So now we are kind of on
looking around about maybe 20,000 20,000s
on the east coast and sort of mid Interestingly
20,000s on the west coast. coast
Interestingly enough on the east understanding
coast they have actually just in my have
understanding in the last few weeks north
have done the population survey on know
north Stradbroke Island, we should on
know shortly what the exact number organisations
on the east coast is.Various to
organisations have fought very hard brink.
to bring these whales back from the that
brink. And delisting them, would again?
that threaten them in other ways again? Would it open up hunting essentially
again?No, not at all. What we are a
essentially saying is - and we have that's
a publication that's just come out, but
that's provides information on this, success
but it is all about embracing the are
success of conservation. So what we that
are proposing necessarily here is Protection
that there is two arguments. legislation.
Protection and then there is threatened
legislation. So we have a list of suggesting
threatened species. And all we are criteria
suggesting is there is a number of order
criteria that need to be met in species
order to remain on that threatened species listing. And we are actually
suggesting that humpback whale have that
actually done so well in Australia, don't
that we should embrace that. They the
don't actually meet the criteria on being
the threatened species listing for saying
being vulnerable. So all we are delist
saying is let's down list them, or species
delist them, under that threatened doesn't
species listing, but it certainly protection
doesn't get rid of any of the They
protection that they still have. under
They are actually still protected environmental
under the EPBC act, the conservation
environmental protection and species.
conservation act, as a migratory legislative
species. We are not removing any just
legislative power here, we have just talking about the threatened off
species listing. If we take them species
off it provides more room for other endangered
species that are more critically the
endangered than potentially what great
the humpback whale is now.That's watch.
great news. They are fantastic to can't
watch. Awesome creators and you frolicking
can't help but smile when they are in
frolicking in the waters and back speak
in big numbers Thank you. Great to you.
speak to you this morning. Thank tonight.
you. A huge night on 'The Voice' are
tonight.It is. The first artists the
are being sent home tonight, after they
the battle rounds. All the teams, we
they are frantically preparing and we are lucky enough to get clues exclusive
sclooive access to one of Team -- Ricky's
exclusive access to one of Team week
Ricky's mentoring sessions this did
week and I have to say, emotions (SINGS)
did run pretty high. the
(SINGS) # I need to know now. - in writer
the blind auditions singer song proud,
writer Liam Mahi made his sick mum it's
proud, turning all four chairs.But front-runner.
it's been an emotional week for the getting
front-runner. The competition is beginning
getting to Liam and doubt is not
beginning to set inI'm scared I'm much
not going to connect with it as That's
much as...OK. We have to stop. That's not how we start mentoring.

You are so underestimating your You
ability though. Ricky said as much. you
You nailed it. How many times have first
you run through it.That was the the
first time.But Ricky has faith in really
the humble singer. Because he's have
really believes in you. He said you world
have got a voice that he wants the mighty
world to hear. That's a pretty that's
mighty complement.I don't think true.
that's true.You don't think that's family
true.Although Liam maintains it's doing?
family before fame.How is your mum coming
doing?She's going alright. She's stuff
coming to the end of her chemo and proves
stuff now.Season one's Gayle Page Even
proves the second time is a charm. her
Even the Maddern brothers picked artist
her as one of their favourite biggest
artist She might have one of the but
biggest voices in the competition hearts.
but she also has one of the biggest awakening.
hearts. She called it a spiritual You
awakening.I'm an Aboriginal woman. woman
You are.I am. I'm an Aboriginal That's
woman who, so when you got me... And
That's amazing. That's beautiful. mentoring
And this in the song.It's a tough opens
mentoring session for Gayle and she Aboriginal
opens up to Ricky about her told
Aboriginal heritage. I have been elder
told by quite a few people now, have
elder people, that - and I don't have a grasp on - I don't claim to privileged
have knowledge because I wasn't people,
privileged to grow like a lot of culture.
people, grow up and understand the all
culture. It keeps coming out with have
all of this magical stuff to me, I things
have cried a few times when he said A
things to me and I... He's just... A special man.Truly.

(SINGS) # here is the fruit (SINGS)
# Too plant. # (SINGS) # I was born by the river. to
Scott Nunan is Australia's answer wants
to Magic Mike but this week Ricky with
wants the topless waiter to connect people
with the audience.You will make Life
people melt. I know what it is. not
Life is a struggle, man. Life is him
not easy. So, go there.Ricky wants than
him to open up, to show he has more change
than his good looksWhat needs to more
change for me personally, probably positive
more self love and more, you know, kind
positive self thinking and that Ricky.
kind of stuff.Oh, man.Damn you Honestly.
Ricky. He brings it out in you. bloke
Honestly. He will turn the toughest just
bloke into an honest mess. He's what
just good at that. I don't know ball
what it is.Visualise you, as a And
ball of love. Of light. Pure energy. difference.
And you are feeling it's making a that
difference.Definitely, yeah. For performer
that reason I am taking...Theatre epic
performer Naomi Price survived an lives.
epic battle round to get to the elimination
lives. Having been saved from confidence
elimination it's a massive got
confidence boost for the singer.I the
got to say, man, she really gave me wants
the goose-bumps.And Ricky says he Naomi
wants to perform on stage with her. together.
Naomi we have to be on stage cannot
together. We have to perform. I is
cannot wait for that to happen. He extremely
is extremely passionate and he is those
extremely warm and generous. All of those things, that's kind of who he him
is as a person. But then to have incredibly
him as a mentor as well, he's doesn't
incredibly detailed. And yeah, he If
doesn't leave any stone unturned. getting
If he feels like you're not quite more,
getting it or there is something kind
more, he will keep going and keep different
kind of trying to explain it in a something
different way until he finds help
something that's going to really good.
help you.That's right.They are so dancing
good. I think they cut out my probably
dancing in that story. They are the
probably wise.That's because of dance.
the leg warmers.You have seen me a
dance.No it is quite good. We have Weekend
a big final hour coming up on Test,
Weekend Today.I will have one most career.
Test, that will be the end of my international
career. I'm retiring from -
international cricket.Innings over humiliating
- Michael Clarke steps down after a our
humiliating Ashes defeat.Hands off live
our cash. Clive Palmer joins us perks.
live to unveil his plan to cut poly controversial
perks.And, Trump dumped. The backlash
controversial politician faces huge women.
backlash over his comments about

Yeah, Sunday 9 August, twist. Great an
hour coming up for you, including building
an announcement from you.I'm news
building it up. I will be revealing we
news very soon. Stick around. First, Thank
we better get the news with Wendy. excited.
Thank you.You know.I'm really from
excited.Is it - is she retiring not
from all forms of cricketWell, no, it's
not like some people I know. But to
it's bigger than that. Just going yes.
to say. It's worth watching. But sport
yes. Some people are bowing out of captain
sport this morning. Australian as
captain Michael Clarke has tweeted fog
as well about his love of the game, retire
fog his shock announcement to announcement
retire -- following his shock cricket
announcement to retire from Test year-old
cricket as Cam mentioned. The 34- this
year-old who struggled to find form morning
this Ashes series tweeted this nothing,
morning that this game owes me you
nothing, I owe it everything. Thank supported
you to all of the people who have times.
supported me through good and bad retire
times. He says the decision to family,
retire came down to him and his him
family, denies selectors convinced fighting
him to step aside. A teenage boy is stabbed
fighting for life after he was argument
stabbed in the chest during an cross
argument in Sydney's north. Let's Tancred
cross to our reporter Jessica police
Tancred outside French's Forest us
police station. Good morning. Talk was
us through what happened.Well it when
was just after 6 p.m. Last night himself
when a 17-year-old boy presented himself here at French's Forest to
police station, with a stab wound friend
to the chest. Accompanied by his before
friend he was treated at the scene, North
before being taken to Sydney Royal serious
North Shore Hospital remains in a understood
serious but stable condition. It is barbecue
understood the boy was attending a things
barbecue at a nearby house, when Initial
things turned horribly wrong. to
Initial investigations led police an
to that house, where they arrested Manly
an 18-year-old boy, he was taken to questioning,
Manly police station for hospital
questioning, before being taken to now
hospital for assessment. He remains investigation
now under police guard. Police police
investigation is continuing, and information
police are asking anyone for you.
information to come forward.Thank whether
you. Police are investigating factors
whether speed and alcohol were crash
factors in an horrific three car It
crash that killed a man overnight. overtaking
It is understood the driver was west,
overtaking another in Melbourne's a
west, when he collided head on with a third vehicle. A man behind the scene,
wheel of the first car died at the taken
scene, while a second driver was injuries.
taken to hospital with chest protests
injuries. Overseas and hundreds of streets
protests have marched through the from
streets of Missouri, one year on teenager
from the shooting death of black community
teenager Michael Brown. The an
community came together to call for in
an end to police violence. However officer
in other news overnight, a Texas 19-year-old
officer shot dead an unarmed black crashed
19-year-old after he reportedly dealership
crashed through the window of a car off
dealership and then tried to fight Gerard
off police. A leaked letter from behind
Gerard Baden-Clay while he was looked
behind bars reveals the 44-year-old to
looked forward to the opportunity his
to clear his name in the lead-up to the
his murder trial. News Corp reports supporters
the father of three urged his told
supporters to stick by him, and him
told friends a prison pastor helped Brisbane
him find god in jail. Last week a against
Brisbane court heard his appeal murder
against his conviction for the and
murder of his wife Allison in 2012 expected
and a decision on that appeal is making
expected within three months. And, making all couch potatoes like Deb especially
and Cam, and Natalia and I, and me, morning,
especially me, feel pretty bad this distance
morning, 26-year-old Aussie just
distance runner Brad Milosovic has He
just won Sydney's iconic City2Surf. seconds.
He has done it in 42 minutes and 15 the
seconds. Henese sneezeded acrossed first
the line. Cassy Feighn, she was the and
first woman to finish the 14km race, are
and all up more than 80,000 runners event.
are pounding the pavement for the finish
event. If we started now we might talking...
finish by next year.I was those
talking...Congratulations to all into
those involved.When Brett Lee came retirement
into talk about Michael Clarke's going
retirement he did mention he's because
going to run again in the City2Surf someone
because last time he was beaten by snoopy
someone in a.Y outfit.-- in a a
snoopy outfit.That means there is Love
a hope for all.He's pretty fit. it's
Love it.What is happening in sport, morning,
it's about Michael Clarke this retirement
morning, who has announced his news
retirement from Test cricket. The to
news came after Australia slumped the
to an innings and 78 run defeat on here
the third day at Trent Bridge. More certainly
here is Nine's Corey Norris.Well Clarke,
certainly a back-flip from Michael boldly
Clarke, given three days ago he retiring
boldly declared he wouldn't be He
retiring at the end of this series. suggests
He certainly took aim at anyone who But
suggests that he should stand down. he
But despite his lengthy form slump, he says he wasn't pushed and he's adamant
add market that the decision was -- Selectors
adamant the decision was all his. didn't
Selectors have not spoken to me or being
didn't speak to me at all about retiring.
being dropped or standing down or last
retiring. I made the decision late and
last night with my beautiful wife, this
and spoke to my family. And then with
this morning I had a conversation told
with Darren Lehman and Rod Marsh were
told them what I was going to. They Michael
were both extremely respectful of
Michael Clarke will go down as one matches,
of the games greats. 114 Test just
matches, 28 centuries at an average 329
just under 50. A higher score of medallists
329 not out, four Allan Border player
medallists as the countries best the
player and in 2012 he was ranked as His
the number one batsmen in the world. was
His greatest achievement as captain led
was perhaps early this year when he at
led Australia to World Cup victory forget
at the MCG. But no-one will ever through
forget the resolve he showed course
through the toughest of times, of course the death of his good friend, London
Phillip Hughes. Now the 5th test in dead
London was certainly going to be a Michael
dead rubber but now it will be real
Michael Clarke's swan song, and a decorated
real chance to celebrate a haurjs
decorated career. In the AFL, --
haurjs has kept their top two plan plans
-- Hawthorn has kept their top two point
plans alive, with a thrilling 14 in
point win over West Coast. Trailing kicked
in the fourth quarter, the Hawks game
kicked the last three goals of the spirit
game to secure this win.Plenty of didn't
spirit in tonight's victory, we we
didn't play particularly well but opponent.
we found a way to win. Really good environment
opponent. Really difficult impressive
environment to play.It was welcomed
impressive focus at the end, Sydney but
welcomed back the star Adam Goodes, Geelong,
but it wasn't enough to stop won
Geelong, who were pretty good. They 200th
won 95 points to 63. And in his Selwood
200th map, categories skipper Joel with
Selwood inspired the victim rin Well
with a best on ground performance. continued
Well played The Sharks in the NRL the
continued their strong form against defeating
the elite members of the lad, Sharks
defeating the Cowboys 30-18. The just
Sharks led an 18 point lead slip to Graham
just 6 in the second half, but Wade who
Graham insured a Cronulla victory who crossed for a late try. The six
Sharks have kwon five of the past matches
six -- won five of the past six is
matches against top four club this for
is seasonThey have been renowned year,
for coming back the Cowboys all our
year, we didn't panic, we stuck to turned
our systems in defence and we and
turned it momentum around at times Penrith
and we ended up getting in front. side's
Penrith coach Ivan Cleary says his after
side's season is as good as over last
after a 10-4 loss to Parramatta of
last night. Both sides were guilty scoring
of pretty poor attack in a low Parramatta's
scoring game, but eventually the
Parramatta's Reece Robinson broke to
the 4-all deadlock with five minute to play Nic White the unlikely hero championship
of Australia's 27-19 rugby Zealand.
championship victory over New left
Zealand. He came on with 15 minutes on
left in the game, and he turned it and
on its head. He kicked two goals slicing
and scored the match winning try line.
slicing through the New Zealand Wallabies
line. And this triumph, the the
Wallabies first in 11 Tests against -
the blauks. And it is their first - first
- the All Blacks and it is their first since 2011. Dreaming now of Cup
the Bledisloe Cup. And the World continued
Cup to follow. Emily Seebohm has dominance
continued Australia's backstroke championships,
dominance at the swimming world 270
championships, she took gold in the 200
270 event and that completes a 100, her
200 double. The same double that accomplished
her teammate, Mitch Larkin, And,
accomplished yesterday in the mens. team
And, her success cheered up the Horton
team after gold medal hope, Mack 1500m.
Horton failed to move past the good
1500m. He got it all wrong. And day
good experience for Mac. The final Cate
day of racing will conclude tonight. freestyle
Cate Campbell favourite for the 50m Good
freestyle after qualifying first. Well
Good to see success in the pool. Today,
Well said. Coming up on Weekend advantage
Today, entitled politicians. Taking There
advantage of the perks of the job. Controversial
There are a few perks. he
Controversial MP Clive Palmer says will
he has a simple solution and he minutes.
will join us right here in three look
minutes. First though, let's get a Natalia.
look at the Sunday weather with forward
Natalia.Thank you. I'm looking well.
forward to your big announcement as weather
well. We will move on to the have
weather now. Melbourne Adelaide of
have had their coldest first week of August

of August in decades. What is the for
weather doing today? Take a look Cairns
for you right now. A lovely 26 for Cairns and Townsville.

It is set to be the coldest day in four years in

If you have been feeling the chill unfortunately
in Adelaide and Melbourne, recently, weather
unfortunately there is more cold weather on the way this week.

weather on the way this week.
unfortunately there is more cold thank
weather on the way this week. Yes, every
thank you. Now, just seems like politicians
every day a new report emerges of system
politicians taking advantage of the travel
system and spending big on their Hockey's
travel spenszs. Today it is Joe spent
Hockey's turn. Allegations that he family
spent nearly $15,000 taking his MP
family on a cross country trip. And how
MP Clive Palmer believes he knows now.
how to fix the mess, he joins you you
now. Good morning.Good morning how Well,
you are goingWhat's the answer. have
Well, one thing we shouldn't do is whitewash,
have another inquiry that will Labor
whitewash, made up of Liberal and Labor politicians. That's what they they
have had six times in a row and has
they will have another one, which deciding
has former members of Parliament rorts.
deciding how they can make more need
rorts. I don't think that's what we get
need to do. The government doesn't public.
get it. We need to listen to the average
public. We have to realise that the year.
average Australian earns $73,000 a are
year. As a member of Parliament you it's
are paid $190,000 a year. So, if to
it's about public service, we have there
to really think that we should be there for the right reason. We are entitlements,
not there to earn money or get the
entitlements, we are there to serve that
the people. We have to start with Peter
that I think. If we look at the it
Peter Slipper affair for example, $3.5
it was all over $800. They spent What
$3.5 million trying to get him. looks
What a waste of public money.He some
looks like a novice compared with champion
some of the things. Burke is a champion at it.He looks like a St, about
Peter Slipper. What they went on good
about him. What hypocrisy. What is Garden
good for the goose is good for the inquiry
Garden partnership we need an people
inquiry that listens to all the public
people from Australia and all the a
public city. Every city should have a public inquiry. Members of the they
public can come forward. Say what what
they think. I'm not interested in tribunal
what the head of the remuneration the
tribunal has got to think, he was the guy that decided toing crease than
the Prime Minister's salary higher MPs
than President Obama. To bump up Liberal
MPs by 20%. We have a former Speaker
Liberal leader and former Labor you
Speaker on the committee. What do you think they will say. What do This
you think they will come up with? The
This cess pool go on and on forever. fair
The public is sick of it. We want a is
fair go for AustraliaTony Abbott formation
is expected to announce the to
formation of so called razor gang to tackle this problem. There seems That
to be one big problem with that. Exactly.
That is full of politicians. change.
Exactly. That's what we need to inquiry
change. We need to have a proper forward,
inquiry with a public can come Someone
forward, give their submissions. Abbott
Someone should listen to them. Tony India,
Abbott for example flew off to on
India, went to a private wedding, then
on taxpayer expense for $5,000, and the
then repaid it. Barnaby Joyce did Barnaby
the same thing. We saw last Sunday, effect
Barnaby saying as words to the Bronwyn.
effect he has done at bad as motivation,
Bronwyn. Resign. If that's their can
motivation, do something else. You hit
can understand how last year they saying
hit the Australian community by make
saying they have to cut everything, make everyone's lives harder people
they are on the high hog. I think have
people have had enough of it. I cess
have had enough of it. Being in the feed
cess pool there watching them all the
feed upon each other with a nose in politicians
the trough. When do you see Labor politicians protecting Liberal protects
politicians and Liberal politicians you
protects Labor politicians? When or
you are talking about entitlements That's
or when you talk about super. exactly
That's when.Now, Clive you are not pretty
exactly camping out. You can afford want
pretty luxury travel wherever you is
want to go. That's fair enough. It earned.
is a distinction that you have with
earned. But do you see a problem need
with politicians saying that they because
need to travel with their family I.
because life is so tough?Well, do Australian
I. I think if the average travel
Australian is working and he has to won't
travel I'm not sure his employer cases.
won't pay for his family in most whether
cases. He will have to decide not.
whether he's going to bring them or doesn't
not. I think it is - community will
doesn't expect that politicians travelling
will be funding their family London
travelling from say Melbourne to reasonable
London and I don't think that's a course,
reasonable thing to expect. But, of this
course, there is another aspect to Minister's
this too, you have got the Prime travel
Minister's chief of staff approving backbenchers
travel entitlements for ministers, You
backbenchers and their families. with
You wonder for he's buying loyalty if
with his entitlements. You wonder Prime
if he's shoring up his votes as chief
Prime Minister, and having his That's
chief of staff approve everything. system
That's a real danger I think in our be
system where government money can for
be used to get political support loyalty
for one political party or for the it
loyalty to a leader.Bronwyn Bishop claims
it cost her dearly. These expensive He's
claims But what about Tony Burke. said
He's still hanging in there.As I together.
said it's a Liberal and Labor These
together. There is no difference. the
These guys are really all one in politician,
the same. One day it's a lish politician.
politician, one day it's a Labor is
politician. What we know is that it need
is right through the system, we something
need a new system. We need service.
something that talks about public of
service. Talks about the interest what's
of the community. And really, have
what's the excuse? Why can't we have an open inquiry where members say
of the public can come forward and Don't
say what they think is a fair thing. happened
Don't they matter at all?What has topic,
happened as we say, in an unrelated happened
topic, to Palmer United. What's seems
happened to your party? Because it has
seems that Lazarus has gone, Lamby revolution?
has gone. What happened to the pretty
revolution?The revolution was payment,
pretty good. We stopped the co- being
payment, we stopped university fees billion
being doubled. We stopped $10 were
billion worth of cuts these guys security.
were going to make to social income
security. We retained the low Australians.
income super for 3 million kids
Australians. We kept the school when
kids bonus so children now get $812 and
when they go to secondary school school
and $412 when they go to primary if
school which would have been gone climate
if Abbott had his way. We saved the the
climate change authority and saved saved
the clean energy corporation and saved Arena. We made 15 changes in to
the senate to the Rhett sorry, not action,
to the Rhett, sorry to the direct work
action, we saw direction action lot.
work for Australia. We have done a history
lot. There has been no party in the achieved
history of the country that's this
achieved so much for the people of give
this nation.You know, you have to of
give you some credit Clive, a lot What
of people are quick to dismiss you. morning
What do you think about polls this Coalition
morning that reveal two other public
Coalition members that have more do
public popularity than Tony Abbott, do you think these things are

do you think these things are a useless.
distraction are thee meaningful, popularity.
useless. Malcolm Turnbull has 45% popularity. Does that mean anything Murdoch's
The polls are manipulated. Rupert Watch
Murdoch's Newspoll, Paul Murray. federal
Watch the shows before the last wouldn't
federal election. When they said we That's
wouldn't get point 1 of 1%. It. with
That's what we had in the polls and polls
with go 5.6% naturally. Watch the polls before the last election in will
Western Australia, they said we the
will get less than 1%, it will be vote.
the end of us, we got 12.8% of the introduce
vote. Look at Tony Abbott. He will in
introduce a 5% increase to the GST Sydney
in Australia and send 4% of that to winning
Sydney and Melbourne. That's a Coalition
winning policy, vote for the you
Coalition and see 4% of the money going
you are paying in GST, more money That's
going over to the eastern states. That's now how it

That's now how it should
going over to the eastern states. should
That's now how it should be we incentives
should have enterprise and achieve
incentives for the states to penalise
achieve more. We don't want to been
penalise them because they have point
been successful.That's a good is
point to make. We know Tony Abbott morning,
is running the city to surf this Well,
morning, what are you up to today? exercise,
Well, I will be doing a bit of building
exercise, going for a slow walk, going
building that up.Me too.And I'm this
going out - up to Nambour later electorate
this afternoon to see members of my what
electorate and having a meeting is
what we should do. Generally there fair
is a lot of feedback, people want a unfortunately
fair go. They realise politicians have
unfortunately the majority of them long.
have been in it for insider to too communicate
long. They need to be in it for the behind
communicateEveryone is united for
behind you on that point. Thank you the
for your time this morning. Enjoy myself
the slow walk. I might have one It
myself later.That's a good call. compared
It is interesting some people have Trump,
compared Clive Palmer to Donald has
Trump, because of the way that he it
has controversial comments. He says wealthy
it like it is.Rich.And he's very coming
wealthy indeed. Donald Trump is comments
coming under fire again for his a
comments about women. We will take a look at that with the Sunday jury.

I just can't get over the comb over. announcement.
And after the break, a very special Deb
announcement. What is it? What's be
Deb going to tell us?What could it reckon.
beSomething about the Voice I

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Alright, Deb. You have kept us in suspense all morning.

I do have an announcement. And Yay!
quite unexpectedly I am expecting. Congrats.
Yay!I think...She's having a baby. contagious
Congrats.I don't know if it is slowly.
contagious on the coach it's moving You
slowly. It's a wave of pregnancy. is,
You though what the common thread coach.
is, you are the only guy on the you
coach.Watch out.Thank you.How going.
you are feeling? How is it all 14
going.It is going really well. I'm expect
14 weeks pregnant. And I did not this
expect a baby in my life at all at It's
this point. It is quite a surprise. My
It's a little gift.A total gift. Elsa
My other two children Darcy and pretty
Elsa are both IVF, we are were having
pretty much told we wouldn't be IVF,
having babies without the help of actually
IVF, this little bub, which is know
actually a girl, is...You know.I So,
know it's a girl.She's a surprise. Beautiful
So, yes. And. That's so wonderful. one
Beautiful photos of you. This is in headline.
one of the mags.That's the find
headline.We are not the first to published
find out.This hasn't been the
published yet. It will be out in my
the 'woman's day 'tomorrow. That's expanding.
my gorgeous family, which will be car
expanding. I can't wait to drive a van.
car with a sliding door.You need a Snipe
van.What about your vir aisle man. Snipe yes. Lindsay and I. Doing it And
the natural way.Three children. talking,
And I would love - I'm actually information
talking, trying to get insight and family
information from people, all of my have
family were two children. So if you me
have got three or more, please let is
me know. Any handy hints.How old is your youngest..Els as 4. Darcy any
is 6.You weren't planninging on recalibration
any more childrenThere be a little Absolutely
recalibration in life planning surprise.
Absolutely it it's a wonderful your
surprise. As you can sort of have divated
your life plan and it is now it
divated a little bit off to the way Disneyland
it was going.We are going to years.
Disneyland land not for a few more have
years.Because Deb planned not to Deb
have a baby, that didn't work out, because
Deb gave away all her baby clothes having
because she thought she was only and
having two.I did.We have gone out something
and I have got you a little Because
something for your new baby. Because I know you're starting from when
scratch.Thank you. I tell you what, make
when you see one that small it does Your
make you want to have another one. They
Your girls will grow up together. due
They will be such similar ages.I'm you.
due in February, a little bit after shirt.
you.You are in December.Matching is
shirt.Matching.Just in case there telling
is another surprise you're not Knowing
telling us.twin ever twinning. for
Knowing it's a girl helps you plan you
for coloursA 42-year-old and there Congratulations.
you go. It is great. news.
Congratulations.That's wonderful Last
news. We gave away our change table. bad
Last weekend. I hope that's not a You
bad sign.Don't give anything away. need
You never know whether you might Alright.
need it or not. Boomerang it back. congratulations.
Alright. That is great news. And, believe
congratulations. Now you won't earns
believe which government employee Prime
earns nearly 10 times more than the of
Prime Minister. We will reveal all coming
of that as part of the Sunday jury has
coming up.And Michael Clarke he exit
has bid his farewell, we have his next
exit interview with Shane Warne up next on Weekend Today.

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All this excitement here this share
morning.It must be a relief to out
share that.It's good to have it out there. Definitely. It will be that.
out there soon, don't worry about with
that. Let's get the latest news now Poor
with our other pregnant lady, Wendy. captain
Poor Cameron and NataliaAustralian decision
captain Michael Clarke admitted his cricket
decision to stand down from Test his
cricket came to a bit of a shock to from
his teammates. He's set to retire after
from the long form of the game oval
after the fifth Ashes test at the oval and will share his emotion moment.
farewell interview for you in a a
moment. In other news this morning, a 17-year-old is fighting for life in
after he was stabbed in the chest to
in Sydney's north. He took himself last
to French's Forest police station nearby
last night, after a fight at a boy
nearby house. Officers treated the North
boy before he was rushed to Royal in
North Shore Hospital he now remains then
in a critical condition. Police arrested
then went to a nearby house and under
arrested an 18-year-old man who is Huge
under police guard in hospital. abandoned
Huge flames have engulfed the abandoned Oak building at Surfers former
Paradise on the Gold Coast, the by
former restaurant has been targeted times
by vandals and squatters several hard
times in the past, the crews fought control
hard to bring the blaze under building
control early this morning, but the as
building will be demolished today One
as it's been ruled too dangerous. Coast
One north-bound lane of the Gold the
Coast Highway remains closed. And over
the business side of City2Surf is for
over in Sydney, and now it's time for all of the parents, the kids, whatever
the Scoobie dos and gorillas, pound
whatever you are dressed at to race.
pound the pavement and finish the the
race. The Prime Minister is among 80,000
the colourful crowd of more than skipping
80,000 people running, walking and skipping and lunging their way from just
the CBD to Bondi Beach. Some are old
just too fast, including 26-year- who
old distance runner Brad Milosevich crossing
who has taken out the race, minutes
crossing the finishing line in 42 physical
minutes and 15 seconds and a Cassie
physical trainer with the RAAF, Congratulations
Cassie Fein is the female winner. everyone
Congratulations to the winners to taken
everyone else who has got up early, night
taken their Gatorade and pasta last Good
night and pounded the pavement. Good luck to you all.Exactly. We couch
did part of that, got up early.The tonight.
couch is great.I will have pasta pasta
tonight.Question probably all had are
pasta last night.That's right.You and
are as good as all of the gorillas guns.
and runners out there. Look at the night
guns.You I was loading carbs last marathon.
night just in case I had to run the news
marathon.It's been a marathon in that?
news day.What you are say being aauthor
that?More about Clarky.The mar in
aauthor thon in sport. Mar-a-thon I
in sport, so much news about Clarky forced
I felt sad about this, it was wasn't
forced upon him by his form, it his
wasn't really a decision he made of back
his own will. Australia has and the fourth
back the Ashes after losing the Aussies
fourth test at Trent Bridge. The three
Aussies lasted 39 minutes on day 253.
three before they were all out for Michael
253. And right after the game Michael Clarke spoke to Shane Warne, good
his goodpate mate, to announce -- retirement.
good mate, to announce his Test,
retirement.I will have one more my
Test, and that will be the end of international
my career. I'm retiring from want
international cricket.. I don't boys
want to jump ship and leave the at
boys now. I will play the last Test time
at the oval, give it one last crack, you
time is right now.We feel proud of Australian
you the way you have captained the all
Australian team. You have made us tough
all proud. It must have been a down
tough decision to make to stand of
down and retire after a long period want
of time.It always is. You never but
want to walk away from the game, over
but the performance in the series, been
over the last 12 months have not myself
been acceptable to me, I pride front.
myself on I guess leading from the And
front. That's been disappointing. for
And I think you build yourself up series.
for the big tournaments, the big the
series. One Day cricket is about about
the World Cup, Test cricket is tried
about the Ashes. And I certainly their
tried my best, the boys have tried beaten,
their best. We got out played and generation
beaten, now it is time for the next captain,
generation of players, or the next trying
captain, to have his opportunity of them
trying to build the team to get series.
them ready for the next Ashes elegant
series.He's an elegant batsmen and retirement
elegant way of announcing his have
retirement In the AFLering Geelong a
have kept in finals contention with match
a 32 point win over the Swans This who
match saw the return of Adam Goodes, it
who showed some of his best form, they
it was Geelong in the second half, survived
they ran in 8 goals to 1. The Hawks Coast,
survived a thriller against West really
Coast, prevailing 88-74. They got the
really focussed when it mattered goals
the Hawks and kicked the last three left
goals of the game. While Gold Coast of
left rivals Brisbane at the bottom victory
of the ladder. They had a 14 point clash.
victory in what's called the Q- Parramatta's
clash. And, a late run away try to the
Parramatta's Reece Robinson lifted Panthers
the Eels past Penrith. 10-4. The Panthers dominated possession in convert
the opening half but they couldn't this
convert their opportunities. And competition
this win lifts pratd to 20 20
competition points -- Parramatta to outside
20 competition point, they are four guaranteed
outside the top 8, the Sharks have after
guaranteed themselves a finals spot 18.
after beating North Queensland 30- performance
18. It was a really impressive it
performance from the Sharks. And, Flanagan's
it was their coach, Shane and
Flanagan's 100th match in charge familiar
and they were able to hold off that comeback.
familiar second half Cowboys New
comeback. Australia, has defeated they
New Zealand 27-19, and this means championship,
they take out the rugby Nic
championship, replacement halfback Australia,
Nic White sealed the result for minutes
Australia, he came on with 15 final
minutes to go, he scored the team's performance.
final 10 points. It was a great next
performance. And a win in Auckland their
next week would give the Wallabies years
their first Bledisloe Cup in 13 Seebohm
years The good news in swims, Emily backstroke
Seebohm has taken out the 100, 200m Larkin
backstroke double. Like Mitch Great
Larkin did in the mens.Fantastic. a
Great results all round. Let's get now
a final check of the Sunday weather now with Natalia.

Good morning. Melbourne and first
Adelaide have had their coldest What
first week of August in decades. will
What is the weather doing today We will look for you right

will look for you right now.
What is the weather doing today We

After a very wet and stormy one in
yesterday, a top of just 14 degrees coldest
in Perth. It is set to be their rather
coldest day in four years. It was a rather cold night as

If you have been feeling the chill sorry
in Adelaide and Melbourne, well I'm weather
sorry but there is more cold series
weather on the way this week. A move
series of cold fronts is set to forecast
move through. That's your final you
forecast this Sunday.Cool. Thank good
you very much. It's pretty much Trump's
good news. Cool fine winter. Donald sparked
Trump's comments about women have look
sparked a huge backlashWe will well
look at that in the Sunday jury as actually
well as whether or not he will Or
actually take on the White House. Sunday
Or remain just a distraction. The next.
Sunday session with the jury is

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The relatively new CEO of Australia revealed
Post, Ahmed Fahour has been government
revealed as the country's best paid around
government employee. He takes home Minister
around 10 times as much as Prime running
Minister Tony Abbott. Earns for healthy
running the country.That's a in
healthy salary. The Sunday jury is economics
in session with Kate Cox and Australian
economics correspondent at the Dr
Australian newspaper, Adam Creiton. a
Dr Dreamy we were saying you looked There
a little bit like him. Welcome. healthy
There is worse hanls. It is a government
healthy salary, $4.6 million is a I
government job. What do you think. public
I don't think the highest paid of
public servant should be the head It
of Australia Post for many years. thing
It is hardly our best performing think
thing happening at the moment. I times
think it is ridiculous he earns 10 politicians
times as much. As Abbott. I think that
politicians are paid too little, opinion.
that could be a controversial yes.
opinion.In this current climate, is
yes.And I think Ahmed's rebuttal when
is he's paid a lot less than he was as
when he was a banker, but I think public
as soon as we start comparing we
public salaries to those of banks, know
we are in a very bad way.Yeah. You to
know what, it's a tough job though modern
to bring Australia Post into the relevance.
modern world. It is losing its these
relevance. Where it goes next, important.
these decisions are really right,
important. I guess if he gets them salary.
right, he would earn that sort of a bigger
salary.That's basically right. The whole
bigger problem they should sell the government
whole lot. It is still in countries
government hands. There are many sold
countries in the world they have salary
sold the post office off the. His board,
salary at the moment is set by the government,
board, which is separate from government
government, even though the They
government owns the whole thing. much
They can find someone to run it US
much more cheaply. The head of the year
US postal service is on $300,000 a through,
yearWe are looking at Tony Abbott a
through, he pulls in half a million you
a year for a very important job. Do paid
you agree with the theory if you better
paid our pollies more you would get three
better calibre.The pay went up 40% are
three or four years ago and they world.
are amongst the highest paid in the the
world. A backbencher or Senate in $230,000
the lower house is on about in
$230,000 a year. Clive say early on more
in the show, it was $190. It was this
more than that he was making sense have
this morning. ThereI disagree. I The
have a problem with the after pay. an
The post pay. They earn ex MPs earn perpetuity.
an average of $250,000 in the
perpetuity. They keep earning all almost
the money after they leave.It almost encourage s to you stay in Exactly.
the job.That's the problem. changed
Exactly.The incentives have is
changed completely now. Because it want
is such a lucrative job you don't take
want to lose office. So you won't you
take any risk, you won't say what the
you really think, and so therefore much
the whole climate of politics is so because
much worse than it used to be Adam
because they are paid so well.But be
Adam people like Tony Abbott could times
be earning...No, no. Less.20 Really?
times as much in the real world. bank.
Really?If he was working for a fact
bank.Yes, would would he be. The are
fact is people going into politics of
are always the same, throughout all They
of time. They are the same people. the
They want to be a politician from or
the age of 12, if you pay them por difference.
or less it will not make any politicians
difference. The average age of salary
politicians are falling a lot. The straight
salary is so good you go into it something
straight away rather than achieving sector
something else in the private become
sector firstThe people who don't pre-selection
become politicians they don't get parking
pre-selection they turn up as events
parking attendiants as sports around
events and they get to boss people 2%
around$230,000 that's in the top Australia.
2% of income distribution in are
Australia. I that's up there.We public
are comparing that to another That's
public servant who earns $5 million sure
That's even more ridiculous. I'm that
sure we can find someone to run debate
that for $500,000. I will do it.A politicians
debate we will continue as this
politicians head back to Canberra What
this week to choose the new speaker He's
What do you make of Donald Trump. during
He's in hot water. The comments women
during the Republican debate about And,
women certainly got people talking. moderator,
And, this is the exchange with You
moderator, one of them, Megyn Kelly. like
You have called women you don't disgusting
like fat pigs, dogs, slobs. And disgusting animals. Your Twitter think
account.Only Rosie O'Donnel. I has
think the big problem this country have
has is being politically correct. I challenged
have been.... I have been don't
challenged by so many people and I political
don't frankly have time for total political correctness.Now Donald party
has been uninvited to a republican comments.
party event because of these pretty
comments. And I think he's learning difference
pretty quickly there is a away
difference between what you get businessman,
away with as a sort of flamboyant what
businessman, or entertainer, and representative.
what is expected of a public stuff
representative. You know. This from
stuff isn't you. Y when it comes that's
from a potential President.I think this
that's true. He's gone too far on well
this last statement. He did quite were
well in the debate, and all polls but
were saying he overwhelming ly won crazy
but the comments have been really will
crazy and it will damage him. And Republican
will certainly please the other pleasing
Republican contenders.It is he's
pleasing them even more, because because
he's ramped it up even further, comment
because he suggested now since that tough
comment that the moderator was hormonal.
tough on him. Because she was She
hormonal. This is it. Have a look. ridiculous
She starts asking me all sorts of you
ridiculous questions, and you know, out
you can see there was blood coming of
out of her eyes. Blood coming out misread
of her wherever.Now, he says we misinterpreted
misread that. And very have her
misinterpreted what he meant was ridiculous.
her nose.Which I find so can't
ridiculous. And hard to believe. I sexist,
can't work out if he's racist and arching
sexist, in his core or if he's Kater
arching it up to get publicity and the
Kater to the mass market and get disgusting
the votes. Either way, it is cannot
disgusting and atrocious. You Parliament
cannot have someone running for I
Parliament saying things like this. he
I think, he also remember in April Hillary
he also sent a tweet out saying if her
Hillary Clinton can't even service America?
her husband how can she service being
America? You know, the impression says
being that you have got oats.He political
says he wants to cut through in
political correctness, that message in itself has got probably a lot of But
cut through with a lot of voters. anything
But he doesn't back it up with that
anything substantial or anything Certainly
that you can take seriously. policy,
Certainly he doesn't have a single at
policy, which is kind of important likes
at some point to have a policy.He pulls
likes to make trouble and then he always
pulls out of the race.There is is
always one of these in the raceIt definitely
is entertaining and he will similar
definitely fizzle I think.It is doing,
similar to what Clive Palmer is obviously
doing, but Clive Palmer is Palmer
obviously been a lot smarter. Clive that,
Palmer campaigned a little bit like something
that, political correctness was backing
something he talked about, but he's backing it up now with some clever throwing
thinking that he's saying, not just away
throwing the grenades and running at
away and not having any substance positives
at all.We like to look at the be
positives here, one positive could American
be at least he's getting the Maybe
American voters engaged in politics. want
Maybe a lot of people who wouldn't thinking
want to get out and vote might be amazing,
thinking of that.The ratings are compared
amazing, 24 million watched it, million.
compared to normal audience 7 can
million. Remarkable increase.You Trump.
can put all that down to Donald factor.
Trump.Definitely.The Donald Trump with
factor. Good to have you both in Congratulations
with us, the Sunday session. Yes,
Congratulations to you.Thank you. readjust
Yes, exciting newsI'm still me
readjust ing to the news.You and wedding
me both, don't worry.We have a seen
wedding dance like you have never pop
seen before, that's coming up in pop news.

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This program is not captioned. time
You know what time it is.Pop news Elle
time with the 'Daily Telegraph''s always.
Elle Halliwell looking stunning as jumpsuit
always.You are doing for the did
jumpsuit what Farah Fawcett Major fix
did all those years ago.I could under
fix a couple of cars as well. Slide now
under it.Men across the world are gossip.
now swooning. You are good at wedding
gossip. What's going on. The married
wedding dance is the first dance a one
married couple take together, this will
one is the last one I think you started
will ever need to see. A UK couple Timberlake,
started waltzing to Justin traditional
Timberlake, what seems to be the out
traditional dance before they bust their
out the best mash-up of some of look
their favourite songs. Let's take a look at this six minute clip.

On the bridesmaids.They did this for six minutes.They did.Oh, my takes
God. Bring us bad weddings.That Did
takes the wedding cake.Absolutely.. No.
Did you guys do anything like this? happening.
No.I could barely get a waltz Pretty
happening.No way.Good fun though. something
Pretty cool. I wish I had done Guy
something like that for my wedding. or
Guy Richie throws out a good movie movie
or two.He does. He has a new spy Thursday.
movie will be in sinnas this from
Thursday. It is called the 'man the
from uncle'. It is the remake from the 1964 TV series.

How did you get the invitation to thief.
my party?I stole it.You're a Sometimes,
thief.I hope you wear a mask. stealing
Sometimes, just never when I'm in
stealing things. I'm not very good are?
in the whole subtlety thing, you Australian
are?Elizabeth DeBickie an She's
Australian actress is in the movie. the
She's killing it in Hollywood at films
the moment. She's got a couple of this
films coming out, Everest and watch be
this space, I reckon she's going to next
be one of the biggest actors in the Halliwell
next cup of years.Boom. Elle love
Halliwell says it like it is. I flick.
love it.I love a guy in a chick tribute
flick.Stay you with us, we have a tribute to Michael Clarke next on This program is not captioned. Right, so what do we say if Mum
pulls out the healthy stuff again? I'm still full from dinner.
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It's been a lot for Australia to First
take in. A day of big announcements. with
First of all congratulations Deb Thank
with you, expecting your third baby. bigger,
Thank you very much. And, even Clarke,
bigger, congratulations to Michael Clarke, a stellar career, wish
announcing his retirement and we A
wish him well in his next endeavour.

Well played Clarky. See you next Live
weekend. Bye-bye.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

This program is not captioned.

This program will be captioned live Hello
by Ai-Media. Sports
Hello and welcome to Wide World of see
Sports and John Steffenson good to you
see you.Tim Gilbert, nice to have this
you on.It is the widest of worlds sport.
this morning. A remarkable night of Highs
sport. Astonishing week of short. Clarkey
Highs and low us obviously with the
Clarkey retiring but the highs of New
the Wallabies last night killing New Zealand. I say killing and New
hopefully they can get their win in remarkable
New Zealand.Wouldn't that be Wallabies
remarkable next week when the Australia
Wallabies take on the All Blacks Test,
Australia annihilated in the fourth Michael
Test, England win the Ashes but retirement
Michael Clarke has announced his His
retirement from Test contribution. Test
His final Test will be the fifth how
Test of this Ashes series. This is Shane
how it all unfolded. He spoke to Shane Warne.With me I have the You
Australian captain Michael Clarke. beating
You game here to England after must
beating them in a white wash and it but
must be tough to take now.No doubt, of
but I think England deserve a lot to
of credit. I think they showed us seam
to execute good swing bowling and ris.
seam bowling throughout this senior no
ris. We were out played, there is mean
no doubt about IWhat does that mean for Michael Clarke, what does more
that mean for you?I will have one end
more Test and that will will be the from
end of my career. I am retiring certainly
from international cricket. I and
certainly don't want to jump ship play
and leave the boys now so I will give
play the last Test at the oval, is
give it one last crack but the time all
is right now.Look, I think we have you
all felt very proud of you, the way team,
you have captained the Australian It
team, you have made us all proud. to
It must have been a tough decision period
to make and Shand down after a long never
period of time.It always is, you think
never want to walk away, but I series
think my performances over the last not
series and the last 12 months have from
not been acceptable. I pride myself is
from leading from the front so that yourself
is disappointing and you build One
yourself up for the big tournaments. Cup
One day cricket is about the World Ash.
Cup and Test cricket is about the the
Ash. I have certainly tried my best, were
the boys have tried their best, we it
were out played and beaten and now of
it is time for the next generation have
of players and the next captain to team
have his opportunity to build the next
team and get them ready for the know
next Ashes series.When did you time?
know in your heart that it was last
time?Well, I made the decision the
last night after I got home from felt
the day's play. So, you know, I series
felt my performances throughout the them
series werable as good as I want until
them to do. For me I didn't know decision
until I made the decision. The started
decision - it is never easy. I 6
started playing this great game at play
6 years of age. 34. I wish I could itself
play for another 30 years but it is
itself is the way it goes. Yeah, it And
is the right time unfortunately. were
And how did the players take it, all
were they surprised by it? Did they was
all give you a pat on the back, it was a bit emotional.A few surprise, walk
I don't think they expected me to just
walk away now, but like I said I memories
just think through so many great lucky
memories in my career, I have been Test
lucky enough to play over a hundred always
Test matches for Australia. I have nothing,
always said the game owes me am
nothing, I owe it everything and I

A great player a great Australian.