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This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Tonight - real estate crackdown, hundreds of property sales under investigation for breaching the Government's rules.We now have 462 cases under investigation for breaches of the law by foreign nationals. Also ahead - Sydney wharf workers refuse to end their strike over the sacking of staff by email. A powerful typhoon batter s Taiwan cutting power to nearly 3 million households. And, Collingwood snaps a 6-game losing streak holding on to beat Carlton at the MCG. Hello and welcome to ABC News, I'm Alicia Barry. Treasurer Joe Hockey says the number of investigations into foreign investors allegedly illegally purchasing Australian since June.
homes has more than doubled since June. In May, the Government announced plans to crack down on rogue foreign investors amid concerns it was helping fuel property bubbles in Sydney and Melbourne. The Government announced a grace period until November 30, in which foreign investors who had unlawfully bought established residential property would not be referred for criminal prosecution if they came forward voluntarily. The Treasurer has updated the media about the investigation.I've ordered the sale of six residential properties unlawfully held by foreign nationals in Australia. The foreign nationals currently live in four different countries. The five different orders relate to six established residential properties, with one investor owning two properties. One investor, the investor who owns two properties, owns those properties in Kewdale, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. A further investor owns a property in eight mile plains a suburb on the property of the outskirts of Brisbane. There are three investors in NSW that have been ordered to sell their properties in Eastwood, Fairfield and Mosman, which are suburbs in Sydney. The purchase price of the properties range in value from $152,000 to $1.86 million. Some of the five investors have purchased property with Foreign Investment Review Board approval, but their circumstances have changed and they have failed to comply with the die vestment requirements. Some have simply broken the rules by purchasing a property without approval and against the law. Protesters have gathered in Brisbane to speak out against the detention of an Iranian high school student. Mojgan Shamsalipoor, who is married to an Australian resident was redetained after rejected
having her refugee claim rejected and put back in detention for eight months. She's one of a number of Iranians who have been put back in detention in recent months as the Federal Government negotiates with Iran to accept the return of its citizens who haven't been found to be refugees. Reporter Stephanie Smail spoke to teacher Ken Myers about Mojgan's situation.She's a lovely young girl and I think - I can't understand why. I understand the Government can do it, but I don't understand why they would when she's now in her last semester of school. The students are counting by weeks, almost days as to when they finish their senior and she'll get a Queensland Certificate of Education, or she would have, so I don't understand why the Government would want to do that to her. To me it's just cruel. The Federal Government has argued that it is just part of the process, that they are trying to send Iranian asylum seekers back to their home where they belong in their argument. What is your response to that? If she has failed in her bid for asylum, they haven't technically done anything wrong? Yeah, I can accept that. The question that I would put back to the minister is at what point has she failed?Striking workers at ordered
Sydney's Port Botany have been ordered to end industrial action after a ruling from the Fair Work Commission. But the union says no-one's going anywhere. Reporter Anne Barker has more.About 100 workers are maintaining a picket here at Hutchison's port facility at Botany. Many are among the 57 workers effectively sacked yesterday morning. 40 more workers were sacked in Brisbane. Many say they received emails or phone calls in the middle of the night telling them they were being point
made redundant and there was no point coming back to work. in
Well, I've got three kids, been in the industry for 15 years. My skills are for this industry. It's going to be really hard. The Fair Work Commission yesterday made a ruling that workers still on the books here at Hutchison Ports should return today, but the port is effectively shut down and ships are being diverted to other facilities around the bay. More than 100 workers are still employed, but most have stayed away or joined the picket. A lot has to be answered not only by Eric Abetz who is being supported obviously by Tony Abbott, but by the Australian Parliament. Is this what we want workers to wake up to every day, the fear they could get a text message at 12 o'clock at night that they're terminated? I think not.Workers say they'll maintain the picket until at least Monday when the Fair Work Commission is due to hold another hearing and that if that decision goes against them, they're hoping industrial Hutchison
action will spread to other Hutchison ports. Police are investigating a workplace accident at a construction site in inner Sydney that has left a man with serious injuries. The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Engergy Union says the man was brought by a fork lift at the Barangaroo site this morning. He was hit by a pallet that fell off the fork lift. The man believed to be aged in his 40s reportedly suffered serious injuries to his pelvis and legs. We understand there was a fork lift driver who has not seen a worker working in an open area, has hit that worker and one of the scaffold pallets has fallen off the fork lift and hit the gentleman. A man has died during a suspected burglary at his home in Perth's northern suburbs. Police were called to a home in Greenwood shortly before 4 o'clock this morning and found a seriously injured man in the backyard. St John Ambulance paramedics could not revive the man and he died at the scene. Police say the man did not live at the house and a Major Crime Squad detective force are investigating why he was there. The occupants of the home are assisting police with the investigation. Holidaymakers flying in and out of Bali will experience more disruptions as a volcanic ash cloud continues to disrupt air travel services. Virgin and JetStar have cancelled all Saturday flights as Mount Raung continues to erupt. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre says winds are blowing the ash cloud towards Denpasar Airport. Indonesia's Mount Raung volcano has caused aviation chaos in the region since it began spewing ash in early July. NSW may be in the midst of a building boom, but there's a massive shortage of tradesmen. Apprenticeship enrolments are down and nearly half of students will drop out in the first year. In western Sydney, a construction manager has designed and funded a program to get unemployed young people into the industry. Eager to work, these men arrive at this purpose-built construction site before the sun.I always love they
coming here especially the boys they come every morning, because we're doing something, you know. We're not doing nothing, we're not sitting on Centrelink. Making new friends and getting along and joking around with them instead of having drug dealers as friends. Frustrated with a industry,
skills shortage in the industry, construction manager Paul Breen is building a new workforce. All recruit s are unemployed.We're going to get less people at Centrelink and businesses are going to gain, because they're actually going to get employees that are going to hit the ground running. In NSW an extra 300,000 tradies will be needed over the next decade.Under current training we have about 40,000 young Australians in apprenticeships, so there is a major shortfall. To study a trade, young people have to first secure a job, but industry surveys show many are failing before they start.The main issue here is arriving at the interview on time and on the right date. It's as basic as that. At productivity boot camp the men are mentored through their course by a local youth support group. After graduation they're offered a paid job supporting qualified tradies on infrastructure projects. Paul Breen hopes his recruits will ultimately be inspired to take on a trade themselves.My motive is to get my licence and get out of home, move away from my brother and get my own place and that, start my own life. I've got a bright future ahead. A strong foundation on which to build. At least four people have Typhoon
been killed in Taiwan by Typhoon Soudelor. It's brought torrential rain and wind speeds of up to 200km/h. Thousands of people have been evacuated and dozens are injured. An 8-year-old girl and her mother were among the dead when they were swept out to sea. Flights and ferry services have been cancelled and schools and offices across the country have been closed. At least 35 people have been killed and hundreds wounded in separate bomb attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul. A bomb exploded near an army base claiming the lives of 15 cadets. 20 recruits died when the Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up near the academy and a truck carrying explosives detonated in the city destroying buildings and injuring hundreds of civilians. The attacks come as the Taliban sets up its summer offensive and despite a bitter power transition within the group. The gunman who killed a dozen people at a Colorado cinema will spend the rest of his life in jail. A jury rejected the claim that James Holmes was insane three years ago when he opened a fire with a semi-automatic rifle on a midnight screening of a Batman movie. Jurors decided he was mentally ill, but couldn't agree to impose the death penalty.I still think death is justice for what that guy did, but the system said otherwise and I honour that and I'll respect that outcome. James Holmes will not be eligible for parole or any other discounts on his life sentence. Republican candidates for the US presidential nomination have taken to the stage for their first televised debate. Much of the attention was on the property tycoon Donald Trump at this
who's seen as the front runner Donald
at this stage.Businessman, Donald Trump. These entered the stage like contestants on a gameshow.You guys nervous?The prize - to become the Republican party's choice for president in next year's US elections. It's a crowded field. 17 candidates, but only a
the top 10 got to take part in a debate on Fox News.The rules for tonight is simple, one minute for answers, 30 seconds for follow-ups, and if a candidate runs over you'll hear this...Leading the polls Donald Trump, who doesn't shy launched
away from controversy. He launched his campaign saying Mexicans who come to the US are rapists and criminals and once again defended his stance on immigration.Mr Trump. We need to build a wall and it has to be built quickly and I don't mind having a big, beautiful door in that wall so people can come into this country legally. Alongside Trump, a Bush, but Jeb Bush chose to distance himself from his brother's legacy in Iraq.Knowing what we know now with faulty intelligence and first priority
not having security be the first priority when we invaded it was a mistake. It'll be up to voters like the Republicans here at this gathering to decide who they should pick as their choice to take them to the White House in 2016, but there's a long road ahead and elections to select the contender don't get going until next year.It's over. That's it.Are you relooved?He's got a double digit lead in the polls, but few expect Donald Trump to win his party's nomination. But with only one debate down, it's too early to tell who will come out in front in the race for the White House. The United Nations has accused European authorities of shameful neglect in dealing with the flood of refugees arriving at their borders. Refugee agencies are calling for emergency relief to help with new arrivals, especially in Greece, where the crisis is placing new strains on the struggling economy. By day and on
night, they continue to wash up on Europe's shores. Fleeing war-torn Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.Here we are people. For many, Europe is not what they hoped it would be. There's no welcome from the locals here on the Greek island of Kos.I heard about Europeans, they have hearts, but when I see this they actually don't have hearts. The UN says on most of the affected islands nothing is being done to help the refugees who are left to find shelter, food and water for themselves.I've never seen a situation like that. This is the European Union and this is shameful. Greece still has responsibilities as a member of the European Union, but it should also have international help to deal with the problem. Aid groups are also calling on France to do more to help those seeking refuge in the west.Every day is trying to satisfy the desperate needs that we have for shoes and for tents and for blankets and for people
everything. Thousands of people are camping out in Calais trying to get across the channel to England any way they can. This week, British police arrested a Sudanese man who had parental sneaked into the tunnel and walked the 50 kilometres to the other side avoiding cameras, security and speeding trains. He's facing prosecution, but at least he made it this far. More than 200 people are presumed dead after a boat capsized in Italian waters this week. Five suspected people-smugglers have now been arrested. The tragedy highlights the UN's call for a coordinated international response to a crisis which shows no sign of easing. Now to sport, with Amanda Shalala, and the Wallabies are playing for plenty tonight? A lot on the line. The Wallabies begin their quest to reclaim the Bledisloe Cup for the first time in 13 years when they take on the All Blacks at Sydney's Olympic Stadium tonight. Jen Browning is there. You followed the Wallabies in camp all throughout this week, how much confidence do they have heading into this match? You'd have to think they're quietly confident going into tonight's time
Test. It's been a very long time since they last won the Bledisloe Cup. In fact, no primary school-aged child in Australia has ever soon the Wallabies lift the Bledisloe Cup. It's quite incredible to believe it has been that long. It's also been a long time since the Wallabies beat the All Blacks. That was back in 2011, but they have a new coach, they're doing very well so far in the rugby championship. They've had wins against South Africa and Argentina which has put them in Test
great stead ahead of tonight's Test against the All Blacks. In fact, Michael Cheika has made bold moves since he's taken over as coach. He's brought back Matt Giteau and Drew Mitchell into the starting line-up while he's also decided to play two open side flankers bringing in both Michael Hooper and David Pocock into the starting line-up. He's made several changes. They've had an excellent preparation. In fact, they've really been locked down to the media. We've been provided training vision from the Wallabies themselves. We're only allowed in to film the first 15 minutes everything
of training yesterday, so everything is on the line tonight. Tonight is the first of two Tests against the All Blacks. The Wallabies must win next
this and then go to Auckland next week and win there if they're to retain the Bledisloe to
Cup and win it back. Looking to the All Blacks, it's a significant night for their captain Richie McCaw, isn't it? It is. Richie McCaw will equal the record for the most capped rugby player in the world. He joins Ireland's Brian O'Driscoll on 141 Tests when he runs out tonight. It's an incredible feat. 103 Tests he's been captain of the All Blacks and can you believe he's only lost 14 Tests. What an incredible career he's had. This could be the last time the Sydney fans see Richie McCaw out here in Sydney tonight, but even Richie McCaw said despite all the wins they've had he remembers back to 2003 when they first reclaimed the Bledisloe Cup, winning here. They won by more than 50 points, but then went onto lose to the Wallabies during the World Cup that was also in Sydney that year. He said no matter how many wins you have, you have to concentrate on the next Test. I don't know if that's a hint that the All Blacks might be worried about the Wallabies tonight, but let's hope the Wallabies can do better than our cricketers tonight. I hope so. Jen Browning reporting from Sydney's Olympic stadium. We'll leave it there, thank you. Let's go to the cricket now, and England's three wickets away from reclaiming the Ashes at Trent Bridge. England declared with a big David
lead of 331. Chris Rogers and David Warner steered the visitors past a total of 60. They shared a century-opening stand with a few chances before another top order collapse as Ben Stokes proved destructive with five wickets.

Michael Clarke's lean run continued. He was out for an unlucky 13. Bad light ended play early with England closing in on a fourth straight Ashes series win at home.You probably could have bowled better there yesterday also, so probably leaked a few too many runs which comes with trying to take wickets and attacking a bit too much. Yeah look, as I said, it's been a couple of disappointing days for us, but the sun will come up tomorrow, we'll give it another crack. Collingwood snapped its 6-game losing streak in the AFL beating Carlton by three goals. It's tight in the third term of the Q Clash at the Gabba. Earlier the Bulldogs thumped Port at Docklands and Collingwood finally got back in the winner's circle. The Pies dominated early proceedings for a 2-goal lead at half-time.COMMENTATOR: Fasolo for three, he got three as he did last week. The Blues stayed in touch with their archrivals in the thirdly term, but the Pies kicked away late to get their season back on track. The Western Bulldogs were barely troubled by Port Adelaide as they wrapped up the 10-goal win to clinch fourth spot. The Dragons have cruised past the Warriors in their NRL clash in New Zealand. The Sharks have the edge over the Cowboys heading towards half-time and the Dragons fired in Wellington. They lost Dylan Farrell to injury in the warm-up, but his replacement Justin Hunt slotted right in. The injuries kept coming for St George Illawarra. Benji Marshall exited the game early with a hamstring problem while Will Matthews injured his shoulder, but it didn't hurt them on the scoreboard. The Dragons scored six tries in the comprehensive win, and it got worse for the Warriors, with the winger hurting his shoulder. The Diamonds have crushed Barbados to continue their perfect start to the netball World Cup defence in Sydney. It's close between Jamaica and England in the third quarter. The Silver Ferns easily built Trinidad and Tobago and the Aussies extended their winning streak to 21 games. The Australians started in the best possible way. Caitlyn Thwaites and Erin Bell were near flawless in the goal circle and Australia headed into half-time with a 31-goal buffer. Barbados tried to tighten its defence, but Australia continued the dominance in the final quarter to close out the 67-goal win. The Diamonds face the Silver Ferns in a blockbuster final pool match tomorrow after New Zealand showed its class against Trinidad and Tobago. The Silver Ferns are chasing their first World Cup win since 2003. And Australia's continued its golden run at the swimming world championships in Russia. Bronte Campbell upstaged older sister Cate to win the 100m freestyle while Mitch Larkin snared his second gold of the competition. defended
Nobody had successfully defended the women's 100m freestyle world crown in 40 years and Cate Campbell was going to have to get past younger sister Bronte to do it. Cate was unbeaten in the event since 2012, but it soon became clear that run was in danger. Barely anything separated them for most of the race, but Bronte surged ahead in the dying stages, with Cate having to settle for bronze.COMMENTATOR: Bronte Campbell upsets big sister and I
Bronte in the world champion. fantastic
I can't believe it. A fantastic race, exactly what I expected and I can't believe that I came out on top. Who knew, right?Mitch Larkin came out only moments later, hopping to add to his victory in the 100m backstroke and become the first Australian to complete the backstroke double. He trailed narrowly at the halfway mark of the 200m event, but took the lead on the third lap before pulling away late.Australia have another gold back to back in the 200 backstroke. Sounds amazing, I came here trying to win one medal and didn't mind what colour it was, came away with two gold. Fantastic. Grant Hackett's comeback continued helping to get Australia into the final of the men's 4 x 200m freestyle relay, but he was left out of the team for the final as Australia surged on bronze
the last leg to secure the bronze medal. While Great Britain upstaged the United States to take gold. Australia is second on the swimming medal tally with five golds. A front producing showers and storms in Western Australia as a trough generates a few showers further east. A high pressure system centred in the south-east bringing light winds while an upper trough is producing some low-lying cloud.

More than 100 colourful cars have set off from South Australia's capital for the State's annual Variety Bash. Drivers will wind their way across three States aiming to raise $2 million for sick, disadvantaged and special needs children. Over 1,000 people braved the cold Adelaide morning to watch another Variety Bash get under way.Yeah, baby! Go, Variety. There were seasoned contestants... This is my 25th Bash, we're in for fun of
this week. It's the only week make-up
of the year I can actually wear make-up without explaining it. While others didn't know what to expect on the road ahead. My first one. Do you think you'll break down? I don't think so. Not so lucky for this vintage vehicle.Just waiting for a new battery. Dead on the line. Not a good, omen, is it?No . They did cross the start line along with 101 other themed cars and advance. The entourage will spend the next eight days driving through the Flinders Ranges, regional NSW and Victoria until they reach their final destination in Loxton.Go through all the communities, see all the kids, giving away stuff. It's going to be great man. Love it. Organisers are hoping to raise $2 million in the form of relief packages for 22,000 sick and disadvantaged children.We drop money in all the little rural towns that we go through in the form of grants from playgrounds to cars for kids with disabilities for their family, school buses. The Variety Bash finishes on 15 August. And that's all the news for now. I'm Alicia Barry. You can keep up-to-date on all the stories we're following by visiting our website ABC in the Stay with us now for 'Foreign Correspondent'. This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live. # Theme music

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