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Good afternoon. Police fear a women
serial sex a Tanner is targeting as
women in an inner Melbourne suburb three
as Andrew Nelson reports, one of paralysed
three victims, she was left are
paralysed with fearPolice say they will
are deeply concerned that this man incident
will attack again. The latest morning
incident happened early yesterday tourist
morning as 20-year-old Swedish from
tourist Charlotte was walking home She
from a night out with her friends. stall
She told police at the corner of Richmond
stall and Manton Streets in against
Richmond she noticed a man leaning the
against a fence. As she walked past, forced
the man grabbed her from behind and was
forced her to the ground where she managed
was sexually assaulted. Charlotte and
managed to yell out several times startled
and screamed for help which vehicle
startled her attacker. He ran to a has
vehicle nearby and at high speed and
has reversed along Monton Street and fled the scene. Police Charlotte
limited description of this man but out
Charlotte managed to bravely speak out about this man.

Very traumatic for the victims, and In
it is a safety issue for the public. hours
In a separate incident in the early around
hours of last Sunday morning, wa
around the same time as Charlotte exposed
wa attacked, police say a man has front
exposed himself and masturbated in they
front of two 21-year-old women has also
they walked along Canterbury Road working
also in Richmond. Police are This
working with a limited description. in
This man is described as Caucasian, short
in his 20s with a medium build and a
short Brown-blonde hair and wearing of
a lot coloured beanie at the time seen
of yesterday's attack and last week If
seen wearing a green hooded jacket. may
If anyone recognises this man or predatory
may have been a victim of any predatory attacks, they should get Brisbane
in touch with Crime Stoppers. text
Brisbane Port workers sacked via protest
text message have camped out in fairness
protest overnight calling for to
fairness over the termination. Live what's
to Shannon Marshall-McCormack, these
what's happening there now?Alicia, union
these sacked workers and their this
union counterparts have maintained hours
this picket line for nearly 48 were
hours after 97 of their employees according
were sacked without warning, Thursday
according to the unions, on Today's
Thursday night via text and email. little
Today's protests have remained a mainly
little more subdued but that's access
mainly because no-one has tried to understand
access the site and Nine News does that
understand a fully laden cargo ship that was due to dock at Hutchinson's
that was due to dock at forced
Hutchinson's port today as been doors
forced to dock at a port a few sacked
doors down because those workers or
sacked or refused to come into work sign
or haven't turned up to work in a they
sign of solidarity.It's the way No
they have done things is disgusting. this.
No human being needs to go through here,
this.The union members will stay and
here, the community will stay here, will
and we will keep protesting and we denies
will keep fighting.Now, Hutchinson know
denies that these workers didn't coming.
know that these sackings were initial
coming. They say they first held the
initial discussions on June 26, but are
the union maintains these sackings here
are aimed at automating ports both that
here and in Sydney. Another claim these
that Hutchinson denies. Either way, union
these sacked workers and their going
union counterparts say they aren't comes
going anywhere until Hutchinson All
comes back to the negotiating table. skier
All right, Shannon, thank you. A in
skier has been critically injured Melbourne.
in an accident at Bower bow east of year-old
Melbourne. It's believed the 32- his
year-old man fell on the slopes and him
his his head after midday sending resuscitated
him into cardiac arrest. He was local
resuscitated and stabilised at the flown
local medical centre before being There
flown to Royal Melbourne Hospital. any
There are fierce a serial ars in Western
any event are targeting cars in obtained
Western Sydney. Nine News has attack.
obtained footage of the latest

attack.Blacktown locals have been senseless
left shaking their heads at such a this
senseless crime. It was about 12.30 set
this morning that three cars were across
set alight in very quick succession they
across two streets. Residents say explosions,
they woke to several loud little
explosions, but there was very destroyed
little they could do. The vehicles One
destroyed in a matter of minutes. man
One resident says he saw a young looked
man running from the scene. He wearing
looked to be in his teens and was police
wearing a white jumper. Obviously that
police are very keen to speak to of
that person. So, too, is the owner rental
of two of the cars. He runs a car targeted
rental business and says he's been times
targeted by arsonists about eight he's
times in 15 years. He's so fed up $5,000
he's gone as far as offering a leads
$5,000 reward for information that responsible.
leads to the arrest of those be
responsible.I reckon there should should
be some sort of justice. They a
should be made to pay for it.It's behind
a senseless act. There's no point young
behind it.The other victim is a insurance.
young nurse who is not covered by getting
insurance. Now she has no way of left
getting to work. She has also been left very shaken.Meanwhile

left very shaken.Meanwhile arson yards
is suspected after a fire at rail historic
yards in Melbourne's west destroyed to
historic carriages. Let's go live Melbourne.
to Nine's Jayde Vincent in what
Melbourne. Jayde, take us through investigating
what happenedPolice are still an
investigating whether this blaze is ferocious
an arson attack. The fire was so tearing
ferocious you can see the flames carriages
tearing through the antique train the
carriages stored in a workshop at the historic Newport rail yards in The
the early hours of this morning. firefighters
The fire was so intense it took it
firefighters several hours to get continued
it under control. The flames carriage
continued to leap out of the roof
carriage windows and spread to the parts
roof of the timber workshop causing cars
parts of it to collapse. Two train extensively
cars were destroyed and a third built
extensively damaged. They were all One
built between the 1930s and 50s. part
One of the charred carriages formed train
part of the overland a passenger to
train that travels from Melbourne in
to Adelaide. These trains were all for
in storage but had been earmarked estimate
for restoration. Firefighters around
estimate the damage bill to be volunteers
around $200,000 but for the is
volunteers at the rail yards thrks precious
is the second blaze to destroy 5
precious pieces of train history in recovering
5 months and they are still There
recovering from the first fire. of
There has been a significant amount devastating
of history lost in fire. It is another
devastating for us it's just for
another loss, it's another set back for us.So Alicia, a very sad day enthusiasts
for these innocent railway and
enthusiasts who put so much time beauties
and passion into these sleeping can't
beauties as they call them. They target
can't understand why anyone would target them or the trains.Jayde is
Vincent rarting there. Joe Hockey stick
is warning foreign investors to He
stick to Australia's property rules. houses
He has ordered the sale of six foreign
houses illegally purchased by are
foreign nationals and he says there underway.
are currently 462 investigations and
underway.Those who break the rules illegally
and purchase established property detriment
illegally are doing so to the Hockey
detriment of all Australians.Joe ongoing
Hockey wouldn't comment on the than
ongoing expenses scandal, other review
than to say there's an independent return
review underway. Adam Goodes will first
return to the field today for the engulfed
first time since the booing saga in
engulfed the AFL. Seb Costello is take
in Geelong where the Swans will always
take on the Cats.Adam Goodes has the
always looked most comfortable with was
the football in his hands and today exclusive
was no exception. In these News,
exclusive pictures obtained by Nine is
News, the dual Brownlow Medallist having
is scene on the Geelong waterfront and
having a quiet kick with friends for
and their children as he prepares Simonds
for his return to elite football at this
Simonds Stadium at Geelong later Goodes
this evening. 12 days ago, Adam highest
Goodes played his last game at the Eagles.
highest level at the West Coast time
Eagles. In the ensuing days he took effects
time off to recover from the that
effects of booing from the crowd racial
that he firmly believed had a debate
racial element to it. It was a the
debate that well and truly split Prime
the country, so much so that the Prime Minister Tony Abbott sent footballer,
this message today.He is a great the
footballer, a fine Australian of anyone
the Year and no-one wants to see think
anyone bullied, and as I said, I to
think there will be one big cheer when
to raise the roofs of the stands time.
when he gets the ball for the first of
time.To highlight the importance CEO
of this evening's game both the AFL will
CEO and chairman Mike Fitzpatrick leaders
will be in attendance as will the club,
leaders of both the Geelong footy politicians
club, local industry and from
politicians in a sign of respect Geelong
from the fans, the Sydney and to
Geelong cheer squads have teamed up sides
to make a joint banner that both have
sides will run through. Few could match
have predicted Goodes 366th AFL but
match would carry so much attention, it
but it won't necessarily be on him, he's
it will be more on the fans and how exactly
he's received. Time will tell The
exactly how that will carry out. premiere
The US gunman who stormed a movie escaped
premiere in Col regard owe has spend
escaped the death penalty but will bars.
spend the rest of his life behind unanimous
bars. A jury was unable to reach a 27-year-old
unanimous sentencing verdict for the
27-year-old James Holmes leaving life
the judge to impose a sentence of life without parole. Holmes stormed killing
the theatre in Aurora in 2012 between
killing 12 people. A violent fight and
between in-laws involving petrol fighting
and a pick axe has left a man has
fighting for life. Chris O'Keefe incredibly
has the details.It was an incredibly violent confrontation saw
between three men last night which as
saw a pick axe, a baseball bat used motel.
as well as threats to burn down a 10:00
motel. This happened just before west
10:00 last night in Sydney's south- It
west in the suburb of Warwick Farm. inside
It is understood that Chris get was his
inside his rented motel room when on
his brother-in-law decided to knock the
on the door. When Chris has opened him
the door, he has been confronted by in
him carrying a pick axe. He was hit this
in the head a couple of times with off
this axe as Chris tried to fight had
off his brother-in-law. Now, he has where
had to flee to the manager's office was
where he has asked for help. 000 this
was called at this time. During Chris'
this time, it is understood that pulled
Chris' brother-in-law has then started
pulled out a can can of petrol and yelling
started to spray it over the motel down.
yelling he was going to burn it who
down. There was another resident confronted
who came out of his room. He and
confronted Chris' brother-in-law everywhere
and told him to stop pouring petrol Chris
everywhere and it is then that with
Chris has sprayed that gentleman room
with petrol. He has gone inside his and
room and pulled out a baseball bat copped
and attacked him with that. He had
copped some serious injuries. He well
had a broken jaw, a broken arm, as dozen
well he was missing about half a Liverpool
dozen teeth. He was rushed to a
Liverpool hospital where he was in say
a critical condition but doctors do he
say he has stabilised somewhat and We
he has now been listed as stable. described
We did speak to Chris and he it
described what happened and he said frightening.
it was extremely, extremely here
frightening.I come walking down and...
here and hear footsteps behind me why
and...Chris says he doesn't know attack
why his brother-in-law decided to relationship
attack him but did admit their a
relationship has been strained for gentleman
a long, long time. In terms of the baseball
gentleman who pulled out the he
baseball bat and attacked this man, and
he has not come forward to police him
and police are still looking for eye
him but they are also keeping an here
eye on Chris' brother-in-law here have
here in Liverpool hospital.Police horrific
have charged two men over an father
horrific hit and run that left a taking
father dead. Hayward where was soccer
taking his children home from down.
soccer practice when he was run community
down. Today his family and devoted
community paid tribute to the driver
devoted father. A disqualified on
driver in his 20s will face court second
on a string of charges while a impeding
second man was arrested for news
impeding an investigation. In the moments
news ahead, a plane catches fire time,
moments before take off. Also show the
time, Brisbane's Ekka in full swing, the young and the old out enjoying the festivities. And star power, Hilary
the big name celebrities backing Hilary for President. This program is not captioned. These chips are the bomb. Do that chicken song. (Laughs) Where are you going now...?
Oh! Nice! That was awesome.

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This program is not captioned.

A frightening ordeal for those on Nashville.
board a plane taking off in turned
Nashville. The pilot had just reached
turned on the engine and not yet started
reached the runway when a fire were
started on board. The 53 passengers Aviation
were thankfully not injured. tailpipe
Aviation experts say it was a dangerous.
tailpipe flame, common but not West
dangerous. Kim Kardashian and Kanye behind
West have thrown their support style
behind Hillary Clinton in typical powered
style with a selfie. The high fundraiser
powered snap was taken at a private fundraiser for fundraiser.
fundraiser for the presidential made
fundraiser. Photos were band but couple.
made an exception for the star Queenslanders
couple. Sunshine for thousands of day
Queenslanders who turned out for a is
day at the Ekka.The Sunshine State glory
is certainly dazzling in all its Thousands
glory for day 2 of the Ekka. the
Thousands of people flocked through combination
the gates for the perfect of
combination of sun, show bags and Organisers
of course side show alley. people
Organisers are expecting 50,000 tomorrow,
people today, another 50,000 reach
tomorrow, and they are on track to reach their target of 400,000 are
people over the 10 day he can a.We and
are hoping for close to between 90 think
and 100,000 over the two days, so I this
think if the weather holds like for
this and the forecast is brilliant on
for the whole 10 days, we will be all
on track to achieve that.It is not come
all play for some. Many people have a
come from the country to compete in had
a lot of the competitions. Today we of
had the horse judging and also some the
of the dog competition judging. In Sophie
the horses, we had 3-year-old horse
Sophie Strong competing riding her and
horse in the 6-year-old category behold
and it is certainly something to effort
behold and she has put a lot of Ekka.
effort into getting here to the working
Ekka.It's been a year in progress will
working up to today.Tomorrow they again.
will be back here to do it all competitions
again. There will be more on
competitions and more fun to be had Sport
on day 3 of the Brisbane Ekka. and
Sport is next with Clint Stanaway Yes
and our Ashes debacle continues. Aussies
Yes it does. Good afternoon, the embarrassing
Aussies destined for an the
embarrassing series defeat. Plus steam.
the Dragons finals charge gathers losses,
steam. And after six straight losses, the Magpies swoop This program is not captioned. Take up a new great-value bundle
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This program is not captioned. verge
Australia's cricketers are on the another
verge of losing the Ashes with in
another humiliating defeat looming the
in England. Still 90 runs short of Aussies
the host's first innings total, the Adam
Aussies are already 7 wickets down, Norris
Adam Voges unbeaten on 48. Corey was
Norris reports from Nottingham.It Australia
was a better performance from little
Australia on day 2, but that's now
little cons lags, given England is is
now on the brink of securing what Trent
is a comprehensive victory here at needed
Trent Bridge. Just three wickets the
needed to get their hands back on you
the special little urn. But when day
you compare it to the horrors of and
day 1, Australia started brightly and it

and it was a devastating spell from wickets.
Mitchell Starc who claimed 6 a
wickets. Then England declared with our
a 331 lead. That was the chance for the
our batsmen to right the wrongs of and
the humiliating day 1. Chris Rogers fighting
and Dave Warner did their bit with run
fighting half centuries and a 113 broken
run partnership but when that was capitulation
broken it was one of those familiar
capitulation that has become too made
familiar on this tour. Steve Smith embattled
made 5, Shaun Marsh just 2 and what
embattled skipper Michael Clarke in matches
what may be one of his last test resume
matches made a disappointing 13. We Adam
resume here on day 3 on 7/241 with the
Adam Voges and Mitchell Starc at Mitchell
the crease. Let's hear from work
Mitchell Starc.There's a lot of work to

work to find any
Mitchell Starc.There's a lot of game
work to find any way to draw this fight
game or win this game, but we'll the
fight right to the end, right to it
the last. If we get the last run - couple
it is just in our nature. A tough going
couple of days, but we are not commend
going anywhere.You can certainly optimistic
commend Mitchell Starc for being so nothing
optimistic but it would take Australia
nothing short of a miracle for defeat
Australia to avoid the inevitable looking
defeat here at Trent Bridge.Not have
looking good is it. The Dragons top
have maintained their spot in the Warriors.
top 8 after a 36-0 victory over the coach
Warriors. Justin Hunt rewarded call
coach Paul McGregor for the late the
call up with the opening try to put unable
the visitors ahead. The Warriors they
unable to stop the flying red V as tries.
they ran away with four unanswered faint
tries. Collingwood have kept their point
faint finals hopes alive with a 18 Reid
point victory over Carlton. Ben match
Reid booted four goals in his first best
match for a year and Dane Swan was miss.
best on ground.Swan doesn't often Bulldogs
miss. Gets a major.The Western into
Bulldogs meanwhile have claimed victory
into the top 4 with a thumping 77 freak
victory over Port Adelaide.He is a and
freak show Jake Stringer.Stringer a
and Jack Redpath booting four goals today,
a piece. And Alicia up in Sydney diamonds
today, a big victory for the all
diamonds over Barbados. They are Cup.
all guns blazing ahead of the World Clint.
Cup.Thanks very much for that Clint. I'll have your

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This program is not captioned. forecast
Taking a look at tomorrow's weather forecast for you

forecast for you
Taking a look at tomorrow's weather and
forecast for you now. It will be 22 clearing
and sunny in Brisbane. Cloud the
clearing in Sydney. A cold start to Hobart.
the day in Canberra. Tops of 13 in Melbourne.
Hobart. Should be cloudy in Perth
Melbourne. Showers for Adelaide and expected
Perth and 31 and sunny conditions expected in Darwin. And

expected in Darwin. And
Perth and 31 and sunny conditions Nine's
expected in Darwin. And that is Saturday.
Nine's Afternoon News for this 6:00.
Saturday. The next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Alicia Loxley.

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Welcome to the Middle Rhine, where
the Rhine River narrows, where there

appears to be a castle at every
bend, perched high on steep cliffs,

where endless vineyards plump
and juicy with Riesling cling

to steep slopes, where glorious
villages tempt the travellers with

aromas of schnitzel and sauerkraut
and cathedral bells send their

mournful chimes across
the river's surface.

If ever I was to curl the toes
and deserve the right to a final

trip to Heaven, may it only be like
this, or perhaps I'm already there.

We've reached the final stretch of

our 15-day glide down the Rhine with
Scenic and what a journey it's been.

From our starting
point in Amsterdam,

we've cruised through the vast
landscape of the Netherlands,

crossed the border to Belgium
and joined the Moselle River in

the German town of Koblenz, as well
as a detour to one of the world's

smallest countries, Luxembourg.

This week, we'll take in the sights
and delights of the Middle and Lower

Rhine as we make our way
to our final destination

in Basel, Switzerland.

If you believe the brochures,
this is the best-known wine town in

the world and even though
the earliest documented evidence of

Rudesheim only goes back a mere 1000
years, it's clear those Romans were

whooping it up on a fine wine
Riesling they'd grown here way,

way before then, so it stands to
Riesling that this town, Rudesheim,

has the reputation as the home
of what the Germans like to call

which I believe roughly translates

as 'line 'em up, knock 'em back
and enjoy the resultant good cheer'.


The Drosselgasse is Rudeshiem's
busiest street, a 140-metre-long

tourist magnet that's packed
to bursting day and night.

And if you thought the sounds on
the street were a step back in time,

you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Siegfried's Mechanical Music
Cabinet Museum is housed in

an old 1500s noble court,
where it holds one of the largest

collections of mechanical
musical instruments in the world.


This room! What is this room?

It's originally an old wine
cellar and nowadays we have here

a beautiful fairground organ
inside made in 1908.

It looks very colourful, isn't it?

That's an amazing instrument!

Yes, for sure.
And I'm absolutely sure if I play

it now for you, you will enjoy it.
Great, let's hear it!



It's incredible!
It's unbelievably good

and, believe me, children in those
days, they liked it very, very much

because they had a lot of
good fun and their parents as well,

so it was an amazing afternoon
for children when they went on

the fairgrounds in those days.

Despite daily tours of the 350-plus
displays, the enthusiasm of museum

staff like Mary never wavers.

Do you have a favourite?

I have a favourite one.
I like to present you now.


There's just the one string
on each violin being played.

Yes, each violin only one string.
You could not make it in a

different way because it was played
mechanical, which is a miracle in

itself because nobody thought
that it was possible that a violin,

this beautiful instrument,
can be played in a mechanical way.


With the greatest of respect, of
course, a lot of German music can be

a, well, an acquired taste, but in
there is the most delightful noise.

So we've proven that Rudesheim
has wine and it has song,

now for the women.

The search takes us high above
the area's famous vineyards.

You know, I sometimes wonder about
the wisdom of putting such a modern

contraption as the cable car in
such an ancient environment, but it

does afford you that.

It delivers us all the way to
the imposing monument of Germania,

the classical, mythical
figure standing as a

symbol of strength and unity,
towering over the Rhine below.

Why was this monument erected here?

In this area, because this
is the Middle Rhine Valley

and the Middle Rhine Valley
already in the 19th century

was very popular and very visited.

Because of its landscape,
the good wines, the proximity

to the big cities, it became

a place for weekends.

It was the perfect place

because people would come here
already and the intention was to

invite them to get into
the sentiments of the unification.

After the break, in a trip of

endless highlights, we're treated
to something truly extraordinary.

The kind of experiences you're
unlikely to be able to find for

yourself but which I guarantee

will come as a totally
unexpected delight.

This program is not captioned.